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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 12:57pm On Dec 21, 2016
All THANKS BE TO GOD !HE MADE THIS HAPPEN ......and thanks to DEETUS most especially Who scoded me but taught me all I need to know ...Thanks to Venek, Texrem,.ajomarzy. lagosismyhome and all you contributed one way or the other to the success of this ....MY VISA WAS FINALLY APPROVED TODAY 7:30 VERY FUNNY INTERVIEW THO ...TRANSCRIPT LOADING .......70%

Congrat bro...God did it.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 10:38am On Dec 21, 2016
Congrats Chiezzh. You do get it right now. Thank God for everything and I also thank God for making you open your ears to what i've been telling you. It can only be God.
I am so happy for chiezzh, Gods grace and mercies manifested for him. What more can we say Oshee baba

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 10:05pm On Dec 20, 2016
Approved Application Transcript VO:Good morning
ME:Good morning,sir
VO:why are you going to the US?
ME:To pursue an associate degree in general engineering at Westmoreland county community college, youngwood, Pennsylvania
VO:are you married?
ME: *smiles* and say NO
VO: got kids?
ME: *smiles* and says NO
VO:when did you finish high school?
ME: 2009
VO: *stops typing and looked at me* 7 years?... what have you been doing?
ME:went to get a certificate in computer engineering at lagos city before which I worked as a technical assistant at my dad's mobile phone distribution outlet...
VO:what would you do after your program?
ME:i intend to transfer my 60 credit hour to a university to obtain a bsc in computer engineering after which I'd come back home to practice with my dad...
VO:who's your sponsor?
ME:my dad
VO:how did you get to know about the school?
ME:a cousin who's an alumni of the school and currently in nigeria,gave me strong recommendation of the school...
Typed for like 2minutes and said the sentence "I'll be approving your visa" (thought Nairalanders lie when they say they do not hear anything after this sentence but I experienced it too today...) nothing else didn't just seem to matter, collected the paper and said "thank you" with a Smile...said "thank you Jesus" out loud right before I exited the interview hall...my appreciation goes to GOD almighty as HE performed wonder in my life Today...also big thanks to Texrem,Brightify,Deborah,SureBoy,Deetus (for the mock interview) God bless you all abundantly as you've all been blessings to me...PRAISE THE LORD!!!
Wow congratulation,God is wonderful

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 9:32pm On Dec 19, 2016
Visa approved this morning, I Give all Thanx to God for showing me favour. My appointment was for 8.15am but got interviewed by 10.40, first I was told during biometric that my barcode doesn't correspond, this got me destabilized, good thing was that the fault didn't come from me, so it was fixed within minutes.
I want to thank the wonderful men and women that God used to make this day a success, thank you for your prayers, love and support. Thanx to Deetus for your time, a day never passed by without your advice, interviews and words of encouragement, thanx texrem for sevis fee payment, mock interview, and contributing to my transcript especially when i was depressed.Thanx robedolu for making this dream real and also introducing Brightify to me, @brightify your scolding on the first day of interview made me to sit up, embarassed thanx for your advice, encouragement and time, even in your busy schedule, thanks to pastor Walspring for the accomodation, prayers and showing me around Lagos, I for lost oo. Thanx Gunther for TOEFL fee subsidy. I thank everyone that have posted in this forum, I read and learnt alot.....transcript loading


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 6:38pm On Sep 15, 2016
OK... The free GRE went to Adazlolly when I finally roll of my bed I'm going to do it, I will also subsidize 2/3 other peoples GRE/TOEFL by 30% or so percent by registering it at #250 to $1. My whole budget for this thing is $400-$450 . between paying bills and some serious flexing here it doesn't leave much extra.

So I am going to stick to guys who mailed me first. Ipledge, chinewon88 and Venek . as a special concession to lagoismyhome (I'll see what I can do about teekay) . I am not paying for this alone I am been supported by a female NL'der also studying here that has chosen to remain anonymous wink and also another friend from UMBC . pls remember us in your prayers

May God bless you, the female NL' der, and your UMBC friend for supporting our dreams. Amen.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 10:44pm On Sep 10, 2016
It has been God my people. My first interview was on July 19, which I was given 214B. I was denied, I wasn't myself but my uncle ask me to back that is because of the way I dressed. No tie, no suit.... Hmmmmmm
I applied the second time with all determination that I will get it right, which I fixed for August 2nd, 12:45pm. On getting to the embassy, I met two people that was given rejection letter. I was like wahoo ooooo, third time and fourth time, o GA ooooooo. By 12:30pm I went inside after the checking stuff. My fingers was was scanned and waiting for interview proper. The VO that interview me the last time was there but I was not afraid. I was eventually moved to another VO.... My transcript..
It was God indeed

