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TV/Movies / Bbnaija (my Opinion): Some Bad Characters About The Top 5 Housemates by onismate: 11:00am On Apr 16, 2018
As we slide in to the final week of #BBNaija2018, Double Wahala, it’s been long weeks of games, controversies, and all manner of tantrums being thrown among fans and viewers of the #BBNaija show. Me, I can’t just wait for the show to come to an end.

In life, no one is perfect in terms of character/attitude, every man has that ill attitude that turns people off. But we all have tolerate each. Many of us stay outside to criticize the Housemates, but our character is far worse than theirs.

This is the last week of BBNaija and we only have this 5 housemates standing tall towards the price money of N45m. The standing 5 are Alex, Nina, Tobi, Miracle and Cee C. After watching them for this long 80 days, below is what I observed about their character.

Alex: Alex is jovial, friendly, smart and intelligent, but sometimes unorganized. And she talks too much. She would complain about other people’s flaws forgetting she has hers.

Nina: People feels she’s dumb but “No”. Nina is very brilliant, only that she lacks ethically verbal sense of communication on interviews. She’s not diplomatic but very direct when answering questions from Ebuka, which sometimes her answers gets her and the audience confused. Beyonce surfers from similar thing, that’s why she rarely grants interviews to press. Nina is brilliant and needs to be thought the etiquettes of press, interview communication, and also build self-confidence and her carriage.

Tobi: Smart, intelligent and very competitive. He has the body of an adult but mind of a child. A man that’s a gossip queen, gossips too much and most times behaves childish.

Miracle: cool, calm, smart and brilliant. But he’s egocentric. He rarely apologizes to women after wrong doing.

Cee C: Cee is very brilliant, smart and intelligent. In my opinion she’s by far the realest housemate. She showed her true reality in the house, no pretense. But she has anger problem. She easily gets irritated over little issues. She needs to work on her emotions and anger.

Like I said, no one is perfect including me. This is just the little I observed about the last standing housemates. How about you, what other attitude did you observe about them? Drop your comments


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Education / Cyber Bullies: 3 Ways To Deal With Them by onismate: 10:00am On Apr 09, 2018
As at 10 years ago, we only talked about physical, emotional and verbal bullying. Then the internet and social media wasn’t strong enough to accommodate another form of bullying. But today, we have online forums, blogs, social media, and here comes the rise of cyber bullying. We now have cyber bullies, where people online harass, insult, curse or peddle rumour against and about other people. This behavior is intentional using electronic form of contact repeatedly. Some of the victims cannot even defend themselves.

Here are 3 ways to deal with cyber bullies

Defend yourself/Bully them back: If you are being cyber bullied, try to defend and stand up for yourself. I have come to realize that many times when you stand up for yourself, the bullies shamefully stay away. When you give them a dose of their own medicine with epic reply and clapbacks, some of them will leave you alone.

Take the pain, be strong and Ignore: Some people are so emotional, if you know you can’t reply bullies, just be strong and ignore them. Sometimes when you are being bullied and you ignore, they are trying to get your attention. When they realize you are not giving them the attention they seek, some tend to free you.

Leave the platforms you are being bullied:
Any online platforms you are being bullied, leave the platform to save you little stress. Sometimes you get depressed seeing negative comments about you. You just have to leave those platforms and avoid going through posts and comments that are meant to bully you.


Politics / Abuja Is The Dirtiest City In Africa While Kigali Is The Cleanest (photo) by onismate: 1:05pm On Mar 13, 2018
It hurts me to see that while other nations are creating cleaner environment and more suitable atmosphere for their citizens to live, we in Nigeria don’t even care, we are even damaging our environments.
Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali was declared the most beautiful city in Africa and the third greenest city in the world by United Nations.
Nigeria where we dey? Presently Abuja is one of the dirtiest city in Africa. Lagos is turning into a refuse dump. Black soot is holding Port harcourt to ransom. Other Nigerian cities are nothing to write home about. Nigeria and Nigerians are dirty. We just need to create and maintain a cleaner environment.



TV/Movies / Who Still Remembers This Guy, Nollywood Prince Of Action Movies? (photos) by onismate: 11:55am On Feb 28, 2018
Who remembers this guy? I guess some younger folks may not know him. Dude graced our TV screens in the Early and mid 2000s in Nollywood. He was that action path guy producers used to interpret roles of bad boy. He was that human killing machine in movies, sometimes the bad boy that terrorises politicians, the city and an entire country in most of his movies. Lover boy no dey fit him at all. With that his deep voice and strong face, dude was the Sina Rambo of Nollywood.
His name is Hank Anuku, I call him the Nollywood villain back then. When I was in secondary school, I remembered telling my sister he was my acting role model because of the action roles he plays in movies. I remember the movie, ‘Senator, king of the jungle.’ Kaiii, Dude killed it in those movies. I learnt he started having problems with alcohol and smoking and family/marital issues that he relocated to Ghana and naturalised as citizen. He will be 58 this year, his age is running.
I for they miss Hanks but thank God for people like Sambasa Nzeribe, Tope
Tedela and others. We still dey watch Nollywood action movies…


Travel / Taxify Driver's 8 Rules For Ladies Before Entering His Car (Photo) by onismate: 3:36pm On Jan 30, 2018
So this guy posted his Rules on Instagram for females who will board his Taxify car.
Do you agree to this guy’s rule on entering his car?

