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Fashion / Re: Most Beautiful Deaf Girl In Nigeria Set To Hold Maiden Beauty Contest (PICTURES) by sonya4all(m): 6:13pm On Sep 24, 2019
Hmmmm, nairalanders and their uninformed abeit funny comments when it comes to Deaf related issues..
When we start realising that IF DISABILITY HAS NOT REACHED YOU, CERTAINLY IT HASNT PASSED. No one prays for it,but we need to be I formed and fully aware of the issues about Disability and also appreciate the fact that time and technology has made lives of persons with Disabilities easy and quite enjoyable, some of you won't believe it when I tell you that most Deaf persons are PROUDLY DEAF and live even more fulfilled lives than most "Abled persons".
With sign language which is the mode of communication for the Deaf, A Deaf persons is aware of events around him, We use the American sign language here in Nigeria,even though the British colonized us, details will be a story for another day, these Deaf ladies you see there are all university graduates who went through school with he services of professional sign language interpreters who ensure all lecturers are taken and assimilated.

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Crime / Re: Peter Oyekale: INEC Results Interpreter Stabbed by sonya4all(m): 4:55pm On Mar 26, 2019
You are welcome bro


Oh thanks for the correction.
I appreciate.

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Crime / Re: Peter Oyekale: INEC Results Interpreter Stabbed by sonya4all(m): 8:33pm On Mar 25, 2019
He is a Sign language interpreter, he isn't Deaf rather he uses sign language to convey information to the Deaf who can not Hear what is being said.

Too bad.

The violence related to the 2019 electoral process is just so much.

Now wetin Dem go say deaf and dumb guy do? Someone looking for his daily bread standing for hours interpreting. cry

Speedy recovery Sir.
Politics / Re: 2019 Inec Presidential Result Tv Interpreter Stabbed by sonya4all(m): 8:18pm On Mar 25, 2019
Naija and bad Belle people.
Politics / 2019 Inec Presidential Result Tv Interpreter Stabbed by sonya4all(m): 12:21pm On Mar 25, 2019


Politics / Apc Wins Ipob Leader Nnamdi Kanu's Senatorial Zone by sonya4all(m): 11:56pm On Feb 24, 2019
The APC Abia North senotorial candidate and former Governor of Abia state Chief orji uzor kanu has defeated the incumbent senator representating Abia North senotorial zone Chief Mao Ohabunwa,the zone from which the ipob leader NNAMDI kanu hails from. this is coming on the backdrop of the order issued by the IPOB's leader that APC should not get a single vote in South East to his followers a day before the general elections.

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Crime / Re: Woman Bathed With Acid By Her Young Ex-lover In Anambra. Graphic Photos by sonya4all(m): 8:52am On Aug 14, 2018
Miserable idiot
Crime / Re: Woman Bathed With Acid By Her Young Ex-lover In Anambra. Graphic Photos by sonya4all(m): 8:38am On Aug 14, 2018
wow see fine tattoo they give this woman, abeg who give her that galaxy haircut really try... she's better off dead than alive

Why are you this bitter..
Politics / Re: See How Nigerian States Rank In Terms Of Progress by sonya4all(m): 5:06pm On Jul 30, 2018
So in Per capital income, Osun is second and 4th in electricity.

Seems like business is easier to do in the North though.

Anambra is also doing pretty well too


Myndd44 Thanks for Acknowledging Anambra state where the Governor Willie Obiano demonstrates the policy of doing more with little available resources

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Fuel Suppliers Arrested At Filling Station Owned By Lawmaker. Photos by sonya4all(m): 2:07pm On Jul 14, 2018
Instead of putting a tracking device on the truck to finally bring all this drama to an end...naija police na wah
Romance / Re: Deaf And Mute Couple Wed In Akwa Ibom . Photos by sonya4all(m): 10:30am On Jul 04, 2018
Beautiful family.
Please Nigerian journalists need to know that "deaf and dumb" is derogatory..it's simple Deaf with uppercase D.
And No their children will likely not Deaf and the children need not be taken away as sign language would be their first Languageabd eventually develop speech from neighbor/family and school.

