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Romance / Re: Who Has Gotten A Date On Nairaland? by ultimate77(m): 8:29pm On Jul 17

How can I relax. You are about taking away my woman right in my face. I’d rather go to war

ngwa carry your woman day go. I no kukuma want bleached ...
Romance / Re: Who Has Gotten A Date On Nairaland? by ultimate77(m): 6:07pm On Jul 17

You need not waste your time. I’ll never negotiate my baby with anything in this world. Wumi2017 mean the world to me.

Relax man.
Romance / Re: Who Has Gotten A Date On Nairaland? by ultimate77(m): 5:42pm On Jul 17

Sha let my Jawalis catch you ehn grin grin grin

I need to speak with him ASAP. let's reach an agreement.
Romance / Re: Who Has Gotten A Date On Nairaland? by ultimate77(m): 5:41pm On Jul 17

grin Dem yapa o.. People wey dey find pvssy ans serious relationship to marriage grin

Lol. I have good news for them, let me see them my
Romance / Re: Who Has Gotten A Date On Nairaland? by ultimate77(m): 4:23pm On Jul 17

Don't act too serious...ever wonder why she's displaying her number to the whole world on her profile?

Lol.. "too serious"? Are there serious people on this section?
Romance / Re: Who Has Gotten A Date On Nairaland? by ultimate77(m): 3:37pm On Jul 17

Lol,,You say what undecided

Tell your boyfriend that you have a serious date now.
Romance / Re: Who Has Gotten A Date On Nairaland? by ultimate77(m): 2:16pm On Jul 17
Not yet

Oya o... It's your time.. let's make it worth the wait. Hit me from my sigy
Business / Re: ||SCAM ALERT!!! Don't Be A Victim||*UPDATES ON PAGES 1-5* by ultimate77(m): 8:20pm On Jul 09


Watch the YouTube video to see very wel a deadly ripper

Wait guy, how come you allow yourself do such when you can easily sell your thing by yourself? Ah. Haba na

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Travel / Re: Relocating To Gambia by ultimate77(m): 12:45pm On Jul 09

Oga which area are you staying that's accumulating all these bills?


Travel / Re: Relocating To Gambia by ultimate77(m): 11:08am On Jul 09

At Bolded, if you need a staff, am available to move. I'm ready to learn sir.

I will keep you posted. I think my contact is on my signature. I'll raise funds and hopefully before may, march next year, I go jappa
Travel / Re: Relocating To Gambia by ultimate77(m): 7:52am On Jul 09

Not knowing anyone, how do you suggest someone go about it?
I am having a thought, I'm a computer engineer, I repair, network, cctv, web design and I teach crypto as well.. I have a great business idea that I just pitched and seems to start working here in Nigeria. I have been planning to raise money here to send my siblings all out of this country. My business just started but it's still slow. I have raised about 3million to set up from crypto I am thinking I won't repay the office rent or house rent here again, my total bill for office rent, light that I don't see office and house fuel for car and generator all is about 450,000 naira. If not more than.

Office rent, 230,000 naira yearly house rent 200,000
Light 2500 monthly 5,000
Security 12000 yearly for office 1k yearly resident

Fuel 12,000 naira office monthly that's if I reduce use. Car 16,000 monthly.

Feeding, data, money to mum, clothing ,all not inclusive. This is roughly 700k i think ill tour this rout, with my business plan, it will work and since their currency is higher than ours, i can raise fund quicker there and then fund my siblings to the UK and canada then i can move later to canada.

If you are ready to move and have ideas, we can progress... I will teach staff what i do. Its easy to make money anywhere with skills.


Phones / Re: Who Still Owns A Blackberry In 2021? by ultimate77(m): 6:43am On Jul 09
Yeah, of course.
E dey.
OK, thanks I'll check
Phones / Re: Who Still Owns A Blackberry In 2021? by ultimate77(m): 9:10pm On Jul 07
Never used a BB.
When I wanted to use one in 2013, I went for a Nokia e-72 instead. I used it till 2020.
Around late February this year, I wanted to buy same e-72 but I didn't see at Emeka Offor Onitsha.
I decided to go for e-63 instead.

I just thought that instead of buying a small brand new phone of 4-7k, I can go for a used symbian and use for a second phone. The Nokia e-63 works fine.
What a device the e-series was.
I still have the e-70 somewhere in a locker in my village.

Do you know if I can get bb at emeka offor
Politics / Re: 20,000 APC Members In Kwara Renounce Party by ultimate77(m): 5:56pm On Jun 19
This report will so excite ipob pigs that thankgiving might be necessary. In this case, there is nothing like; "who counted them"? Or "how come it is exactly 20k"? cheesy

Same beings will still dominate social media screaming at the top of their voices busy telling everyone how apc and pdp are exactly the same when the exact opposite occurs. grin

They "IPOP pigs" are by fair industrious than your generation can ever be. They have much more things to focus on than bothering about your ignorance.

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Politics / Re: Respect Your Citizens Rights - Reverse Twitter Ban US Gov Warns Buhari Again by ultimate77(m): 4:15pm On Jun 11

Onion thief. You better read and digest MANNABBQGRILLS post.

