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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by Trone: 3:10pm On May 15
Twoods back from the wood. �����
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Vacancies In Ibadan by Trone: 2:17pm On Apr 27
Qualified Account and Yoruba teachers needed at Fedmat College Ibadan. Located at Idi-ape, off olorunada road, akobo. Apply within.
Treat as urgent.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Vacancies In Ibadan by Trone: 2:15pm On Apr 27
Qualified Account and Yoruba teachers needed at Fedmat College Ibadan. Located at Idi-ape, off olorunada road, akobo. Apply within.

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Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by Trone: 6:09pm On Apr 24
Helll guys, FGN saving bond or equity income fund, which is better?

I'm on Money market fund with Axa;considering Saving bond with Investment one or Equity income fund with Axa.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by Trone: 7:42pm On Apr 02
New thread. Naso ppl wan comot ni. Where's babaramota ooooo? LadyG, Mr Seye and all, keep vibing!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army SSC And DSSC 2016/2017 Forum by Trone: 6:50pm On Dec 27, 2018
Nawa o... With All the promises and assurance my uncle who work at Defense hqrts gave me.
This shows that one should not rely on anybody but God alone.
sorry bro. Many things could have caused it....of which the Federal character and the quota system is a major factor. The northern,most expecially the Sokoto guys are of the advantage.
Phones / Re: Best Phones With Budget Of #25000 by Trone: 9:25pm On Oct 19, 2018
Z6 price -15220
how good is the Leagoo phones? Are the parts readily available in the market? I love the Leagoo S8.

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Travel / Re: Preparing for IELTS?...get in here by Trone: 6:10am On Sep 30, 2018
Hi everyone

Has anyone had a reason to fill a compliant form after a test. I had a horrible experience during my listening section. During the LISTENING part of the exam I experienced a malfunction with my headphones. The noise was a static type of sound like I was trying to find a radio station to connect to.
Because of this I was unable to hear anything from questions 15-20. I tried to get one of the invigilators to change my headphones but he didn't move and his reason was that the test was still on. When I noticed he wasn't going to change it I also motioned for the next invigilator beside him but she looked at him and he gave him the same response.

I wrote my exam at tell gazebo exam hall and I was on the 2nd row and the invigilator I tried signaling about my headphones was the man in charge of the 1st and 2nd row. The 2nd invigilator was the smallish lady in charge of the 3rd and 4th row.

i have sent an email to IDP and plan to call on Tuesday. I am so sad.
Sorry bro. Mine went so well with BC.
Travel / Re: Preparing for IELTS?...get in here by Trone: 7:05am On Sep 28, 2018

Will it hold on 29th as a result of the on-going strike
except I get a mail to that effect.
Travel / Re: Preparing for IELTS?...get in here by Trone: 3:57am On Sep 28, 2018
Please how do I register for Ielts in Ibadan, heads I can donitnin ibadan as well. Thanks.....
I paid through GTB and sent the page to them for confirmation. You can write in IB, writing mine in IB on the 29th.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Recruitment Into Nigerian Prisons Service 2018 by Trone: 11:45am On Sep 22, 2018
I became confused. As i didn't get an invite from FRSC despite the fact that almost all those who applied got mails from them. I concluded that maybe age disqualified me. Becos FRSC age requirement was also 18 - 30. So, why I was disqualified being 30 presently baffles me. I don't pray for a repeat of it in Prisons' case. That's why I threw it public to know if I misunderstood their grammar. Thank you.
don't be sad bro. Many within that age bracket were not called. Keep going bro, you're closer than ever. Good luck to the successful candidates!

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Travel / Re: Preparing for IELTS?...get in here by Trone: 4:27pm On Sep 20, 2018
Hello guys, y'all doing a good job. My exam date is on the 29th, all the sessions is slated for that day. Can I request for a change of the speaking date?... as the distance could be a factor to arriving at the speaking venue late.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by Trone: 7:54am On Aug 28, 2018

Now who shame catch now? If anyone cares, i still dey La Mango for GRA, Ikeja dey celebrate.
For the RECORD, i go scan our VISA and POST HERE!
I said earlier, nothing dey impossible and some haters here dey hate. Phewwwwww.
Imagine how smooth it went this morning; Oya, see the TRANSCRIPT;

VO. Good Morning, Passport Please!
SOn. Good morning Ma'am
Me. Good Morning Ma'am.
VO. wow, how're you xxxxxxx
Son. I'm good.
VO. What is your purpose of visiting the US now?
Son. Vacation.
Me. My son is already taking the spotlight,
VO. How long do you intend to stay
Me. 14days.
Son. Dad, can we stay longer please.
At this poing, she was busy typing some stuff on her screen, and dished out the confirm paper(white) and kept the passports away
VO. You may pick ur Passport in three days at blablablablabla.

