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Education / Re: Sudan: Buses Evacuating Nigerian Students Stop In The Sahara Over Non-Payment by One4me: 7:07pm On Apr 27, 2023
Yet another fiasco exposes us to international ridicule.
By the way, who goes to a war-ravaged country like Sudan to study? Clearly someone looking for a shortcut to earn a questionable, wonky degree from a mushroom university. I shake my head.

Most of the Doctorate degrees being paraded by Northern Elites, are from such questionable circumstances.
Someone with Phd in Arabic Studies, will be promoted over a Southerner with Phd Engineering from OAU or Unilag, Ilorin, etc
Politics / Re: Senator Ireti Kingibe Presents Her Certificate Of Return To Peter Obi by One4me: 7:25pm On Mar 07, 2023
She is a Yoruba woman. Where are those ethnic bigots, hypocrites, urchins, Agbado munchers, and Yarriba Muslims from Southwáste?
The people of Abuja, Yorubas are taking over your land.. Idiots and most tribalistic humans on earth! Evil people!

Some of you are brainless!
How can yo insult the whole Yoruba people, by calling their place "Southwest", forgetting that if not for Yorubas, Peter Obi will have No Chance, of challenging for the Presidency or dont you know that in Lagos for example, Obi won because most Yorubas voted for him, instead of their own Rogue (Tinubu)?
These good Yoruba people risked everything for Peter Obi, an Igbo man, we need to show gratitude, show respect and return the goodwill

Run-Mouth People like you, create enmity for us everywhere, with your careless talk.
My good Yoruba people, abeg nor vex, l apologize on his behalf,
The work you started has not finished, we need to continue to work together and flush that man that can not ease himself, except Tinubu gives him permission, from Alausa.

We need to vote Labour Party, vote Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes Vivour for Governor of Lagos State..Together, we will build a New Nigeria where Chinedu and Shina, where Olawale and Obiora leave together in peace and work together to take Lagos, Abuja, Abia and every part of Nigeria, to greater heights,

One Love.

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Politics / Re: DSS Joins Social Media, Gets Handles by One4me: 7:47pm On Mar 06, 2023

Leave them, as one of my friends would talk, he would say they will realise what they are doing when it's already late grin

By the time their children start taking permission from an outsider in their fatherland they will get sense, but then it would have bn late

This Problem, whose result we are just paying attention to NOW, started when BAT became Governor in Lagos State and turned the Yoruba Youths into Area Boys, Agberoos, Street Urchins, Lazy Youths, etc.

With No Education, No Trade, No Vocational Skills, No Apprenticeship, it was just a matter of time before these Yoruba Youths start selling their Parents Properties to "OUTSIDERS", mostly Igbos.
Now that Igbos have bought enough Properties and established themselves as Bonafide Landlords, living there in very large Numbers, is it NOW that Yorubas are waking Up to the dangers and calamity Tinubu has brought on them, in the last Twenty Four Years?

Is it Igbos that are responsible for this YORUBA STATE OF THINGS or the Man who claimed he owns Lagos?
Igbos are only doing what is natural, in the progression of things, using their Numbers to elect person of their choice.
It is Yorubas that are waking up late, otherwise they should have done away with anything that has to do with BAT, to stop this walk into second class.

On the Presidential Elections, APC put forward the worst of their Yoruba Candidates, in BAT.
I am certain that if someone like Fashola or Prof Osinbajo was the Presidential Candidate of the APC, Peter Obi will not even have 10% of National Vote, because not only Yorubas (SW) that will vote for Him, the whole of the SE, SS and Middle Belt will vote for him with no less that 75% Votes and he will take at least 35% from each state in the North.
Politics / Re: DSS Joins Social Media, Gets Handles by One4me: 7:36pm On Mar 06, 2023

First, there is no way LP will win Lagos Gov election. Many of us voted for Peter Obi as a president but I can't vote incompetent GRV as Gov. In fact, Jandor is a better alternative.
To me, I don't have problem with Sanwo-Olu, I only have problem with BAT.

In fact GRV will come 3rd in this coming election. Note it!!!

