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Family / Re: My Newly Wedded Wife by Tina001(f): 3:16pm On Mar 06

What are you saying? Is it wrong to make adjustments? It is wrong to say 4his how I am and can not change. We can sacrifices too.

What I am saying is you know what you were about to get yourself into when you decided to marry her. You were not deceived so stop complaining and go talk to her about it, if she can't change, it is fine.. Not all women enjoy sex and can't pretend about it.

Yes we can make adjustments on things we can control, if she doesn’t get wet easily, that is her own body structure abi what do you want her to do, anytime she is naturally wet, you can have her. how do you want her to adjust? put water on her pp so she can be wet for you always Or you want her to allow you fvvvk her dry pp?? You want to injure somebody's daughter? Is that the sacrifice you want?

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Family / Re: My Newly Wedded Wife by Tina001(f): 1:43pm On Mar 06

She is good in every other aspect. I believe we can work things out on this.

You just want to have it all which is rarely possible.. She is good in every other aspects so you married her thinking you will work on her sex life, my dear, people mostly don't change, the red flag you see during dating/courtship will be moree glaring during marriage, it is left for you to decide if you can cope with it or not before marrying the person. She has always been like that and didn't hide it from you before marriage, she told you plainly so you know what you were getting into, why then did you marry her when you know you can't cope thinking you can miraculously change her sex life overnight?. You just have to manage it o pending when she 'MIGHT' change. dnt go and cheat on the innocent woman because that may be the beginning of the end of your marriageundecided

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Family / Re: I Just Find Out She's Cheating.. Caught Her by Tina001(f): 5:38pm On Nov 20, 2022
Lol, told you then to use ur tongue and count ur teeth make them nor catch u mugu grin
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 6:43pm On Oct 17, 2022

First of all...price may not even touch that stubborn resistance at 19800.
What you may see is 19797 before a strong pullback takes it to lower lows or higher lows.
It is easier for price to touch and break support levels than resistance levels.

You dnt get it, do you Look at you being all serious tongue cheesy

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 5:03pm On Oct 17, 2022

It doesn't work that way.
If for instance we have a stubborn resistance at 19800, you will be shocked to your bone marrow, that 19810 may not be hit in a long while.
Instead, you will see a higher low (bull market) or lower lower (bear market) before a breakout to 19810.
The chart works in mysterious ways.


Okay, what of 19801? grin


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 4:16pm On Oct 17, 2022

You are spot on. If we break 19.7k, we are mostly likely to see 19750 or 19800.

The bulls are back

And when we have seen 19800, we must surely see 19810 cheesy

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Family / Re: I Need A Mature Woman To Marry by Tina001(f): 10:35am On Oct 14, 2022
LOL cheesy
Family / Re: Is She Cheating On Me by Tina001(f): 12:17pm On Sep 26, 2022
I'm not dumb bruh.. he said the message is not meant for her..
I'm talking bout a girl I have known for more than 4 years and I have not saw any strange text on her phone and I have not caught her with man.. she was faithful but I'm just confused with this particular message.

Lol, I am a girl and no random guy will just ask me about my period, wetin concern am if there is nothing going on. How can he just "guess" another girl's period, that too with a "crying" emoji shocked. Your girl is deleting past chat with this man, he knows her work schedule, he sends her money, he even know or can guess when her period is likely to come. na until you catch them for bed?? You can't see strange text on her phone because she keeps deleting them just the way she deleted this one.. The message is not meant for her but it perfectly fits the last message, Lol, Oga use ur tongue count your teeth and shine your eye o cheesy

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Family / Re: Am I A Bad Person If I Do This? by Tina001(f): 6:45am On Sep 25, 2022
Please pay him his Money.. Old stocks or not. Remember, even if they are old stocks, the day they get finished, he will have to produce again at the current market price and not the old price anymore so if you don't pay him current market price, how will he produce again?? Try and be considerate, this is business and nobody would want to run at loss in business.

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Family / Re: I Hope My Decision Is Not Bad? by Tina001(f): 9:47am On Sep 22, 2022
You did the right thing by sending her to her boyfriend who impregnated her. A child that says she is stubborn and won't heed to the advice of her father should be ready to face the consequences of her actions.

