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Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 3:09pm On May 23
For those sending me mails/messages on INTBREW, I said I won't be talking about the coy since I already did enough in time past.

The problem is that most persons do not know why they invest or should invest in a company.
Still, some do not understand what a share capital reduction exercise entails.

For the naive fellows (the one's I often feel sorry for), here's a simple brief;

The company's rights issue is actually part of a share capital reduction exercise (CS reorganization & BS restructuring) aimed at neutralizimg the recent impact of accumulated losses and birthing a healthier capital structure that can allow the coy perform more optimally going forward.
The 6 for 1 RI may seem bloated, but that approx 161.17B ordinary share issue is priced at a per value of 2k. At a per value of 50k, it's just about 6.45B shares. (if 2k >> 161.17, then 50k >> [161.17/50] x 2,= 161.17/25)
This is why a part of the circular reads in part;
"...to offer to the shareholders the proposed rights issue of 161,172,395, 100 ordinary shares of 2 kobo each..."

So essentially, the company's RI exercise is expected to raise N3.65 x approx 6.45B capital... which is approx N23.55B
The proceeds will be credited to the coys share premium A/c before been utilized to neutralize her accumulated/retained loss position.
See the RI as a form of CAPITAL REORGANIZATION EXERCISE. (a key step in restructuring for T&GCs), which in addition to the aforementioned benefit, will also allow for a more robust and efficient CS and create the "fertile ground" for future cash flow reward to shareholders.

As I stated in a previous post, There are pros and cons with the expected share capital reduction exercise (ref: reduction in nominal value by a factor of 25x) in between the planned RI.
But I know most folks will focus on the cons and fail to efficiently benchmark it against the undisputably much better pros. Am hoping that more persons will sell off their holdings, so price can drop a bit more.

HOLD! ...it's a great midterm play.
That would be my candid advice, especially to the naive ones.
But PLS do not hesitate to sell if you so desire.
...just do well to follow your instinct.

I know INTBREW will make us a lot of money! wink cheesy cool

CAVEAT: NOT to be inferred as any sought of investment advice. Due diligence still applies as always.

cc: @streetinvestor and all


What exactly is the purpose of this post?

...and because you are offering advice you have to repeatedly address unknown persons as "naive" by coming to this forum to answer a question you said was sent to your email and via private SMS?


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 2:49pm On May 21
MPR Rate now 26.25%

This is a terrible time to borrow money...especially consumer loans.

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Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 2:18pm On May 21

Ellah Lakes needs to get serious. They are yet to generate a single naira of revenue 6 months into the financial year. Ditto for previous years.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 2:13pm On May 21
Good morning guys,

Please I need information on FGN Savings Bond and if it is presently a good investment option.

Thank you all.

They are available first or second week of each month. Ask your stockbroker. The interest rates are clearly stated so you have to decide if its a good investment option for you.

I am sure more information is available in the TBills thread.

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Investment / Re: Lost My Job! Starting Afresh! The Journey! by TLAX: 9:59pm On May 19
I lost my job today because a colleague who I trained for months exposed my intent of setting up my own FX banking institution to top executives.

Although, I have been extremely desperate in the course of raising the much needed capitalization fee. I was very open and dogged about it. I knew a day like this will come and I have braced myself and ready for impact.

Guys. The time is now. I cannot sit and fold my arms making kills in profit. I'm talking of multiple zeros daily for some group of capitalist that has zero joy for personal growth.

I wouldn't lie. The pay is okay, but even if they pay me x10 of my current pay. It has nothing on them and I'll still try to create my own path.

92% of the main money making process is on me. Because I can tell you for a fact. I was part of the foundational members of this institution. Having dedicated huge chunck of my producutive age towards this cause.

Now I am starting afresh and I'm seeking for a life long financial partners. I have reliable affliate chains and the intellectual know how. With the help of these connects we can kick start with about 5 to 8 million naira as a pre capitalization with one of my chains.

Within a month, we'll be up and running independently. I need a honest financier who has a clean financial record home and abroad. As every profit made will run through the finaciers account.

I believe and I know that within a year we'll hit the threashold needed to operate independently and make unbelievable profits.

All i need now, is a work station with a minimum of 3 extendable screen, power supply and a steady internet. I can work from anywhere in the world. I'm relatively young, ready to travel and a great believer.

I'm in ABUJA.

Reach me on

Calls: (zero 8 one 62_75_05_19)

WhatsApp: (zero 9 zero 25_83_18_41).