VO: afternoon
Me: afternoon sir
VO: going to US to do what?
Me: for bachelor of science degree in Nursing at NCCU
VO: what will you do after your program?
Me: come back to Nigeria in helping Nigeria govt and WHO in eradicating disease, maternal mortality.... VO cut in
VO: what is maternal mortality?
Me: death rate doing child birth
VO: Why this school?
Me: there research work on disease and child birth has been so great
VO: how did you come about the school?
Me: my uncle told me about the school and I look it up on usnews.com for more information about the school
VO: who is your sponsor?
Me: my uncle
VO: did your uncle school in US?
Me: yes
VO: Name of the school
VO: what is the location of the school ( the town)?
Me: chapel hill,NC
VO: what type of nurse will you like to become?
Me: psych nurse
VO: what is psych nurse?
Me: nurse that deal with mentally slow person. You help them bathe, stooling, urinate
VO: ok ok ok, what does your uncle do for a leaving?
Me: he is a nurse
VO: TYPING....ok ok, how old are you?
Me: 28
VO was just typing and I was praying... Praying

You will need this at POE, visa approved

I was happy and crying... I wanted to leave that interview hall when I first enter because someone said I never sign the the guardian side on my I-20.

Don't be discouraged, have courage, never lie, leave all to God

congrat bro , hope to share mine soon.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 6:12pm On Sep 08, 2016
Who is in California? Please reply so I could pm you, I need help please
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 7:35am On Aug 23, 2016

I concur...God sha go save me from them one day!
Save you from them? I'd don't get, you mean wes?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 9:30pm On Aug 22, 2016

It depend on how soon your school reply WES..

There are ways they contact each schools for verification of transcripts either via email or phone or mailing through courier or postal mail..

Thanx God bless you.....but do you think the process will take up to 2months?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 7:58pm On Aug 22, 2016
Please guys who made use of Wes evaluation agency?.... Send detailed analysis on the whole process after online registration with them, secondly how many months does it take for the evaluation process after d receive your transcript.... Do the send back transcript to your school in Nigeria for confirmation before evaluating? Just asking to know so I cud decide If I could use them or another agency....I don't have up to 2months to waste...thnx
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 5:39am On Aug 20, 2016
Hello please I need help. I went to an approved testing centre(Mikon institute in Benin) to make inquiries about SAT registration, and I was told that the registration plus study materials plus tutorials is N105k.. I shock.. i simply told them to give me the price for just the registration, i was told N55,500.I tried to tell them that the reg fee on the college board website is $45 without eassy+$35 add ons for non US residents, bringing the total cost for registration to $80 which is N28k In naira (N350/$), I even asked them if I can just register by myself online and choose their institute as my testing centre(it's the only approved centre in Benin) but they told me that it's not possible. That I must go through them. please i'll appreciate advice thanks.

I wish d was another centre , I would have given u directives on how to register by urself......sadly none
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 1:21pm On Aug 18, 2016
Hello everyone. This is a very informative thread and has opened my eyes to some things. pls if someone can help with materials for the new SAT I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

Chk d college board website, d practice questions is d, download it n use, u can also practice with khan academy,
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 6:42am On Aug 18, 2016
after i work up yesterday i pray add and take a cab to VI for my 7 am interview it was my first time i was panic because i was afraid of denied but latter God gave me the confident i got my mind together and it was a long line when i did all possible check when i latter got to the strong room were i did all my finger print i saw people the way they are being question and i see how the room look like then the panic begin when i saw a lecturer in chemistry was denied then i lost all i read because i gave up immediately thinking how am i going to get this visa today not knowing graces is the best and prayer here goes the story below ....... a young female black hair and little black skin young like 21 years old

Me Good Morning

Vo passport and i 20

Vo were are you going

Me Concordia university

Vo to do what

Me for my master degree program in international business management

Vo why is your 120 showing only English

Me i was confuse immediately said the school thought we are french country and that why they put English there i lose confident he now said did i do tofel and i now said no i only did Gmat because am going for management coures

Vo are you sure you know what coures you going for

Me yes immdately i bring out my Gmart and addmission letter and show her i was shaking on my stand and shouting and praying

