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Programming / Re: Please Help Me With Something To Eat to cool me off suicidal thoughts by Smartii(m): 8:57pm On Jun 01
print ("food for OP"wink
I can't laugh, you didn't specify the language, whether na php or python.
Education / O Level Requirements For Economics/mass Communication In UNILAG by Smartii(m): 9:38am On Apr 18
Please, is it possible for some one who had E8 in literature in English especially in WAEC to study either of Economics or Mass communication in UNILAG? Thanks.
Romance / Re: He Is Testing My Anger By Beating Me by Smartii(m): 7:48pm On Mar 17

cheesy cheesy

My dear for those that can endure sure.. I dunno oo
so you are one of the fore-head geng wink from your dp.....nice one........
Romance / Re: Are This New Generation Men A Liability In Marriage? by Smartii(m): 4:37pm On Mar 17

The truth still remain the same

No lady wanna marry an incomplete man..this new generations men ehh once they loose their job they will see it as an opportunity to relax and be lazy and start rejecting jobs opportunities their wife will give them claiming to be bigger than the job or the job is too small for their category
Why have you chosen to generalize things? your second sentence isn't true to start with dear.
Romance / Re: He Is Testing My Anger By Beating Me by Smartii(m): 4:30pm On Mar 17

cheesy cheesy
Abeg not me ooo
You don't even look like who can endure such... But where do you women see the morale to keep up with such men sef?
Agriculture / Re: Deadly Pig Disease Hits Abia, Farmer Loses Millions In 4 Days (photos, Video) by Smartii(m): 6:39pm On Jul 03, 2020
This is really disheartening, I remember when we were first hit in oke aro farm, this disease kills so quick and almost immediately.
Properties / Re: Places In Lagos You Should Be Careful Of Before Buying Land by Smartii(m): 4:07pm On Dec 21, 2019
As you've told us about places to be careful when buying lands, you could have as well topped it with reliable real estate agents that hardly have issues with omonile or even govt.
Family / Re: I Hit My Wife by Smartii(m): 10:09am On Dec 16, 2019
How would you have felt if it was your wife who hanged out with her friends and came back by 2am? Any married man or woman who does things without considering the other partner is immature or simply wicked. Your wife's brother should have slapped you back, or is he a weak man? He should have slapped you ensuring that you bleed from your mouth and nose. As for your wife, continue to call her, send messages, give her more time, she will heal and return to you. It's very shameful that her brother was there and did not defend her, by slapping the st-pi---y outta your brains.
Both parties are wrong and are acting as strangers in the marriage. Firstly, if you know your man isn't the type that keeps late at night, you can scold him and let it pass, but acting like you've once warned him, then spite his anger is immature of the woman except the man is holding something he's not telling us. No one is perfect and both should have maintained maximum restraint, you don't fight when you're angry as couples, there are best times to resolve issues no matter how disturbed you're, especially for peace sake, the woman could have waited for another time to vent her anger, and the man should have totally ignored her or apologized for coming late. A sensible woman would have called her husband, babe, don't come late o, latest time is 9pm, else i won't take it lightly with you, then he readjust if he was sensible. I feel the marriage lacks communication and life, hence this is totally a small issue, now that he has slapped his wife,and he apologized, the woman acted like she's tired of the marriage and nothing could stop her, like i said, it's like the man is holding many things back he is not saying. Mother in laws can't just come and walk their daughters out of their husbands' house if it's a first time except those mothers are the wicked ones who never loved their daughters' husbands from the beginning.


Politics / Re: Soku And Kula Oil: Wike And Dickson In Cold War by Smartii(m): 8:23pm On Dec 15, 2019


Lag na different pot of soup

Abi why you think say them call am megacity?

Am sure all the govs get property for lag. Some dey even rule their state from lag and then there is also liaison offices of all states in lag.

So your comparison is not really analogous using lagos or abj.
You're clearly mistaken, there's freedom to move to any part of Nigeria as guaranteed by constitution, except there's a counter law to that, wike is wrong, a governor can choose to visit any state and not inform the visited state chief executive, makinde visited kogi without telling bello. Lagos is a state, so your reason why his comparison doesn't stand holds no water. Many governors have shuffled other states without informing the governor of the state, dickson isn't breaking record. Wike should stop crying like bush baby.