Hello Ladies, I’m your new Taxify driver in town. If you want to board my car, you must follow my rules. And here are my rules:
1. I don’t rape or kidnap people
2. I won’t take you to an unknown destination. And I don’t also go to unknown destinations
3. You must be of good conduct inside my car
4. There is dashboard mounted cameras in my car so you don’t have to fear. Everything is being recorded.
5. I have the right to end the journey if your inappropriate conduct is affecting and inconveniencing me.
6. You can come along with your pepper spray. Personally I also have tomato and garri spray. We will cook soup and make eba and chop, that’s if you don’t mind.
7. If you cause me wahala, I will end the journey and ask you to leave my car. If you refuse, I will drive you straight to the police station.
8. There is always refreshments for my passengers. I serve them kpuff-Kpuff and kpuff corn with zobo drink.
Hala at me today, you will never regret your ride with me ..


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Politics / Political Activist, Deji Adeyanju Takes Buhari To Court Over NIA DG Appointment by onismate: 12:06pm On Jan 20, 2018
Popular political and social media activist, Deji Adeyanju has dragged President Buhari to court over his appointment on National Intelligence Agency (NIA), DG, Ahmed Rufai Abubakar. Deji said its tribalism and the President didn't follow Federal character due process.


Religion / RCCG Fasting 2018 To Start On 11/1/18 And End 30th Of July 2018 (photos) by onismate: 1:00pm On Jan 06, 2018
The Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG) fasting will begin 11th January, 2018 and end 1st March, 2018. The second lap would begin 1st July – 30th July, 2018. This was announce by the General Overseer worldwide, Pastor Enoch Adeboye on his Twitter page ..



Romance / It's Rape To Ejaculate In A Woman Without Her Consent- Marriage Counsellor by onismate: 2:41pm On Dec 29, 2017
Controversial Ghanaian marraige counsellor says ejaculating in a woman without her consent is rape.

Controversial marriage counsellor, George Lutterodt has emphatically stated that, it is criminal for a male partner to ejaculate into his female partner especially if she warns against it during sexual intercourse.

He classified the action as rape at the 2017 Orgasm Conference at the Ghana International Trade Fair in Accra.

Counsellor Lutterodt strongly advised men at the event to pay heed when a woman cautions against ejaculation in her sexual organ during the process of ecstasy.

He warned that refusal to do so can be used against the male partner.

“Women have too much power in our times that what brings rape during sexual intercourse is something. If a woman say don’t release inside and you release inside, it is a rape,” he averred.

The annual Orgasm Conference, hosted by Counsellor George Lutterodt, is aimed at educating and sensitizing married couples on the rules governing sex and marriage.

Speakers for the night were Legal Practitioner, Maurice Ampaw, CEO of End Point Group of Companies, Dr. Adu Boateng, and Rev. Mrs Gloria Kobi who took patrons through legality of sexual relationship, health issues concerning sexual intercourse, and how to maintain a peaceful home, respectively.


Education / Social Media Life: 11 Things You Need To Adjust About Your Life In 2018 by onismate: 9:22am On Dec 29, 2017
As we gradually whine down 2017, swimming into 2018, social media has left memories in our lives, both good and bad in 2017. Many have been deceived by what they saw, many will still be deceived.
But Note: Posts, comments, reactions and interactions on Social media sometimes can be considered an illusion. In the sense that social media can be likened to reality shows. They usually reveal to you what they want you to know about them. If only you really know about those persons behind those handles you follow, the place they work, their family, lifestyle, mental state and how their reality is, I bet you may likely not be fooled about what they post. The time you move closer to them, you realize things are not so good like they paint it to be on social media.
Social media is many shades of many things good and bad, but you can project it to what you want it to be for you. Either to live a social media fake life or to build innovative strategies and positive network that can give you a real good life.
Stop being pressured by some of the things you see on social media, some of them are mere illusions. All those things has made so many youths go into e-begging, 419 and defrauding others on social media just to live life for the gram.
There are so several ways of making money on social media genuinely, social media marketing and promotions is one of them. So many youths are becoming social media influencers, businesses are moving towards digitalization and online sales. Capitalize on this advantage to sell your market, brands and network.
As we swim into 2018, the election year is approaching, political campaigns will be hitting off, monies will be rolled out, and politicians will recruit youths that are social media savvy to handle media for them. Be smart and professional, and mind what you post on social media. Remember, social media never forgets.

