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Programming / Re: For Django Developer by teamoneline: 10:11pm On Oct 15
that's cool brother, it is awesome... Keep it up.
You can learn of the javascript frameworks to complement Django

yeah thanks, about to hop on react. any tips going forward?
Programming / Re: For Django Developer by teamoneline: 5:48pm On Oct 14

django app. a quiz maker app. not the best of functionalities or designs but built to demonstrate CRUD.
tech: django, jquery cry cry , bootstrap cry cry cry (my ogas at the top are bending the DOM with reactjs me i dey here dey use jquery. cry cry )

up next e-commerce..

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Programming / Re: For Django Developer by teamoneline: 4:52pm On Aug 06
django tip:

insert import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace() at the end of the file django identifies as the source of the error,
reload the page and your browser will pause(continue loading not stopping),
then go to your console. an interactive debugger will be set up, just type a variable name and hit enter, the value will be displayed.

Good for debugging
Programming / Re: Php Or Node Js by teamoneline: 4:14pm On Jul 31
so because you couldn't find django jobs means you are wasting your time learning one language, what happen when you start learning PHP and you start finding python or django jobs. New startups are using Nodejs, Python and other languages apart from PHP now. Tho it is hard to find django jobs in Nigeria but here, Nodejs, Python e.t.c are very common.

yeah, its not a waste. i sha have learnt up to completing corey schafers blog tutorial.
i will just put it on hold for now. Let me decide btw Node and Php.

bro where you at?
Programming / Re: Php Or Node Js by teamoneline: 9:49am On Jul 31
My own question: Php or Nodejs which one will land you a job faster. asin tomorrow tomorrow?

i have been wasting my time learning this python and django without considering job market. Now people be saying learn golang, learn C#, learn .learn Net. learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn learn angry angry angry angry angry

sincerely i just tire for this programming angry angry angry

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Programming / Re: For Django Developer by teamoneline: 9:47pm On Jul 30
Are there jobs for django in nigeria at all?
Health / Re: Discomfort In My Left Chest And Arm by teamoneline: 8:53pm On Jul 16
When was the last time you check your BP?
In any case, suggest you visit a hospital for full check. That’s the best option.

I have not checked BP . I am a young person.

Could be heart attack? I'm worried
Health / Discomfort In My Left Chest And Arm by teamoneline: 8:45pm On Jul 16
It has been going on for about 2 months now. and no end in sight.
Anytime I take garlic supplement the pain tends to stop.
please doctors in the house is this one heart attack.
I don't even have money, looking for job now this one. please I need advice.

Prior to this I was taking feroglobin for a long time, close to a year. then when this discomfort started I stopped. Now its over two months no end in sight.
could it be that I have developed too much blood or what ..

please I need help urgently
Programming / Re: High Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked By Bitcoin Scammers by teamoneline: 11:29am On Jul 16

Stop arguing with them. It's one thing to buy tools to hack with, it's another thing to create your own tool out of nowhere that perfectly suits the havoc you want to wreck. Nigerians aren't there yet. There are levels to these things. Many people think we are intelligent because one naija dey go UK carry first class come back or because one naija dey head one institution for abroad. Lol lots of Indians and Asians and people from Africa are travelling there to and going back home with first class, making waves so what's the noise for? We too dey hype ourselves and actually Nigerians know nothing.

Aswear, an over hype be away problem. small romance we don reach orgasm.
Programming / Re: Journey To Being A FULLSTACK Web Developer by teamoneline: 5:53pm On Jul 15
Yes that is it. FullStack - frontend+backend. i.e. ability to execute a project from the beginning to the end.

hey, I know js and py should I learn django or nodejs? which one will land me a job faster?
Programming / Re: Checkout My New Django Site by teamoneline: 5:29pm On Jul 15
corey schafer hehe.. grin grin grin
Programming / Re: A Thread For Tutorial On Python Programming by teamoneline: 5:27pm On Jul 15
Hey, i know html, css, js and python. what should i learn next to land a job fast as a python developer?
Programming / Re: Chronicle Of A Data Scientist/analyst by teamoneline: 9:10pm On Jun 03
As a budding data scientist who visits NL often, it's not surprising that you start to get more than interested in the some of the topics making front page and how frequent topics from individual sections reach the top. I have been looking into this for a while and thought it would be nice to do some investigation in this regard. For example, which section makes front page most often? How often do we see programming topics get to the front page? Who posts more often on the front page? Is it really lalasticlala, as is frequently supposed, or is it someone else? What exactly has been the relationship between lalasticalala and snakes over the past year? Some people think he loves to push snake topics to the frontpage more often than other topics. What else can we learn from the topics making frontpage? Like for example, are they mostly about Buhari or something else?

