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Sports / Re: Musa! Man Of The Match - Nigerian Vs Iceland (World Cup 2018) by SirShymexx: 6:33pm On Jun 22, 2018
Great game by the lad.

Musa is that guy...the first goal was sublime and the calmness he showed with the second goal's out of this world.

The guy, Omeruo, deserves a lot of accolades. Man was playing like the Senegalese, Kalidou Koulibaly - the best CB in the world right now. And that guy, Etebo, is a shining star.

Balogun needs to show more confidence on the ball because he looked scared on the ball...perhaps due to the fact that he doesn't want to make any mistake. However, he's solid when it comes to defending/marking.

And for the next match - the coach needs the same formation and players, with iwobi and his pace starting in place of Nacho. Iwobi is a supremely intelligent player with a lot of place and sublime creativity and he needs more minutes to show what he can do.


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Sports / Re: England Vs Nigeria Friendly - 2 - 1 (Full-Time) by SirShymexx: 7:35pm On Jun 02, 2018
Not a bad team, they just need more pace and decisiveness in the midfield and attack (a bit of creativity as well). And the defence needs to work on defending setpieces.

They played well in the 2nd half and if Mikel had been 7-10 years younger, the outcome would have been different. Great game and even greater atmosphere.

Look at the sea of people


Sports / Re: England Vs Nigeria Friendly - 2 - 1 (Full-Time) by SirShymexx: 6:50pm On Jun 02, 2018
Someone needs to get this old man, Mikel, out of the game. The guy is 40.

where are the Leicester duo - Ndidi and Nacho? Nigeria needs more pace in the middle and upfront.

Look at this old Mikel guy on the floor:

Sports / Re: England Vs Nigeria Friendly - 2 - 1 (Full-Time) by SirShymexx: 6:18pm On Jun 02, 2018
Come on SE!

Had to queue up yesterday to get the Jersey and the whole fam is here at Wembley. These guys are looking funny in the light.


Politics / Re: Do Igbos Really Come From Nigeria ? This Old Map Says Otherwise by SirShymexx: 12:29pm On Jun 22, 2017
yo shymmexx, that boy Prodigy of mobb deep just died yo. legends are passing on to the realm of the spirit.

Gay arse airhead, why're you still quoting me after I told you to keep ya homoerotic fingers and homo fantasies off my posts? The only thing I owe you is to "rock you in yo face and stab yo brain with yo nose bone" like Prodigy said.

And for disrespecting my fam, "cowards like you get their whole body laced up/with bullet holes and such/speak the wrong words, man, and you'll get touched" like Prodigy said. Still waiting for ya biitch arse to get brave and come say the shiit on here to my face. Faggit arse low IQ having bonobo lol. Fvck you biitch.

RIP P. One of the greatest and most intelligent to ever do it.


Politics / Re: Igbo Youths Write UN, Demand Protection Of Igbos In The North And Referendum by SirShymexx: 6:11pm On Jun 21, 2017

Why are you fretting. Why don't you start the process? Let my people go

Fretting? You must be high on cheap crack lol.

The only reason I'm responding is because you can spell, unlike the other miscreants.

I don't give a fvck about Igbo, Nigeria, or Biafra and my position on the issue since I started posting here has always been the same. Nigeria is a failed country destined for abyss. You don't even need to be Einstein to know that most of the groups have nothing in common and they're not meant to be in the same country together. And there are no thriving countries in the world structured like Nigeria - apart from other failed countries in Africa that are destined for abyss and underdevelopment as well.

Regardless, you people need to shut the fvck up and making noise everywhere. You claimed you want Biafra and the owners of Nigeria gave you the holy grail you need to use as a catalyst - for that end game. However, rather than grab it with open arms - you're out the pleading, crying, and acting confused. You Igbos aren't fit for purpose and I have never seen a group this politically inept and devoid of tact/coordination like you lot. Fulani ragheads just made you lot look like the cows they jockey around loool.


