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Politics / Re: Ozigbo Seeks Freedom For MNK, As Soludo, Uba Boycott Debate by teamoneline: 7:21pm On Oct 18
Why did other candidates boycott the debate. This is the question we need to start asking our leaders. Why are they afraid of debate?

I will rather vote this guy for this gesture than soludo sincerely.

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Politics / Re: Black Rain In Parts Of Rivers by teamoneline: 7:16pm On Oct 17
The soot in pH can give lung cancer. God help una

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Politics / Re: Privatization Fraud And It's End In View. by teamoneline: 6:47pm On Oct 17
Well, I am going to defend the privatization process.

You see, when we got power privatized, the government retained the control of the pricing system

But why can't govt subsidize power instead of controlling the price until the power companies like gsm companies make enough profit and cut prices ??
Politics / Re: Popular Southern Kaduna Activist Alleges Hausa Vigilantes Are Killing Fulani by teamoneline: 12:48pm On Oct 17
This is what esn suppose to be doing but they are busy killing igbos in the name of nnamdi Kanu. Biafra has never been about the love for Igbo people, it has always been about personal interest and greed. Iponk shame on you.
Sports / Re: Ahmed Musa Gives Out Some Cash To Ladies Who Hailed Him While Driving by teamoneline: 4:14pm On Oct 06
See person serious girlfriend. grin grin

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Politics / Re: Anambra Election: Soludo Unveils Manifesto by teamoneline: 9:36pm On Sep 26

Oga okorocha won by popular vote in his first term
He defeated an incumbent gov of PDP with an APGA party unknown in Imo
Oshiomole also won by popular vote by using AC den to defeat a PDP government in the south. He was the first and till now only gov to win all 18 local government councils in an election in Edo state.
Like i said being a national figure or being popular doesnt translate to good gov

NB; Typo error...oshiomole was NLC president not NYSC. The most popular NLC president till date

That is what a debate will solve. But call the aspirants out now for debate they Will form deaf and Nigerians don't care. All they know is apga is Anambra and Anambra is apga like that is what is going to bring prosperity to the state. Imagine obiano building conference centre instead of investing in human capital or projects that will generate revenue for the state.

Soludo we want your manifesto and we also want you to debate.

Politics / Re: Students Begin To Wear Isi Agu To School In Anambra(Pictures) by teamoneline: 3:48pm On Sep 23
Does this improve the quality of education in the school. The things we pay attention to in this country is disheartening. send them for international competition now they will fail with all the isi agu. Rather we should be asking what is the school's pass and failure rates in national exams. Do they consistently win competitions: cowbell, Olympiad and the likes not this trash.


Sports / Re: Insigne Rubbishes Talks Of Him Angry At Osimhen For "Stealing" His Goal by teamoneline: 10:14am On Sep 22
Hmm.. Once it comes to football, if you no fit learn when u are young and below 19 years, forget it. 20 years and above can only improve, they dont learn ball control at that age. Neymar,Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Messi, Adriano, etc all learnt their skills at a very young age

You're right because If you check Wikipedia for the biggest names in football today you would see a trend, all of them started learning football between 5-8 years.
Politics / Re: Anti-Grazing Law Unrealistic, I Can Implement Ranching With N114bn - El-Rufai by teamoneline: 1:02am On Sep 22
The N10B cost is because you are building a brand new Fulani town with roads, schools, mosque, hospital in the middle of another man land. This Fulani governors think cunning mind is wisdom. To make it clear you are not building a ranch, you are rather constructing a new city for fulanis

Give this man cold malt please.


Sports / Re: Insigne Rubbishes Talks Of Him Angry At Osimhen For "Stealing" His Goal by teamoneline: 7:53pm On Sep 21

I just dey laugh all the name you put there

Oga na learn all of them learn am for academy, Dem no born anybody with ball for leg. There was a time Neymar no fit jog ball but through learning and consistent practice he is what he is today. Talent is not born talent is made

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Sports / Re: Insigne Rubbishes Talks Of Him Angry At Osimhen For "Stealing" His Goal by teamoneline: 1:48pm On Sep 21
This osimhen doesn't have good ball control. He needs to work on it. There are several ball control drills on YouTube he can practice on his own in Napoli training camp so he can improve. I don't really like players that are not mobile and don't have good ball control like Neymar,rodrygo,xavi and especially that ineista. When iniesta is one the ball it's as if he's just gliding on the pitch, a beauty to watch.

