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Programming / Re: Passed All Rounds Of Interview And Still Got Rejected. by ReactJs(m): 3:09pm On Jul 21
Is this FTE or IC role? No matter how disappointed you are, always keep it classy and professional. You fit cuss dem shege for your house. But never on an email

IC. yeah i figure it wasn't worth it. its one of those things.
Programming / Passed All Rounds Of Interview And Still Got Rejected. by ReactJs(m): 2:29pm On Jul 21
So guys on my quest for a 2nd remote job i wanted to share my experience interviewing for sort of a fintech company in the US called WalletHub and how you should manage your expectations until you've signed an employment document(even those get rescinded LOL!)

I'm not a person that gets disappointed easily because believe me life has taught me not to celebrate until i'm very sure i've gotten that thing but after passing i think about 5-6 rounds of interview and SPOKEN WITH THE CEO, i thought i've finally hit the jackpot o.

This whole process took OVER 1 MONTH.

First round was normal coding test which i passed, followed by a behavioural interview, followed by a technical interview, follow by about 3 or 4 finance/credit card/loans mathematical tests. omo i passed everything.

They asked for my salary, i said $60k p/a for a senior role without mincing words. HR said no wahala. HR was even telling me the brand of headphones to get for meetings and what not only for me to receive the shock of my life.

I was very confused and even thought of replying to cuss them out or something but i just overlooked.

Has anyone experienced this same thing?


Programming / Re: Foreign Jobs(remote And Relocation) Discussions by ReactJs(m): 12:26pm On Jul 19

If not for anything, do it for your children. Having your kids with a Nigerian only passport is a very serious handicap. I rather not have children than have Nigerian only kids. I despise my parents for making me a Nigerian but theres nothing I can do about it than make sure it doesnt happen to any of my own kids.

Lol bruv you’ve made a good point. That’s another strong reason to want to leave. I just think I’ve gotten very comfortable with juxtaposing things i can currently get in Nigeria and things i can get abroad.

Most of the stuff can make aboard appealing are things that i probably already have.

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Programming / Re: Foreign Jobs(remote And Relocation) Discussions by ReactJs(m): 4:14am On Jul 19
nice thread! for me, i'm so laid back with this relocation thing. The only thing that makes me fantasise about relocating is the internet. Our internet is big mess but now that this elon musk's starlink coming to nigeria maybe my internet problem is about to be solved.

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Programming / Re: I Want To Go Into Tech; What Field Should I Choose? by ReactJs(m): 12:06pm On Jun 01
Bro you need to reorient yourself with regards to how focused you are about the monetary benefits of a career path you've not even started. One of the things that drives people to get into "tech" is money no doubt but you're probably not going to stick around to make that money if that money is your only motivation because it might relatively take a while before you start seeing that money.

Another thing is nobody can really decide for you what aspect of tech to focus . you're going to have to do your own intensive research so as to know beforehand what you're actually getting yourself into.

Whatever aspect you later pick, you can now start finding people in that domain for more in-depth suggestions about how you should go about it. That way, you make it easier for everyone involved.

On a side note, guys, quite a number of people send me requests to chat privately. I'm sorry I can't respond for personal reasons.
Programming / Re: So There Are Devs That Earn Up To 30k USD. by ReactJs(m): 7:56pm On May 01

Please you mind telling me where you find remote jobs where the company hire candidate from all over the world. I have applied 100s of times and most of the time, rejection is that I am not a citizen so I can't be offered the role. You give me sources I can try.

LinkedIn sir.
Programming / Re: So There Are Devs That Earn Up To 30k USD. by ReactJs(m): 6:10pm On Apr 28
Quite insightful post tensazangetsu20. I had an interview with a startup in Oslo,Norway last week Friday. The interview was in 3 stages. Live coding(Fibonnaci Sequence) , Design Patterns and take home. Made it to the take home aspect which apparently was the easiest aspect of the interview but if I get offered the job, I'm not gonna take it cuz the pay range is still in the range of what I'm earning and its a startup. I don't want to work at a startup.

I'm already in the over a million Naira monthly bracket but my actual goal is to get to at least 10million Naira monthly before the end of next year. But I have actually seen backend roles that wants to pay me this within my desired range. I came very close with a firm in Helsinki, and another in the UAE. Do you know what keeps messing me up? AWS certificates. I swear. it's almost like I can't run away from it anymore which is why I'm dedicated the next couple of months for getting these certs.


Programming / Re: I Have This Annoying Bug In Node Js For The Past 5 Days..help by ReactJs(m): 11:05pm On Mar 26
It's pointing to line 21.
const salt = await bcrypt.genSalt(10);
const hashedPasssword = await bcrypt.hash(password, salt);

https://www.npmjs.com/package/bcryptjs Please checkout their docs
Programming / Re: Did You Go Into Coding Because Of Passion Or For The Money Or Both? by ReactJs(m): 6:07pm On Feb 24

Actual Devs are like robot, we hardly sleep. Even when we are overheating we only down-clock our processors to cool down. Never shutdown/hibernate/sleep

Lol no sleep o. body go tell you
Programming / Re: Cost Benefits: Monolith Or Microservices? by ReactJs(m): 12:08pm On Feb 21

Boss please can you recommend a react course for me.