Here are social media attitude we need to adjust in 2018

1. As a critic, learn to accept criticism a smile
2. Avoid serious and heavy arguments on social media
3. Stay away from bitter, angry and hateful tweepers, posts and comments
4. If you know you are not ready for any consequences, don’t start controversial arguments and issues on social media.
5. Clapbacks & hateful comments: You will constantly get insulted with hateful comments without any tangible reasons by people who barely even know you. If you constantly keep thinking of best/savage reply to give, before you know it, you did realize you have wasted your time without achieving anything. Dem no dey give award for savagery oo.
6. Engage people in constructive criticisms rather than insults and abuses.
7. Let your posts be fun, entertaining, engaging, educating. If you are being sarcastic, do it well.
8. Understand there is a social media life and real life
9. Build good relationships, make great friends on social media because you never can tell who will get you that connection that will take you far.
10. Avoid fake lives and fake friends. Note; Many are broke but live a rich life on social media.
11. Happy 2018.


Jobs/Vacancies / How A Company Put Me Through An Annoying Recruiting Process Just For Their Job by onismate: 9:33am On Dec 26, 2017
I think its high time the federal government review our labour laws to favour her citizens so that recruiters won’t waste applicants time in the name of recruitment.
Some few weeks back I applied for a job as an intern in an Outsourcing, auditing and financial firm in Lagos. Few days later after my application, I was sent a message with a link to further complete my application which I did.
Few days later another email came in with a link to complete an online assessment test, I also did. Few days later a mail was sent to me that I passed the online assessment test with score of 86%. I was happy that I was going to soon land a job. Na so I begin wait to get a call back, till 2 weeks later I was sent a message to come for an interview. After the interview, that evening I got another email to come for another interview 2 days’ time.
2 days’ time came and I went for the interview, after the interview I was told to go home and wait for their response.
5 days later I was sent a message to complete another online assessment test which I did. The result was sent to me a day later in which I scored 78. I was invited to come for an oral interview which I did. After that they said I should come the next day for written interview. Na so body begin pepper me for all their long processes. But I humble because na me dey find job.
After the written interview I didn’t hear from them again not until two weeks later they called that I should come to their office. Na so I go there. I got there and I was told they want to interview me. I began wondering because I wasn’t told I was coming for an interview, the lady who called me only told me that they would like to see me. Na so I stay cool come do the interview, waka go my house.
2 days later I was called to come for documentation that I have gotten the job. Mind you during the process of the interview we never talked anything concerning salary.
I went to the office for negotiation of salary and documentation. Na there dem tell me say my salary na N30,000, no other incentives. I was speechless, I couldn’t talk. N30,000 for someone staying in Egbeda then going to Ikeja every day, 9-5pm, sometimes even weekends. In the conditions of the job there was a place it was stated that employee would sometimes work under pressure and anytime (even Saturdays) you are called upon for some job you must be there at the office. All with N30,000. I don’t have problems with the conditions if the salary is much. They didn’t even allow me to negotiate. “This is what we can offer you,” the lady said.
Guess what I did when I was told if I would still take the job after telling me the salary and conditions. I thanked her for everything and told her I wasn’t interested. This one is slavery nah. I stood up and left, went back home and slept.


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Politics / Nigeria & Singapore;they Were Equal In The 70s, See Were They Are Now (photos) by onismate: 10:26am On Nov 27, 2017
In the 1970s, Nigeria, India, Singapore and Malaysia where countries ranked as emerging economies to look out for. This countries were tagged as economies that would rule the world in the next 30 years to come.
Fast-forward over 30 years’ time, 2017, Nigeria hasn’t made any tangible progress. The other 3 countries have left us behind in virtually every good thing. The only thing we are better is corruption.
An international organisation, ‘Spectator Index’ ran an analysis on Nigeria and some other countries, below is the result comparing with Singapore.


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Business / Photos : See The Union Bank Branch In Chibok, Borno State by onismate: 12:20pm On Nov 25, 2017
Check out the Union bank branch in Chibok, Borno state. Would you save your money in this bank branch?


Politics / Photo: Presidential Lions, Crocodiles And Others Gets N65m In 2018 Budget by onismate: 12:27pm On Nov 18, 2017
Federal Government budgets N18m for cooking gas, N45m to fuel generators in 2018 budget. Check out some of the things they budgeted for


Business / Union Bank Replies An Angry Customer Who Wants To Leave The Bank On Twitter by onismate: 3:24pm On Nov 15, 2017
We all know that former EFCC twitter handler, Fshaw is no longer an Eagle, he’s now a stallion with union Bank churning out dope tweets, and breeding massive engagements on the Union Bank twitter timeline. Baba don dey handle union bank twitter page.
Check out this reply Union bank gave to a customer that vows never to bank with them again.
See dope reply.


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Celebrities / Check Out This Differences And Similarities Davido And Wizkid Has by onismate: 9:56am On Nov 15, 2017
Is possible to be a fan of Wizkid and Davido without comparing both of them?
Both of them have done reasonably well in their music career, they have given fans controversies to talk about. But here are just few similarities and difference between Davido and Wizkid….

