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Business / Re: Kuda Bank Called EFCC On My Friend Over N800k - Bryson Adah Cole by Soul47(m): 6:45pm On Nov 10, 2021
Guys please don't believe this lie till more evidence is provided.
This is a mete attack on the bank.
Kuda is a great bank and except for case of fraud, they wouldn't treat a customer this way.

Please let's not believe this vague story at all.

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Education / Re: JAMB Budgets N100m To Prosecute 200 For Malpractice by Soul47(m): 5:11pm On Feb 10, 2021
Corruption everywhere.
Travel / Re: GENERAL Irish (student)visa & Work Permit-New THREAD*** by Soul47(m): 12:36pm On Dec 23, 2020
Thanks Guys! Visa granted! Thank you all for your tireless contributions and experience sharing on here.

Pls a guide on next steps?

How do i get cheap accommodation in dublin especially for the first 2 weeks of quarantine and afterwards??

Please how much will i need to bring along for initial expenses??

Thanks for your anticipated response.

Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Soul47(m): 9:26am On Nov 16, 2020

Congratulations on your admission.
Majority of students in DBS are the Indians, so no need to worry about R.
You have an equal fighting chance depending on You, what you study, grade and all....

You're welcome

Thanks for the response.

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Family / Re: Black December For My Family!!!my Heart Is Broken Chai!!!God Why Me by Soul47(m): 6:57pm On Nov 13, 2020
Sorry for the situation
Hope things are much better now.
I can't forget the encouragement you offered me last year, you are more than a sister.

I lost your number, but I have sent an email.
I await your response.
Stay strong sister.
Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Soul47(m): 8:51am On Nov 11, 2020
Please guide me
I just got admission in DBS

Should I continue with it?
Is there racism there, and are there job opportunities post graduate students while studying?

I just came across this thread today

Will read from beginning till end before end of the day.

Thanks in anticipation

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Webmasters / Re: Jack Dorsey Tweets EndSARS, Solicit Support For The Protest (Photo) by Soul47(m): 8:54am On Oct 15, 2020
He's only following the bandwagon and nothing more. Jack is a smart businessman that's playing a dicey game with the collective sanity of lazy protesters.

The more the hashTag trends on Twitter, the more relevant the platform becomes in Nigeria and the more valuable it becomes in the global market. Let's keep making a fool out of ourselves while thinking that in this challenging and competitive world where trade and tech war has become the order of the day, a foreign nation will want an Africa country to outdo them in Democracy and good governance. Don't you know that once we have good and stable governance, we'll start thinking of advancing our technological feat and reach. No foreign nation currently conceives the idea or possibility of an African empire. Imagine a country like Nigeria now building hypersonic missiles, DEW, nuclear propeller and warheads? That's a bigger threat to world peace and I'm in no way in support of that.

The truth is that Nigerian youths are growing wings and they have to be cautioned on time, unless we'll have to bear the burden of living with limited access to the internet and little or no access to other internet services like the world wide web and Co.

We'll only ended up pioneering a new generation where smartphones and computers will become irrelevants. In a tech world that's currently moving towards IoT where all our electronics will become an integral part of a smart environment, which will later give rise into a smart economy. A computer OR a smartphone without the internet is nothing but an electronic idiot. We should stop the protest now so that our kids will not live to become a victim of our weird and destructive invention.

The protest is gradually snowballing into an economic missiles and it needs to be stopped.

Haven't seen a better fool.
How did you come up with this

Put am end to your slave mentality please.
Liberate your mind.
Travel / Re: What Am I To Do, My Only Brother Is In A Chinese Prison by Soul47(m): 1:01pm On May 06, 2020
Was ur brother staying there illegally? If yes den I guess dats the reason u guys avnt heard from him all these while, wen an illegal immigrant is caught there's nothing like trail instead dey will just throw him there in jail most times some textile industries in China use them to work as slaves in their factory dey av no access to phones, dey can't escape, dey r treated as slaves, many of Dem die of starvation. Just av hope am sure u will hear from him soon

He went there legally, what I am not sure of is if his papers expired before the arrest.

I'm hopeful

Travel / Re: What Am I To Do, My Only Brother Is In A Chinese Prison by Soul47(m): 12:59pm On May 06, 2020

Oh this breaks my heart. Especially seeing as you haven't heard from him or the government for over a year now.