To this end, I scrapped the front page data and obtained more than 28,000 records. You can download this data set I obtained here on my github. If you are a data science enthusiast who also likes Nairaland, this may be good motivation to dig into a topic that interests you. You will find a metadata file in the sublink as well and can investigate what the attributes are about. You've got titles, links, sections and time that posts made front page. It's a year of data from 31st May 2019 till date. It turns out to get the whole frontpage information may need more than 230,000 records! That's huge, and probably not so wise to collect for a quick, lazy analysis. Except, of course, you have business motives

For me, I was interested in a few topics.
First, from which section did we get the most frontpage material over the past year? Apparently, it is "Politics". It trumps everything. "Celebrities" come a close second. Not surprising, right? What with the volume of Bobrisky posts and co. And then "Crime" comes third. Does this point to a high frequency of crime in Nigeria? I leave that question to you. "Programming"? Didn't even make bank one time!
The fact that politics make frontpage more often clearly shows that top on our discourse as Nigerians is probably politics, if Nairaland reflects a microcosm of the Nigerian environment, which I feel it does.

Who posts more often on the frontpage? Not lalasticlala like you might think. It's a person called dre11; at least over the last year. Maybe you know him, may you don't. Lalasticlala is not even in the top three.

One quirky thing I found, however, was that the time it takes for a post to get to frontpage has a heavily right-skewed distribution. Before plotting this, I lazily thought it might be normally distributed, cos...well, a lot of things are normally distributed and it shouldn't be unusual to have this normally distributed as well; few make front page early, few late, and most are in between. Right? On the contrary, the reality is skewed. I feel the heavy skewness probably points to deliberate human intervention. Most posts make front page early, not late. They are created and in little time pushed to the front page. Evidently in a deliberate fashion. Else the data should be normally distributed, don't you think? Anyways, that's what my data shows. Maybe, better insight could be derived though if one scraped randomly over the past several years in order to obtain a truly random sample.

And there were a few threads which made front page late. Very late! In the past year, we have had threads from 8 years ago make frontpage. Yes, 8 years ago! Thats's 2012. And then there are those that were initially posted 5 years ago before they made front page. Perhaps you can find more if you looked into the data set?

Anyways, getting your hands dirty with a data set is always a good way to learn data analysis. If you need help with navigating this, you can buzz me.

If I want to be the first to comment I now know where to look. .. don't let those spammers see this. grin grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For 2019 NNPC Graduate Trainee And Experience Hire by teamoneline: 9:08pm On Feb 14
whats the meaning of APL abeg?

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Phones / Re: Glo N100 For 1GB Night Plan Valid For 5 Days: How To Activate by teamoneline: 10:37pm On Feb 07
can i accumulate 10gb with 1k

Sure. the thing dey work. tried 300naira worth = 3gb yesterday. and the speed was okay.

glo I hail oo grin grin grin

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Phones / Re: Glo N100 For 1GB Night Plan Valid For 5 Days: How To Activate by teamoneline: 6:40pm On Feb 04
This night plan still dey work? Make I no waste money o
Politics / Re: Coronavirus: Chinese Embassy Have Not Stopped Issuing Visas To Nigerians by teamoneline: 6:09pm On Feb 04
Let America nuke this China abeg. Their wahala is too much, before they kill all of us

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Fidelity Bank Plc Graduate Digital Trainee Recruitment 2019 by teamoneline: 9:54pm On Feb 03
medicals done and dusted, training school used to commence within 2 weeks after medical so go and buy travelling bag and corporate suit, fidelity crest academy few weeks left

wait o. have they started a new recruitment for 2020?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dalmat Engineering Interview Invite Anybody? by teamoneline: 9:45pm On Jan 30

Please i got the same mail. Is it a scam kind of company.pls lemme kne b4 i waste money

I did not go. But you can help us verify na. ?
Business / Is There Any Online Business I Can Do Now And Get $100 In The Next 7days? by teamoneline: 12:52am On Jan 26
Any? Please help.
Business / Is There Any Thread In This Section For Freelancers; Where They Share Ideas? by teamoneline: 10:59pm On Jan 24
please i am looking for good genuine nairaland threads where i can learn freelancing; stuffs like upwork,fiverr,copywriting etc.
spammers and ebook sellers please don't drop your links here I beg.
i no dey ask for money abeg, I just need the link to where you learnt freelance business here. thanks
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dalmat Engineering Interview Invite Anybody? by teamoneline: 3:50pm On Jan 21
Same address!

Different name!

