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Programming / Anyone Using Ionicframework Professionally? Whats Been Your Experience? by WebMonk(m): 7:02pm On Aug 06, 2017
With regards to deploying apps for clients? It seems to be adopted well abroad but what of here in Nigeria?

You experiences are welcome
Career / Re: What Skills Have You Learnt That Can Earn You Money? by WebMonk(m): 9:16am On Jun 18, 2016
Good point OP.

I learnt mobile app development using a mobile app framework. More importantly, I learnt how to build mobile app layouts for such a framework and sell them online to global customers using Gumroad.com. Chances are if you have mastered a skill here you can sell your skill (or products made from your skill) online. And if you're selling on gumroad you're earning in dollars. so you're inflation proof.

I'll be taking more questions if you're interested, but from there its up to you.

Basically digital goods.

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Webmasters / Re: Free Advertising Promo For Web Designers On Nairaland by WebMonk(m): 8:54am On Mar 23, 2013
Forth Entry:
Webjade Solutions
Url: http://www.webjadesolutions.com/landing

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Webmasters / Re: Free Advertising Promo For Web Designers On Nairaland by WebMonk(m): 4:43pm On Mar 22, 2013
Third Entry:
Webjade Solutions
Url: http://www.webjadesolutions.com/landing

Webmasters / Re: Free Advertising Promo For Web Designers On Nairaland by WebMonk(m): 4:23pm On Mar 22, 2013
Second Entry:
Webjade Solutions
Url: http://www.webjadesolutions.com/landing


Webmasters / Re: Free Advertising Promo For Web Designers On Nairaland by WebMonk(m): 7:43pm On Mar 19, 2013


Webmasters / Re: Creating Your Own Website And Not Letting People Cheat You by WebMonk(m): 4:35pm On Feb 21, 2013
you are putting your self above your customer humble yourself your not to be for 10,000 no one is

I respectfully disagree. if you're not too big for 10k, that's okay. As I said, I value myself far more no matter the circumstance. That means we're targeting different customers.

start a buisness own 100% equity
you do this have 10 customers you add on thats 200,000 plus 10,000 every month
you bring in 4 other employees but you pay the with equity and let them be part of your business to help it grow
that 5 people each now own 20% equity
imagine the 5 people bring additional 50 people thats 500,000 plus 50,000 every month
thats a viable business
you can now start branching out getting bigger contracts
or you could even start web hostting
remember you have 50 customers who are so pleased with you already, the fact is you can now test out new ways of making profit or even expanding because you have 50 loyal customers who knows they are not going to get this service anywhere
always remember your customer is KING you are not doing them a favour.
they are doing you a favour

Sounds good on paper excluding overhead/running costs/referral system or marketers. But if it works for you, that's okay.
Webmasters / Re: Creating Your Own Website And Not Letting People Cheat You by WebMonk(m): 3:25pm On Feb 21, 2013
@GraphicsPlus, true. Skill and Knowledge are vital. I was quoting him though
Yet you would charge 80,000 for that simple site which could be be done for just 5,000-10,000 and get profit from it
Webmasters / Re: Creating Your Own Website And Not Letting People Cheat You by WebMonk(m): 3:17pm On Feb 21, 2013
myviewr: also imagine you are a developer who charges 10,000 for development you get 10 people in a month that is 100,000 you also charge after sales service for maintenance lets say 1,000 a month thats sums up to 10,000 a month
tell me people would not refer you to their friends or even create other sites with you. the is just a (ruff estimate)
from there you can start thinking how your going to expand your business

not charging 100,000 then thinking in one month then thinking to myself yes i have done it then not getting anybody coming back to you in again and wandering what you have done wrong and to be honest i have see most of the site people on nairaland have made. it's honestly not good ( just saying the ones i have see) there is no sense of design. splashing around random colours together. I am just saying what we all know but wont talk about

@web monk
@graphic plus

i want you to go and download twitter bootstrap. it comes with preloaded javascript, html and css.
make a website with that and compare it to the ones you have seen on nairaland.


that is the link it is as easy as copy and pasting code. and comes with complete documentation i assume you are a developer yourselves, if you are it wont take up to 20 mins for you to understand twitter bootstrap give it a chance and consider what i said above.

waiting for your reply

I'm guessing from your post that your knowledge of bootstrap helps you in your 10 clients x 10k business logic. If it does, Kudos. That's being efficient. As for your business logic, you have something that brings in 10k every month (EDIT: or whatever low amount you charge). And that, as far as your business goes, is the value of your time. I value myself far more and think of bigger things. And if that means a client can't afford my services, that's perfectly okay.