Many People will say there is not difference between Sanwo Olu and BAT.
Many People say Sanwo does the bidding of BAT, expectedly, since he was the one who 'installed' him.
Have you heard of that dunny phrase "Baba'sope"? It is said to be Sanwo Olu telling Lagosians what BAT said and which he would do.
Many say you cant be against BAT and not be against Sanwo Olu, two sides of the same Coin!
Many Say Sanwo, as the Executive Governor, is rubber-stamping the corruption of BAT. When Fashola tried to stop this corruption, he nearly lost his second term Bid, until APC Members in Lagos threatened to vote for PDP if FAsh was not returned.
Many remember that the last Governor, Ambode lost his second term Bid because he dared to question BAT about the huge deductions from the State's Monthly Allocation from the Federal Purse, that allegedly goes to BAT's pocket every Month.

But it is your Choice and your Right, to chose who ever you so want to vote for.
That, everyone must respect.
Politics / Re: DSS Joins Social Media, Gets Handles by One4me: 7:26pm On Mar 06, 2023

Based on what I have read, seen and heard, it’s not because his mother is Igbo. Based on his tweets against the yorubas and Always claiming to be an Igbo boy, the yorubas are not willing to just give him that chance due to worries he’s an IPOB apologist and his constant insults and demeaning remarks towards the Yoruba community. So the support from the Igbo community is seen as an act of trying to take over a Yoruba state by the igbos by proxy.. he messed up with his remarks and gestures.

No need to fret over his comments, just refuse to vote for him, if you are convinced that he is not fit to be your Governor but do so, if you think he is fit and better person.
Your Vote and the Vote of others in Lagos, will determine his fortune.
Politics / Re: DSS Joins Social Media, Gets Handles by One4me: 7:24pm On Mar 06, 2023

Look at this mumu! Who is more lagosian between Gbadebo and Sanwo Olu? Werey!

Dont insult People to get your message across!
I know that some posts can be so annoying and exasperating but you have to rise-up against such provocation
Politics / Re: DSS Joins Social Media, Gets Handles by One4me: 6:51pm On Mar 06, 2023

Gbadebo abi na Chinedu started the tribal rubbish. He posted Afonja and refused to apologize. He dragged a well respected Yoruba man (Pastor Adeboye) and did not apologize. He dragged well meaning Yoruba members like Osibanjo and twitted some rubbish about them stealing the Yoruba Commonwealth.

Same Yorubas have no issue with Gov. Adeleke whose mum is also Igbo. How come they have problem with Chinedu. The answer is the rubbish tweets and his support of IPOB. Same IPOB/UGM/ESN that are killing people in the East.

Aside that, Igbos can't take 1/5th of what they are trying in other states. Tribal sentiments is when you give 90% of your votes in the East to your son. While other regions voted in a more diversified manner.

See the video of Enugu men being bitter and vowing that an Ebonyi man will not be Enough state governor all because his great great grandfather his from Ebonyi state which was also carved out of Enugu.

Too much hypocrisy.


What you state may be right but they are mostly based on EMOTIONS!

Except it is no longer a DEMOCRACY, it is the Number of Votes that "Chinedu" Gbadebo VR has, that will determine whether he becomes Governor or not.
Not intimidation, not slander, not harassments.

Again, let me restate that If Igbos and other "Outsiders" have the NUMBERS, their Candidates will win any Election in Lagos.
The Question that needs HONEST ANSWER is: How did the Igbos attain such large Numbers in Lagos", a place that was initially predominantly Yorubas, before 1999? What role did Tinubu play, in the outright selling of their Parental landed properties and assets in Lagos, to Igbos and other Outsiders, by YORUBA INDIGENE OWNERS?

If we provide honest answers to this questions, it will allow us to redirect and channel our anger in the right direction and at the right Person(s), instead of these fruitless exercise at blaming Igbos, in as much as l sympathize with this "loss of sovereignty" by the Most Accommodating Group of Nigerians, the Yorubas
Politics / Re: DSS Joins Social Media, Gets Handles by One4me: 6:38pm On Mar 06, 2023

I’m an edo man and wisdom tells me not to go contest for the biggest position in another person’s state.. being a Nigerian and allowed freedom shouldn’t make you feel you can just up and do what you want to your host state.. can he go contest for governorship in Kano or katsina even if he had lived there for decades?? Leave people’s homes and states and let them decide who rules them..

