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Travel / Re: My First Christmas In Russia by Ope4Christ: 8:21am On Dec 25, 2021
Great content. Keep it up.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Keep My Federal Government Job Or Travel Out To Dubia by Ope4Christ: 2:58pm On May 04, 2021
My dear Op, please stick to the Government job you have in Nigeria with the current salary, then plan your way to better country like Canada or any one in Europe. It might take you few years and money to achieve, please be committed to your dream.

I have a friend in UAE right now who ditched a Federal Government job of 150k monthly but he is earning 1,200Dirhams monthly with a lot of regrets.

Please, don't leave your government job.
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 6:05pm On Oct 18, 2020

Thanks so much. Abu Dhabi immigration or Dubai immigration??

But I am ready to pay for my flight tickets I just don't have much to pay for the fines.

Moreover the fines was not intentional. We were given choices to leave or renew visa then, thought we would be allowed to renew but Abu Dhabi visa was not issued .

I can't wait for another one month or more here . Chai. Thanks any ways.

Preferably Abu Dhabi.

Don't show them that you have money for flight, it simply means you should be able to pay for your fines. You could have used the opportunity of the free flight provided by UAE government which would have saved you a great deal.

With your current situation, the only way you will not spend more than a month is to pay your fine and other requirements such as Covid-19 test, approval from UAE immigration department, and Nigerian government procedures too.

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Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 2:45am On Oct 18, 2020
Hello guys it's been awhile. Please I came to Dubai early March with Abu Dhabi 3 month visa and I was hoping I will renew another 3 month or a month after the grace period but it was only Dubai Visa that was granted visa change. And I couldn't go home because airpeace with my return ticket isn't flying so I was stuck here . My problem now is , I have an over stay of over 3500AEd already. I don't have money to pay the fine and I want to go home . Please what can I do??

Since you have made up your mind to go home, you will go to immigration office and explain your financial situation. They will detain you for about one to six months depending on how lucky you are and eventually repatriate you home. You will have to bear this brunt because you missed the humanitarian repatriation of UAE government which was opened before now. They will feed, accommodate and waive your fine. There's no negative implications for you.

Wish you all the best.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 1:55am On Oct 10, 2020

How can i apply for 3 months tourist visa? Visa application is not yet available on Emirates.

Yes, Visas are going for Nigerians inside UAE but those outside still have to wait a bit. Everything will be perfected soon.

Just wait.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 5:33pm On Oct 09, 2020
Let me hear from ope4christ before jubilating.

Issuance of Tourist and Work Permit/Residence Visas have started for those within and outside UAE. But here's still a little bit of modalities going on for Residence Permit issuance from Abuja Embassy for Nigerians.

Just have a bit of patience everything will be soughted out with time.


Phones / Re: Best Games To Download For Your Android Device by Ope4Christ: 6:18am On Sep 25, 2020
Hi everyone.

Where can I download Dream League Soccer 2021?

Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 6:28pm On Sep 19, 2020
I don't know but Google it. Where in Sharjah are you? I am in Al Nadha now.

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Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 5:46pm On Sep 19, 2020

Thanks for the update so to renew is 700 aside t-fare and I need to re- do test if I want to go back for collection

No, it is less than 700. Other things may come up. Go on Tuesday or Thursday, you may be lucky to get it same day but if not, you will go another day for collection. Do the Covid-19 test about 24 hours before going, should your passport be ready within three days, you don't need to do another test.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are collection days.

Also hold your Emirates ID with you.
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 2:43pm On Sep 18, 2020

I hope someone with useful information on this can help because we are in the same shoes. Whether Corona virus has affected the entire process

It is simple and straightforward. Go to Nigerian Embassy in Abu Dhabi with your current passport, you will register and do biometrics the same day. Hold about 700Dirhams with you aside t-fare and Covid-19 test at Abu Dhabi border before you will be allowed in. If you can do Covid-19 test at any centre that is free in your current location within 48 hours before going, the better for you. Then you will wait for some days until your passport is ready for pick-up. It is advisable you go on Tuesday or Thursday and get there before 8:00am to follow procedures.

Hope you are on Resident Permit?


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 5:11pm On Sep 14, 2020
It will be difficult to get visa now

I saw it coming and predicted it. More to come for Work/Residence Permit applicants.

I just hope the bad eggs will change their ways.
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 8:10pm On Sep 10, 2020
Hello brothers on this forum, I need information as a matter of urgency, as regards my younger brother I explained his situation earlier who was changing company who got a better offer and the new Visa application into the new company that was stalled.