Lots of wrong stereotypes about Disability issuesin Nigeria
Crime / Re: Police Release Channels For Complaints About SARS Officials by sonya4all(m): 8:42am On Jun 15, 2018
Even the people you are reporting to are fully involved in the corrupt practice...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nitel Pensioners Should Come In by sonya4all(m): 11:40am On Jun 06, 2018
Passed but not signed the president yet.
Politics / Re: Calling On The Ika-Igbo Nation(Anioma) To Embrace 30th Of May Sit-at-home by sonya4all(m): 9:59am On May 11, 2018

Keep screeching about your Niggeria. Anyone that's ever asked me about Biafra, I proudly inform them it's in WEST AFRICA....next to the useless nation in Africa then when I mention Niggeria. The pace of my birth is BIAFRA. Niggeria is a hellhole bestowed on me by your slave master and since I'm not a SLAVE, proud SLAVE, like yourself, i choose to denounce a SLAVE TITLE. I'm BIAFRAN, not your SHITHOLAN.

If you people have any shame in your uselessness, you won't repeatedly attaching yourself to a set of people whom have repeatedly told una they want nothing to do with una

You really have no sense,like I said you are confused..this Biafra thingy has totally taken away your sense of reasoning, Trump never mentioned Nigeria as a shithole rather he said Africa,and now you said you will explain to the person when asked where biafra is that your Biafra is somewhere in West Africa,same Africa which Trump called shithole...what does that make you. Even in your Biafra you remain a shitholian....argue with sense bro.

Politics / Re: Calling On The Ika-Igbo Nation(Anioma) To Embrace 30th Of May Sit-at-home by sonya4all(m): 9:15pm On May 09, 2018

See this one decieving himself with the bold. Yes oooo my love of your Niggeria is found the same place you find Kim Kardashian's virginity. grin grin grin

I was listingto you how NOBODY, not even prisoners, want to return back to your shithole. How even the most peaceful, polite, Western nation does not even want you Niggerians despite opening their borders to Africans and Caribbeans after Trump won. Why they don't want y'all? Because you Niggerians are escaping your hellhole to their thriving nation in an alarming rate.

Your shithole is a SHITHOLE

No he started sounding a juvenile.
Your black ass would forever attract the shame of the shithole membership on you till you breath your last..

In clear terms,Americans would always ask you where is Biafra you claim,then hopelessly you will mention NIGERIA. the place of your birth..
It's your cross to....


Politics / Re: Calling On The Ika-Igbo Nation(Anioma) To Embrace 30th Of May Sit-at-home by sonya4all(m): 8:09pm On May 09, 2018

I repeat why the Bleep would I need a SHITHOLE passport when I have a US passport? That's like having a Ferrari and asking for a beat down Toyota.

See this fool talking about watching super eagles and my friend and family and whatever nonsense he just wrote about Niggeria police. Please don't ever insult my family or friends by in anyway think they want to partake in anything concerning that worthless nation. Just like I rather die than defend that shithole you hail from, so does everyone I know. Secondly, don't insult my eyes. I don't watch anything that relates to your shithole unless it contains you motherfuckers suffering. Honest truth.

Lastly, yes I'm proud I escaped that hellhole. Why would I want to stay in a hellhole that even your own president does not want to stay in? If Trump offers you lots free Visa, you'll be among the people beating eachother down to get it. Hell even Canada is trying to close their borders to you people. Emphasis of peaceful, nice Canada does not even want una considering the amount of you shitholans running to it to escape your hellhole. Even the slaves saved from libyan narrated they rather be in Libya than stay in your shithole. Few years ago UK offered to build a brand new prison for your shithole to deport those Niggerians in their prisoners. The prisoners kicked against it. Emphasis on prisoners rather stay in PRISON than return to your shithole. Why would anyone not be proud he or she left that hell hole.

Good you've eaten. Not so many people living in that hellhole is that lucky.

I read you comment and get so confused the more,at one point you are speaking like a pained Nigerian who would like to see things getting with all tribes living in harmony,yet again you seem confused at some point mocking your own kins you claim to defend here by saying Canada is blocking them coming over,you still come to nairaland to read about Nigeriaand what what is happening here instead of moving on with your supposed new found slave camp..
My brother,am also anioma,but seriously I think you are confused, believe it or not you still have love for this country Nigeria.....