Democracy, assuming INEC is not Rigging for any Party, is a matter of Voting Numbers.
You can contest for any Elective Post, anywhere in the World, as long as you can convince the majority of the people in that place, to vote for you!

Obama Father was from Kenya, yet he became the POTUS!
There are many Nigerians elected into Office in the USA and the UK Parliament, one Nigerian lady even contested to be the PM of the UK.
Why do we think Nigeria will be different?

What l think is of annoyance to most Yorubas, but which they cannot openly admit to, is that Tinubu has sold most of Lagos to Igbos and other foreigners and by so doing, handed them the majority in terms if voting Numbers, while pauperizing and turning the real Yorubas who own Lagos, to Agebroos, who in turn, sold all their family landed Assets to Igbos.

If we factor the above numbers, with the multitude of Yorubas who are annoyed with the robbing of Lagos under Tinubu since 1999 and it still continuing, using Stooges he imposed as Governors and have therefore decided to Vote him out and vote Pabour Party Candidate.
It is clear that Labour Party will have the "Numbers" in the coming Governorship Election (if they are allowed to Vote peacefully and not intimidated into not coming out to vote), as it happened during the Presidential votes.

Dont blame Igbos for that, blame your Baba'sope, Emi'lokan landlord of Lagos who impoverished ordinary Lagosians to the point that they sold their birthright to Igbos and other Foreigners.
It is Poverty and lack of Education (Area Boys, Agberos, Owomidas, Street urchins, etc) that makes one sell one's inheritance in large numbers, especially landed property, to "outsiders" and expect them not to use it to gain political leverage
Politics / Re: DSS Joins Social Media, Gets Handles by One4me: 6:24pm On Mar 06, 2023

the Labour Party candidate is Chinedu Gbadebo.
His father his Yoruba and his mother Igbo, his wife Igbo
But he chose Igbo has is tribe and he even insults yoruba on tweeter.
Chinedu canmot speak Yoruba but speaks Igbo.
Chinedu is pro Biafra. All his tweets are about Igbo and Biafra.
Chinedu denounced yoruba and even call them afonjaaaa
Then election reach, chinedu want to become governor and all the igbos worldwide are backing him to take over Lagos for them.
Chinedu is Omo ale and an Igbo agenda in the name of better governance

Tinubu's Wife is itshekiri, but that did not stop us from "electing" him President.
Yorubas did not say because his Wife is Itshekiri, even if she bears "Remi", that Tinubu is not qualified to rule Lagos.
Tinubu himself (Yekini Amoda) is not even from Lagos, he is from Osun State but is qualified to rule Lagos, why not Gbadebo Chinedu Vivor-Rhodes?
If is ignorantly-foolish, to call someone who father is an established Yoruba man, an "Omo Ale", not withstanding that his Mother is Igbo.

Let us be honest, all these Tribal incitement and Ethnic confrontation are being pushed by APC, to incite Yorubas against Igbos, because Tinubu lost Lagos vote to Peter Obi and since APC has nothing else to use to convince Yorubas to vote for APC, they are using the ETHNIC CARD, forgetting that majority of the Votes peter Obi got in Lagos, was from Yorubas who are[b] fed up with the shennanigans of Tinubu[/b], in the last Twenty two years.

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Politics / Re: DSS Joins Social Media, Gets Handles by One4me: 6:10pm On Mar 06, 2023

Seun, we won't pretend that we are not noticing your bias towards Sanwo_olu on Nairaland

You push every anti -SAnwo Olu topic to front page.

GRV Chinedu is your friend, you brought him to Nairaland to campaign.

You posted Anti-Sanwo olu thread telling us to vote him out

For almost one week, the tribal bigot tweets of Chinedu have been trending back to back but you pretended you did not see it and made sure none of them smelled FP.