However, I am sure she has learnt her lessons now in a bitter way, since she is in a pitiable condition and you can help her, please help her, There is an adage that says; if you use one hand to beat your child, use the second hand to draw him near and comfort him. Also, pikin nor fit bad make we kan throway am give lion chop.. She is still your daughter, kindly take care of her and your grandchild, she has learnt her lessons and will be of good behaviour henceforth

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Business / Re: FG Blocks Mobile Payment, Telecoms Network Access To Online Loan Firms by Tina001(f): 9:06am On Aug 19, 2022
Hello, my name is ... my phone number is 86, my BVN is 0, my family is dead, I need your help now, please call me back quickly, I need you to come Help me dig graves for my family, now they are all rotten and smelly, God told me yesterday to give them the grace to go to hell, so please come and help me, I still owe CashMap money not paid , please help me repay this loan, if you refuse to help me, then your whole family will be sent to hell by God.

That's the crazy message they sent me about someone on my contact

That's really crazy, jeez
Business / Re: FG Blocks Mobile Payment, Telecoms Network Access To Online Loan Firms by Tina001(f): 9:05am On Aug 19, 2022
Bubu blocking only means of survival of employed youths. Making life more difficult for us. I have friends who are affected by ASUU strike that borrowed from some of these loan sharks as a means of survival.

What sort of means of survival is that Why borrow money INTENTIONALLY when you know you won't pay it?? That's now a new kind of job for survival? Nigerians sef

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Family / Re: My Wife's Ex-Boyfriend Is About To Ruin My Marriage by Tina001(f): 3:37pm On Aug 17, 2022
She went for occasion there due to her work transfer.Right now I am saving up for DNA

Try and save up for the DNA. Even if the child belongs to you, do not condone such rubbish from her, let her suffer the consequences of her actions. Jesus, I can't even imagine it, constant cheating and as if that's not enough, sleeping with her ex while pregnant, that's the height of it na, your woman nor try at all

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Family / Re: Unsure If I Am The Father Of My Fourth Child by Tina001(f): 8:41am On Jul 29, 2022
Please go for the Secret DNA test. whether it is positive or negative, at least you have known the truth and you will have peace of mind. Then you can know what to do from there, i strongly advice you go for DNA test, don't let the fear of the unknown rub you off your peace of mind


Celebrities / Re: Canada Denies Yemi Alade Visa Over Fears ‘she Won’t Leave The Country’ by Tina001(f): 8:23pm On Jul 24, 2022

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Family / Re: How I Lost My Twin Boys by Tina001(f): 1:56pm On Jul 22, 2022
So sorry for your loss. This is very painful even to me, now I can't imagine the kind of pain you and your fiancee will be going through. I pray God heal and comfort you. Other Children will come and stay by His grace.

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Celebrities / Re: Ruth Kadiri Gives Birth To Second Child by Tina001(f): 1:41pm On Jul 21, 2022
Congratulations to her... One of my favourite Actresses


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 2:21pm On Jul 19, 2022
I'm Emanuel by name, a crypto n Nft investor.. I've decided to share this update for free with you. I joined TheMainChod in 2018, but couldn't hustle fund to invest, surprisingly around Feb I came across an article about them so I went into investment with them, I make over 400% of my investment every month (Proof Of Payment Attached Below) you also get paid for each referral that invests with TheMainCloud between (15$ - 50$) depends on the plan your referral buys.

This is no hanky panky scam, check below for my proof of payment. If interested u can use my referral link on my signature.. You can look me up on telegram *MisturMan* if u need assistance signing up.

Also... I run a WhatsApp group on crypto, we scalp daily earning an average of 5%-15%, that's just scalping alone.. We do get updates on scheduled pumps.. Check my previous set of posts for the calls I made earlier today before the pump for proof.. If interested in joining the WhatsApp the monthly sub fee is $50.. Also hit me up on telegram, @misturman

You rest na.... We don see am plenty times already. BTW!!! The telegram channel for free signals you created, why did you delete it?? After wrecking many with your "Toke" coin pump and dump call, you deleted the group. Now you are coming here to look for another set of gullible people that will pay you $50. Rubbish

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Family / Re: I Need A Bag Of Flour And Vegetables Oil As Start Up Capital by Tina001(f): 5:43pm On Jul 17, 2022

Never been lucky with any empowerement scheme, either COVID19 loan nor Npower even though I had high hope on these schemes, but I know lot of people who have and still benefitting from it.. I don't think it's fake but luck. Do have a blessed Sunday.