Davido's song "If" becomes the most watched Nigerian song on YouTube in 2017.
Wizkid has 47 total number of Awards, Davido has 31. Davido is the first and only Nigeria Artist to win Best African Act and Best international Act in just one year in MTV EMA Awards.
Wizkid's "come closer" is the highest selling song worldwide in 2017 by an African based in Africa.
Davido's "If" is the highest selling song in 2017 in Africa.
Wizkid's album, SFTOS became the first Nigerian album on billboard 200 in 33 years.
Both Davido and Wizkid has two baby mamas. Both have two kids each. Davido has two beautiful daughters and wizkid two handsome sons. Wizkid's first baby mama is based in Nigeria while the second one is based in US. Davido' first baby mama is based in Nigeria and the second is based in US.
Davido and Wizkid has couple of differences in achievement, but one major similarity about them is they have their origin as "NIGERIA".
I'm super proud of them

Romance / Checkout The Lady Who Said She Was Born TO Be A Stripper by onismate: 11:56am On Nov 11, 2017
Some people just come up on social media to make statements about themselves. Whether it’s for attention sake or they mean it. See This Nigerian Lady Who said She Was Born To Be A Stripper. See her post below


Phones / Nigeria Has More Influence On Twitter In Africa Than Kenya, Ghana And S.africa by onismate: 10:42am On Oct 10, 2017
You can’t beat Nigerians on social media. Infact we are kings and queens of savages. If you are following a Nigerian on twitter, be rest assured that you will get loads of free jokes and entertainment. Our tweets and comments are savagery and epic most times.
Nigeria has more influence on Twitter Africa than other African countries. Here is the poll that was down.
Do you agree with this?


Politics / List Of Companies Involved In The NNPC $26B Contract Scandal by onismate: 10:09am On Oct 05, 2017
I believe most of us are aware of the $26Billion contract scandal rocking the NNPC. Well, here are the companies licensed by Buhari’s administration to lift crude oil. Most of the companies are linked to Buhari’s chief of staff, Abba Kyari and his cousin Mamman Daura.


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Travel / How South Africa, Kenya And Others Are Reaping Nigerians Off Through Tourism by onismate: 12:00pm On Oct 02, 2017
What is wrong with Nigeria? Abeg wetin dey do Nigeria in terms of tourism in Nigeria. I’m very angry with the way Nigeria is handling her tourism sector.

I work in a travel and tour company, and I must say that Nigeria is now a fishing ground for African countries to sell their tourism. Nigeria is not ready to develop her tourism industry.

2 weeks ago, the Zimbabwean government in partnership with their tourism agency came into Nigeria, they took 200 Nigerians, and part of them were tour guilds, consultants, travel agents and journalists. They took them to Zimbabwe in a bid to sell the Zimbabwe destination. And travel expenses of the 200 people were paid by the Zimbabwean government.

Presently, the hottest destinations for Nigerian tourists are South African, Kenya and Namibia. Nigerian tourists are visiting this places heavily. Morocco discovered this and sent their people late last year and this year 2017 to sell destination morocco as a great tourist destination for Nigerians. And it’s working fine for them, Nigerian tourists are visiting that destination.

Now Zimbabwe is following suit. Many other countries are doing more, they hire Nigerian travel agents and partners to sell their countries. As we all know, Nigerians like travelling out, they want to experience new places and adventures. Some rich folks are no longer interested in having their weddings in Nigeria. People are looking at destinations weddings. So all those destination countries most especially Africa has studied Nigeria, they know that we a great consumers, they come in and sell us their countries as destination, and we buy them.

Some few days ago in my company, we were about booking a flight for someone going to Kenya, and it was an urgent flight. We discovered that all flights from all airways from Nigeria going to Kenya has been booked. No seats available for a period of 5 days. So we booked her for the 6th day. Now wetin Nigerians dey go do for Kenya? Out of those people going to Kenya, 40% of them are going on tourism, 30% on just full business while 20% are just on business and leisure which involves a part of tourism.

All these countries I mentioned and more invests heavily on their tourism sector. They come into this country, take people (travel experts, journalist, bloggers, agents and tour guilds) from here free of charge to their countries and spoil them. Then when they return, they start selling those countries destinations as a great tourist destinations because they have been there, so they tell the stories and tourists buy into it.

My problem and anger now is that Nigeria is not selling any destination to foreigners outside the country. Even we Nigerians don’t even know much about tourist destinations in Nigeria because the Nigerian destinations are not even promoting and selling them.

In South Africa, only 40% of them possess international passport. The remaining 60% no get, dem no dey travel. The same can’t be said of Nigeria. Just go any immigration office make you see people dey queue. Everybody wan travel. I’m not saying travelling is wrong.

The Nigerian government needs to spend money in tourism, we are still wasting our time on oil. If those money budgeted for oil exploration in the North could be channelled into tourism, we will make huge amount of money with visitations of foreigners. Massive Jobs will be created.

Do we have tourist attractions and destinations in Nigeria? Yes we do but some of them are decaying away without proper management and good maintenance culture.

