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Health / Re: The Facts And Myths Of Sickle Cell Disease by Stronger99: 12:11pm On Nov 01, 2012
I've been lucky I do not need meds but I knw someone whose case is complex and has tried it all. Jubi, Nicosan etc Now I'm hearing of celloid s, it seems like recycling of d same thing.
The person I knw who takes drugs didn't benefit frm all these alternative medicine but benefits a lot from tested manufactured meds.

I don't knw but I would take caution in recommending these untested drugs. I know SCD patients could be desperate but one cannot always take a leap in d dark. Me I believe in medicine. In those olden days when it was Jst herbs all of us here would have been history by now. Isn't it d same herbs dat have become wonder drugs now?
Health / Re: The Facts And Myths Of Sickle Cell Disease by Stronger99: 11:15am On Nov 01, 2012
queen binte o: Pls wat do I do about my big tummy. Read that its cos of ma spleen. Pple living wt SCD have big spleen. Big tummy is embarrassin and annoying jor.

Nothing much u. can do. U can only remove d spleen if it no longer does It's work and has become useless. A spleensectomy.

First time I'm hearing of d glucose for jaundice, dat sounds great.

@deco slim,
Careful with the cocky attitude. U are making a big mistake if u think u are superman. Take ur drugs now. These things can haunt u later.
Health / Re: The Facts And Myths Of Sickle Cell Disease by Stronger99: 8:27am On Nov 01, 2012
queen binte o:
Yeah, the recklessness comes wt the disease. I can't even share wat I av done as a babe living wt SCD. I cudnt av survived if not for God. God's mercy.
Advise,stop living reckless life *phew*

Share, nobody has a right to judge. Actually I luv playing with fate. Pushing my luck. I'm an adrenaline junkie.

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Health / Re: The Facts And Myths Of Sickle Cell Disease by Stronger99: 7:40am On Nov 01, 2012
Actually. i did something like this thread earlier but it didn't make front page so no much response https://www.nairaland.com/781833/sickle-cell-thread. Now SCD is a messed up thing. Let's be honest here. It's like a 'curse frm the gods' but still, one has to face the challenges. I have managed to achieve so much educationally and financially even with this problem.

I live a 'reckless' life, i do drink alcohol, brandy and beer.I've been drinking now for 16yrs but i hope to call it a day soon. frm 4 bottles of lager at a sitting i now take only 1. And yes i do have lots of sex too cheesy. Now, i'm lucky i dnt really have pains. Actually, i can have pains just once a year and there is a pill i jst take and the pain goes. I would have loved to recommend it but i know it will be abused by those who suffer pain. The pill works and it is an anti-inflammatory drug and i guess it can be addictive.

I am lucky to be this strong but that doesn't mean all is perfect. I suffer from malaria alot when in Nigeria. There is no way i can avoid being in Nigeria at least 6mnths a year. it's so bad that i must have malaria once a mnth and sometimes i need to take multiple malaria drugs (with all that side effects) for the malaria to clear. So irritating.

There is something u guys didn't mention. It is called PRIAPISM. Painful erection in males without sexual arousal. That is something that gives me issues too at night, i have to wake up and do some exercises before it subsides and it only happens when i'm asleep. It denies me my full 8hrs most times. By and large, i'm a pretty strong guy and 90% of people who know me don't know that i have SCD. I hardly take transfusions, maybe once in 5yrs or so.I don't take meds, just folic and multivitamins. That is what i've taken for yrs and then the water thing is superb. Works like magic. I hardly eat though and my eating habit is pathetic.

this disorder has limited my life cos there is so much i think i can achieve but sometimes the strength isn't there. There must be a limit to how we can push ourselves.

I have a partner who is crazy about me and wants to drag me to the alter. I'm kind of reluctant. What if this disorder decides i've had enough good luck and decides to mess me up by throwing a misfortune my way. We are prone to all sorts of problems from organ failure to blindness. I don't want anybody to suffer in case i become a liability. These are random thoughts though. An inner voice tells me all will be well and i will keep having good health. Who knows. I might take the plunge soon enough and hope for the best.

My summary is that avoid sickle cell by all means. Luv is never enough. This disorder is wicked. Actually, i see it as one of the worse illness in the world. Stay safe and stay strong.


Career / Re: How Much is a Good Salary in Nigeria? by Stronger99: 3:57pm On Sep 11, 2012
A good salary is anything that will be enough to cater for ur needs without u going out to borrow.

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Career / Re: How Did You Succeed With Your 2-2 Or 3rd Class? by Stronger99: 3:56pm On Sep 11, 2012
Insultive thread. What is wrong with a 2-2 or even a 3rd class. I managed a 2-1 but my siblings all made 2-2 yet they all have better paying jobs and in nicer environment. My classmate who made 3rd is a big boy in Abuja now.


Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by Stronger99: 3:54pm On Sep 11, 2012
CIPMN is a nice certificate to have only if u can scale thru d hurdle of dat wicked operations research. I knw peeps who have written OR countless times.
Career / Re: Yamakuza! I Have A Question For You. by Stronger99: 3:52pm On Sep 11, 2012
Lol,see toasting with style. nuthing do u girl tongue
Career / Re: Any Administrative Professional Course For Someone Without Admin Background? by Stronger99: 3:50pm On Sep 11, 2012
There is something like chartered institute of administrators and secretaries or something like dat. Just do a search.
Career / Re: t by Stronger99: 3:49pm On Sep 11, 2012
Career / Re: Opportunities For Women by Stronger99: 3:48pm On Sep 11, 2012
Nice one as long as it isn't a scam o.
Career / Re: 10 Problems On How To Write CV by Stronger99: 3:47pm On Sep 11, 2012
In naija it's not abt d best cv's. That is not to say a good cv isn't appropriate.
Career / Re: 10 Differences Between You And Your Boss by Stronger99: 3:45pm On Sep 11, 2012
I'm my own boss cool
Career / Re: Nigerian Law School 2012 by Stronger99: 3:45pm On Sep 11, 2012
excel4sure: Do you believe in sex before marriage or sex after marriage.If yes why and if No why?
Who is dis dundee, can't u see dis is a serious discussion?
Career / Re: Beleive In Yourself by Stronger99: 3:43pm On Sep 11, 2012
Wrong section. This is career
Career / Re: Abj Law School Dress Code by Stronger99: 3:42pm On Sep 11, 2012
White and black or all black
Career / Re: Invalid Job Applications by Stronger99: 2:41pm On Sep 11, 2012

Firstly, i don't know about perfection. Nobody ever claimed perfection.

Technically, i didn't answer you question.
i only threw a question back at you.

Stop bleating. . .

U must be a lawyer.grin
Career / Re: Total Oil And Gas Workers by Stronger99: 12:03pm On Aug 24, 2012
Whats with d obsession with oil and gas? I dnt see anything wrong with someone trying to point out dat the oil and gas craze is irritating. Over here it is a pride to be a carpenter or a plumber or a police man. They should be dignity in labor. All d talk of making oyel money sounds so shallow. I knw dat we as a nation of young, talented youths are better than this.
Romance / Re: - by Stronger99: 9:43am On Jun 29, 2012
mayorjo: What a pity, she might be your real wife, she having a problem of epilepsy shouldnt diverge you, cosz epilepsy has a cure, just contact a doctor @ any federal teaching hospital. Thanks

No cure my friend. It could be managed by drugs but no cure.
Health / Re: Nigeria Has The Highest Sickle Cell Patients In The World! by Stronger99: 9:37am On Jun 29, 2012

LOL- you are right I don't know where he's getting his information from. SS carriers cannot get malaria. hence the selective advantage.

Ignorance is a biatch. I have SCD and i suffer frm malaria often. In fact, the only issues i have is malaria. All d other so called complications of having the ailment doesn't bother me. Whenever i leave the shores of Nigeria, i am as healthy as they come because of the absece of malaria.
Most things being peddled around are myths. I'm stronger than most AA chaps i know.
Health / Re: World Sickle Cell Day by Stronger99: 12:49am On Jun 20, 2012
i also suffer from SCA. However, i'm kind of lucky in some ways. I don't have pain, maybe once a yr and a strong painkiller is just all i pop and it goes. I also don't have transfusion. Can't remember when last i ever got transfused. My main problem is constant malaria, almost every 2weeks and then jaundice.I dnt take drugs just multivitamins only.
@blink, i never heard of dis cellod-s and i'm wondering if it can help eliminate jaundice and dis constant malaria thingy? I thank God for helping me throughout. I seem to have maybe the minor form of SS compared to what i read of other people and how they suffer so much from this ailment.
Religion / Re: Let's Be Honest, Who Has Ever Experienced A Miracle? by Stronger99: 10:15am On Nov 03, 2011
Looked for a miracle all my life. Went to crusades, believed, had faith, drank olive oil, been prayed for by different men of God, fasted and prayed. In short i've done it all and i'm still not cured. The bible says just have a mustard seed faith yet i've had faith as big as a pineapple still no way.

I don't want anybody telling me B.S or trying to say i din't believe enough. I have had the faith of Abraham sef. I'm still SS, i didn't change to AA. Nowadays i just believe in science. Stem cell transplant actually cures SS. Nor be them say, it's a fact. That is what i look forward to now.
Maybe God gave us science instead and we waste our time looking for some supernatural magic.
Romance / Re: I'm SS (Victim Of Sickle-Cell Disease): Who Will Marry Me? by Stronger99: 12:50am On Oct 16, 2011
Very commendable. It seems men are more willing to marry people with SS and women are less willing. At least that seems to be what i deduce from all the replies so far.
Well, i'm really happy to see all these positive attitude. U people have made my day.
Romance / Re: I'm SS (Victim Of Sickle-Cell Disease): Who Will Marry Me? by Stronger99: 11:15pm On Oct 15, 2011
I'm overwhelmed by all the responses. Thanks a lot to most of you who made sensible contributions. Some people are not happy that i claim to be a high flyer with a great job and degrees. . .well, i fought many health battles to get them so i'm proud of the little i have accomplished.

SCD is complex, think of the days you wake up in the morning and you feel really weak and don't feel like getting out of bed. Well, u see, having sickle cell is like that your worst day and it is permanent. You operate at half strength always, so to speak.