Oga run for your life. They are idiiots.

others they find job, meanwhile some unscrupulous elements are trying to take advantage of them. God help us o.
Jobs/Vacancies / Dalmat Engineering Interview Invite Anybody? by teamoneline: 2:14pm On Jan 21
Dear ppppppppp,

After careful consideration of your online application, we have decided
to schedule you for an interview to hear from you personally.

Your interview is scheduled as follows;

DATE: Wednesday, 22nd January, 2020

VENUE: No 7b Obasa Road, (off 2nd UBA Bank), Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja,

TIME: 9:00 am

Note: Kindly come with a printed copy of this email invite, your updated

Best Regards.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dangote Refinery Test Invitation by teamoneline: 8:16am On Jan 15
Is application still open and how can I apply. Please I need a job. Dd
Education / Re: Should She Go For Law Or Journalism? by teamoneline: 7:09pm On Jan 11

I am making use of this as a reference for my daughter. Thanks

" problem solving 101 pdf "

go to google and run that search. download that book and read the last chapter, it will explain this particular situation better. i recommend reading the entire book afterwards. Cheers!!

cc Pinkberry5


Education / Re: Should She Go For Law Or Journalism? by teamoneline: 4:27pm On Jan 11
My dear,

State your criteria eg. Happiness, prestige, lifestyle, passion, financial freedom.

Rank the criteria eg. Happiness could be your most important criterion. You give it a 5 star

Lifestyles-4 (eg. You like jaiye jaiye, you no fit mk am as Doctor o)
Etc, etc

Calculate the score for each course, from there you take your pick .. Cheers

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sterling Bank (workforce)graduate Trainee Recruitment 2019/2020 by teamoneline: 6:56am On Dec 28, 2019

Doubt anyone has gotten any success mails. Instead of success mails, it'll be mails scheduling them for the next stage.

Speaking about tips on passing the test, I tried to mention a few from experiences of some of my clients;

You have to be proficient in GMATH. Don't go looking for Sterling bank questions, instead look for GMATH guide booklet. Then practice, practice and practice

You have to learn to be fast

Passing workforce tests in the first sitting is usually not so easy. Some of those that make it to the next stage of most of their recruitments have written their tests before, failed and learnt a lot from it.

I tried to contribute what I could to help those need some little advice before that day.

On a normal day, these test conditions are unfair (50 questions/ 50 minutes) but it's one of the ways of reducing the amount of candiates to a managable number for the next stage. Unemployment rate in the country is high and the applicants for Sterling bank were quite huge in number. So workforce do what they know best; use series of tests and assessments to get the right candidates for their clients.

If you got a regret mail, chin up and look forward to newer openings popping up this coming year; more banks (and firms) will start calling for graduate trainee program applications from January, take advantage of them. Some of them would use dragnet, hcp or workforce for the recruitment. They all use GMATH for their tests; practice and also learn how to manage your time. Once you pass the Aptitude test stage(s), then restrategize for other crafty stages like assessment center to make it to the offer letter stage.

It's not easy but keep pushing


Please how/where can I get this GMATH. ?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sterling Bank (workforce)graduate Trainee Recruitment 2019/2020 by teamoneline: 6:43pm On Dec 27, 2019
People that already know who they are going to pick before the exam mtchewwwwww this country smh ��‍♂️

drop this mentality, when you don't succeed, look for reasons why and learn to be a better person in life. yes, there will always be a quota for their people but always remember that the best hands will always get the best jobs.

please those that got success mails, we are waiting for you. which materials did you use to prepare and share with use some success tips that helped you? please don't come here and yarn us "na God". God likes all of us.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sterling Bank (workforce)graduate Trainee Recruitment 2019/2020 by teamoneline: 6:21pm On Dec 27, 2019

I have not heard of any. I wander what the cut off mark will be.

i guess it'll be high, considering the no of people that took part. God SAFE us in this country o
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sterling Bank (workforce)graduate Trainee Recruitment 2019/2020 by teamoneline: 4:31pm On Dec 27, 2019

Please don't give up. We are the same age. Although I am yet to receive a mail. Don't give up.

Thanks . i wish you success.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sterling Bank (workforce)graduate Trainee Recruitment 2019/2020 by teamoneline: 4:30pm On Dec 27, 2019

Sorry about that
Did you write the test?

yes i did. why ask?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sterling Bank (workforce)graduate Trainee Recruitment 2019/2020 by teamoneline: 4:20pm On Dec 27, 2019
regret mail. ha God cry cry
my sadness is that 27yrs is by the corner.

Congrats to the rest that made it. please try share how you overcame.

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