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Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley Brought Mompha On Stage At A Concert (Video) by Xerum(m): 1:23pm On Jan 04
YAWOO lawon ore e! undecided
See weytin people dey celebrate for Nigeria. Morals totally eroded. Hmmm.
Family / Re: Why Does Sex Slowly Die Off In A Marriage After 10+ Years?? by Xerum(m): 2:55pm On Jan 02
Same way all living things die off slowly? cheesy

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Travel / Re: Clearing Of Water Hyacinth On Ikorodu Water Terminal Begins by Xerum(m): 7:23am On Oct 12, 2019
This is how it can be done with designated machines. They cld even acquire fairly used ones. Instead of exposing people to unnecessary danger. I am in a position to link them up shld they be interested.

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Politics / Re: Monarchs Should Head Local Government – Ogoga Of Ikere Ekiti by Xerum(m): 12:56pm On Apr 28, 2019
If that is what you want, go and contest in elections. Not this nonsense position u people are holding, where you make little or no contributions, no added value & you are on the government's payroll. while also wielding undeserved influences / power to satisfy only your self interests & ignoring that of the community at large.
Celebrities / Re: Mr Eazi: I Don’t Own A Car, I Use Uber by Xerum(m): 10:58am On Jan 19, 2019
Every sane person knows a car is a necessity in these crowded, difficult and polluted Nigerian cities

Mobility can be a necessity and he has arranged it his own way.
Education / Re: Is Cramming Effective For Scholars? by Xerum(m): 7:28am On Oct 06, 2018
Nope. Cramming is not effective for scholars. The idea of learning is to understand & digest the substance of what is being taught & be able to express / explain in yr own words. Or take it to the next level using your knowledge / imagination. Cramming does not help this process, further, there is a limit to the amount of info / data that can be crammed.

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Celebrities / Re: Ali Baba Reacts To Falz "This Is Nigeria" Video: Everyone Is Criminal In Nigeria by Xerum(m): 9:24pm On May 30, 2018
There are good Nigerians but truth be told an average Nigerian has criminality in his/her blood waiting for the right atmosphere to manifest.

Could it be the other way around? That Nigeria brings out the crminal in people? It is a society where the criminals often win & takes it all. Criminals hold high positions and are respected in the society. Like I say to people sometimes, if we think most of the foreign nationals who come to Nigeria, do so out of their love for the country, no way! Just take a look at Indians & lebanese (no prejudice intended). Nigeria offers good breeding ground to criminals. Corruption everywhere.


Romance / Re: It Is Unnatural To Be Gay, No One Is Born That Way by Xerum(m): 1:36pm On May 27, 2018
[quoteSo why are people bothered by incest, necrophilia and bestiality?
Even the use of codeine
Homosickness has health implications
A young guy lured into the evil cult now has complications - HIV, has issues with rectal control and cannot get it up for his girl[/quote]

What line of baseless & irrational position is this? But i'll indulge you with an answer though.
That is because in the above situations u have sighted, the mutuality / consent of one of the parties involved cannot be established & that is tantamount to ABUSE!
Crime / Re: Panic As Yoruba, Hausa Clash In Lagos by Xerum(m): 11:42pm On Mar 16, 2018
At the top...the looters are united in their mission to have more than enough. however, on Nairaland comments and on the streets, the forgotten ones are always busy targeting one another with verbal or physical blows rooted in tribal hatred

May God continue to bless you in wisdom & all the good things to enrich your life.
One of the basic but essential elements necessary to uplift a society, community, country, people etc Nigerians / Africans lack, wch is: "wisdom of the masses"

What u often see is, in Nigeria people get confronted endlessly with madness, poverty, chaos, hunger etc created by a few never-do-well elites who feed on these vices and "wisdom of the masses" does not prevail in a manner that a section of the masses should critize or speak against the perpetual evils orchestrated by these small elite group that cuts across ethnic or religious groups. They have their ever ready trolls on social media, who are also victims, to attack anyone who dares ask any questions or critize, all for the little crumbs they get frm the tables of their masters. Mortgaging the futures of their generations yet unborn. They come with lines like: "if u dn't have money hide yr face", "money fall on you", "God pick my call", "is it your money?" Their mindset has bn so warped by poverty that they fail to realize that it is actually their money that is beign squandered by a few elite click throwing billion naira weddings to their faces left & right. If the wealth had been distributed evenly & appropriately, no one would even notice any weddings going on, but no, there is hunger in the land, huge youth unemployment, majority have been impoverished by a few. They now employ the services of a few social madia trolls to throw their excesses in the faces of the impoverished & they salivate & fight over a fake lifestyle they yarn for, but only available to the few jackals. And this game of distraction continues. Nigerians wake up and develop the "wisdom of the masses" and start to empower yourselves.


