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Politics / Re: Youths Erect Peter Obi's Billboard In Osun (pictures) by SoapQueen(f): 7:56pm On Jul 31
I keep telling people. Please don't ever think Yorubas are against Peter Obi one inch because of Tinubu. Ignore what you read in this faceless nairaland forum.

A lot of my Yoruba friends are Obi fanatics.
You dare not talk against him in their presence. Same with many Hausas. Ignore agents perpetrated by APC and PDP to cause tribal divisions.

Who to dey suffer dey sweet abeg?
The only Yoruba Tinubu supporters are the middle class getting bribed or working in government agencies. And they are not only Yorubas, even Igbos are amongst them. They are still the people supporting the status quo, supporting Buhari but God will surely punish them in the near future. Their tactics is to tag anyone supporting Obi IPOB in order to gain sympathy.

The other day I went to Obalende, it was 2 Yoruba women campaigning seriously for Peter Obi.

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Politics / Re: Why We Can’t Extend Voters Registration – INEC by SoapQueen(f): 9:32am On Jul 31
They should extend the registration, a situation people will still be waiting after a week to get to hos turn is too bad, slow machines that are too few. They should extend the exercise by another 2 months.

Lagos is WORST! I can confirm from two locations alone that over 1500 people couldn't register in two days and it has been like that for a month. You'll hear things like "server is down."

A place like Ibeju-Lekki with over 160,000 people. They brought only one machine per day in just one center to serve everyone. Nigeria, which way?

The whole thing is soooooo disorganized. I tried to be a patriotic Nigerian by going there with my sprained knee which has kept me in bed for two weeks. The crowd almost march my leg break for me. Na cry I take reach house.

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Food / Re: See The Nsala (White) Soup That Will Make You Keep Asking For More (Photos,Video by SoapQueen(f): 6:26pm On Jul 30
Nsala soup is one soups that you can't get enough of. It's easy to prepare and yet so rich and very tasty.

Have you eaten Nsala soup before?

In this video, I showed detailed procedures of how to make Nsala soup with fresh chicken and fresh cat fish with Utazi leaves the Anambra style. You can alternate with any protein of your choice but it comes out better with fresh produce.


Fresh hard Chicken
Fresh Cat Fish
Yam (fot thickening)
Utazi leaves
Uziza seeds
Uda seed


Abeg, serve for me na. Chai

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Literature/Writing Ads / Re: A Good Writer Needed For A Contract Role. by SoapQueen(f): 3:43pm On Jul 28
I'm employing a freelance writer for a job.

Please, if you know that you;
✓ Cannot write
✓ Steal content from Google and plagiarize the hardwork of others (like in the screenshot below)
✓ Cannot follow instructions
✓ have a poor grasp of Grammar.

Please, do not apply.

RATE IS #3 (naira) per word.

Content length: 1500 - 2000 words.


Career / Re: What Is The Hardest Decision You Have Ever Made? by SoapQueen(f): 6:39pm On Jul 26
living my marriage to become a single mother was a hard decision for me but l had to make the decision for my own safety. l have peace of mind, free from domestic volence, emotional abuse, physical abuse .

Awwwwww. God is with you, girl!
Politics / Re: 2023: Lagos Voters Almost Hitting 7m – INEC by SoapQueen(f): 2:14pm On Jul 25
And dem go fold hands dey look you?

Leave that bigot! They want to intimidate people in Lagos.


Religion / Re: As A Christian, How Often Do You Pray? by SoapQueen(f): 11:28am On Jul 24
How often?


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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2022 Live Updates Thread by SoapQueen(f): 7:27pm On Jul 23
Not sure I like the house jor....the lounge is too dark....

The colors are tacky and too much


Webmasters / Help! How Can I Register My Blog As An Amazon Affiliate? by SoapQueen(f): 6:56pm On Jul 23
Dear webmasters,

I have a blog which I left for a while but now I'm bringing it back to life with fresh, long-form content. Sadly, I have a slight challenge. I want to register as an Amazon associate but as most of us know, Amazon doesn't allow Nigerians. But I heard there are certain ways to go about this.