You made all these monies for your employers, you were well paid, and you are a hot shot trader and you can't afford workstations. It doesn't add up dude.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 6:44pm On Apr 30

Sameway few years ago some bought OANDO @#300 , Cadbury @#120 , WAPCO at #115 to mention but few today the rest is history

No Biggy. Everybody gets into such situation once in a while if they are in the market.

Most people have recovered their monies many folds from that disastrous era. It's the way of the market buddy.

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Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 6:40pm On Apr 30
At today's Dangote Sugar AGM Alhaji stated that the reason for the discontinuation of the merger is because SEC did not approve because Dangote rice is yet to commence operations. Dangote Rice is till building rice mills across the country and some are expected to be ready later in the year

When Dangote Rice commences operations the merger talks will resume.

My own take is that later in the year or early next year Dangote Sugar and NASCON may do a first step merger pending when Dangote Rice becomes operational. Alternatively, they may wait for Dangote rice to get a few years of operations under its belt and have financial statements as required. This will help DIL corner a proportion of Dangote Foods shares they had earlier planned for.

It will be Ill advised to go again this year and face another rejection. Not good for Alhaji's image.


Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu, Abiru Visits Umahi To Express Appreciation For Ikorodu-Itokin Road by TLAX: 6:46pm On Apr 27
Just imagine
Phones / Re: "No Samsung Fold, No Entry" - Nigerian Big Boys Flaunt Samsung Folds Phones by TLAX: 4:09pm On Mar 30
I watched a Korean movie on Netflix (we're all dead) their high school kids were making drones. And to them it was nothing. Most of these phones and other gadgets we worship here, you'd be shocked that even their high school kids use them and they don't make noise about it.

Here in Nigeria all we do is to flunt what other hard working countries make. In fact you're classified as a big boy whenever you publicly flunt gadgets that even teenagers over there can easily afford.

Do you think if innoson had a car assemble plant in Korea, Korean owners of his cars would be squealing like coven witches for owning an African car?

A lot of Africans are still suffering from slave mentality. Regardless of how wealthy they are.

I can't put it any better.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 6:15pm On Feb 21
Meanwhile, SUGAR and SALT met at same price junction earlier.....intra-day.....@61

Both now parting ways again.........
SUGAR @64+ intra-day
SALT @60....

I think SUGAR is cheaper when we compared the two ahead of the Merger.....

The merger just putting people in suspense anyhow....let them do something about it soonest jorr.....the waiting is becoming frustrating.
*Bargain hunters won't like this* lipsrsealed

You need to compare the share exchange ratio of Nascon/DangSugar with Mkt. Price ratio of Nascon/DangSugar to determine where the value lies at any point in time. While the first ratio is constant the latter changes continually and that is where you can hunt for the value.

Additional value could be the higher probability that Nascon will pay dividends against no dividends by Dangote Sugar cos:

1. They paid interim dividend and will likely follow up with final dividend at least equal to interim.
2. There is a strong chance Dangote Sugar will not pay a final dividend for reasons that are obvious and which they will be happy to flaunt before shareholders.

Also realize that the reason for that loss is still in play and making additional impact.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 8:43pm On Feb 19

Based on EXPERIENCE some of us QUIETLY CONVERTED our PAPER PROFIT to CASH by last week of January when the ovation was loudest and made the ABOVE post on Feb 7th.Today the forum has turned GRAVEYRAD.

Well for those looking for SAVE HAVEN to HIDE their LOOT.

CADBURY is there for your taking. It will definitely OUTPERFORM both DangSugar & Nascon put together on the LONG RUN.


*ThE OcToPuS*

Glorifying yourself with claims that cannot be verified. Why do you feel a need to look like a genius to people in a faceless forum. People you will most probably never meet and who really don't give an "F" who you are.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 5:11pm On Feb 08
I never said it must happen. All I said it is good news for my country. And many things like TA,FA ,sA etc could move the market north or south. And wining afcon can fall into sentimental Analysis (SA).
Or you think winning afcon does not translate we got our team right or football right. It means we could equally get the economy right. You didn't see SA put oando on bull last week

I didn't quote you in this. I quoted the moniker called "Locotrader". But if you want to take up the matter perhaps you can start with a detailed explanation of the bolded for our education. How did the bolded happen?
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 5:06pm On Feb 08
Oga what I am speaking is English and not French. When a company declares dividend. You can calculate the dividend yield to the market on the bases of present market price of the shares.
That does not mean my personal dividend yeild and yours must be same.Did I buy at the same price with you if our investment was based dividend in mind..I only use dividend yeild for my banking stocks purchase. Which is why I decided to sell fidelity.My uba is on #8.You want me to use price of 25 or 30 to do my personal dividend yeild ...why..
So why do people say i am sitting on 100% ,200% etc profit on the same stock at the same present price.....I am street credible never a gentleman man because I don't even know the meaning

Your street credibility or lack of it has nothing to do with understanding investment terminology.


