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Crime / Re: Chinese Boss Filmed Whipping Men Tied To A Tree Jailed In Rwanda by RighteousI: 10:52am On Apr 21
The Chinese or Russians didn’t have the opportunity to do same because they weren’t as advanced or powerful as the British or Americans at that time. If you think anyone will help you develop your country then you are a fool. Humans are generally wicked and greedy. Even the Chinese had to develop themselves. It’s always been give little and take much, same with what the Chinese or whoever is doing in Africa now.

The Chinese and Russians are not imperialists meaning that they are contended with their nation and they do not want to have colonies or empires.

During the time the Europeans were taking slaves in Africa, the British attempted to infiltrate China with spies so that they can discover what it is going on in China but they were not allowed to enter the Chinese mainland by Chinese Kings. This shows you how the Chinese hated to mix with other cultures, the Chinese were very conservative and hated immigration into their country. The Chinese did not want to mix their culture with corrupt foreign cultures and that is why they didn't send their powerful navy to explore Africa. Do you believe that the Kings of those ancient Chinese dynasties wanted to come to Africa to deal with some black people? They didn't even let the Europeans into China.

On the other hand, the British and Europeans are thieves, they are after gold in foreign nations and that's why they sent their ships from Liverpool to Africa to carry your great great great grandmother as slaves.

China is not stealing from Africa as it is claimed. Here is what happens, Chinese companies come to Africa and they first of all go to the ministry of trade in that African country and they sign agreements to help you mine your resources, bulid airports, build railways,stadiums and the rest. The Chinese are here for legal business.

But some poor Africans who want to express their anger for slavery colonisation and the exploitation of Africa are cowards because instead of expressing their anger on the European and American thieves, they cowardly express their anger on the innocent Chinese who they believe can be disrespected.
Crime / Re: Chinese Boss Filmed Whipping Men Tied To A Tree Jailed In Rwanda by RighteousI: 10:02am On Apr 21

it was Arabians that castrated male African slaves and used black women as sex slaves. And this all happened long before the Europeans set foot on the shores of the continent.

Yes you are right, the Arabians castrated the east African slaves on a grand scale.

But the Europeans and Americans castrated the west African slaves on a small scale in the slave plantations of Mississippi.

The Chinese and Russians did not castrate any African.
Crime / Re: Chinese Boss Filmed Whipping Men Tied To A Tree Jailed In Rwanda by RighteousI: 9:36am On Apr 21
I'm telling you, Africans should be thankful that the Chinese and Russians were not able to get to Africa during the colonial era.

Their form of slavery would have been worst and longer serving.

Those who disagree should look up how they enslaved and are still trying to enslave their neighbouring countries

You are wrong. The Chinese would have developed Africa instead of engaging in slavery. It was not the Chinese but the European and American thieves that padlocked the lips of African slaves so that they won't be able to eat sugar cane.

It was also not the Chinese but the European and American thieves that castrated African slaves.

Did China or Russia take slaves from any country? They did not. Is there any African country where they speak Russian or Chinese? There are not and that's because the Chinese and Russians mind their business and they are only interested in trading.
So why are you acting like a fool by praising those European and American thieves that raped your great great great grandmother in the slave ships?

Is it because you wish you could migrate to America? God punish you for loving America. You are an African monkey.
Crime / Re: Can A Woman Actually Rape A Man? by RighteousI: 10:01pm On Apr 09
It is men that rape women and not women raping men
Crime / Re: Guys, Share Your Experience Of Sexual Abuse by RighteousI: 1:19pm On Apr 08
It's a lie, men don't get raped by women. It's women that get raped by men.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death By His Onlyfans Model Girlfriend In Miami (photos) by RighteousI: 10:16pm On Apr 07
Oyibo women are the best!

I will marry an oyinbo woman. Black women are violent and manly with disgusting characters. grin

Oyinbo women will love you with all their heart and soul and puna grin

#teamforeign now and forever more.

RIP young man but I couldn't resist the urge to troll #teamforeign redpillers cheesy

The reason Nigerian guys prefer foreign girls is because they believe that Nigerian girls lack humility. It's as simple as that. You Nigerian girls need to realize that the weather in Nigeria is too hot for that "I won't give him my phone number" and that "put in more effort to chase me " nonsense.

