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Politics / Re: Governor Soludo Appoints Solo Chukwulobelu As SSG, 2 Others by onyeka205(m): 8:01pm On Mar 17

Imagine Nigerian professors that are yet to take Africa to the next level of technological advancement.

Nigerian professors have the capability to take Africa to the next level technologically but the problem is that there's no motivation from the Government. A professor is supposed to be conducting research with grants not with his salary which is below $800 per month. In Nigeria, a professor is expected to conduct research with his meager salary and also publish his findings in peer-reviewed journals. A cutting-edge research will take up to 2 years of a professor's salary while it will take up to $300 to publish a research finding in a reputable journal. Where will the professor get all these funds to actualize his aim of conducting an innovative research? Nigerian professors know what to do but do not have the wherewithal to achieve it. This is the reason for incessant strikes in Nigeria but the government is adamant. And this is why they explode whenever they travel to countries where conditions are favorable for research and innovation.
Education / Re: IPPIS: FG Paid Some Professors N8,000 As Monthly Salary – Abiodun Ogunyemi by onyeka205(m): 9:49pm On Oct 30, 2020
The Universities (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Act 2003 (otherwise called the Universities Autonomy Act No. 1, 2007) enacted by the National Assembly and signed into law on 10th July 2003 and later gazetted by the Federal Republic of Nigerian Official Gazette No. 10, Volume 94 of 12th January 2007 as Act No. 1 of 2000, vested "the powers of managing personnel and payroll system issues in the hands of each university’s governing council".

This Act has not been repealed by Buhari's government.
The OAGF is NOT vested with the power to manage the payroll of public universities through IPPIS.

Those who have argued that ASUU cannot dictate for the Federal Government how they should be paid must be educated on this reality. Ignorance seems to be gaining grounds in the country.
Education / Greedy Nigerian Professors And Their Fat Salaries by onyeka205(m): 7:03am On Oct 14, 2020
Greedy Nigerian Professors And Their Fat Salaries | Oludayo Tade
By Adebayo Abdulrahman - October 13, 2020

"What we are saying is that if the Federal Government would reduce its profligacy and cut waste, there will be enough money to pay teachers in public universities, as well as fund research and upgrade infrastructure in such institutions. Hungry teachers can neither teach well nor carry out research. And poorly-taught students can neither excel nor propel their nation to great heights" (APC Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Daily Post, August 21, 2013)