Thou e was on a company residence visa and completed is contract before e got new one, the question now is, those people on company residence visa , I was told they have grace till November while visiting visa needs to this September.

The question now is that, when e checked the file status is was said violated today, never on visit Visa, is the grace period for resident visa not extended to November anymore? I need answer thanks

He has already violated the overstay period but has the grace to exit the country by November 17th, 2020 without paying fine. But if he chooses to remain in UAE by rectifying his visa status he would pay the accumulated fine first before his file will be approved for further processes.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 7:51am On Sep 09, 2020

But the Nigeria Embassy can send a message to all Nigeria in UAE informing us of the development

Not only visit visa to work visa, even work visa cannot be converted to another work visa

Leave Nigerian government out of it. There's no message that is necessary that the Nigerian Embassy has not issued but we failed to understand DIPLOMACY in the process of such information. They are only being careful. Nigerian government cannot solve the whole problem created by Nigerians in UAE.

Patience is the most important key now. Work/Resident Permit will soon open with strict measures.

Wait for it.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 2:53am On Sep 09, 2020

Sebi someone once said that There was no ban about few weeks ago. That The embassy has even released an info as regards that. What's now happening to everyone? Is anyone now speared ? Is the visa ban now real or not? And was the guy who first raise the alarm now right or wrong ? Yet several Peeps came here to castigate the guy like say the guy was in competition with them as regards Dubai Visa ban race. Where are all those that raised there voice against the dude now? Have they suddenly lost there voice or what else?

Finally , The guys information was very correct and accurate even when the UAE embassy in Nigeria denied such news of visa ban . It's a pity majority of good guys will felt the same brunt as regards the news of good Nigerians loosing several thousand of dirhams on the lucky job they got.

Let's hope for the best sha


It was one pathetic period for me just because of the love for my country people.

I was attacked, banned from making comments, the pieces of information I typed were removed by moderator. He called me a liar at will without having the conscience to apologize when the TRUTH I typed eventually unfolded. Even some people that came to ask for information privately and I was helping them came openly to attack me. Such is life. I leave all of them to their consciences to judge, if they have any.

Do not blame Nigerian government but the few Nigerians who have made UAE to change their policies which is currently having negative effects on others. As I typed, another building known as Al Nadha 2 Tower, in Sharjah was busted by the Police two nights ago for the same sets of crimes I raised before. This is a building of about 15-storey. Why can't they change their bad behaviours? More are still coming. UAE would not tolerate any form of criminal activity. The country is planning to be the best tourist attraction in the world only for some criminal elements to put stain on it.

It is only a privilege that UAE government has granted to all to convert Tourist Visa to Work/Resident Permit from within the country and if that is withdrawn or moderated, the country has not done anything wrong to affect Diplomatic Relations with Nigerian government. It is a normal standard across the globe to obtain a Work Permit at the Embassy of any Country you intend to work in when you are still in your country, not when you have traveled with Tourist Visa with the intention of converting to Work Permit while inside that country. This is highly dependent on the type of Diplomatic Relations between the countries involved with exceptional cases. Since Nigerian government does not give the privilege to convert Tourist Visa to Work Permit, and UAE government is granting that favour to her citizens, why do you think Nigerian government will raise alarm?

Should Nigerian government raise alarm about the current Visa situation in UAE, then the privilege enjoyed by Nigerians would totally be withdrawn. It will be based on RECIPROCITY. It will be the same Visa policy that my citizens enjoy in your country is what your citizens will enjoy in my country. Kalas.

Let those with expired Tourist Visas use this period of amnesty to exit the country first, then plan your way back. It is HARD but BETTER for you to avoid fine or if you still want to travel to other developed countries in the future. I am aware of the ONE MONTH Visa extension going on but don't want to say anything for now.

There is no information yet for Work/Resident Permit Visa for now.

Let us be patient with UAE government, they are very responsive. They are trying to eliminate crimes committed daily by ALL nationalities at all cost in other to make the country safe for all and best tourist destination in the world.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 9:26am On Sep 04, 2020
Visa Despiration Will Land You In A Catastrophic End!!!

There is need for everyone using this platform to get visa to UAE to be cautious at this period, else untold hardship and regrets awaits such an individual. Don't be carried away by the SWEET WORDS given to you by your agents, they are only after your money after which you will see the definition of a true Devil in them.