We men marry foreigners that can give us a green card because we believe that there is no more difference between the Nigerian girls and the foreign girls.

Nigerian girls used to have cultural African values and this made Nigerian men to marry them.

But since Nigerian girls have thrown away their culture and tradition, opted for wearing foreign used tight jeans and have attempted to form posh like Beyonce then we Nigerian men will rather go to America to marry a true "Beyonce " than marry used jeans wearing Nigerian girl who is a fake Beyonce.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Captured Russian Soldiers Told "You'll Be Shot Back Home If You Come Back" by RighteousI: 5:24am On Mar 15

hahaha. guy wetin you dey smoke like this? omo see real pain. I'm sure if you are given a chance to move to the US, you would gladly accept. so why all this hatred? of these 3 countries: USA, Russia and Iran. USA is still the most tolerant. people of diverse races and religions are living fine there as opposed to the remaining two. so why are you acting this way?

You useless youth, so you believe that every youth is a coward like you that wants to lick the backside of America in exchange for a visa. God punish you and your love for America.

Is it not America that came to Africa to carry you as slaves in order to develop their country? Did Russia colonize or take slaves from Africa? They didn't because they are not thieves. The thieves are the European Union and America that raped your great great great grandmother in the slave ships.

The money that America is spending, is it not the money that was stolen from Africa through slave trade, colonialism and trade war.

The European Union and America have enslaved the world and they placed a ballistic missile in Ukraine. That's why Putin is bombing Ukraine.

Only African slaves like you will love a country that has enslaved him. Just because you want American visa, you sell your values, culture and tradition, you are a slave.

A Chinese youth will never lick the backside of America and that is why china is powerful as America.

Only an African monkey and a slave like you will lick the backside of America.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Igbo Apprenticeship Model Most Popular Way To Build Wealth by RighteousI: 11:35pm On Mar 12
How is migrating to other peoples land to steal their shops and markets a good way of building wealth? Is that not what the igbos do? They invade other peoples land to steal their shops.

That is not called a good way of building wealth, it is called gangsterism.
Politics / Re: Father Of Three Arrested For Defiling Underaged Boys In Edo by RighteousI: 8:05am On Feb 24
They are now raping their own kind. That's good.

........... Such is rare, most of the rape is men raping women.

At least their own kind don't get impregnated after the rape.

It's you females that come back home with swollen bellies after you've been raped.

I am not condoning rape, I just want to deal with this saphiere that believes she is a feminist.
Celebrities / Re: Faith Morey: Some Nigerian Men Are Married To Lesbians Who Are Cheating On Them by RighteousI: 3:41pm On Feb 23
Guys don't marry like before and this means that it is the women that lose.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine: Boris Johnson Says UK Will Send Lethal Weapons by RighteousI: 3:33pm On Feb 23
This bunch of polite and tea drinking British should better go and drink their tea instead of trying to form as if they can fight. The average British doesn't want war, the British want to drink tea, eat fish and chips, drink beer and go to a football game.
The British do not want a war with Russia.

The British government should not put it's citizens in the firing line by threatening to arm Ukraine.

They should go and drink their tea.

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Travel / Re: Experience My First Racism In U. K From Someone Who I Thought Was My Friend. by RighteousI: 9:45pm On Feb 20
When I moved to the U. K for my master. I stay in an flat which consist of many white English boys. So an England boy called Harry decided to show me the equipment in the apartment. So when we got to the kitchen he show me a dish washer which I did not care to look at and he responded that have I see a dish washer before? I was shock and told him of course have seen a dish washer and he reply that I did not want to sound rude but africa are poor and always hungry and I reply him do I look like someone that is poor and hungry and his respond was you are from the rich family in Africa and I told him clearly my parents are not rich that am just an average Nigerian boy and he his reply was it is impossible that you are either rich or poor in Africa and my response was that he should stop believing the propaganda been pass by CNN and BBC about Africa.

