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Fashion / Re: Guys/ladies : How Much Are You Charged For Your Hairdo? by Tango123: 2:59pm On Jul 09
Wanna rant angry. The effect of inflation is seriously hitting everywhere. Infact I'm still vexing since yesterday night angry

I visited my barber yesterday for my routine haircut, 2 weeks after my last visit. After he was done, I brought out my usual #300. He refused to collect, telling me there is an adjustment in price. He said the new charge is #500, directing me to the updated price list. lipsrsealed

I was like Wtf angry, why u no tell me b4 u start. I for just vex comot the shop and carry the hair for another two weeks. I had only stepped out with #500, hoping to buy suya with the remaining #200. He apologised and told me he forgot. He mentioned they had a meeting and agreed on the increment, blaming the continuous increase in price of goods and services.

I told him I will give him 300, and then balance him on my next visit. That suya been dey really hungry me. He eventually agreed because he knows me well.

When I got home, nah vex I use chew the suya, e no come sweet for mouth sef. Now I would have to adjust the frequency i visit for a haircut. Maybe I go even change my hairstyle to last skin, cos my hair grow very fast.

This country sef..... angry angry angry

Nairalanders..... How much do u guys now pay for your hairdo, abi nah my area alone

You and others talking here

Did u

Or did u not

Vote for Buhari in 2015 and 2019

Did u

Or did u not

Votr along ethnic and religious lines

Nigerians deserve the leaders we get

Enjoy ur change and sai babarism
Romance / Re: Why Do People Come To Faceless Forum To Pretend: I Don't Get by Tango123: 3:46pm On Jun 16

Thanks for reminding me it's Nigerian to be stupidly angry for no cause.....

Hahahaha. Nigerians have uncountable reasons to be angry, but transfer it to innocent people.
Should i tell u the reasons? Bad roads, no power supply. High cost of food, poverty. Injustice. Herdsmen killing. Police brutality.

To survive a day in Nigeria is by luck

Unfortunately, instead of attendijg to our problems, we resort to superstitious beliefs, prayer, and transfering our anger to those who are innocent

Just step out of Nigeria and see the way others live. Even within Africa. Then u will realise that nigerians have collective post traumatic stress disorder, of the complex type.
Romance / Re: Why Do People Come To Faceless Forum To Pretend: I Don't Get by Tango123: 3:07pm On Jun 16

Eeerrrm excuse me, this is a Nigerian owned forum run by Nigerians with 99 percent of its members of Nigerian descent and maybe 70 percent living in Nigeria.
Anger is a citizen of Nigeria so you are being hypocritical if you expect Nigerians not to be angry at you for no reason.


This gal u wont kill me

Anger a citizen of naija


But its true though. Nigerians have a lot of unspent unburnt and unprocessed anger. U wont know this unless u travel out and live in another culture. Gosh
Romance / Re: Giveaway Thread. Drop Your Account Number by Tango123: 1:42pm On Jun 13
See what hunger dey cause

All those dropping account numbers here do not known that there data is being harvested. Your account number has ur name, as in full name. Making u no longer faceless here

A word is enougj for the wise

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Romance / Re: How I Saved Some Children Yesterday by Tango123: 12:15pm On Jun 02
Bro, God bless you immensely

God used u to save those kids. A million thanks to u


Romance / Re: GUYS!! Do This When She Tries To Deny You Sex!!(repost) - Redpill by Tango123: 3:22pm On May 31
@Tango123 I feel you, i understand your technique but its not as effective, take it or leave it. You have to put her in a situation of "What Ifs" she has to make you her priority, you are either the no.1 guy or you are out of there PERIOD!

I feel u too bro. But if we aint married, i dont care if i am number 1 or not

And even in marriage, always know u may stop being number 1. So what is the solution

The trick is to be you, be confident, and never believe any woman (except ur mother) is so important in ur life. Other womwn apart from ur mother are like cars. For me I buy, i use, when the car gives me trouble, i sell and move on.

If u are my girl friend, if u give me trouble, i move on.

Even in marriage, if u give me trouble, i move on. Life is too short.

The redpill is golden bro. I thank God i didnt simp more than in my early teenage years. I think from around 18, i knew i was more important than any girl friend, that my life, and future is more important than a pussy

#never beg for pussy. Never pay for it. As sweet as the pussy is to you, so is ur dick to her. If she says no, walk away.


