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Politics / Re: Maritime University Cancellation: Another Own Goal By A Niger Deltan by SkyBlue1: 10:20pm On Jan 26, 2016

I won't be hypocritical here. Every relationship has to do with interests of the people involved. The reason why the constitution demands 36 ministers(minimum) each per state is because those ministers though servants of Nigeria, they sit in the cabinet to represent the INTeREST of their states. It has nothing to do wt tribalism.

@your first, contract was awarded by the last administration.

The part in bold is absolute nonsense. The reason that provision is there in the constitution is to prevent people like you shouting about marginalisaltion - and even with that provision people like you still shout marginalisation. To claim that ministers have local constituents shows a lack of understanding of the system of government Nigeria is meant to be running. How can you have local constituents to represent when you were not even elected? Who send you message? Ministers of the federation are accountable to the federation and not their state of origin, I can't even believe we are having this debate.

With regards to your last point: saying the last administraltion awarded the contract explains nothing. Was all the money paid or was it eaten as per normal with the last administration? Would this new administration have to pay for it?

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Politics / Re: Maritime University Cancellation: Another Own Goal By A Niger Deltan by SkyBlue1: 9:02pm On Jan 26, 2016

I ask again, do we have any institution in Nigeria for the said purpose? Is NIMASA asking Amaechi for money or hasn't contract been awarded already?

I am a Niger Deltan, politics anywhere is about interest. Our interest within the State is very important to me, just like the interest of the yorubas is important to a Yorubaman.

Educate me please, are you saying NIMASA sourced funds independent of the budget to deliver this without government money being spent and were then stopped from proceeding?

With regards to your last point: a prosperous and well run Nigeria is good for all the people in it, not one that continues to fail to reach its potential because of myopic ethnic interests being put ahead of the national one in childish games of false one upmanships - it is called winning the battle and losing the war and that is all ethnic myopia leads to - a dwarf of a country.

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Politics / Re: Maritime University Cancellation: Another Own Goal By A Niger Deltan by SkyBlue1: 8:41pm On Jan 26, 2016

Who's duty is it to build university to standard? Is it not the government? If Jonathan built substandard, does that stop the incumbent from making them to standard? Which institution in Nigeria offers degree training in maritime studies? Is it not better we have one at home than keep going to Ghana and India? What's your point man?

Why not tell the government to scrap Law schools, Nda, Police Academy, Nigeria Military School, Police staff colleges, Aviation College, etc because non of them are world class.

I will ignore your first few questions because I think that deserves a whole other discussion, in saner climes universities generate their own money through research and other means and invest it in building up capacity and improving themselves as insitutions. I will also ignore your last question because it shows you miss the point that was being made.

Now to the crux of position on this particular issue:

Your question should be why the Minister of Transportation thinks a specialist maritime university is not needed in Delta State, not nonsense about Niger Deltan scoring own goal which IRONICALLY stokes more of the uneccesary dischord you claim his actions will. At the end of the day each ministry has a budget to spend and that means prioritising what needs to be done. I am not against Maritime University if we had unlimited funds but are we saying we can't upgrade one of our already decrepit universities with the required facilities to deliver what this proposed project will?

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Politics / Re: Maritime University Cancellation: Another Own Goal By A Niger Deltan by SkyBlue1: 8:11pm On Jan 26, 2016

NCAT, NITT, NMA and proposed NMU are under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Transport. Nigeria Civil Aviation authority funds NCAT, while NMU(proposed) and NMA are under NIMASSA.

These are specialised institutions. Is Law School under Ministry of Education or Justice ministry?

And what is the point of investing money in building and trying to sustain more substandard institutions? Why spread already scarce resources so thin in the name of having the institution in Delta? How many of the Universities built by Jonathan are even African standard talk less of World Class standard? How many Nigerian universities make the top 1000 (not 100) globally? But quality means nothing of course, as long as the ethnic myopia itch can be scratched to your satifaction. We have many universities that deliver substandard education, that is nothing to be proud of.

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Politics / Re: Maritime University Cancellation: Another Own Goal By A Niger Deltan by SkyBlue1: 8:00pm On Jan 26, 2016
The focus of any issues with this should be purely from the logic of arguments against proceeding with it, and not uneccesary sectional sentimentalism that has gotten us nowhere after over 50 years. Amaechi was hired to be Minister of Transportation for Nigeria and not for the Niger Delta, there is a Ministry of Niger Delta and a Ministry of Education if you feel so passionate about it. To add to that, being a Minister is not even an elected position so he has no constituency that can demand whatever they like, he is answerable to Nigeria as an entity.

