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Family / Re: Woman Names Her Son 'Vagina' (Photo) by ramalot(m): 7:00am On Jul 28

It's the latest of the feminist agenda - infecting the younger, upcoming generation with the feminism virus by brainwashing at a young age when they are not mentally capable of making decisions for themselves. It's the same reason you find child soldiers very brutal during wars because of earlier indoctrinations.

That aside, this woman's behaviour is extremely ridiculous. She may be psychotic and attention-seeking. Too bad, the innocent baby had to be her victim.

I just confirmed that the news is a hoax, pranked up as a social joke. It can happen any way. These westerners can be crazy at times.

This is not a "hoax," it's simply satire. It's not meant to deceive anyone, it's meant to be funny.
From all the posts on this thread, it appears Nigerians are completely clueless to satire humor.

For people who don't know what satire news humor is, check out The Onion, one of the OG satire news networks.

Website: https://www.theonion.com/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfAOh2t5DpxVrgS9NQKjC7A

Example of The Onion "news" content. "Baboon Couple Sues National Geographic For Distributing Private Sex Tape"


100% of the funny "news reports" they publish are fictional, but presented like real news.
The source of the tweet in this thread is Reductress, which functions exactly like The Onion, except they focus on female content.
Family / Re: Woman Names Her Son 'Vagina' (Photo) by ramalot(m): 5:39pm On Jul 22

Yeah, that's what I thought. cheesy

A man child stomping his feet, grabbing his ball and going home, as soon as he realizes he has made a fool of himself, posting satire content as real content. But hey, you had a good run of 6 pages. Add it to your resume, or something. Adios!
Family / Re: Woman Names Her Son 'Vagina' (Photo) by ramalot(m): 5:32pm On Jul 22
Baseless arguements. undecided

If your response to concrete and incontrovertible evidence is "baseless arguments," then you're undoubtedly ret@rded.

I guess you also go on The Onion and post their stories as fact, don't you? Do you even know what the word "satire" means? I doubt it.
Family / Re: Woman Names Her Son 'Vagina' (Photo) by ramalot(m): 5:26pm On Jul 22
The problem with the internet age is hardly anyone takes a second closer look at anything. 6 pages into this thread, and most don't realize that was posted by a satire magazine's twitter page. Reductress posts those fictional stories purely for comedy. Just like The Onion does.

It's the same reason people on this site immediately get at each other's throats, with every silly headline, without reading the details.

Celebrities / Re: Random Question For Nairalanders (what Does This Mean?) by ramalot(m): 2:14am On Jul 17, 2020

His or her naira should be approximately 1 million US dollars. That is in my own understanding.

So for you to consider a Nigerian in Nigeria a millionaire, they need to have approximately 386 million naira in the bank. All right.
Celebrities / Re: Random Question For Nairalanders (what Does This Mean?) by ramalot(m): 8:32pm On Jul 15, 2020
I didn't mean to make the question complicated.

It's really a simple question:

When YOU say "that man or woman is a millionaire," (in Nigeria) how much do you imagine that person is worth?
Celebrities / Random Question For Nairalanders (what Does This Mean?) by ramalot(m): 8:09pm On Jul 15, 2020
There's no real reason behind this question, other than curiosity.

When I was a kid in Nigeria, if someone said "that celebrity or that person is a millionaire," it meant something significant.
However, with inflation, devaluation of the naira and such, what exactly does it mean today, if you say "that person is a millionaire"?

30 years ago, having a few million naira in the bank made you a Nigerian "millionaire," but today, you can barely buy a good car for that amount.
In other words, what level of liquid assets makes one a "millionaire" today in the same sense it did, say 30 years ago?
Travel / Re: Biking Through Vietnam. by ramalot(m): 9:42am On Feb 13, 2020
@ BedLam

I've only been on Qatar Air once, from Joburg back to NYC, but I liked it too.

Good ol' Saigon cheesy
I have all kinds of stories from my one month visit to Saigon last year. Many crazy nights in District 1.

Many Nigerian guys loitering aimlessly in D1. I had to very actively avoid them, as they're the kind you see threads about on Nairaland. Not the kind you'd want to be associated with.
Crime / Re: Xenophobia: Police On Standby As Loots Are Recovered (pictures) by ramalot(m): 9:24pm On Sep 04, 2019
south Africa caused it

No, Nigerian looters caused it. Shifting blame won't help the situation.

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Celebrities / Re: See All Your Favorite Comedy Celebrities In One Place by ramalot(m): 7:28pm On Sep 04, 2019
Installed. I like it.

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Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by ramalot(m): 8:38pm On Jul 09, 2019

And retired?

The OP said he is retired, not me.
I did resign from my regular 9 to 5 job six years ago, to focus solely on my business.

