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Education / Re: 5 Steps To Self Development by Runningwater(m): 7:04pm On Jan 22
Nice write up. Keep it up!!!
Number 3 also called journaling. its one of my new year resolution this year. My journal contains my thoughts, ideas, daily experience, daily goals, things im grateful for among others p

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Education / Re: 5 Steps To Self Development by Runningwater(m): 6:51pm On Jan 22
Quite a number of people live each day as it comes, clueless of what else the next minute holds.
They engage in so many things for the sake of seeking fulfilment, but keep going round the circles.

There are five major steps to coming out of this web of frustration, which I will quickly address.

1. The Listening Habit

The benefit of listening more than you talk can never be over emphasized. There are 101 things you are yet to learn, and if all you do is talk about the things you know, denying others the benefit of depositing some values in you, you will continue to remain where you are.

The more you listen, the higher your state of reasoning, that is like gathering knowledge from different angles, comparing and contrasting till you get the best of it.

Imagine if all you do is to give out, how then will you ever receive?

2. Setting Boundaries

There is this neighbour of mine who jokes a lot to the detriment of another. I mean, he can be so insulting and say things you will remember for life, all in the name of jokes.

I have been enduring his words just so I don't appear strict or unfriendly since no one else was complaining.

But at a point, I told him clearly to his face, right in the presence of everyone, never to say certain words to me again, I also made sure I warned him of his touchy ways. He wanted to laugh it off as usual, but I wasn't in for it. I stood my ground and created that boundary which brought back respect from everyone.

You need to understand that, there are certain things you need to say a big NO to, don't ever be intimidated to accept everything because others are accepting it. You are not everyone.

3. Daily Records

This is something that has helped me grately, each day, I pick a book and write out what I was able to do that day. I check out my mistakes, the words I said which I shouldn't have uttered, and what I desire to do the next day.

This process has brought about tremendous change. Why? Because I am now accountable to my inner mind. I won't want to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, instead, I get the chance to rewrite my ways.

4. Positive Words

One thing I have learnt to do is, never to say "I can't", when I haven't tried.

Why can't you when others can? You become exactly what you say to yourself.

If you have that believe that you can't achieve something, my dear, you won't.

The universe has ears, whatever you say to it is what it brings to you and makes you work on.
Do your best in avoiding negative words.

5. Be Selective

Yes, you read that right. Be highly selective when it comes to people you keep close. Don't be all about pleasing people or making friends with everyone. You don't need them, you can never please them.

Position yourself in a way you attract only people who will add value to your life.

Who has excess friends helped in this life? Instead it brings a lot of negative energies and frenemies.

Only people who are not ready to grow will tag that pride. If that is the price to getting your life on track and influencing your tribe, please pay the price.


These are basic tips that can set you on the proper development journey, especially in this year when everyone is set to grow.

You have certain questions bothering you?
You don't know how to get started?
You need someone to fuel your spirit and be interested in your growth?

Click this link to connect with me https:///3qE6tBj

Or send a direct message to +2348174506452

We are in this together.
Education / Re: 50 Legendary Quotes On Education by Runningwater(m): 6:53pm On Aug 16, 2020
Just went back in time after reading the quotes, when education is valued in our society unlike now.
Education / Re: 10 Things Every Nigerian Student Must Know by Runningwater(m): 6:41pm On Aug 16, 2020
Nice write up.
Phones / Re: Screenshot Your Phone Menu And I Would Tell You About Yourself by Runningwater(m): 10:13pm On Aug 08, 2020

You're a phone addict
You're tech savvy
You love to explore apps
You seek to gain useful information
You engage in erudite activities
You use a tecno phone
Not a bad guess very close to fact
Phones / Re: Screenshot Your Phone Menu And I Would Tell You About Yourself by Runningwater(m): 6:40am On Aug 03, 2020
Another one

Phones / Re: Screenshot Your Phone Menu And I Would Tell You About Yourself by Runningwater(m): 6:38am On Aug 03, 2020
Here's mine

Science/Technology / Re: Many Animals Are Way Bigger Than We Think (Photos) by Runningwater(m): 8:43pm On Jul 31, 2020
Wow!!!!!! Amazing photos
Pets / Re: 7 Animals People Use Instead Of Dogs As Guards - No 2 Is My Favourite (pictures) by Runningwater(m): 8:38pm On Jul 31, 2020
Can humans tame wolves, alligator, and crocodile for protection? I never knew.
I even wonder the success rates of trying to train these wild animals... But anyway, dogs are still better.