May I encourage you that I'm optimistic he's still very much alive. I believe if anything had happened to him they'd have contacted you and your family to inform you.

I hope that offers you some encouragement. I pray that he will continue to get the strength he needs to serve his time and most importantly hopefully he's learnt his lessons and come back a better person.

And if he was innocent, may he be vindicated eventually. In all, keep the Faith and Hope alive. May God give you and your family the strength to hold on and to keep trusting.

Please send my encouragement and prayers to your family.

Praying for you!

Thanks a lot

I really appreciate this.

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Health / Re: Situation In Port Harcourt Ahead Of Total Lockdown Tomorrow (Photos) by Soul47(m): 12:58pm On May 06, 2020
The black race is such an unfortunate experiment. See how people are so close to one another as if they are too dull to know what is at stake.

Your life will remain and experiment.
Travel / Re: What Am I To Do, My Only Brother Is In A Chinese Prison by Soul47(m): 1:03pm On May 04, 2020

What city was he when this happened? Was he a student?

I had few schoolmates who were arrested around the same time . The Nigerian embassy will do almost nothing and your best bet now is a lawyer which is quite expensive.

He is probably still alive. His friends should have notified your family immediately he was arrested. There's a compulsory 14-21 days investigation that could have had him out of that place after a huge fine is being paid to the Chinese government.

Not a student

Visiting visa

It's over a year now.

What are our chances?
Travel / Re: What Am I To Do, My Only Brother Is In A Chinese Prison by Soul47(m): 1:02pm On May 04, 2020
hmmm schooled in China for more than three years n there was a guy dat was schooling but he was into internet fraud n my dear since 2015 till now dat guy is still in jail n d funny tin is dat he's from a rich home over here but in China once u are being caught just forget it ooo am so sorry dat u n ur family are going Tru this, hopefully he's ok


But is there no way to I get info as to where exactly he is and how long the sentence is.

The most painful part is that we have had no contact since then

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Celebrities / Re: Which Celebrity's Death Pained You The Most? by Soul47(m): 11:50pm On May 03, 2020
Capital STEEZ
Mac Miller
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Showing Some Of My Drawings, To Help With The Stress by Soul47(m): 8:49pm On Apr 26, 2020
Lantern Girl, an old one

I love this

Please any note on it?

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Travel / Re: What Am I To Do, My Only Brother Is In A Chinese Prison by Soul47(m): 10:46am On Mar 29, 2020
Any news @soul47

None at all.

We are believing God.

But for a year we haven't heard from him.
Politics / Re: Ikpeazu Explains Why Coronavirus "Won't Enter Abia State" by Soul47(m): 1:52pm On Mar 22, 2020
This is the kind of thing that inspired Charles Darwin to embrace the theory of Natural Selection. If you want to weed out your garden, just put your hands in your pockets and watch.

The media has blown this out of proportion to create panic! When this is over and done with, Mark my words, the flu season or malaria of 2019 -2020 will look much worse!

When you flatten the curve you also lengthen the curve. The Global cartels willing to go 6 months or more with this? Going 6 months will destroy the economy and usher in a depression. Why is this necessary for a virus that is a little worse than H1N1, which we did nothing for?
Just like every other flu we have known throughout the history of mankind. Should you not shake hands? Of course, Should you wash your hands regularly? Always. Should you stay home if you are sick? Certainly.

Ridiculous! Some People are easily manipulated! Once you give up your Rights and Civil Liberties for safety sake , you have given up all your freedom! The Government owns you. This is not what our ancestors fought and died for.

You Sabi
Family / Re: Groom Dies On Wedding Day In Jos, Shocked Bride Lands In Hospital by Soul47(m): 6:16pm On Mar 21, 2020
Damnnnnn niggarrr
Too bad
Rest in peace

Damnnnnn niggarzzz
It is obvious you guys are not real niggarrrz

Why attributes everything to mysticism, wizardry, village alchemy, spiritualism, diabolism, spiritual allurement, spiritual telepathic transmission, augury, necromancy and cabalism

Let me tell you all a secret for everyday we wake we are faced with more than a hundred ways to die
We were born to die
And death is only the beginning
Health / Re: Third Coronavirus Case Confirmed In Lagos by Soul47(m): 10:40pm On Mar 17, 2020

Every scientist have come out to disprove your claim.