After that we bonded and we usually teese ourself and crack jokes. So during December period I was infected with covid 19 which all. Of them in the house have travel to their family home to spend Christmas and new year holiday. So during that mid January on Friday I was in the parlour with my white flatmates and we where just joking and catching fun then we started to talk about covid and I told them during the time they travel I contacted covid and Harry reply that he is going to kill me so I laugh and I thought it was one of the joke but he said he mean it and I started telling him that so do u expect me to call u in your family home and tell u I contacted covid and the others white where explaining to him and this guy started using abusing words against me telling me to return back to Africa and saying some nasty words about Africa and I told him if u have brief with me then challange me and stop picking on my continent and colour and he told me that he is going to insult my colour and continent that if I want to fight him then we should go to the garden to fight as man to man. I was just saying in my mind this man is looking for someone to kill him. I just ignore him and when I stop replying him he just calm down and left. What pain me most was when he left then all the white guys told me his crazy that I should not answer him and I was like when he was insulting me racially all of u where just watching him as if nothing happen. After some time he came back to the parlour and apologise to everyone except me for been a nusiance and after that he wanted to discuss with me and I shouted at him saying back off. After sometime he wanted talking to me and I just ignore him as if nobody is talking and after talking I just close my laptop and gave him a bad gesture and left the palour then he reply that I am looking at him as a vallian that he is not a bad guy.

The next day his girlfriend came visiting him and was smiling at me and i just reply her with a bone face and left. Then after sometime he came apologising to me that what he did to me was wrong that he did it under the influence of acholol which I know but I said to myself for him to say this to me when he was drunk meaning he has been harbouring such thoughts in his mind and the alcohol just gave him the courage to express his racist characters to me. I told him I forgive him but right now I don't trust any English people or white people because for such a guy to laugh and joke with u and still be a racist his something terrible. Abeg make una give bristish chance.

You guys should disregard this post because it's probably a fictional story and the poster maybe somewhere in abule-egba and not in the UK.
The part where he mentioned that he contracted covid is where I suspected that the story is fictional.
Politics / Re: Senator Ladi Daduut Empower Over 8 ,000 Constituents In one Year by RighteousI: 8:39pm On Feb 19
Where is the proof that she empowered 8000 people?
Romance / Re: Anybody Telling You To Make Money Before Chasing Women Doesn't Like You by RighteousI: 1:13pm On Feb 14
It’s very popular among guys saying to their selves “make money and you’ll get women”.

They’re right , you’ll get women that want your money not you.

Women like who they like, your money won’t make them like you, there’ll always be one guy she’s in love with, who you have everything more than but her heart will be closed to you.

The op is an effeminate man. We alpha males don't chase women and neither do we hustle for money in order to provide for an ungrateful, adulterous and promiscuous girl.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Unveils 'Khaibar-Buster' Missile 'That Can Strike US Bases, Israel' by RighteousI: 9:37am On Feb 11
Dead countries like Assyria, Ammon, Moab, Edom, Babylon, Medo Persia, etc.... Will forever bow to Israel (when they finally repent, ) and to the greatest country in the world, God's own country.... God bless the USA

Was it not the Americans that raped your great great great grandmothers whilst they were on the slave ships. The African grandmothers that refused to be raped were thrown into the sea.

How can a nation that raped your African grandmothers be God's own country?

You are an ignorant goat that lust for American products. God punish you and your love for America.

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Travel / Re: A Black Hawk Helicopter Took Its First Flight Without Pilot On Board by RighteousI: 9:30pm On Feb 10

US was defeated yet South Korea ended up with more territory than China backed North Korea. Go figure.

Iraq really?

China has approximately 350 nuclear stockpile while America had 5000+ but somehow to you China can wipe out the US.

China has this, has that yet the same carriers and cruisers have been passing through the Taiwan strait every other week and they can't do anything about it.

At this point is better if I don't engage you because clearly you don't know anything

Yes America was defeated in Korea by the Chinese army and America was forced to negotiate with China. During the battle at the "pork chop hill" in the Korean war, 100 Americans soldiers and 100 Chinese soldiers were dying daily but the Chinese did not care if their soldiers died or not. But America was a coward and they begged the Chinese to put the battle to an end.

The amount of land mass South Korea got is irrelevant. The Korean war was a defeat to America, their soldiers were dying like chickens, they had to negotiate with the Chinese.

