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Romance / Re: Men Can You Marry A Lady With Too Many Tattoos: see picture by vastone(m): 5:36pm On May 09
I can get married if i find love with such a person and moreover there are ways to erase tattoos most people don't know
Crime / Re: Cleric Nabbed For Allegedly Raping Minors In Kwara by vastone(m): 5:34pm On May 09
Islam needs to be scrapped it's a dumb way of life.... Imagine the trauma those kids would have growing up!
Crime / Re: Leah Sharibu Married To Two Boko Haram Leaders, Now Has Two Kids – 'repentant' T by vastone(m): 5:30pm On May 09
I now see, why muslims kill for their beliefs...

Sex Sex Sex and more Sex...

Who won't Fight for such ? Lol !!

Dumb ass Religion.. spits. Mschww
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Nengi Shows Off Her Hot Body While On Vacation Abroad (Photos) by vastone(m): 6:31pm On Aug 01, 2023
Burna Boy's Meat...hmmm!!!!

Money is Good o!
Education / Re: Maria Precious Tunde: UNIBEN Final Year Student Dies In Her Sleep by vastone(m): 5:42pm On May 03, 2023
Her time has come, and she had to leave.
RIP to the Deceased

Some children come like that, after everything they just leave with no notice. So painful.

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Politics / Re: I Won Fair And Square, Thank You Nyesom Wike - Tinubu Says In Rivers (Video) by vastone(m): 5:36pm On May 03, 2023
The game WIKE is playing only wise ones see it, it's obvious this strategy was discussed way back in the UK with OBJ. OBI, ORTOM, MAKINDE etc...

Since what befell Rivers with Amaechi in 2015 was to happen again, in 2023 it is expected Tinubu would play a fast one again but this time with a plan by the G5 governors to expose and ridicule the idiot{ Tinubu} at the court .

Tinubu would learn this time in a very hard way, you don't force yourself on a free and sovereign people, he'll be shocked this time.

Obi got the last laugh
Business / Re: FEC Approves Use Of Blockchain In Nigeria by vastone(m): 5:13pm On May 03, 2023
An easy way to track our purchases and put a Halt on your payment when the regulatory body finds it deems to.

Perilous times, for us as a people, very soon you, "go run but nowhere to hide" thanks to our screwed-up Leaders.
Politics / Re: President-Elect Bola Tinubu Has Arrived Nigeria. by vastone(m): 5:34pm On Apr 24, 2023
He's coming to get a shocker from the Judiciary, Na Heart Attack dey remain, make hin Dea play.
Mumu Ol'Fool

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Business / Re: Introducing Portland Hotel And Resort: Port Harcourt's Newest 4-star Luxury Dest by vastone(m): 5:19pm On Apr 24, 2023
This is Trash......
Food / Re: Okra Weakens The Spirit by vastone(m): 8:00pm On Mar 29, 2023
The last time I ate Okra, Personally, that Night wasn't a Pleasant One.

I had a Very High Feverish Feeling, and I Hardly Throw-Up but I did That Night.

Fainted Got back on my Feet, but Failed to stand till very Early in the Morning when the Headaches and Feverish Conditions began to subside.

So for me, I can't say if its a Spiritual condition but I know, OKRA doesn't go well with my anatomy .
Phones / Re: Telcos Migrate To Harmonised Short Codes, Collapse Individual Short Codes May 17 by vastone(m): 12:23pm On Mar 08, 2023
Somebody is using my mtn line to borrow airtime. Once he finishes it, he borrows again. I have mailed and called MTN, they said they did not see anything relating to that.

I visited MTN office in my area yesterday, they advised me to clear the outstanding debt and do welcome back. I did that. Immediately I got home, the person has borrowed another N500. Please, make una help me

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Reaction Of Tinubu And APC Leaders To INEC's Announcement Of Results by vastone(m): 6:39am On Mar 01, 2023
I laugh at Idiots celebrating such a senile man called Tinubu

He's victory shall be short lived.

Idiots forget how Obi emerged Governor of Anambra state

You can't disgrace a Man loaded with Grace, your joy shall all turn to sorrow before or after May the 29Th.

The Rebirth of Nigeria has begun.

Mumu Afonjas can masturbate on their keyboard, for all I care!