Politics / Re: Do Igbos Really Come From Nigeria ? This Old Map Says Otherwise by SirShymexx: 2:32pm On Jun 21, 2017
Lol, this has to be one of the dumbest arguments ever. I can't believe this low IQ having faggit, sukkot, is Yoruba. A Yoruba can't be this dumb. I think they need to start doing DNA testing for all those who claim they're Yoruba on this board cos a lot of you look funny in the light.

The premise of the thread and how this nigga kept contradicting himself from post to post, with modern maps - is hilarious. This is what happens when you're a faggit, have homo fantasies, and suck rooster for a living lol. The Igbos on the thread are no different lol.

How can you even argue about who is Nigerian and who isn't, when the whole country was amalgamated in 1914 and the last place to be conquered was the Ijebu kingdom? Cameroon wasn't even a country when Nigeria was amalgamated and Southern Cameroon was part of Nigeria until the late 50s.

The quality of posting on this board is at an all time low. And sukkot is the dumbest heifer ever lool. Gay arse dumb mofo lool.


Politics / Re: Igbo Youths Write UN, Demand Protection Of Igbos In The North And Referendum by SirShymexx: 1:36pm On Jun 21, 2017
These Igbos are clowns lol.

I don't think these people know what they. They want Biafra. They want SS. They want Igbo president. They want Nigeria. They want Lagos. They are Jews. And they also have the greatest black army ever lol.

They need to kick these people out of Lagos and give them whatever the fvck they want in their wrapper somewhere in their red sand forest republic. The Fulanis just exposed them as the most cowardly, disorganised, and confused people ever lol.


Sports / Re: The 6 Nigerians Who Helped England Win The U20 World Cup(pics And Bio) by SirShymexx: 1:30pm On Jun 21, 2017
I don't box but I believe the match won't end like Magarito vs PacMan fight.

The nepotism in our system is hindering proper talents from representing Nigeria at sporting events it's based on your level of connections before talent. Sport is 70% intelligence and 30% physical condition, but in this part of the world except you're looking like George Elekobi you won't be looked at. Our football lacks flair and artistry

Lol, are you Yoruba? I thought you're Igbo cos these eboes are always the ones running their mouths and I won't mind knocking one of them out for the culture, just to show the "Yoruba cowardice" they always allude to lol.

Yes, you're right - sport is 70% intelligence and skills and physical attributes make up the remaining 30%. And nepotism and excessive reliance on physical attributes ruined Nigerian sports. Every time I get to watch the Super Eagles, I always shake my head in disgust cos most of those players have low football IQ.

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Sports / Re: The 6 Nigerians Who Helped England Win The U20 World Cup(pics And Bio) by SirShymexx: 11:46pm On Jun 11, 2017
This Peckham boy your mouth no good aswear. I'd like to get in
ring with you one day to beat you

Loool, this is ya 2nd time. I don't even know ya handle but I applaud ya bravery albeit it's suicidal. At least you're brave enough to challenge me to a fight, even if it's on the internet...unlike the other miscreants who chat shiit on here, especially the ones who claim they live in the UK. grin

Come get these hands whenever you're in London Town...these itchy knuckles need to get busy after 2-3 years of weekend boxing and muay thai training for cardio/conditioning. If you beat me or don't get knocked out cold - I owe you £500. Deal or no deal?

Regardless, naij needs to stop populating the Super Eagles with low football IQ having Igbo players. Based on what I've seen, these guys are basically farmers who're just big/athletic for nothing. Footie isn't just about raw power/skills/strength - you need high football IQ as well. That was also Jay Jay's biggest problem despite the fact that he's still my favourite naij footballer ever based on pure talent. Imagine a Jay jay with a high football IQ - he would've been one of the top-10 greatest footballers ever. And that's what lacking in Nigerian teams. Put some Yoruba players in there and mix the whole thing up.

