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Crime / Re: My Elder Sister Is Working With Criminals To Extort Money From My Company by RSVP: 3:55pm On Jul 15
If you have concrete prove she's part the circle then you should apply wisdom.
God has revealed one of your enemies to you so you have to put her on check but don't go and accuse someone wrongly oo kiss

The plan is to go visit her unaware and seek her advise on what to do as you're about to arrest these people extorting your company and go full war on them with the help of your high rank police officer friend.. Exaggerate the matter and make it sounds like they have stolen huge amount of a money. Infact double whatever amount they've gotten away with and ask her how you could get those people with her help... She would try to justify them somehow to not go hard on them since she's part of the crime... Make it natural is possible so to hear what she's offering you as advise.

Then drop the bomb in a savage way.
Tell her you're sad she could do this to you as a sister and she could have told you she needed money instead of doing this you know... Insist someone which is part of the plan have been giving you Intel about their activities... This will throw her off balance and start loosing trust within her clique.
Control your temper and make it look so emotional then sit back and watch her reaction.

Note: you have to distance yourself from her henceforth without making it obvious.
Now hear the truth... She is capable of plotting your death so throw a little mix of vawulence and peace..

This is totally what I will do in my own case and you can choose to ignore as my way nobi your way. cool

Second option. If you have small change to throw around then you go set her up tongue

You could act normal and involve the police.
Let them have all the evidence and start picking them up one one after the other.. Let your sister be the last to get picked up.

The police will make it look like it was those guys that snitch on each other then you go just dey act surprise.
They will eventually confess and you use that opportunity to sack all of them.
Bail your sister and let others bail themselves make olopa sef chop small kiss

Then you go just sit down as jagaban with the snake bite. grin grin grin grin
But you still have to be careful with uniform man you involve make them no go cast the matters.

Bros sense too much jare. cool
Family / Re: Bride Stunned After Clergyman Asked Her To Pledge Her Breasts During Wedding Vow by RSVP: 11:40pm On Jul 11
Man loves boobs
So what if the boobs flattens
What will she use in satisfying him na??
Jonsing men

Na flatten boobs dey sweet pass broda. kiss
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Gone Back To Your Ex? What's Your Experience by RSVP: 7:49am On Jun 18
Memories and konji nah bad combo.


Family / Re: I Find It Difficult To Say NO To People by RSVP: 5:42am On Jun 12

Sacrificial giving is different, that’s giving out something that moves you yet you can still do without it and not regret of giving.

But here the op is regretting giving out his gas cylinder because he doesn’t have another to use. That’s not giving at all.

I have someone that does that too.
He would give his gas out to a neighbor and go hunger strike when the gas finish and his foodstuff go just dey with nothing to cook ham.. Meanwhile this neighbor would start using firewood after she realize d gas don finish... Why can't she use the firewood in the first place??
They would want to appear nice to everyone or maybe they're just being f00lish.

I hate regret in my life.
I don't wanna put my self in that spot anymore.


Family / Re: I Find It Difficult To Say NO To People by RSVP: 5:35am On Jun 12
You made me remember my old self lol.
Well, I believe most of us are like that at some point until we became wise grin.

It will be unwise to render help that would put you into a regret state of mind. I don't know if that make sense to you.

As I dey like dis ehn I've grown past that stage where you think you can save the world!
Let them hate you or call you stingy but never put yourself in a situation where you will later regret a help you render... Do to them what they will do to you man cool

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Romance / Re: Guys, Have You Ever Been Asked Out By A Female? by RSVP: 5:50am On Jun 10
Yeah but most of them won't be straight up about it tho.....
It's just a mixed reaction of "green light" and acting silly around you.

I've had about 3 relationship like that which was the female that made the first move and believe me it was amazing.

I messed one up when I was in school and that would have been one of my best relationship too.. Still looking for the girl right now but I guess I've lost that opportunity.

But I noticed they will eventually hate you like crazy if they make the first move and you turned em down. tongue


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by RSVP: 1:14pm On May 24
if by that name you mentioned, he was shot last night.

That wale matasaka sounds familiar.
I'm very particular with quarry and it seems na ban boiz dominate dat area... Imperial hotel and halmond bar are our chilling spot dat time... I'm trying to remember one popular Gguy weh dey use one bad azz Acura suv weh in Sister get wine shop along dat quarry rd dat time... I hope he's now the one dey kill like dis Sha.