Politics / Re: Calling On The Ika-Igbo Nation(Anioma) To Embrace 30th Of May Sit-at-home by sonya4all(m): 7:35pm On May 09, 2018

I rather be a proud foreign slave than be a PROUD SLAVE In a nation they call their own that that everyone is trying to run away from. A proud slave getting killed like flies everyday. I'll choose the foreign land and be a slave to it than be a dying poverty ridden slave in shithole like yourself.

Have you eaten yet? I heard una have surpassed everyone to having the most poverty ridden and starved than even India

Now let's say perhaps we agree you are in the USA your parents extended families are still in Nigeria,and certainly you will foolishly walk into the Nigerian embassy one day to get a naija passport to come home to your shithole and foolishly tune in to watch naija super eagles during the world cup...your friends and relatives are currently undergoing screening into Nigerian Police,yet you proudly claim to escaped.
Oil wey tough one finger must surely touch the rest....
You remain a Nigerian,whether you like it or not..

And yes I have Eaten,Thanks for asking


Politics / Re: Calling On The Ika-Igbo Nation(Anioma) To Embrace 30th Of May Sit-at-home by sonya4all(m): 7:26pm On May 09, 2018

Fool I'm in USA right now as I type this. Now talk again enyi.

Like I said your piece of shit is a SHITHOLE confirmed by even your own president. Nigga does not even stay in your shithole when sick.

Like I said, tell me why anyone that's sane want to claim this worthless piece of shit calling itself a nation or rather deluding herself as giant of Africa



Politics / Re: Calling On The Ika-Igbo Nation(Anioma) To Embrace 30th Of May Sit-at-home by sonya4all(m): 6:55pm On May 09, 2018

Fool I have a USA citizenship and so will my future children until biafra is actualized. What makes you think my children will claim that worthless piece of sh1t you call a nation? Even your own president and majority of your leaders does not want to claim that SHITHOLE hence everyone of them makes sure their spouse give birth outside of your shithole.

Every dick and Harry claiming US citizenship on nairaland...
Go bath


Politics / Re: Calling On The Ika-Igbo Nation(Anioma) To Embrace 30th Of May Sit-at-home by sonya4all(m): 6:52pm On May 09, 2018

Really? IPOB should apologise for those killed during the Trump protest?

The world did know that part of the duty of the Nigerian Army was to go and shoot unarmed protesters, wether they are protesting about the style of Trumps hair or not.

Thanks for reminding us that the Nigerian Army is just a gang of licence murderers. Those who went to protest actually thought we were in a demcracy.

This thread is not about wether Ika is Igbo or not

Brigadier Conrad Chukwukadibia Nwawo
Brigadier Okwechime
Colonel Okonjo
Colonel Macaulay Nzefili 
Colonel Chukwudi Sokei
Colonel Joe Osekoka Achuzia 
Colonel Ochei
Lt Colonel Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu 
Major Isichei 
Major Albert Okonkwo

None of the men above cared if Ika is Igbo or not before believing and fighting for Biafra

You are welcome to do more testing whether we are in a democracy or not on 30th may..
Please ensure you stand in front or better still cowardly enjoy your ofe nsala in your closet
Politics / Re: Calling On The Ika-Igbo Nation(Anioma) To Embrace 30th Of May Sit-at-home by sonya4all(m): 6:47pm On May 09, 2018

The same global embarrassment Niggerians took from Trump. A man called your entire nation a SHITHOLE, never once even showed remorse or apologized for it thus showing that's his actual opinion about your so called nation. Reason behind it is your inability to function without depending on West. What does your government do? Go there to beg the same said man that has negative opinion about you for help thus, confirming his opinion of you being a shithole. Worse, you licked your own vomit by accepting the rule they gave on your purchase of a fighter jets, they selling to you in an exaggerated price compared to actual price, despite your government refusing to accept the rules unless the US removed it. Yet again confirming his opinion of you as a shithole.
Do you think Biafra was the only one embrassed? You Niggerians likely confirmed to the rest of the world and to him also of what he called you and never apologized for. Hell even your own presidency made a big deal about meeting him despite he sees una as less than and said it himself.

Secondly why would any Anioma in his narrowly mind support this one Niggeria shithole? Please tell me a reason why anyone with half a sense supports this worthless shithole. A nation where your own president is doing nothing not your daily death and seems to be happy about it to.
I rather die a biafra proudly than die a shitholan. I can't speak for others but I can speak for myself and family.