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Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Uba Laments Over Sit At Home, Begs IPOB To Allow Anambra Election To Hol by teamoneline: 3:36pm On Sep 20
You don't ignore the masses because that's where the power truly lies. Repeating same thing over and over again and still expecting different result is foolishness. Let heaven fall, there won't be election in any Biafra land.
These politicians and their elections don't add any development of whatsoever in the region.

Stop being foolish. Election will hold and there's nothing ipob or clowns like you will do about it. Sit at home on that day won't stop elections either, rather it will give apc enough avenue to rig the elections undisturbed and install their candidate who will now come and do uzodinma and umahi part 2. So the best bet is for you people to put your ipob members in politics and win the state. Use some state funds acquire weapons and stock enough food and cause havoc but it's unfortunate that ipob is an illiterate only association who can't think. Go and find out why Ethiopia was not colonized. If you like do unknown gunmen till 2070 you won't get biafra that way. Even as suffisticated as Boko Haram is they can't still achieve their aim. There is something i have noticed about you ipob members is that you guys don't learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others neither do you learn from the successes of others. You guys are just fools.

God bless ndi igbo.
Politics / Re: RUGA In Imo: Protest Hit Oguta Over Ancestral Land: PICS & VIDEO by teamoneline: 2:50pm On Sep 11
Where you need esn and ipob you will not see them. How is this one still alife.

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Politics / Re: 4 Important Things Igbos Should Know Ahead Of President Buhari's Visit... (pic) by teamoneline: 7:48am On Sep 08
What does the sit at home order change? Nothing. After recycling brainless Igbo politicians Ipob is looking for who will pity them. Making igbos look foolish is their job.

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Politics / Re: Wike Has Single-handedly Rescued The South From The Leeching Fulani Khalifate by teamoneline: 6:59pm On Sep 07
How them dey call these people parasites and the thing no shame them surprise me. Me I get shame abeg.


Career / Re: Lagos Release 2021 Public Service Examination Results by teamoneline: 8:53pm On Sep 06
Sensible governors are busy making sure that things are being done on merit and fixing the system properly to bring in the best minds to run the govt organizations. what are the so called goats in the south east doing? Sincerely every region is leaving south east behind but idiot ipob can't see it. It's only Biafra that is in their head. The other day this same governor started the process of overhauling the education system which to me is by far the best thing any government should be doing at this time that oil is losing value. Countries that don't have oil and are doing very well don't play with Education because they know it's their only hope of survival ask Singapore. That's why I'm very angry with this illiterate ipob telling our children not to write exam because of nnamdi Kanu. By the time we igbos wake up south west/kaduna will be 20years ahead. Thank you ipob, orji uzor kalu and ikpeazu and the rest foolish Igbo leaders.

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai Asks JAMB To Stop Giving Preferential Scores To Northern Students by teamoneline: 8:50pm On Sep 06

20 years is not forever.

And i dont think it will take long if they are serious. At least to get to a minimum level for the majority of people

I'm not the one that said forever I just put mouth and estimated 20 years calculating from primary school.
Politics / Re: El-Rufai Asks JAMB To Stop Giving Preferential Scores To Northern Students by teamoneline: 8:38pm On Sep 06


Are you OK, Bros?

It will take atleast 20 years to catch up. No insults just truth.

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Politics / Re: Enugu Guber: Power Rotates Among Three Senatorial Districts – Methodist Prelate by teamoneline: 7:37am On Sep 04
And which Nigerian university is world standard?

Oh, you are waiting for others to fix their universities to world standard before you fix yours? Mr whataboutism good morning.
Politics / Re: Enugu Guber: Power Rotates Among Three Senatorial Districts – Methodist Prelate by teamoneline: 10:33pm On Sep 03
just small doings Obi Cubans do shake d whole naija
ND na from ur side ba
Poverty capital kill u there
Obi cubana no even follow for top 100 for Igbo land o

Top 100, 90% are not doing business in Igbo land. They only come back during Christmas. The east is not generating good revenue to carry out capital projects because we have been electing stone heads like UOK the Cyber criminal, rochas be using our money to build mosque and statue instead on investing heavy in human capital development, Fix our universities to world standard so people can go to school come out and not only apply for jobs but also create jobs. Our education is too poor.