Anyway, this my Yoruba starting 11:

Tosin Adarabioyo
Ola Aina
Fikayo Tomori

Tosin Kehinde
Dele Alli
Ademola Lookman
Sheyi Ojo

Olufela Olomola
Dominic Solanke

4-4-2 - Lookman and Ojo are going to operate from the wings. All the players are below 21, save for Alaba. And this team should have no problem smashing the Nigerian senior football team. grin

And if you want basketball - my starting Yoruba 5:

Giannis Antetokounmpo (PG)
Semi Ojeleye (PF)
Victor Oladipo (SG)
Bam Adebayo (C)
Rasheed Sulaimon (SF)

Res (my two young bulls):

Simisola Shittu
Ayo Dosunmu

This team should smash the Nigerian basketball team to bits. I'm going to play a small line-up similar to last year's GSW, with Ojeleye playing the Draymond Green role and Sulaimon's going to play a role similar to Iggy's. grin

Get proper talents!


Sports / Re: The 6 Nigerians Who Helped England Win The U20 World Cup(pics And Bio) by SirShymexx: 11:27pm On Jun 11, 2017

Ovie Ejariah and Onomah are Urhobo-Isoko names!

I've not really seen Ovie's game but Onomah has a bright future. He looks like a young Viera but he got sent off against Mexico for stamping on a player. And that's somewhat reminiscent of young Viera. Great player on the ball and super-strong.
Politics / Re: Igbo Free To Form Their Own Nation, We Can Live Without Them — Arewa Youths by SirShymexx: 7:21pm On Jun 11, 2017
It seems these two parasitic groups, Igbo chest-beaters and Fulani marauders, aren't serious about forming their own countries. The Igbos know they need Nigerian oxygen to survive cos they're pikeys, while the Fulanis enjoy the oil wealth and having dominion over the whole country. If they're both serious about it - they both what to do, rather the useless and boring pump fakes they're both throwing around.

As for the idiotic Yorubas, especially the fraudulent ones on NL, who believe in Nigeria and can't stand alone - I wish I could meet some of you and slap some senses into ya darn skulls. Most of you are in the sunken place. Your case is like that of a super-talented guy who by virtue of being around bottom feeders and losers for too long, got lazy and uncreative - due to the fear of the unknown, rather than being creative enough to explore his talent by making judicious use of it. A Yoruba country should achieve what Nigeria will never be able to achieve in 100 years within a decade. A look at the geography of Yorubaland and how it's well positioned, coupled with the human resources and the culture, should propel such a country to great heights. And the 60s already laid a blueprint for that.

Anyway, these two groups need to shut up and stop playing to the gallery. They both need Nigeria more than the other groups. Without Nigeria, both groups would end up worse than Somalia.

There are no real Yorubas on this shitty forum...at least the type I know and meet daily. The ones here are mostly Yoruba miscreants, politcal jobbers, and bottom feeders.


Sports / Re: The 6 Nigerians Who Helped England Win The U20 World Cup(pics And Bio) by SirShymexx: 6:49pm On Jun 11, 2017
The trio of Lookman and Ojo on the flanks and Solanke in the middle - with Onomah playing from behind won them the trophy. Like I said a few weeks ago: be on the look out for the lil man, Lookman, he's the future. Onomah is also very good on the ball. And Ojo plays with supreme flair. Solanke won the player of the tournament - the boy is good.

Can anyone tell what part of naij, the name, "Onomah", is from?

Anyway, this is what happens when you don't allow Yorubas play for the shitty Super Eagles and you stay populating that team with Igbo farmers. I guess that's why the team is so rubbish these days and they can't even beat shitty African teams.

Lookman is the new Alli. Ojo was destined to be the next Alli but he got lazy, though he still has time to grow. And Solanke is about to become a star. You can't watch that tournament and not see the star potentials in the guy and he's cocky as his talent.


