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Computers / Re: Post Your Computer (PC) Troubles Here. by Temmylee01(m): 9:41am On Apr 29, 2023
This is Dell latitude e6420 for sale!!!!
340gb hd
4gb ram
Intel core i5
64-bit operating system.
Battery - 4hrs
You can contact me on 090 five 4 zero 3 two 4 zero 3.
I'm base in Abuja here.
Mods ahbeg make unah chill on this one ooh.

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Programming / Re: I Just Bombed A Technical Interview by Temmylee01(m): 6:39pm On Feb 21, 2023
grin Too much pressure that i couldn't even think straight. The question is not even that hard simple data structure question that i can't even believe i bombed it. Chai.

I was asked to implement a Lottery system. that has the following functionality.

1. add_user(string: user)
2. remove_user(string: user)
3. pick_random_winner() -> string

Yes that was how easy it was but i bombed. Immediately i saw add and remove my mind immediately went to the king of all data structure HashMap grin but boy i was wrong a vector would do just fine, the problem here is the functionality to pick_random_user and the function signature. how do you do that with a HashMap if data are stored anywhere in memory? meanwhile in Array everything stored contiguously. But i was busy thinking of speed embarassed

In as much as hash map would be good for add and removal in 0(1) time. it's bad for random access.

could use HashSet but random would still Bleep you up.

My bad implementation.

struct Lottery {
map: HashMap<i32, String>,

impl Lottery {
// first problem realized here, what would be the key? and i don already talk say na hash map go good for this things o chai grin

fn add_user(&mut self, string: user){
// But this would not work it doesn't work that way. it would have made sense if the function has a signature for key.
self.map.insert(user); error, where is the key ? cry

fn remove_user(&mut self, string: user){
//no key can't remove anything tongue

fn pick_random_user(&self){
// impossible!!! no key no random - even if there was a key it doesn't reorder it self unlike Vector. This might be possible in language like python grin

Now for a better implementation, that only came to my head as i was not overthinking immediately after the interview.

struct Lottery {
user: Vec<String>,

impl Lottery {
fn add_user(&mut self, string: user){
// we just insert

fn remove_user(&mut self, string: user){
// linear search and then remove
if self.participant.contains(&participant) {
self.participant.retain(|x| x != &participant);

fn pick_random_user(&self){
let random_gen = // algorithm that generate random number
let random = random_gen % self.user.len();

Anyways we move!!. Best advice? CALM DOWN! Technical interview are fun but trust 9ja network to Bleep you up.
What language is this


Business / Re: Woman Sets Self, Rented Apartment On Fire Over Inability To Repay N70k Lapo’s De by Temmylee01(m): 12:39pm On Feb 20, 2023
Frustration and depression are bad
We shouldn't add more of it, loans especially from shark outfits are temporary pleasure with future thorns. Hear this and know peace!
nah she ean kill herself, if I collect loan from shark loan nah to block thier line uninstall thier app, highest they will send messages to my contact after that church close.
Romance / Re: I Met A Girl On Runsgram But Now I’m In Love. by Temmylee01(m): 8:20am On Feb 20, 2023
And Flettyboy reason with me, can you ever trust her 100%
If she is making calls and she's laughing or serious with her phone and later she say she has to rush to somewhere would your mind rest that she really going somewhere not hook-up-where, if she's chatting in the living room in the night won't you be bothered and be optimistic to know who she is chatting with.
The fact you met her as a run girl will always play a big factor, TRUST is a must in every relationship, so can you trust her despite knowing fully how invested she was into hook up, she manage to get 1.4milie in 5 weeks or so she has seen the power of her punana can u cub her.

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Romance / Re: I Met A Girl On Runsgram But Now I’m In Love. by Temmylee01(m): 7:50am On Feb 20, 2023

Wow! I really really appreciate this one piece of advice right here! Thanks so much! I was afraid of the mixed reactions and backlash I was receiving until now.
God bless you!
There something called CAT FISH, my bludda let's forget about her physique and talk about her work, I'm not even talking about her body count here...... imagine this scenario where you are introducing her to your family and your younger bro or your elder bro was shocked to see bcuz she was a customer, and it might be your cousin or nephew.
Secondly- we are all human being, we ain't prefect, to become a runs girl in lag omo you must don yawerey gan oooooh cuz lag no be Abuja wey or oshogbo wey wereys no too plenty, before you go enter street for lag u self don baptized in wereyism.
Lastly she had her child in secondary school BOSS check am, I know mistake do happens but when there are some unwarranted pattern is good to thread carefully.
I believe she wasn't rape the sex was consensual, have you asked her about her parents, the parent of the girls father if at all the father no dey naija.

My two percent for you be say "RUN" you can help, knack and move but if you decide to wife her Bros you will regret it I am not swearing for u, but telling you the 80% possible outcome.
There is a say that
have a wonderful day BOSS.


