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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Reacts As Keyamo Claims WAEC Certificate Not Needed To Be President by Thetruthshallse(m): 10:16am On Apr 16
See who is talking. # IndecentStar
Politics / Re: Ebenezer Babatope: Tinubu, Osinbajo, South-West Deceiving Themselves On 2023 by Thetruthshallse(m): 3:24pm On Apr 15
This is a big shame!!!! To think that this man is one of the inner carcus of chief obafemi awolowo progressive politics. What happened to his progressive ideology? Now it's stomach infrastructure politics of pdp. SHAME

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Religion / Re: Stop Praying For The Dead - Pastor Giwa Charges Christians by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:43pm On Apr 14
Whether this man like it or not, I will still continue to pray for my dead dearest. l pray to God to grant them eternal rest in the mighty name of JESUS. Amen


Celebrities / Re: Ali Baba Reacts To Senator Adeyeye Nigerian Constitution Of 1999 Speech by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:17am On Apr 12
I blame the Igbo political jobbers for this, but indomie generation will not know this. They only see Yoruba's as their problem.

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Politics / Re: Nobody Can Stop Northerners From Contesting Presidency In 2023 - Tony Momoh by Thetruthshallse(m): 9:57am On Apr 11
Wow!!! Reading Igbo people comment on this thread is an eye opener, so Igbo people finally accept that they have burnt all Goodwill bridges with other ethnic groups in Nigeria. That they can't be able to aspire to the highest office in the land? They are hereby promoting fulani/hausa to continue as president. Rich from people that usually call others slaves, maybe I don't understand what slaves means. SHAME

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Celebrities / Re: AY Rocking Dreads On A Movie Set, Replies Troll Who Said He Doesn't Have Shame by Thetruthshallse(m): 10:32am On Apr 06
Nice reply @Ay.
Politics / Re: Verdict On Osun Governorship Election Cannot Stand - Aregbesola by Thetruthshallse(m): 2:20pm On Mar 29
What do you expect from ipob/pdp judge Peter obiora, definitely the fake judgement can't stand. The tribunal overreach itself by performing inec constitutional duties by cancelling 17 polling units, when there is no violence. The appeal Court will do the needful
Politics / Re: Speakership: Dogara Backs Down From Race by Thetruthshallse(m): 5:49pm On Mar 12
He for context na? This is not 2015, the beating wey he go chop ehn..... Ewu bauchi. #Traitor

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Celebrities / Re: Yvonne Okoro: Marry A Strong Woman Like Me Who Will Beat You by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:06pm On Mar 08
ORISHIRISHI!!!! I no fit laugh ooooo
Politics / Re: Ozekhome: Fanning The Embers Of Disunity And Subjugation Of Igbo Race by Thetruthshallse(m): 5:41pm On Mar 06
The Most Corrupt SAN in History
Politics / Re: Nigeria About To Become The Next Venezuela - UK Telegraph by Thetruthshallse(m): 8:15am On Mar 06
They have started with their doom saying again. They talked about this 4 years ago, and they were proved wrong. At least we were able to survive and manage it well.This would have happened assuming ND avengers keep causing havoc but it was also well managed.The structures of Nigeria and Venezuela are different. venezuela is under sanction, nigeria, no. Venezuela has post unrest situations, not in nigeria, there is fractional supports of opposition government from surrounding countries including america but in nigeria, no opposition or parallel government as at now, and everyone has moved on except atiku and pdp that likely go to court. The structures on ground are not the same.

Yes, poor economic policies by buhari led government may allow some foreign investors to be skeptical about investing in nigeria but is not as bad as they foresee. The main problem is that many free and stolen money that many advanced countries like UK see from Nigerian government in the past has drastically reduced. They depend on those money to grow their own economy and now no free corrupt money while the one they are protecting are been put under pressure to be recovered. They should face their brexit wahala and leave us alone until things stabilize.
God bless you for this.


Politics / Re: Voters Belief In President Buhari's Integrity Led To His Victory - The Economist by Thetruthshallse(m): 8:18am On Feb 28
I'm still pained by the Yoruba vote, there are so many ingrates in Yorubaland. How could pdp garner such votes after what buhari has done for us. Those people should ask themselves what pdp done for Yorubaland in their time in power. This was a man that honour your son Mko, what else do they want, may the good Lord forgive you all. To good people that recognized this man achievement, big up to you all. Nigeria will definitely be great.