But you are quick to post every accusation against Sanwo-Olu government to FP

Seun, Odale ni ooo. You and CHinedu will be disgraced this Saturday. Just change nairaland to ChineduLAnd

Seun is an individual, he has the right, just like you do, to express his/your opinion and support for any Politician or Party that he/you so chose.
Chinedu likewise, is covered by the same provisions of the law and fundamental human Rights.

What is not acceptable, is you labelling Seun as "Odale", which l am told translates to "A Treasonous person", just for expressing his rights.
Democracy gives everyone, including yourself, the right to a FREE CHOICE of who to support, it should not be the reason for all these nasty insults you guys inflict on anyone that does not support your Candidates.

Live and Let others live.

And if per-chance, you cant live by this noble code, you can still exercise your right to "peacefully" leave this platform and go elsewhere, this again, is your fundamental human Rights.

Also note that it is the "Moderators" that push Threads to the front Page, not necessarily Seun.
As humans, these Moderators are not totally devoid of 'Bias'.
Politics / Re: We Own Lagos, We Own Nigeria - King West, MC Oluomo’s Son Boasts by One4me: 8:16pm On Mar 01, 2023
No, forget it. Obi can not be president, he came third. But if LP won in Lagos during the presidential election, it means LP can win the governorship to shut up miscreants like oluomo's son. Go out and vote on the 11th if you are in Lagos and encourage your friends and family to do same. I'm a Tinubu supporter but I hate thugs like this gloating and polluting the polity.

You forget that Femi Otedola came third but still became Governor in Lagos!
"supreme Court Governor" Uzordimma came Third and today, is still Governor in Imo.

Obi will still be President of Nigeria, very soon.

BTW, you cant blame the Boy, his Father is the Head of Tinubu's Killer Squad in Lagos so he knows how important that role is, to the fraudulently elected President of Nigeria.
undecided undecided

I laugh for Nigeria, because[b] one can no longer weep for the Country,[/b] with a President elected in this manner.
Politics / Re: We Own Lagos, We Own Nigeria - King West, MC Oluomo’s Son Boasts by One4me: 8:11pm On Mar 01, 2023
You own urchins, You own agberos. Not Lagos and not Nigeria

As they say, A Goat, will give Birth to a Goat!
MC Oluomo can only give Birth to another MC Oluomo!
Even in far away America, a GOAT is still a GOAT.
Like Father, like Son.

But you cant blame the Goat of a Boy, his father is Tinubu's "Iron Hand", go and ask the likes of Funsho Williams of blessed memory.

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Politics / Re: EFCC Intercepts ₦‎32.4 Million Cash Meant For Vote-Buying In Lagos by One4me: 7:22pm On Feb 24, 2023
And it's new currency oh.... This must be the handiwork of Tinubu himself.

All along the agitation of APC members, Governors, candidates including their lord and master, Tinubu on redesign/scarcity of new currency was all mischievous and a plot to deceive citizens/electorates that Buhari/Fed Govt was working against them whereas at the being scene the reverse was the case.

I wouldn't doubt that for a fact Tinubu camp has more new naira notes than all Banks and the rest of Nigerians combined.

Nigerian masses, you see that it is not Emefiele or Buahri that is responsible for our New Naira Notes misery?
But they keep blaming Emefiele, that he did not Print enough New Notes, where then did they get all these Millions-Millions of New Naira Note being discovered here and there, especially in APC States?

Hell Rufai, over to you
Sports / Re: I'm Being Undervalued Because I'm A Nigerian- Dozy Mmuobosi Cries Over Sheffield by One4me: 7:32pm On Feb 21, 2023
I doubt they will sell the club to him eventually.
It is quite clear they're looking for "valid" reason not to sell the club to an African man.

It is all about White Racism against Blacks, nothing more.
He should bring that Money and invest it in IICC, Eyimba, Sharks of PH, KAno Pillars, Bendel Insurance, etc.

But there is a bright side to it: All these foreigners buying up English Clubs with their hear earned Money have not learnt anything from the Russian Military Operation in Ukraine and how it affects the investment of Foreigners on these Western Countries!