My business is location independent. So, it doesn't matter where I am, as long as I have a decent internet connection on my laptop.
When I visit a place, in 90% of cases, I rent a furnished apartment on airbnb before I get there. I always rent for one or two months (this gives you a good price discount).
This way, I spend time in that country like I actually live there. Work at home, and go out to have fun when I feel like.

Works well for me.


Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by ramalot(m): 8:06pm On Jul 09, 2019

Nice write up.

But I’ve been to many other countries, mostly in Europe.

African continent is my retirement goal to tour. I’ll do forays into Asia as opportunities presents itself like major world events.

Oh, I see.

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Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by ramalot(m): 9:35am On Jul 09, 2019

Wow @ your story
Tbvh am enjoying the thread, i love seeing active old folks lol grin

Haha. "Old" is a relative term, so it depends on how old you are.
I'm early 30s.


Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by ramalot(m): 9:23pm On Jul 08, 2019

Wow so nice
Please how’s South Korea like, i promise vacating there someday

I've only been here for three days, but so far it's been really nice in Seoul.
I am allowed to stay 3 months, without a visa, but I intend to spend only about 5 weeks.
At that point, I'll be in a better position to answer what it's really like.
Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by ramalot(m): 9:15pm On Jul 08, 2019

Nice one.

I have promised myself that I will not leave the African continent on a tour until I have visited all her capital cities.

But I can't wait to hit the Asias.

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend that. There are 54 countries in Africa, so that's a huge barrier on seeing the world.
Start with the major African cities, then visit other continents. Variety beats repetition in most cases.
Having a contrasting perspective adds value to things you experience. You experience them more completely.

For instance, if you've only ever been to Eastern Nigerian states like Anambra, Abia etc, and then visit Enugu, it's more of the same.
Sure, there are differences, but the similarities outweigh them. Leaving you with an underwhelming experience and little stimulation.
Now, if you leave the East and visit say Sokoto for the first time, the contrasting landscape, culture etc delivers a much richer experience to you.

I've been to countries in 5 out of the 6 livable continents (Antarctica isn't livable). Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Asia.
Only one left is the Australian continent. So when I visit anywhere new, I always have a contrasting perspective to view it with.

Random story:
In May, while I was in Indonesia, I decided to go spend a 3-day weekend in Australia, then return to Indonesia. Mainly so I can officially check it off my to-do list that I've seen all 6 livable continents - as Australia has never appealed to me much.
Anyway, I get to the airport in Denpasar, with a significant fever. I haven't had a fever or been sick for ten years before that, so I felt pretty bad. Counter check-in was required, and as I hand the airline agent my passport, he says "You need a visa to visit Australia."

I say "uhm, no I don't." Turns out I freaking did, but somehow never checked. Since I go almost everywhere without a visa, I took it for granted that Australia didn't require one. BIG FAIL on my part.

I could have instantly processed the visa right there on my phone, through an agency for $60, but I was too sick to care at this point.
On the bright side, I no longer had to take the trip with my fever, and happily went back to my hotel.
I lost the ticket, as it was non-refundable, but I was happier climbing into my bed than I would've been getting on the plane. cool

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Travel / Re: Colombia South America. by ramalot(m): 10:05am On Jul 08, 2019
Pictures from a small town in Colombia.

Nice! I'm in world traveler mode these days too.
Been traveling for two years straight grin. I work location independently, so it doesn't matter where I am. My travel style is similar, in the sense I spend 1 -2 months in a place before moving on. Since we don't need visas for most countries, it makes traveling convenient.

Colombia is one of my favorite places on this crazy planet though. I spent two months in Medellin in 2017, and loved it so much that on a whim, I jumped on a flight to Medellin again in 2018, and spent another two months in Colombia. Mostly in Medellin, but the last week in Cartagena.

It's funny how people reacted each time I told them I was in Colombia. "Oh lord! THE NARCOS... bla bla bla."
Sure, there's still a lot of drug trade in Colombia, but the violence of the Escobar era is all people seem to know.
It's like telling someone "don't go to Nigeria, because the Abacha regime is brutal." Well, that time has passed, buddy.

These days I'm doing the Asian circuit. I've been traveling slowly in Asia since December. I haven't been home to the US since then either (so much fun out here cheesy).
In that time I've spent a month in Thailand, a month in Vietnam, then back to Thailand for another month. Then went to Malaysia for two months, as I needed a place to get away from all the partying and focus on work. I didn't like Malaysia, so it made it easier to focus (SO MANY shady Nigerians in Malaysia - fraud & prostitution - but I won't go into that. It was really sad to see though).