I have helped you this time. Don't come back and give us fluff next time.

If you have developed a personal ratio you want to use as a metric, well and good but it's not dividend yield.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 5:01pm On Feb 08

We have talked too much today.
Let's rest and not complicate issues.
Next week is not too far from now.

I agree. But let's understand your basis better so that we can evaluate next week. By saying bull do you mean the index will rise by this time next week or you mean price of specific stocks will rise. If the latter let's have the name of the stocks in your universe so that we can establish that cause and effect relationship and eliminate chance occurrences.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 4:56pm On Feb 08


assuming i bought UCAP at N2 as my price years ago and you buy it now at N20.

If dividend of N2 is declared. It means that the dividend yield is 2/20 which is 10% as per current price.

But for me my dividend on cost is 2/2 which is 100% because i didn't buy it for N20 but for N2.

With N1,000,000 you should get 50,000 units @N20
with N1,000,000 i got 500,000 units @ N2

if dividend is N2, you should earn 50,000 X 2 which is 100k
I should earn 500,000 X2 which is 1M

na so i see am

That was what streetinvestor2 was trying to make you understand.

Bolded is yield on cost and not dividend yield. Dividend yield has only one formular.

For equity investment when people say an investment is compounding at a certain percentage i.e. 10%, they mean the dividend you receive is at 10% of current price and if you want to reinvest it in that particular equity the dividend should buy you 10% of your current holding.

By the way, visit investopedia etc. for any investment term you are not quite clear about. It's a simple check and it enables you and the person you are having a conversation with be on same page.

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Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 4:26pm On Feb 08

Sure, my boys are coming back with the trophy.
Next week is a week of bull to respect our cup.

Make dem use tomorrow to do their worst in the market.We will collect batton on monday

What's the nexus between winning AFCON and NGX? I really can't see it but before you get aggressive I will bookmark this post and bring it up again next week so that we can compare notes. Perhaps there is a cause and effect relationship we are not aware of.

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Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 4:15pm On Feb 08
Since na you get sense.Go and buy Dan cement at 700 plus and be talking rubbish on dividend yield when you saw it since at less than # 300 and refused to buy if dividend was your target

grin grin grin

You don't know what is in my portfolio and what is not. Learn to take correction. There is only one formulae to calculate dividend yield. If you have developed another ratio please share the name and how to calculate it.

I have also noticed that when people can't defend their positions they become aggressive and abusive.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 4:04pm On Feb 08
The cost I bought it is my current price when I want to calculate my yield on that investment. Your current price is my appreciation on my cost,lol.

You don't know what you are talking about. Stop misleading people.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 3:54pm On Feb 08
Depending when u bought my guy.All my stock will give far above that

Dividend yield is calculated on current price not on cost.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 7:52pm On Feb 07

Sir Emma

Good evening Sir

Do you have a soft copy of a good book on how to trade?

I 'd really appreciate of you recommend one

Thank you Sir

Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 6:35pm On Feb 07

grin grin grin grin grin

Lol....putting bids of 101,000 units and crossing to him/herself. Non of the gullible fellows on the queue chasing the price ever get anything. Just watch the space. Promises to be interesting.

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Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 5:43pm On Feb 07
Maybe no one has notice Meyer trying to do 100% from #3+ it was last week.

The bull will still circulate to all sectors just as it's quietly doing at the paint company now.

The brewery stocks are seriously battered.
I am much bullish on the brewery sector.

Waiting for accumulations and breakout at due time

Only one entity has been manipulating this stock from the N3.56 price point. Enter now to play his game at your own risk. Whoever it is has made 50% in the last week and I am sure is ready to dump.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 7:40pm On Jan 31
Newbies wey wan do like experienced traders and investors will learn the hard way

They keep the market going.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 4:27pm On Jan 24

If as an EARLY SUBSCRIBER to my outline/recommendations and investment guide, you"ve already amassed great returns and now looking out for WHERE and HOW to effectively redirect your funds for the plausibility of more capital gains, then the SERIES 2 of my outline and investment guide is your plug!

Yes you can now subscribe for the "outline and guide on key select equity names with high value accretive potential- series 2" to help you continue to maximize your previous gains.
...some folks already placed their order.

Concerned about the recent pullback in the market?
Well, it's ok to be concerned but then again, you can take advantage of certain assets RV/IV to MV disconnection that the mkt presents both from a bottom-up and top-down investment perspective.
A SMART investor will find a way to maneuver his way around the mkt. ...he only needs to equip himself with the right tools.

