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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Goofed By Staying Away From Parent's Burial by Thetruthshallse(m): 2:12pm On Feb 14
The brave people have no empire but the coward people had an empire spanning the whole of Western Nigeria up to kwara and Western kogi. Which one is the coward tribe, of the two?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Acquited As US Senate Ends Impeachment Trial by Thetruthshallse(m): 3:18pm On Feb 06
Never knew Nigerians are this stupid? Supporting a white supremacists!!! Wonder they say, will never end. No wonder our country is the way it is. Good Lord have mercy.

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Politics / Re: Amotekun: Afenifere Accuses Tinubu Of Doublespeak by Thetruthshallse(m): 8:50am On Jan 23
sad As a born again Christian who is meant to speak the truth at all times, i think this amoketun issue is being hypocritically blown out of proportion to expand hatred for other tribes especially the Fulanis. Why must we Christians be the brain behind the vast support for Amotekun when the Nigerian constitution is clear about the roles of the armed forces and police in the security of the country? Why must we form an ethnic militia to target fellow Nigerians when the constitution guarantees freedom of movement and doing business nationwide as long as we are Nigerians? What we fail to realize is that the south east cheering on Amotekun sees its as a synonym for their biafra agitations and they will rather support anything that will disband the relative peace and unity of Nigeria. The IPOB sympathizers will be the one to cry wolf when Amotekun starts targeting their tribesmen who commits various crimes in the south west. MURIC recently condemned the killing of a CAN pastor and sympathized with we Christians, how many Christians will condemn the killing of an imam or Muslims? Instead we rejoice when tragedy strikes them forgetting we are all humans before religion. Instead of emulating our Muslim brothers who have remained silent on this issue of Amotekun, we Christians are disturbing the cyberspace with hypocritical comments. Amotekun will never see the light of the day as long as we remain one Nigeria. It's a bad policy and a tribalistic security outfit aimed at persecuting other Nigerians. On behalf of we Christians, i condemn Amotekun. Let's learn to live in peace and harmony sad
Yoruba Muslim your taqqiyya will not work on this amotekun. We the omoluabi's stand with amotekun.


Politics / Re: How Internal Collaborators In South West Sabotaged Amotekun’ by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:52am On Jan 22
Bola tinubu should henceforth stop parading himself as the asiwaju of yorubaland. He can dress and wear his glasses like Awolowo but he can never be like the sage. On this issue of amotekun he has lost all the good wishes of the true omoluabi's. And he will never be supported to be president of this great nation.

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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Poses In His House (Photos) by Thetruthshallse(m): 10:50am On Jan 22

You don reach here again...... don't you have what you do with your life.....BTW, we'll be hosting a party at Abk. If you don't mind we'll be needing your services, kindly forward your contact details so we can talk about your price
Ol boy you bad gan oooo, you wan kpai the woman grin
Politics / Re: Armed Forces Remembrance Day: Families Of Slain Soldiers Cry For Help by Thetruthshallse(m): 10:53am On Jan 15
Useless northern Armed Forces.
Religion / Re: 300 Workers Resign From Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s House On The Rock Church by Thetruthshallse(m): 12:52pm On Jan 12
This is the fallacy of the Nigerian situation our people face, take responsibility for your actions. The establishment and the people of faith use this 'take responsibility for your actions' to subjugate the people, thereby the politicians have a free pass to loot our common patrimony. It is telling that the 300 or so that resign, all have their sight set on moving to a country that take care of it's citizen. Until we Nigerians make sure what belong to all of us are not cornered by a few for themselves and their families, we will keep hearing this rubbish, take responsibility for your actions. What makes USA, Britain and all other first world countries great is because they take care of their people welfares. And thereby having a productive society. Not like ours that everyone is fighting for him or herself.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Says It ‘unintentionally’ Shot Down Ukrainian Jetliner by Thetruthshallse(m): 9:37am On Jan 11
Iran is a ROGUE nation, they should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Thanks.
Foreign Affairs / Re: The Reason Qassem Soleimani Was In Baghdad Shows How Complex The Iran Crisis Is by Thetruthshallse(m): 1:30pm On Jan 08
To whom may care to listen, America is a ROGUE state.

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Religion / Re: Paul Okikijesu 2020 Prophecy: Adeboye, Kumuyi, Oyedepo To Die & Not Make Heaven by Thetruthshallse(m): 6:18pm On Jan 07
Heavenly Father in your infinite mercifulness, have mercy on us, your children in Jesus mighty name. Amen


Politics / Re: Mark Esper Says U.S. Troops Are NOT Withdrawing From Iraq by Thetruthshallse(m): 7:23am On Jan 07
At least anyone with a working brain can now see Americans for who they are, the great DEVIL. You invaded a country, the country tell you to leave, you said you will sanction them economically. Who invited you in the first place. That's how they kill Gaddafi for nothing. No empire last for ever. The Americans will meet their Waterloo someday. DEVIL WORSHIPERS.