While in Malaysia, I visited Singapore briefly and went back to Malaysia. Then off to Indonesia for a month. After that, I spent a month in the Philippines, and left for Hong Kong. Only spent a week in Hong Kong, before leaving for South Korea where I am now. I'll be here for probably a month and half, before being on to the next destination.

So, what cities have you been in Colombia?

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Health / Re: This Exoskeleton Is Designed To Help Disabled People Walk Freely (photos) by ramalot(m): 6:54am On Aug 17, 2018
Technology is bae!

Beautiful and impressive!

This invention is up there with the previous great ones.

Thank God for science.

There is HOPE at last for the disabled.

Meanwhile in some African church right now:
A con man is commanding the "lame to walk," while a paid "disabled" person is putting on a show to the amazement of the gullible.

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Travel / Re: Bayelsa International Airport Is Almost Ready (Photos) by ramalot(m): 6:51am On Aug 17, 2018
International airport? cheesy cheesy
This is a joke, right? I bet the governor's private residence is more palatial than this "international airport."
Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by ramalot(m): 4:59am On May 16, 2018

I did 5 years Engineering in Naija came to US and started school again. Started taking Pre Calculus. I was angry at first but i am happy now i took those classes. You think you know but really you dont. Nigeria we just struggle to pass without even understanding the concepts.

Taking the placement test... Trust the process . You would come out a better person and very knowledgeable...

Honestly, I chuckle a little when Nigerians expect their "education" to be weighted 1:1 in the U.S.
Seriously, have you interacted with the average Nigerian college graduate?

People who can barely spell words longer than four letters. People who lived their academic lives with the mantra "na kpali me I just de school to collect." People with zero interest in the subject matter.

Unfortunately, these kinds significantly outnumber Nigerians who actually go through school to LEARN AND APPLY the subject matter. So sadly, they also suffer the consequences made necessary by the lecturer bribing crowd.

In my case, I was able to transfer 37 credits from a Federal Nigerian Uni. I wasn't an "international student" though, as I'm a U.S citizen, so that probably played a role.

I believe the main reason is that the credits were from an easily verifiable Federal Uni in Nigeria. Of course, I had to have the transcript regularized to U.S equivalent.

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by ramalot(m): 11:37pm On Apr 09, 2018
What if a US citizen who is not my relative is sponsoring my immigration (not visit), what visa category will I apply for

There is no such category. Only a spouse or a relative can petition.
Politics / Re: IPOB Referendum Rally In Malaga, Spain Today (Photos, Video) by ramalot(m): 3:39pm On Sep 03, 2017

Don't cry for us Argentina,I believe you have other problems to think about your region than the outcome of your enemies new nation.

I have no enemies.
Politics / Re: IPOB Referendum Rally In Malaga, Spain Today (Photos, Video) by ramalot(m): 2:50pm On Sep 03, 2017
Today, after 57 years living under serious suffocation, Biafrans are back to demand Nigeria to come to the table to revisit the merit and demerit of Nigerian unity and the same Northern Nigeria is saying no discussions. So, how difficult is it for the dumbest person on earth to see through the secrecy and the hidden agenda of the Northern Nigeria towards the rest of what make up the so called one Nigeria? Why is it that the holocaust against the Jews was discussed and compensated but not Slavery? Why is it that Rwandan genocide was discussed and compensated, the Kosovo genocide was discussed and compensated, in fact, every genocide that happened on this earth was discussed except Biafran genocide? Was Philip Effiong captured and under duress to denounce Biafra. Yes or no. As long as these questions remain unanswered the desolation of a useless union that only makes to the North is a must. The West want to go, the East and South want to go, only the North want one Nigeria. Can the North alone hold the rest to ransom, even to pay with their lives? The disagreements going on in Nigeria today is a result of bad leadership. Ownership of a bad leader does no good to either the leader or his people.

Do you truly know what a genocide means?

A civil war agitated by group A, which suffers defeat in the hands of group B is not a "genocide."

In the US, we had a civil war between the North and South in the 1800s, because the South insisted on slavery, and the North wanted an end to it.

There were massive casualties on both sides, but the South ultimately suffered more, and quit their secession in defeat.
That was not a "genocide" on the South, it was a CIVIL WAR.

After every civil war, there's a winner and a loser. Or in the very least, a truce. NEVER a "genocide," regardless of casualty figures.

What happened in Rwanda was a genocide, not what happened in Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Referendum Rally In Malaga, Spain Today (Photos, Video) by ramalot(m): 2:41pm On Sep 03, 2017
I still wonder who will preside as president of Biafra Nation.

When that time comes, you'll inevitably hear things like:

"I can never be ruled by a dirty Abakiliki sub-human"

"Those people are not true igbos, they can't rule us"

"Abia must be the capital, or heads will roll."