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Education / Re: Motivational Lounge: Come And Get Inspired With Words Of Wisdom by Runningwater(m): 6:47am On Jul 29, 2020
Hello Guys....
Whatever you are doing in life, you need motivations, you need guidelines from people who have passed through or going through same situation as this helps to guide your steps and keep you on the right track ,
Take a deep breathe as you go through this Thread, remember to make affirmations and absorb the quotes that matters to you..
Cheers to a better life for all Nairalanders....
Thanks.... Just got inspired and motivated this morning
Programming / Re: Elon Musk Claims Ai Will Overtake Humans 'in Less Than Five Years by Runningwater(m): 3:19pm On Jul 28, 2020
It has started long before now, but the AIs are dumb to destroy the world. AI has take over security (facial recognition, smart missiles etc), transportation (self-driving vehicles, in airports, etc), search of information (Google search engine, Alexa, Apple Siri, Samsung AI assistant etc), education ( Coursera, edX, etc), management, and so on....
Romance / Re: What Age Did You Have Your First Kiss? by Runningwater(m): 2:59pm On Jul 28, 2020
At tender age ( from my mother)
Computers / Re: How To Transfer Ms Office To Another Computer? by Runningwater(m): 12:27pm On Jul 23, 2020
Microsoft Office is the productivity suite which is developed by Microsoft. It is a whole package of many utility software This software helps in formatting, editing, creating text documents, and also used for making a presentation, etc. You can install this office.com/setup software. It is compatible with Windows OS, Mac, Laptop, Computers, and Android Phones. It is used for both homes as well as for business purposes. It makes the work easier, faster, and convenient. When you purchase the Microsoft office software, you can transfer the Office to a new or another computer. You can activate it with the old license of Microsoft. You must know that all Office licenses are transferable. So, for this first, you have to deactivate the Office software and then uninstall Office from the old computer, and then install it on the New Computer. Transfer Microsoft office to another computer and you can get all of the required information you need regarding Microsoft office.

Transfer Office 2010 or 2013 License

For transferring Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, and 2016 from one computer to another, Follow the steps given below:

Uninstall the current Microsoft Office installation from your PC, Open control panel Program Features select MS Office 2010 or 2013. Right-click on the application and click Uninstall.

Now, check whether your new PC is running any trial version of Office. In case if you've installed Offices trial version uninstall it completely. Note: Failing in uninstalling the trial version of Office, you may face issues.

Initiate Microsoft Office installation. Note: Install from CD or the installation media package and activate it with the License given.

Upon the completion of the installation Microsoft Office, Open any Office program, click on File tab Account.

Click Activate Product (Change Product Key) input the Key. Note: In case if you get an error message, for example, too many installations, and the activation could not complete, you would have to contact Microsoft Customer Care and raise a request for activation over the phone.
Nice one
Programming / Re: Hacker Ctf Challenge INFOSEC by Runningwater(m): 10:48am On Jul 23, 2020

please kindly wait till i finnish.and you cant understand if you dont have vast knowledge in html and js.
Programming / Re: Hacker Ctf Challenge INFOSEC by Runningwater(m): 7:17am On Jul 23, 2020

please kindly wait till i finnish.and you cant understand if you dont have vast knowledge in html and js.
I have knowledge in HTML and J's. Not just in depth
Programming / Re: Beginners/ Intermediate Web Developer Platform To Perfect Your Skills. by Runningwater(m): 3:12pm On Jul 21, 2020
Front end dev (HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ongoing))

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Programming / Re: Why Don't We Start The Next Startup? by Runningwater(m): 2:48pm On Jul 21, 2020

Bro you are right but having the best strategy plan might work
Anyone ready??
What's on your mind about the start up? What service(s) or product(s) to offer?
Programming / Re: Hacker Ctf Challenge INFOSEC by Runningwater(m): 2:39pm On Jul 21, 2020
I don't understand any damn it but I'm following cause I might catch up later

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Programming / Re: What Laptop Do You Guys Use To Run Your Programs? by Runningwater(m): 8:52am On Jul 21, 2020
Use dell.. it’s stronger it’s has The best response to coding..
How does it have strong response for coding?

