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Agriculture / Re: My Journey Into Livestock Farming (Noiler 1st) by samuelonyewueny(m): 9:40pm On May 18
Check out this YouTube channel, it could help. https://m.youtube.com/c/FarmUp
Romance / Re: Upcoming Wedding Palava by samuelonyewueny(m): 9:12pm On May 18
I'd have asked you to abandon the wedding for now.. But that's left to you (cos as humans, we've our faults). One of the worst things you can do to yourself is trying to please an ingrate (a parasitic one is even worse). A sign of a matured mind is to identify wisdom and take it, no matter the source (in this case your mum). I can guess that
1. this lady would not allow people she deems “less qualified” to advise her. This could include you, if (God forbid) you lose your job, or when she don see you finish.
2. She thinks a good wedding is based on how much is spent & not how well it was planned; which is a kind of inferiority complex - meaning you're ready for marriage & she's not.
I'll advise you spend some more time studying this lady & decide if you want to go ahead with the wedding.

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Celebrities / Re: Elizabeth Jack-Rich Marks Birthday: Elin Group Limited Celebrate CEO (Pictures) by samuelonyewueny(m): 12:04pm On May 18
This one na real elizabeth.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is GNLD/NEOLIFE Officially A Scam? by samuelonyewueny(m): 8:59am On May 11
Multilevel marketing is not meant for lazy and weak minds.
..Are you a billionaire now?? Just asking.

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Romance / Re: In This Economy, Can You Marry Someone Who Earns 60k Monthly? - Nigerians React by samuelonyewueny(m): 9:02am On May 10
Why are females increasingly becoming so pea brained?
That question is effectively, Would you marry an ungrateful, leech on a salary of 60k?
Remember, she is broke, entitled, myopic individual who brings little or nothing to the table but expects to be taken care of for the rest of her life.
Yet, will not shut up and be reasonable but continually complain about your income while she is proud to be an utterly useless, broke dependent.
Very unreasonable set of people who have become so entitled because they have a vigina! Someone is willing to put himself and all his belongings on the line to take care of you in the name of relationship but all you deem neccessary is to complain about his money yet you don't have shit of your own. Even pets show more gratitude to their care takers than some women.
This irritates the fvck out of me.

Please take it easy...it is almost impossible for anyone to change anyone. As for me, I've come to love them like that. So far as I am concerned, ladies are babies (age irrespective). Know this and know peace. wink

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Romance / Re: In This Economy, Can You Marry Someone Who Earns 60k Monthly? - Nigerians React by samuelonyewueny(m): 8:57am On May 10

If man dey earn 60k and the woman dey earn 40k, family income is still 60k.

Don't ask me why grin

I swear,
Just for humour, the rules of mathematics don't apply in marriage. Even God said in marriage 1+1=1..LOL grin grin grin

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Crime / Re: I Want To Report My Landlord For Bypassing Our Electricity Meter by samuelonyewueny(m): 8:43am On May 10
Since you already have his quit notice, when you leave and settle elsewhere, report him.
Politics / Re: Uzodinma: Aggrieved Politicians Responsible For The Insecurity In Imo State by samuelonyewueny(m): 12:43pm On May 01
When you see someone talking too much, they have nothing to say.

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Politics / Re: Mbaka Asked Buhari For Contracts, Was Rebuffed, There Are Pictures - Garba Shehu by samuelonyewueny(m): 10:28am On May 01
I'm not a catholic. However anyone speaking ill of mbaka is a baby & needs to grow up. Anybody can ask for contract from the government or private company. Asking for contract is similar to applying for a job. Even without facts/data I can almost tell you that mbaka didn't ask for contract for himself (most likely for church members/his friends). That's how networking works; use someone who knows someone you want to know - if you've a business you'd truly understand what I'm saying. Majority of the people speaking trash is out of jealousy (cos they can never be where mbaka is)

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Health / Re: The 10 Demands By Striking Doctors — And ‘FGs Responses So Far’ by samuelonyewueny(m): 8:27pm On Apr 08
As compelling as your write up, you are missing the point. This is about doctors welfare & not about hospital/healthcare system money.
I don't think any doctor would like to die of hunger, because he doesn't want a patient to die of sickness.