Vo check it and said okay , so what your gmart score and what day did you do it

Me june 4 and verbal 34 quantitative 46 and total score 550 and in percentage 74 percent

Vo why that school

me concordia university is one of the best school in united state and it well know with a quality research program and i will also be doing a research program with professor david smith who told me about a research topic going on in my department solution to business problem in my country this we give me more advantage when i return back to my country to solve many business issue and i will also help the industries and alternative company to move there business forward and also with the local business to develop there buiness with my tactic ideal have gain from this program with i will create more job and reduce the rate of unemployment that is affecting the Nigeria economy then she cut in

Vo when did you graduate


vo which schoool and course

me ado ekiti and business admin

vo were do you work

me hotel as admin manager

Vo what do you plan to do after your master

me i plan to come back to my country immediately and work in top company in Nigeria and also get paid in higher way which i will use the opportunity to create job opportunity and help the society and also make sure am useful to my society and also making sure that Nigeria economy business is move to a successful one which this we bring more international citizen to come to my county and invest and this we create more chance and career opportunity to the society and i was bold and said it to my mind i will not go home with blue paper

Vo start typing why i start praying to Allah

Vo how old are you an 31 and i will be 32 in october

Vo when did you apply to this school

Me May

Vo keep your 120 very well you we need it at POE then i hear the word pick your visa up on monday

me i started crying and looking at her and she smile and said yes take your white paper and have a great trip in united state i still cant beleive until i get out and check the paper again it was like am i dreaming but it was Graces and full prepare just pray because this people can ask you any question .

am glad this site help me if i dont post this i will be a ungrateful person thank Allah it worth it please any bosy going to Wisconsin am thinking of delta Airline and i can i use new york as my POE because i had it easy to see local flight easily at New york Airport

Congrat. Enjoy ur stay in obamaland

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 6:39am On Aug 18, 2016
Travel transcript

Flight was on Sunday 14th August.
I got to the MMIA around 2:45pm, joined the queue at Emirates stand to get checked in for boarding pass and collect baggage claim.

The immigration officer asked what items I had, told him clothing, garri, beans and dried fish. He used his hand to feel all the items and ask me to "shake body" I gave him 1k sha.
Congrat....enjoy your stay in obamaland

Moved to get boarding pass and baggage claim, then I was directed to go to gate E55 for pre boarding check.

All the officials at immigration checks want a tip. Well I gave few and ignored others after I had given my brother the remaining naira cash on me, then I bid my family a goodbye as I joined gate E55 queue around 4:12pm.

By 4:48PM, I was done with all checks, joined the large crowd sitting at the waiting room of gate E55

I boarded by 5.30 after my zone number was called, checked for my number seat and things seem to happen fast.
I did not have chance to seat with a chic, I was stuffed in the middle of 2 elderly ladies, pretty sure they are mummies..

O boy... Emirates sweet. The touch screen in my front cannot be fully exhausted, well I no dull myself. I listened to music tracks of Fela, Whitney, Rihanna & Bob Marley, watched CNN.

Plane took off exactly 6:06pm, Naija time.
I decided to eat spiced chicken with herbs, plus orisirisi appetizer. Anytime I remember the amount wey I use buy ticket, I go juz vex put mouth for everything in my food tray.
Some will taste like Shiite, but I go juz gulp water to drain it down. Drinks?? I had few can of beer, spirit mixed with juice and white wine. Wetin concern me.

Watched Money Monster, listen to music, slept off for a while then we landed at Dubai 4:30am for stop over.

Mehn Dubai airport na business center.
I located Gate C17 for flight connecting to Houston.
Used WiFi to connect to a dubai laptop seller that we already had a deal to deliver to me at Dubai airport, he did not reply chat then I wasted money to buy a call card for 30AED
His fone rang, but he wouldn't pick up, I had to dash out the call card to a cleaner at the airport after I tried calling Naija all to no avail.

Boarding to Houston flight started at about 7:40AM Dubai time.
Took off around 9:15AM Dubai time
I slept alot during this flight cos my seat was close to the air hostess where I had chance to stretch my legs.
Smell of food always wake me though grin
Stop over @Toronto to refuel 2:18PM Canada time. We never alighted here, so I viewed Canada from the window.
In about 45mins we were on our way to IAH.
Watched movies, CNN and listened to music mostly while I napped.

By 5:20 we landed at IAH and moved to POE.