There is no valid information with regards to visa issuance to Nigerians at the moment. Why don't you wait for valid information from UAE government before showing signs of desperation? If you know how many Nigerians that are despirate to return home willingly, those who are going to enjoy UAE government Humanitarian gesture for free flight back home and those in deportation camp; you will take extra caution when you hear UAE Tourist Visa.

Asking funny questions about Visa issuance when YOU KNOW that Visas to Nigerians are on hold is a clear sign of despiration.

The few privileged ones are those whose Resident Visas are yet to expire.

WAIT!!! Patience is critical now.

TAKE NOTE: Those of you planning to use Tourist Visa to get Work/Resident Permit from withinin UAE, you might just be taking a wrong step as that opportunity granted to Nigerians might just be slipping away if few Nigerians who are indulging in crimes in UAE would not stop.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 4:16pm On Sep 02, 2020
Hi, I have a brother who who just got new job as a supervisor in the aluminum field, e just completed his Visa duration for the two years which ended in May. On getting the new supervisor role, the company lodged application for work visa and paid the visa application fees over 2 months now, the Visa was never approved because of the situation on ground over Nigerians. The hr widthrew the application saying may be if the sactions is lifted they might reapply again but it's on it own , it under the grace of November to exit back home or renew Visa which they don't.

Is there any hope for Nigerians Sha? I need people attention.

Let your brother be patient for now and wait till November.

There is no need to panic or overflog this issue. Visa restriction to Nigerian nationalities is for a period of time. Nigerian visa applicants just have to brace up for strict measures in the process of UAE visa issuance in the future. These measures are unknown for now but UAE government will make it known as soon as possible.

Firstly, Nigeria government need to open her international airspace to allow free flow of flights between the two countries.

Secondly, there is need for those with expired visa to use the amnesty granted to exit the country by September 10th, 2020 and November, 2020 as the case may be.

Thirdly, the UAE government will then make their requirements for issuance of all categories of Visas known to Nigerian applicants.

In the meantime, let us wait for official information from UAE government.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 10:17am On Aug 30, 2020
Hello Good people,

I am an experienced finance professional who currently works in oil and gas industry in Nigeria as the Chief Financial officer of a servicing firm.

I recently updated my resume and profile on Naukri gulf, and have been contacted by several recruiters from Dubai, Oman and Qatar. An oil and construction group of companies called Brason Gulf construction and Petroleum services recently contacted me via same channel to share my updated CV with them. The HR manager reached out to me to fill employment questionnaire. He passed my CV and all credentials to his HR team for review and promised that if I meet their requirements, they will make me an offer.

Yesterday, they came back to me with a job offer and assigned a travel agent to process my travel visas if I accept their job offer. They have given me contact of their appointed travel agency to contact to handle my work visa. See details of the travel agency attached.

They said I will be paid my first month salary before I depart Nigeria.

Please, help me to confirm the authenticity of this offer so that I will not resign my job here in Nigeria for what I am not sure of. Although I want to earn in Dollars, I am not desperate as God's chosen time for me will come.

You have to tread with caution. There are many RED FLAGS in your story.

1. Filling of employment questionnaire without direct interview even with Skype, Zoom etc is a red flag.

2. A job offer? Were you given a signed and stamped letter of appointment boldly written in your name? Even if you were given, there are greater chances that it might be fake.

3. You would be paid first salary before leaving Nigeria? Are you kidding me? Which company does that?

4. They don't need a travel agency to process your Work Permit. The HR department is solely responsible for that.

5. There is no Visa issuance to Nigerians FOR NOW until further notice.

If you truely want to earn in Dollars, plan your way to Canada or USA not UAE.

Summary: Don't resign your good job in Nigeria for a job you are not sure of in UAE, your chances of success are limited because of your nationality than your competence.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 6:42am On Aug 28, 2020
Pls, do you have any idea how someone can renew his Nigerian passport now considering going to Abu Dhabi is not that easy due to lockdown.

Take the following steps:

1. Get negative Covid-19 test 24hrs before going to Abu Dhabi.

2. Get to the Embassy as early as 8:00am with your current passport on Tuesday or Thursday.

3. Hold around 800Dirhams. You won't exhaust it.

4. Ensure you capture on the same day and return to Dubai.

Since booklets are scarce now due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, negotiate with the embassy to send it to Nigerian Consulate in Dubai when it is ready; then you pick it up there if you are staying in Dubai.