Take for instance Obudu cattle ranch in Cross River state. Lately, people have been complaining about some dilapidated structures in the place, the lack of maintenance around the tourist center. Obudu has even lost its appeal and beautiful touch. With all those complains you find many Nigerians trying other destinations outside the country.

Now what is wrong with Nigeria? We have the yankari tourist center and other places, why can’t the managers pump in money, maintain the places and promote it for tourists to visit. We are so lazy in this country that we leave our infrastructures to decay without maintenance. Abi the government and managers of thinks foreigners would just visit this place as a tourist center without any form of promotion bringing them here.

One of my colleague and boss visited a foreign diplomat, the diplomat said Nigeria doesn't know how to sell themselves to the outside world. He said when you get to his country, some of the perception his people who hasn't been to this place has is that of withcraft, kidnappings, and bombs flying accross people's heads. Some people back home would even ask him how he manages to live here. So, he's the one that explains to them that Nigeria is not like that, all the negative stuffs they hear about the country are mostly lies. So Nigeria should be able to sell itself, culture, tradition and heritage through tourism.

South Africa is among the 20 most visited tourist destinations in the world. They didn’t achieve that by just folding their hands and waiting for foreign tourists to just come. The South Africa tourism (SAT) spends money, they bring Nigerian celebrities and other travel bloggers for free just to promote their destinations. And Nigerian tourists would see and read their stories and then fly to South Africa to see for themselves. All of them na marketing strategy from (SAT).

Nigeria needs to wake up, brace up because the world is gradually leaving us behind. Tourism is a gold mine and the Government needs to develop that sector.




Politics / Photos Of Trump's Address VS Buhari's Own, See Difference by onismate: 4:43pm On Sep 20, 2017
Check out this photos, the first one was when Donald Trump was giving a speech at the United Nations congress going on in New York. The second photo was when President Buhari was addressing delegates.
A twitter user taunted on how the hall was filled up during the address of Trump but empty during the time of Buhari.


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Romance / This Photo A Girl Uploaded On Her Facebook Page Has Got Her Friends Talking by onismate: 10:03am On Sep 19, 2017
I guess she was trying to show off her boo on her page, but some of her friends were not buying it. Some felt it was inappropriate uploading such a photo. Lolz, See photos.


Education / Photos: Our Top Politicians Don't Care About ASUU Stike And Educational System by onismate: 9:12am On Sep 13, 2017
When GEJ was the President, all his children were schooling in Nigeria here. His first two daughters graduated from university of Calabar, attended Nigerian law school in Abuja. His third daughter and son were attending the British school in Abuja. But this can’t be said of our so called “Mr. integrity President Buhari whom most of his children attending schools abroad.
It was a shock some few weeks back to learn that ASUU went on strike in this Buhari’s administration. Our government officials are not being sincere. They send their children abroad to study, leaving the children of poor masses to languish in the poor educational system here which they refuse to develop.
Looking at this four photographs below, you can see that they (elites), our politicians don’t even want to associate their children with Nigerian education; they send their children to go study abroad. To them ASUU can go to hell while their kids go abroad to study.
Looking at the below photos, you won’t have any doubt that our leaders no send our educational system. They send their kids abroad to study.

First photo- President Buhari , his two daughters and son, Yusuf who graduated from a school in London.
Second photo- Imo state governor, Rochas and his son on his graduation ceremony in London.
Third photo – Senate President Saraki with his son at his graduation ceremony in London.
Fourth photo – Sokoto state Governor , Aminu Tambuwal and wife at their son’s graduation ceremony in London.


Politics / (photos)abuja Now VS Abuja 2020: Can The Government Achieve This Industrial Dev? by onismate: 9:41am On Sep 11, 2017
Abuja is the capital of Nigeria, and arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the country.
The city houses major government strategic buildings. Unlike some other cities in Nigeria, Abuja city was well planned, with superb road network, beautiful serene environment and a well-defined infrastructural development. One man who could be given credits for turning Abuja to a world class city is the former minister of FCT, who is the current governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasir Elrufai. He upgraded Abuja city to a standard befitting for a capital.
But unfortunately, Mallam Nasir Elrufai left that office of FCT minister ten years ago and his predecessors couldn’t even keep up with his pace, even maintenance and continuity was left out. It looked as if he carried the success along with him when he left.
Other ministers that came, we barely heard or see any of their achievements. Even the current FCT minister, I don’t even know his name, I’m yet to see any tangible project he has done.
I saw a pictorial projection of how Abuja would look like in 2030, but with what I’m seeing, I don’t think we can achieve that. Abuja is fast losing its appeal with gradual in flocks of hoodlums, insecurities, dirty environment and dilapidated buildings and infrastructure. Our lack of maintenance culture has caused the beauty of Abuja city fading away. The satellite towns have been abandoned, some traffic lights are no longer working. The security CCTV cameras allegedly installed in strategic areas of the city, they have turned to abandoned project, so many abandoned houses are spoiling away without anybody living in them, and many Nigerians are complaining of housing and accommodation. The elites practically acquired those houses just to resell, they made it too expensive for the common man to buy, no one wants to buy those houses at outrageous prices. Infact places like Asokoro has too many abandoned houses.
The security situation in Abuja is becoming poor. Like 4 to 5 years ago, you could barely hear of people being kidnaped in Abuja, but things have changed now. Weekly, about 3 people are being kidnapped in Abuja and only few are being reported on the media. kidnapping in Abuja is turning to a regular thing. A city that can’t provide a good security measures for residents, is that one a city?
Parks and junctions have been turned to headquarters of pick pocket office. It just seems like the pick pocket guys fashola chased away from Lagos came down to Abuja and started opening offices in crowded parks and junctions in Abuja, making Berger roundabout their headquarters. Not forgetting multiple cases of extortion and arm robbery most especially in satellite communities.
If Abuja wants to achieve its master plan projects and achieving its projections, the FCT minister must stop sleeping, wake up. The government must put their acts together to restore Abuja to the path of great urban city. We need to renew our great maintenance culture, create an enabling environment for more investments. If the government cannot take responsibilities, outsource it to private firms and pay them rather than leaving the city to fade and decay away.