Please, who can help me out? I'd like to start posting my content with Amazon links as soon as possible.

Kindly walk me through the process if you can, please.

Thanks everyone.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Camp Hired ‘Unknown Bishops’ To Venue Of Unveiling Of Shettima - Sahara R by SoapQueen(f): 6:25pm On Jul 20
First time bishops without parishes. Merely looking at them one will easily deduce that they are MC Oluomo faction of NURTW thugs recruited to wear oversized, dirty and hemp smelling cassock for the first time just to dip their leprous fingers into the agbado pot. But just like their master used to say, they will labour in vain. Nigerians are not decieved.

Celebrities / Re: Banky W & Adesua Etomi Attend Mercy Chinwo's Wedding Event (Photos) by SoapQueen(f): 6:49pm On Jul 19
Ok babygirl, your moniker confusing. Do your like soapy?

I was once a soapmaker.
Celebrities / Re: Banky W & Adesua Etomi Attend Mercy Chinwo's Wedding Event (Photos) by SoapQueen(f): 5:30pm On Jul 19
This her dress no fit her at all. Congrats to her. Chaii

She looks very good. And she has a nice stature.


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by SoapQueen(f): 9:08pm On Jul 17
Pineapple curry with loads of milk.
Would have used fresh coconut cream but the coconut was werey.

WOW! I've never seen or heard of this...
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by SoapQueen(f): 9:08pm On Jul 17
What's happening today, shey today na rice Sunday ni? Been seeing lots of rice post on this street today grin grin

Sweet fluffy yummy Moi moi and pap is on the menu here in Madagascar grin grin

Sis, how did you get your moi-moi to achieve this consistency
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by SoapQueen(f): 9:06pm On Jul 17
Sunday Rice is ready.

Coconut fried rice and chicken ready to go down. Op, please grab a spoon.



Health / Re: Why Do Some People Go About Without Bathing After Sex? by SoapQueen(f): 8:52pm On Jul 17
Sexual smells? grin grin

Yes. It's called "Budussy"
Romance / Re: What Killed Your Feelings For Someone You Were Once Madly In Love With? by SoapQueen(f): 10:35pm On Jul 16
Love.. I cant love oo.

My feelings for a girl doesn't exceed 3days.. If I see you frequently.. Feelings gonna fade..

I'm just cold..

Hope I change someday.

"He cums more when I see him less" - Cardi B..
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by SoapQueen(f): 10:11pm On Jul 16
This is how much if my ancestors son I am.

I am making stew and boiling the poultry (Turkey/chicken) in ata rodo first

The broth/meat stock would taste very nice.
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by SoapQueen(f): 10:09pm On Jul 16
See how bone marrow concoction rice looks like.

Wow! Where did you get the bone marrow? It's been ages since I tasted it.

Wow. I miss my grandma so much now.

Your food looks good.
Family / Re: How Much Do You Spend Daily As A Married Or Single Man by SoapQueen(f): 9:54pm On Jul 16
My kids will not tell me what they want to eat.Make up your minds and tell me one thing and that is for days I can't seem to remember what to cook.There's a time table.
When you live alone or marry you can do that with your wives not me.Nobody will add o.oo oo oo1% stress ontop the stress i have being a Nigerian.
If I give you food and you don't like it,I assume you are not hungry and take it back immediately.By the time hunger wires you,you will locate the rejected food.
I will not enable that nonsense around me.Thankfully they cooperate grin

The only unforeseen expenses we run is fruits and occasionally bread.All others are restocked monthly.

I love this. Na weytin I give my pikin, he/she go chop. Lol.

Nice one.

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Family / Re: How Much Do You Spend Daily As A Married Or Single Man by SoapQueen(f): 9:52pm On Jul 16
Buy in bulk and spend less.

Let me explain to u,I have bought things that i would use in my house till July ending.

Take the pain and buy them in bulk and u are sure to spend less honestly.