Look at what they did to Russian Abrahimovich nd his beloved Chelsea! I am sure he will never dream of buying an EPL Club in his net Life.
They take your Money, allow you to develop their Club and the EPL and then seize everything at the slightest opportunity!
That is Official Brigandage and daylight Robbery.

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Politics / Re: Naira Redesign: Sowore Knocks Atiku Over U-Turn, Says Ex-VP Is ‘Opportunistic’ by One4me: 7:40pm On Feb 20, 2023

Obasanjo is the SPV man. Or you failed to listen to the audio message for yourself ni

Atiku said "What we do is use an SPV"

He said "WE", meaning himself and some others.

I bet you dont even know what an SPV is. grin
Politics / Re: Naira Redesign: Sowore Knocks Atiku Over U-Turn, Says Ex-VP Is ‘Opportunistic’ by One4me: 7:39pm On Feb 20, 2023
Atiku is just an Opportunist who wants to Cash-in on Nigeria!
If you notice, he is always chilling in Dubai but once it is Election time, he will come back to Nigeria to contest and pretend that he has any interest in Nigeria, apart from looting its Resources.

He is the worst of all the Aspirants, a greedy, common-thief without any conscience.
I will rather chew my Voters Card, than vote for Atiku in this Country.
angry angry angry

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Politics / Re: Naira Redesign: Adamu, El-Rufai, Others Meet Malami In Abuja by One4me: 7:32pm On Feb 20, 2023
At the end of the day, the gathering of urchins governors will end without directions tongue

In Nigeria, the APC Gov. we have an official Lawyer of Criminals, We have an Attorney general of Criminals, we have some Police in-charge of Criminals, we have Governors of Criminals, etc.

May God help our Country but we must Vote Right otherwise, O.Y.O.
Politics / Re: Currency Redesign: Open Letter To Governor El-Rufai By Gloria Mabeiam Ballason by One4me: 7:24pm On Feb 20, 2023
Large land mass is decieving these fools from the Sahel..
Please note that isreal remains greater than Russia and China put together..

F00ls Die! grin grin
Politics / Re: Currency Redesign: Open Letter To Governor El-Rufai By Gloria Mabeiam Ballason by One4me: 5:52pm On Feb 19, 2023
Hell-Rufai the midget represents everything that is evil and satanic about this APC government, he is trying very hard to be the head of the new cabal in Tinubu's government which will never happen by God's good grace

Tinubu has promised him SGF, if he wins the election, that is why the midget is running madt! grin grin
Politics / Re: El-Rufai Says All Old Notes Will Remain Legal Tender In Kaduna by One4me: 2:15am On Feb 17, 2023
President Elect is coming in few days.. Policy will be reversed by any of the candidates that emerge. It's stupid simple.

President Elect is still a Sitting Duck, until he is sworn-in.
MKO Abiola of blessed memory, was President Elect, just remember that.

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai Says All Old Notes Will Remain Legal Tender In Kaduna by One4me: 2:13am On Feb 17, 2023

There is a limit to what Buhari can do. This is a democracy and not a dictatorship. As it stands now, he and his cabal are almost alone in pushing their failed policy. The Governors are not on their side. The Supreme Court and the Law is not on their side. The Council of State is not on their side. The National Assembly is not on their side. And the masses are definitely not on their side.

Even in worst case scenario he manouvres us into an Interim Government, there is no certainty he and his cabal will be able to control the resulting Government.

The Governors, Supreme Court and National Assembly and even the Council of State, are mere Political Associations, not a single person among all of them, can change the COAS, order troops to engage or Stand-down or order a Bomber to drop bombs.....except Buhari.