The perennial onslaught on public education has been taken to the next level by this administration with the statement by Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba that the bulk of the national budget on education is used to pay the salaries of 10,500 Professors in the public University system. In his interview with the Punch newspapers, Nwajiuba averred that strike by University lecturers is a major factor driving students abroad and to private universities. In this piece, I provide available facts to put the records straight with regards to the salary of lecturers; and go further to argue as to why lecturers deserve appropriate wages that will guarantee value commensurate with what they give to the academic system and the society. In 2012 when the federal government carried out the needs assessment of the Nigerian universities, it was found that out of the 37,504 lecturers, 28,128 of them were full time and pensionable. Since then, there has been no major recruitment of academic staff despite the usual attrition on account of resignations, retirement and demise.This is what forced few academics to take up the burden of work meant for many lecturers necessitating the issue of earned academic allowances in the ASUU-FGN agreement of 2009. From 2013 to 2020, government owes lecturers Billions of naira but these lecturers have no right to complain over their duly earned entitlements in the wisdom of the government. The ASUU-FGN agreement of 2009 stipulated that a lecturer I is to be paid N15,000, Senior lecturer (N20,000) and Professor (N25,000) per annum per student for supervision. The lecturers now described as selfish and gluttonous are yet to be paid for several years of supervising students. An external examiner is supposed to be paid N80,000 for a Master dissertation and N105,000 for Doctoral examination. The internal examiner for the same purposes ought to be paid N45, 000 and N65, 000 respectively but these only exists in the agreement and have not been implemented for eleven years! In Nwajiuba’s wisdom, these are not issues to go on strike for.
University Lecturers are over-stretched and least paid when compared with lecturers in polytechnics and colleges of Education despite the fact that ninety seven percent of UTME applicants prefer University Education to Polytechnic or Colleges of Education. In 2018, 1,558,686 of UTME candidates chose University, 24524 (NCE) and 69712 (Polytechnic). Less than ten percent of degree pursuing applicants chooses private varsities. In 2009, both the Federal Government and ASUU came up with two salary tables (I and II). Table II was called the African average salary payable across the continent but government pleaded that the Table I which undervalues intellectualism should be used to pay lecturers till such a time the government is able to raise funds to meet the African average salary. ASUU’s altruistic disposition made the body agree to receive less while doing more work. Unfortunately, it is now eleven years of receipt of slave-like wage which assuredly will make colleagues in Ugandan public varsities universities cringe! The salaries of the selfish Nigerian lecturers by cadre are as follows: Assistant lecturer (N118,277 -N137, 334); lecturer II has a doctorate degree (N129, 724 – N153, 563);Lecturer I has at least three years post-PhD experience on the job (N160, 809 – N203, 778), Senior lecturer with at least six years experience on the job (N222,229 –314, 159), Associate professor (with at least nine years experience on the job: N277, 179 – N350, 169) and a Full Professor with twelve and more years experience on the job (N332, 833 – 416, 743). They get these after tax and other deductions. Before deductions, a newly appointed Full Professor has N437, 499 and after deductions he is paid N332, 833 monthly. A Professor “at the bar”, is one who has spent ten years as a professor and that is when he/she can earn consolidated pay of N555, 351 and following deductions their net pay comes down to N416, 743 monthly!
In Ugandan public varsities, Assistant Lecturer earns $1,631; Senior lecturer ($2,432), Associate Professor ($3,891) and Professor ($4,054) per month respectively. In University of South Africa, Junior lecturer earns (N10, 453, 326 – N17,427,663), Lecturer (N12,547,744-N20,910,248), Senior Lecturer(N16,272,983 – N27,891,819), Associate Professor (N20,224,232 – N32,564,902) and Professor (N22,325,844 – N37,209,741) per annum. Does this explain why we can hardly attract any international scholar to our public varsities? Mind you, the mix of international scholars and students is among the items considered in ranking universities internationally. Are you still wondering why South Africa almost always occupies the top spaces in varsity rankings in Africa? In South Africa, scholars have research votes and funds set aside to support participation in international conferences. For every publication in rated journals, a lecturer in the orange country is incentivised so also is the Department and the Faculty towhich the scholar belongs. So no one jokes with a productive and NRF-rated scholar in South Africa. They also pay for their scholars to publish in high impact journals to increase citations. In Nigeria, such funds do not exist in practice. That the University of Ibadan, for instance, still ranks among the best in the world is largely the outcome of the personal sweat of committed scholars in the institution and not because there is any special incentive system in place. Lecturers are even sometimes forced to take loans to attend international conferences because their institutions shockingly include it as a condition for promotion. It thus usually feels awkward to tell colleagues from institutions where conference funding is provided that you as a scholar from Nigeria borrowed money to attend a conference. Such is the character of the parasitic Nigerian system where the knowledge economy is relegated and personal interest is elevated. Is it not difficult to imagine that the former Interim National Publicity Secretary of All Progressive Congress, who is now Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed who uttered the opening excerpts of this piece is part of a government that does not believe in what he said in 2013?
While South Africa voted 396billion Rand to education in 2020, President Buhari’s2021 budget allocated 691.07billion to Education representing 6.7percent of the entire budget, a gross shortfall to the UNESCO prescribed minimum of 26percent. Unlike the lie of the Minister of State for Education that the bulk of the Education budget is used to cater for 10,500 Professors, the 691.07billion is to cater for 28 education parastatals, 37 federal Universities, 25 federal polytechnics, 21 federal colleges of education and 104 Unity schools! Know your leaders and what to believe from their statements. The government that cannot fund research also actively frustrate funders from supporting Nigerian researchers with their policies. Rather than releasing funds to researchers promptly, Bursars often have to go to Abuja for approval to withdraw. I am aware of grant funds that are yet to be paid for a year due to the bottlenecks of Treasury single account! Interestingly, lecturers with their poor wages now make contributions in order to donate printing papers to run their Departments. No functional internet, dilapidated lecture rooms, laboratories that parade equipment of the 1980s and comatose power supply all of which hinder delivery of qualitative teaching and research. The ruling class know this and train their children in the global north. At their return, they reserve jobs for them in NNPC, FIRS, and Central Bank. For the children of the poor, they are expected to join community policing recruitment exercise of the Inspector General of Police where recruitment will still be hijacked by the same political class. Whichever way, the masses are short-changed.
Only the children of the rich and those in government can go abroad not the children of the masses. Many of the latter write JAMB yearly but the want of space and dilapidated infrastructure as well as insufficient lecturers cannot make UI for instance take more than around 3,000 instead of about 12,000 which is the quota it has. Is it not sensible to reckon that with improved infrastructure, space for admission will increase and more people will get admitted? IPPIS is a distraction and not the reason ASUU is on strike. There are two options: support ASUU for the improved conditions of service and revitalisation of public varsities or support government to destroy public universities. The choice is ours!