America also lost in Iraq, they lost the the snipers, suicide bombers and to the IED that blew their Humvee and tank convoys to shreds. The rate at which American parents were burying their soldier children was too high and the Americans had to bribe and put the rebels in iraq salary.

15 American soldiers were dying a day in Iraq until the American generals decided to negotiate instead of to fight.

It takes 1 nuclear weapon to flatten a state. America has 50 states, this means that China still has 300 weapons to spare after wiping America off the map.

Chinese fighter jets have been intercepting and turning back American planes and ships that wander into Chinese territory. Do you want China to bomb the America trespassers? Of course they will not bomb them, similar to how America will not bomb Chinese or Russia planes that trespass in American territory.

Here is the truth you should believe. America cannot defeat China or Russia in a war. America can only defeat third world countries like African and Arab countries in war if it wipes out the entire country with it's airforce or nuclear weapons. But this is not possible because American use of nuclear weapons or airforce to wipe out a third world country will not be tolerated by China, Russia or the United Nations.

This means that for America to defeat a third world country, they have to send soldiers to govern the country and once they do, it becomes an equal playing field. This is why the Somalis were able to deal with the Americans in Mogadishu. This is why the Vietnamese were able to deal with the Americans in Vietnam. The Americans ran to the airport in Vietnam to flee the country as the north Vietnamese army was approaching. This is why the Iraqi snipers were able to deal with the Americans.

Assuming people like you support development in your own country instead of licking the backside of America with passion, Nigeria would have been a great country a long time ago.
Travel / Re: A Black Hawk Helicopter Took Its First Flight Without Pilot On Board by RighteousI: 8:37pm On Feb 10

the same China that was liberated thanks to America?
or the one whose Winglong II drones have been terrible that countries that rush to buy base on hype like you guys do here on nairaland are grounding them?

or Russia that couldn't defeat small Finland?
or the one whose Su-57 stealth jet has been in development since 2007 and up till now can't field 2 squadrons of the jet?

or is there another China and Russia we don't know about?

America never liberated China. China worked hard to defeat Japan. It was not the Americans that liberated them.

Even China humbled and defeated America in the Korean war. America was also defeated in Vietnam and Iraq.

America can only show off with it's military technology to poor Africans that cannot invent matches like you guys here.

America knows that China will pepper them in a war. The Chinese have nuclear weapons with good missiles to deliver it to Washington.

The Chinese also have missiles that can wipe out fleets of aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers and destroyers.

In war, the Chinese will wipe out the American fleet in days.

Don't mess with China, they are not your mate.
Travel / Re: A Black Hawk Helicopter Took Its First Flight Without Pilot On Board by RighteousI: 6:23pm On Feb 10
America should better not fly this helicopter to Mogadishu, or else those Somali boys will dispatch their black hawk from the skies again.
America was dealt with by ordinary Somalis in Mogadishu, the American rangers fled the scene and ran like little girls back to their base.

Ordinary Somali rebels gave America a run for it's money, what will Russia and China do to them?

Religion / Re: Mummy G.O. Funmilayo Adebayo In Hotel Room In Dubai (Video) by RighteousI: 8:37pm On Jan 18
Nigerians can celebrate yeye things, them don make this woman popular

Well, I know say this woman go sweet for bed... M.I.L.F

She claims that she was first born as a man, so this means she is a D.I.L.F not a M.I.L..F and this means that you are a phaggot.
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky: "Mompha And I Never Dated" Video by RighteousI: 7:37pm On Jan 02
Is mompha a fagggot?


Crime / Re: Lady Sexually Abused Man In Port Harcourt Hotel, Cart Away His Handset & Money by RighteousI: 7:20pm On Dec 23, 2021
This is a lie. It's not women that sexually assault men. It's men that sexually assault women
Celebrities / Re: Bisi Alimi: There Was A Time I Only Loved Girls And Considered Pastorhood by RighteousI: 10:39pm On Dec 21, 2021
Good day nairalanders

I need help. My brother: Etu Paschal has been detained by DSS for the past weeks in Ebonyi state. For this period, he has been thoroughly tortured on the instructions of the governor of Ebonyi state; and ever since then, his phone numbers are off and visits to him denied.

