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NYSC / Re: Road That Leads To Nysc Camp Ede, Osun State. by vdestro: 5:41pm On Feb 13
What about from Lagos?
Religion / Re: Warning Jesus Christ Is Lucifer - Israelite Bible Study Group by vdestro: 5:49pm On Jan 26
i could had believed you, if you knew hw the world came into been... Stop taking scientice serious and stop occuping your mind with this kind of negative thinking, it's only gonna delay your progress or fasten your death day. do to wrong observation of this world.

Do you not see how grasslands and trees are disappearing and being replaced with concrete and glass and tiles?. People need to learn how to eat stones and sand and plastic if they are gonna live for the next 150 years.
Religion / Re: Hell Fire Is Not Logical by vdestro: 4:06pm On Jan 25

The wages of sins is what?
Is there an exclusion to such wage?

The salary of sin is death. Meaning 1sin =1 death

Therefore, many sins means many deaths. 20sins = 20 deaths
Religion / Re: Warning Jesus Christ Is Lucifer - Israelite Bible Study Group by vdestro: 4:00pm On Jan 25
ARE YOU INDIRECTILY SAYING you won't live up to 50 years... (i seriously don't know your problem but since religion has decided to creeple your brain to think that way) just don't put it up for every body.. I'm still a human with normal brain

I am saying this world ends in under 50 years. Max is 100. But i don't think it would pass 50 years from now.

Anyone with a properly working mind can see it.
Religion / Re: Warning Jesus Christ Is Lucifer - Israelite Bible Study Group by vdestro: 7:03pm On Jan 24
Both you and your God are confused set of framed images.. why is he so scared to show his real self to the world? .. so that all this christian idoicy can stop for once.. IT SEEMS ANY RELIGION THAT RISE UP, GOT A BAD GUY TO BLAME.

Even before you were born did He not say all will see Him both dead and alive? So.you will soon see Him, especiallly as this world cannot last another 50 years at rate everything is spoiling. So relax, you and the Op would soon see how stupid you have been as you see yourselvex going into Gods's volcano for perpetual burning.
Religion / Re: This Atheist Says He Died And Returned - Now, He Believes In God by vdestro: 6:53pm On Jan 24

So na your fairy create the brain?
Ever heard of DNA?

So DNA dey create? Men una madness dey.everlasting

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Religion / Re: Trust Not God by vdestro: 6:49pm On Jan 24

You obviously didn't understand my post. You may go through it again. I specifically talked about the meaning of GRACE and it's ridiculousness in the palace of justice...

And i have pointed out that in the places of justice, grace is dispensed at the discretion of The Judge on grounds of Law and Just is, given to those who have qualified for it.
Religion / Re: Hell Fire Is Not Logical by vdestro: 6:45pm On Jan 24

E be like say u de read back of Bible
You're misinformed sir

Don't be ignore-ant! The bible only gave us the firstest sin in the world and the firstest punishment that followed it. But the mere fact that the bible did not tell us their second and third sins, would common sense not tell you that they continued to rack up more sins just as you yourself have experienced and seen?

And you already know that God must attend to these unattended sins, so common sense should tell you that they too are in Awaiting Trial cell aka grave.

And this is where you see why Christ left the grave for He can not be tried.
Religion / Re: Trust Not God by vdestro: 6:27pm On Jan 24

The biblical God isn't as powerful as that, he is nothing more than a tool in hands of men.

Change of Post! (in your fear filled evil mind as criminals will always wish that a Judge won't sentence them to prison after all their evil.crimes. What a mad delusion!)
Religion / Re: Trust Not God by vdestro: 6:23pm On Jan 24

Shey me that know that God is man made, that will now believe Hellfire is real? You can beg God for all the grace he has and I hope you get it, because he might have disliked you from your conception like he did Esau or loved you like Jacob, either one. You are the one choosing your belief!

See, now you are changing post. He was man made yet you feared the fact you won't get grace? and now you are bothered that i may get His grace.