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Politics / Re: ECOWAS New Currency - Compare Ghana's Response To Nigeria's Response by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:46am On Dec 31, 2019
A lot of ignorant people are on this forum, so if you don't like the government doesn't mean you have to antagonize them on every issue. On this particular eco issue, I'm with them on their stance. We cannot be a French stooge. Best way to go, to study the situation.

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Crime / Re: Pregnant Favour Daley Oladele Killed And Eaten By Her Boyfriend And His Mother by Thetruthshallse(m): 10:11pm On Dec 30, 2019
I don't understand why some Yoruba people are trying so hard to defend the undefendable? Let us tell ourselves the truth, this ritual killings is much in yorubaland, and it negate our proud ethos of the omoluabi's. Until there is a reorientation in yorubaland, I'm sorry this will continue for sometime. It is now left for parents and guardians to raise children with a sense of danger. Let them know all the pitfall in this world. Because when we were growing up, our parents let us know the dangers we face as children. And all those knowledge still serve me up till today , to sense danger and not to fall to dangerous situation. All said and done, it is the Lord that protect us. But heaven help those who help themselves.
Politics / Re: Ayo Adebanjo Tells Buhari To Divide Nigeria Into Its Original Units Immediately by Thetruthshallse(m): 7:31pm On Dec 28, 2019
which stupid talk be this.is it not azikwe led igbo that truncated the effort of awolowo to include the secession clause in Nigeria Constitution in
London conference of 1957.

Is it not an Igbo man aguyi ironsi that Balkanized already thriving regional government and change it to the central govt we re practising today .

Igbos re the reason why one Nigeria exist today.
If zik didn't convinced Northern delegates to vote against secession clause raised by awolowo maybe nigeria would have ended after the first coup Jan 15 1966.

If aguyi ironsi didn't abolished the regional govts the 3 regions would have been thriving on their own pace without looking back.

I'm glad yanmiris paid for their greed'.civil war was a pay back on 1966 coup, and abolishment of a thriving govt by a greedy Igbo man
Thanks for this wonderful historical facts, and the igbos will be calling Yoruba's traitors. I laugh in ijebu!!!! Who is traitor now ndigbo?
Politics / Re: Burial Poster Of ACP Oliver Abbey, Killed By Suspected IPOB Members In Anambra by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:00am On Dec 20, 2019
So much for ipob is a peaceful organization, the sorry kanu lawyer has now join his client as a fugitive of the law. I laugh in alien ���

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Celebrities / Re: Wizkid And Tiwa Savage Blast COZA Over Fraudulent Advert by Thetruthshallse(m): 4:53pm On Dec 19, 2019
It is now established beyond reasonable doubt this coza church is not of God. I only pity the gullible members. They should find a Bible believing church to attend, a word is enough for the wise.


Religion / Re: Alfa Babatunde: Youths Burn Sotitobire Miracle Church In Akure Over Death Of Boy by Thetruthshallse(m): 2:04pm On Dec 18, 2019
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina Celebrates Buhari’s 77 Birthday: Tell Baba We Are With Him All Way by Thetruthshallse(m): 10:48am On Dec 17, 2019
UNBELIEVABLE!!! This man has sold his soul to the devil for a pot of porridge. SHAME.
Politics / Re: Punch Newspaper Vows To Address Buhari As Major-General by Thetruthshallse(m): 7:34am On Dec 11, 2019
Some pdp dolt don't get it, do they? So this is coming from punch, let sowore enjoy his Changi dole, how pathetic they are. So with all honesty, can they say Jonathan government by 2014 have not lost it way. The supporters of corruption should shut up for Christ sake. I still stand by the saying, that pdp brought us all here. If 19 was not greater than 26, who is buhari to become a president of this great nation. A word is enough for the wise. Shalom


Politics / Re: Edward Adamu Biography: 12 Important Things To Know About New AMCON Chairman by Thetruthshallse(m): 8:59pm On Dec 10, 2019
Serve the greedy owner of Lagos right. Let see how he will become president in 2023.

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Politics / Re: Presidency Justifies Sowore's Rearrest, Says He's Person Of Interest To DSS by Thetruthshallse(m): 10:16pm On Dec 08, 2019
The presidency as presently constituted is a terrorist organization cool

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Politics / Re: Soyinka Compares DSS With Dog, Says Dogs More Civilised by Thetruthshallse(m): 6:14pm On Dec 07, 2019
This same Shoyinka one idiot is lambasting on the first page, was one of the elite Yorubaman that supports Biafra during the war. I know the hatred your fore-bearers have for the Yoruba's will not let them tell you this. The same sowore you people are hating on, was instrumental to Jonathan ascention to the presidency. But you people conveniently forgot that. Yoruba people don't support evil, that why we are omoluabi's. When sowore began his madness, do you see Yoruba people supporting him? But when the state did something wrong my people the omoluabi's will talk. That's what the igbos are not getting. We don't support criminality. You can take that to the bank.
Politics / Re: Lauretta Onochie: Sowore Faked His Re-Arrest In Order To Give DSS A Bad Name by Thetruthshallse(m): 4:02pm On Dec 07, 2019
Madam lauretta onochie why are you evil, because of a plate of porridge you are eating in the presidency you have sold your soul to the devil. Please retrace your steps, so that the Good Lord can have mercy on your soul.