Politics / Re: South-East Governors Almost Mobilized Buses, Trucks To Evacuate Igbos From North by SirShymexx: 12:15am On Jun 08, 2017
Almost? I know Igbos aren't the sharpest tools in the shed but this right here is hilarious. Isn't El Rufai the governor of the state where the declaration was made? Any right thinking person would know that there's absolutely no way Northern youths would've gathered there to make the declaration, without the blessings of their elders, including the state governor, who's indirectly their host. And since those who made the threat put their names on it...the governor doesn't need to release a statement about arresting them if he isn't a party to it - he would've directed the law enforcement agencies to arrest them. So, Northerners are just playing the classic carrot and stick approach and for all the noise making, chest beating, sabre rattling, and disruptive faux bravery of Igbos/Biafrans - they just folded like a folder based on a simple threat. Unbelievable and hysterical. grin

Igbos need to start wearing the crown of the most cowardly ethnic group in Nigeria after this. If you lot actually wanted Biafra and you're about that life - Northerners just served into ya hands. All you need to do is tit for tat and the declaration of all Northerners in the Igbo region by Oct. 1, persona non grata. Then you can forward their declaration/threat to the UN. However, it's now obvious that Igbos don't want Biafra. The lousy Biafran map's the first pointer and this just cemented it. You lot are just disruptive noise makers and cowardly cry babies.

Anyway, once the Northerners find the oil they're looking for in their region in the right quantity - they'll declare their own country like they've always wanted. And they'll send ya arses back to ya region and even ya pleas won't stop them.

I'm out of here, man. I was expecting an action packed movie...but it seems the movie got to a crescendo before it started cos these cowardly Igbos folded like bitches. I can't get jiggy with this shyt, man. And I don't want to hear any noise about Biafra, Biafra, Biafail, or Bia-viagra after this - you ain't about that life, Igbos. All mouth but no action. grin

Shyt, since the movie has refused to kick off - I've got "Power" to hang on. Man like "Ghost" is going to deliver. Out of here, man. grin


Politics / Re: Northern Youths Sack Of Igbos: Afenifere, MASSOB, ADC, IYM, Others React by SirShymexx: 4:06pm On Jun 07, 2017

Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with this declaration since Igbos want Biafra. And they gave them three months to move. The onus is now on Igbos to issue the same declaration to Northerners living in their region and start making plans on how to actualise their Biafra lol. However, I doubt Igbos want Biafra - they look more like a bunch of aggressive and disruptive clowns who talk tough but cower under pressure lol.

I'd even say this declaration is a good omen to take to the UN to help with their Biafra case if these people are serious about it.

Regardless, it's a good match up - loud/aggressive chest beaters vs. Inbred/primitive ragheads. This shyt should be in 3D and may the bravest win. And I was going to take a break from naij news but I can't miss this showdown. Hopefully the both of them aren't bluffing lol.


Politics / Re: British Military Team Arrives Nigeria To Train Air Force Personel In Kaduna.PICS by SirShymexx: 3:38pm On Jun 07, 2017

I got no time to waste debating the inglorious RAF regiment with civvys, you just don't have a clue. The only people who will understand my post are either serving military or veterans. Enjoy your day.

Lmao @ "civvys". How do you know what I'm? Not trying to sound disrespectful but you're a clown. You're talking about "civvys", when I doubt you can shoot your way out of a paper bag even if your life depends on it.

On a more serious note: educate me on why you think the RAF, which is the pride of the British military, a butt of jokes. If you're talking about how defence cuts have affected them cos that's the most active arm, bar SAS, that's understandable. However, to post some pub talk nonsense you heard is idiotic.

RAF service receive almost the same rigorous training routine that the paratroopers go through and despite being the most active, they seldom take losses unlike the other arms.

Call the Royal Marines a butt of joke cos those ones are almost as useless as the US marines and Iraqi war exposed the both of them. But not the RAF. The Royal Navy used to be the pride of the British military during the empire days until the 2nd world war when the RAF showed what they were made of in defending the UK and they've been at the top since then.

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Politics / Re: British Military Team Arrives Nigeria To Train Air Force Personel In Kaduna.PICS by SirShymexx: 2:16pm On Jun 07, 2017
RAF regiment! grin

The butt of all jokes in the British military, 5 mile of death wan-kers!

Lol, is this a joke?

