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Travel / Re: The Sleeping Lady Mountain In Alaska: Real Or Fake? (Photo) by san316(m): 10:13pm On Aug 11
Family / Re: How A Facebook Comment Crashed Her Marriage by san316(m): 6:32pm On Jul 13
the true character of a man is revealed when no one is watching
Politics / Re: Shekau Weeps In New Audio, Seeks Protection Against Nigerian Soldiers' Firepower by san316(m): 5:45am On May 13
Enemies of Nigeria are so many on nairaland. They believed the misinterpreted video of shekau seeking protection against Chad army but now they are doubting a well translated audio of Shekau weeping. Thesame Sahara reporters you believed on Chad have also reported Nigeria's victories against BH of recent. So scratch that...

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Politics / Re: Wike Demolishes Prodest Hotel, Eleme In Rivers State (Pictures) by san316(m): 2:56pm On May 10
At least it will serve as deterrent to others

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Politics / Re: FFK: Comparing Buhari To OBJ Is Like Comparing Count Dracula To Mother Theresa by san316(m): 9:34am On May 05

How old are you ?

Someone that cleared our debts ,

Built our reserves

Remodeled our banking sector from collapse

Lunched over 3 set into space

Built national space center Abuja
I can keep going on and on
Are you high

Nonsense! Nonsense Nonsense. You must be very young during OBJ's regime. Obj was a disaster in Nigeria if you don't know. If he did any good to us, our economy, health sector, education would not be in the sorry state it is today. Are you aware of the Kaduna crisis, the Zaki Biam incidence, The plane crashes experienced in Nigeria during Obj. Obj turned Nigeria upside down with clear political assassination and executive tyranny when he removed governors at will. Sit with an elder let him recount the Nigerian experience under Obj.

Where is the Nigeria space centre? how many people have gone to space from Nigeria? Which banking sector was remodeled? the one that is still struggling today. Major banking reforms started in 2008 after the global economic melt down. All what Obj did or was said to have done was a reaction to global trend which were unavoidable (GSM, EFCC and ICPC act or anti-corruption war)
Family / Re: What Does It Mean For Babies To Be Looking Through Their Legs? by san316(m): 2:28pm On Apr 17
You dey talk about superstition and you carry oyibo children picture put.
Politics / Re: Katsina, Highest Recipient Of Conditional Cash Transfer by san316(m): 2:25pm On Apr 17

Going by this claim of yours, please explain why Ebonyi is completely left out of the list or which criteria did you say was used again?

Stop defending everything even though it's obviously stupid

Unlike you, I'm not quick to accuse people based on assumption. The information available on ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management spells out in details, how the beneficiaries are selected and which of the states are beneficiaries. Also, my comment sought to clarify the fact that the CCT has nothing to do with COVID 19.

Not everybody that says things favorable to the govt is defending the govt. Opposition aimed at making the country better should be based on facts and truth.
Properties / Re: What Could Be The Cause Of Recent Fire Outbreaks? by san316(m): 2:07pm On Apr 17
Have you noticed the sun recently?
Politics / Re: Katsina, Highest Recipient Of Conditional Cash Transfer by san316(m): 8:07am On Apr 16
The level of ignorance on this platform is mind boggling. Many people are still yet to realize that this Conditional Cash Transfer has been ongoing since 2016 and it is not linked to COVID 19. The only link to COVID 19 is that govt decided to pay for four months. Those receiving these monies have been receiving it long ago. And the criteria for selection were spelt out to favor the poorest states in the country.


Politics / Re: Chad Gives Nigeria April 22 Deadline To Occupy Territories Seized From BokoHaram by san316(m): 7:46pm On Apr 12
How funny, Kingsley Nwezih is in Abuja reporting what is happening in Lake Chad region. What happens to going to the theatre and getting the news first hand? Later they will apologize for posting a wrong report.
Politics / Re: Chad Embassy Writes Nigeria On Chadian Military Videos In Circulation by san316(m): 2:15pm On Apr 09
You and the 349 people that liked this post are not smart. There was no video of Shekau appealing to his foot soldiers, it was an audio and shekau said nothing about running away from Chadians.

Fake Memo from Lauretta Onochie nd BMC Crew

So Chad that its official language is French will be writing to Nigeria govt with English.

Which of the video being circulated is fake??
Is it the one that Nigerian soldiers ar rejoicing that Chadian soldiers are going to attack boko haram?
Or the one that Gen. Adeniyi is complaining of lack of weapon nd intel to fight boko haram.
Or the one that Shekau is begging Chadian army to leave them alone?

BMC should stop the fake memo
Travel / Re: Nigerian In Philippines Displays Relief Items Given To Him By Government by san316(m): 6:55pm On Apr 02
It's is same Nigerians that steal these relief materials to be distributed by government. Same Nigerians will be hailing them on Twitter and IG when they do give away of 1k airtime. E no concern government
Family / Re: What's The Biggest Gift Your Abroad Relative Has Ever Given To You? by san316(m): 8:07am On Mar 09

So Liberia or serrie leone self na abroad ?
He lives in the US but runs his accounts in Nigeria. Sure he did it through one of his accounts.
Family / Re: What's The Biggest Gift Your Abroad Relative Has Ever Given To You? by san316(m): 11:29pm On Mar 08
My customer sent me 50k in Naira oo. In my family, only my dad has travelled abroad, and it was for peacekeeping under the military.