I've tried to live as normal as possible. When i came home for Nysc, i tore the medical certificate i brought along and did all the exercises even the endurance trek. It was tedious and i ended up having pneumonia after leaving camp but i didn't mind. I fought many battles with my parents to relocate to my home state and i vehemently refused.

I didn't disclose my sex because i'm not searching for love online. I just want to know how people see the disorder in Nigeria especially since not everyone is well enlightened about it. I have intentions of going into a great relationship soon and for the first time in my life i want to come out of the closet.

I'm not prepared to fight opposition from my partners close friends and family. I mean, if people think i ain't worth marrying then i might switch my options to other races who don't see any medical condition as a big deal. Acceptance is what i desire not a pity party or people whispering when i'm around or using me as an example. . .lol.

Thanks to all respondents, especially the males for their willingness to even date me, ain't that sweet  kiss. I'm glad Nigerians are gradually seeing beyond the physical.
I luv y'all.

@awesome t
Telling people with medical condition that they will get healing is a dicey thing. I remember my parents taking me to all sort of churches when i was little just to be prayed for.
I no longer believe in all those stuff man. I believe in science. All the painkillers, blood boosters etc are what i believe in because they have worked for me. Someday, when the stem cell procedure is more advanced we will go for it.

I believe in Jesus and i know he loves me but i don't believe that all that dramatic healing stuff is for me. God will help us through science.

@ Bamidele
21 gun salute sir. I feel u totally. We so don't like to be asked those questions.
Health / Re: A Sickle Cell Thread by Stronger99: 6:50am On Oct 15, 2011
Welcome aboard. wink
Romance / Re: I'm SS (Victim Of Sickle-Cell Disease): Who Will Marry Me? by Stronger99: 6:37am On Oct 15, 2011

can you supply me your vital statistics? wink

You already assume i'm female?


heck,i can almost swear i knw u. angry
and if i do,the problem is u and not your ailment.
u are too arrogant and annoying.u think the world revolves around u.all u do is talk and never listen lipsrsealed
if u arent whom i think it is,my apologies then.  lipsrsealed

WTF is this? How can u just make assumptions? There are 6 billion people in the world air head and this story might even as well be made up.
All these retaards on cyberspace.


oh and fyi, that 'i am a high flyer with 100 degrees' line is pathetic and redundant.step up your game sir!

Get an education and stop whining.
Romance / Re: I'm SS (Victim Of Sickle-Cell Disease): Who Will Marry Me? by Stronger99: 7:25pm On Oct 14, 2011
At least u are honest.
Family / Re: Hate In A Mother by Stronger99: 6:42pm On Oct 14, 2011
My mum is an angel. In my eyes she is perfect. My dad though is one hell of a guy. The most difficult person on planet earth. Love both of them to death though.
Romance / Re: I'm SS (Victim Of Sickle-Cell Disease): Who Will Marry Me? by Stronger99: 6:39pm On Oct 14, 2011

hey easy!read again.i didnt say EVERYONE.its every wanna-be.i mean every guy who wants to seriously be in you life.
M surprised you actually think i joked about this.ugh!

I wasn't calling u a kid. It's those lads that were derailing the thread.

Tom Ford:

All i can say is stay strong and stop hiding it from your suitors

since your genotype is SS you have to find one with AA this will lead to your kids been AS at most.

your kids too need to marry AA to avoid a possible SSgene.pls stay clear from AS to avoid any of your children becoming a carrier reason been the medical expenses on them is no joke as they tend to fall ill regularly especially growing up and it could be fatal

the fact that you have conquered it means there's hope,remain resolute it is well

Nobody is hiding anything, I said now that i want to get serious with marriage, i will open up in my relationships henceforth.

Can people quit the 'know ur spouse to be genotype' advice. I'm an expert in genetics and i know i can only marry an AA. My question is still begging. Who is bold to marry an SS (if ur genotype is AA that is). I want to know there is hope out there for me.
Romance / Re: Ladies And Gentlemen. Pls Be Honest, Can Date/fall In Love With An Albino? by Stronger99: 6:28pm On Oct 14, 2011
Albinism is no crime.

@H Star
Ur mom looks nothing like an albino. Just want to show us uour hot picture of u and ur mum right? tongue
Health / Re: A Sickle Cell Thread by Stronger99: 5:53pm On Oct 14, 2011
Thank u. I'm not too sure if people will contribute though .Lots of people are scared of sickle cell. More like fearing what they don't understand.

Will be nice if this thread can be sticked. To keep it alive.
Romance / Re: I'm SS (Victim Of Sickle-Cell Disease): Who Will Marry Me? by Stronger99: 5:50pm On Oct 14, 2011

op,no matter how much you think your status is holding you back,you will always find someone who will love you for who you are and what you are[b].just be open to every wanna-be about your condition[/b].
One more thing-live by your handle.be strong!

Open to everyone? Not my style. I don't tell people things when they have no solution to offer. I don't do pity. I appreciate ur reply though. Thanks

Will the moderator move this to family section where we have adults? I didn't create this thread so people will come on and joke.

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