With the current economic climate I don't understand what the ministry of transport should be doing building universities, issue has never been about number of universities we have (specialist or non specialist) but about the quality. If we can focus on improving the one we have to world class standard with the limited resources we have now then that makes sense. Look at the top 1000 universities in the world and tell me how many Nigerian ones make the grade. But the title of the thread already tells you where this is going - "our brother our brother our oil our suffering".

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Politics / Re: This Is How America Treat Their Yam Eaters by SkyBlue1: 8:09pm On Jan 25, 2016

Please, always be contextual and relate your submissions to the premise put forward by the op.

We are being presented with American system which is applied universally without respect of persons within their jurisdiction and consequently, it is being juxtaposed with Nigerian system that is totally flawed and inconsistent.

My comment remains: Equal treatment arouses no suspicion and I didn't mention names.

I take your point, and agree I might have been too impatient in my perception of what you were trying to put across. However I still don't think you have proposed a clear point. I agree equal treatment arouses no suspicion, in fact I doubt anybody would deny that. But "equal" is subjective. So when you say "equal", equal according to whose perspective? This is bearing in mind that African Americans for example, would really take strong exception to your position that the American system applies the law universally. So I don't really see what overall point you have made. . . .

Applying the law and achieving a sense of justice are two different things, I would argue that both are important but the latter is the whole purpose and the destination the earlier tries to get to.

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Politics / Re: This Is How America Treat Their Yam Eaters by SkyBlue1: 7:35pm On Jan 25, 2016
Jafaru Isa an APC chieftain was arrested by the EFCC for corruption charges

Leave them to keep shouting one side. It is not about filling arrest quota (we arrested one PDP so we should arrest one APC so we looked balanced). He who is guilty should face the law, and if it's 90% PDP then so be it, they were in power for the past 16 years after all.


This is where you have problem.
Who is talking about Metu? If you can't check your emotions, then it's your problem. I am talking about universality of the law and you are here babbling
Go and marry Mr man.

There are processes attached to the law and there is the perception of justice, and they are not always the same thing, neither do they always overlap. Processes are man made and can fail, but the end goal and intention should be what is kept in mind at all times - a sense of JUSTICE. Anybody you think should be investigated and is not being investigated, draw attention to it, gather evidence and submit to EFCC or other bodies.

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Politics / Re: This Is How America Treat Their Yam Eaters by SkyBlue1: 7:08pm On Jan 25, 2016

You are 100% wrong.

The cry borders on consistency and preferential treatment for same and similar alleged criminals.

The reason Metuh was handcuffed and Dasuki not has been clarified a long time ago for all who ARE interested in knowing, there is absolutely no issue there of preferential treatment. I get so easily bored and have little patience for people who cry wolf any time any attempt is made to arrest public officers linked to corruption scandals, did they care about preferential treatment when they were helping themselves to the money?

The injustice is not one being handcuffed and the other not being handcuffed, the injustice is the lives pushed into poverty and the numerous countable and uncountable deaths we can directly attribute to corruption and the lost opportunities brought about by corruption, that there is the real injustice. If you think EFCC is being one sided in its fight submit your case with evidence. It isn't all about making noise online and trying to pass off anecdotes as fact. It is only logical that most of the people being arrested are PDP members, the party was in charge for the past 16 years!! It is called opportunity!

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Politics / Re: Photos Of Rehabilitated Roads In Aba And Other Ongoing Projects by SkyBlue1: 6:20pm On Jan 24, 2016
Don't call us to see picture of road under construction, call us when it is finished with drainage and sidewalks and street lights. What is there to comment on?


Politics / Re: Buhari Government Will Collapse If Am Subjected To Any Trial.......fayose. by SkyBlue1: 12:35pm On Jan 24, 2016

This thug grossly overestimates his importance and influence. He will be tried for Ekitigate and thrown in jail and the skies won't fall, at most paid supporters will make noise for half a day and that will be the end of it.

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Politics / Re: It Doesn't Make Any Economic Sense To Explore For Oil In North East Now- Opinion by SkyBlue1: 8:46pm On Jan 23, 2016

what are you saying man!! would you rather have it lining the pockets of some selected few?