Face your case. Evil people like you.can never get grace. That is The Law.
Religion / Re: Trust Not God by vdestro: 6:18pm On Jan 24

A judge ought to be upright and just, when he becomes nepotic and bias, he is no longer a judge but a criminal.

And God is The Most High Right whose judgments are super sound and super law full beyond all reasonable doubt.

Which is why you could not address my rebuttal.
Religion / Re: Trust Not God by vdestro: 6:11pm On Jan 24

this is an unreasonably sounding madness.

Clearly your post sounds reasonable in first look but under pure examination, crazed madness and the just is that grace cannot be given to a criminal is discovered.
Religion / Re: Trust Not God by vdestro: 6:06pm On Jan 24

If a wrongdoer escapes punishment due to grace or undeserved kindness, it implies a potentially biased God. Those expressing love for God might face disappointment on the final day, considering God's past actions, like favoring Jacob over Esau despite the latter's deceit and lack of brotherly love.

There is no bias when A Judge exercises His Rights! And of course no judge will dispense grace on the evil conduct of the accused like you.

And right now because you are going to hellfire, you want to take people with you, yet you are crying that grace can not be given to you. No judge anywhere can ever give you grace.
Religion / Re: Trust Not God by vdestro: 5:50pm On Jan 24
[b]The Bible acknowledges human inability to live above sin, suggesting that the sole pathway to heaven is through grace—a concept interpreted as favoritism.

Another reasonably sounding madness.

As those who have been scammed have proven that it was their desire to defraud.another which made them fall for the.deceivier, so also did Eve open herself up to be deceived.

David, if not that he was indeed the wisest man almost paid almost died for his sins.

Cain was even warned before he murdered which God deferred his case sine die.

Every reasonable person knows that grace is discretional dispensed on grounds of Law and Just is, to those who have earned it.

But surely, blasphemers like you can never get it, which is why you are crying about on coming Gods Just is!
Religion / Re: Warning Jesus Christ Is Lucifer - Israelite Bible Study Group by vdestro: 3:40pm On Jan 24
The op is an anti Christ. Jesus is the Savior of the world. And he proved it with his matchless miracles and resurrection from the dead.

Without doubt!


Religion / Re: Hell Fire Is Not Logical by vdestro: 3:39pm On Jan 24

Everlasting life is a gift, not a punishment
The idea of roasting humans in an everlasting fire is not from God
Adam is dead and dust but he passed sin to us
Na you wan go hellfire?

The question God has laid before man is which everlasting life do you want?

1) Everlasting life in eternal contempt and condemnation in the world of hellfire or
2) Everlasting life in world of heaven and earth.

Adam died and all men followed after him, and we have seen that it is the flesh part of man which turned to dust and not his spirit called soul as Samuel, Lazarus, Jairus daughter etc all show.

So, Adam died in the flesh as he had set for all of us but Adam's soul is alive waiting for Judgment Day, like Samuel, Lazarus, Jairus daughter and all of us, for transmission to the new worlds we have earned.

So denying what God has Said that He shall do, will never stop God from doing it, as the people of Noah learnt too late.
Crime / Re: Can I Win Case Of Self Defence On Murder by vdestro: 3:22pm On Jan 24

We are talking about Nigeria here and nit the US.

That's what I am talking about. I am saying the response of this fake legal courts are wrong and unlawful. Which they are doing because they are protecting their master (govt) who are the kings of lawbreaking as Wike has shown.

Self defence is a Natural Right which absolves from guilt and no court in Nigeria can ever justify refusing it.
Religion / Re: Hell Fire Is Not Logical by vdestro: 6:05pm On Jan 23

Kill means to put an end to the life of someone

Hellfire is burning him for eternity
God's commandnot to kill was about unjust killing of fellow humans
There are other situations where they were commanded to kill

Nowhere does burning alive come in

Thank God you.said God's Command which was to man and all you the things here are about what man can do or not do.