What you should know;

Like the last outline and investment guide, this series also does all the work for you. All you need do is simply follow the instructions therein (entry/exit setup) and make some decent return.

NOTE: This new series comes with a similar service fee. ...it is NOT a continuation of the 1st. (I have already gifted out 2 bonus guide to subscribers of the last outline)
However, all subscribers of the previous series are automatically eligible for a 20--50% discount though dependent on certain criteria.

Like the last outline/guide, its proficiency and efficacy at delivering result if judiciously followed is not in doubt. Series 2 also serves the purpose of a powerful result orientated handy guide, particularly for early birds.
...it's an outline and investment guide that's worth every penny.

The previous outline and investment guide remains VALID.
Series 2 isn't intended to invalidate it, but to help guide those on a quest to REDIRECT their funds to other value--backed assets after locking in great returns as early subscribers of the last outline.

You can request to place your order now.

On a side note, if you're among those that subscribed for the previous outline in the last ONE WEEK, pls do well to reach out to me.
I just might have something for you! (pls, last one week and not more than that)


Please create a telegram or WhatsApp group, or mailing list for those that have subscribed instead of spamming the thread.

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Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 4:57pm On Jan 20
That's the oldest trick in the game.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by TLAX: 4:55pm On Jan 20
Champion officially on full bid at 4.24.

Some people are selling their own pick but we give ours for free

If you had taken a good look at the order book you would have seen where the real bids were and how this is a more likely a setup/gimmick.
Romance / Re: I called my ex. Please Don't Make This Mistake I Made. by TLAX: 2:29pm On Dec 07, 2023
I was scrolling through my contacts tonight and I saw my ex's number so , I called my ex (...very dumb move).

We talked and talked about how we weren't meant for each other.

Our conversation read in part:
Me: I thought you won't pick my call.

Her: why won't I? I don't have any problem with you and you didn't offend me.

Me: hmmmm so, what can make you not to pick my call?

She: if you ask any of my sisters out.

Me: 🤣 . We didn't work. Maybe I and your sister will work.

Her: I don't want you around any of my family.

Me: This is why we never happened. You're too jealous. Okay bye. It's better we go separate ways (.... Foolish thing to say on my path).

Her: Better. If you don't want to talk to me anymore, fine. But I will still visit your mother whenever I want to.

I just said good night and hung up.

I feel like an idiot right now.

I don't know why I called her sef. I'm angry with myself. I shouldn't have made that call.

Please always delete your ex 's number and move on.

All these children just come to the forum to fantasize and write rubbish.
Politics / Re: Military Invades & Burns Ehime Mbano, Imo Over The Killing Of Officers by TLAX: 9:53pm On Sep 20, 2023
The innocent civilians should be unharm

Get a Professional Company Logo or Letterhead for Businesses for 2k only
pay on delivery
Drop us your Company name for your Logo

What do you charge for logo design and call card design?
Travel / Re: Travel Team To Ivory Coast For AFCON 2024 by TLAX: 5:16pm On Sep 04, 2023
You can get to Abidjan from Nigeria by

1. Air (Air Cote D'Ivoire & Ethiopian Air). It appears air Peace does not cover that route

2. Road. This may take too long because of boarder crossings and one can spend my ore than a day in the road.

People with travel experience using either methods can help out with information.
Travel / Re: Travel Team To Ivory Coast For AFCON 2024 by TLAX: 5:08pm On Sep 04, 2023
Travel / Re: Travel Team To Ivory Coast For AFCON 2024 by TLAX: 11:42am On Sep 04, 2023
I’m in

Great to know. Your interest noted and book marked.
Travel / Travel Team To Ivory Coast For AFCON 2024 by TLAX: 7:12pm On Sep 03, 2023
I have never been to Ivory Coast before but plan to visit for about two weeks for leisure and to watch some matches in African Cup Of Nations to be hosted by the country in January 2024.

I will like to travel in a group and want people interested in the event to indicate so. It will be helpful if at least one person is very familiar with the country. Group travel is necessary for safety especially in an African country........and French is the official language.

The way this will work is to get about 10 people who are interested and then we workout a similar itinerary.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will not be required to contribute money to anybody to anybody for olanning. Simply put, we agree a convenient itinerary and everybody makes their own arrangements.

When we have enough interests the conversation will move off Nairaland for more serious planning and identification validation.

People with travel experience to Ivory Coast can chip in with recommendations of hotels, Airbnb, transportation, and AFCON football match venues.

Let's make this happen.

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