Family / Re: I Think My Wife Is A Witch by san316(m): 3:47pm On Feb 25
Before marrying my wife, my business was moving well. I had an appliances big shop with full of things. I made a lots of money monthly and was able to pay all my bills and take care of my single mother and siblings without fail.

Bbut since we got married, just two months and 5 days after our marriage, my shop caught fire. I have lost almost everything only managed to save some few things, had to pay for all the damages to my landlord (the shop owner ) I’m still owning him money and I’m now renting a small shop but things are not working.

I have so much debts to pay to so many people including my previous shop landlord, can’t afford a 3 square meals, can’t afford to pay house rent, can’t afford to pay my shop rent and we have moved to my parents house.

My wife is pregnant and due in April, we haven’t bought anything for the baby. I wish never met her in my life cos she has completely destroyed my life and I have nothing left. She is evil. Haven’t confronted her cos of her condition, don’t want to add more stress to her and am waiting for her to put to bed then I will confront her and chase her away. I will keep the baby with me so she can go with her child she had before we met. I just hate her so much and I want nothing to do with her anymore.

Please what do you suggest I do?

Go Bleep yourself pooosey
Politics / Re: PDP Declares 7-day Prayers, Fasting To Restore Ihedioha’s Mandate by san316(m): 6:33pm On Feb 08
While the beneficiaries of PDPs earlier mandate are already flexing in APC
Politics / Re: Grant Nnamdi Kanu Presidential Pardon To Attend Parents Burial - Ohaneze Youths by san316(m): 10:46pm On Feb 07
Person wey no commit offense dey beg for pardon?
Politics / Re: List Of The 18 Parties That Survived INEC’s Deregistration by san316(m): 5:32pm On Feb 07
In, 2023, new ones will come up again. Especially if PDP decide to rebrand
NYSC / Re: Corpers Celebrate After Receiving Their N33,000 Allowance by san316(m): 6:32pm On Feb 01
All these hopeless hate filled animals prowling on the internet

1 usd is 36k+, If you are not into yahoo yahooo -cyber fraud , even Oyinbos consider it a big money , so when a corper receives 33K salary upped all the way from rarely received 17K and you still have mouth to say it's peasant's money , then , You are a bloody ingrate and you shouldn't be allowed to pro-create

Jonathan sold crude oil for 180$/B and allawee was not paid frequently let alone paying this value the borrower of loans paid this and now you are still not happy

Don't mind those slow brained people. They are the same set of people begging for 100 naira recharge so as to get free 20mb.

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Politics / Re: Supreme Court Upholds Tambuwal's Election As Sokoto Governor by san316(m): 10:23am On Jan 20
Democracy under attack. We wee not take it.
Religion / Re: Gay Jesus: Reno Omokri Kicks As Netflix Shows 'The First Temptation Of Christ' by san316(m): 11:26pm On Dec 15, 2019
They are Jewish, not Christians, get the facts straight.

Is Jesus a Jew or a Christian?
Religion / Re: Gay Jesus: Reno Omokri Kicks As Netflix Shows 'The First Temptation Of Christ' by san316(m): 8:29pm On Dec 15, 2019
Sad but the makers of the movie n the owners of Netflix are Christians. So who is deceiving who? Things like this happen because xtians joke with their faith.

Imagine a pastor inviting a comedian to a church program as a guest entertainer. He will crack jokes with the Bible and everyone including the GO will be laughing like mumu.

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Romance / Re: Two-Month Relationship, My Worst Nightmare by san316(m): 8:14am On Dec 15, 2019
This guy na sharp shooters oo. Any touch Belle don enter. Na waa ooo.

On the flip side, are you sure she doesn't see you as the mumu among men that is why she keeps bringing the pregnancy to you? You seem to be too nice for your safety.

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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Trails Smart Adeyemi With Two LGs Remaining by san316(m): 1:53pm On Nov 17, 2019
The talkative is a goner. Good for him. A big mouthed man in exchange for a slow brained man

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Family / Re: My Husband Said I Should Leave His Home by san316(m): 9:34am On Nov 10, 2019

I'm not fighting God. I'm not used to praying 5 times daily before we met and he knows. I think he's only using it as an excuse. Is it enough reason to.want.a.divorce?

It is enough for him to want a divorce. The difference between a Muslim and a pagan is salat. And if you don't do your salat, then you are tantamount to a pagan. Be glad you have a husband that has love for the deen. If he says his problem with you is lack of prayers, then discipline yourself and start praying sister.
Education / Re: Photos Of Kids In Public Schools In Different Countries Eating Lunch by san316(m): 11:25pm On Nov 03, 2019
You deliberately picked the worst picture from Nigeria to compare with those from advanced countries. It's an unfair comparison and a mockery to yourself.