What are you on about, what is difficult to understand in what I was saying? Maybe I should be clearer in my objection to your post: your proposal that 40billion naira is enough to make Nigeria's agricultural sector one of the best in the world is outlandish and shows poor appreciation of the investment required for such an endeavour, especially in a sector that Nigeria has successively underprioritised and underinvested in.
Politics / Re: Man Pens Tribute To Cousin Who Died As Result Of Army Weapon Funds Embezzlement by SkyBlue1: 8:42pm On Jan 23, 2016
And there are people who still believe Nigeria was better off under PDP. The human cost of state sponsored corruption in Nigeria is unknowable and unquantifiable . . .

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Politics / Re: It Doesn't Make Any Economic Sense To Explore For Oil In North East Now- Opinion by SkyBlue1: 3:19pm On Jan 23, 2016

Thank you my brother....40billion naira would turn our Agric sector to one of the best in the world.

No it would not. All these empty statements void of reasoning. How much is 40 billion naira in dollars?
Politics / Re: Lawani, Ode, Agada, Decamp To APC (photos) by SkyBlue1: 3:13pm On Jan 23, 2016
Can't they form another national party? Why must they decamp to APC? I don't like this whole idea of continuous decamping and trying to reap where you did not sow. You thought a party was so bad but you stuck with it throughout their term in power and have now suddenly discovered your moral compass lies in the new ruling party? At least Amaechi decamped when APC was still in opposition.

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Politics / Re: PDP Has A Battered Image, Needs To Re-strategize — Expert by SkyBlue1: 3:07pm On Jan 23, 2016

Bros 2 tel u d truth, I prefer d 16 yrs of pdp 2 9mnts of Apc

To each their own.
Politics / Re: PDP Has A Battered Image, Needs To Re-strategize — Expert by SkyBlue1: 11:55am On Jan 23, 2016

Apc in nt a better party either, we tink changing gov ll help us bt here we are killing us

I always find this suggestion amusing. Which party has been leading Nigeria for the past 16 years? It's like the past 16 years of failed leadership doesn't matter but 9 months of a different party is too dangerous to even imagine? PDP ran Nigeria into the ground and the only crime is that Nigerians let them get away with it for so long. For the first time in Nigerlia's history a corrupt incumbent was defeated at the federal polls and that alone was worth it. Any shortcomings of APC does not mean we must go back to PDP, that is the height of foolishness and a very retrogressive way of thinking. There are other parties out there, PDP is not Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Buhari Gives Order To Reveal All Politicians With Questionable Assets In Dubai by SkyBlue1: 9:59am On Jan 23, 2016
More transparency, good.
Politics / Re: PDP Has A Battered Image, Needs To Re-strategize — Expert by SkyBlue1: 9:56am On Jan 23, 2016
Bad product is bad product, forget communication, the proof is in the pudding and the results of the last 16 years are there for all to see. Wasted opportunities and corruption. But don't worry you people can keep lying to yourselves, that party is sinking into oblivion.

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Politics / Re: Blame Jonathan For N'delta Militancy Attacks - Oshiomhole by SkyBlue1: 5:58am On Jan 21, 2016

You obviously don't mean well for the country for you to even make such a claim.
Politics / Re: Militants Attacked Road Users In Portharcourt by SkyBlue1: 5:43am On Jan 21, 2016
Nigeria is broke, can't dey understand?

No they can't, they are criminals and should be treated so. In truth Yar Adua created a monster. Pay you money for doing what exactly?? The federal government failed to address the issue of cleaning up on oil spills which made farming and fishing in many places impossiible, and youths and thugs who probably wouldn't have been farming anyway capitalised on this. The legitimate sufferers from oil and gas explorations are not the ones being paid here. Thugs hijacked the whole thing and held the government to ransome, and the sad part is, the insecurity has driven out many businesses from Port Harcourt and has damaged the economy, it is pretty much sabotage.

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Politics / Re: At 191 Years Old, Mama Esifiho May Be The Oldest Woman Alive. (PICS) by SkyBlue1: 10:57am On Jan 16, 2016
She doesn't look it. And where is the birth certificate?

Does your grandfather have birth certificate? I doubt the story but that is a funny question to ask.


Politics / Re: Militants Bomb Oil Installations In Warri, Delta by SkyBlue1: 10:42am On Jan 16, 2016
All because the easy money has stopped flowing. This is what happens when you pay touts to maintain peace, sooner or later it unravels. The army should be called in to deal with these touts ASAP. They have NO legitimate reason for this.