Dr Tade, a sociologist sent this piece via dotad2003@yaho

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Education / Re: FG Stops Salaries Of University Workers Not Enrolled On IPPIS by onyeka205(m): 11:36pm On Oct 11, 2020
Very commendable..

Irrespective of how the strike affects us students, I'm in support of this...

ASUU only cares about means of collecting money and nothing else...

We die here... Even if na March next year we go resume for ASUU to sit up and have sense no wahala
It is the statement of this natures which portrays the fact that students don't actually know the reason why ASUU is fighting, that made some ASUU members to begin to advise their national executive to now concentrate on only welfare of her members and forget all about other issues that concerns the students and parents such as University revitalization, visitation panel and increased university funding. The FG will be very happy if ASUU executives follow this directive. What it entails is that there will be introduction of tuition fees to the tune of #500,000 per student. The lecturers will be well paid but the tuition fees will compete with those of private universities and the population of students in private universities will increase tremendously. It will be a win-win for ASUU because there will be less number of students in public schools so the workload will reduce drastically. Moreover, there will be more opportunities for lecturers to bargain for more pay because less number of students will be able to afford up to #1.5 million that will be charged as a tuition fee for postgraduate studies, and there will be vacancy in most specialty areas of study. This will warrant bending the law to allow professors in those specialized areas to teach in more than two universities. Presently, the law permits a professor to teach in two universities (as adjunct staff) other than their parent universities. If the parents and students refuse to support ASUU to win this battle, the universities will be like FMCs where the patients provide everything for their treatment including hand gloves. The doctors were fighting like ASUU to rescue government hospitals but when they did not receive the needed support from the public, they re-strategized and fought for only their welfare. Today, the consultants are well paid but the masses bore the brunt of every treatment even in a dilapidated environment called hospital. For your information, ASUU did not go on strike because of IPPIS, the strike was already on before the issue of IPPIS came up as a distraction. ASUU went on strike to force the FG to honour an outstanding agreement already entered with FG since 2009. And to educate you more, it is pertinent to note that university education is not like any other ministry, it has its peculiarities. It is dynamic, what is invoke this year may be obsolete by next year. For example, in microbiology there are knew areas like forensic microbiology, bioenergy, molecular microbiology etc. All these specialty areas need experts in those areas that will teach the students. Being a novel area, a particular university may not have any lecturer trained in such area so they need to invite a professor who is an expert in such specialty area to be employed on an adjunct basis to teach those courses. If not, the students will not be able to compete favourably with those that have lecturers in those specialty areas. IPPIS does not recognize such arrangement and there is no how such professor would be paid for his services. In the University, final students defend their projects under the examination of an external examiner which must be paid for his services. IPPIS does not recognize this as well. These are two, out of many, shortcomings of IPPIS. To save the situation, the FG has asked ASUU to provide an alternative that can capture their peculiarities and this has been done. The software called UTAS is currently being tested by the FG.

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Religion / Re: What Is Your Understanding Of Sabbath? by onyeka205(m): 9:19pm On Jul 26, 2020
When God created the world, He rested on the seventh day. When God gave the ten commandments to Israel, He commanded Israel to rest on the seventh day as well. In Exodus 20:11 the reason given for that is that God rested on the seventh day from His creation work. In Deuteronomy 5, we find the second version of the ten commandments. The reason that God gives to rest on the Sabbath is to remember that the Lord delivered Israel from Egypt (Deuteronomy 5:15).

Sabbath law in the New Testament
So the Sabbath given by God in the Old Testament is the seventh day. It started with sunset on Friday and ended with sunset on Saturday. That is the Sabbath that the Jews are still celebrating.

How is the situation in the New Testament? In the New Testament we read that we are not under the law, but under grace (Romans 6:14). Christians do not have to submit to the ceremonial law anymore. The New Testament shows in several ways that the Sabbath law does not apply to Christians:

All other nine commandments are repeated in the New Testament, but the Sabbath commandment is not repeated.
Paul never wrote to the gentile churches he planted that they had to keep the Sabbath. Since the Sabbath was not part of their culture, that certainly would have been necessary if Paul had been of the opinion that they had to keep a Sabbath rest.
The churches in the New Testament met on Sundays, not on the Sabbath, like the Jewish synagogues.
Paul explicitly teaches that the Sabbath is just a shadow of things to come, but that the reality is found in Jesus. He gives us the heavenly rest. Therefore Paul forbids us to judge other people on the basis of whether or not they observe a Sabbath (Colossians 2:16-17).
The Lord’s day
The Jews met on the Sabbath. Christians started meeting on Sundays (see Acts 20:7, 1 Corinthians 16:2). They did that because Jesus was risen from the dead on a Sunday. And appeared to them at least on the first and second Sunday after He was risen (John 20:19,26). Almost immediately the Sunday was called ‘the Lord’s day’ (Revelation 1:10).