Thanks and how can I reach you, thou have sent dm

Hey bro sorry I don't have access to this email at this point. but checkout this guy https://www.udemy.com/course/react-redux/. Though I'm not much of a React person anymore but this guy is such a great teacher and he explains rather complex things with ease.

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Programming / Re: Coders, How Long Do Your Laptop Batteries Last? by ReactJs(m): 1:04pm On Jan 28
woooohh!! That's a damn crazy duration. Do you mind sharing with us the system name and spec? Thinking of changing mine. It last 6hrs on 237 SSD, 8GB ram.
M1 MacBook Pro

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Programming / Re: Coders, How Long Do Your Laptop Batteries Last? by ReactJs(m): 1:03pm On Jan 28
Mind sharing the name and specs?

MacBook Pro M1

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Programming / Re: Coders, How Long Do Your Laptop Batteries Last? by ReactJs(m): 12:05am On Jan 28
Heavy usage after a full-charge 9-12 hours. Light usage after a full charge 2-5days.

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Programming / Re: See My Single Page Web App With React Js by ReactJs(m): 11:44pm On Jan 18
great stuff
Programming / Re: Is It A Cultural Thing For African Websites To Be Ugly And Unusable? by ReactJs(m): 5:41am On Jan 13

Boys are trying o. beyond trying cef but these guys are not cheap. quality work costs money and sadly a lot of Nigerians don't wanna pay for a top tier product.

someone in my network reached out to me that he wants something exactly like https://dappradar.com/. Told him how much it's gonna cost if he wants it to look like that. i'm not a frontend person but i've got a great taste and know when a product doesn't look and feel sleek. Sadly he didn't see the need to want to pay good money for a top product.

so we've got the talent. can you afford them?

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Programming / Re: Udemy Payment Crisis by ReactJs(m): 11:20pm On Jan 03
Udemy works perfectly well with nigerian mastercards(gtbank, zenith, access). but you've got to have excess of the amount the course costs. if a course is being sold for $10 make sure you've got at least $15-$17 on that card. it should work
Programming / Re: Is It Possible To Learn Algorithm And Data Structures? by ReactJs(m): 9:51pm On Dec 26, 2021

It doesn't but companies are foolish so we all should play to their foolishness. If we complain from today till next year the standard will never ever change. More and more companies sef are adopting DSA interviews sef.

Lol well it is what it is.
Programming / Re: Is It Possible To Learn Algorithm And Data Structures? by ReactJs(m): 9:50pm On Dec 26, 2021

Season greetings.
How is your new work going, boss?

very fine sir thank you

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Programming / Re: Is It Possible To Learn Algorithm And Data Structures? by ReactJs(m): 9:19pm On Dec 26, 2021

Me ambassador ke. I hated that shit like crazy and started seeing why it's important while working. I even fought someone on nairaland sef cause of DSA lipsrsealed

i'm curious yeah do you think passing a dsa interview means you're gonna be successful in that role? i mean i could cram a binary search tree or hash table. Regurgitate it and 'pass' the interview but does that make me a good developer?
Programming / Re: Is It Possible To Learn Algorithm And Data Structures? by ReactJs(m): 9:02pm On Dec 26, 2021
Lol Dem suppose give you Ambassador of data structure and algorithm.


Omho DSA hard but the good thing is if you master it. You and poverty can never know each other in life ever.
Programming / Re: Developers Without Any Degree...any Hope??? by ReactJs(m): 10:58pm On Dec 23, 2021
Programming / Re: Please Pick A Back-end Programming Language For Me by ReactJs(m): 9:13am On Dec 12, 2021
Lol this guy really said learning nodejs is “standing on one leg”. You clearly don’t know what you’re saying.


Programming / Re: Do Remote Companies Provide Their Employees With Equipments? by ReactJs(m): 2:17pm On Oct 23, 2021

I want to be like you once I graduate
Few questions
Are you a react native developer?
Is react native similar to react?
How did you learn react?

Hi Bro. No I'm not a react native developer. I'm a backend NodeJs developer. react native is really similar to the normal react code you write on the web. You learn react once, you can write it anywhere. web or mobile. the code is the same.

Not a full time react developer but its like the first thing i learned before i switched to backend fully. If you want to learn react, you need to read their docs religiously and look for articles and videos and that explains more about the concepts discussed in the official docs. This is structural learning and it works for me. Move to project based tutorials and try to do your own thing from there. All the best bro!