That's really the gist of it, I'm afraid.

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Webmasters / Re: Creating Your Own Website And Not Letting People Cheat You by WebMonk(m): 1:25pm On Feb 21, 2013
I suppose it comes down to how you value/position yourself.

From what I've read, you seem to be talking about very small businesses. On that kind of scale I can leave your argument. That's not the level I'm playing at, and I guess that's fine.

But to suggest that price of 5000-10,000 for anything more than installing an already complete template on a wordpress site is basically saying "whatever time i invested in this is no more that worth 10k" (assuming profit is 10k) Anyone (client or developer) will agree that's cheap for a human being to sit down in Nigeria and work on a project without factoring his knowledge, power supply and internet bills.

Anyone with this mindset will no doubt think that even 80k is broad daylight robbery.

My point:
Anyone has the right to charge what he chooses. In any business you're paying for the application of the business's knowledge in a context that gives you value/profit + overhead. That's where the charging is really, and and be anywhere between 10k and $1,000,000

[size=5pt]Guess he hasn't seen the client that turned him down because he charged 10k....[/size]
Webmasters / Re: Reasons Some Clients Use To Justify Wanting To Pay You Cheap by WebMonk(m): 11:27am On Feb 14, 2013
These people would have at least reasoned that we've heard them all before.
As for me, I decided no more. I can't understand it. Its like the only way for them to be satisfied is if they know they have cheated you. I even had a potential client become enraged over my prices after I politely turned him down, when I'm not the one that told him to come to my website/see my portfolio/contact me.

In my former place of work, the client went so far as to ask for a "discount" over the already "discounted" agreed price, after the project was complete! I guess I should add that to the list. undecided
Web Market / Webjade: Web Tailored For Small/medium Business And Developers by WebMonk(m): 10:57pm On Feb 11, 2013
Web Design and Development tailored for small/medium businesses and freelance developers.

Webjade can put your web project in the right direction as you'll always know what you're getting from the get go. Because being an informed prospect/client is best way to start well and end well, with our portfolio spanning 4 years with a diverse range of clients.

Webjade also specializes in interface/UX design integration for applications so developers can focus on what they do best.




Contact us: http://www.webjadesolutions.com/contact
Webmasters / Re: Web Designers In Nigeria (Contact Details) by WebMonk(m): 8:23pm On Dec 08, 2012
Company Name: Webjade Solutions
About us: World Class Solutions tailored to projects from individuals to small businesses
Website: www.webjadesolutions.com
Phone no: Available upon request.
Webmasters / Re: Procedural Vs Object Oriented PHP by WebMonk(m): 9:53am On Aug 26, 2012
Eventually you'll move to OOP. If you've been using procedural for a long while you'll appreciate the speed and management of OOP better especially with larger projects. Adding a framework to it only makes your work faster. Some frameworks are better optimized for speed than others.
Webmasters / Re: Scammed By A "Nairalander" Andrew Siony John by WebMonk(m): 3:48pm On Apr 17, 2012

You think every client know how to investigate properly, how many of them can check the whois of a site?

Is unfortunate that those selling cheap services have nothing to offer and they are the one causing problem here and there.

Well to be fair, there was a thread setup specifically for new clients coming on the Webmaster Board to avoid these kind of pitfalls

Like someone said, Proper due Dilligence at all times.
Webmasters / Instagram Founder’s Girlfriend Learns How To Code For V-day, Builds Lovestagram by WebMonk(m): 7:11pm On Feb 14, 2012
Girlfriends of Programmers/Coders, take note  wink


This might just be the sweetest Valentine’s Day story I’ve ever heard. It’s definitely the sweetest Valentine’s Day story I’ve ever written.

