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Family / Re: I Just Found Out The Easiest Method To Keep Kids Calm For A While by san316(m): 7:58am On Oct 12
Can you do that with a one year old?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Outrage In SA as N368-million Is Spent To Build This Stadium (PIX) by san316(m): 11:41am On Oct 11
Building materials don cost now
Politics / Re: 2023: Dokpesi Says He Will Support Tinubu Because They Are Childhood Friends by san316(m): 7:45am On Oct 11
The Tinubu supporters are killing his dream rather than encouraging it with the screaming of "Tinubu for president" without giving purpose or reason and not disputing allegations aswell..

This would only create a politically United Nigeria across board against him. If you look beyond the nose, you would see that momentum already building.

Am afraid this might bring up the mantra "Eko no be Nigeria" and it would be a mantra so popular it would unite Nigerians politically like "Sai baba" once did.

You see, the "sai baba" was quite popular but it brought about a divided Nigeria because two popular regions didnt buy into it, but "Eko no be lagos" encompasses Nigeria leaving out just the Lagos APC. With the opposition leaving the ballot open, "Eko no be Lagos" could mean anyother person who is not under the Tinubu umbrella.
How is Eko not Nigeria? You're cooking up a dead slogan in your mind already. Lolz, if the power brokers in the APC give him the ticket, he's home and dry.


Politics / Re: Ibrahim Salami: Sunday Igboho Will Die If Extradited To Nigeria by san316(m): 2:32pm On Oct 10

Herdsmen attacks are still happening, because it's not being reported doesn't mean it's not still happening, and that report came from the nigerian police...the most trustworthy police force in Nigeria, which gave the report months after his death.
Seyi Makinde is a PDP governor, it is his own security report that exenorated the herdsmen not the police. Read my attachment again. About attacks being underreported, is it not thesame media that is reporting bandits and BH Carnage in the north?

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Politics / Re: Ibrahim Salami: Sunday Igboho Will Die If Extradited To Nigeria by san316(m): 2:16pm On Oct 10
Met this Igboho guy once through my dad....this guy despite his wealth would spend the night in forests tracking fulani killers and help in securing people's farms. If you don't have have farms and crops worth millions of naira destroyed because of some idiot fulani and his cow it would be easy for you to sit in lagos and talk shit, if you didn't see the body of fatai aborode who came from Germany to invest in agriculture in ibadan, if you didn't see his body how fulani and their leader tied him down and butchered him it's easy to talk shit in your one room in ajegunle. Igboho may have his faults but he's a Yoruba hero that shouldn't be forgotten.

But why has the so called Fulani attacks stopped since his incarceration? Are you not aware of the investigative reports that showed that Fatai Aborede was killed by fellow yorubas and not fulanis?[code][/code]

Politics / Re: As The Law Stands: Peter Obi And The Issue Of Offshore Companies by san316(m): 9:09pm On Oct 06
I wonder why people are seeing Peter Obi as a major contender in the 2023 presidential race. The only chance PDP has is Fielding a northerner but Fielding an Igbo, especially in the person of Peter Obi is DOA. So who cares if he's indicted? The reason why people are paying attention to his is because of the lies he told previously and they are catching up with him now. That's all

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Politics / Re: Twitter Says Discussions With FG Have Been "Respectful And Productive" by san316(m): 8:26am On Oct 03
Twitter fall hand here ooo....what if they boycott twitter now wetin he go talk

Banning Twitter in Nigeria hurts Twitter than boycotting twitter. Only PDP apologists will boycott Twitter and Twitter makes more money from corporates currently not using it than individual free loaders.


Politics / Re: UNGA: Buhari Tells World Leaders Nigeria Will Crush Boko Haram Terrorists by san316(m): 3:14pm On Sep 24
Boko Haram are facing their final days. Their end has come indeed.

May Nigeria prevail over her enemies

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Politics / Re: Salihu Lukman: APC Members Are Angry About Femi Fani-Kayode’s Defection To APC by san316(m): 1:07pm On Sep 20
Nobody is happy except FFK
Politics / Re: Buhari And His Dream Of A One Party State - Dele Momodu by san316(m): 7:17pm On Sep 18
How can you blame a man sitting back and playing his cards well while leaving out the unprincipled people that keep jumping to APC. Can Buhari prevent people from joining APC? Does he own the party? Should he deny them freedom of association?

What is Dele saying?
Health / Re: My Experience After Drinking 2 Glass Of Water Every Morning.. by san316(m): 2:38pm On Sep 13
I stopped taking water early in the morning because of the same reason you're having.

Going to work in the morning was hell.