May Helpers locate you

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 11:27am On Jul 16, 2022
You deposit in Naira at 450/$ Then withdraw in Dollars and sell to Aboki fx at 600/$ or 610/$ only working Arbitrage Exchange Business in nigeria is the importer international business account,
Tested and working no doubt.
This is called international business account in union bank not all the branches offer this kind of account it is use by importers in doing importation.
Opening balance is 1 million Naira, Visa to any Western country or American countries, flight tickets to any of the countries mentioned above.

CAC certificates and TIN tax indentification number.
I went to bank myself union bank and met a banker who ,I get his contact , we later chat in the night , he told me he can provide the international details for me since I don't have them , that he will use it and create the account for and it will be a kind of joint business account with my own details , I will be the one to have �% access to Transaction in the account , he charges me 20k for the details , I paid then boom next day I received a message from bank , then I went to bank with my BVN, NIN , bills nepa and do tomb print and verify my identity then the account was open .

I deposit at 450/$ and withdraw in dollars then take it to Aboki fx and sell to them at 600/$ .

Why I didn't disclose this side of the info is because the banker said I should expose it but if I have someone that wants to open it too I bring to him,.

If you need forward your full name, address, phone number to me then I forward it to banker , you can pay half of the charge like 10k or 15k , once you receive a message go to the bank branch and verify it after everything you complete the remaining balance for the details and.

But if you have 1 million opening balance and visa flight tickets details you can go to the branch that offer such account and open it.
One and only working and simple Arbitrage Exchange Business
To open your own importer international business account bypass I million opening balance CAC certificates and visa details call 08094278210
Whatsapp at +16693067358
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 2:34pm On Jun 13, 2022

The account has been deactivated, do you know any other


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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 8:08pm On May 09, 2022

i am not begging u to buy
i am creating awareness
i have made sales from outside here
and it will keep coming

do as u please
una go learn
u wey dey bend piss
wan dey form savage grin

Na wetin i dey use bend piss, na there you pass come out to life. Ozuor


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 7:42pm On May 09, 2022
Not me setting and cancelling buy orders when it gets close to being triggeredcheesy no be me una go use as lab rat grin

Time in the market is better than timing the market grin tongue

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 7:41pm On May 09, 2022

when i said $32k
many said i am crazy
some said i just want to sell my book
i should focus on my book and stop talking nonsense
now where is btc
its a bad time to hold btc
it will break $29k
and further drop to $3k is very possible
they want a new cycle
so they can buy from there and aim for $100k

Okay Sir. I Will buy your book when we get to the 3k. I sha hope you won't increase it by then sad


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 4:53pm On May 09, 2022
and btc hits $32k level
next is $29k and final fall to $3k

i said this a month ago
if u have coins
change to usdt
hell is real

3k ke Shey my eyes dey pain me ni abi wetin be this. 3k bawo shocked


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 1:13pm On Apr 13, 2022

grin grin grin, twelve never nack, vawulence for today is scheduled for afternoon.

I remember when d IPC BOT TRADING start, dem day shout say nah legit.

Bear market jam trading bot, him self confuse. grin grin

Make the guy go sue them for IGNORANT PEOPLE'S CONGRESS abeg grin grin

Lol cheesy cheesy
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 6:01pm On Apr 06, 2022
I thought b.t.c is the most expensive coin to hold

I just saw a coin that cost higher than it

Here is a screenshot of the coin

B.t.c na learner for this coin hand

Coin way fit buy b.t.c 14X

It is a Rebase Token

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 2:24pm On Apr 03, 2022


The Owner is a Nigerian lipsrsealed
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 5:30pm On Apr 02, 2022
lolz, E be like the guy use the Xec remaining money take fomo enter GMT @2.8 tongue

cheesy cheesy. I just pray he hasn't sold
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Tina001(f): 1:08pm On Apr 01, 2022
Omo I don enter GMT at 2.875…let see how it goes..

Lol, una geh mind sha grin


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