First off, I'll shout "na Buhari cause am!!!".

Then let's reason together.
What's the purpose of the health sector? Make money or save life?
Bizarrely, the so-called bone of contention is "money". Proof: only number 9 of the ultimati given by the Doctors doesn't relate directly to money.

Healthcare is a scam. It's all about money. It should be scrapped out totally. Let people learn to live with suffering and die whenever death knocks.
Healthcare pejorates death and suffering. (Yet any good thinker knows the idea to escape death and suffering is more or less utopian. And even if this idea is realized, it must have something of inhumanity in it.)
Scrap off the health sectors all over the world! It wasn't in any way created to take care of humanity. It has always been a business sector. That's why John's Dad, being too poor to pay for a kidney transplant, was left to die of the sickness whereas Matthew's Dad who had the same sickness still lives. He was flew to India where he underwent a kidney transplant... The healthcare doesn't save lives. Money does. That's why Malaria still kills millions in a certain continent whereas another continent eradicated from it environs many years ago. Can't they eradicate it entirely from the planet? They're not there for your health. It's all about business. That's why the Corona Virus' vaccine was discovered barely 18 months after the virus struck a certain continent but the Malaria Virus still doesn't have a vaccine... because that certain continent doesn't feel endangered.

I hate to think like a jurist, but let there be justice in suffering and death. Scrap off the health sectors. People used to live without them.
Politics / Re: Sabo Nanono Marries 18-Year-Old Rakiya In Secret Wedding (Photo) by samuelonyewueny(m): 9:55am On Apr 08
Young enough to be his (great or grand) daughter
Getting married to a girl who is old enough to be your daughter.

I also blame the girl, all these small girls like Regina too like money or what else would cause this type of madness.
Politics / Re: Missing Jet: NAF Dismisses Boko Haram Video As False by samuelonyewueny(m): 11:17pm On Apr 02
Idiotic leaders always denying everything.
They think we are all stupid. If the head Of The Air Force can show up in borno as part Of The search party, then it was truly shot down. Part of the signs of change is the ability to tell yourself the truth, especially when things are not working. https://www.google.com/url?q=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DYORDMd_7cQk&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwirzbzkyuDvAhUwA2MBHQofB14QtwIwBXoECAgQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0-l1lYNSMf3xwem5n5F5mB

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Politics / Re: Amaechi: Women Should Be Given More Political Appointments by samuelonyewueny(m): 8:13am On Mar 29
Rubbish, empty talk. People that call themselves leaders, always making statements without substance. Saying the right thing for the wrong reason. Why don't you resign by handing over to a woman? Lip service.
Politics / Re: Court Orders Extension Of NIN Registration By Two Months by samuelonyewueny(m): 10:16am On Mar 24
Don't always be in a haste to condemn. The Real Problem is that people in times past (for years) tried to do this and well heavily frustrated by the same NIN officials. Hence people lost interest then suddenly the government is now giving ultimatum. I assume that you like this bubu's government but don't lose your sense.

Very Very Very Good Development....

More on NIN that Sane, good, honest and hardworking Nigerians should know.....

Nigerians home and abroad , kindly take note!

Imagine you walk into an Immigration office to apply for an international passport.
You are asked for information verifying your identity and you just give them a number and instantly the Immigration officials connect to the National Identity Database – all your required information appears on their computer screen.
They can only see information they are authorised to see.
Done, your identity is verified – no need to go get extra documents, spend more money, just to prove who you are.
That is the convenience provided by your NIN.
This is synonymous with Social Security Number (SSN), if you don't have that in some countries abroad, you will just be living like a corpse, without being able to do anything in life, a corpse will even be better than your as$! 
It’s the same thing when you go to process a driver’s licence, you would only need to present your NIN and your identity would be verified.

This is how it is done in saner climes we all want to emulate.
We will surely get there someday soon.

God bless Nigeria.

Na God o Chief Topmaike.
D anointing wey all of us @MANNABBQGRILLS carry ehn,
even d devil sef see am, dey bow from afar! cheesy
God punish devil!