But Hellfire is what God Said He will use to punish the guilty. So you are talking off point, yet again.

You may deceive yourself but surely you are no different from Satan when you deceive others.
Religion / Re: Hell Fire Is Not Logical by vdestro: 5:56pm On Jan 23

Matthew 18:9
"And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter into life with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into fiery Gehenna"

Oga Vdestro, @Matthew 18:9 &Mark 9:43,Is Gehenna in the time of Jesus Christ a place of perpetual torture?

Please stop deceiving yourself. grin

You still used the word "fiery" in yourattempt to deceive yourself and others which still means "fire hell" or fire in hell or hell in fire

consisting of fire or burning strongly and brightly.

So, you are doing like Satan in deceiving others.
Religion / Re: Hell Fire Is Not Logical by vdestro: 5:48pm On Jan 23

When him pikin disobey him instructions,Make Vdestro put him pikin hand on top of burning gas cooker from morning till night & post the evidence on this forum if torture dey sweet am grin grin

Their own conscience can't justify perpetual torture. But they desire God to torture their fellow man perpetually.

Stop being unreasonable. Every reasonable person knows that great punishment awaits great crimes and disobediences. Eg Re: Yahoo Boy Arrested Attempting To Use His Girlfriend For Ritual Money (video) by Creamypie(m): 7:57pm On Jan 22
The reason People go into crime is because there is no enforcements of punishment. ...
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Unfortunately for you, you may escape mans's courts and punishment only to run into God's Own Court, (Judgment Day) and.Punishment (hellfire) for all the crimes you.committed and you thought you escaped with.

And clearly God is not punishing man for a single offence. Nor is He even punishing for a thousand crimes. But for the millions and millions felonies and capital offences., which you people commit during your life on earth like all the stealing and murders committed by politicians, catholics, Muslims and atheists.


Crime / Re: Can I Win Case Of Self Defence On Murder by vdestro: 5:19pm On Jan 23
Self defence is hard to prove in a law court especially when it comes to two fighting.

Even when proved you can still be sentenced for manslaughter which carries another heavy sentence.

All in all, we should pray and Avoid situations that will lead to conflicts as much as necessary.

Its not hard to prove. And the correct Law to be applied when self defence is upheld, is absolvtion and not mitigation.

The surviver has a right to live and it is most unjust that he is punished for keeping himself alive, whlie he was in The Law, when his out of Law attacker, came to deprive him of his life. No court in the world can justify it. Which is why in other Law aware jurisdictions, it is A very solid defence. Eg in texas will be shot for trespass.

Funny, i remember hundeyin acknowledged.that the police have a right of self defence but did the fake law called Constitution not say all of us are equal, therefore, if the police, army etc have that right, i do to.

Their right no pass my own.


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Crime / Re: Can I Win Case Of Self Defence On Murder by vdestro: 4:59pm On Jan 23
Nothing like self defence exists in Nigeria, when you see the attack coming run away

That's why.Africa is backward and under the hand of bad leaders. Oyinbo will shoot you dead when you break The Law..That is why they have a better judiciary and a better crime proving facility (police) because tgey they all know their natural and God given Rights and are ready to defend to death even if the land burns.

They know as long as you never destroy the evil, the evil will always rule and enslave and destroy you.

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Crime / Re: Can I Win Case Of Self Defence On Murder by vdestro: 4:52pm On Jan 23
“'The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail – its roof may shake – the wind may blow through it – the storm may enter – the rain may enter – but the King of England cannot enter – all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement(without the poor man's permission)"

Lord Denning "Freedom under Law". Not under parliament and national gathering assembly.
Crime / Re: Can I Win Case Of Self Defence On Murder by vdestro: 4:41pm On Jan 23
This is where you see that the difference between The Law and legal.

Under.Law you have a right of self defence. It is even provided for in the fake law called "Legal" via their fake law book called The Criminal Code.