Travel / Re: Man Deported To Gambia After 20 Years In US For Lack Of Papers by Xerum(m): 9:33am On Mar 10, 2018
BTW security guard in US is not security guard in Nig. Some carry guns

Who no dey carry gun for America? So tey mentally unstable people dey carry gun too. grin
Career / Re: I Want To Quit My Job And Live On My Savings by Xerum(m): 8:12am On Feb 05, 2018
Someone mentioned one major investment killer in Nigeria, inflation. If u factor in year-on-year inflation rate of between 15 & 17% for say 3 - 5 years into yr projected monthly income of 400k how much will yr nett income be then?
Why not consolidate yr $100k present investment & invest in real estate.Cos I think crypto has had its day in terms of huge returns.
Properties / Re: Please I Need A Room Self Contain In Ebutte Metta Area Of Lagos by Xerum(m): 2:09pm On Jan 26, 2018
Hello, what is yr budget?
Politics / Re: Falae: Don’t Provoke The Yorubas Into War – Afenifere by Xerum(m): 10:26pm On Jan 23, 2018
Nobody is going to fight any war for you old fools. And the other Nigerians who have lost loved ones & assets to Fulani herdsmen attacks? That was not enough to beat drums of war abi? Cos they are creatures of lesser gods? Now cos the farm coincidentally belongs to Falae, then it is time to beat drums of war? For those who do not know, Falae belongs to the political elite class of Nigeria & I am sure his children are not in Nigeria. Falae & the stoopid Afeniferes know the right thing to do. They have representatives in Abuja, let them do smthing about the anti-grazing law, have it implemented & enforced. Nigerians don wise-up. Endeavour to do the right thing that will be beneficiary to the general populace & not just a few. If u do not, then this is just the beginning for all of you. If they like let them burn yr bia-bia. Lol

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Smelled Of Condom Down There And I Broke Up With Her by Xerum(m): 9:58am On Oct 21, 2017
[bOk, noted. As an officer Cadet, I even tried. If it were to be my coursemates, she for don murd by now, because, you don't Bleep with soldiers[/b]

You still do not get it. Ordinary apprentice zombie like you. So you are trained to shoot / kill defenceless / harmless citizens? Now we know part of the root causes of zombies misbehaving comes from. You are just a f..ng NDA undergraduate and you already reason in this manner? What will happen if u eventually graduate & you become a full ranked soldier? I hope some of yr superiors wth brains will read this & call you to yr senses. I am also going to draw the attention of sm peeps I know to this. I hope that ex of yours is also on Nairaland to blow your cover.

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Business / Re: $9bn Has Been Used By FG To Defend Naira, Says Senate by Xerum(m): 7:25am On Sep 27, 2017
[quoteWhy exactly are they defending the naira? The should leave the market force to determine it.[/quote]

Cos the funds used in defending the Naira for the most part goes into the pockets of a few people. Some people call them cabals. And this is Nigeria. The govt distorting free market processes to favour a few people.
Politics / Re: The Tanko Yakassai Interview On Channels TV Everyone Is Talking About (Video) by Xerum(m): 9:35pm On Sep 08, 2017
When the so called Elders speak like children, then its a clear confirmation that Nigeria is under a curse...
That is part of the biggest problems of Africa / Nigeria, people tend to assume that common sense & intelligence comes with age, which is not the case. It is also part of what encourages corruption, older people thinking they are more entitled to things without merit!


Travel / Re: Why Does Nigeria Immigration Hire Contractors To Handle Visa Applications? by Xerum(m): 5:57pm On Jul 30, 2017

I celebrate your intellect Sir.