It is not over, trust me!!!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Relentless Storm Drowns California, USA ( Pics, Video) by vastone(m): 12:03pm On Jan 13, 2023
America has erred against her God and turned away from those principles which made her one of the World's Greatest. She"s been left to her Understanding now we see how Foolish she is.

Repent for your sins America has made things this bad for you as a nation, it will only get worse!
Celebrities / Re: Blessing CEO Falls In Love With Late Bimbo's Husband, IVD Ikechukwu Ogbonna by vastone(m): 1:34am On Jan 02, 2023
God bless u.
I bu odogwu nna.

Later you want Nigerians to Vote Obi, for president hope we are not under some spell in Nigeria?

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Celebrities / Re: Blessing CEO Falls In Love With Late Bimbo's Husband, IVD Ikechukwu Ogbonna by vastone(m): 1:31am On Jan 02, 2023
Any Yoruba woman or even man that goes into relationship and marriage with these animals deserve anything they get.

I am not a Yoruba man, neither am I Ibo, but mehn Ibos are something else, very clannish animalistic, tribal bigots. I pity Bimbo she wasn't herself, maybe she was under the influence of voodoo or something! Rip Bimbo


TV/Movies / Re: Sesame Street Icon, Bob McGrath Dies At 90 by vastone(m): 5:31pm On Dec 05, 2022
Goodnight Bob.

You touched my life in more ways than one, and you made my childhood very memorable, 'Big Bird" was my favorite cast

Back when NTA was our KTV. indomie generation no go fit relate...

R.I.P Bob

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel's PM Concedes Defeat, Congratulates Netanyahu, Wishes Him Success by vastone(m): 7:23pm On Nov 03, 2022
The Real Man is Back grin

Trump Remains 2024
Celebrities / Re: Ifa Priestess Suggests Cause Of Death Of Davido, Chioma’s Son by vastone(m): 10:04pm On Nov 01, 2022
[quote author=Kavod post=118050472][/quote]

without Jesus Christ, no man can see the Lord, whether he be Jew or Gentile.

A Jew who has heard of Jesus, seen people from around the world flock together in his name, heard of diverse miracles performed by those who believe in him but decides to follow in the ways of his fathers is DOOMED after his transition into after Life.

They shall be no pity on that day, no favoritism no paddy paddy, it's either you accept Christ or Face the Music
Celebrities / Re: Davido's Son, Ifeanyi Falls Into Swimming Pool, Rushed To The Hospital by vastone(m): 1:26pm On Nov 01, 2022
My condolences to their family.

At this junction, Adeleke's family should go and check what is with DEATH ☠️, and Davido.

Friends die
Love ones die
Now, Son died

This is nolonger normal

We know the truth, about why his son died, let's stop playing ignorant, it's a game, you either WIN or LOSE.... no coincidence!!!
Politics / Re: Security Situation Not Bad Enough To Warrant Terror Warning, NSA Replies UK, US by vastone(m): 12:34pm On Nov 01, 2022


you're mad, after you and your God-forsaken forefathers sucked the wealth of the people of the Niger Delta for 60 years, now, you deem it fit to leave Nigeria and go where?

May Thunder not strike you and your family dead before 12 am tonight, if you don't refrain from this satanic plot of yours aswear down
Sports / Re: Nigerian And German Women's U17 Teams Dance Together After Match by vastone(m): 9:59pm On Oct 31, 2022
Abeggi, these girls are much older than 17-year-olds lipsrsealed
Sports / Re: Nigerian And German Women's U17 Teams Dance Together After Match by vastone(m): 9:57pm On Oct 31, 2022
So you mean these old girls are under 17? undecided

Politics / Re: Pictures Of Lekki Deep Seaport by vastone(m): 1:46pm On Oct 29, 2022
So this is the reason, Tinubu fought tooth and nail to install Buhari on us , so as to divert Traffic from to the supposed Deep sea port project situated in Akwa-Ibom state which was to take off under Pres. Jonathan

Even if they construct from now till tomorrow, severe competition would spring up after 2023 polls in Nigeria. "We go know who be who for business and industry for 9ja" time will tell.
Travel / Re: Airpeace Set For Direct Flights To Israel by vastone(m): 12:48pm On Oct 20, 2022
Good one. My Igbo friends making progress