Plz give us update how d mata take play if you get the legit....


Crime / Re: Graphic Pics Of UGM That Killed Two Nigeria Army Personnel{couples} Photo's by RSVP: 6:55am On May 18
upon all their juju, gun still enter undecided

Me sef surprise bro.
Army boiz nack dem watin no good.
I dey pity who go clean up that mess now.


Foreign Affairs / Re: US Recruits ISIS Terrorists To Fight In Ukraine, Russian Intel Says by RSVP: 6:24am On May 18

Despirado Russia

This propaganda is too obvious, no sensible person we swallow this without purging grin

Sadly there aren't too many sensible people on this space anymore cheesy
Foreign Affairs / Re: Sweden Officially Signs NATO Application by RSVP: 5:53pm On May 17

Guy you wicked o see as you dey give am back to back���� but sincerely do these Russian dumb supporters think it's easy to fight a war on 3 different fronts simultaneously. Let's grow beyond emotional attachments. If Ukraine is peppering Russia's yansh like this you expect other countries to now sit back and wait till he decides to invade them before arming themselves. Abeg make una go sleep

Most people supporting potting just have hatred for USA.
He may have a nuclear or something that would wipe off half of the earth which is unknown to the west but he's definitely not going to win this war.
Russians should put that guy to sleep real quick before they price what they'd regret later... His citizens won't be spared when the time comes.
TV/Movies / Re: Checkout Denrele Edun's Outfit To AMVCA 2022 Awards by RSVP: 8:17am On May 17
award winners looked so moderate and presentable while the RSVP came looking like a chandelier.

Elon musk vs Zazu

TV/Movies / Re: Drop A Famous Line From A Popular Movie & Someone Will Guess The Movie Name! by RSVP: 2:08am On May 15

Saworo ide

U correct kiss kiss
TV/Movies / Re: Drop A Famous Line From A Popular Movie & Someone Will Guess The Movie Name! by RSVP: 5:46pm On May 13
Dis is actually a yoruba movie cool

Oba Iya ni Oba ti ani.
Onkowo ni apo ijoba.
Osi tu ledi apo po pelu awon agegedu.
Ole paraku ni awon ijoye naa.
Nigbo ni won ti ri owo ra moto tuntun.
Kaka ki ijoba ronu ilosiwaju.
Iyawo oni yawo...... grin grin
Health / Re: What Could Have Caused This White Tongue? (Viewers Discretion) by RSVP: 9:37pm On May 09

Very horrible scene.... From the beheading of the girl to the cutting off of her private part...

It takes lot of mind to watch

The. Link is on that oyingb update guy but don't watch it to keep sane

Been searching it on Google but can't seems to find anything like the videos asides all dus pics.

Pardon my ignorance, but where can I get the oyinbo update guy blog?
Health / Re: What Could Have Caused This White Tongue? (Viewers Discretion) by RSVP: 9:06pm On May 09
After watching the gory videos of the killed Army couple, nothing is graphic or requires veiwers descretion on Nairaland anymore

Well O.P visit a dentist

Videos? Really? The pics are all over the net but don't know there's a videos to it too..
Food / Re: My Making Of Moi Moi With Leaf And Also Bake Moi Moi With Oven (pix&video) by RSVP: 2:16pm On May 07

Yes oooo, that's why we are sharing the information.
Thank you very much for your support!

Meanwhile, you peel with blender and then blend afterwards. I showed how it is done step by step in the video.

I haven't watch the video but you definitely doing well.
Keep it up ma'am cool


Food / Re: My Making Of Moi Moi With Leaf And Also Bake Moi Moi With Oven (pix&video) by RSVP: 1:55pm On May 07
You're truly daughter of the soil.
Only few people sabi wrap dat moi moi leaf.

This is going to be fantabulous!
tongue tongue

Do you peel the beans and later grind it with blender??