"Anambra must be the capital, or heads will roll."

"Imo must be the capital, or heads will roll."

NEWS headline six months after secession:



Politics / Re: IPOB Referendum Rally In Malaga, Spain Today (Photos, Video) by ramalot(m): 2:37pm On Sep 03, 2017
I bet if the Spanish Immigration shows up to the rally, more than half of them will be back in Umuahia by dinner time tomorrow.
Religion / Re: Eternity Is Real! by ramalot(m): 2:25pm On Sep 03, 2017

So if your child disobeys your instructions you will now trow him into the lake of fire??, I mean your own child you claim to love so much

Haha. Trying to have a logical exchange with monotheists is like trying to discuss quantum physics with your rottweiler.
A total waste of time.
Especially on the designated day of the week when they congregate to recharge their brainwashing.

If they ever heard of someone who did something like that, the person would instantly get labeled "the devil."
However, for some incomprehensible reason, this is perfectly fine if done by what they describe as "ever loving"?

Sounds more like a damn insecure psychopath if you ask me.

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Religion / Re: Eternity Is Real! by ramalot(m): 2:20pm On Sep 03, 2017
There is a directly proportional correlation between high levels of religiosity and high levels of ignorance and poverty.
Nigeria is a prime example of this.

What most monotheists don't seem to realize is that if an atheist is 100% of X, then a monotheist is 99% of X.

So, assuming there are 100 flavors of gods to believe in, the atheist does not believe in any.
On the other hand, the monotheist does not believe in 99, but believes in 1.

Meaning 99 of 100 times, a monotheist is capable of seeing the flaws in doctrines/beliefs, until it gets to his, then his brain shuts off.

That whole "let's play it safe and ride this christianity thing out, even though we know it's bullshit" is appalling.

By that same logic (or lack thereof), they should feel obligated to follow the doctrines of every single religion on earth.
That would be the only way to "play it safe."

Either that, or you could just live your life a decent person who does "good things" for the sake of that.
Not for potential rewards or risk aversion from some elusive sky man.


Religion / Re: Eternity Is Real! by ramalot(m): 2:04pm On Sep 03, 2017
and why is Jesus and the angels white ? you people are crazy.

And of course the "devil" is black. haha

What do you expect from people who blindly follow what their slave masters have shoved down their throats?

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Travel / Re: Cost Of Living In US Cities by ramalot(m): 11:49am On Aug 22, 2017
$1,000 per month.
How and why?

What could be the reason for this?

I know it's not a lack of opportunity.


You can offer people all the ingredients for a meal, but if they don't make the effort to cook it, they'll still starve.
Travel / Re: Cost Of Living In US Cities by ramalot(m): 11:57pm On Aug 19, 2017

Thanks for this. Though, I've done some google search but I wanted a first hand info from people who live in these cities. I am basically wondering if one can live on $1000 per month in Washington DC or NY

You can certainly live on $1k/month. Millions of American adults don't make $1k/month, however, you'll most likely be living in poverty.

Best case scenario: You find a room in a shared apartment to rent at around $250 - $400 (hard to get).
If it comes with electric, heat and internet included, then great. The remaining $600 can go toward your other expenses.

A good place to check available rent prices is Craigslist.
Go on craigslist . org. Find the city you want to check out, then visit the "housing" section.

For a shortcut to it, copy/paste this into Google: "Washington DC rooms for rent craigslist"
Click the first result, and use the drop-down to sort by price, so it shows the cheapest ones first.


Travel / Re: Cost Of Living In US Cities by ramalot(m): 9:53pm On Aug 19, 2017

Why do pple judge a whole city based on a few events.

My aunty has lived in Chicago for over 20yrs and seem to have done right.

Nairalanders in Chicago should educate us on this issue.

"A few events"? It appears you haven't actually looked into the level of violence in Chicago (mostly in the South side).
Chicago isn't nicknamed Chiraq for the fun of it.

Think of the most dangerous places on earth, and there are people who've been there for generations.
Does this fact negate the level of violence in these places? Nope!

Since I made my original post yesterday at 1:40 pm Eastern Time, till now (27 hours later), THIRTEEN people have been shot in Chicago.
Not in one isolated incident, but as a daily occurrence. EVERY day.

186 people have been shot so far this month. In Chicago, a person is shot approximately every 2 hours and 19 minutes.

Numbers don't lie, but if you truly feel this level of violence is just "a few events," then that's your prerogative.

Does this mean people don't live in Chicago without issues?
Absolutely not. However, as human beings, we make decisions based on probability.

Source of infograph, with a lot more Chicago violence stats: heyjackass . com.
While they're presented in satirical fashion (from official sources), there's really nothing funny about the situation.

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