Many will consider themselves educated but have woefully failed this simply question posed.

Have a nice Sunday.

I am humbled sir. A very pleasant Sunday to you too sir.

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Travel / Re: Why Does Nigeria Immigration Hire Contractors To Handle Visa Applications? by Xerum(m): 2:44pm On Jul 30, 2017
INNOVATIVE SOURCE 1 is a company platforms hat collect fees on behalf of Nigeria Immigration Service aboard. they harmonized this initiative to monitor and trace visa fees collectively

This much is clear. The question the op has is, why can’t the Nigerian immigration do this themselves.
It is very a simple process; all they need do is, link their website to some back-end payment platform (The telecom companies in Nigeria have been doing this for years, where you buy credit to your phone via your bank site) and then audit the amount of visas issued against the revenue from visa fees periodically i.e. quarterly, bi-annually or annually. All the visas issued have reference numbers, so it should not be that difficult to reconcile. No, they won’t do that. They will make every simple process a draconian task in order to create loop holes for corruption.

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Politics / Re: Timipre Sylva's 53rd Birthday Party In Abuja (Photos, Video) by Xerum(m): 8:59pm On Jul 08, 2017
Money is good

Yep. Other peoples's money. lipsrsealed
Celebrities / Re: Baba Suwe Is Very Sick Due To NDLEA Torture - Yomi Fabiyi by Xerum(m): 2:05pm On Jun 09, 2017
you look too pretty to utter such curse words...easy there.

My thoughts exactly. Hey, but the clothes & looks does not make the lady. lipsrsealed

...and this is lalaland
Politics / Re: Haulage Driver Reveals He Transported Saraki’s Range Rover from His Ikoyi Home by Xerum(m): 9:53am On Mar 25, 2017
Typical Yoruba man. Always ready to snitch and rat you out.

Someone gave you a rewarding job to do out of his own goodwill but just when the going gets tough you rat him out like your progenitor AFONJA.

Phucking snitch! I can't even employ a Yoruba man to look after my cat.

Phucking RATS!

Who do you like this!? Must every thread be reduced to tribal / ethnic rant!? Go take your medicine o.


Travel / Re: Wow! Yoruba, Igbo, And Edo Deportees From UK Don't Know Their Villages. by Xerum(m): 7:23pm On Feb 08, 2017

its really sad to see how deep the cancer of senseless tribalism have eaten nairaland. Its always very sad to see blacks hate themselves this much.open tribalism like this makes it almost impossible to blame racists.


I tire o. There are loads of senseless morons on this forum. It has gotten to an alarming and very sad proportion. It has become the norm rather than the exception.

And to even think of the fact that there are other nationals on the forum, and these same bigots are the ones to quick demand respect from others. These are brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, to some people. When your life sucks so much that the only contributions you can make to discussions are limited to throwing tribal, racial, sexual insults at others, it might be about time to go get some help!

The moderators should start doing something about it. Seriously.
Crime / Re: Engine Oil Poured On A Teenage Girl For Stealing From A Home (Photos) by Xerum(m): 5:50pm On Jan 27, 2017
I once had a househelp who stole from me. I didn't realise it on time. But when I found out, I set traps for her by displaying some naira notes on my kitchen table, dinning table, sitting room chair etc. I was so shocked she took all the money same day without thinking. I just called her agent who happened to be her elder sister to come and take her out of my house. She later confessed it was her boyfriend who was encouraging her to steal to buy recharge cards for him. But she had to leave my house the same day. I can't lay my hands on another person's child because they work for me.

You did the right thing bro! She even confessed without getting tortured / dehumanized.

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Crime / Re: Engine Oil Poured On A Teenage Girl For Stealing From A Home (Photos) by Xerum(m): 5:49pm On Jan 27, 2017
sometimes, jungle justice is the real justice

But this na petty thief na. A bit disproportional.