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Health / Re: Please I Need Urgent Help On My Penis O by RSVP: 9:57pm On May 01
ogbeni go and buy scabicide(cream) or ivermectin(drug)...
Wash all ur beddings and clothings in hot water to kill the ones(mites) and their eggs hanging on them..
ignorance made me spend 13k(including unnecessary injections) last 3yrs for this shit..
Less than 1k was what killed the mother f**ker

Broda man.
Abeg prescribe what you used to sure this bastard for me plz...
Ebelike say this shlt is allover the pla es now cuz almost everyone is infected.
Abeg how you take cure urs?
I've spent about 7k now and still not effective
Health / Re: Excessive Itching In Private Parts by RSVP: 6:14am On May 01

Omo guy this thing burn my ball ooo. Christ my ball sack was literally burnt today. Heaven grin grin grin

Oga mi sir!
Whats the update on this case cuz dis thing don dey worry me for over a week now oo.

Infact my left hand dey inside my sokoto like dis weh me dey scratch my balls oo...myjohn thomos sef come ugly.

E be kike say this thing dey out well well cuz i know about 5 guys with same problem now ...nah scope everybody dey use scratch d level at work shocked
Epon mi ti bo bayi ooo.
Family / Re: Are You From Polygamous Family? Share Your Experiences by RSVP: 6:31am On Apr 30
What kind of threadis this? Lol

I'll tell you since you'd like to know smiley

Well, you will grow up with hatred in your heart towards ur Father,Mom or other siblings since someone must have given you false tales how you found yourself in a polygamous entanglement so be brave grin

You will probably grow up with anxiety and total lack of confidence in yourself if it happens your mom wasn't in that house to defend ur ass cuz you would probably get picked on by other packs so the lord is your strength cheesy (it happened in my own case brothen)

You will be expose to jujurism even thought you got zero believe for it ( this part is the worse part cuz you will always feel someone is after your life and this will restrict your movement ) .... It's either you are being targeted by unknown power cuz you seems to be the brightest or they may kuku finis you off before you grow and if you eventually escape those traps at your younger stage then I'm happy to tell you the fight is endless so brace up cool cuz it's either you kill someone or someone kills you. Note: killing can come in different forms shocked

And finally YOU WILL BE ALONE.
Those Adam and Eve that put you in that situation won't be there for you when the time comes my broda you go cry your cry.

Now if you still don't Gerrit then Forget aboutrit


Family / Re: "How A Little Girl Almost Ruined My Life" by RSVP: 3:27am On Apr 24

Don't know where u guys get all these,stories ooo. A little tiny girl will accuse u of smtn u never did and u will keep quiet or start crying. when u should 1st shun the the little for saying such rubbish or order her to prove to how and where u molested her infront of her parents. Well I don't blame the manipulative little girls I blame the parents who don't properly get to the bottom of the matter.

Bt to me I think some of u guys including the op play to much with these little girls they grow confidence to talk rubbish. it's probably see finish.

I have thought little kids and never heard such rubbish. I know how and speak with them and relate with them even if I'm playful.

This your approach would either got you seriously beaten up or killed by angry youth or probably locked up for child molesting if you're lucky....
Baba you think you stand a chance when a minor wrongly accuse you of something?? Order her to prove kini??
Bro! This thing no funny oo.
The girl never said anything to my face in my own case. It was her dad that came to report the situation to my father and my dad was shocked and couldn't hold it then he called me and my stepmom to the sitting room and ask that man to repeat what he just told him in my presence.
The way d thing hit me made me became paralyzed and couldn't utter a word as the man was talking about those things cuz I was more than shocked! It was my stepmom that delivered me that day.. she jumped up and said No way! cry
I can't even defend myself cuz I won't know what to say. .. i was still in ss2 then and the girl was about 7yrs old .
That girl no dey enter our house like that and I'm not even the type that play with kids.. why I go play with them nnah?
Typically,my dad wouldn't have handle the situation that way if my stepmom hadn't defend me.

As I come dey use my mouth tell people say oboy see watin daddy Kaosarat say I do ooo and dem go say dem don hear before ..nah that time I come get to know say the matter don even dey area since and it was that girl mom that pressured his husband to go report me to my dad. The husband was a calm person and him sef know what I fit do to an extend but him woman dey mount pressure to escalate the matter and thank God he told my dad about it and that's when my eye clear say no wonder people be dey look me with one bad eye.
False accusations is the worse thing that could happen to a man...