POE: Hello! Your passport pls, what are you doing in the states?
Me: I'm here for studies as I gave her passport, admission letter and i20.
POE: Oh. You are a student.
Me: Yes ma'am
POE: Checks my passport and mentioned my name almost correctly and smiled, then asked if she pronounced it well
Me: I smiled back and said yes.
POE: What are you studying?
Me: Computer Sc.
POE: OK, she then proceeded to do biometric

She then asked me to wait at the back of her booth that an officer will come take me from there. Holding my passport and i20.
I waited a few seconds and an officer directed me and some few others to a room where immigration and police admitted us in.

I think one lady from Algeria had issue with her visa, dunno if she was deported.

While waiting in this room to be attended to, I sharply connected to Wi-Fi, chat up my uncle, who told me that he is already waiting for me outside.

Then I made a silent prayer to God that nothing should hinder me.

After about 30 minutes the officer called me and handed over my docs - passport, i20 and admission letter.
Then I went down through the escalator to claim my baggage where it passed through screening, my passport was checked here again.

Then I was free, and voila I went out of the airport to meet my uncle....

Mehn. America is damn organized.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 3:44pm On Aug 13, 2016
My people in the house, please who did a second degree in nursing in USA after acquiring first degree in any science course like chemistry, biology, physics, microbiology, biochemistry etc..IN NIGERIA
Please indicate so I could pm you, I have questions please....God bless you as you be of help to som1 Di's day

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 2:38pm On Aug 13, 2016

Hi thank for your urgently respond. I'm I'm graduate of chemistry I want apply for MBA. I'm going to send my transcript to eduusa in lagos Next month. But my aim is to switch to nursing. How easy can switch happen When landed . Also What is meaning of "lor". My gre will also be next month,
Why not switch now to nursing instead of going through MBA and later switch, I am a graduate from chemistry too, am applying for nursing spring 2017

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Venek: 11:42am On Aug 13, 2016
It was indeed a wonderful experience joining dis thread in part 9, I will share my testimony in part 10 ijn...Amen. Tnx to the wonderful people in d house, d r alwz ready to help n give suggestions, God bless you all.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 7:31pm On Aug 12, 2016

Send blank or empty message to selfstudy360@gmail.com then you get a reply and follow the procedure to to download the materials

If you didn't get any response just send me pm to forward the link to you via email

Tnx your d best ....please answer my mail
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 6:38pm On Aug 12, 2016

Yes polytechnic here uses 4 point scale and I believe that should be the reason why her GPA rose up like that Ijebu garri inside H20 (water)
I sent u a mail please
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 6:33pm On Aug 12, 2016
Kudos to gurus in the house,Currently in NY for my Msc in Nursing...Thanks for all the assistance
please kindly respond to this quick one.
i sent a mail to a prof that has grant in the graduate School of Nursing asking for her mentorship and she developed in interest in my research topic
and requested for me to show up for discussion.
please what will likely be the subject of discussions
how can i talk her into adopting me as RA or GA
kindly give me important tips that can help me so i can get funding from her.
Yes please share ur visa transcript

thanks for the anticipatory cooperation.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 1:11pm On Aug 12, 2016

I replied your pm but the email is different from the one above.
You'd need to be careful not to buy the old SAT textbook or use materials for the old SAT.
If data isn't a problem, you can use khan academy as they have a partnership with College board to offers tutorials and test pratice. Then also there's a particular youtube channel that also helped me prepare. I'd forward the name later on.
Tnx so much....... Av sent u a mail
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 12:10pm On Aug 12, 2016

You can get the college board book like 6-7.5k at tejuosho
DT shud b in lag I guess, am in pH city not lag
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 11:50am On Aug 12, 2016

You can get the college board book like 6-7.5k at tejuosho
Where is DT ? tejuosho"
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 11:40am On Aug 12, 2016
My people, pleaaaaaaaaaa send useful SAT MATERIALS to this email venecasty1@gmail.com... Tnx
Also any1 DT took SAT and is travelling soon can send his/material for me via mail, I will take care of d expenses pleaaaaaaaaaa, help a sister save some cash pleaaaaa
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 11:34am On Aug 12, 2016

Sent,check your mail.
Please send to mine too venecasty1@gmail.com
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 8:03am On Aug 12, 2016