Romance / Re: GUYS!! Do This When She Tries To Deny You Sex!!(repost) - Redpill by Tango123: 10:52am On May 31
So she's over at your place, you try to touch her and she's like "No, i don't want to have sex" Or "I'm not in the mood", bro you are a complete fool if you act all nice and maybe even say "I respect your choices" You are a full blown SIMP!
DON'T BUY THAT SHIIT! You deserve that pvvcy!

She is not on her period and she is not stressed out because of work or other work related things! The fact that she's in your house without the above barriers simply shows she is capable of having sex or maybe even h0rny in the first place!
If she is denying you sex at this point, it is simply because she wants to manipulate you into something that would only favour her(makavelism)

So instead of falling for this nonsense,pick up your phone and call another girl(you can also fake this) right in front of her and tell her to leave because another chick is coming to replace her! If she is sensible enough she would give you what you want or just leave(this way you have gotten rid of the time wasting b1tch)


Bro, no need to call another person in her presence.

What i simply do is let her be. And i will never demand for it again until she begs for it. Its simple

I remember back in the days, later at night, she was naked begging me, i refused, even though dick was standing. I simply gently pushed her away and slept. She begged till morning and i didnt bulge.

Another babe some years later, again she refused to give me sex. I said ok. Fine. The weather was hot as it was a hot period. No nepa as our transformer was bad. We were alone in my place. A big comfortable apartment. Most of the time, we were both stark naked because of heat. I never touched her, i never asked for it again. On the last night before she left, she initiated a discussion to discuss our future, we ended up bleeping.

So yes, never beg for pussy. Never pay for it. Both of u enjoy it. She wants it as much as u want it. If u ask and she says no, just get it from somwone else, on another day. But dont make drama out of it.


Career / Re: How Do I Help My Mum Retrieve Her Pension by Tango123: 5:47pm On May 14
Is that 27 thousand naira ?

No. It is .....

What do u think it is


Or Euros?

Or what

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Career / Re: How Do I Help My Mum Retrieve Her Pension by Tango123: 5:46pm On May 14
Is that 27 thousand naira ?

No. It is .....

What do u think it is
Travel / Re: My First Flight Experience; I Won’t Lie I Almost Peed! by Tango123: 12:59pm On May 04
I remember my first fligjt experience in early 2000.

I hv now lost count how many times i hv flown.

Op, u will soon lose count.

But some element of fear will or may remain



Car Talk / Re: What Is The Cost Of Transmission HONDA CITY 2011 MODEL Automatic by Tango123: 10:53am On May 04
I just called a dealer who told me 110k for transmission only.

If i will have peace of mind after changing the transmission, ok. If na trial and error, i might begin to look for another car.

This car actually is parked in the village for driving my old folks. So driver dey drive am. And you know how drivers can be rough because they dont pay for maintenance. But i want solid reliable car for driving my sick old folks

Kingreign. Gazzuzz
Car Talk / Re: What Is The Cost Of Transmission HONDA CITY 2011 MODEL Automatic by Tango123: 10:45am On May 04

Buy complete engine and transmission together and mount. Most times, sellers of such car parts won't want to sell transmission alone.

Thanks boss.

Any idea of price range

The problem is that there is an oil leak, very small, like few drops a day

D light is blinking (sometimes, not always), which is a warning sign.

I hear a small shhhh sound when it changes gear, especially at drive off, but begining to happen at other gear changes

I am the type who want a nice trustworthy drive all d time. I dont like to manage cars

Apart from changing transmission and or engine, what do u recommend

My mechanic doesnt have scanner.

Gazzuzz, i salute you. I know you have given your wisdom, more information is here now. Sorry
Car Talk / Re: What Is The Cost Of Transmission HONDA CITY 2011 MODEL Automatic by Tango123: 9:05am On May 04

call seller.

Apply due diligence.