So it is clear that Christians do not need to keep the Sabbath on Friday and Saturday. It is also clear that the church, following Jesus’ lead, from the beginning had its main meetings on Sunday. This does not mean that the Sabbath laws were transferred to the Sunday. We are under grace, not under the law.

That the Sabbath is fulfilled in Jesus, and that we therefore do not painstakingly have to follow the Old Testament Sabbath laws, is great news. But it would not be wise if we would use that to say we can now work each and every day. That the Lord rested on the seventh day of His creation work still is a powerful lesson for us. Rest is a blessing that we receive from the Lord. That the Sabbath law is fulfilled in Jesus probably means we should enjoy rest more, not less than in the Old Testament; that we should focus on God longer, not shorter than in the Old Testament.

Jesus’ fulfillment
While we do not need to be afraid that we are sinning if we work on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, one great way to honor Jesus’ fulfillment of the Sabbath law is to set the Sunday as much apart as possible to go to church, to meet Christian brothers and sisters, and to focus on God through prayer, Bible reading and the reading of Christian books.

There is no mention of sunday in the bible and there is no biblical evidence that the early christians were worshipping on sunday
Agriculture / Re: 250 Hectares Of Land Available For Purchase In Imo State by onyeka205(m): 6:10am On Jul 16, 2020

What’s joker! A farmland for 450k per plot. Are you aware what a plot is?
I know what is called a plot, I am educated up to PhD level so I'm not an illiterate. The land can be used for an estate, the site is along a tarred road but I mentioned farming because of the vast area of the land. I'm already discussing with some foreign investors that wants to establish a refinery in Nigeria.
Business / Purchase Of Banking Instruments by onyeka205(m): 2:14pm On Jul 14, 2020
I need a serious seller of SBLC or Bank draft up to 500 million Euros from topmost banks in the world. Contact me on whatsapp on 07032852493
Education / Re: Ethereum Mining Opportunity by onyeka205(m): 8:44pm On Jun 20, 2020
I have registered but don't really understand anything about the mining
Agriculture / Re: 250 Hectares Of Land Available For Purchase In Imo State by onyeka205(m): 8:46pm On May 31, 2020
The price is N450,000 per plot
How much are you willing to pay?
Education / Re: The Salary Of A Nigerian Professor After IPPIS (Pictured) by onyeka205(m): 10:59pm On May 19, 2020
You should also tell us the pay before IPPIS. IPPIS didn't cut down salaries but ensures tax, pension and other deductions are optimally removed.
People in academics have been evading tax for years and IPPIS enrolment will break that.
Mind u, civil servants are generally poorly paid not just professors.
Op is also a liar, there are other allowances attached.
There are no other allowances, what was presented is the total take home

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Education / Re: The Salary Of A Nigerian Professor After IPPIS (Pictured) by onyeka205(m): 10:53pm On May 19, 2020
..am sure there other allowances not mentioned
What was presented is the total take home, all the allowances were included
Agriculture / Re: 250 Hectares Of Land Available For Purchase In Imo State by onyeka205(m): 9:32pm On May 06, 2020
Do you have for rent? If yes how much per hectare?
The price is N450,000 per plot
Agriculture / Re: 250 Hectares Of Land Available For Purchase In Imo State by onyeka205(m): 9:31pm On May 06, 2020

No need to call. State it here. If its OK, I then call.
The price is N450,000 per plot
Agriculture / Re: 250 Hectares Of Land Available For Purchase In Imo State by onyeka205(m): 10:55pm On May 02, 2020
Why not state the asking price per hectare or per plot
Call the number provided if you are interested
Agriculture / Re: Which States Have The Cheapest Farmlands In Southern Part Of Nigeria? by onyeka205(m): 9:30pm On Apr 12, 2020

Where in Imo is this place?
How much per plot?
The land is located in Ngor Okpala LGA of Imo state and the price is N450, 000 per plot
Agriculture / Re: Which States Have The Cheapest Farmlands In Southern Part Of Nigeria? by onyeka205(m): 11:39pm On Apr 11, 2020

You have over 300 hectares of land? Are you sure? How much is a hectare?
In actual fact it is up to 10,000 plots owned by a village but they are willing to sell about 5000 plots. The cost is N450,000 per plot that's why I said earlier that it's quite costly but vast
Agriculture / Re: Which States Have The Cheapest Farmlands In Southern Part Of Nigeria? by onyeka205(m): 11:04pm On Apr 11, 2020
I have been wondering on this for a while for a plantation project I have in mind in the future and thinking of where to set it up.