A conspiracy theorist on YouTube, who wants views so, that he can monitise it, is the one spreading this rumour

No scientific research paper to back up your claim


Please do have a great night.
Health / Re: Third Coronavirus Case Confirmed In Lagos by Soul47(m): 5:13pm On Mar 17, 2020

facts by a youtube channel, is that fact,

pls paste here a scientific study of the link between covid 19 and 5g


Scientific studies can't be conveyed through YouTube videos?

No Radioactivity
No environmental pollutions caused by 5g towers...

Ok na.

Believe the story that suits you Sister.

But stay away from 5G towers and areas of high frequency
Health / Re: Third Coronavirus Case Confirmed In Lagos by Soul47(m): 1:08pm On Mar 17, 2020

enough of your conspiracy theories

It won't cost you anything to do your research and be more informed.

It is no conspiracy if it's facts.

Health / Re: Third Coronavirus Case Confirmed In Lagos by Soul47(m): 11:18am On Mar 17, 2020
She came from a city with active 5g signal .. restrict travel between Nigeria and any country that has active 5g service ..I know dullards and small brained Philistines will come here and mock me but I am saying the truth

You are right.

5g towers have been known to cause more harm than Good in the immediate environment.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Pipeline Explosion: MURIC Reacts by Soul47(m): 11:08am On Mar 17, 2020
"Why is Nero dancing while Rome is burning?"...

Now that's deep.
Health / Re: Coronavirus: Olumide Okunuga Dies In Italy. by Soul47(m): 9:07am On Mar 16, 2020

Please Which page is that which clearly stated 2020, cause I can't find it yet.

Business / Re: First Bank Confirms Merger, Acquisition Talks With Heritage And Polaris Banks by Soul47(m): 8:47am On Mar 14, 2020

I swear people don dey run from FBN from the saucy staff to the annoying deductions and freezing of account. Common 20k dem fit freeze your account.


Customer Info update after a while.

Nothing much.
Business / Re: First Bank Confirms Merger, Acquisition Talks With Heritage And Polaris Banks by Soul47(m): 8:46am On Mar 14, 2020

But they've been using the word merger more

For the public.

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Business / Re: First Bank Confirms Merger, Acquisition Talks With Heritage And Polaris Banks by Soul47(m): 8:41am On Mar 14, 2020

People just talk out of assumptions, so FBN with over 5trn in assets and No 2 in total deposit base is not that strong. Try to study a little before you talk so you don't sound too shallow.

That guys comment was too dumb to happen in 2020.

Well... It is the internet that have given everyone freedom to make opinion on what they do or do not know.

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Crime / Re: Laetitia Naankang Dagan Is Dead! Assassinated In Abuja by Soul47(m): 7:10pm On Feb 18, 2020
My naija.


Investment / Re: Have You Been Crypto Scammed. Share Your Experience And Learn How To Detect One by Soul47(m): 9:10am On Feb 14, 2020

Someone actually contacted me but I'm not new here �
Immediately I saw the person message I knew it was a scam

Thank God you were able to detect it.

Those guys are ruthless.

Broke criminals.
Investment / Re: Have You Been Crypto Scammed. Share Your Experience And Learn How To Detect One by Soul47(m): 2:09pm On Feb 13, 2020


Delete your number

Na scam those guys be.

If anyone contact you, it's probably one of them

No say I no tell you ooo
Music/Radio / Re: Olamide Releases 999 EP Tomorrow by Soul47(m): 6:11am On Feb 10, 2020
Nigerians and superstition sha.
You think illuminati is for small kids like Olamide? Lol

He can actually be a puppet.
Education / Re: Nwabuba Victor Ifeanyi In Forex Scam: FUNAAB Student Dupes Professors, Students by Soul47(m): 10:58pm On Feb 05, 2020

Yes o. No one can make a living out of the scam called forex.. Oyibos been scamming blacks since 10th century!

Forex is the biggest biggest scam ever!


Don't wake up tomorrow thinking that

It isn't.

Just that people scam others through that cause of their ignorance.

It's just like saying getting USA VISA is a scam cause you have met couple of dubious travel agent.

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Education / Re: Nwabuba Victor Ifeanyi In Forex Scam: FUNAAB Student Dupes Professors, Students by Soul47(m): 10:44pm On Feb 05, 2020

How can I learn it please

Study books and other trading related materials, then practice daily on the demo account

Do that for 2 months and you will be good to go.

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