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Romance / Re: Can A Man Earning 6k Daily Marry In Abuja? by staga: 1:56pm On Aug 31
OP, let me advise you.

You need to do one needful thing. Make sure you grow the food you and your family will eat. That is the first step. Once your family has a full stomach, you will think more clearly.

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Romance / Re: Can A Man Earning 6k Daily Marry In Abuja? by staga: 1:55pm On Aug 31
With that nonsense amount kindly stay away from anything called relationship so that you won’t put someone’s daughter in abject poverty Biko! undecided

You’re not even qualified to have a girlfriend not to even talk of a wife. You broke men will just have little change and the next thing on your evil broke mind is marriage. undecided

And the worst thing is you broke men know how to born like rats, by the time the money isn’t enough to catheter for your wife and 7 children, frustration will set in and you will start beating your wife.

Mr man you’re broke!!
Leave marriage alone!!

I hear your father was a bricklayer. Yet he married and had you. No be so?
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Paul Biya Changes Military Formation In Cameroon by staga: 10:42am On Aug 31
Fear don catch am.
Career / Re: Adamawa Policeman Weeps As He Is Dismissed From Service For Wrongdoing (Video) by staga: 10:18am On Aug 31
Eeeeeeh sorry o but I can help if you won't mind being my gateman

He is to be charged to court...you did not see that part? That guy may have collaborated with armed robbers. You never can tell.

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Travel / Re: My Friend Just Got Convicted In The USA, Will He Be Deported? by staga: 8:05am On Aug 30
My primary school mate just got convicted in the USA for 36 months.

It had to do with money laundering, aza man issues about 200k USD.

He has a green card but not a citizen.

He has been in the USA since 2017.

He has 2 kids he gave birth to there with naija wife.

He impregnated an akata, akata oyibo woman gave birth while he was in prison because he was already in detention till the court conviction last week.

WILL HE BE DEPORTED after serving his jail terms?


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Politics / Re: Tinubu Appoints New Board, Management For NDDC by staga: 9:38pm On Aug 29
Victor Antai was former SUG Secretary General in Uniport in the 80s. Very rugged guy.


Crime / Re: Police Parade Suspects Arrested At Gay Wedding Ceremony In Delta State by staga: 1:24pm On Aug 29
Nuff-a dem a pose off, like-a dem run de world.
Let me tell you something, see me come, him turn ah girl.
Nuff a dem a pose, like-a dem run de world.
Let me tell you something, when me come, him turn a girl.
Me gun mi hug up and kiss, sleep with at night.
If a boy try a ting, me shoot out him eyesight.
You know I and I is dynamite!
When me hold microphone, I strictly truth or right.
Limb by Limb we are gon cut dem down,
send fi the hacksaw, take out de tongue!
Limb by limb we are gon cut dem down,
send fi the hacksaw, take out de tongue!
Politics / Re: I Didn't Sponsor Rufai Oseni's Father's Burial - Peter Obi by staga: 1:58pm On Aug 28
LYING SOB. Lying as usual.
Pandora, pathological liar Obi, can lie for Africa. We are still waiting on the lying MOFO to sue the Gazette newspaper that posted his "YES DADDY" religious war conversation.
The IPOB cannibal monkey claimed that the tape was fake and that he would sue. We are still waiting for the IPOB terrorist sore loser to sue today.

You can never trust this man to tell the truth. He's incapable of telling the truth. He will lie even when he doesn't need to. That is a sign of a narcissistic personality disorder.

Shut up, slowpoke!
Career / Re: Ezenwa: Meet 30-Year-Old Nigerian Who Has Employed Over 3000 In His Company by staga: 8:09pm On Aug 25
According to NBS, if you work one hour a week, you are employed!
Travel / Re: Is It Safe To Travel By Road From PH To Lagos Now? by staga: 4:28pm On Aug 25
The floods are coming. Ore was flooded last week and road travellers were stranded. Travel by air.


Politics / Re: Nigerians Spend Over Half Of Their Earnings On Food, Worst Globally – Picodi by staga: 4:12pm On Aug 25
Food should actually be the cheapest expense for a human being.

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Sports / Re: WWE Legend Bray Wyatt Dies Aged 36 As Triple H Leads Tribute To Pioneer by staga: 9:35am On Aug 25
Terry Funk also passed a day earlier. The old school guys here will know him.
Family / Re: I Want To Take My Late Sister's Two Children To Orphanage by staga: 11:31am On Aug 23
Where is their father?
Politics / Re: Wike Bans Street Trading And Hawking In Abuja by staga: 7:43am On Aug 23
This report is malicious. He never said any such thing. I watched the press briefing myself.