But we have said it over and over again on this forum, that our posts here is only for sane minds.
We know you wailers and kids can never assimilate our posts due to the constant hatred you have for your country (the country you call a zoo).
An advice to you, next time, scroll over our post to the next post cos it is too deep for your brain.
That will be better for you rather than to develop migraine for nothing.
Please kindly take to this advice from the elders for your own good.
Peace out!

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Politics / Re: Nigeria To Disconnect Niger, Benin Over ₦2.60 Billion Electricity Debt by samuelonyewueny(m): 10:03am On Mar 02
Niger, Benin, Chad who can't even pay for electricity are the same people that North is threatening to divert and sell their foodstuffs and cow to.
Before they raise the money those cows would have suffered kwashiorkor in those trailers like this picture below
I was reasoning the same thing your head dey there!!
Education / Re: University Of Abuja Students Beat Lecturer After Exams (Video) by samuelonyewueny(m): 9:16am On Feb 24
To all the cowards saying things like "mass F9", "expel the students", etc..you are part of the reason why we are the way we are. If the lecturer & school want to escalate things, then the students should escalate as well. Madness begat madness. Any rubbish you tolerate today will grow bigger tomorrow.
Politics / Re: Kidnapping: FG To Install CCTV Cameras On Highways by samuelonyewueny(m): 11:16pm On Feb 16
CCTV without electricity... Jokers
Politics / Re: NIMC: No Cause For Panic Over SIM Card Deactivation by samuelonyewueny(m): 1:38pm On Dec 17, 2020
Even in their statement (this article), you can see confusion..."
The Commission explained that adequate arrangements have been made to capture the data of 200 million Nigerians within the next five years". Yet we should all have our sim cards nin compliant within 2 weeks....IDIOTS

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Car Talk / Re: PAN Faults FG's Plan To Reduce Import Duty On Vehicles by samuelonyewueny(m): 8:22am On Nov 20, 2020
Greedy people....
Custom duty on cars is 70% of the value of the car in Nigeria. So in essence whoever buys a car abroad would almost sell the car at x2 the cost. Wicked Government & for what?? We don't make cars in Nigeria - we only assembly car parts.
In Europe where they make cars (BMW, PORSCHE, etc), their own import duty is 30% (which is fairly reasonable).
Senselessness in high places...


Education / Re: Abia Students To Ikpeazu: Reduce Our School Fees, We Don't Need The N30k Cash by samuelonyewueny(m): 2:12pm On Nov 12, 2020
cunny man die....cunny man go bury am....nice one...we've awoken..
Education / Re: At 20, What Are Things One Needs To Learn Or Do To Be Successful In The Future? by samuelonyewueny(m): 11:44am On Sep 07, 2020
Two things:
1. Education: Go to school, try your best. The idea of going to school should not be to have 1st class but learning how to learn on your own.
2. How to make money: I am 28 now..and I just realized that;
a) Having money and being rich are two different things
b) Having a good grade in school (which I did), having a job of say 300k in Nigeria will not make you rich. You would money or just be comfortable at best. making money is a whole different ball game.
If you have some disposable money, try investing in stocks, bonds, or maybe start a business. Trust me you need both.


Family / Re: Wife Trying To Ruin My Career Within A Few Months Of Arriving Abroad by samuelonyewueny(m): 10:51pm On May 23, 2020
I can give you some ideas - I hate to do this, but always prepare for the worse.

1. make sure she never gets a job.. if necessary follow her, know her potential employers & tell them who she really is since the police has arrested her once they will quickly understand

2. plan a vacation to any African country (if you say Nigeria, she might catch the game), once there, abandon her & find your way. beg her as usual if necessary, she has to believe you for this to work.

she's no longer your wife or friend. she's now an enemy. treat her as one
Family / Re: Wife Trying To Ruin My Career Within A Few Months Of Arriving Abroad by samuelonyewueny(m): 9:31pm On May 23, 2020
My advise,

Do all you can to make sure that woman (sorry.. she's no longer your wife) suffers beyond measure. .. (I'm telling you from a relatives experience).