Laptop or desktop computer that are preferable for coding are the ones with good CPU, high storage space (both primary and secondary), better OS, good hardware and software compatibility and others, regardless of the manufacturer like HP, Dell, Apple, Asus, Samsung, etc.
Programming / Re: Why Don't We Start The Next Startup? by Runningwater(m): 5:11pm On Jul 20, 2020
Maybe digital goods will do
They don't waste a lot of money
Digital goods? Meaning what. You meant like e-commerce site or what.
I could help in web development and design and maybe later android app using Java gradually.

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Programming / Re: Why Don't We Start The Next Startup? by Runningwater(m): 4:22pm On Jul 19, 2020
It's much surprise to me why we still lack innovation in programming and technology in Nigeria.
Please, what do you think we should do?
We can get started. What kind of services or products do you want the startup to sell?

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Programming / Re: Share Your Remote Job Experience As A Developer by Runningwater(m): 4:16pm On Jul 19, 2020

Can I see the source code please??
That's where I posted the code. I had to do some editing, the site might mess with the indentation. Copy the code and paste it on a text file in your PC.

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Education / Re: Important Study Abroad Tips by Runningwater(m): 2:29pm On Jul 17, 2020
Programming / Re: Share Your Remote Job Experience As A Developer by Runningwater(m): 2:20pm On Jul 17, 2020

I use python's selenium and beautifulSoup
I once wrote a web scraper in python that scraps phone number and email address.
What programming skills you use in earning in upwork apart from Python....
Programming / Re: Share Your Remote Job Experience As A Developer by Runningwater(m): 2:08pm On Jul 17, 2020

Js and python

I guess you have good years of experience before becoming a senior software developer
What do you use JavaScript and Python at work for. Please be more specific on the project work they are both use.... I have immediate skills on both especially Python.

I would be really grateful if you could explain.
Programming / Re: High Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked By Bitcoin Scammers by Runningwater(m): 3:22pm On Jul 16, 2020
Hackers are maaad

Well, with the way high profile accounts are being hacked at the same time on the same purpose, there is probably a Judas working for Twitter
True word
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Celebrates His 30th Birthday Today by Runningwater(m): 3:10pm On Jul 16, 2020
Happy birthday to Wizkid!!! African starboy and the number one African international music artist!!!
More blessings and archievements to you
TV/Movies / Re: Mark Angel Is Africa's Greatest Youtuber, A Nigerian by Runningwater(m): 2:52pm On Jul 16, 2020
Nigerians Are Unaware That Africa's Greatest Youtuber Is A Nigerian

Alot of Nigerians do not know that Africa's biggest YouTuber is a Nigerian. Interestingly, that title belongs to one 29-year-old Nigerian comedian, scriptwriter, and video producer who oddly doesn’t have as much clout back home as he has loyal fans abroad.

With over 6.39 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views on his 300+ videos, Mark Angel is technically the biggest YouTuber in Africa.(Social blade, 2020)
The Nigerian is best known for the Mark Angel Comedy series of shorts on YouTube, often featuring child comedians such as his 9-year-old niece, Emmanuella Samuel, and her sister, “Aunty” Success Madubuike (age 5 as of 2019).
Mark Angel’s YouTube channel was the first African comedy channel to reach one million subscribers.
Mark Angel was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. He had a stint at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Osun State, Nigeria, where he had been accepted to study medicine, but he eventually abandoned his studies due to family reasons.