Politics / Re: Omojuwa Reacts To Attack On Pastor Adefarasin On His Refusal To Endorse Anyone by Temmylee01(m): 7:12am On Feb 20, 2023
Firstly, before i begin my long talks, remember Pastor Adefarasin is a Yoruba man and a christian.

If you ask the same people attacking this man for not endorsing their Ipob candidate to tell you how the election in the south-e@st will go. They will tell you Obi will get 98% of the vote there in the SE. Ask them why, they Will tell you ethnic sentiment will play a major role there.

But these same people think the same ethnic sentiment can never play any part in Southwest but religious sentiment can. They think the Yorubas are stupid. They think we are daft.

These people are from the same region where Christians are 98%, where Muslims are next to nonexistent. Same people will come into the southwest and start preaching religious division, hate and marginalisation. They will tell you how Yoruba Muslims hates yoruba Christians. Explore and exploit the religious diversity of the southwest to preach hate among the yorubas. The same people who are 98% Christians forming pro. and expert on religious matter. Nons*nse people.

I wish after the election, INEC can make the list of the yorubas who vote for different candidates public. Win or lose . We want to know the saboteurs within us. We want to know the betrayers, the bast@rds. The people who are daft enough to be swayed on account of religious sentiment.

We want to make sure their generations to come will know about their treacherous act. They must be part of our history. We don't want them to share in our happiness as Yorubas anymore nor share in our pain.

This is the time to differentiate the Omoluabis from the Bast@rds. And once again to the Yorubas forming woke and liberal:

No you are not woke, You are m@d instead. They are making a fool of you.
I'm a Yoruba, and my vote is not for tinubu and that doesn't make me a bastard shogbo.
If some ppl are displaying stupidity that doesn't mean we're all stupid.


Sports / Re: Canelo Alvarez Threatens Messi For ‘Disrespecting' Mexico In World Cup by Temmylee01(m): 3:46pm On Nov 28, 2022
Dunno why Messi had to stamp on that jersey, so wrong of him, if that guy catch Messi him mouth go collapse from heavy punching oooh grin grin cheesy.

Anyways I'm here for your E-banner design, business logo design, T shirt design, and so many more.
Check my siggy for my WhatsApp contact.

Romance / Re: Please Is It Bad To Send These Photos To A Girl? Her Boyfriend Got Angry At Me by Temmylee01(m): 3:41pm On Nov 28, 2022
Cool and cool, I can also design your business logo too, just check my siggy.

Sports / Re: South Korea Vs Ghana: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: (2 - 3) On 28th Nov 2022 by Temmylee01(m): 3:34pm On Nov 28, 2022
This Ghana nah werey oooh..

Ahbeg make unah patronize jare!!!!!

Romance / Re: Am I Being Wicked? What would you have done? by Temmylee01(m): 5:17pm On Nov 27, 2022
Just tell them this, let them know you will be increasing the voltage of your generator since your power bank(which was the main reason you bought fuel and on gen) was charging slow due to multiple energy distribution to thier gadget and if any of their gadget got fried due to high voltage it's not your fault simple.


Romance / Re: Good Morning, Advice Needed. by Temmylee01(m): 9:42am On Nov 23, 2022
Your story long die but I will tell u this, if you won't be able to tolerate the mother is better you leave him.
I mentioned the mother because Las Las everything will be all about her or many things, he is the only child.
Make unah patronize me for any of your graphics design work.
Check my siggy for contact info.

Romance / Re: Sapa Go Kill Me Soon! See What Happened. by Temmylee01(m): 2:13pm On Nov 19, 2022
Doing nothing about being broke is an offence - jeriq.

Different between the rich and poor is everyone's decisions because we all have the same 24 hours -
the thing is m, creating a content is not the problem but seeing engagement is the issue, I was once a content creator, my Instagram refuse to grow my Twitter remain in one place, is only my Facebook page that grew from 5 followers to 1000+ and most of them are Afghanistan or Iraq I don't even know why they're the one following my page on that Facebook.
Being a content creator is not moi moi ooooh, imagine creating like 30 videos yet my Instagram followers no pass 64.

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Programming / Urgent!!!!! by Temmylee01(m): 11:04am On Nov 15, 2022
Hello house, I tried to download anaconda editor for machine learning, but it showing python 3.9 and the python installed on my laptop is python 3.10 so I'm wondering will it still work normally Thanks in advance.
Computers / Re: Post Your Computer (PC) Troubles Here. by Temmylee01(m): 12:25pm On Nov 12, 2022

How did you find out...make I go check my hard disk health too??
I install hdsk sentinel
Computers / Re: Post Your Computer (PC) Troubles Here. by Temmylee01(m): 9:04pm On Nov 11, 2022

Just make sure you copy out the important files and backup somewhere.

