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Family / Re: Pls, I Want To Know About Nigerian Marriage Life. by Tellemall: 3:37pm On May 14, 2021
Long time no see.
How did it go with your husband? Was there a reconcilation?
Romance / Re: What Made You Stop Having Feelings For Someone You Were Once Madly In Love With? by Tellemall: 4:24pm On Feb 23, 2021

It seems you are a strong believer in "do whatever suits you not minding the fact that your actions hurt others". Ironically those with this believe are the ones that cry victim when the natural law of "do as you would be done by" is applied to 'em.

I am a firm believer in trying as much as possible to make people happy within my capacity, not outside what I can afford. If I can't go thru with a relationship, I will not even start it. If I started it half-dedicated with the higher chances of breaking off and putting the other party's emotion in jeopardy, then I should be able to take whatever comes for me and not hiding behind some defense mechanism like shouting "Is marriage the only think she came to this world to do".

Save a miniscule number, the majority of "agendists" set out on their quest because they failed at the positives. Chimamanda Adichie pushed herself as a feminist, urging other ladies not to think of being a wife to a man until she herself found a man who broke that belief and now she is happy, ditto btbrbm. Most human right activists are themselves failed political aspirants and will not likely be impressive political leaders themselves.

I do not mock her, I pointed that out to willing minds who will key into the deep within that message. Do not toy with people's feelings and if you must break a heart, then by all means be proud to take whatever backlashes come from it and say it proudly rather than hiding behind some social agenda to hide that self inflicted hurt.

A friend complained to me about his relationship and suggested the idea that he wanted to break up. I inquired if the lady did anything to hurt him. He simply answered in the negative and admitted she has been good to him, has never hurt him and that she has been perfect within her capacity. But his problem was that he has this nagging that he will find a better person out there. I asked if he was the one that toasted the girl or otherwise; he admitted starting it off as the guy. So why did you start what you never had the intention of going thru from the onset, I asked him. He answered that everyone does it but I told him he is not everyone and besides he has not been close enough to everyone to know what regrets they live with from their past misdeeds save what they want you to hear.

So would you advice the guy to hurt that lady who has done nothing wrong to him to deserve that heartbreak? Remember the decision of the guy was hinged only on the selfish desire of probably finding someone better out there.

I leave you to think that out.

While man is not omnipotent and also not infallible, I point it out to people to always stand proudly to admit failures and take responsibility for the condemnations their failures bring to 'em, but also to work hard at improving themselves so that they are not beaten twice by the same error.

According to my own philosophy, I don't mock people in their misfortune, but I admonish then and I make sure to do it with as much dignity as possible. That is:

If I had been in their shoes before, I use my own as example of how things can either get better or worse depending on the approach to the solution and urge then to please try better than I did at solving it, technically telling 'em to learn from my own mistakes.

If my situation was self inflicted by deliberate errors especially because I refused to listen to voices of reasonings (something which is a common occurrence with everyone) and people mock me for it, then I proudly take the mocks and condemnations and work better to get praise oriented results next time. That way, those that mocked me earlier will then turn out to praise me for a job well done.

Life is as simple as that.

Your first impression is what remains. I did not read the sermon above.

You claim you're married.

People would think you're a reasonable person, but you are so petty you even need to defend the pettiness of mocking an ex because she's not married and you are. That 6 years later you carry so much bitterness and have to gloat on a public forum so that people will join you to mock her is such a shame.

What is the point of men always pointing out that their ex is not married after years, if not to mock them, because society has placed so much emphasis on women getting married? Mr married for 6 years, you posted it to make a mockery of her, that was the smug effect you wanted to give off. If a lady jilts you, don't think any delays and misfortunes in her life are because you wanted her and she rejected you.

Are you her God? Are you her destiny? Are you the only man in the world? Why can't you move on? Why must you mock her? What have you gained? Imagine if she were married to such a person who can carry such little things in his mind for years. She dodged a bullet.

Hope what happened to her doesn't happen to any of yours, because karma is real. Sometimes you don't understand your actions until it is done to you.