Citizen of dot-in-a-circle.

Na fraustration we go take finish you 3%ers las las

I'm not sure all of you joint will still make any sense. Try some more.
Politics / Re: Respect Your Citizens Rights - Reverse Twitter Ban US Gov Warns Buhari Again by ultimate77(m): 12:49am On Jun 11
Twitter made a statement in which they said they don't know President Buhari and which country he runs.

When you're blinded by hate and self imposed narrow mindedness, you will applaud someone who is clearly insulting you.
Most Nigerians who are sympathetic with Twitter today don't know how much of an insult this comment is to even them.
They see Buhari as the target here but there are two elements in this insult.
Twitter says they don't know President Buhari.
But they didn't stop there.
They also added that they don't know the country he is leading. In other words they don't know Nigeria.

Twitter is brazenly saying they don't know Africas most populous nation and the country with the highest concentration of black people in the world. Twitter is brazenly saying they don't know a country where over 11 billion dollars of their revenue comes from with over 40 million subscribers.

Some years ago Pastor Chris Oyakhilome chose to use twitter to communicate some prayer information to Christ Embassy members worldwide.
Within few weeks Pastor Chris broke the records of having the most amount of followers within such a short period.

In their arrogance, Twitter called Pastor Chris' twitter account to question and described the followership as bogus.

Simply put, Twitter believed that nobody from a place like Nigeria had enough clout to garner such followership within such a short time - a feat that no Hollywood star was able to achieve -.

Pastor Chris wasn't prepared for their drama, he pulled out of twitter and challenged his church tech people to design a platform that the church can use. That's what gave birth to Yookos.

Today Yookos is a formidable competitor with Twitter so much so that ex President Barack Obama acknowledged the giant strides made by the platform within such a short time after it was launched.

Eventually twitter confirmed Pastor Chris' account and "apologized" but it was too late.
Pastor Chris had moved his huge followership into Yookos.

Several years later Twitter is saying that they don't know the country that the same Pastor Chris comes from.
That's arrogance taken too far.

Any Nigerian who tolerates this insult is just a self hating sychophant.

Someone says you and your country don't matter and you're jubilating.
Is that not a serious sickness?


On a lighter note,
*We heard someone telling his landlord that his rent money for the year is trapped in his Twitter account*

*The landlord too is now abusing Buhari grin cheesy wink grin cheesy wink

Dem MANNABBQGRILLS : AKA DA truth in da building!
tongue tongue tongue
Truth is not bitter, just that some people are bitter to the truth.

We Rise!

My friend, common get out from here and go look for job. Making stupid analysis.

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Politics / Re: Umahi: Anybody That Closes His Shop On Monday Should Forfeit The Shop by ultimate77(m): 9:11pm On May 29
The only south eastern governor wet dey give Ipob blood sucking demons sleepless night

you know nothing!!
Health / Re: Some People Are Unaware That They Are HIV Positive by ultimate77(m): 10:29pm On May 27
I won't answer you again. Since you enjoy wickedness. Try nonsense and see, and you will see raw fire. If you like bracket amen, you will know whom you are joking with today.

Children every where.. Common katat of here jor.
Adverts / Re: New App Like Luno Discovered To Buy Bitcoin By Yourself From Your Naira Bank Acc by ultimate77(m): 4:56pm On May 22
This is the reason I don't put out my hard earned knowledge so that ungrateful and hurty people won't have it. They should go and search for it themselves. The best punishment for satan is to hide knowledge from him. That's what God does to satan so that he would not have understanding and repent and HE would forgive him and he would make Heaven. If you hate knowledge, try ignorance. Case closed.

You haven't earned knowledge more than anyone man, if what you just wrote is the case why open up a thread after talking too many crap you are directing people to chat you up.. So you ask them to pay small amount so you teach?

Let me tell you, from day one, many of us have done this researches and implemented as well as made much cash from it.. From the days when zenith bank allows for upto $3,000 international transaction... Gtb too.. Many of us have brains that you can't challenge.. Stop saying you are giving anything free... Give it to them if you want to give it free.

Because you mentioned crypto so people should run and enter your whatsap. You have knowledge of nothing that you want to share for free. So go and feed your self and leave people
Business / Re: In Sincere Need Of An Angel Investor by ultimate77(m): 6:43pm On May 21
I suggest that you better use the little you have and turn it to the highest you can.

If you check some of my threads here, there was a time I was looking for investors for my IT business.. I couldn't get no one to partner. I raised $100 traded crypto from September 2020 to January 2021 I rented an office space 750,000 equiped it with more than 1,000,000 and bought a car to enable me seek for jobs.

I refused to let anybody's money come into my business.. Promising people 10-30% monthly my brother, give yourself brain and use what you have to grow so you can sleep well.


Adverts / Re: New App Like Luno Discovered To Buy Bitcoin By Yourself From Your Naira Bank Acc by ultimate77(m): 6:36pm On May 21
Lol.. This guy thinks guys are still gullible. Use it alone... We have more easier ways to get any coin... You should stop looking for victims.

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Business / Re: Crypto Currency Has Finished Me! by ultimate77(m): 7:31am On May 21
Damn Elon musk and china for almost sending me to my early grave.