Which states in the south has cheapest farmlands per acre?

Would appreciate contributions with estimated price range. Thanks.
I have one for sale in Imo State. It is not all that cheap but the area of land is up to 5000 plots with accessible road which is tared from Owerri main town to the site.
Education / Re: How To Obtain PhD Grade by onyeka205(m): 6:08am On Mar 23, 2020
Please if you know how to calculate MSc results in percentage, please help me out with it.
Most schools minimum requirement to apply for PhD is 60%. How do one obtain percentage from the MSc results?
Just calculate your CGPA, most universities accept minimum of 4.0 on a 5.0 average for PhD admission
Agriculture / Re: Vegetable Oil For Sale In Tons by onyeka205(m): 3:18am On Feb 21, 2020


It will be better if you quote the following.

Free fatty acid content
Constituent oil, as in is it made from palm oil or palm kernel oil or ground nut oil

The FFA is the acid content and the vegetable oil is made from palm kernel oil
Agriculture / PKO Expeller Available For Sale by onyeka205(m): 9:26pm On Feb 16, 2020
I have a fairly used KHUN HENG 10 tons expeller for sale. It has a 60 HP electric motor all at a giveaway price if N1.5 million only. If you're interested, you can reach me on 08035426409
Agriculture / Re: Vegetable Oil For Sale In Tons by onyeka205(m): 6:41am On Jan 30, 2020
Please keep the calls coming
Agriculture / Re: Vegetable Oil For Sale In Tons by onyeka205(m): 9:50pm On Jan 28, 2020
What's the specifications of your refined pko?
Does it have a brand name?
Where's your location?
Drop a contact number!!

It has a brand name , the specification is as follows:

PEROXIDE VALUE = 0.00 Meq/kg



My location is Owerri, Imo State and my phone number is 08035426409
Agriculture / Re: 250 Hectares Of Land Available For Purchase In Imo State by onyeka205(m): 9:19pm On Jan 25, 2020
thanks for your advise, the owners wants to sell their land, they won't like to cultivate rice only to send to Lagos
Agriculture / Re: Vegetable Oil For Sale In Tons by onyeka205(m): 9:11pm On Jan 25, 2020
Agriculture / 250 Hectares Of Land Available For Purchase In Imo State by onyeka205(m): 8:46pm On Jan 24, 2020
There is about 250 hectares of land for sale in Ngor Okpala LGA of Imo state. The land is very arable for farming and also suitable for building an estate or a giant company. Interested serious buyers can contact me on 08035426409
Agriculture / Vegetable Oil For Sale In Tons by onyeka205(m): 8:32pm On Jan 24, 2020
Is there any one that needs vegetable oil (refined PKO) in tons for purchase, please contact campbell205@yahoo.com for details
Business / Re: How To Obtain Loans At Cheaper Interest Rate Without Collateral. by onyeka205(m): 10:07pm On Oct 13, 2018
please I am interested, send details through WhatsApp to 07032852493.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Kehinde Wiley Honoured By Harvard University After Painting Obama by onyeka205(m): 4:57am On Oct 13, 2018
My problem is not being an African oh, or black oh or born in Nigeria �� oh, my problem is why god didn't give me any talent when i was coming to earth �.

My dear, God actually gave you a talent, you need to discover it. What actually is your hobby? or what are your passions? follow the link and you will discover your talent. Everyone on Earth has a talent, this you should bear in mind. May God guide you to discover your talent and bless you abundantly in it. Amen
Agriculture / Re: Palm Oil Needed In Largt Quantity by onyeka205(m): 10:11pm On Sep 30, 2018
call 08035426409 for detailed discussion
Crime / Re: Gunmen Kill People In Gwaska, Birnin-Gwair, Kaduna State by onyeka205(m): 6:13am On May 07, 2018
We have an option come 2019. There is a young intelligent detribalized and well educated man from Kano state that has just declared for the presidential position. He was born in the North, grew up in the West and is endowed with intelligence of the East. This man has all it takes to stop all these carnage, bring Nigeria out of the woods and place Nigeria on the pedestal of success. With this intelligent young man, Nigeria will be highly ventilated with the oxygen of wealth, success and tranquility. The name of this intelligent young man is Alhaji (Dr) Tanko Yunusa. If Nigeria needs a paradigm shift from the old and corrupt order, Alhaji (Dr) Tanko Yunusa is the answer.

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