Oga the IBO c.e.o is just a boy, a cover for the real owner, the real dog is from the south-south a (Niger Deltan) in the name of Madame Peace Jonathan (fmr. first lady) of the FRN.

if you know you know if you don't forget about it!!!
Travel / Re: Airpeace Set For Direct Flights To Israel by vastone(m): 12:47pm On Oct 20, 2022
Foreign Affairs / Re: Sergei Surovikin, Russia War Commander Admits Kherson Situation ‘Very Difficult’ by vastone(m): 3:28pm On Oct 19, 2022
I saw ukrine woning this war.
Put in is a teetless bulldog. A man who does not reason b4 arting.

Russia can never won this war.

The west are solidly behind ukrine
NATI solidly behind ukrine
Europe are behind ukrine
Africa behind ukrine

Russia must lost the war at last

you guys shouting war, war,
should know this war has been officially classified as the beginning of the 3rd world war

instead of praying for peace idiots are championing a lost cause
Do you all think its a joke
but don't worry as time goes you all will understand the script being played
give yourself up to christ if you are a Christian
perilous days are ahead
una think say na film abi
pope just declared the 3rd world war has begun in a subtle manner
America is the new Babylon
and the last world power
the peace the world is enjoying is due to their initial stance on christ
as it stands the evil men have hijacked the power
and endless wars would begin
pray for peace pray for America
she is doomed.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Hits Ukraine With Deadly Waves Of "Suicide Drones" Killing Several People by vastone(m): 12:04pm On Oct 18, 2022
"To know your enemy, you must become your enemy" - Sun Tzu

Unfortunately, this wise saying has not been fully heeded by the west and their ass-lickers. The egocentric west are in for a surprise and humiliation, so long as they continue to view the capabilities of their adversaries; not as they truly are, but as they want them to appear .

For far too long, the arrogant west and their ass-lickers have continued to underestimate Iran and its "inferior" military capabilities. Now judgement day has come, the "inconsequential" Iran with its cheap and "archaic" drone technology are causing havoc in Ukraine, and destroying NATO's highly expensive and "sophisticated" military technology.

"Victory comes in finding opportunity in problems" - Sun Tzu

Putin understands that US/NATO are on spending spree to weaken Russia military capabilities in Ukraine , and wish for Russia to exhaust in Ukraine, its huge arsenal of expensive and sophisticated weapons it has prepared for US/NATO eventual showdown. However, Putin has checkmated the west by unleashing cheap but formidable Iranian military drone technology against highly expensive and "sophisticated" NATO military hardware. Right now, Iran is in the process of transferring its cheap but formidable Fateh-110 and 313 medium range missile technology to Russia to manufacture like candies, and the West is completely spooked. While Russia, saves its most sophisticated weapons for a "rainy" day, Iran gets to test and fine-tune its military technology in actual war scenario; a classic Win - Win for both Russia and Iran.

Few months ago, Nigeria signed a defense corporation agreement with Iran and it drew a lot of backlash from the western ass-lickers and Islamophobes, saying "what would Nigeria gain from such "backward" country like Iran sef?". I particularly mentioned that Nigeria defense industry could benefit from the transfer of drones and even missile technology from Iran, and that Iran has made a giant stride in military technology than what the west would be willing to admit. They said Iran weapons are useless, Iran is a paper tiger, a terrorist, blah blah, omoh, I chop abuse that day from so many house negroes and zionistas wey no wan here anything that does not align with their MSM-programmed sentiments. Now even their western masters are crying over Russia's use of "common" Iranian drones grin

In as much as Iran uses a cheap drone in causing colossal damage to US/NATO sophisticated weaponry in Ukraine do you think, that the technology used in the war against Russia is the best there is or rather the most sophisticated weapon in their Arsenal?

Moreover, I feel Russia is beginning to feel the heat, the constant bully and is desperate to make a stop to this mindless killings but uncle sam is good at what he does, slowly draining theeir resources, studing their Tactics and accessing their modus operandi in tactical urban warfare.

I for one know fully well, Iran china russia don't possess the technological advancements in weaponry as the west in defeating the west even as a force, it could be bloody but their technological prowess is still very underdeveloped my opinion
Family / Re: Madam & Her Maid: This Happened In The Church Today. by vastone(m): 5:56pm On Oct 17, 2022
In churches, especially down here in the east, I’m sure seeing couples with their little helps saddling big big bags and babies during service, isn’t new.