People must be rejoicing and posting about the bad things that happened to you so that they will feel good about themselves, the way you've done to her, if everyone is like you.


Romance / Re: What Made You Stop Having Feelings For Someone You Were Once Madly In Love With? by Tellemall: 2:07pm On Dec 09, 2020

I agree with you.. marriage is something you take your time to do. Some relationships leave you with desiring more time to heal your soul.

There’s someone I really love but every time [b]this guy gets into a relationship he will throw it in my fac[/b]e...sleeping with someone new I must know about it. Then I realized that’s what some guys do when they’re not quite over you. To pepper dem you are peppered in the first place.

They almost traumatize you with their lifestyle especially when they owe you something they can never pay you in this lifetime ....the aim is to gauge your reaction once they do they know their position. Sometimes it’s their new partner competing with you. What service do you offer? They will want to do the same thing I never knew gaslighting existed like that but I doubt if its real happiness. Sometimes the women will call you as well they’ve heard so much about you.

Thats when you know the guy loves you....he tries too hard to form happily ever after it’s natural you can see it in the eyes

If someone stayed single after you...they needed to heal which we should all do after falling in deep love. That’s how you know when someone loves or loved you. They take their time after you. It’s not a rushing thing but the downside is once those feelings are gone with time and they are healed they are gone forever.

Met this DJ would always be there at his set was totally a fan / groupie of his work we never had sex so they guy even started postin me and dodging I traveled took time detangled feelings met someone new came back and it was like nothing even happened. I even greeted him with permission from my love but it was different all those sparkles had turned to dust.

What attracts me to men the most is their heart how sensitive are they to emotional, financial and physical needs in relationship and after. Men ....cannot be friends with you if they still have feelings for you... they would be torn between loving you and doing their best to prove their doing better without you....we are just banging is not a relationship it avoids to need for learning the true value of partnership.

I love you always champ

@bolded is likely a sadist and you may not realize it but you are much better off without them

I'm surprised a married man is so petty that after 6 years, because he couldn't get her, he has to mock her that she's not married. All Nigerian men do that, and it is disgusting.

In every story about the ex it's always men going on about marriage. It seems marriage means so much to them, when they think it's the only way they can be better than their ex.
Family / Re: My Sister Want To Expose My Secret Life To My Husband by Tellemall: 2:02pm On Dec 09, 2020
[quote author=PharoahIII post=86869099]If ever there's a man in doubt as to the callousness and wickedness that lies buried deep in a woman's heart, look no further than this. Let me add quickly that even the devil himself cannot be this selfish and heartless. Now I understand why the devil is a man and not a woman, it would have been too bad, just too bad if he were a woman. It is a lot better to fill up a basket with water than to put your trust in a woman. [/quot

Just look at what you typed. Are you done demonizing the woman for having one child out of wedlock?

Did you see where the husband had, not one but TWO CHILDREN OUTSIDE Of course not. The only evil people are women. The saints are men.

All the above women-hating things you said about women is double on men. Learn how to think about people instead of lumping then as genders.

Learn to stop being a misogynist. It makes you post things that are so lopsided they make your readers question your intelligence.

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Romance / Re: What Made You Stop Having Feelings For Someone You Were Once Madly In Love With? by Tellemall: 7:04am On Dec 08, 2020
This was more than a decade ago. She said she was no longer interested in the relationship. When she tried coming back 2 years after, it was already late because guyman has found the real lady that was ready to go all da way with three wonderful kids to show for it.

As for her, as at 6 months ago, she is yet unmarried. I still wonder why.amd I never bother to ask anyways as it's nona my bidness.

Why is that always the moral of your story? You act as if once people leave you they must stay unmarried, and it is always something to tell the world.

Why is that always the petty gleeful point Nigerian men must point out when they don't get the girl they wanted?

Is marriage the only think she came to this world to do, that if she doesn't get married you must mock her? So all the people you left must rejoice if you happened not to be married today?

Is your marriage everything that you act like it's a punishment because your ex left you, that she isn't married? So petty.

So what if you are married for years and she was not married 6 months ago? You want her to die because it's funny to you?