But because the same people doing the robbery and murdering are still the same people sitting as Legal, therefore the police and the Nigerian courts refuse to respect The Law of self defence.

But i believe if more and more criminals are killed and the case qualifies for self defence, if people continue to attack the fake legal high courts with it, they would one day break and uphold like the court that has just finally allowed lawyers to have and join their own society of their own choice (as is their right) apart from the NBA.

Self defence is part of your God given and nalienable right whether the king likes it or not.

Let me bring one judgment from a court showing how powerful man is.
Religion / Re: Hell Fire Is Not Logical by vdestro: 7:53am On Jan 23

Go and do research on hellfire na
Jeremiah 32:35
Furthermore, they built the high places of Baʹal in the Valley of the Son of Hinʹnom, in order to make their sons and their daughters pass through the fire to Moʹlech, something that I had not commanded them and that had never come into my heart to do such a detestable thing, causing Judah to sin.’
. The idea of burning humans is detestable and did not come to his heart

Now you have changed post from Plato.

So as God Said do not kill it means He can't and won't kill? .

You are just showing what scriptures you are using to delude yourself since you do not want to face the clear words in Mathew 18:9 and Mark 9:43

So also did God not want man to die, but it was done already, even you have told atheists this when it came up, so face the Truth.

Denial is a wall that always falls on the day the of invasion and attack. It is a fence only in times of peace.

Stop deceiving yourselves and deceiving others. Their blood will be on your head.
Religion / Re: Should A Christian Actor Play A Nude Love Scene? by vdestro: 7:05pm On Jan 22

I know. I just the ask wetin come my mind.

Ok. For movie na always woman dey cover but men.usually no dey nude.
Religion / Re: Does The Bible Command Us To Close Our Eyes When We Pray? by vdestro: 7:03pm On Jan 22
It might interest you to note that the Bible [b]does not specifically command [/b]or require believers to close their eyes when praying. While it is common for individuals to close their eyes as a way to focus and eliminate distractions during prayer, it is not a mandatory practice dictated by Scripture..

That is why you said "does not specifically command". Meaning you already understand that it is commanded and God left us to use our common sense to finish it.
Religion / Re: Should A Christian Actor Play A Nude Love Scene? by vdestro: 6:59pm On Jan 22

Coming to think of this. In reality who covers bedsheet when having sex like they do in movies? 🤔

Er, off topic.
Religion / Re: Hell Fire Is Not Logical by vdestro: 6:58pm On Jan 22
Hellfire is not a Bible teaching
It is from Plato that some people brought into corrupted christendom

So its plato who wrote Mathew 18:9 and Mark 9 :43.

Stop deceiving yourselves and deceiving others. Their blood will be on your head.
Religion / Re: What Does The Bible Say About Self-satisfaction? by vdestro: 6:53pm On Jan 22
The concept of “self-satisfaction” as a specific term is not addressed directly in the Bible. However, the Bible does provide principles and teachings related to various aspects of personal fulfillment, contentment, and finding life satisfaction. Here are some relevant biblical teachings:

The word is understanding and contentment.
Religion / Re: Should A Christian Actor Play A Nude Love Scene? by vdestro: 6:52pm On Jan 22
Yes, as long as it's a "christian" movie grin

You already know that it is not True. Nudity is never allowed.
Religion / Re: Hell Fire Is Not Logical by vdestro: 8:58am On Dec 03, 2023
you kneel down to pray for FORGIVENESS. it is an act of petitioning God for MERCY and GRACE sir, every man needs an escape from the harsh nature of the world and even the harsh results of his actions. THIS IS ONE MAJOR REASON WHY WE SEEK GOD.

Speak for yourself!

You people hate truth and seek to escape your crimes but I choose to acknowledge mine.

It is your crime and you can choose to do as you please but "God will not be mocked, what a man soweth, he shall reap"

There is no escape for you. So as I told the other you can go on wishing.

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