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Politics / Re: INEC Pronounces Buhari Winner 2019 Presidential Poll by Thetruthshallse(m): 7:19am On Feb 27
In the affairs of men, GOD is interested. This is why i know that pdp can never win. Congratulation president Buhari, carry the whole country along with you this time around. Be the president of the whole country. Nigeria will definitely be great in Jesus mighty name. Amen
Politics / Re: Malabu Scandal: Nigeria Secures First Victory Again by Thetruthshallse(m): 2:59am On Feb 23
And these are same people some without brain want to return to power. SMH pdp never again. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019

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Politics / Re: Dont Be Afraid Of Violence, Go Out And Vote, Buhari Tells Nigerians by Thetruthshallse(m): 8:27am On Feb 22
Now you are begging embarassed
Sentiment apart, this guy does not have the capabilities to rule Nigeria. Most of his supporters are illiterate lipsrsealed
You are shame to the Yoruba nation. What is the stupid pdp you are supporting did for your people when they were in power? Shame shame shame on you. You better retrace your step before it is too late.
Politics / Re: Buhari Will Concede If Defeated, Congratulate Winner, Says APC by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:21pm On Feb 21
Why are some Yoruba youths running with the crowd? Can't you think for yourself. Ask yourself what this so called atiku cum pdp do Yoruba people when they were in power. Politics in game of interest, i don't can whether buhari is devil incanate or not. But the project he instituted in Western Nigeria is enough for me to vote him back in. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019.
Religion / Re: 2019 Elections: Bishop Oyedepo Rains Curses, Reveals What Will Happen by Thetruthshallse(m): 5:34pm On Feb 21
By Sunday evening my Igbo brothers, i don't want to hear Biafra or death ooo. This man is leading you people to Golgotha. Where was his gate of hell he promised to unleash if Jonathan lose? A word is enough for the wise. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019


Politics / Re: President Buhari Should Stop War Mongering or Else.... - Mike Ozekhome (SAN) by Thetruthshallse(m): 12:29pm On Feb 19
See who's talking, defender of looters and corrupt people. Thunder wey go fire you still dey Jupiter dey do press up. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019.