That amount is big,is also small depending on the number of children u have.

Exactly. This is what I do.

I buy every single thing in bulk - even petrol to run my generator. Although I can't tell for the married folks because I'm single. God is their strength.

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Politics / Re: Female APC Agent Arrested For Vote-Buying In Ede by SoapQueen(f): 5:55pm On Jul 16
Emi Lokan's Dikkk, Ego, and Shoulders getting deflated in Bourdillon this moment.

Someone's peeing his pants as we type this!

God is not Man!

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Politics / Re: Osun Governorship Election 2022 Results (Live Updates) by SoapQueen(f): 5:13pm On Jul 16


I always see this in the Nigerian opposition...they don't mobilize, mobilize.

Anyway, even though I don;t support Obi, I still wish his party woke up and started doing some hard work....APC and PDP MUST GO. And it takes more than just internet to do it.

Exactly! It's not about attacking people online for stating the obvious!!


Politics / Re: Osun Governorship Election 2022 Results (Live Updates) by SoapQueen(f): 5:09pm On Jul 16

If you want that dream to come true...go out and mobilize voters. That is all I am saying...and you are acting like I am saying Obi would lose.

Honestly it is just a simple message I am telling you Obi supporters...your party is not doing well, and you have to wake up and remedy the fact right now.

Ignore them and let them allow sentiments and social media smokescreens affect them.

I'm a Peter Obi supporter and this is an eye opener. It's time to strategize!!

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Politics / Re: We Can No Longer Campaign For Tinubu - Northern APC Christians by SoapQueen(f): 7:32pm On Jul 12

Muslims will arise and defend their faith grin, this is a golden opportunity to fulfill the Koran, and uplift Islam in Nigeria grin cheesy.

I don't see Tinubu loosing if they milk this Islam thing well

And you think Christians will keep quiet? Okay

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Politics / Re: A Petition To Ban Reno Omokri From Twitter Hits 12k Signatures by SoapQueen(f): 10:08am On Jul 08

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by SoapQueen(f): 9:24pm On Jul 06

I just marinated my chicken as usual. You can use any seasoning of your choice. I’ve made it a few times and seasoned the chicken differently each time and it was always good.

This time I used tiny tiny salt, pepper, paprika, ginger and garlic paste, chicken powder seasoning from the store (has rosemary and other herbs in it) you can use any poultry seasoning you find in your store and then rub into the chicken with olive oil.

Then air fry for 15 mins. Remove from air fryer and coat it with honey bbq sauce, Trader Joe’s honey sauce and sprinkle sesame seeds on it. Then air fry for another 10mins.

This one below I didn’t sprinkle sesame seed and it was a bit different but it was great too. So I’d say don’t skip the sesame seeds, honey bbq sauce and Trader Joe’s sauce. Everything else is negotiable.

Go lightly on the sauces too because they have sugar in them

You're a very great cook. Welldone
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by SoapQueen(f): 9:23pm On Jul 06
Creamy Warri styled coconut rice served with coconut chicken curry sauce, dodo and stewed mackerel.

Happy Sunday.

...the Kamo rice is sweet, easy to cook, stone free and made in 9ja! I enjoyed it

Start a food vlog on IG please.


Family / Re: Couples Not Staying Together by SoapQueen(f): 8:10pm On Jul 06

Ogbome. Sha take it easy

You too, love. Calm down with the defense.
Family / Re: Couples Not Staying Together by SoapQueen(f): 8:04pm On Jul 06

You say this with so much authority that I had to check to see whether I'm Aquarius grin. Turns out I am indeed. But common, you can't possibly and wholly believe this zodiac myths do you?

I share in the OP's desire for solitude and control but I think the poster is quite extreme about the way he handles it. It really is a self-centered and selfish move on his part. Totally unprovoked and unjustifiable since he's not claiming his wife has a role in his decision.

Lol. Don't mind me. Truth is they aren't bad. I never used to believe this Zodiac signs but when I encountered Aquarius people and my own sign, I was like wtf??

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