I remember when I was using public transport to go to work every morning. There was a day I ditched the vehicle I entered midway just to go and urinate because of early morning water. The experience is terrible brother.
Religion / Re: Two Die As Church Building Collapses During Service In Taraba (photos) by san316(m): 9:53am On Sep 12
Subhan Allah. May the souls of the departed find peace and May Allah heal the injured.

Such occurrence is not unexpected given that it's a rural area, considering the season and quality of building done there.


Politics / Re: Igboho : I Am No Longer Afraid Of Anyone, Benin Should Return Me To Nigeria by san316(m): 8:52pm On Sep 07
I thought they said it's better he's kept in Benin to avoid getting into PMB's net. Shey PMB is the monster? Enjoy your VIP treatment in Benin.

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Family / Re: Which Is Easier To Raise, Male Child Or Female Child? by san316(m): 5:46pm On Sep 04
The girl child is more gullible. That's why she is easier to raise and easier to corrupt as well. So the stakes are higher raising a girl child than raising a male.

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Business / Re: CBN Announces Plan To Launch E-Naira Wallet, Reveals CBDC Guidelines by san316(m): 7:42am On Aug 31
This crypto thing is one thing I've not been able to understand till date.
Gaming / Re: China Limits Video Gaming Hours For Minors To Three Hours A Week by san316(m): 7:28am On Aug 31
Seems extreme, but sometimes, extreme measures must be taken to ensure order.


Politics / Re: PIA: When 3% Is Greater Than 30% by san316(m): 7:50am On Aug 29
So I finally took my time to read and research fully on this pub bill to know what the controversies is all about.
Here's 2 thing causing controversy.

Frontier Exploration Fund: 30 per cent of NNPC Limited profit×
They are asking of 30% of the funds to NNPC limited profit which is about $15billion yearly to explore other basin where oil is being discovered. Chad, benue, Niger and zamfara basin.
If you ask me, I'll say it's too much.

Host communities to get 3% of NNPC profit for community develop

that's about $1.9 billion to be shared amongst communities annually..
That's small if you ask me.

Now the real controversies is that the presidency is proposing 30% Frontier Exploration while the national assembly us proposing 10%. Seems like the president won on this.

Also for host communities southern senators are proposing 5% while northern senators are proposing 3%.
Innitially the bill suggested a 2.5%.

You no Sabi research. You need to go back and redo the research or ask someone to help you.

Better still, read this article well, like three times again to understand.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: The Taliban Will Enjoy Killing Us': Gay Man Trapped In Afghanistan (Pix) by san316(m): 8:55pm On Aug 27
Your case is easy to stop. Just straighten up until you're able to leave

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Politics / Re: If NDA Was Located In The Southeast, Army Would Have Burnt Down Villages - Eedri by san316(m): 7:25pm On Aug 25
The way Obj burnt Zaki Biam right?


Crime / Re: N50k For Anyone Who Can Get This Criminal Who Uses Charm To Burgle Cars In Warri by san316(m): 11:25am On Aug 25
He is not using JUJU,he operates while it’s raining and I am sure he is getting the help of one of the vigilante
The problem with the people that has fence is,most of them don’t lock their cars especially women(imagine just to press the lock botton on the remote from anywhere in the house is now a problem )
I have Warned my wife over 50 times and still she won’t lock the car,I have to lock it myself every night before I sleep

You are right oo. My car is always open. I usually do t worry about locking it because we live in a fenced house. Need to stop that


Politics / Re: NITDA Bill Threatens Tech Startups In Nigeria by san316(m): 8:34pm On Aug 21
Nonsense write-up. They made it long so that 98% will not read it but will jump into conclusion. Why can'tt tech firms be regulated? Are they not regulated in the countries we want Nigeria to be like? What is wrong with taxing companies that make money in Nigeria?
Romance / Re: “Women openly buy and sell charms to entrap men" Lady blows hot by san316(m): 10:25am On Aug 20
Just imagine a man selling concoctions online that helps a man to easy get another woman in bed. World war three don start be that.

I still wonder why they look away when it is the other way round and is very real.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Soldiers Dancing To Drake's Song After Taking Over A Local Club (Video) by san316(m): 4:29am On Aug 19
is something wrong with you?

You find these Islamic foot soildiers funny ? undecided

Drake must be crying and vomiting in disgust now? undecided

So western life dey sweet these barbaric Muslim people yet they'll be shouting sharia up and down undecided

You're asking if something is wrong with him whereas you that is normal could not decipher the fact that the sound was imposed on a video.

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Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Travels To The US To Meet With Twitter (video) by san316(m): 11:43am On Aug 18

So is it not possible for Dorsey to beg? This is business young man. Do you know some board members can actually pass vote of no confidence on him if he messed up again. Do you know how much Twitter is losing because of the ban?