His only crime is not wanting to be a sexual pleasure object by a male member of the Ebonyi state house of Assembly from Ohaukwu local government area.

Anyone that can help should please reach out

You are a liar.
No governor will risk being discovered as gay by going low to date your poor family member. Instead, the gay governor can use his billions to import foreign sodomites that will not reveal his identity to the public.
Romance / Re: She Just Wanted My Body! God Why? What Do I Do? by RighteousI: 9:15am On Dec 17, 2021
Women don't use and dump men, it's men that use and dump women

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Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo: “Marriage Is A Scam, Thank God I Have Never Been Married” by RighteousI: 11:33pm On Dec 15, 2021
The fact that all those single girls are begging for husbands proves that marriage is not a scam.
Politics / Re: Court Rules Baba Ijesha’s Confessional Statement Relevant And Admissible by RighteousI: 11:28pm On Dec 15, 2021
Chai...... Feminists don use this guy shine.

Was it female and so called feminist police officers that arrested baba ijesha? It wasn't. It was honourable male police officers that protect everyone including male and female from violence.

This clearly implies that this is a criminal matter.

If you try to bring so called feminism into this matter, then we great men that promote male superiority could also suggest that male police officers should not arrest anyone that attacks women (feminists) anymore.

Let's find out if female and so called feminist police officers can arrest baba ijesha and his boys.

There is no such thing as feminism or feminists in this world that is dominated by great males.
Crime / Re: Man Rapes 18-Year-Old Daughter In Ilorin, Blames Devil (Photo) by RighteousI: 11:12pm On Dec 15, 2021
A banana in the custody of a monkey is more safer than a girl child in the custody of a man.

Was it not a foolish female like you that chose to marry and create a family with this paedophile? The rate at which you foolish females fall for these wife beaters and paedophiles is astonishing.

As punishment for the lack of maturity of the modern Nigerian female, we great men will not give you foolish females advice in regards to how to identify the goods guys from the bad guys (paedophiles) in dating. We will let you marry them after which they will attack you in marriage.
Crime / Re: 2 Women Kidnap & Rape A Man In Zimbabwe, Leave Him Unconscious by RighteousI: 9:03am On Dec 07, 2021
This is a lie. A man cannot possibly be raped. It's possible to rape a woman because in sex the woman is the receiver of the man whilst the man is the penetrator. A receiver cannot possibly rape a penetrator. And besides, a couple of punches by the man to the face of the women will knock them down.
Politics / Re: CNN Interviews Davido Over 250 Million Naira Gift To Orphans by RighteousI: 9:11am On Nov 28, 2021
Where is the proof that he donated the money to the orphanages?
Education / Re: Court Remands UNILORIN Student Who Assaulted Female Lecturer by RighteousI: 7:30am On Nov 21, 2021
What he did was legally and morally wrong based on media reports. Even on the reports the evidence does not suggest a case of attempted murder. The suspect was alleged to have punched and kicked the lecturer and she suffered little or no injuries. He's not reported to have used broken glass or other objects. Based on the reports, he should be charged for assault and malicious damage to property. Let's not forget though that lawyers (including "charge & bail" ones) are waiting to be engaged by the suspect and during trial the story can change, even to the extent that the lecturer may look like she should be the one that ought to be arraigned and not the student.

Since you have much hope in charge and bail lawyers then why can't you go and beat up your lecturer after which you can hire one of them.

Assuming the assault took place in public with witnesses, then he may have faced an assault charge.
But the fact that he went into her office, was alone with her in the office and beat her up in her office makes him liable to be charged with attempted murder.

The prosecution can charge him with attempted murder because it cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt that he didn't go into her office to kill her.

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Celebrities / Re: Video Of Davido Announcing Donation Of N251 Million To Orphanages Across Nigeria by RighteousI: 4:44am On Nov 21, 2021
Where is the proof that he donated to the orphanages?
Education / Re: Primary School In Edinburgh Asks Boys To Wear Skirts To Promote Equality by RighteousI: 10:07pm On Nov 04, 2021
To all you Alpha Males that seek to destroy feminism; don't attack them yet because the equality the school wants here is not male vs female equality but straight vs LGBT equality.

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