I just found out the health of my hard disk is 15% I am speechless like this.
Computers / Re: Post Your Computer (PC) Troubles Here. by Temmylee01(m): 12:39pm On Nov 11, 2022
I need help house,,, everytime I startup my Win 10 PC and after I log in, I get a message saying checking scan disk and to press any key within 8 seconds to stop the scanning.
And if I strike any keys it will boot normally.
How do I get the message to stop, I don't want my system entering fixing c stage
Romance / Did He Do Well Or Wrong by Temmylee01(m): 10:48pm On Nov 08, 2022
Saw this on twitter today, did the guy man do well or bad.

Sports / Re: World Cup-bound Referee, Facundo Tello Shows 10 Red Cards In Argentina Cup Final by Temmylee01(m): 11:50am On Nov 08, 2022
Send me your contact
090 54 03 24 03
Politics / Re: Obidients To Organize Car-Rally In Ebonyi With 100 Cars by Temmylee01(m): 6:53am On Nov 08, 2022
Ok, patronize me, check my siggy

Romance / Re: I Am Dying Of Depression by Temmylee01(m): 6:01pm On Nov 07, 2022
Something must have happened, either from your side or from her side, woman don't just wake up and leave husband house without some reasons.
So it's hard to knw what to comment on here but either way, make unah patronize me for any of your graphics design work. Banner, flyers, company logo, letter heading, invitation card, complimentary card etc.

Romance / Re: ... by Temmylee01(m): 4:25pm On Nov 07, 2022
This cracked me up grin, anyways make unah patronize me, check my siggy for contact info

Sports / Re: World Cup-bound Referee, Facundo Tello Shows 10 Red Cards In Argentina Cup Final by Temmylee01(m): 1:23pm On Nov 07, 2022
Omo, the reff nah original werey ooh, ten red card for one match ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the man hold the Guinness world record.

Make unah patronize me, I will do your design at affordable price.
Check my siggy


Politics / Re: Ortom To Atiku: I Won't Support Your Presidential Ambition by Temmylee01(m): 1:18pm On Nov 07, 2022
On a normal, ortom eyes don see as a governor chaiii. That man don chee chon tin.

Anyways make unah patronize me for your logo design, letter heading, banner, e-flyer or handbills, brochures etc. Check my siggy


Travel / Re: Abuja-Kaduna Rail Line To Open This Month by Temmylee01(m): 1:12pm On Nov 07, 2022
I hope nobody will be kidnapped this time around.

Contact me for you graphics design work, I'm always available.
Check my signature.

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Programming / Re: Twitter Layoff: This Is Why You Need Some Side Hustles As A Developer by Temmylee01(m): 12:08pm On Nov 06, 2022

That's cool. Python and R are the most popular languages used for data science.
It's difficult buying online courses with Naira debit cards now with the new CBN policy. Unless you have a way around, you start learning from YouTube (if you're not doing so yet). Though I'm not working with python professionally, but I'll rate my self above 60%, and everything I know in python I learned them on YouTube
thanks bro
Programming / Re: Twitter Layoff: This Is Why You Need Some Side Hustles As A Developer by Temmylee01(m): 9:40pm On Nov 05, 2022

Which card do you use?
Programming / Re: Twitter Layoff: This Is Why You Need Some Side Hustles As A Developer by Temmylee01(m): 9:39pm On Nov 05, 2022

What are you planning to do with python?
planning on becoming data sciencetist
Programming / Re: Twitter Layoff: This Is Why You Need Some Side Hustles As A Developer by Temmylee01(m): 12:49pm On Nov 05, 2022
Does anybody knows how to buy python course on udemy??
Romance / Re: Let's Know The State With The Highest Number Of Nairalanders by Temmylee01(m): 10:02pm On Nov 04, 2022
Romance / Re: Pls Sister Need Your Help by Temmylee01(m): 7:22am On Oct 05, 2022
Romance / Re: Pls Sister Need Your Help by Temmylee01(m): 4:36pm On Oct 04, 2022
I have this brother of mine in Abuja here, it has not been easy for him and I can assure you he is a hardworking guy. He has a skill plumbing, and now he is learning programming abi nah development something but he told me he need a hotel work since the handwork is not paying again and it will take him time to finish the development stuff. So pls if you get connect for this Abuja where him fit work for hotel pls drop me an email.
And if you have vacancy for supermarket too.

Mod ahbeg leave this here no push am go job thread and you fit help me push am go front page for more audience.
and it was yesterday we employ one guy like that for here ooh wuse 2 and the salary make sense 35k and he will be seeing small small change, but if another opening dey I will email u.
Naija just too hard, see plumber wey get money before ooooh, many of the workers here are either handworker or student.
Romance / Re: Men Are Really Messing Up Slim Girls by Temmylee01(m): 10:22am On Oct 04, 2022
And they love it, lekpa girl with WELL.
If you don't get it, forget about it cheesy

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