Grow up.

There are other things and reasons in life.

Imagine how many people must be rejoicing and mocking everything they feel is wrong with your life, if they are like you. Petty things.

So disgusted to see the "she's not married today" tag. As if you are her God. If you're so happy married you won't be looking out for her.


Celebrities / Re: Wentworth Miller: 'I Am Gay & I Don't Want To Play Straight Characters Anymore' by Tellemall: 5:10pm On Nov 11, 2020

If you're gay just say it. Why so much "painment"
Forget that typical angry gay. Any thread on gays you will see him frothing and playing victim.
Travel / Re: Read Reason Why Australia Government Killed 10,000 Camels by Tellemall: 1:01am On Jan 13, 2020
The government of Australia has ended the culling tour to sniff the living daylight out of 10,000 camels. It became imperative because of the inability of the mass camels to get water in the desert, and the clash that ensues with humans whenever those camels come to human habitation in search of water.

More than 1 million of the humped creatures wander Australia. They aren't from the continent, but arrived in the 1840s on ships — brought in as an ideal means of transport for the country's vast deserts. Nearly 200 years later, they're mostly feral pests, destroying habitats and competing with humans and native species for resources, according to Earther . And amid the worst drought and fire season in national memory , Australia wants to kill 10,000 of them from helicopters

No links? How is this veritable information? Mynd44

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Culture / Re: What Is The True Cost Of Marriage? by Tellemall: 6:24pm On Jan 12, 2020

This is the only cost of marriage. All the rest are formalities.

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Romance / Re: Curvy Lady Mobbed At Ghana Airport (Pictures, Video) by Tellemall: 5:39pm On Dec 27, 2019
Too much of everything is bad.

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Health / Re: Help! Medical Advice Needed by Tellemall: 4:17pm On Dec 27, 2019
Few weeks ago after posting this thread, I got in touch with NairalandDoctor. And after observing the throat, he prescribed some drugs.
Just wanted to inform you guys I'm fully recovered and my tonsils are no longer swollen.

Cc: Tellemall, healthserve, aminu114, alphaNomega6 and to my doc NairalandDoctor. Thank you all.
Have a blast this yuletide. Season greetings

Fantastic. Enjoy your good health and take care of yourself.

Have a wonderful festive season.


Education / Re: Please Help With Rivers State University School Fees Schedule! by Tellemall: 12:27am On Dec 24, 2019
Cc: olawalebabs, Richiez, Fynestboi)
Family / Re: Black December For My Family!!!my Heart Is Broken Chai!!!God Why Me by Tellemall: 12:10am On Dec 24, 2019
Wipe your tears, madam, and keep a stiff upper lip.

What happened to you isn't enough to break you. Don't you know that the trials that come our way are only to teach us how to handle a new growth? It might not make sense to you now, but when you realize it, remember this post.

Stay positive and keep an open mind. Now is not the time to break down.


Family / Re: Black December For My Family!!!my Heart Is Broken Chai!!!God Why Me by Tellemall: 12:08am On Dec 24, 2019
Wipe your tears, madam, and keep a stiff upper lip.

What happened to you isn't enough to break you. Don't you know that the trials that come our way are only to teach us how to handle a new growth? It might not make sense to you now, but when you realize it, remember this post.

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Family / Re: Black December For My Family!!!my Heart Is Broken Chai!!!God Why Me by Tellemall: 12:07am On Dec 24, 2019
Wipe your tears, madam, and keep a stiff upper lip.
Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley: A True Reflection Of Large Chunk Of Nigeria Youths - Peter Omoniyi by Tellemall: 9:22pm On Dec 23, 2019

I enjoyed your article, in particular the line about the slices of bread from NMs bakery. Nice imagery.

Many confused people will attack your message, because they feel it's an attack on their sloppy, irresponsible ways of life.

As a suggestion(in the spirit of literature), you can work on some of your plurals, it almost detracted from your beautiful piece. Hope to see more from you.

When you have a new article, try and send me a link. Enjoyed this one immensely.
Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Retires From Journalism, Turns Evangelist, Leading Youths To Jesus by Tellemall: 10:26am On Dec 23, 2019
May God help her.She needs to work with a psychologist first to sort out some issues.