Romance / Four Reasons Why Some Nigerian Girls Are Going Into Pornography by onismate: 1:46pm On Sep 07, 2017
Some days back I was reading an interview granted by the self-acclaimed Nigerian Porn King, KingTblack who said many Nigerian ladies approach him daily of their intentions to be a part of his porn shoots. Due to the kind of environment we are as Africans and Nigerians, you wonder if really some girls are ready to bear the insults, shame and all of bearing their naked body on screen for millions to see, including their loved ones.

As Nigerians, we are quick to judge people due to our social believe and moral standard, but secretly most of us do what we criticize others from.

Here are 4 reasons I think so many Nigerian girls nowadays are opting to shoot porn movie.

Money: In this period of recession that some amateur porn actress are paid up to N100,000 for a shoot, sometimes their face are even covered with mask. So many ladies would dive into it just to make cool cash with probably just 20-30minutes of shoot. So money is a reason some girls are delving into the business.

Exploration/Adventure: Many ladies just want to explore new sexual adventures. Some ladies would be feeling they have a boring sex life, they want to explore new ways and methods, sweet sexual adventures that they have been having crazy imagination.

Accessories: some ladies are not satisfied with what they have, they are in competition with other ladies, they want what other ladies have even though they can’t afford it. They want the latest human hair, cloths, shoes and others. So they had to go act porn, get money to buy accessories.

Choice: many a times, it’s all about the choice people make. The lady just chose the path, they don’t care about what people think.


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Nairaland / General / If Hurricane Harvey Happened In Nigeria, This 16 Things May Likely Be Our Fate by onismate: 5:54am On Sep 01, 2017
I’m sure most of us are aware of the natural disaster, Hurricane Harvey in Texas, United States of America. I really admired the way the American government, the people are handling the issue. If Hurricane Harvey had happened in Nigeria, here are 16 things that you will likely see.

1)President Buhari will blame Jonathan and former administration for the chaos.
2)APC government will blame PDP for 16 years of misrule. PDP will blame APC for 2 years of chaotic leadership.
3)Fayose will make the news. He will blame Buhari’s ear defects for not taking advice of Nigerian geographical agencies to prevent the issues.
4)Death toll would have gotten to over 10,000 and over 3 million people displaced
5) Controversies surrounding accurate number of casualties. The media will report 50,000 deaths and 3m people displaced. Police record will be 80,000 deaths and 4m people displaced. Their report will be different from Army, DSS.
Another IDP camp will be set up.
6) Nigerian celebrities (most especially the Z Lists) will look for a way to re-launch their career through the incident. Some will come to the media to announce the donations of exorbitant amounts, but won’t fulfill. The few ones that will do, some of them would take relief materials to the displaced, take photos with them and upload on social media (doing for the media).
7) Slay queens have seen an avenue for attention. Some ladies will take photos of them inside the flood and upload on social media. You will see captions like, “Chilling inside the flood, God saved me.”
cool Some religious leaders would say God is only punishing us for our sins with the flood. And so many houses would be turned to prayer houses praying that God should forgive our sins.
9) Ethnicity and tribal war. Imagine if the incident happened in south eastern state like Enugu, some Yorubas and Hausas will blame Nnamdi kanu and his IPOB group for their sins. Infact they will even wish that the flood wash away IPOB and Kanu, or even kill all of them because of their foolishness and Biafra agitation. If it happened in south western state like Ogun, some Igbos and Hausas will call them Afonja, ritual den and headquarters of skull mining association of Nigeria because of the terrible state of ritual killings and animal parts dealings in the area. They would abuse Awolowo and wished the whole of Yorubas are killed by the flood. Imagine if it happened in the north like kano, some Igbos and Yorubas will blame the Arewa, that God is punishing them for the quick notice given to the Igbos. They will also blame the past northern leaders who were not able to develop the region after about 30 years of power being in the north.
10) Political cheap points. PDP will use the opportunity to score some points with campaigns.
11) Massive looting and corruption- Government would disburse funds but it would be an avenue for corrupt people to share from the money.
12) Dangote, Tony Elumelu, Otedola and other rich and powerful elites would donate billions of naira. UN, US and other foreign agencies would donate money and relief materials, but don’t be surprised that you will see them selling the relief materials in Balogun market or Ariaria market. 13) Money donated, you won’t see impact of it or what was done with the money. Hunger will be high in flood IDP.
14) After the disaster, some people in the IDP camp will refuse to go back home. Apparently they have found a new home in the camp as they want to continue living in the camp.
15) Government response would be very poor and late.
16) It won’t attract much international attention.