You really dont understand the amount of Power, that useless Constitution of Nigeria, invests in a sitting President!
Buhari can use the remaining Months of his Government, to show all these ones, who is really in-charge of the Armed Forces.
Las las, hell RUfai will run to Niger republic to seek refuge

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai Says All Old Notes Will Remain Legal Tender In Kaduna by One4me: 2:05am On Feb 17, 2023

See the political campaign to the broadcast[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font]

I wish to assure you that the Kaduna State Government, in collaboration with elected legislators, traditional institution, elected local government councils, markets, and traders associations[b] will help you collect, record, document, collate and deliver all your old notes to the Kaduna branch of the Central Bank on your behalf into the new ones immediately after the elections[/b]. We will also ensure the delivery of your new notes to your various locations without any hardship or expense on your part. We shall save you any panic and the stress of a long journey from your community to the CBN office in our state capital, from March until December 2023 if need be

He has literally made himself the President and the CBN Governor, overnight!
But then, he my just be playing a script with Buhari, act like he is supporting Tinubu while creating anarchy, so that another Fulani man like Atiku will win the Presidency.
Politics / Re: El-Rufai Says All Old Notes Will Remain Legal Tender In Kaduna by One4me: 2:02am On Feb 17, 2023
You just have to love the confidence and authenticity of this man. In fact this is the kind of leadership that Nigeria needs. I sure hope he runs for President some day.

That deceitful, cunning midget will be bad for this country, all you need to do is examine how Peaceful he met Kaduna State and the state of Anarchy, Crime, Bloodletting and tribalism he is leaving it.
Except you want Nigeria to be ruled by Terrorists, that is when you will wish that he contest for President.
The terrorist lover has destroyed the peaceful co-existence of Kaduna State, beyond repair.
He even has the audacity to revoke the C.of.O of a Senator that contested against his useless Son (who lost the election) and demolished the family House of the Man!
That evil midget is Power Drunk and l hope Buhari will treat his fcukup seriously


Politics / Re: El-Rufai Says All Old Notes Will Remain Legal Tender In Kaduna by One4me: 1:55am On Feb 17, 2023

All of a sudden Igbos are supporting Pmb

No Permanent Friends, No Permanent Enemies, it is all about SELF INTEREST.

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Politics / Re: Army Jolted By Resignations, Warns Against Early Retirement by One4me: 1:22pm On Jan 07, 2023
It’s Quite Unfortunate That The Nigerian Army Has Been Compromised,
A Serious Overhaul Has to be carried out as a Matter of Urgency

The CoAS directed commanders to educate the soldiers under their command regarding the flimsy excuses given by those leaving the service.

He added, “In (the) light of the forgoing, you are kindly requested to educate troops under command that henceforth, reasons such as loss of interest in military service will no longer be tolerated as (the) basis for discharge. This reason is to say the least lame and therefore not accepted. Personnel are expected to explain the reason behind lack of interest e.g. ‘I do not want to fight for the country again’, ‘I have not been promoted etc’, to enable the service to make necessary amendments for the betterment of the system. Accordingly, other cogent reasons could be made for discharge from service otherwise such request would not be granted.”

Imagine a deceptive COAS asking his men to apply for a discharge, using a reason he very well knows will lead to summary dismissal?
What kind of wicked leader says that?
I hope you can force a Soldier who has lost interest in the Army, to fight at the War front
. undecided undecided grin grin
Business / Re: CBN Bans Over-The-Counter Withdrawal Of New Notes by One4me: 1:10pm On Jan 07, 2023
Emefiele is up to some shady deal

Nothing to do with Emefiele, right now. The man is currently on the run for his life. grin grin
It is those Mallam Deputy Governors at CBN, trying to cause chaos, on the orders of Politicians
Crime / Re: Sexual Molestation Of A Minor. by One4me: 2:12am On Jan 05, 2023
by refusing to report to the police and charge the case to court, you have become an unwilling accomplice. Charge the case to court, the whole truth will come out.

The Agency l mentioned above, will examine it and determine if it can be charged to Court, by the DPP
Crime / Re: Sexual Molestation Of A Minor. by One4me: 2:11am On Jan 05, 2023
Good morning house. I need your opinion on this issue.

The family all turned their face away. Nobody cared to address it, even his parents. I'm thinking of going to their church to expose her because I hear the 15 year old girl is getting baptized next week. Hubby told me to forget about it, his brother told me not to try it. But anytime my daughter remembers this incident and brings it up, I become very disturbed. I don't know what to do.

Please advise me.