After he left college, he spent time in Nigeria gaining experience in cinematography and theater. In 2013, he began independent filmmaking under the name, Mechanic Pictures, having been unable to find stable work in Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood.
His skits became an instant hit. In 2017, Mark Angel Comedy received a plaque from YouTube for having reached one million subscriptions. It was the first Nigerian-based YouTube channel to reach that threshold.
Mark Angel’s niece, Emmanuella, has won comedy awards in Nigeria and Australia for her work with Mark Angel and is Africa’s youngest YouTube award winner.
In 2018, she even bagged a nomination in Nickelodeon’s famous Kids’ Choice Awards. Mark Angel Comedy videos can reach up to a million views during the first week after posting.
Few people know it but Mark Angel is, by some distance, Africa’s most successful YouTuber.

So, How Come Most Nigerians Don’t Know This?
Short Answer: It’s probably because Nigerians don’t care about YouTube and YouTubers that much, at least, not as much as they care about other social platforms.
As a matter of fact, compared to other social media platforms that are popular in Nigeria like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, YouTube has only a tiny fraction of active users of which only an even smaller fraction can be termed “consistent users.”
Maybe it’s not even Mark Angel, perhaps the fact of the matter is that most Nigerians don’t even know any of the biggest YouTubers in Nigeria.

And Why’s This?
Hootsuite’s State of Digital report placed the number of internet users in Nigeria at 98.39 million as of 2019.
Of the 98.39 million Nigerian internet users, it was found that 54 percent access the internet on a daily basis while only 12 percent (24 million) have active social media accounts.

Additionally, WhatsApp was found to be the most active social media platform in the country with 85 percent of internet users. Facebook placed second with 78 percent,
Instagram came third at 57 percent, followed by FB Messenger at 54 percent.
YouTube is only fifth on the rankings with 53 percent. And that says a lot about the popularity of the platform in Nigeria, and by extension, the popularity of the rockstars on the video-sharing platform in these parts.

Here’s Why YouTube Is Slacking In These Parts

Despite the increase in the number of internet users in Nigeria, overall internet penetration remains quite low, with only about 50 percent of the population connected to the internet, compared to the global average of 57 percent.
Besides that, many Nigerians who have access to the internet cannot afford to stream videos online, plus there’s the issue of spotty internet connections.

All these hamper YouTube usage in Nigeria, making the platform less popular and less frequently-used than other social platforms. It’s for this reason that the likes of Mark Angel get the bulk of their viewership from abroad.
“It is very discouraging for me as a video content creator,” lamented Tobi Ayeni, a YouTube creator popularly known as MissTechy, who spoke to TechPoint
last year.

“Imagine going through a lot of stress to shoot and upload a great video, only for people to watch just the first one minute or skim through because they are trying to manage the data they have,” she complained.

It’s a feeling shared by Dimma Umeh , a fast-rising Nigerian vlogger who runs a fast-growing YouTube channel where she bosses all things, fashion, makeup, and lifestyle, though, according to her, things are beginning to improve.
“I would say that adoption [of YouTube] has been gradual, especially when compared to other platforms where we often create short-form content,” she tells
WeeTracker .

“In the past two years, however, creators like me have seen a sharp increase in the number of viewers viewing from Nigeria and that gives us hope.”

Wow!! I never knew about all these statistics and Mark Angel comedy
Phones / Re: Should You Leave Your Smartphone Plugged Into The Charger Overnight? by Runningwater(m): 2:33pm On Jul 16, 2020
Thanks for sharing this information

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Programming / Re: How Is The Code For A Calculator (hardware), Written Into It. by Runningwater(m): 11:10pm On Jul 15, 2020
Dude, there is no code. The first thing you learn as a computer science major is a basic calculator is not a computer. It is just an electronic device. Don't confuse the novice please.

I don't understand.... A computer is a device that accepts data, process data, store data and produce results. And you're still saying a calculator is not a computer? The oldest form of computer is an abacus ( a counting device that does simple operations like addition), pretty much a simple device and it's still called a computer.
A computer simply does calculations and that just what it does behind the scene nothing more. It seems modern form of computers have changed the view of what computers are.

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