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Health / Re: How Soon Does Lab Test Detect HIV Infection After Being Exposed? by staga: 2:25pm On Aug 22

we just met and had unprotected sex..i barely know her

You need to be flogged. SERIOUSLY! Give your life to God and stop this silly philandering.
Health / Re: Five Billboard Installers Electrocuted To Death In Port Harcourt (Photos) by staga: 9:54am On Aug 22
Nothing should be built or installed anywhere near a high tension power line. The law mandates a certain distance as safety limit.


Politics / Re: ‘wadata Plaza Will Go Down’, Reactions Trail Wike’s Demolition Threat by staga: 7:53pm On Aug 21
My own is for him to clear off all those cows parading the streets.
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija All-star: Lagos Agency Slams Seyi Over Comment About Son by staga: 3:59pm On Aug 20
Good day nairalanders, I'm a very old member of this forum and I've been more of a reader than a topic creator.
I came home from work today and I felt very empty.
A university graduate of over 23 years with a 2 year restaurant store keeper experience. The restaurant I worked at folded up after tejusoho market at Yaba was opened. Since then I've been dropping my CV at different companies to get employed. But I didn't get any call from where I submitted my CV. I decided to start a teaching job which I did for close to 8 years. I worked as a teacher in a private school located around agbado area, ogun state. But I got tired because I wasn't appreciated and more so the salary wasn't taking care of my needs. So I was introduced to a hotel job as a housekeeper. I accepted the job and since then I've been a house keeper cleaning rooms. This I have been doing for over 5years now with a 35000naira monthly pay
I now look at myself with little grey hairs on my head. Thinking.... IS THIS WHAT I WAS MADE FOR? IS THIS WHY I SCHOOLED FOR 4YEARS.

Im just so bitter. Even the hotel where I work, the store keeper position where I have an experience is being manned by a secondary school cert holder.

God please when will I get there.
I'm writing this because I know there are good hearts in this forum. Please help me get a job. I have a 2 year old kid and my wife is pregnant. Please help me.

Go to Youtube and see how teachers like you are commanding millions of followers and monetizing the traffic.

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TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija All-star: Lagos Agency Slams Seyi Over Comment About Son by staga: 3:56pm On Aug 20
The curse of Reuben will follow him and those his sons. Idiot of the highest order.

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Politics / Re: Ike Ekweremadu's Son, Lloyd Weds Tiffany, Peter Obi, Saraki, Others Attend by staga: 11:28pm On Aug 19
All these ones no concern me

Fvck dey hungry me

Na why this subsidy dey pain me to invite girl come cost for transportation

I wish they could Waybill pvssy for me when I’m done I’ll wash it and Waybill back to owner

Your mumu never do?

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Politics / Re: Ike Ekweremadu's Son, Lloyd Weds Tiffany, Peter Obi, Saraki, Others Attend by staga: 11:27pm On Aug 19
Only two tribes in Naija:

the haves

the have-nots.

Those in the middle are struggling for air. Either they have to japa to stay afloat or they resort to setting up multiple streams of income to prevent being sent down to the level of the have-nots.

All these idiotic Nairaland ethnic and religious bigots should start learning.

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Family / Re: The Word “Marriage Is Just For Once” Is A Scam Don't Fall For It? by staga: 2:34pm On Aug 18
If any family is compelling you to spend the money you do not have unnecessary for a marriage ceremony. And they tell you marriage is just for once just borrow to spend it once and for all do not obliged because it's a scam.

There is nothing like once and for all in any marriage, and for a family who wanted the ceremony as they so desired yet not making the provision from their pocket but compelling you to do so that's it's just once and for all.

I can assure you that It won't be long before you start noticing it's nothing but a scam. Marriage is a continues spending with everything attached to it and if you are not prepared it means you are not ready yet.

You will soon start shouldering that family responsibilities when your wife putting pressure on you to help her family here and there..

There are some family that when they heard about marriage thry believe you have arrived. After all na who get money de do marriage. And the bigger you make that ceremony look the more the expectations and attention you will end up drawing to yourself.