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Politics / Re: Sowore: Atiku Condemns Attack, Says Rule Of Law Must Be Respected by Thetruthshallse(m): 7:09am On Dec 07, 2019
Mumuhadu buhari is an animal, yes I said it come and arrest me. It shall never be well with him and anybody that still support him up till now. Shame on tinubu, osinbajo, oshiomole, El rufai and so many stupid lots that are in apc, that kept silence on the face of rape of our judiciary.
Politics / Re: Sowore Accuses DSS Of Trying To Assassinate Him by Thetruthshallse(m): 1:53pm On Dec 06, 2019
Big SHAME on you mumuhadu buhari.
Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore Has Been Rearrested By DSS by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:29am On Dec 06, 2019
I want to shock you people!!! Jonathan is the cause of all this problem confronting Nigeria today. If Jonathan and pdp have done the right thing when they were in power, we can't have this buhari situation in our hands. A word is enough for the wise.

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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye: Smart Adeyemi Is Still My Political Wife by Thetruthshallse(m): 12:01pm On Dec 02, 2019
The handler of this BBC Yoruba news is SAVAGE personified. grin grin grin
Education / Re: Leaked Sex Tape: Why Babcock University Reserves The Right To Expel Student by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:01pm On Nov 20, 2019
Like someone said on another thread similar to this, what will JESUS do? It was on that thread I even got to know that the university is a Christian university. I personally think that they have a duty of care to the said lady in question. Except they are just in it for business purposes, so they should stop promoting themselves as a Christian university. My two Kobo.

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Religion / Re: Not All Pastors Are Fake Or Depend On Tithes For Survival by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:22am On Nov 17, 2019
The Bible is full of parabolic illustrations, allegories, fables and superstitious myths. The Sun of God is the Light of the World. But when Sun becomes Son, the Sun is personified as Son of God. The Sun/Son that shines in darkness. The Sun sinks into it's lowest Zenith in Winter Solstice - 22nd, 23rd and 24th and start to rise again on the 25th of December. CHRISTMAS DAY! Rebirth of the Sun! Then Santa Claus (Satan Claus) appears. This happens in the temperate and Arctic regions of earth plane. The Rebirth of the Sun after its 3 DAYS DEATH is called the Resurrection of the Sun (now Son) of God. It's all about SUN WORSHIP. What is Sun Day?? There's no Sun day in the Buybull until new testament of imperial editing. Behind the head if the Christos, there's always a yellow Sun. And at Spring time, THE SUN RISES in Easter. Yet the pale (oyinbo) man with long hair is busy BLOCKING THE SUN from reaching the Creation of the Universe. Yet pale people cannot withstand the Sun. What an irony? For they run into hiding like zombies once the Sun start rising. It's the BLACK MAN WHO RISES WUTH THE SUN THROUGH THE POWER OF MELANIN. Your Religion is Pagan mythology modified from Greco-Roman versions of stolen African, Egyptian and Babylonian Sun Worship Systems. Christianity is Fake! Has nothing to deliver except giving vain hope to the oppressed and deprived masses. It's paganism used to replace pure African metaphysical spirituality at the coming of European invaders of brutal COLONIALISM. Today, ad it was in the beginning, it's nothing but BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS sapping the dumb innocent sufferers while giving them vain hope in a nonexistent afterlife. Just to make them docile enough for rulers and leaders to keep them poor and hungry. It was started in ROME, from where it spread to Africa and the Americas through colonial imperialism. Nuff said!
My brother/sister I can see that you are one of the rational thinkers, but on this issue of Christianity you are wrong. Because things of spirit cannot be understood using rational thoughts. Afterlife is real, and JESUS is real. I pray that God in His infinite mercy will show Himself to you. Shalom
Politics / Re: Charles Idahosa: I Will Support A Northern President After Buhari's Tenure by Thetruthshallse(m): 7:19pm On Nov 13, 2019
See clever by half Benin man, shame on you because you know a Benin man can't be president, you'll rather toe the igbo line. The hausa-fulani people Know the trap you lots are setting for them, I'm sure they will not fall for it. One Nigeria is what they can't toy with. A southerner will be president in 2023.


NYSC / Re: Deface Your Uniform And Get Punished - NYSC Warns Corps Members by Thetruthshallse(m): 2:11pm On Nov 07, 2019
PDP breeds criminality
Politics / Re: 2023: PDP Considers Repeating Joint N’east/s’east Presidential Ticket by Thetruthshallse(m): 6:00am On Nov 04, 2019
What I take away from this thread is that the igbos have turned themselves to third class citizens in their own country. SHAME. What can redeem the igbo nation and their psych now is to get Biafra. How they will go about that that it will not led to bloodshed, is how they should work out. Sincerely good luck on that. Shalom.

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