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
U no sabi lie bros


Celebrities / Re: Omoruyi Loco Efe Remembers Sam Loco, His Late Father, 7 Years After His Death by Trone: 8:11pm On Aug 07, 2018
It's 7years already?! Mehn.....im getting old!!!
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by Trone: 10:46pm On Aug 06, 2018
We still dey dash US embassy money. cry
Travel / Re: Preparing for IELTS?...get in here by Trone: 9:51pm On Aug 06, 2018
Hello guys, y'all doing a good job. I need someone who's written or planning to write the exam in Ibadan. Please, quote me. Thanks!
Politics / Re: My Dear President, Let Your People Go By Dele Momodu by Trone: 6:42am On Aug 05, 2018
Great one Mr Dele. He who has an ear, let him hear.


Celebrities / Re: Actor Williams Uchemba Gave Groundnut Seller His Sneakers & 10k Cash (pics) by Trone: 6:40am On Aug 05, 2018
Investing on human being is a great asset...Make someone happy
you nailed it man. God bless Nigeria!

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Fashion / Re: Beautiful Bride With No Makeup, No Earrings (Photos) by Trone: 3:33pm On Jul 16, 2018
Celebrities / Re: Finally Wizkid And Drake Pictured Together by Trone: 3:09pm On Jul 11, 2018
I still don't believe. grin
Career / Re: NLC Takes Over MTN Offices In Calabar Over Staff Ill-treatment (Photos) by Trone: 4:16pm On Jul 10, 2018
This is Nigeria!


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by Trone: 5:51am On Jul 10, 2018

You will Be denied.
Make we bet? No be curse. Na fact. Promoted ko. Promoted ni. If NanaF all the way from Ghana remembered your story, you think the embassy cannot smell your fake documents a mile off.
You were promoted from 18k to 180k in a month and they want to send you for a vacation because you are Joseph that saved Egypt from Famine?
Nonsense and Ingridents
hahahahahahaha......awon eyan Twoods


Celebrities / Re: Hakeem Kae Kazim: I’m In Nigeria To Upgrade Nollywood To Hollywood by Trone: 5:45am On Jul 10, 2018
He should upgrade his dead and decayed career.
U must be a Togolese.


Celebrities / Re: Nion And Zion Idibia, 2face's Sons, Swagged Up In New Photos by Trone: 4:26pm On Jul 05, 2018
Lovely mehn. 2baba dey try sha! E no easy for Buhari's tenure.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by Trone: 9:10am On Jul 05, 2018
Haaaaa. This matter ko easy rara again o!
My friend that has had plenty visas and was in the last government dispensation and travelled a bazillion times was refused o!
Called in for dropbox and kpa! Denied.
Same with like 5 others ladies that also birthed there. Despite paying all the bills.
My advice? If you gave birth, just keep your renewal o! Face Dubai or UK for now
UK is also a no-go area now according to this chat wt a friend

Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by Trone: 10:30pm On Jul 03, 2018
Everyday wahala....chai. This forum needs to be baptized. Make that man wey sleep for Redemption camp epp us.

Greetings everyone. God Bless Nigeria!
Sports / Re: Super Eagles Shocked By Fans At Their Hotel After Their Hotel Address Was Leaked by Trone: 4:23pm On Jun 26, 2018
Motitoring spirits.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by Trone: 8:18pm On Jun 25, 2018
Nigeria, trying times these are sad....

May the labor of our heroes past, and our labor not be in vain!


Very very very very very sad event. Lost souls cause of 300 cows�....happenings like this is enuf for smone to seek assylum sef.
My condolence to the family of the victims.

God Bless Nigeria!!!

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by Trone: 6:29pm On Jun 17, 2018
My experience on the US B1/B2 Visa application.