Politics / Re: Atiku's Us Visa Ban Still In Place, Given A Waiver For January Visit -bloomberg by Thetruthshallse(m): 1:35pm On Feb 18
Atiku Abubakar a symbol of the past failures and the politically corrupt in Nigeria. With all due respect, therefore, I, on behalf of millions of Nigerians want to remind you that you should shut up when we are discussing anti-corruption challenges and the way forward.
I laughed cynically when I heard you brag that you would “shock everyone because you will fight corruption …if given the opportunity to preside over the affairs of the country.” You challenged Nigerians to either “come forward with a single shred of evidence of [your] misconduct while in office or keep quiet.” Crude arrogance! You subsequently bragged that your stupendous wealth was a result of your “resourcefulness and successful investments".
What a lie! To use your own words, that display of arrogance was “morally offensive” to millions of Nigerians. Please, sir, accept my apologies, but the issue is not about your “entrepreneurial spirit” *but whether you can corroborate the SOURCE of your investments and wealth.* Sir, you are not more resourceful than millions of Nigerians, and thousands of investors with hard-earned and traceable sources of wealth. So, sir, take your sermon of rooting out corruption in Nigeria to the sedimentary rocks in the valley of Adamawa Highlands. Tell us what happened to the N7.5 B failed Chochi Dam project which you brought the contractor and supervised the project. What happened to the Jada Federal Government communication project awarded by Obasanjo under your supervision which N4.5 Billion went into a failed project. Tell Nigerians how u took a loan from Bank PHB in 1998 of N300M to run for Governorship of Adamawa, when you were controversially declared the winner and after becoming the VP the bank cancelled the loan. We have documented evidence of this loan, when you took this loan Bamanga Tukur was one of the richest people in the North East with two shipping vessels on the high seas, but just after 8 years as VP you not only became the richest in Adamawa and one of the richest in Nigeria but you built 158 mansions in the country and 42 mosques in Christian dominated areas of Adamawa State the citing and construction of some of these mosques created several crisis killing thousands of people and dethroning a First Class king.
As a show of good faith, sir, can you please explain to Nigerians how you, a retired Customs officer and VP, got the millions of Dollars, without a bank loan, you paid to the American University in Washington DC for a direct license to use the franchise of the university? We know that your estimated $25 million worth of University (ABTI American University) in Yola was not just because you were resourceful. Siemens of Germany wired $1.7 million of bribe money of Nigerian Govt officials to the account of one of your wives in the US, Jennifer. The same Jennifer and University of America told US investigators that all wire transfers of over $40 million that both of them received from offshore companies that they did not know came from Atiku Abubakar at a time you were Nigeria's Vice President.
What is the source of the inexplicable reason for your increased wealth after 8 years as VP? Accept my apologies sir, but can you explain to Nigerians the source of hundreds of multi-million Naira mansions, mostly built on what Nigerians believe to be proceeds of corruption? What of the $125m you diverted from the Petroleum Trust Development Fund (PTDF)? Can you please, sir; explain to Nigerians how you managed to command controlling shares in Bank PHB, controlling shares in Intel, and oil services companies operating in many African countries?
If you are as smart and intelligent as you want Nigerians to believe, then it will not be difficult to break down the source of your wealth. Believe me, there are millions of Nigerians out there that are more resourceful than you that will be turned into billionaires overnight if only you can show us your magic wand. So, without explaining the source of your wealth, it is an insult to ask us to provide evidence that you are chronically corrupt. The burden of proof is on you, sir.
How can Nigeria move forward, when we are hamstrung by symbols of past failures, like you Atiku? Let me remind those still living in the graveyards of yesteryears of what you represent, sir. Your mere presence in Nigerian politics reminds us of the era of fire-breathing monsters that plundered the national wealth. Sir, your administration with Obasanjo represents a government of the ugly looters and predators. Under you, and Obasanjo, corruption was so sweet and so exquisite that the political class fell over themselves to worship the mini gods in Aso Rock.
Accept my apologies, sir, but Nigerians have not forgotten that under you and Obasanjo, our yesteryears were locust-infested. When you and Obasanjo pretended to be fighting corruption while in office from 1999 to 2007, we had wretched criminals that grew the size of their stomachs and pockets from “Turn around Maintenance” of our refineries and under-selling of government entities to cronies. Under you and Obasanjo, we had ministers and thieves that were busy acquiring properties worth billions while our infrastructures decayed.
Sir, you are a woodpecker that feeds on the pantry of the poor, but found a way to avoid having boils in your mouth. The same mouth you are now using to insult us and bragging about how clean you are in amassing wealth in the midst of poverty in your backyard.
Atiku, sir, your ambition, therefore, deserves to be killed now. It is time for you to retire from public life, disappear from Twitter, political screens, and sight somewhere far away. Sir, when you drive around the hills and valleys of Adamawa Highland, are you not worried and ashamed about the difference between your fortunes and that of the poor masses you claim to represent?
Nigerians believe that corruption is a bigger threat than insecurity in your backyard in North eastern
God bless you man, after the last Saturday postponed election i was so pissed off, i never want buhari to win again. But after reading this buhari is the lesser evil. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019
Politics / Re: INEC Ad-hoc Staff, Corpers Sleeping Outside Its Premises (Photos) by Thetruthshallse(m): 6:49am On Feb 16
So what are the billions of naira budget for inec year in year out since 2016 till date are used for? The almighty father in heaven, if it is the sins of our forefathers that makes this country to be this disjointed, heavenly father have mercy. To the wicked ones that think that their wicked ways will not be rewarded, newsflash it's only a matter of time. Young ones my heart is with you, there will definitely be a better tomorrow for you all in the mighty name of JESUS. Some might be wondering why I'm all religious on this; its because in the affairs of men God is interested.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: INEC May Postpone Election Till Tuesday For Logistics Reasons by Thetruthshallse(m): 11:30pm On Feb 15
APC should not go down Jonathan way, even at the end of the day , Jonathan still lost. If they dare to postpone this election at this late hour, it only confirm what the opposition have been saying about this govt comptence. Buhari/inec should not play into pdp hand. A lot of people that are only giving them the benefit of doubt that they will get their act together in their second term will be forced to do a rethink. A word is enough for the wise.
Politics / Re: Davido And Saraki Do The 4+0 Sign (Photos) by Thetruthshallse(m): 6:44am On Feb 15
Ariwo ko ni music ooo empty barrel lo ma npariwo, no be by mouth tomorrow is almost here. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019.
Politics / Re: PDP Mocks Buhari, APC Over Failed Abuja Rally by Thetruthshallse(m): 7:17am On Feb 14
Abeg pdp should face front, is it your scanty rally? Clutching at strall know fully well that they will lose the election on Saturday. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019.