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Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 1:08pm On Aug 23, 2020

I just taya for nigerian upon how dey warn u to stay away from UAE. Mayb u think say na Child play

He has a good chance to get job before the end of the grace period since he is already a Resident Permit holder. The current situation affect those on Tourist Visa with intention to do Visa Change or convert to Work/Resident Permit. Although, some companies(not all) are not willing to employ Nigerians even with UAE Resident's Permit.

Since UAE government's portal has granted him approval, he can come.

He is enjoying amnesty granted to those whose Resident Permit expired after March 1st, 2020. The grace period runs till November 17th, 2020, and must renew it before then.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 1:04pm On Aug 18, 2020
Another 3 months grace

This information is for those with all types of RESIDENT PERMITS and those with Tourist Visas which expired before March 1st, 2020. It does not affect those whose TOURIST VISAS expired after March 1st, 2020.

Expired Tourist Visa holders after March 1st, 2020 must leave by 10th of September, 2020 except there is extension of the amnesty.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 8:56pm On Aug 12, 2020
please are there Any free flight going back to Nigeria at the moment and what are the requirements

Go with your bags and travel documents to HIND HUMANITARIAN CITY, Dubai tomorrow. About 100 Nigerians were taken to hotel yesterday in preparation of their evacuation to Nigeria, although some of them have been there for about three to four days. Don't worry, remain there until they attend to you, they will give you food daily.

When you are finally attended to, they will take you to hotel until final approval has been made by Nigerian Embassy for all of you before your evacuation flight to Nigeria. Don't mind the date on the picture below, just go there.

Tell as many people as possible who are willing to return home.

You are an hero, I love your courage. You can always achieve your dream in a better country in the nearest future.

Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 2:26pm On Aug 06, 2020

The video contradicted the initial info you posted and retracted and go back to what you retracted.

Dude are you not tired of contradicting yourself ?

I'm done with you on this...next time you post false material like this i will remove it to avoid wasting my time trying to make you see sense.

Who is contradicting, you or myself?

You can remove me now.
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 2:14pm On Aug 06, 2020

Mr Ope abeg, was there any explanation given as regards this sudden action by UAE, and when they mean temporary on hold does this mean they would start responding at a specified date?

Look at the letter written by Nigerian Embassy below which might give you answer.

I am sorry I may not be able to give any information about UAE for now. Wait for official information from UAE government.

I need to rest. Let those who are attacking me do their own investigation and help you guys out.

Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 1:56pm On Aug 06, 2020

The info you copied online and even upload a screenshot was fake, you did not verify it but you came here to write long episode to support it.

When they called you out you retracted it and suddenly you are back at it again.

Stop the impulsive posting without reading up find out if the info is true.

You kept going back and forth which is your usual style when you are faced with the OBVIOUS TRUTH from another person.

Watch the video again and come back to tell me if the pieces of information I posted are wrong. Until then, I leave you to your conscience.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 1:36pm On Aug 06, 2020

Verify info before coming here to post and retract and then go back to what you retracted before

There is nothing to be verified, I gave information based on what I WITNESSED. Direct EXPERIENCE. I also wrote that I went to AMER Centre which is the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs here in Deira, Dubai to get information. They told us that Nigerian Visas are ON HOLD. What else do you want me to do?

I clearly stated that I retracted the information based on the COUNTER information given by UAE Embassy in Nigeria.

There is Cybal Law here in UAE, where information posted on social media could be traced to the individual that posted it, and if such information is not BACKED by any government authority, you could be prosecuted for it. Since the Embassy debunt it, I had to go with the Embassy in other to save myself but this does not change the AUTHENTICITY of what we have WITNESSED in the last ONE WEEK.

Now that Government authority has validated the information, what else do you want me to do? My sin is that I gave the information to help my people before UAE government gave it from within UAE and not from Abuja Embassy.

If you have conscience, you should be the one that should now RETRACT your ATTACKS since the TRUTH is now obvious.


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by Ope4Christ: 12:56pm On Aug 06, 2020
Thank you Donbern for this video.

From 1:22 - 3:10 minutes of the video CLEARLY VALIDATED the information that I have been passing on this platform for three days now.

I serve AUTHENTIC information as they happen, ONLY for those who are in need of it.

For everyone that CONDEMNED and CRUCIFIED me, I leave you to your conscience.

@justwise, Topshow4real, Arisukuni, frostmate2 and joelreg; I humbly appreciate your ATTACKS. The truth is there in the video for you to see.


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