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Family / Re: Confession Time - Have You Cheated? by smartleo(m): 12:15am On Jul 14
This is my greatest battle. I'm this kind of guy that like changing girls when I was single. Thought marriage will help me stop but for where, the painful part is I spend a lot just to satisfy my desire of being with new babe all the time. I don't even have a side chick, I just pay for sex and after that I will swear not to do such again but I keep going back to doing same shit. It's really killing my physically, financially and spiritually. Wish I know where to get help from because I don't know if I can help myself anymore. This is my confession. Just this month I have already cheated thrice.

Baba Prayer city MFM


Investment / Cryptocurrency :bremit Airdrop Worth 25USD by smartleo(m): 12:44am On Jul 12
This a new hot cryptocurrency launching soon ,currently at presale stage called Bremit .

Bremit giving out 500 Bremit worth 25USD

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Sues Boyfriend For Refusing To Marry Her Wins N12million Naira In by smartleo(m): 9:06pm On Jun 22
Abeg help me meet my target able nairalanders..I must sell 100 metric tones of cocoa this week ..if u sabi anyone that want to buy, let me know..am tired of marketing with no results
Contact me on 0+8-1/6+9#8'2@7+6?4*5 grin

I will really be interested in helping out ,here is my WhatsApp number 09154679876
Politics / Re: After 25 Years Of Blackout, Atiku’s Home Town Gets Electricity by smartleo(m): 11:13am On May 22
I have never been more disappointed in Nigeria leader than today .

Can you imagine 25years of darkness

And my oga Atiku is their son

I dont want to completely belief this information until I verify it .
Investment / Re: Earn Binance Coin, Bnb Through Free Mining by smartleo(m): 3:10am On Apr 08
Sports / Re: Kelechi Iheanacho Signs Contract To Keep Him At Leicester City Until 2024 by smartleo(m): 11:51pm On Apr 03
In the land of the blind, A one eyed man is their king.

That`s just what Leicester City can presently afford.

Certain people are just enemy of progress .

They will always find reasons to diminish others testimonies
Investment / Re: We Pay 4% monthly Returns on investment(logistics Business) by smartleo(m): 8:36pm On Nov 28, 2020
Young Nigerians and 419 are good neighbours.

Trust any scheme they put forward and lose your hard earned cash!

MBA for instance is gone now.

How true is this claim ?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Joe Biden Wins US Presidential Election 2020 by smartleo(m): 6:17pm On Nov 07, 2020
I reckon that Christianity is now in danger and Biden is a Freemason and illuminati who will bring about the new world order?

The way religious fanatics and conspiracy theorists reason, you would wonder how they get to achieve anything tangible in their actual lives.

Building more psychiatric hospitals would help cater for the future needs of Nigeria, because many are already mad, only that a few are roaming.

And you thought you have made sense
Politics / Re: Obaseki Weighs Options, May Settle For PDP by smartleo(m): 6:58am On Jun 13, 2020
lol....learn from who?

obaseki in PDP will sweep Edo state ,not even Rigging can make APC win Edo state.have it at the back of your mind that EDO APC is pro-obaseki and Edo people are pro-obaseki and anti Oshiomhole

What are you trying to say with your pro/anti?

Guess you need an English teacher ?

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Romance / Re: Narrate Any Scary Or Funny Experiences With Women Who Slept Over At Your House. by smartleo(m): 10:09pm On May 27, 2020
One day when I was pounding this girls sweet pussy thoroughly, and she passed out.
Shit man was scared. Fear hod me that day no be lie... I tried all my best to wake her up for 30 minutes... E no be small things my brothers.. When she woke up I momentarily gave my life to Christ...
She later told me that she has multiple orgasms and the ones she had that day were a little too many.

This guy must be the son of Liar Mohammed


Politics / Re: "The Satanic Trinity Of El-Rufai, His Son And His Wife" By Reno Omokri by smartleo(m): 11:09pm On Apr 29, 2020
2023 don sure for me. We all love El rufai.
Sai El rufai!!!

Btw ... Rheno is an opportunistic bastard

Who is this N10 valued fellow !!!
Romance / Re: Why Do I Keep Meeting Girls From Troubled Families? by smartleo(m): 7:53am On Apr 27, 2020
I just thought about the girls I've been with and noticed a certain trend. This isn't even about the girls themselves who are excellent human beings, but their families.

First girl I dated revealed to me that the dad died of suspected poisoning and her family were chased out of the family house. Her eldest brother is an area boy while it seems things aren't working out for her other siblings.

The next ones dad was late too, one of her sisters is separated from her husband while the first son of nearly 40 has nothing doing.