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Politics / Re: CCT: Prosecution Asks For Arrest Warrant Against Onnoghen by Thetruthshallse(m): 12:07pm On Feb 13
What took them so long. The man that supposed to have been in detention a long time ago. But better late than never. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019.


Politics / Re: The Only Abandoned Project That Buhari Will Not Complete - Tolu Ogunlesi by Thetruthshallse(m): 8:56am On Feb 13
PDP is a fraud.

Multiplier effect of corruption

1. A young man works for one of the state ministries. His salary is 120K. He makes 15,000 everyday on this desk (N75k a week) engaging in corrupt practices. As a result, he spends the daily cash as he cares. Living large and far above his legitimate income.

2. He visits the local joint every evening and buys drinks for friends, and area boys. They hail him. He is married, but has two girlfriends. His "income" is enough to take care of them. The Asun seller at his favorite joint is happy, the joint owner is happy.

3. Everyone was benefiting from his "income". Friends, family, area boys, joint owner, Asun seller, girlfriends, wife and his church. Life was good.

4. Then suddenly the ministry implemented the Treasury Single Account (TSA) at the beginning of PMB administration. His extra "income" disappeared and he had to adjust to the reality of event and live within his real income. That wasn't easy.

5. Initially he reduced his daily visit to the joint to 3 days a week and stopped buying drinks for everyone. He reduced the plates of Asun. The Asun seller started to find it hard to sell a full goat each day and resorted to buying half.

6. The young man's girlfriends started to feel the heat too. No more iPhone 10. The joint owner noticed a drop in sales. The young man finally stopped visiting the joint after a month. The area boys started feeling his absence. The effect cascaded down.

7. The young man started spending more time at home with his wife and kids. The family had to readjust to the reality of the new normal. His hair stylist noticed the young man suddenly stopped tipping. He will even wait for his N200 change after haircut.

8. Things are different. Times are hard, they all cry. The young man is blaming Buhari, his wife is blaming Buhari, the area boys are blaming Buhari, the girlfriends are saying Buhari must go, the joint owner is saying Buhari killed the "economy"

9. The Asun seller is cursing Buhari, the hair stylist is insisting Buhari is too old to rule. This is the story of our nation where corruption fuels the "economy". Those who are not engaging in it are benefiting from it.

10. This tread is not about Buhari's achievement or failure, but rather about the "multiplier" effect of corruption and how we have built a system largely driven by corruption. It's about policy implication (good or bad). It's about the choices we have made.

Finally, the young man had to withdraw his kids from what he called expensive primary school his kids attend. He added:"what are they teaching them there sef " Obasanjo didn't go to a private school. I just laughed .
wonderful written. God bless you.

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Politics / Re: Send APC Packing, Come February 16 - Jennifer Abubakar Tasks Rivers People by Thetruthshallse(m): 8:33am On Feb 12
We should vote your husband so that you will continue to wire our money to the US, tufiakwa no chance. Sai baba 2019, no going back to Egypt.
Politics / Re: Christian Votes Will Make Atiku President~Governor Wike by Thetruthshallse(m): 8:13am On Feb 12
JESUS!!! why do pdp like to play tribal and religious politics? Well thank God they will die a natural death after this coming election. To my Yoruba breathen still supporting this bunch of losers, use your God given brain. A word is enough for the wise. A leopard never changes it spot. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019.
Politics / Re: EFCC Arrests Babachir Lawal, To Arraign Him Today by Thetruthshallse(m): 7:57am On Feb 12
Buhari scored an own goal here. Though i still support him because the worst of him is better than the best of pdp. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019
Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim ticket: I am proud of my role in stopping Tinubu –Saraki by Thetruthshallse(m): 7:45am On Feb 12
See who is talking? TRAITOR. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019
Politics / Re: Group Files Suit To Stop Atiku’s Presidential Bid Over Citizenship by Thetruthshallse(m): 6:59am On Feb 12
grin shocked eleyi gidi gan �����
Politics / Re: Buhari Will Win - NOI Polls by Thetruthshallse(m): 6:51am On Feb 12
Some people wonder why any sane man will be supporting buhari, well wonder no more. It is because pdp was not a better option, a group of people that don't no what not to loot. To the extent they loot their own fundraiser of 20bn for their sectariat. How can we sane Nigerians allow such people to have control over our national treasury again? Never again. The worst of buhari is better than the best of pdp. No going back to Egypt. Sai baba 2019.


Politics / Re: Presidential Rally: People Arrested With Jazz In Abeokuta, Ogun State by Thetruthshallse(m): 5:55am On Feb 12

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