08064042688 starboi

Thank you boss
Car Talk / Re: What Is The Cost Of Transmission HONDA CITY 2011 MODEL Automatic by Tango123: 9:02am On May 04
Gazzuzz, i sight you viewing the thread

I await your wisdom
Car Talk / Re: What Is The Cost Of Transmission HONDA CITY 2011 MODEL Automatic by Tango123: 8:41am On May 04
Gazzuzz, pls come in here and help
Car Talk / What Is The Cost Of Transmission HONDA CITY 2011 MODEL Automatic by Tango123: 8:38am On May 04
All gurus in the house

Please does anyone know the cost of the automatic transmission of honda city 2011 model

Mine seems to be gone

Thanks in advance

Kingreign. Gazuzz. Or is it Gazzuz
Food / Re: Food Inflation Rises To 21.79% In February 2021 (Highest In 15 Years) by Tango123: 8:49pm On Mar 18
All hail Buhari

Its gonna get worse. With petrol prices rising, it will get worse

Next eelection, fellow Nigerians, vote tribe and religion. Ok. Una hear. Continue to vote tribe and religion, and we go continue suffer am

Until hunger reset our brains we deserve the leaders we get

Until we learn to vote wisely we deserve the leaders we get
Until we stop to vote tribe and religion we deserve the leaders we get


Religion / Re: Whag Does It Mean?, Does It Have A Meaning In Life? by Tango123: 3:38pm On Mar 05
The dream is very easy.

He will impregnate his current girlfriend and because he's currently broke he will be unable to settle the hospital bills, so the hospital will detain them pending when they will settle the bills.

That's why they were stuck there in the hospital in the dream he had.

This I have seen.

This guy sef. Hahahah
Romance / Re: Lady Cries Out After People Looked On As Man She Slapped For Sexually Harassing by Tango123: 3:29pm On Mar 05
I wont accept this story until I hear the man's side of the story. So she slapped the man because she believed the public will save her? This belief that a man should never lay a finger on any man, no matter the provocation while they at the slightest thing can slap a man is the worst form of hypocrisy.
I dont subscribe to a man hitting a lady, but where she raises her hand on a man, she is not a lady, she has lost all lady privilege, she is a tout and should be treated as one.
As for this story, I still doubt it. The man started handling her breast and buttocks in public?

Bless u sir

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Slept With A Fulani Herdswoman? by Tango123: 10:36am On Mar 02
another useless and dirty illiterate supporting his kind... Explain the trash/lines/bars your stupid archaic master dropped and earn some money... Odex2

I laughed at ur comment. Hahahah. Continue with ur mentality if it makes u happy.
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Slept With A Fulani Herdswoman? by Tango123: 10:56pm On Mar 01

Even if Jay-Z says this,I won't be discouraged or demoralized.
Even if Eminem says this,I won't be brutalized.
It doesn't even matter if you repeat this till the day you die.
I'll just be myself or Hell Victorinho or he that spits fire till people like you cry.
Furk being nice when I've got to keep the tears flowing!
Furk being friendly when I've got to keep your environment terribly overwhelming!
I don't think there's any reason why I should please anyone like you because you
only deserve something dehumanizing!
Ultimately, there's no amount of money that can make you worthy of anything that's more desirable from me because I'm someone that's always ready for your kind of thinking!

Nice rap here

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Family / Re: He Is Your Son, But I Am Not Going For Any DNA Test. Wife Tells Husband(video) by Tango123: 1:09am On Feb 06

Both need to agree to go for DNA test before it can be done. If they don't agree to go for DNA test, the person who want the DNA test can go to court to ask court to compel the other party who doesn't want a DNA test to agree to run the test

Crime / Re: Teenage Girl Wants Surname Changed After Being Raped By Her Dad by Tango123: 11:08am On Feb 04
Useless father! Look how he crushed the life of his daughter for few minutes of pleasure.

Believe me, the girl is no longer the same. She will always blame herself for the trauma and feel disgusted whenever she looks in the mirror.

Her body is no longer hers, it has been taken. Finding love is going to be much harder, as she will never believe how someone will ever desire her, talk of love her.

Most of these embittered Nairaland ladies always bashing men are victims of this horror.

Sometimes I don't blame them, especially the one saying the future is female.

Y are u jumpint to conclusions

Did u read the report where the man said he is paraliised

What level of paralysis is what investigations should be focusing on now. What if the man is so paralised he cant have an erection. Dont u see that means this is another false allegation?

I decide to keep mute until more evidence comes out

The father and mother are estranged. Women can do anything to get back at someone who they want to scheme evil against

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