Ignorance and lack of accurate knowledge of Africans/Nigerians values is one of the reasons the continent/country is being cheated and treated with disdain. You seemed to be so gullible to believe that Nigerians need twitter to survive? You are absolutely wrong.

But, I can tell you twitter need Nigeria to grow in revenue. You obviously don't know how things work in the business world. Oh you don't know that some of the projected revenue are prorated on projected increase in number of users? Twitter could obtain and sustain this growth with our population. Nigeria has the market due to her higher youth population.

Did Twitter pay taxes to Nigeria despite the money she is making from Nigeria? How many Nigerians are employed in twitter in Nigeria? Oh you think you are using Twitter for free? YOU ARE THE ONE THIS IS FREE.

You need to know your value, otherwise people will treat you in disdain. This is the situation with Africa/Nigeria. Dorsey is not doing you any favour- your data is being sold to make money.

Be smart! Young man!

Guy just calm down. There are so many kids on this platform that you will develop a migraine trying to set them right. It is painful that 95% of the comments on this thread shows Stark ignorance on the part of the Nigerian youths which is troublesome. They know nothing, and with the information at their fingertips, they still don't want to learn anything.

Only a few people are even attempting to analyse the video. Just posting crap because they got free data and platform.


Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Travels To The US To Meet With Twitter (video) by san316(m): 11:29am On Aug 18
I don't want to believe that most of the people that commented before me are so daft.

1. The video shows a man wearing Lai's signature cap boarding a plane against the report which says he's wearing a face cap.

2. How does the video prove that he's going to the US?
3. Does Kai need to disguise to travel to US to see Jack
4. If the FG was desperate to bring Twitter back, they could have just easily unbanned it. Do they need to beg Twitter to let them unban Twitter?

Make we dey use our brain small abeg


Politics / Re: Fact-Check: No Taliban Flag Was Hoisted In NEMA's Office by san316(m): 5:55pm On Aug 17
This is the time to start dealing with people for posting fake news. That was how a lady almost ruined another woman's business by posting a fake news online that the woman who is a good vendor uses fetish items to cook her food. Now the guy that posted this will go free and post the next fake news available.


Travel / Re: Condition Of Nigeria Rail Terminal In Port Harcourt: Pictures & Video by san316(m): 6:01pm On Aug 14
GEJ's legacy

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Career / Re: Dilemma: Advise From Experienced Bankers Needed by san316(m): 6:11pm On Aug 13

1. E-banking is easier than direct sales, onboarding existing customers to the bank's channels will not be so hard, in no time you will hit your KPIs

2. If you are a Christian I will suggest staying in Kaduna South , if you are a Muslim y, I will suggest Kaduna North.

Standard Accommodation is Expensive in Kaduna South, while in Kaduna North it's relatively cheaper

3. You don't have to move you family to Kaduna Immediately, ALWAYS use the train to shuttle b/w Abuja and Kaduna till you relocate your Family ,if you want to relocate them anyways.

4. Transportation in Kaduna Is Cheap, but since you have a car attached to you, then you may not need to be boarding commercial.

If the car is a Status Car then you good, but if it's a Pool car, then you may need to bring your car from Abuja. But when moving your car to Kaduna, please pay people to bring it for you.

5. I will advice you to go for the new Job with the Higher Pay and a Promotion.

Bankers have been stagnant on the same grade for over 5-7 years, you are lucky to move to the next grade

Thanks a bunch. I was born and brought up in KD. Not a strange land to me. I have siblings and childhood friends living there. Guess it won't be a hard but after all.
Career / Re: Dilemma: Advise From Experienced Bankers Needed by san316(m): 6:01pm On Aug 13
1. You already acknowledged that you would be moving to a better organization.
2. You also acknowdledged that you would be given your next level which is an advantage.

I advise that you take the offer. My only reservation is you changing departments. If its to Operations then i would advise you stay where you are due to stagnation in most banks. There is better career advancement in sales department. If you are moving to another segment within the sales department then I will advise you take the opportunity.
All the best bro.

Yeah it is another aspect of sales, a new one actually
Career / Re: Dilemma: Advise From Experienced Bankers Needed by san316(m): 5:59pm On Aug 13
Guy take the new offer and move with your family to kd. The heart of the city is safe and very commercialised . Trust you wouldn't have any reason to regret. Me sef dey work for kd.

Career / Re: Dilemma: Advise From Experienced Bankers Needed by san316(m): 5:56pm On Aug 13
What do you mean by Different department, is it still Marketing?

You body language suggest it is as you mentioned being know for 7 years in Abuja.

Clarify the new department in the new Bank.

Current responsibility is direct sales to bring in and manage deposit. New role is to sell ebank products to existing customers and follow up on usage.

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