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Romance / Re: Things That Men Notice In Women First by Xerum(m): 3:54pm On Dec 23, 2016

hehehe me and you we be OLOJUKOKORO grin who says we dont deserve the sweet GIRLS of life #cheers :-8

OLOJUKOKORO? Naaa. Like someone noted earlier, there are still loads of "SWEET GIRLS OF LIFE" who possess the physical features you mentioned na. It's like going for an exam bro, aiming for the highest score. hahaha grin
Romance / Re: Things That Men Notice In Women First by Xerum(m): 3:40pm On Dec 23, 2016

Na the shape of her body first o, flat tummy, straight breast, nice hips, and wonderful bum bum :-)

You are the Don!

10,000 LIKES for you bro.

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Education / Re: How Students Are Punished In Cameroon For Coming Late To School by Xerum(m): 3:00pm On Nov 05, 2016
Don't be ashamed bro, I'm reeling my experience and I don't consider it BARBARIC.

There is nothing special about the 21st century, kneeling down is normal and has been working since 1900.

No wonder kids of 19th and 20th century are more disciplined than some of our 21st century kids.

Punctuality is the soul of business/professionalism.


I don't buy this your arguement in relating this shameful / inhumam treatment to punctuality.

I have never seen any place in the world where punctuality is rewarded, appreciated & held as holy as in the developed world and I am yet to see kids been punished in such manner to teach them lesson on punctuality.

My take on this is, if adults have to go to such length to exercise power / "teach them punctuality", it only goes to exhibit the helplessness / incivility of the adults.

So if after this punishment some students till come late, what will be the next level of punishment? Cut them with razor blades? These kids are not in some military training camp for hell sake!

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Properties / Re: Doors - Discussions About Doors - Qualities, Sizes, Types, Installations Etc. by Xerum(m): 8:10pm On Sep 15, 2016
Politics / Re: Ikpeazu Visits Scene Of Igbo Butchers Killing By A Soldier by Xerum(m): 9:20pm On May 07, 2016
The problem with Nigeria is not these criminals we call governors but of dysfunctional institutions in a lawless society. The incident is a pointer to the fact that 'Law & Enforcement' in Nigeria is a joke of which the masses become victims of error.

There's no point playing the blame game because we have become pawns in the hands of our polithiefians, they know what to do in bringing a lasting solution to the crisis but their orientation is warped.

Remember, their children are not in our midst so whatever happens to us doesn't bother them. They still go back home to wine&dine then have a sound sleep with sweet karishikas, one on each side of the bed...u gerrit ! cool


You have spoken well. God bless you! Nigerians wise-up!
Family / Re: I Feel so Angry With My Husband. Help! by Xerum(m): 7:42am On Apr 04, 2016
There are some other qualities I discovered in him that I never saw while we were dating. I jokingly told him he has changed and that day he smiled and said he had to give me all I wanted cos he didn't want to lose me since I'm a pretty girl. Now that we re married its like he can't be bothered with trying anymore.

The bolded part is very indicative of what might be wrong in yr marriage. I am very sorry to say this, he clearly just admitted he does not love you and that there is hardly any chemistry, bonding or anything that connects you guys beyond him finding you pretty (Superficial).

Hence his being nice whenever he feels the urge to make use of your perceived beauty (by him) to satisfy his needs. There is more to a marriage than just liking a person or the outward beauty of a partner.

You might want to speak to him on the bolded comment and ask him how he would have felt, if you said same to him. It is a shame you are going thru this just a few months after your marriage. Try and focus on the things that you love doing and do things that will make you happy. Life is short dear. Wish you all the best.
Politics / Re: Heavy Shooting In Gokana LGA In Rivers -vanguard by Xerum(m): 10:01pm On Mar 19, 2016

The truth is that, many Rivers indigens depends on govt for their everyday survival. That's why my people will kill, burn houses, even kill their brothers and kinsmen for power. A typical example is our current governor, Nyesom Wike. He has never worked or done any business all his life b4. It us from so called law school to becoming a local govt chairman in 1999. All d wealth and power he has acquired today is through violent politics. Why won't others want to be like him?

May the almighty continue to bless you with more wisdom & all the good things of life.

You have just summed part of the root causes of Nigeria's core/major problems in a nutshell.

If not, why must politics be a do or die thing!!?
Romance / Re: Lagos Guys Are Becoming Gold Diggers by Xerum(m): 7:01pm On Mar 14, 2016

Hello how are you?


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