Kaitlyn Trigger is a marketing director at Rally.org. She also happens to be Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger’s girlfriend of two and a half years (The 26 year old Krieger and 27 year old Trigger met at a friend’s house in October of 2009 and moved in together in October 2010). And my hero.

Last December, Trigger decided she wanted to be able to talk to her boyfriend in depth about the stuff he was working on. So the Yale political science major who “never took any computer classes” covertly downloaded “Learn Python the Hard Way” and began the Odyssey into programming, deadline Valentines’ Day.

Her goal? To create what is now Lovestagram, a way to take the Instagram photos you’ve shared with a specific person and turn them into an e-Valentine. “Several months ago, I was brainstorming a gift for two friends who had recently gotten engaged. I wanted to find Instagram photos they had in common, and it was tough!”

After she learned Python, Trigger then had to complete a Django tutorial in order to bring the Python online — she used Heroku to push stuff to a webserver. She spent marathon weekends building the site, leaving the apartment for a total of three hours on the Martin Luther King holiday in order to finish by February 14th.

“Learning to program isn’t the hard part. The biggest challenge is figuring out how all the moving parts of a web application fit together. There’s no book for that,” she said.

Here’s a Lovestagram that Kaitlyn sent to Mike and yes, she actually wrote, “Like an Instagram filter, you make my world more beautiful.” And yes she also had to learn Photoshop to come up with the the three different designs, “It’s almost harder than Python,” she told me.

While the service ended up looking amazing, her plan to keep it a secret from Krieger didn’t work, mainly because of her frustration with working out bugs, “Something would take me an hour and a half and I knew that ten feet away is someone who could fix the same bug in ten seconds.” So she spilled the beans.

“Mike was really touched,” she said. “His support throughout this whole process has really been a gift. Tolerating me when I’ve been cranky.” Trigger views both the physical manifestation of her skills and the skills themselves as the V-Day gifts, “[But] the fact that we have one more thing in common is the bigger gift.”

As someone who might have dated a programmer at some point, I feel Trigger’s pain when she described the state of Krieger sitting in front of computer as “not knowing what he was doing.” “It’s hard in a city where most of the men are software engineers and most of the women are not,” she says (for the record I also tried and failed to learn Python – more on that later).

Trigger suggests creating classes specifically for women who want to code as a possible solution to this particular digital divide, the trick is to not be intimidated ,“
 is something that nobody should be afraid of. “

It’s also something that you don’t need a significant other for necessarily. The best V-Day gift of coding skills you can give, is the V-Day gift of coding skills you give to yourself.
Romance / Re: Why Is The World So Unfair To Women? by WebMonk(m): 10:20am On Feb 03, 2012
When I asked her why her son isn't married yet, she said he's a man, he can marry anytime.
LIKE A BOSS!!!  grin
Politics / Re: Jonathan May Run For African Union Chairperson by WebMonk(m): 6:51pm On Jan 29, 2012
@kokoA, can I talk to you. you created a thread about SAP certification in 2009. I wanna know how did it go. was it worth it? I'm in the same scenario and would like your thought. thanks
Webmasters / Re: Did You Try To Use Wikipedia During The SOPA blackout? by WebMonk(m): 9:06pm On Jan 19, 2012
Yup. got that blackout page too. but my link was slow enough for me to see the actual content I was looking for before the blackout occured (they were using an overlay). so I refreshed and stopped the page JUST before it finished loading. Perfect.
Web Market / Re: Web Project Client Series (read This Before You Ask For A Website) by WebMonk(m): 9:32pm On Jul 26, 2011
Web Market / Re: Web Project Client Series (read This Before You Ask For A Website) by WebMonk(m): 12:08pm On Jul 26, 2011
Most of the thread has been compiled into an ebook availible here
Webmasters / Re: Vote Your Favorite Php Framework by WebMonk(m): 5:46pm On Jul 19, 2011