You mean the most active arm of the British military, apart from the SAS, is the butt of all jokes? Iraq, Afghan, Syria, Libya, Yemen etc. You're a clown lol.

Some of you just jump on the internet to post trash to sound cool. I doubt you can even hold a gun...telling you to shoot someone would be a bit of a reach. Clown.

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Travel / Re: Peckham: The Ajegunle Of London by SirShymexx: 9:05pm On Jun 03, 2017
nah its mr cork and that nigga shymmex lmao

Why do you like mentioning me everywhere, after I told your homoerotic arse to stay away from me, flaming faggit?

Matter of fact, I'm in Peckham right now (I came to get some food from my mum's yard) and some teenager got stabbed to death yesterday night. That would be you, if and when I see you with ya homoerotic fantasies. Nyggah you're a faggit and I don't fvck with dyck in the booty crack heads. When I see you, I'll shank all ya face and give you those tiger claws tribal marks before knocking ya arse out cold.

You clowns take yourselves seriously like people from Peckham care about what you think. I've got Peckham tatted on arm and when I see you, I'll show you what the real Peckham is like - not the Rye Lane bs you lot love to talk about. The real Peckham - home of the real Gs.

Keep my name out of ya mouth. Peckham is Peckham - the place no Narm head will ever deny. You get reps for being from Peckham in London Town cos no place ever did it like Peckham boys. That's a fact.

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Travel / Re: Peckham: The Ajegunle Of London by SirShymexx: 8:38pm On Jun 03, 2017
Pekham has a very strong Jamaican community and no ghetto. Yes, the Nigerian community is represented.
Looking for Nigerian food in England is no sweat. Very common, Malta Guiness, Ndomie, yam, plantain, even many Nigerians food only restaurants.
Main issue be I resist eating them cause why would I leave naija to continue eating naija food.. I make it clear that when I'm just spending a month why not Oyinbo food and when I get back eat naija food

I honestly don't know why these Nigerian people who have never left their mud houses love shitting on Peckham. I guess its cos that's only the place they've heard about in London. The article was written in 2005 and back then when Peckham was at its worst - it wasn't even close to worst/poorest parts of London. Most people just see Rye Lane and start dissing the place. Places like Woowlich, Brixton, Walworth, Stratford, Newham, Deptford, Tottenham, Hackney, Dalston, Bermondsey, etc., have always been worse than Peckham aesthetically. How many super-tall high rise council flats were in Peckham, even when it was at its worst?

The place even looks very decent now and a lot has changed in the last 10 years, with gentrification.

It's just basically like shitting on Brooklyn, NY, in the US. I was in Brooklyn when it was at its worst (not the new gentrified one) and Peckham looks like paradise compared to the place, especially with the giant rats they have in NY and the shootings. East New York is still super-ghetto (worse than anything Peckham was at its worst) in 2017 and there are tons of Nigerians living there. But I've never seen these Nigerians shyt on Brooklyn and the place has a big Nigerian community. And the people from there are proud of who they're.

Anyway, I only see people shyt on Peckham on here. The whole thing reeks of low self-esteem, especially since most Nigerians in London can't even afford to live there based on their wages. In London, being from Peckham is a thing of pride and no one brags about their hometown more than those from Peckham the Narm and Pecknizzy. They wouldn't understand it unless they're from there.

Those from Peckham aren't sweating this shyt. The place has produced more successful black people in the UK than any other part of London.


Politics / Re: Why Ndigbo Should Stop Viewing Yoruba's As Cowards- Reno Omokri by SirShymexx: 11:57pm On Jun 01, 2017

Lol, I'm still trying to process the name "Dick" in my brain cos I can't believe someone would name himself "Dick". grin

Igbos sure pick the corniest tags ever known to mankind apart from having the craziest tongue twisting names ever. But still got love for those juicy Igbotic pums, tho. grin

Like seriously, how do you introduce yourself to people with a name like "Dick"?