Politics / Re: Enugu Guber: Power Rotates Among Three Senatorial Districts – Methodist Prelate by teamoneline: 9:11pm On Sep 03
In 21st century see how people are thinking. I have never heard this type of thing anywhere else but south east. Can't all the candidates come out to do debate and let the people make their choice? Which one is senatorial district again I don't get it. Even within state level? So what happened to doing things on merit? Instead of this primate to tell the governor that next election there must be debate see what his saying.

Truly the reason why south east is the poverty capital of southern Nigeria is because of these idiots that call themselves leaders.


Politics / Re: Ondo Youths Protest Against Bad Roads, Block Major Highway by teamoneline: 9:02pm On Sep 03

Oga with high "IQ" , go and read the history of any developed nation on this earth and tell me where it was the politicians that championed self determination and freedom; where there was any " right" politicians; where the people didnt take their collective destinies on their own hands.

Under democracy? ipob, Please school me.
Politics / Re: Ondo Youths Protest Against Bad Roads, Block Major Highway by teamoneline: 11:52am On Sep 03
You will never see this type of thing in south east but if it's sentimental things like Biafra you will see them in numbers. South east, inasmuch as we want out of this failed experiment called Nigeria we must wake up, the enemy is within. We the masses are not the ones to be championing sessesion but our politicians. We must put the right politicians first. No other way can get us out. It's simple logic unless you are ipob that is filled with illiterates and low iqs

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Politics / Re: Soludo Has No Manifestos And No Plans For Ndi-anambra by teamoneline: 10:08pm On Sep 01
I heard you principal borrowed money from a bank and it is threatening to cripple the bank. Has he paid?

Next time when you want to talk, respect people with achievements that we can all see. Do you know that you still have money in the bank and the bank has not folded is because of soludo? May be you were not born when banks were folding left right and centre. Please be cautious next time.

Is that the criteria you use in selecting a candidate?

All they are asking is what is his 4yr plan simple?

Tomorrow herdsmen will come and slaughter all of you and you will be shouting Biafra. Now is the time to pull all the candidates out and ask them pertinent questions bothering ndi Anambra but no, ipob and it's low iq followers can't have a simple intellectual debate. The trial and error that the clown buhari is using us to do you have not learnt lesson. Old for age but experience is kindergarten.

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Politics / Re: ESN Releases Graphic Video As They Kill Civil Defense Officers This Morning by teamoneline: 4:00pm On Aug 30
One Fulani they did not kill. It's fellow igbos they are killing. ipob una no go die well.

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Politics / Re: Willie Obiano, A Disaster Circumscribed In A Champagne Bottle by teamoneline: 11:05am On Aug 30
After paying that bribe they will now keep the receipt and use it to blackmail soludo to give them land for ranching. Igbo be wise. Your leaders are foolish.
Politics / Re: Uzodimma's Immaturity Is Tearing Imo Apart And Causing Bloodshed. #saveimonow by teamoneline: 1:32pm On Aug 29
2023 is by the corner. If you like follow nnamdi Kanu and his fellow illiterate ipob and be shouting "no election in biafra". Uzodinma will use that opportunity to enter again and continue torturing you people. I don't know how you want Biafra without your politicians to be on the same boat. Abi you have not heard that some northern governors and politicians are in support of Boko Haram? That's because the Boko Haram members put them there. But nnamdi Kanu and his low iq ipob think they can achieve Biafra without the politicians.
Politics / Re: Enugu State Govt Hands Over Two Mosque To Enugu Indigeneous Muslims by teamoneline: 1:49pm On Aug 28
Use state igr to build projects that are not public service to the society. Anambra election is coming. Ndi Anambra better ask those candidates what their plan is because it's is people without an plan you hear doing these type of rubbish. We are not self sufficient in agriculture in the east and these fools are building mosque.
Politics / Re: NDA Attack Politically Motivated To Embarrass Buhari Regime, Says Garba Shehu by teamoneline: 9:24am On Aug 26
Oh God. I don't know what to say or think. I really don't know.

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Politics / Re: Why Simon Ekpa Is A Threat To IPOB. by teamoneline: 9:32pm On Aug 22


my observations and opinion


speak for you and your fellow illiterate IGBOS.

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