I have been getting a lot of kudos for codeigniter, i have started reading about it.
Cool. Excellent documentation and a vibrant community. Its light-weight and a little barebones, but most have been made up for by the community and updates.
Webmasters / Re: Vote Your Favorite Php Framework by WebMonk(m): 2:09pm On Jul 19, 2011
Codeigniter does it for me. Built on top of it to suite my needs. Still is my fave. How come Kohana's not on the list?
Webmasters / Re: Somebody Please Help Me by WebMonk(m): 10:07am On Jul 15, 2011
no harm in asking. though if he doesnt oblige, your next action should be contacting the webhost itself for assistance. the transfer is usually a webhost to webhost affair initiated by whoever registered the site, so explaining your case to the current webhost should hopefully start the process by the circumventing the developer (its a long shot though)
Webmasters / Re: Somebody Please Help Me by WebMonk(m): 5:33pm On Jul 12, 2011
CBT online:

It's a long story. To cut it short, i'm disengaging and cutting short my relationship
with him.

If the web developer[b] registered the domain on your behalf[/b], then under normal circumstances you would have instructed him to facilitate the transfer process. But since you and him ended on a sour note, if the web developer doesn't/can't honor your request, you might have burnt the bridge before crossing it.

Assuming the above is the case (you can't get the developer to do it, even if its in his name), your other options are slim. Can you contact the webhost directly, explaining the situation? If you're a registered company, some documentation might help. The key is convincing the webhost the domain is in fact yours.

I've written on these issues extensively, and it might help you be more proactive as per your next project. Hope this helps.
Gaming / Re: Video Games Getting Too Hard ? by WebMonk(m): 12:40pm On Jul 10, 2011

Touchdown!!! grin

I played Megaman recently just to refresh it's stupendous difficulty in my mind cheesy

I can't even think of any really difficult console (retail) game in the last decade. The only games i might find challenging nowadays are DLC, i.e Super Meat Boy.

Come on, Ninja Gaiden is a "two day" game.

+1. And I Approve this messagegrin

After seeing it on my friend's SNES back then, a decade or so later I picked up the ROM. Damn! Good times

Super Meat Boy? I don't know what those guy where thinking but it was spot on! Currently playing Outlands.
Webmasters / Re: How Do I Add Pictures On Nairaland Posts?! by WebMonk(m): 12:36pm On Jul 10, 2011

Not quite, it shouldn't work with htttp://

Hmmm, perhaps 'www' then? coz its what I'm using for my signature image and every post I need to add an image.
But he's got the tags though, so whichever works for him.
Webmasters / Re: How Do I Add Pictures On Nairaland Posts?! by WebMonk(m): 11:46am On Jul 10, 2011
you need to use SMF's image tag:

(img)http://htttp://full-url-of-the-image(/img) <<--------------replace '()' with '[]' to see it in action.

and voila! done.
Webmasters / Re: Lack Of Jobs Or Lack Of Quality Graduates For The Jobs by WebMonk(m): 9:26am On Jul 09, 2011
Chances are the good ones are too few and spread apart that for every competent web professional a client might meet, he/she is likely to meet a dozen quaks (DIY bookers, Frontpagers, etc). Fastforward some useless/redundant/non-objective cheap projects later, the client STILL has a need want for it, but most likely has a skewed expectation/perception of what a true professional should charge.  Let's say a client was used to crappy designs for some cheap price. The day he meets a professional who charges what the client might call 'heaven and earth', he will either bite or bail. A client once said 'nobody charges that high in this day and age'. I'm sure he was referring to how easy it was to pickup a DIY book, and certainly not how to deliver a project with specs from beginning to end.

There are jobs out there. its just they mostly pay so low even qualified graduates shouldn't touch it with a 10 meter pole.
Webmasters / Re: Miss Nigeria Website Hacked by WebMonk(m): 12:23pm On Jun 23, 2011
Looks like its been sorted (for now). The offending page is gone.

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