These kind of people only respond to fatal force not reasoning - the more you cry, beg, the more arrogant and bossier she'd get.

This same happened to someone close to me too..if she tells you - she'll ruin your career, she means it & she's doing it howbeit now in piecemeal.
Education / Re: E-learning: Atlantic Hall Imposes N175,000 Monthly Fee For Online Learning by samuelonyewueny(m): 11:44am On May 15, 2020
What are there teaching in d school

How to go to the moon. lol.. don't tell anybody.
Career / Re: N5 Million Cash Or A 100k Job? Help Him Decide by samuelonyewueny(m): 9:49pm On May 10, 2020
collect the 5m. Reasons;
1. 5m now has more value now than in 4+ years (remember it would take him a minimum of 4 years to save the amount even if he doesn't touch it, which is very unlikely).
2. the company could fold or he could get fired, within the hypothetical reference time.

So advise,
take the money (job status notwithstanding) and invest part or all of it. someone who's wise enough will know that saving 5m from 300K a month job is not funny.


Education / Re: Hostel Built By Pastor David Ibiyeomie For Ignatius Ajuru University (Photos) by samuelonyewueny(m): 7:20pm On Nov 22, 2019
Papa d Papa..
Family / Re: How Do I Understand/satisfy My Husband? by samuelonyewueny(m): 10:24am On Nov 22, 2019
he's not angry at you.. it's transferred aggression of not having a job. He feels he's alone in the world - have a discussion with him on How To make money or get a new job or business opportunity.. I think he might be more interested in these topics then hopefully calm down a bit.

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Family / Re: What My Wife Does Whenever We Have A Disagreement by samuelonyewueny(m): 10:45pm On Nov 17, 2019
What I don't understand is how a supposedly married man will come online to publicly describe how his wife is nakedly demanding for sex.

please read the caveat.. matured minds only!! he's asking cos he needs help. is it better for his marriage to crash??

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Politics / Re: Highway Patrol: The Car I Saw Nigeria Police Force Using Today (Photo) by samuelonyewueny(m): 9:29pm On Nov 03, 2019

Yeah we know but not a whole Prado SUV!!!

there are used for high speed pursuit.. so if a criminal in a murano or any high speed car thinks he can getaway.. well he has to think again.
Family / Re: Should Working Class Wives Be Given 'Upkeep'? by samuelonyewueny(m): 8:07pm On Nov 02, 2019

Provided that she is/remains submissive, she'll always have unrestricted access to available and accessible money at any time, whether or not she earns money directly/personally.

As a submissive/good/aristocratic/humane/virtuous/loving woman who's independent-minded:

- Her word is bankable, so there won't be any need to take up the task of monitoring and controlling an adult, because she'll always be altruistic and conscientious and knows how to deploy each where and when necessary. And that, broadly, means that one won't dissipate energy in the pursuit of oneness with her in particular, and peace of mind in general, because she understands that liberty doesn't negate decorum.

- With her, personal longing to achieve eternal oneness with an opposite sex of a nonkin automatically becomes an easy task.

So, she deserves the absolute best treatment.

oh God ..see English


Religion / Re: Pastor David Ibiyeomie Celebrates His 57th Birthday In Grand Style by samuelonyewueny(m): 3:18pm On Oct 21, 2019
Happy birthday

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Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman: I Almost Died Fasting For 11 Days Without Water Or Food by samuelonyewueny(m): 10:17pm On Oct 05, 2019

Fasting is used to force or enforce a change, pattern, or demand. Receiving the anointing comes from the desperation and longing of your heart. That unquenchable and restless desire to tap into the supernatural workings of God.

Seek for the anointing because it makes you fat in the spirit thus breaking your yokes and lifting your burdens. (In that day their burden will be lifted from your shoulders, their yoke from your neck; the yoke will be broken because you have grown so fat(anointing) - Isaiah 10:27).

Fast constantly to sustain and maintain your advantage over satan, the anointing. Jesus was baptized of the water and the holy spirit and he went thus into the wilderness to sharpen the anointing. He came out healing the sick and delivering those oppressed of the devil.


you're highly awesome.. flesh and blood has not revealed this.

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