He should send his transcript to WES for evaluation. I graduated from a polytechnic too but came out with 3.14 on a scale of 4.00. When we evaluated the transcript it increased to 3.32 on a scale of 4.00
If he is interested he can apply to Black Hills state university, South Dakota. That the school that gave me admission for masters with my HND. And I got my visa last week,so I will be resuming with them by 22nd of August. I wish him luck. He can contact me if he needs more information.
Pm me please, I need ur help tnx
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 9:05am On Aug 11, 2016
good people of NL, i wish to thank you all here for you good works and encouragements. i have been just a reader since early this year, after my admission. i wish i had been here before my admission process because i have learned so oooo much. but all the same i thank God for very thing.
gaining so much here and not giving back would not be right by me... so i had to joined NL to share my transcript.

visa approved in abj, after denial in june... I WAS THE FIRST IN THE HALL 7:30

vo.. good morning how are you doing
cee.. i'm good and how are you.
vo..good, can i have your passport and i20
vo.. so y do you want to go to Umass(started typing ooo through out the interview ooo)
cee.. i'm going to study, to acquire MA in peace studies n conflict resolution with specialization in violent prevention and conflict transformation.
vo..did you apply to any other school (i no hear ooo..started explaining y i choose the school grin) cut in, and repeat the ?
cee..ok sorry didnt hear you clearly, yes 3 other schools brandeis, etsu umass
vo.. y umass
cee.. apart from the fact that d skull is committed to preparing its student to work, solve problems and help people in the world, the skull has a distinctive focus on learning through experience, and the two on going research by prof Bleep and Bleep has so much to do with the problem in nija today.
vo.. what have you been doing since graduation
cee.. 2013 i was elected president of nysc c.d.s charity group, organize campaigns against violence and human rights violation.
vo..where have u worked after school
cee..work with Bleep company in 2014, and nw working with Bleep company since 2015 and also a volunteer staff with Bleep foundation
vo..who is paying your tuition
cee.. my elder sister
vo..what does she do
cee..business woman, import from china and supply here in nija
vo..did you take any test
cee,, i didnt take the test because the school didnt require it and my admission was based on my previous research and course work in my undergraduate.
vo.. ok ok, but did you take any other test(my people my heart drop ooo wen him still as test again)
cee.. NO (started typing very fast and the nooding of head stop ooo)
cee.. the school gave me a provost followship( na him pause typing then wen back to the i20 to check, i quickly tell him its not there but i have a letter from the school on that.} pass it to him,... wen tru it dn drop it on top of my i20. continued typing.
vo.. y is diz scholarship not in the i20
cee.. i have been in contact with prof Bleep long before my application and admission process, and he told me no scholarship diz fall but becuz of the on going research in the faculty i applied and the scholarship letter come long after i have already received my i20.
vo.. you will go and pick your passport in two days, congratulations
cee thank you sir.

my friends, the truth is i just opened my mouth after each question and i just keep talking anything that came out ooo. the hole thing i read was just in my head but i could not arrange it properly the way i practiced so i was just talking as it comes... God was in control. to me i was saying jargon but God made him to be hearing sense.. for those going for their interview, PREPARE VERY WELL AND PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE, pray from you HEART and not just because people said pray... pray because you believe and God will answer you like he did to me...AMEN

Congrat.....enjoy ur stay in obamaland.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 6:20am On Aug 11, 2016
Abeg my people, WES ICAP or WES BASIC ways the difference?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 5:55pm On Aug 08, 2016

This agent will go ahead and apply from the single source that have the real deal with SAT

Pm me so that i can give you their name because i don't want my post to be deleted so that someone wont tell me that am advertising the source here.. But it source start with G and end with A.. GixxA

You must have read about them before
Your post is quite confusing, I don't think I understand it. Anyway my email is venecasty1@gmail.com
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 10:53am On Aug 06, 2016
I want to register for SAT in port harcourt with this agent "EXAM PLANET" I know their main office is in Lagos.....I hope dis people no get bad name oooo my people, Lagos based , has any1 eva had bad experiences Wit them before? Contributions please.........
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 9:01pm On Aug 05, 2016

WES will want official from waec office while Ece can make use of online print out and you will send result checker card to verify it online and it won't cost you of going to waec office to pay 20k plus
Thanx, but it it true that ECE reduces GPA on evaluation as compared to WES where you tend to have a higher GPA, am gonna get my bsc evaluated as well. Just curious,
I read this on this thread part 4, 272
Has this happened to any1?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by Venek: 5:39pm On Aug 05, 2016
use wes.. google it.. its cheaper cus of this economic disaster except ur dangotes driver sha...
I'm gonna use those guys but firstly can I send waec to be evaluated as high school transcript? I graduated from high school 2008, getting a transcript from them might not b an easy process,........... Help

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