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Politics / Re: This Is How Nigeria Looked Like Before The Coming Of Politicians (photo) by SkyBlue1: 9:10am On Jan 16, 2016
And to think we are still racing to catch up with the past . . . .


Politics / Re: Buhari Will Not Know Peace, If Niger Delta Knows No Peace – Tompolo by SkyBlue1: 8:40am On Jan 16, 2016
Who is tompolo? Nigeria has nothing to suffer besides the president is looking towards agriculture and oil has fallen drastically and if care is not taken it will fall to $5 per barrel before the year ends. To hell with tompolo Buhari is a war lord himself let the war begins,its the south that will be most hit. No gots no glory the north is ever ready.

****Who else on this thread has turned this into a north versus south war? ****

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Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan To Become First African Leader To Receive Diplomatic Circle Aw by SkyBlue1: 8:29am On Jan 16, 2016

He is a grand father today .. He is also a fake grand father

I laff in fake award .. You forgot the fake titles your Oba gave him ..

E pain am tongue

Your refusal to answer only proves my point. Go set up the next fake award nobody has ever heard of before and pile it on him if that makes you sleep well at night, it won't erase his record of bad leadership in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Buhari Will Not Know Peace, If Niger Delta Knows No Peace – Tompolo by SkyBlue1: 8:26am On Jan 16, 2016
Tompolo you are not the Niger Delta, go and answer for your crimes and stop making noise.

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Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan To Become First African Leader To Receive Diplomatic Circle Aw by SkyBlue1: 8:14am On Jan 16, 2016

No kill ya self

I have no need to.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan To Become First African Leader To Receive Diplomatic Circle Aw by SkyBlue1: 8:12am On Jan 16, 2016

E pain am grin

Answer the question. You can't just go and form fake award and say "First African President to win award". When was the award started and who else has won it and one to collect so we can get a sense of the prestige? You can't answer because you know it is a fake award, and as useless and unbankable on the world stage as all the fake eze titles he has been given. That it the truth.

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Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan To Become First African Leader To Receive Diplomatic Circle Aw by SkyBlue1: 8:06am On Jan 16, 2016
Firstly, all these fake awards popping up here and there, please which other world leader has won this award AND made the effort to go and collect it? Nigerians have very low standards and don't know when they are being patronised by the west, to even suggest nobel peace prize for being a terrible president and then handing over power AFTER being beaten at an election is just sad, not irritating, not annoyinbg, just very very sad. And to suggest such in Europe of all continents. The African continent has a long way to go with such shallowand vapid mentalities.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Copied Jonathan's Budget- Soludo by SkyBlue1: 7:34am On Jan 16, 2016
I hope he didn't copy the assumed corruption he's fighting?

I doubt the veracity of the claims but there's a difference between budgeting and implementing budget. Don't know if this is true but in principle I have no major qualms with it. Person A can budget fifty naira for business, chop forty and inefficiently spend the remaining ten, does not mean budgeting fifty naira for business is in principle bad because of the history of person A.

Nigerian politics is still rudimentary and not advanced to the stage of budget based on any deep rooted philosophy beyond "stop chopping the money and actually spend it on development". We all know we need good roads, and to invest in education, and to provide the right conditions for business - past administrations have just refused to stop eating the money budgeted for these things.
Politics / Re: We Are Under Military Siege In Rivers State - Wike by SkyBlue1: 4:11pm On Jan 15, 2016
If there is justice in Nigeria Wike should go to jail, period. He has put Rivers State under siege with his bandits in preparation for elections and is complaining that the military are stepping in. I just hope a case is already being built up against him so once his immunity expires he is picked up!! Lives must mean something.


Politics / Re: Ibori Set To Return From UK Prison by SkyBlue1: 4:47am On Jan 15, 2016

There is somrthing called prisoner swaps between sovereign nations. Ibori is a high target criminal who looted the State. Im not sure but I suspect he is being swapped for a Briton in Nigerian jail. If thats the case, he will spend the rest of the sentence in his home country, Nigeria. So law enforcement will be waiting for him on arrival for forward transfer to prison for the remaining 9yrs of his sentence abroad. If EFCC reopen his case and he is tried and found guilty the judge might add more years to run concurrently or give recognition and commute his sentence to time served.

Doubt it's a swap. The current British government has been working on repatriating prisoners back to their countries to serve out their terms there. British jails are full of foreign prisoners. If I remember correctly they even went as far as offering to build jails in Jamaica just to repatriate the ones from Jamaica back there.

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