I paid for the visa application sometime in February this year. Myself, my wife and 3 kids. I filled the online forms myself and booked appointment for a datw in March (9:45am) with plans to travel in April.

On the day for the interview, we were turned back due to irregular appointment number. It was only my number that reflected on all other co-applicants appointments. We were told to reschedule in 72 hours.

I did as was told and choose, a date in May and also changed the date of our planned vacation to July.

Fast forward to May. We got to the Lagos office very early in the morning. Paid the usual #500 for parking. We ate our breakfast first and then proceeded to the queue and in we went because everything was alright this time.

After a lady confirmed out appointment etc, we joined the queue for the biometric. Myself, my wife and my 14 year old son. The other 2 children were younger than 14, so no need for biometric. After this, we again joined the queue for the interview proper. It was as if it was the judgment day. We could clear hear other visa applicants confessing before the VO. Some were almost begging, I could hear some lying with a straight face.

We were directed to cubicle 8. The VO was all smile. He was the same guy that did our biometric. The lady (applicant) directly before me was denied. My turn

VO: Good morning, immediately looking at his computer screen
Me: Good morning

VO: You are a .... (My job)?
Me: Yes.

VO: What is ...(a question only my professional colleagues would know).
Me: I defined the term without blinking nor 2nd thought.

VO: How many years have you been in practice of your trade?
Me: 8 years now.

VO: What Company do you work for?
Me: Named the Company sharply.

VO: Tell me about your daily work.
Me: I coincisely narrated my daily assignment.

VO: Hello Ma'am (my wife) where do you work?
My wife: I work with the Lagos State Government.

VO: Where?
My wife: Local Government.

VO: Which local government?
My wife: ... Local government.

VO: What level are you?
My wife: Level 9.

VO: Why are you traveling?
Me: Family Vacation.

VO: Do you know anyone in the US?
Me: No.

VO: Which State are you going in the US?
Me: Miami, Florida.

VO: How long do you intend to stay in the US?
Me: Just 2 weeks.

VO: Do you have any other kids aside from these 3?
Me: No. Just these 3.

VO: Do you guys have travel experiences?
Me: Yes.

VO: Where and where?
Me: UK, Germany, Spain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

VO: You madam?
My wpaperKingdom of Saudi Arabia.

VO: Where are the Visas? I can't find them in your international passports?
Me: Yes, they are in our old international passports.

VO: And where are they?
Me: I left them in the car. I was told not to bring them in.

VO: Who told you not to bring them in?

He continued... Reaching for a white paper, he quickly wrote m case number, the date, my surname and marked the portion ...You are requested to provide additional documentation and then he wrote old passport.

VO: Show this document to the security, it will let you out and let you back in. Go and bring your old passports.

Me: OK Sir. Taking fast strides.

Upon my return from the car, with our old passports in hand, I went straight to him, with my family. He carefully went through all my visas and the one on my wife's old passport.

VO: Can I have all the passports back?
Me: Passed it to him sharperly.

He scanned them all again. He then looked up at me.

VO: Congratulations Mr. ..., your visas have been approved, you shall be contacted by the DHL office
Victoria Island in 72 hours via text messages or email to come and pick up your Visas.

Me: Thank you Sir.

It was our first attempt and we received the text messages and email in 72 hours. We have our visas now and the travel plans is in top gear. We booked the hotel.
Congrats bro. If I were u, na the travel history I go first tell them�, na dat be the visa�. God Bless Nigeria!

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by Trone: 8:43pm On Jun 12, 2018

Biko, where you live?! 8 people?! All your hood wan run? Make Una arrange crusade, "arresting the visa arresters!" or " My time to move! Visa come forth" Lol

lol....it's almost holiday time, families going for vacay and/ conferences.

Majority of the intending US travelers are 45 and below.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by Trone: 5:26pm On Jun 12, 2018
Mehn...US embassy no get joy o. Like 8 people for my street have been denied between April to June and 6 are well travelled.

Another went today, called to ask of the outcome....naso she just burst into tears, she's been denied again(twice within two months). The only consolation I could give her na to pick her for garage�.

After today's denial, me dey think say na my area need deliverance o�.

My people, my people, US embassy dey vex!

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Romance / Re: Please Help! I Had Sex With My Gf On Her Menstrual Period And Now This Happened. by Trone: 8:24am On Jun 10, 2018
You'll be fine bro. No problem!

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