My parish, a lot of families come to church with their helps…how do i know they are helps?

Their outfit, carriage and responsibilities, gives them out godu.

The couple usually dress to kee na impress.
Their children dresses sweetly as well; pretty hairdos and nice haircuts

They are clothed in drab cloths and most of the time, spot freshly shaved bololo instead of a hairdo.

As i was putting finishing touches around the altar steps, a couple stepped in with their kids…one look and i knew who the help was.

They located somewhere and sat…kids from ages 3 to 9 go upstairs but since the help was carrying a toddler, she had to sit with her guardians.

The bigger child, went upstairs to the kids department. I didn’t think much about it…I see such, every Sunday at Mass.

Now when Mass started proper, I went upstairs to sit with the kids…i like going upstairs because i get to see everything happening during Mass, at once.

That particular help, started going in and out of the church…they stayed just close to the side door.

Now babies cry in church…not new but each time the toddler cried, the help, takes her out then comes back in when she has stopped.

The toddler would always want to come down from the helps laps but she’d grab her to sit…toddlers don’t like sitting still.

I watched keenly like say na wetin dem send me go church go do…i am a very curious person.

Now when the toddler tried to get down again, she missed her step and since the help couldn’t grab her on time, the pretty baby landed on the floor, on her face.

She wailed and everyone at Mass paused.

Her mother got up, carried her and signalled for the help to follow her…they went outside.

Something told me to go straight to the window and what i saw when i looked down, made my blaad run cold.

As she was rocking her baby with one arm, she used the other hand to lift the helps ear, to the high heavens.

Bent her over, locked her head in-between her thighs and in quick succession, land three slaps to her back.

The help came up for air, writhing with one arm frantically massaging her back to meet another uppercut, to the face.

Me: I was like holy mary!

Do you know why i found what she did nauseating?

She Beat that child then rocked hers sweetly till she stopped crying.

When she came into the church, that is, when she passed the door into the church, she genuflected!

Catholics genuflect to the crucifix when they step into the church!

This woman genuflected after almost splitting a poor girls back!

Jesu Ovie!

The Catholic Church is more of a Religious gathering their attendance is either to show off their new clothes, whose husband is Richer, who has more than the other in Donations to their individual parishes etc...

Their spirituality is always a farce to say the least, mostly most of this so-called Women are less educated folks(ex-slay queens) whose husbands are either wealthy traders with minimal exposure, so what you Expect?


Romance / Re: If You Were To Marry By Profession, Who Would You Marry? by vastone(m): 5:33pm On Oct 17, 2022
I would love to marry a peaceful loving woman, beautiful from head to toe, loves cooking loves children, and a great homemaker but at least with an MSc in any Field.

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Romance / Re: If You Were To Marry By Profession, Who Would You Marry? by vastone(m): 5:30pm On Oct 17, 2022
As a prophet it's is my desire to marry a prophetess so that we can both continue to see the future uninterruptedly.

This I have seen.

I know one prophetess like that, in Ojodu Bergerwhose Husband out of shock went to the Police station to Report himself before he kills someone, after Interrogation.

it was found, that the wife Prophetess was in an Affair with the Band boy in her Church, he stumbled on her, WhatsApp and Read lewd text between the wife & Boy on how she loves being Screwed from the Backwith his meaty Cock and it drives her crazy, her Husband doesn't even last a Min and blah blah blah and the boy sending nudes to her phone.

The husband was so furious the wife was invited not knowing, when she found out the reason she fainted on spot, later got re-resuscitated and the band boy was invited upon sighting the band boy, personally, I was embarrassed, ugly looking dirty black short dude with big eyeballs and big feet. I felt sorry for the husband.

The moral of the story is no be everybody wea dea shout , LORD lord be God servant some na snake serpent wolf in SHeEp clothing. periodt!!!


Foreign Affairs / Re: World Reacts As Missiles Rain Explosions On Ukrainian Cities by vastone(m): 2:03pm On Oct 12, 2022
Ukrainians are mad for electing a CLOWN as president, very STUPID man


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