There is an Arm of the Ministry of Justice in Lagos State, that deals with Rape and Child Molestation issues. they have a forensic Analyst there.
Take your Child there and let us hear what they make of her story.
But l dont think a 4yr old is smart enough to make up such story, so there more be more to it.
Business / Re: Sale Of Polaris Bank: CBN Sets Record Straight by One4me: 12:13am On Jan 05, 2023
This is crazy.
Polaris Bank was sold to the entity with the lowest offer.

All other offers, especially the One that was most lucrative by Fairview, was suppressed!
How can you do all the background work, offer #200Billion in immediate payment and #100Billion Annually and make your bid, and then refuse to honor the invitation to Open the Bid, with this eventually beneficiary, as claimed by the CBN?

Does that make sense? The Polaris Bank Sale was a SCAM and should be probed

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Business / Re: Sale Of Polaris Bank: CBN Sets Record Straight by One4me: 12:08am On Jan 05, 2023
It's the same thing both reports are saying, only a 50bn pay was made

This is the link to the Original Article they are "clarifying":


The fact that this rebuttal DELIBERATELY OMIT a very important fact of the transaction -- That the #1.035Trillion was to BE PAID OVER 25YRS -- makes me conclude that there was a lot of Underhand Deals in this transaction, as indicated by the Publication being rebuffed!

We all know the Time-Value of Money! #1.035Trillion paid over 25yrs is equivalent to about #100Billion is TODAY'S VALUE!
With the level of inflation in Nigeria and the Depreciation of the Naira, even in the last 8yrs, from #235/Dollar, to about #750/Dollar TODAY,

The initial WriteUp is justified in its assertion (and l want to believe other assertions they made, since there must be a reason why CBN agreed to this ridiculous deal of the Sale of Polaris bank!) that Polaris was sold to the "Aso Rock Cabal" but not in the best interest of the Country, as the current Investor, through AMCON.
Infact, they have no intention of paying the #1.035Trillion, at all.
You need to read the original Post they are rebuffing, to get the full picture of what these Rogues are doing.

This Rebuttal, whose aim was to whitewash the Northerner CBN Deputy Governor being groomed to replace Godwin Emefiele (though this fact was surreptitiously muted in the Rebuttal despite that being its main aim!), was the one behind the deal and it goes to reason, why she would cut the deal with those who have promoted her rapidly since the Govt came into Power in 2015, when she was a staff of Diamond bank and within the year, "seconded" to CBN and rapidly promoted to Deputy Governor of CBN, over many others on the queue.

Corruption and Nepotism under and in this Buhari Govt, is monumental.

This is the body of the Article:
Who is after Godwin Emefiele? The saga continues……The intrigues …. The power play - Opera News Official

Recall that on Monday, December 19, 2022, the Department of State Services had approached the Federal High Court in Abuja seeking an order to arrest and detain Emefiele for his involvement in terrorism financing and economic crimes.

Justice John Tsoho, the Chief Judge of the High Court denied them the order insisting that the DSS did not provide any concrete evidence to substantiate its claims that Emefiele was involved in their allegation.

Ironically, these allegations only surfaced after the CBN announced plans to change the naira notes ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Nigeria’s political and business elites were not comfortable with this, more so when the CBN pegged withdrawal limits at N100,000 N500,000 daily for individuals and organisations respectively.

Two invitations from the House of Representative were ignored by Emefiele who explained that he was unable to honour their summons because he was part of the entourage of President Muhammadu Buhari who was on an official trip to the United States at that time.

Well, Buhari returned but not Emefiele who felt it was safer to remain in hiding.

While poking holes at the circumstances surrounding the sale, human rights lawyer, Femi Falana said, “The bank was worth N1.8 trillion according to expert evaluation. Selling it for N50 billion is a criminal act that should not be allowed to stand. They have no intention of recovering the public funds from the president’s cronies they transferred the assets to, that’s why they came up with the joke of 25-year repayment plan.”

Falana reiterated that Ahmad’s claim that the buyers who he says are the ‘president’s cronies’ would repay N1.2 trillion in 25 years was a fig leaf aimed at closing further discussions about the bank’s sale.