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Family / Re: Finally, I Have Decided To Leave Him by Smartii(m): 5:37pm On Dec 15, 2019
we quite don't know the party b's story and would be foolish to dabble and draw a conclusion but quickly, don't bring in religion to your abusive marriage. A good, devoted christian would make a good partner once there is love, understanding, selflessness and respect. These days, you hardly find good Christians, many are just going to church, but in them, they have thoughts that would make devil even mock christendom. Sorry for your misadventure, but it is good to be happy but no damage is beyond repair. Once a spouse sees his/her partner as one with no value whatsoever, abuse is inevitable.
Romance / Re: What Are The Spiritual Effects Of Sleeping With A Married Man Knowingly ? by Smartii(m): 4:59pm On Dec 15, 2019
You visited a married man who pesters you for sex and you don't expect things to go out of hand, you like the man but because he's married, you are trying to play safe but in your mind, you cherish him. You shouldn't regret it, it's a decision you made, live with it, what goes around comes around. Just know you're a lady that can be bought, real women, their standards are never lowered, no is no, yes is yes, i can't even be sexually attracted to married woman, been married is even a turn off, considering it's even a taboo in Christianity and the Nigerian culture, that's what is called value. I on the other hand can't go out with a lady who sleeps with a married man knowing fully well he's married.

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Romance / Re: Two-Month Relationship, My Worst Nightmare by Smartii(m): 8:25am On Dec 15, 2019
The fiancee is simply trying to be a supportive one.
Yeah, but a fiancee should still be one who can put her husband into check, there is a common saying that, once bitten twice shy. One poster wrote, the fiancee is just as manipulative like the other woman in the sense that she fears if the guy sees he is the father of the kids after DNA, the love might be divided, hence pumping more money into his kids than her the fiancee, hence her objection from the onset coated in another reason.

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Romance / Re: Two-Month Relationship, My Worst Nightmare by Smartii(m): 7:41am On Dec 15, 2019
Even dog has a better self control, do we still have men this loose? How can you meet with with a manipulative woman the second time and not do that with your brain, even your acclaimed fiancee is just like you. Wisdom is the principal thing in life, learn to have it, then cap it with understanding, you seem to lack the two, not excluding your fiancee. The answers you seek are your write up, even if you have to sleep with a woman, sleep with a responsible one who you trust that has the fear of God if you can not abstain. Peace!

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Romance / Re: What's The Most Outrageous Demand A Girl Has Ever Made From You On A First Date? by Smartii(m): 11:24pm On Jun 16, 2019
happy Sunday sir hope today's service was good
It was awesome, and hope you're ready for the new week.
Romance / Re: What's The Most Outrageous Demand A Girl Has Ever Made From You On A First Date? by Smartii(m): 10:50am On Jun 16, 2019
but I don't have money na
Tah, our fresh newly released corps member....bring service money biko. Do you access your mail?
Happy Sunday
Romance / Re: What's The Most Outrageous Demand A Girl Has Ever Made From You On A First Date? by Smartii(m): 12:22pm On Jun 15, 2019
non swthrt I just eat the free food and go home
Huh! What if one asked you to foot the bill?
Romance / Re: What's The Most Outrageous Demand A Girl Has Ever Made From You On A First Date? by Smartii(m): 9:41am On Jun 15, 2019
Chiommy123, what outrageous demand have you ever made on a first date?

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Romance / Re: 10 Types Of Women Nigerian Men Love To Marry by Smartii(m): 9:11am On Jun 15, 2019
Nigerian man wants a woman he can control easily

It's the culture with which we found ourselves, but many women had broken the jinx,the men feel since they're responsible for the lady's upkeep, she should be under his control. It's not wrong been submissive, and be controlled by your partner, but men should know abuse is wrong. Ladies indirectly control their men too without showing superiority, but allowing a troublesome, quarrelsome and egoistic man control a woman, abuse would set in the day she refuses to-do his bidding, be it sexually even if not married.
NYSC / Re: We Sleep On Bare Floor, Have No Bathroom –corps Members At Niger NYSC Camp by Smartii(m): 10:00am On Dec 01, 2018
As if it's not same in most camps and we made no fuss, I bathed publicly in camp, sat on bare floor, those who couldn't secure bed space slept on the floor with their wrapper, it wasn't called a camp only for you to be living large like who is in maitama or asokoro. I miss camp days considering my background.
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Cautions Pastor Enenche Over Glory Dome Dedication by Smartii(m): 9:21am On Nov 28, 2018
"The greatest headache of the devil is the growth and expansion of the Church"

An increase in the size of a place of worship and in the numerical value of Church attendees doesn't translate to any growth or expansion of the body of Christ.

The Devil doesn't give a damn if a 10 billion worship center is built, as far as the attendees are doing his bid and tending towards hell.
You nailed it brother, it doesn't concern the devil if 5billion attendees are found in the church, even heaven knows only a few are making it on the final day. I'd wanted aggressive development from the church in building the nation or empowering her members most importantly esp if jobless but church is more concerned about gathering flocks who can't stand shoulder high on the final day. I can't remember where they've expanded the road that leadeth to life, it's still narrow and can accommodate fewer people. In 2face's voice, nobody want die but dey want go heaven.....whatever rocks anyone's boat anyway.