Marriage is not for immature minds.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Most Important Job At 5000naira/month by staga: 12:02pm On Aug 18
Put it in context. I think PMS sold for N26 per litre at the time and dollar was N88. I could fill my fuel tank of 70 litres at the time for N1,820. My salary was N40,000.

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Health / Re: Farida Sobowale 'House Of Phreeda' Attempts To Commit Suicide On Third Mainland by staga: 11:25am On Aug 18

Don't die before your time! She can buy your 15th generation all combined. She got married recently in a very elaborated wedding, husband jilted her to go back to side chick. She is suffering from depression. You are poor, doesn't mean everyone is. Go and find out about her wealth.

She should first buy her happiness back before thinking of buying someone's 15th generation. The way some of you talk, you wonder whether you were born with half of one brain.

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Family / Re: Married Men With No/ Low Source Of Income, How Are You Coping? by staga: 10:27am On Aug 17

Please do you forsee any positive changes in the country in later years?

Look at the world. Country by country. Everything is heading south.

The battle of any society is between the haves and have-nots. There is nothing like party lines, no ethnicity, religion or whatever. The so-called "tokens" or "prayers" sent to the senators was not among party lines. It was not sent along ethnic or religious lines. It was sent only to the group of people who are part of the "haves".

Did any other Nigerian get any token to their bank accounts or prayers to their emails? You are either with the haves, or you are with the have-nots.

Sadly, majority of Nigerians do not see this and they continue to be blinded. You think all the decisions by government were done by Tinubu? He is simply an actor on the grand global stage. The players may change, but the game stays the same. You think things would be better if Peter Obi or Waziri Atiku were presidents?

Why do you think Bill Gates was in Aso Rock, and days later we hear that Dr Pate who had passed through a very rigorous interview process to become the head of GAVI, suddenly turned down the position only to emerge as a minister? Who funds and controls GAVI? Think!

Most of our people are empty. They cannot tie two and two together to make four. Nigeria is a land of predators...the classical food chain where those on top feed on those below. When you get to the bottom, those at that level now start to prey on themselves.

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Family / Re: Married Men With No/ Low Source Of Income, How Are You Coping? by staga: 11:01pm On Aug 16
we know.

Here's the problem, yes there was manipulation, but make no mistake, APC still garnered millions of votes, a testament to the FACT that million of Nigerians learnt absolutely nothing from the last 8 years of misrule. I have friends, youths o, educated and all that were assertively supporting Tinubu/APC. I am sure you will certainly have such friends too. A good number of the people are damaged goods. I will keep saying it, i never expected that APC will still get even 100k votes, assuming Nigerians learnt anything at all over the last 8 years about the cancer that the APC is and represents.

Just face your affairs my guy, and strive for self-preservation. Don't bother about Nigeria or Nigerians for your sanity.

You see the bolded? I made that decision in 2014. Best decision ever. I told my wife and people that tough times were coming and that Nigeria was a hopeless case. Those who branded me a prophet of doom among them have now seen the light nearly 10 years too late.

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Family / Re: Married Men With No/ Low Source Of Income, How Are You Coping? by staga: 6:48pm On Aug 16
We are Coping absolutely fine.

Infact I just gave my Wife N500,000 to go to Market and stock up the house with everything we will need for consumption till December.

I have Paid my children school tuition fees for 2024 season.

I just Deposited N5,000,000 into my Children Trust Fund Account.

This Regime is the best and i keep on praying it will continue to favor me and my family.

You are selfish.

I was earning N3m a month before I left Naija. Dollar was 460 - 520 then. The calls I get daily are gut wrenching.

Try and assist whoever you can please.


Family / Re: Married Men With No/ Low Source Of Income, How Are You Coping? by staga: 6:44pm On Aug 16
I am a single guy living alone though I have aged parents to take care of.

And I must say that the current situation of hardship in Nigeria have made me to give up.

Currently battling suicidal thoughts.

Think of your parents. Don't do it.

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Agriculture / Re: We Bathe our Pigs To Achieve Healthy Pigs And a Smell-less Pig Farm by staga: 6:07pm On Aug 14
Pigs lack sweat glands. They cannot sweat to cool down their massive frames.

That's why they have to wallow in mud so it can act as an insulating mechanism to ward off the heat. If you can spare the time to bathe them or splash water on them, it achieves the same effect.


Sports / Re: Moisés Caicedo To Chelsea For £115M British Record Transfer Fee by staga: 7:02am On Aug 14
115million pounds on an 8- year contract? Overpriced!

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