Left sports betting addiction to crypto and it's the same result but this time I really got hit hard especially since I put majority of my savings in it.

I'm resuming school as a fresher next week and I don't know how am gonna survive with the last money I have.

Do i invest the little i have in crypto with the Hope's it goes back up
Advice needed am badly hurt and confused

My friend go and sleep and sto writing trash. What do you know about crypto market? How much is your total liquidity? When did you even started throwing your money in crypto? So because you hear people talk you too want to talk?

Haven't you learnt that the crypto market is volatile? A school fresher... You are indeed funny. Take rat poison and shorten the whole thing.

People wey get money never shout, na your 100,000 or 200,000 we no go hear word.
Politics / Re: Pictures Of President Buhari And Geoffrey Onyeama At The African Finance Summit by ultimate77(m): 6:41am On May 19
May their be good outcome

Has there been anything good that came out of the previous ones? Face front and enjoy your hatdship


Phones / Re: What Is The Cost Of A New SIM Card In Your Area? by ultimate77(m): 4:48pm On May 16

Ridiculous what? We bought sim cards for 40k those days, more expensive than the phones then.

Who are the "we"? As much as I had a phone at the time, I wasn't stupid enough to buy a sim at that price.

You think everybody can afford the way you can. Ka Mayer DA hankalinka fa
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Do You Know About NewEdge Financial Limited by ultimate77(m): 4:41pm On May 16

Dear Applicant,

We would like to invite you for an interview for the position of TELESALES REPRESENTATIVE with NEW EDGE FINANCE LIMITED

The details are highlighted below.

Date: Wednesday, 19th May 2021.

Venue: 39, Ogunnusi Ogba, Beside Polaris Bank. Opposite Oando fuel Station

Time: 10:00 AM

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email and confirm if you can attend the interview.

Also come along with a copy of your CV

Got same message

Before I became an employer, I always reply to any job invite thus " due to my current engagement as well as current location, I'd appreciate an online interview via any platform of your choice. I will be very willing to grant. Do get back to me if this will be possible"

I know some will say it's bragging. No! I'm skilled in different field- Corrosion engineering, IT expert, training facilitation (all field of my expertise) among other things I can do as carpentry, plumbing, interior decor.

However, as a starter or if you are quiet desperate for the job, I want you to know that reputable companies don't send invites in this manner.. Please be careful as you know days we are in.

All the best man.
Business / Re: IQ Options (testimonies, Strategies And Reviews) by ultimate77(m): 3:55pm On Mar 19

no, I don't know bro

check my signature
Business / Re: IQ Options (testimonies, Strategies And Reviews) by ultimate77(m): 2:12pm On Mar 18

please tell me bro

do you know how to use or trade on binance? if no, i train. its paid though
Business / Re: IQ Options (testimonies, Strategies And Reviews) by ultimate77(m): 2:58pm On Mar 17

Please bro, is the IO still reliable to trade with?

I am just seeing this noew. I think you shouldn't waste your time and energy on IQ options anymore now that we have binance giving it to us hot hot. please leave iq options.
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Has Now Scored Against All Serie A Teams by ultimate77(m): 3:57pm On Feb 23
Damnnn niggarrrr
Penaldo ......no where near the living legend.....messiiiii

For all those pussy ass moda fuckkkers saying Messi should leave Spain..
As a real niggarrr I will say they should tell their mother to leave their father and get pregnant for another man to show that she is really fertile

Because messi has single handedly conquered all clubs in da world.....so I don't know what else this pussy ass moda fuckkkers want

With no single respect, YOU are very clueless and your quote is grossly irrelevant.


Sports / Re: Miss Of The Year: Aubameyang Fails To Score Open Goal Vs Benfica (Photos, Video) by ultimate77(m): 2:10pm On Feb 19
Just like the way federal government made me miss an open chance to cash out on cryptocurrency.

Can you imagine, bitcoin that was trading at 18m naira before the ban is now 31m naira.

Litecoin that was 60k naira is now 130k naira

The one that is even paining me pass Is bitcoin cash that was 190k before the ban is now 421k plus.

I just can't hold my frustration anymore.

Thunder wey dey do press up na him go visit that yeye CBN governor for him house.. what rubbish
i amnot sure you are a trader man... we have been in it and its more sweeter than ever. leave federal government out of it
Politics / Re: Army Confirms Joint Operation With Police In Orlu LG, Imo State To Root Out IPOB by ultimate77(m): 5:37am On Feb 19
Well done Nigeria Army and Police.

Go on and smoke the terrorosts out.

They burnt down Lagos with petrol and matches in a coordinated arson but their terrorist hideouts is being burnt with bombs.

They must face justice and their leader that instructed them to go burn down Lagos in a viral audio must face justice too.

God bless Nigeria.

Are you not stupid like this?


Investment / We Give You The Stage To Build The Company Of Your Own by ultimate77(m): 12:24pm On Jan 03
So guys, Happy 2021. As i promised earlier we was going to bring to you the most easiest way to own your own company.

Just quote with your mail or drop your whatsapp number where you will get to know how everything works.

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