My brother,I don't argue with people who start their arguments with, YOUR COUNTRY OR YOUR PRESIDENT...
You will keep describing yourself as a biafran yet your children and even you will keep filling forms indicating their nationality as NIGERIANS till God knows when....


Politics / Re: Calling On The Ika-Igbo Nation(Anioma) To Embrace 30th Of May Sit-at-home by sonya4all(m): 5:41pm On May 09, 2018
Am surprised some fools are still clamouring about Biafra even after the global embarrassments they got during buhari and Trump meetings...

Honestly you IPOB goons seriously need to apologise to those youths who were killed in celebration of trump victory as president and also apologize to their families...

You wish to bring ika into your Biafra rubbish,well keep wasting your time, we ikas have long stated that we are not igbos not are we part of your biafra,but that seem too difficult to sink into your heads..


NYSC / Jennifer Ejiogu: Large Heart Of A Visually Impaired Corper (Photos) by sonya4all(m): 8:00am On Mar 16, 2018
*Large Heart of A visually impaired Corp member*

It was sometime in November 2017,during the selection process for persons with Disabilities to engage in sporting activities marking the 2017 world Disability day,at Oba Central School.Oba Anambra state,that i met this young visually impaired youth Corp member, Serving at the ministry of social welfare, children and women affairs rehabilitation center Oba.what attracted my attention to Jennifer Ejiogu was when I heard her insisting that one of the physically challenged persons who had no wheelchair nor clutches get home safely after the program,she refused leaving the venue until a tricycle comes to pick the Man...

Today 15th March 2018,I was invited to witness the commissioning of projects undertaken by Jenifer at the rehabilitation center oba, in company of the SSA to the Executive governor of Anambra state on Disability matters,which includes,zebra crossing into the the rehabilitation center, donation of wheelchairs, painting and installation of mosquito nets at the rehabilitation center housing persons with Disabilities who are undergoing training by the state government,behold to my greatest surprise this same man who Jenifer had insisted gets home safely Because he had no mobility aids was one of the beneficiaries of the wheelchairs courtesy of this compassionate young lady who despite her Disability condition heed to the call by this Excellency chief Willie Obiano to members of the society to support persons with Disabilities at their own capacity . Jennifer has not only shown her Passion to the welfare of PWDs but has also demonstrated it by these philanthropic donations as a serving youth Corp member in anambra state..

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Politics / Re: Gov. Ugwuanyi Disburses N2.25bn To 450 Autonomous Communities For Devt Projects by sonya4all(m): 11:21pm On Feb 28, 2018
Copy cat...
Anyways it's good to copy good initiatives
Anambra state Governor Willie Obiano,first introduced it, with 20millions for each of the 181 communities in anambra,and later gave another 20 million to those communities that have finished the first phase.. encouraging others to come along too
TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by sonya4all(m): 9:43pm On Jan 28, 2018
Those ones village people done swear to follow them bumper to bumper
Politics / Re: OBIANO is not paying full salary. VANGUARD. by sonya4all(m): 8:30am On Jan 12, 2018


STFU ignorant village ipob. grin grin

Your village governor can not execute projects and haven't commissioned anything apart from borehole and can not even pay full salary.

grin grin grin grin

Who is the goat...have you ever crossed the niger?
Mumu come to anambra and see if you will agree to crawl back to your hut


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nitel Pensioners Should Come In by sonya4all(m): 9:16pm On Jan 11, 2018
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nitel Pensioners Should Come In by sonya4all(m): 3:42pm On Jan 09, 2018

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Events / Re: Official Pictures From The Nairaland Get Together Party by sonya4all(m): 12:12am On Jan 09, 2018
See them
Beautiful and handsome.
Happy new year Dear Nlanders

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nitel Pensioners Should Come In by sonya4all(m): 10:42am On Jan 04, 2018
Happy new year all.
Please any new updates?
Politics / Re: Pmb's Appointment Of Dead Persons: Picture Of Death Of The Patient Dog? by sonya4all(m): 10:58pm On Jan 01, 2018
What we see in Nigeria
Politics / Re: Pmb's Appointment Of Dead Persons: Picture Of Death Of The Patient Dog? by sonya4all(m): 11:56am On Dec 31, 2017

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