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Family / Re: "How A Little Girl Almost Ruined My Life" by RSVP: 9:22pm On Apr 23

You should learn to respect your father. Did you just call him pman?

You think it's stylish? No, it's dumb.

You almost concealed your ailment.

Just don't skip ur pills next time.

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Family / Re: "How A Little Girl Almost Ruined My Life" by RSVP: 3:47pm On Apr 22
Same thing happened to me long time ago .

A neighbor daughter said I molested her and the story has circulated around almost half of the people in our neighborhood was looking at me somehow but I never knew until her father came to tell my pman one faithful morning... Oboy! I was shocked and couldn't believe a lil girl would came up with such story... I carried the stigma for many years cuz I don't even know what to say to defend myself...Those little demon can lie oo.... Someone may have done that but NOT ME!
That's why I casually play with kids especially those little jezebel.

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Education / Re: Flashback: Did You Read This Book While Growing Up? by RSVP: 4:21pm On Apr 21
Yes o...
Those good old days when we actually thought education was the way...
We never knew what the future would look like back then.

We no fit whine waist like the present day 10 years old....

You made alot of sense.
I don't know for other countries but education in Nigerian isn't encouraging anymore.
Nigeria system has killed so many brilliant sharp mind.. funny enuf I still remember few poems and some of my nursery sch class mate full names and that was over 3 decade ago.
Na only God knows how life is treating most of them now....

That time weh we dey use 2b pencil and all those old 20 leaves exercise books write stuff.


Family / Re: Share your experience about this torch light (Pix) by RSVP: 11:34am On Apr 18
You forgot to add the tiger battery that powers it

This battery is demonic I swear grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
E get one stupid strong lynon wrap weh dey dis battery body... It's very hard to pill grin grin grin
You need to see my old man face when trying to break free dis thing.

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Family / Re: Share your experience about this torch light (Pix) by RSVP: 11:21am On Apr 18
Knack am knack am grin
hahaha that knacking part really frustrate our old men that time mehn..

You would think this tourch light only works with tiger battery that year and you will see a well arranged line up of batteries on the window side waiting for substitution.

One funniest thing about this tourch light is you won't know which part gets fault when it stop working.... It won't just switch on again and that when it turns to boiz toy.


Travel / Re: How To Get Items That Can't Ship From Ebay To Nigeria by RSVP: 11:48pm On Apr 16
There is a site but am still trying to find out how reliable they are

Which site is that?
You might want to share to get reviews from whoever has used their service b4.

Please I need help with the above issue. I'm trying to get a laptop but the seller doesn't ship to Nigeria so am looking for alternative cheap, fast ways that I can use.
Someone suggested I use flymymall.com but I haven't done this before so I need opinions on the best way to get it done while also avoiding custom's issues.

I just checked out the site and it look promising but I think you should chat up their customer center for more info.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Russia Rescued The Ruble by RSVP: 11:16am On Apr 07
I don't understand UK and the rest of Europe. How will they sanction Russia, seizing their assets and still do business with them back door ?

It's bcuz all these western countries are not mighty as they seems.
Their sanctions doesn't pull anything out of Russia...
Russia is a bigger boy. zelansky is the fool here.

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Family / Re: Advice Please by RSVP: 10:55am On Apr 06
Living in over 300k per annual appartment might not actually be the problem here broda.

Try to broad ur financial source by empowering ur woman and adjust spending on unnecessary things that doesn't contribute much to your household.

Everyone wants the best for themselves and their family but you jzt need to cut ur coat according to ur finances this time.
Agriculture / Re: Mushroom Farming by RSVP: 4:35am On Mar 18
do you have access to this sir?

Family / Re: . by RSVP: 7:31am On Mar 11
Happy Birthday Boss Man.

May Every Good Things In Life Fall On You grin

Oya wears d yeartime? grin grin


This life no sweet at all bro..

Life sweet bro.
Nobi say person no dey try but nah 9ja dey frustrate most people effort.

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Family / Re: Is Paypal Actually An App For Yahoo Boys? by RSVP: 7:42am On Mar 07
Don't try to setup PayPal acct if you don't have the full knowledge on how PayPal works .

I can help you receive the funds with my PayPal if the source is legit then we proceed to sell the fund out to a vendor who will buy the fund and send the ratio to ur bank accout.

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