The other ones history is that her dad is late too. The eldest sister is cohabiting with a man. They have 2 kids already without being married. Her other sisters bride price was just paid after having 3 kids with a man.

For the other one, her dad is late too, died quite early. The eldest sister is in her 30s and unmarried. Her other sister has 3kids for a man who she isn't married to and now they are separated. Things aren't just working for her people.

The one I just met recently told me her parents are late. Lost both of them to suspected poisoning within the space of one year.

I keep wondering if this is some sort of coincidence.

You better run to MFM prayer city once the lockdown is over .

Your case needs serious deliverance before the enemy celebrate a winner trophy over your life and marital journey .

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Politics / Re: Is Abba Kyari Dead? by smartleo(m): 3:17pm On Apr 02, 2020
This woman thinks they can hide a dead Muslim? undecided i laugh at people always using the late Yar Adua as example. If they cannot hide Abacha death being a military man then i don't think they will hide anyone.

May Allah Almighty cleansed our land from the coronavirus.

Was Yar'Adua a Christian.

Just kontinue


Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by smartleo(m): 10:10pm On Mar 17, 2020
I understand your fears. But as long as the global economy is still running, Forex exchange can not stop. Periods like this is when people make their money in Forex. MBA is making more now than before. So relax..

You better run before monkey catch banana
Investment / Re: Earn 700$ ETH In 30 Days. by smartleo(m): 11:28pm On Feb 09, 2020
Health / Re: Solution to Vargina itches and painful sex by smartleo(m): 11:26pm On Feb 09, 2020
Please ladies help me out I wash using an intimate wash a month now and so far it has been good untill the latest developments which I can't bear I feel a lot of pain during sex and my vagina itches and hurts me when I scratch please what can I do it's urgent I took Ciprotab but no improvement at all I get a milky discharge but its odorless am confused please help me what I can do

I have the cure
Call me on 08060365556

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Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello And Edward Onoja In Silent War Over Appointments by smartleo(m): 7:28pm On Jan 26, 2020
Is it the same Yahaya Bello that declared public holiday in Kogi State because Buhari came back from London?

That guy's stupidity stinks. He's an apology to humanity. His dullness is legendary.

A disaster to common sense, calamity to sanity and a plague to Kogi state.

Haha this is too much of an accolade
Romance / Re: Is My Wife Still Cheating? by smartleo(m): 9:16pm On Jan 25, 2020
See op... if you are truly in love with your wife, and you are sure you are the father of those kids, and your wife loves you but can't stop flirting.... and even after counsel she hasn't changed. And you truly want your family to work.

Take this advice!.. when having a heart to heart talk with her... boom.. do a blood covenant.. who ever flirts..cheats or in any sexual mood with any person...madness straight.. make sure the blood is flowing plenty during the covenant.. i swear.. this will put fear into her!

Which lady wanna be mad�� grin grin

Your advise is great but can't be followed
Sports / Re: Premier League: Players earning £10,000 per week or less by smartleo(m): 9:05pm On Jan 25, 2020
If not because of Nigeria trash economy and useless exchange rate Someone earning between N50,000 - N100,000/month suppose dey get their own ride.

Na true but na lie .lolzzzzzz
Romance / Re: 2 Women In My Life, Which Should I Marry? by smartleo(m): 10:54pm On Jan 22, 2020
Are you Idris Okuneye?

Answer me before I advise you.

My name is Adviser Nowamagbe

U dey sing abi?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is A 130k Job Including Tithing Be Considered A Good Job? by smartleo(m): 12:37am On Jan 19, 2020
[quote author=Stallion93 post=85914206]God’s grace indeed grin Elders of this generation, see how Deceitful you people can be......Well when u go broke also say it’s God’s grace too[/quote

I don't have your time

Since you have accepted your own assumptions to be the reality .

End of story .

Enjoy your illusion

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is A 130k Job Including Tithing Be Considered A Good Job? by smartleo(m): 11:33pm On Jan 18, 2020
i bet u live in a 1 room apartment and share the toilet and bathroom with about 10 people. And yea U even Order those innocent children to sleep on the floor while u and your wife enjoy the bed all through that 5 years. Even Hell will reject nigerians

Children of this generation sha.

Okay let me set the record straight.

I live in a 3 bedroom apartment with tiles and borehole water .
Each of the rooms has a mattress with the visitor room having 2 mattress.
In case you need pictures I can send them to you through WhatsApp .

My kids are attending one of the international school here in Ibadan.
Gods grace is all not my salary.

Learn to respect your elders .