He therefore urged interested parties, particularly Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria, AMCON, which was shut out of the purchase process, to challenge the sale of the bank in court.

Lanre Suraj, another an anti-corruption campaigner, called the sale of the bank a transparent folly.

He hinged his submission based on the fact that back in 2020, a lucrative deal of N1.04 trillion was placed for the bank by an interested party which offered N200 billion in immediate disbursement.

But rather than present the offer, Ahmad allegedly suppressed it until the final deal was sealed in July 2022, after allegedly receiving assurances that she would be made the CBN governor upon brokering.

Ironically, the firm she sold the bank to, was only registered four months prior to the deal.

“You cannot tell me that a group that was ready to pay N200 billion immediately and subsequent N100 billion per year in order to close the deal in just about right years is incompetent. But the characters around the president who bought the bank for N50 billion with a 25-year repayment deal is competent?’ Suraju queried.

For this reason, Suraj urged the president to constitute a panel to audit assets sold under Ahmad and the current CBN regime and prosecute those found to have grossly undermined public interest for personal corrupt purposes.

“The losses already inflicted on Nigerian taxpayers could still be mitigated if people behind the conspiracies could be brought to justice,” he added.

Ahmed has been on the path of being groomed to become the governor of CBN as far back as 2016 when she was quickly appointed an executive director at the defunct Diamond Bank Plc and seconded immediately to the CBN, in preparation for such a time as this.

She is being backed to become the CBN governor by a group led by Abu Funtua, a prominent son of Alhaji Isa Funtua, the late longtime friend of Buhari and a former member of his administration’s ‘cabal’.

If Funtua’s schemes does materialize, then she would become the first female CBN governor in the history of Nigeria.

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Celebrities / Re: Paul Okoye's Lover, Ivy Brags About Him (Photos) by One4me: 6:03pm On Dec 25, 2022

But Paul ain’t marrying her na
So no problem
Besides Paul is also past his prime
He’s above 40

Already has children
This is just for companionship nothing else
I doubt he’s gonna pay marriage rites & bride price

Says who?
Life begins at 40!
The kind of balling l have been enjoying since 40, is five times l have ever enjoyed. grin grin


Celebrities / Re: Paul Okoye's Lover, Ivy Brags About Him (Photos) by One4me: 5:46pm On Dec 25, 2022
Wow... I don't know why girls of this days always go after married men ,I don't understand, is it's because of money or that single guys is not interested in marriage again...marriage is for companionship and procreation, the companionship in marriage is the most important thing in marriage which everyone going into it most first of all seek...before marriage to avoid divorce later in life...my parents lived nearly fifty years now before my dad died last month...they lived together and prosper together all this years... I pray my marriage last even longer ,why will one wakeup and decide he or she is not longer Interested in marriage is beyond me...Satan is destroying homes worldwide and we all think is part of civilization..but is very wrong. It affects society especially the kids who will lack proper grooming and become a problem to society in adulthood..kidnappers, prostitutes ,arm robbers and terrorists of next 20 to 40 years ahead are still kids now ,who is lacking love and proper upbringing

Its simple bro:
-Married men dont have tome to be monitoring their Runs, unlike Single guy.
- Married men (most), are financially settled, before venturing into Aristos and they spend their money to get what they want.
- Married men dont pretend, they go straight to the point (I waana Bleep you now), they dont have time for love-nwantintin
- Married Men have enough experience, on how to satisfy a lady in bed! they dont try to prove masculinity and be pounding a woman like Mortar and Pestle, they are are gentle and yet, very effective, unlike the young man who just believes in his "raw power", whether with some drugs or natural power.
- Married Men nor send you, the Contract is for $e, not for babies and they are usually over-generous, since they know its all about "Money" and nothing to do with calling them "Honey"

Aristo point of View grin------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My sympathies, on loosing your Dad, May he rest in Peace.
You are right on your submissions, marriage should be about companionship!
But today, individualism, poisonous Feminism, arrogance, disrespect, selfishness, homosexuality and disrespect fot he laws of nature, has destroyed the marriage institution.
What we have now are not "Spouses", they are just "Business Partners"


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