Why not use the pic below.

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Crime / Re: 12 Victims Rescued From Blessings Of Goodness Healing Church, Lagos (Video, Pics by san316(m): 6:00pm On Nov 01, 2019
everything is competition to North and Muslims. should there be any justification on human humiliation in whatsoever religion disguise ?

if I exit Nigeria today, religion exit in my life. imagine someone saying indirectly that can you see church maltreatment against human to prove the two incident of maltreatment of Qur'an school kids in North?

I have never seen true Christians here who support criminality and maltreatment against humanity except religion fanatics like Muslim extremist who always find justification to embrace their fanaticism

where is the church address located and see if people won't bring it down within 5minutes

It is because of people like you and comments like yours that make people like the op go all out to prove these points that seem like justifying the incidents.

Just like you feel TRUE Christians cannot do this except the fanatics among them, that is how TRUE Muslims too won't condone or partake in such inhumanity.

The bottom line is that, the Creed's are perfect in their own right but the followers are not hence things like these come up.

So next time, when a post like this comes up indicting people of other faith than yours, don't rush to condemn their faith but rather the individuals. That way, if people of your faith commit such crimes, nobody will attack your faith rather, they will attack the perpetrators only.


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Politics / Re: Presidential Election Appeal: Issues Beyond The Verdict Of The Supreme Court by san316(m): 8:30pm On Oct 31, 2019
By TonyeBarcanista

Wednesday, October 30, 2019, the Supreme Court of Nigeria, in a unanimous decision, dismissed the appeal filed by the Peoples Democratic Party and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, challenging the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressive Congress in the February 23, 2019 presidential election.

The seven-member panel justices that gave the judgement was led by the Honorable Chief Justice of the federation, Justice Muhammed Tanko with honourable Justices, Rhodes-Vivour, Amiru Sanusi, Uwani Abaji, Ejembi Eko, John Inyang Okoro and Olukayode Ariwoola making up its members.

The apex court did not state reasons for the judgement, it however left the camp of the president and ruling party in celebratory mode, while members of the camp of the appellants left the court room sadder than when they came for hearing.

Notwithstanding of the feelings of the interested parties, there are some issues that need to be discussed, these issues bothers on discarding traditions of the court by the CJN Justice Muhammed Tanko.

Firstly, the noninclusion of honorable justice Mary Odili and honorable justice Sylvester Ngwuta as members of the panel of justices that heard the appeal raised concern as both justices are senior members of the Supreme court bench, and the CJN, by so doing, discarded the age long tradition of having the most senior seven justices to hear presidential petition appeals at the Supreme court.

Secondly, composition of members of panel that heard the appeal did not reflect national spread as it excluded justices from the southeast geopolitical zone in the seven justices that heard the appeal. The panel has two justices each from the northwest and southwest geopolitical zones, one each from northcentral, northeast and south south zones and zero from the southeast zone. This is also against the age-long tradition of the apex court. More worrisome is the fact that justice Sylvester Ngwuta, a senior jurist at the apex court from the southeast zone was excluded.

Thirdly, the speed at which the appeal was heard and discarded left observers worried. This is because the names of the seven-member jurists that heard the appeal were only unveiled few minutes before commencement of hearing and the verdict was given less than thirty minutes after conclusion of hearing- all these happened same day and it is unprecedented in the history of presidential appeals in Nigeria. This left Nigerians to wonder whether the whole process was mere academic exercise as the court seemed to have reached a verdict even before parties argued their briefs.

Though the public await the reasons for the decision of the apex court, the question on the lips is of everyone is whether justice was dispensed or miscarried. This can only be answered by the conscience of the seven justices that heard the appeal.

May God Bless Us All and Bless Nigeria

Sentimental BS. The case was dismissed because it lacked merit and was a sham. Mary Odili is a known PDP apologist like Ngwuta. Remember the noise against justice Mariam Bukachawa of the tribunal?
Just chop your L and sleep away the painment.


Politics / Re: Terhemba Iyo: Soldier Killed By Bokoharam When He Ran Out Of Ammunition In Borno by san316(m): 5:57pm On Oct 07, 2019
Even American soldiers run out of ammo. He should have listened to his comrades and retreated.
Fashion / Re: Most Beautiful Deaf Girl In Nigeria Set To Hold Maiden Beauty Contest (PICTURES) by san316(m): 4:48pm On Sep 24, 2019
How will the winner know if the results are announced

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Jonathan’s Reaction To Sowore’s Detention By Buhari Government by san316(m): 1:43pm On Sep 23, 2019

And Buhari is better as a leader/president?

As a politician

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Jonathan’s Reaction To Sowore’s Detention By Buhari Government by san316(m): 12:26pm On Sep 23, 2019

We are interested in a comparison between Buhari and Jonathan.
Keep your priestly story to yourself please.
Out of two bad/terrible administrations, one is better.
So tell us which one is better if you can.
GEJ is better

As a priest

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