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Programming / Re: Do Remote Companies Provide Their Employees With Equipments? by ReactJs(m): 2:12pm On Oct 23, 2021

I want to be like u.

How many days will i fast and pray?

Lol Bro. Those 2 things you mentioned are quite important but it's missing hard work. Add that to the equation and you're good to go!
Programming / Re: Do Remote Companies Provide Their Employees With Equipments? by ReactJs(m): 2:11pm On Oct 23, 2021

They wont deliver. DHL or whatever shipping company will connive with customs to fleece you. No be today the game don tey.

Lol make i still dey observe sha
Programming / Re: Do Remote Companies Provide Their Employees With Equipments? by ReactJs(m): 12:19pm On Oct 23, 2021

Get a third party person once they see a macbook they would conclude you a yahoo boy and they will ask you to settle EFCC, NDLEA, Customs. Infact all the security apparatus will open office on your head for that mac.

Hahahahahahahah Lmao wahala. Omo which kyn thing be this. Thought it was supposed to be delivered though
Programming / Re: Do Remote Companies Provide Their Employees With Equipments? by ReactJs(m): 12:09pm On Oct 23, 2021
Well my own company wanted to ship but I told them to send me the money to buy me the things instead. Not ready for customs wahala but its really common sha nowadays. If you leave the job, you don't need to send them back as those things are chicken change to oyinbo.

Makes sense. Thanks boss. How much would it cost to ‘clear’ it though? Have you got any idea ?
Programming / Do Remote Companies Provide Their Employees With Equipments? by ReactJs(m): 11:59am On Oct 23, 2021
I’ve got maxed out M1 MacBook Pro coming in hopefully sometime next week. They asked if i needed monitors and all those stuffs, but as a backend dev, one screen don do me.

So what happens after my contract with the company expires and i decide not to renew, do i ‘send’ the laptop back to them or it’s mine to keep?

I used to think only full time employees get equipments from their companies and not independent contractors as they would like to call us. So as a remote dev, has your company ever shipped equipments down to you?

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Programming / Re: Dear Developers: How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated. by ReactJs(m): 11:06am On Oct 12, 2021
Bro if you've gone through a some of my posts, you would've probably come across where i've mentioned that i've got no degree. Dropped out of uni twice. In a below middle-class nigerian home, this is tantamount to ostracization from your folks because they believe nothing good can come out of your life and you'll end up being a worthless piece of sh!t. So i can say i fairly understand what you're going through. I'm gonna tell you 2 things. which is based on exactly how i made it to where i am today.

First is your mindset, When i started learning, i understood that i had to be really good at this thing because my life literally depended on it. what else am i gonna do? Imagine what that mindset did for me. i was literally doing this stuff every day of the week at any little chance i could get. There was no option for me to quit or say that i'm not motivated or any of those excuses. its either i was good at it or i'm done for. I had no backup plan.

2, Another thing that really helped me (this is like the most important) was the support of my mother. She stood by me all through the whole school ish and just kept supporting any decision that i made. she bought me my first laptop. she was a petty trader at the time but i had no idea what she saw in me that made her support my 'craziness' as my other siblings would put it. You need a support system

Forget about programming languages or frameworks for now. You need to get your head straight and understand how your circumstances should be your fuel.

For me and my mom, it all paid off in the end. God knows there's nothing that woman will ask me for in this life that i won't get for her. As long as money can buy it.

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Programming / Re: Got Another Remote Job Offer In The UK by ReactJs(m): 10:52pm On Sep 02, 2021
It will be nice if you can share tips on helpful LinkedIn profile, or how your LinkedIn profile look? -any heads up?

Nothing Serious bro. i've got my picture, name, contact info and job history and github link. i don't have BSc so education is out of it. plus i'm a premium user. cant remember how much i pay.

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Programming / Re: Got Another Remote Job Offer In The UK by ReactJs(m): 9:49pm On Sep 02, 2021
Update: So i just completed the tests about 20 minutes ago. Javascript algorithm 3.5 hours. out of 5 questions, i got 4 perfectly. the last one, not really sure. Chatted with the Co-Founder right after i finished and he sent me a blushing emoji Lol! Lets see whats gonna happen.

So what i've decided is to try to run the 2 jobs together if the 2nd one comes through. they're both in the Uk.

PS: i've got a couple of people sending me mails. Abeg no vex i wont be able to reply those mails for personal reasons.

I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes.


Programming / Re: Got Another Remote Job Offer In The UK by ReactJs(m): 10:05pm On Aug 31, 2021
If am the one, I will go for the new jobs coz you might still find better working environment compared to your current job.

Pls I wan ask
Since its a remote job, can't someone work for two different companies?
Pls someone should ans me abeg

I think you can. but my current company has a daily stand up at a particular time in the morning which you have to be a part of amongst other time demanding stuffs. i dunno how these ones run their own affairs

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