Please pray and stand with Benue on the recent flood, some parts of the state capital, Markudi is flooded. i heard over 100,000 people are displaced . #IstandWithMarkudi

Romance / Photos: See The "Side Chick" Written Agreement A Man Drafted For His Side Chick by onismate: 5:04pm On Aug 25, 2017
Boys are not smiling oo. So we now have side chicks contract. To be a side chick you must now sign a contract with the man, lolz.. check out this side bitch contract a guy made for his side chick.


Politics / Re: My Weird Journey And Experience To The National Assembly Complex (Photos) by onismate: 11:43am On Aug 18, 2017

Politics / Re: My Weird Journey And Experience To The National Assembly Complex (Photos) by onismate: 11:32am On Aug 18, 2017
My first quest was the National Assembly complex (NASS). Some people call that place “house of budget padding criminals,” some say it’s a place where the selfish Nigerian demons discuss how destroy Nigeria. But we all know that it’s a place where Nigerian laws are made and it’s the second arm of the government. And the complex has the arm of the senate (red chamber) and house of representatives (green chamber).
I told my sister I would be going to National Assembly complex to just take some cute photos of the structure since I heard the building is one of the most beautiful in Nigeria. She was happy about it. “That’s a good idea,” she said. I know she has been there so I asked so I can know if there are some information concerning protocols, so I won’t just go there and be embarrassed.
But wait oo, to some people it sounds crazy going to NASS just to be taking pictures. I presumed there will be heavy security over there and I may not be allowed to enter. “Who am I looking for there? if I was asked who I came to see, what will I say?” All that where questions popping out on my mind. But my sister said the day she went there, there was easy access for her. Well, she went there on an official assignment so there would be easy access. My own na to just take pictures of the building. “Just to take pictures of the building complex,” sounds crazy somehow.
I dressed up and headed towards the Eagles square in central business district, Garki. When the cab that I entered dropped me at the Eagle’s square, at a newspaper vendor close by, I saw people arguing about Buhari. It nearly turned into a fight. Na so me ignore them jare waka my own dey go till I got to the main junction of the national Assembly. I saw the Nigerian Army in there van mounted there. Na so fear hold me. That was my first time going there. Not too far from there, I saw some protesters with heavy policemen on ground. I began contemplating either to continue this adventurous journey or to halt. Na so I just born, waka pass the Army them. Na so the place and flowers fine. I walked towards another check point/gate. That one I see police people, even customs sef. I thought I will be stopped but nothing like that happened.
Then I entered the main road leading to the National Assembly complex. Make I no lie, the road to the place fine. Even the bushes in that place will even confirm that there is money in the national assembly. I didn’t take any cab through the road. I intentionally trekked it so I can take some photographs and then a little sightseeing. I saw some building structures around the place.
As I walked closer to the main gate of National Assembly, admiring the structure from afar. I got to the main gate that leads to the NASS, I was so confident since I have passed two main strategic point undisturbed. There was a road diversion at my left and a car park. But I wasn’t bothered about those ones. My target na to enter the main compound. Na so I dey waka come see heavy police men. I was just walking confidently when one of the officers called me. He asked where I was going to and who I was looking for there. small fear come enter inside me. I came closer to him and explained that I was just a tourist going to take few photo shots of the NASS complex. He looked at me in a weird manner. I guess it sounded crazy to him. “Just going there to take photos!” But I was sincere to him. The security official told me it wasn’t possible for me to just go in and start taking photos. Due to the insecurity situation they can’t just allow me. He even said I should even thank God i hadn’t even entered inside, they would have arrested me. Maybe I will be gracing the front pages of newspapers and social media that a spy, hoodlum had been caught in NASS complex. Maybe I would be used as scape goat for sacrifice, in return for the security agencies to get accolades and distract the Nigerian media. “Who will even believe my story? Who even knows my father sef.”
I thought of what the security official said and immediately turned my back, returning to where I came from. My moral almost dropped, but I encouraged myself and went to other beautiful strategic locations to take snap shots.