Astonishing how she manages to pull it off at her age which, by the way, she looks pretty good at.
Religion / Re: My Greatest Regret As An Agnostic Atheist by Tellemall: 6:28am On Dec 23, 2019
If your acting skills are top-notch, you can pull a Saul of Tarsus and "give your life to Christ" again. "Repent of your arrogance". It could be fun.

Alternatively, you can compensate for your "evilness" by being super extra nice and helpful to people, forcing them to see that you're not Satan.

And what would the point of what you just typed be? At the end of the day, the compensation by being extra nice is just fakery and more insincerity to himself. What a pointless way to live.

If that is atheism, then it is most pitiful.

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Romance / Re: 'Bleached' Lady Shares Pre-Wedding Pictures, Gets Epic Reply by Tellemall: 11:30am On Dec 22, 2019
Pls,don't disturb yourself, the person you quoted knows this already.
I was hoping she would answer.
Romance / Re: 'Bleached' Lady Shares Pre-Wedding Pictures, Gets Epic Reply by Tellemall: 9:23pm On Dec 21, 2019

I didn't say eating alone, I talk based on facts. Try and see.

Stay out of the sun, eat right, take enough water and lastly, exfoliate regularly and see if you won't get lighter and fresher.

So, why are there still Black people in foreign lands? Wouldn't they all be chalky by now if what you claim is true?

I noticed Nigerians become lighter in Nigeria, which is so close to the equator, heavily polluted and this very sunny and extremely hot (a well known fact in a continent that doesn't experience winter months), yet their compatriots across the seas are darker. All Nigeria women now have lighter faces which they call yellow/fair, but their children are Black. What happened?

Why is this so? Isn't it because Africa and Nigeria have the largest skin bleaching statistics? Why is it that the men remain Black but the women don't? This is subtle bleaching, and you know it. This is why they all have darker knuckles and their faces white but bodies Black.
Family / Re: Finally, I Have Decided To Leave Him by Tellemall: 5:17pm On Dec 15, 2019

Why do u have to drop a phone number? Ogbeni drove your advise and move on like everyone else.
Family / Re: Finally, I Have Decided To Leave Him by Tellemall: 5:13pm On Dec 15, 2019

This has nothing to do with Christianity or religion. I fall into that "casual Christian" category. I don't go to church nor read the Bible, but not many active Christians live a more just life than me. I was born and brought up a Christian, but somethings about Christianity and religion as a whole doesn't feel right to me. My religion right now is HUMANITY. Your husband lacks humanity. I can't treat a human being like this, not to talk of my wife and mother of my kids.

I wish you well in whatever you decide to do but like someone above said, do this legally before it backfires.
Self-righteousness. On what grounds have you deemed this to be the case?
Religion / Re: Are We Truly Safe, When We Commit Sin With Condoms? by Tellemall: 2:32pm On Dec 15, 2019

You have all the laws already. But ignorance or outright denial of such laws doesn't exonerate you from the punishment that follows breaking the law. Analogy.
Religion / Re: Are We Truly Safe, When We Commit Sin With Condoms? by Tellemall: 11:25am On Dec 15, 2019
You can't commit a crime if you do not know of the law.
Celebrities / Re: Johnpaul Nwadike Becomes US Citizen by Tellemall: 7:48pm On Dec 14, 2019
Congrats bro....you even born oyibo shidren.

Lol. I thought I'm the only one seeing that.
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Tellemall: 10:07pm On Dec 11, 2019

I got you bro, from January ending I will start posting. The country is hard but your heart has no spare part, your liver has no duplicate; you get out what you out into your body. Meat is more expensive, but everybody wants to eat meat, but quickly overlook green leafy vegetables and whole grains. I'm not asking anyone to completely change their diet, but a small change like adding vegetables and fruits goes a long way.

They're more interested in fighting you than seeing your point. Glad you pointed it out for us. I mentioned it once and with the response I got, decided to ignore them. They're what they eat, so why bother?

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