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Health / Re: 10 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Lab Check-up Today by Smartii(m): 8:27am On Oct 31, 2018
I try my best to do medical check up monthly but no time, last time out was September when I used my HMO.... everything my doctor told me never entered my head except my genotype angry...., that's my concern.
Politics / Re: Stockpile Foodstuffs Before November 6 - NLC Tells Nigerians by Smartii(m): 3:33am On Oct 31, 2018
Strike that my office won't consider and many other big private firms... So they should just reduce the people on lagos road anyway make I get home on time after work... They shouldn't use their strike to disturb my reggae.. Anyway, no one would even follow the strike.. They should use other means.
Travel / Re: Young Shall Grow Bus Driver Drank & Smoked Before Accident – Survivor Recounts by Smartii(m): 5:38pm On Oct 25, 2018
So pitiful, had I been a passenger, we would gang up, when he slows down, push him out of the car, I would rather drive the bus than risk my life, He would meet us in Lagos biko. Now that some are Dead, the deed is done already, the devil that pushed him had left him finally. Young shall grow, me I no dey first fancy them.
Politics / Re: TRAVEL BAN: Dasuki, Badeh, Daniel, Amosu, Yuguda, 45 Others Top Travel Ban List by Smartii(m): 1:34pm On Oct 14, 2018
PMB till 2023, PDP can come out then, all our corrupt leaders would use their hands to destroy themselves. The return of pmb would bring sanity to the political space, we need a system that works even before development, this present system only favors a few who even corners the development. Atikulate ko, matriculate ni

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Politics / Re: Onyeka Onwenu Hails Reno Omokri For Being 'Fearless And Courageous' by Smartii(m): 2:33pm On Jul 07, 2018
If ranting online and shouting from twitter is been fearless and courageous, then many nairalanders fit in to this category but the real fearless, dogged and courageous ones are the ones in Nigeria fighting For the opposition from front. Not the ones at the back shouting up and down.


Celebrities / Re: Video Of Korra Obidi Slapping The Police Officer She Said Slapped Her Emerges by Smartii(m): 3:24am On Jul 07, 2018
So fortunate she was not shot, try it at night, you'd be long gone. Whenever any lady accuses any One, we need to carry out deep analysis because Just as money, female rule the world and could swing things easily under any situation to their favor. That was how a female assaulted a road safety officer then and hit him on his head with her heel.some Ladies are Just pathetically thoughtless, desperate and extreme only to make things go their way.

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Sports / Re: Barcelona Willing To Offer Three Players To Chelsea In Exchange For Willian by Smartii(m): 11:40pm On Jul 03, 2018
This is the most paying job on planet earth right now.

Only if I was a boy, I would have been a footballer cool

If I have a loved one that is talented in it, I'll gladly support the person as much as I can.

See u, If u were a boy, you would have been a musician, maybe shatta wale sef but anyway, been the chef that you're as a lady, I'm not complaining.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar Reacts To Attack On Senate & Snatched Mace by Smartii(m): 7:43pm On Apr 18, 2018
So 109 senators earning huge can't wade off invaders of about let's say 50 trying to snatch maize or Na mace, despite heir huge take home. Infact, they should throw the mace away, who e epp....
Politics / Re: Pictures Of The Battle For The Mace Of The Senate by Smartii(m): 3:54pm On Apr 18, 2018
Good, seize it and throw it away, because me, I've never seen its benefits to the masses, even disband the Senate or collapse the NA to one section.
Politics / Re: Kiki Osinbajo Storms Abuja Nightclub With Hafiz, Her Rumored Boyfriend by Smartii(m): 10:49am On Apr 18, 2018
Only in Nigeria we even kill someone without hearing from the person's side or even take steps further that the person accused is the real culprit. This is the media where falsehood and propaganda attract readers. How do we confirm that's a club? and with the blurred picture, how do we even know that's kiki.? Nigerians and slander! Anyway, kiki doesn't care what you all think sef.....
Romance / Re: Help Help Facebook Is Ruining My Relationship by Smartii(m): 10:23am On Apr 18, 2018
People are investing in their future, career, you're investing in a woman that can leave you anytime, better invest in your family instead if you are confused on what to spend your money on.
NYSC / Re: Sex In NYSC Camps: How True? As A Corps Member Please Share? by Smartii(m): 9:12pm On Apr 14, 2018
Na normal thing nah, umunya!!! In Anambra .Chai...to those who did, they know themselves, but very very illogical but cares about logic when Brian is doing the thinking.

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