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Politics / My Weird Journey And Experience To The National Assembly Complex (Photos) by onismate: 10:56am On Aug 18, 2017
So I decided to start trying new stuff in blogging and branding. I watched a video where Senegalese born American artiste Akon was speaking and advising African businesses and entertainers about telling African stories.
According to Akon, “the biggest branding country that knows how to brand is America.” He said people who haven’t been to America but watch Hollywood movies, they would think America is just like heaven on earth, great security, crime rate is low and so many good things. But all that is not true. The only thing is that America knows how to brand their image on the media. Chicago is one of the deadliest crime centers in America. The crime rate, gang shootings to death in Chicago per day is quite high, but the American media don’t focus on that. The media focuses on the good side of America. They don’t show American real hood, villages and slums. We only see bright lights, beautiful artifacts and structures. That’s America for you, the king of branding.
So we Africans have to start telling our own stories, rebranding a positive image about ourselves. All that prompted me to start up extracting or showcasing some beautiful structures and places we have in my city of Abuja.
There are so many beautiful structures and places, tourist centers in Abuja, and I will be showing you some cute photos from those places.


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Romance / See This Cute Wedding Video Of An Igbo Man And His American White Lady by onismate: 8:28am On Aug 12, 2017
Mehn this got to be one of the best wedding dance performance of this year. This is “Igbo meets Oyibo.” The wedding was between a Nigerian Igbo business man and his white bride in America. What caught my attention mostly was the way the bride’s family who are whites where dancing to Flavour’s song. Watch video..


Religion / The Amount A Ghanaian Church And Pastor Charges For Miracles (Photos) by onismate: 6:05pm On Jul 27, 2017
God even said it that judgment would start from the church. It’s now sad that some fake men of God has capitalized on the gullibility of their members to extort them. They now demand money for salvation, as if they are God who gave salvation. Salvation is free.
Some fake pastors demand money for miracles, healing, anointing oil. Be care.
Here is a list made by a Ghanaian church of amount to sow as a seed if you want to receive sharp sharp miracle.


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Romance / According To Kenyan Woman, Here Ar 10 Reasons Why Kenyan Women Love Nigerian Men by onismate: 8:32am On Jul 18, 2017
A Kenyan woman, Cate Mukei has listed some interesting reasons Nairobi women admire Nigerian men.
Nairobi women love Nigerian men so much that they would walk through Sahara desert without water and food just to get one.
"Some even go to an extent of praying about on to their pastors or signing up to online platforms where they hope to find ogas. Naija brodas on the other hand seem to have mastered some of the weird reasons why our women love them and have perfected them."
Below are some of the reasons Nairobi women admire Naija brodas:
1. Visa holders
Mogaka you can keep your Nyamira Express bus ticket we are flying to Lagos. Kenyan women naturally love visa holders. In fact they love anybody who was born beyond Eastern Africa. This is a free ticket to flying out of their country, taking selfies and filling our social media timelines in the name of having traveled 'abroad'.
2. Hyped lies
Ironically most ladies actually know when Olamide is lying but they still choose to stick with him. they probably hope that one day his lies will translate to all those riches and travel plans he has been talking about.
3. Flashy
Chinedu owns a suit imported from Giorgio Armani headquarters in Italy although he lives in a Sh.15000 servants Quarter in Lavington. But who really cares about his two sufurias when he can show up in a chopper in your village. Omusakhulu on the other hand only owns one three buttoned oversize suit.
4. Talking big
Ikwechuku will promise you heaven and earth but hardly delivers and the ladies know it too. However, there is always that urge to hold on hoping that one day he will keep his word. Then again he is much better than Kamau who doesn't even talk about prospects of buying a bicycle.
5. Some are loaded
Not every Nigerian man is a poser. Some of them actually have real jobs, real money and outlined ambitions. Who would choose a broke Kenyan man over a loaded Naija broda?
6. Carrot and stick tactics
Naija men can really treat a lady when they have the money but if you are planning to get on a long term plan with Obiajulu just be sure that you will pay for it at some point. A Nigerian man can pay your rent for a whole year but he will expect you to hold forte when things are thick.
7. Promise to take them to Nigeria
If the furthest a woman has traveled in her lifetime is Mombasa, to finally set foot in Lagos, a city she has been watching on Naija movies is a dream come true. Flying out to visit in-laws in Port Harcourt is gisty compared to taking a matatu to Gaichanjiru.
8. They have time
Time automatically translates to attention and that's why they will notice that your tiny toe finger polish has chipped off. They are the same men who accompany their women to salons and wait for them to get their Peruvian weaves attached on their otherwise scanty natural hair. A Kenyan man doesn't even know his wife's best friend because he is rarely with her and when he is he automatically switches off because his woman is a nag.
9. Random gifts
A Naija broda can buy you a Range Rover mid January. Although you might have to sell it some time in future for survival purposes, you must admit that he actually tried.A Kenyan man will only get you a gift when they cheat on you.
10. Bravado
These are the same men who can fly to Europe without a shilling and still survive without being arrested. Women love the dash of danger which makes them imagine how adventurous they can get in bed. Kenyan men on the other hand can't even go to shopping malls anymore because they are afraid of Alshabaab.


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