Are you gonna walk in like this^^^^and say, "Hello Sir, my name is 'Dick' and I'm a boxer". - yes? grin grin


Politics / Re: Why Ndigbo Should Stop Viewing Yoruba's As Cowards- Reno Omokri by SirShymexx: 11:02pm On Jun 01, 2017

One Brigadier was shaking in his boots because Ahmadu Bello coughed. Also one Lt Col killed many Tiv men because Ahmadu Bello wished. But one young Maj. told Ahmadu Bello to kiss his ass when Ahmado Bello wanted him to arrest Tiv instead of NPC supporters (Hausa and Fulani) who were the main culprit of the so-called 1964 Tiv riot. This is a classical show of bravery by an Igbo chap.

Talking about boxing and Greco-Roman wresting, are you very young? When people such as Dick Tiger and Power Mike ruled the world in their respective sports, Yari.ba were urinating in their pajamas.

Ancient man, Dede, what type of man calls himself "Dick"? grin

I saw King Mo (Muhammad Lawal) last month in the UK. A top MMA fighter of Yoruba descent. And my brother, Jimi Manuwa, is also doing his thing. Don't even talk about boxing lol.

Cowards don't dominate those two sports cos you have to get in there and fight - no running away - winner takes all. Give up, ancient man lol.

Regardless, I support you lot's Biafra and people shouldn't be forced to make the white man's mistake work even when the same white man had to correct the same mistake in his own neck of the wood to be where he's today. The white man had to fight two world wars to correct it.

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Politics / Re: Why Ndigbo Should Stop Viewing Yoruba's As Cowards- Reno Omokri by SirShymexx: 5:01am On Jun 01, 2017
Interesting read.

He's right. Like I've been saying since I joined NL: I've NEVER met a brave Igbo guy and I've a few Igbo friends. Yes, I do know a couple of aggressive ones who can chat shitt and later apologise when they can't hack it. But bravery and Igbos, based on my experience, are two parallel lines that should never meet. However, conversely, Yorubas and Edos who talk the talk always walk it. The Yorubas who can't walk it, most times will never talk it to your face.

Then again, Igbos naturally are funny people and I'd give them props for being the biggest propagandists in the world. Igbos have an uncanny ability where they use propaganda to create a narrative that will look like the truth after a while. The same people who created the narrative that Yorubas are cowards and fictitious Igbo bravery, are the ones who created the narrative that Igbos are naturally light skinned and they're the most beautiful/educated/gifted Nigerians. They are also the ones who created a narrative of Igbos being civilised in pre-colonial Nigeria, when the reality is that they were mostly slaves and savages living in the forest. You just have to give the Nigerian Jews props for copying the modern day fake Jews in Israel to a T when it comes to lies and propaganda. grin

The fact that most people of Nigerian descent who dominate contact sports like Boxing and MMA are Yorubas should tell you all you need to know. No coward would go into a boxing ring or the octagon. grin

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Politics / Re: Photo Of Ojukwu Reading A Speech As He Declares Independence Of Biafra In 1967 by SirShymexx: 9:40pm On May 28, 2017
He is a warmonger who understands only war and not negotiation and the rule of law. He never was willing to sacrifice anything for biafra. He is also a big coward for abandoning the struggle! He was a bad example to uwazuruike. I hope Kanu does not emulate him and abandon biafra like uwazuruike.

I wouldn't say he's a warmonger...greed/emotions and miscalculation just got the best of him. And as a career soldier who's an officer - you can't afford to make rash/hasty judgement, hence the need for feasibility studies and planning. Also, decision making has to always be about how to minimise casualties...that's one thing you learn in the British army. I'm surprised he graduated from Warminster and Hythe military academies cos he acted more like an American trained soldier. grin

I don't know about the other guy, Uwazuruike (never heard of him...Igbos have some of the craziest tongue twisting names ever lol. That shyt sounds like Chris Rock's girlfriend's name - Echikunwoke - I believe she's Igbo as well lol). But Kanu is more of a wingnut and loose cannon like Alex Jones and no sane person should allow someone as unstable as that guy lead anything. And apart from the fact that he's not a career soldier, he lacks tact and diplomacy...and letting someone like him take charge is another disaster waiting to happen. Igbos have fine soldiers in the US military, especially the ones born and raised in the US (there aren't that many of them in the British military - I've only met one or two) and since most Igbos still feel strongly about Biafra, some of them can always take charge, by acting behind the scene - with an educated Nigerian Igbo as the face of the struggle.