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is A 130k Job Including Tithing Be Considered A Good Job? by smartleo(m): 5:51pm On Jan 18, 2020
Pls advice... If a person is earning 130k Monthly and having the intention of getting married soonest and paying rent of 270k/ yearly can he consider that job a good one and moreover can he get married comfortably?[color=#000099][/color]

You are over okay

I have been working for 5years plus and my salary is not even up to that amount
Plus I have two kids and my wife is not on 9 to 5 jobs

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Politics / Re: Garba Shehu: Buhari’s Children Have Right To Use Presidential Jet by smartleo(m): 9:15pm On Jan 12, 2020

Don't mind them. All these ones screaming up down will even do the worst if they have the same opportunity. They are only interested in buhari, while their governors and their local government chairmen are dinning with the devil at their expense.

Baba kip kwayet
Investment / Re: Startup Funds Link by smartleo(m): 6:51am On Jan 01, 2020
This is a clarion to all idealist and persons in search of startup funds...I often tell people that Talk is cheap and smartwork pays better. Get the right source and equip yourself with requirements to secure startup funds from our Able Venture Capitalist
For details Email us via writercharlse@gmail.com with STARTUP as email subject or just drop your WhatsApp digits for you to be enlisted on our database and included in the StartupFunds group.

Take a necessary risk to achieve your desired dream venture or business.

We believe in pragmatism.
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by smartleo(m): 4:03pm On Dec 28, 2019
It's monthly but don't even try to invest in any thing like that.. Look up Menzgold and Gcch in ghana.. they offered the exact same thing 10-27% a month and now the CEOs are nowhere to be found and the people are suffering. Don't ever try it. Efcc might arrest them in future but you will never get your money back.. for those saying it's real because they have been enjoying. Menzgold lasted for 3 good years..

U mean 3 solid years
Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy In Saudi Arabia Ahead Of Anthony Joshua Vs Ruiz Match by smartleo(m): 6:47pm On Dec 05, 2019
As a Nigerian I support Ruiz to defeat that over hyped American boxer....

You mean to say British ?
Investment / Re: I Will Teach You Mini Importation For Free. by smartleo(m): 8:40pm On Dec 02, 2019
Health / Re: I Finally Went For A HIV Test First Time In My Entire Life by smartleo(m): 11:31pm On Nov 30, 2019
Good day family

I'm going to make this as simple as possible
I've been knacking for over 15yrs (started from small) without going for a HIV test moreover i prefer to suddenly die from HIV than knowing I have it

So September I had a resistant malaria and severe stubborn typhoid that wouldn't stop that lasted till last week November, there was no rashes, cough, headache, whitish tongue, weight loss or appetite lost, it was mainly fever that won't stop after several injections,drips (infusion), and numerous tablets

So I woke up one morning ad decided to go for HIV test after going for almost all the test that could lead to fever ( full blood count, infection, hepatitis b c, urine, typhoid and malaria, etc) all the 8times test I've done it's only malaria and typhoid that was present to an extent I believed it was spiritual

That faithful morning I rushed to a Lab at Isolo Lagos for HIV test, so the lab technician was just calming my nerves down keep telling me it's not a dead note after all over 8persons has been confirmed positive this week and they're currently on their meds, at this point i dropped a silent fart that almost killed me and this man with fowl smell, so I went outside made up my mind and came in to give in my blood, as soon as i gave my blood he told me to be patient for 20mins,

That 20mins was the most miserable and terrifying shortest minutes of my life, I remembered every girl I've slept with and remembered my life as the only son, I rushed outside and smoked half packet of cigarettes with hot drink, 20mins later I went in to see, I was shaking and crying, I couldn't be patient enough for the man to come out of the lab so I burst in the lab, the man saw my face and smiled, he said he's already writing my result, I was so curious to see but at that time was monitoring this man face swings and countenance.

He gave me the result I couldn't open it, he asked me to open it, low and behold it was NEGATIVE

He then directed me to a hospital for a proper malaria and typhoid treatment which they did another HIV test too but treated me the typhoid and malaria, I spent over four days at the hospital and was charged 54k, two days later the devilish fever stopped it's over ten days now I'm free from fever

I've sworn never to fvck any woman on planet earth without condom, not even kiss or gold circle these two almost killed me they burst easily,I've ten packs of Fiesta and Durex

My people please if u don't have the mind and courage to withstand a mere lab result please wear condoms

It is foul smell not FOWL smell .

Give your life to Jesus.


Career / Re: Salary Range Of Microfinance Bank Workers by smartleo(m): 10:20pm On Nov 28, 2019
please how about moneytrust microfinance bank

I don't know about their pay system ,although I just applied for a position there ,would count on you to give the update if you are able to get it.Thanks

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