People can live in denial all they want but these Igbos all over the globe aren't giving up on Biafra. Even amongst my own friends in London, you can just feel the passion whenever they talk about it and that's how most of them were raised (The Igbo Americans I chat to on the hiphop/sports forum I frequent are also the same). And as a guy, even if you've a different understanding/perspective of how things happened - you just have to respect their own perspective and agree to disagree. However, one thing that can't change is the collapse of Nigeria based on the current structure and the inability of the people to fix a lot of things that are fundamentally wrong with the country. The people are so delusional that they prefer masking all the flaws of the country and that's problematic. It's just a matter of when and what the eventualities would be. I just hope if and when the inevitable happens, the casualties won't be dire.

Anyway, I'm out of here. I just like clowning Ojukwu whenever I see his name anywhere. That guy was everything a soldier should never aspire to be. If he were Russian/Chinese, he would've been court-martialled in absentia, while he was in exile. grin


Politics / Re: Photo Of Ojukwu Reading A Speech As He Declares Independence Of Biafra In 1967 by SirShymexx: 6:22pm On May 28, 2017
the Americans call him a demagogue and a megalomaniac. the only difference between him and maitatsine is that maitatsine fought with his men till death, while ojukwu the coward fled, tail between his legs to cote d'ivoire after the death of 3.5 million people, came back and became even more Nigerian than Zik himself ( ifeajuna and co will be turning in their graves)

You're right. He was definitely a demagogue/megalomaniac. I know it's easier to look at things in hindsight, but you can't be a career soldier and be as stupid/dumb as Ojukwu. I guess his greed and desire to rule a country got the best of him. And the same trait is evident in a lot of Igbos cos they always let emotions override logical thinking.

Even a thug who's street smart knows you don't go to war unless your money is right. And even when you do, you've to always make sure you don't get other parties, who have nothing to do with it, by creating more enemies. You've to take the war to whoever you've a problem with and communicate with neutral parties via the back channel - to make them maintain their neutrality. War is like 1/3 military confrontation/tactics, 1/3 propaganda, and 1/3 politics. And he only got the propaganda bit right - while failing woefully in the other aspects.

Anyway, he effed up a moment in history that would've changed the fortunes of Nigeria and I don't think the country is ever going to heal. Nigeria is basically a country of mutual assured destruction and no group is benefiting from the country. The North which claims ownership of the country is the poorest and most backward region. Yorubas aren't benefiting cos the group is yet to surpass what it achieved in the 60s and it has been in a perpetual state of decline. And the Igbos are destitute trying to fit in anywhere. It's a shame, really.

Regardless, Ojukwu was a coward and the lousiest soldier ever. How the guy was able to attain a rank higher than a constable in the colonial Nigerian army is still a mystery to me. grin


Politics / Re: Photo Of Ojukwu Reading A Speech As He Declares Independence Of Biafra In 1967 by SirShymexx: 5:40pm On May 28, 2017
Lol, was this when he declared Biafran soldiers and their sticks/stones the greatest black army ever, then turn around and eloped to Abidjan in a skirt via the infamous Uli airport? grin

If only he had been brave/intelligent as his mouth and Osama beards - things would've happened differently. This man had enough time to strategise, play chess, and garner both local support from other Southern ethnic groups and foreign countries - to pull it off. He was just feeling himself too much. A missed opportunity. And he could've written his name in gold and avoided the unnecessary perpetual bickering/hate/distrust between Yorubas and Igbos.

Anyway, Nigeria needs to let these people go. You can't force a scorned wife to stay in a marriage forever, unless you want an untimely death. Folks just need to be smarter this time around and play the right cards, with adequate planning.


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