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Religion / Re: Why Did You Reduce Or Stop Going To Church? by yinkbell: 7:25pm On Feb 18
I have been praying for healing and it does not come. I stopped going cuz it seems there's no God or God does not answer prayers again

‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭2:24‬ ‭NIV‬‬
[24] “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.”

I made reference to the Bible passage for you to know that Christ has paid for your healing. Everything is done for you freely in Christ Jesus.
You need to surrender your life to Jesus and Obey His teachings. Being a Church goer does not qualify anyone as a family of God. The moment you give your life to Jesus all his promises in the Bible, He is willing to fulfill them in your life if you believe in his words.

If you are praying to God for healing, quote his words, remind him of his promises and believe you have gotten your result even before you see the answer coming. That's where most folks missed it. They want to have what they are praying for before they believe God has answered them whereas, it is the other way round. You have to believe God has done it and thank him for the answer, then you see results. This is not a Christian science both Bible truth.

‭‭Mark‬ ‭11:24‬ ‭NIV‬‬
[24] Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

You have to believe you have received it, patiently wait for it while thanking him for the answer prayers.
It won't work if we just have the head Knowledge of the Scripture only. We have to have the deep revelation of it. Just like a light is switched on in your room, the light of God's word must shine in your spirit. Once you caught the revelation of those God's word. You will be at peace. Then results will come.
Devil will fight so hard to talk you out of your healing, but if you hold firmly to God's word, confessing it and believing it in your heart. The results will come. 100%•
Stop looking at the symptoms in your body, you may be having and feeling the pains but look away from it. Keep looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. Your healing will surely come. Don't backslide because of this.
Jesus loves you and cares for you.
It doesn't matter what caused your sickness; even if it is your own errors, Christ Jesus has paid for your healing. Just have faith and put your faith to work.
May the Lord God Almighty heal you in Jesus name. Pls, prayerfully seek for a Bible believing Church and join them in worshipping Almighty God.
Peace be unto you.
Religion / Re: The First Time He Took A Cigarette by yinkbell: 2:03pm On Feb 04
Pls i need help, i think am addicted to alcohol and i really want to stop but am finding it very difficult to stop. Whenever i take anything alcohol i will want to take more on till i get toxic and starting to behave unlikely. Each time i make the decision to stop, i see myself in a short time drinking again, but trust me am tired of the feelings. Whenever i drink i will want to take more like i said earlier and when am high i feel weak and i will begin to hate myself and alcohol and will say to myself never to drink again but you see it never really happened becos i will still go back to drink the next day. Because of dis i have hated and regretted the first day i started taking alcohol.

Pls i need prayers and serious advice before it gets out of hand. And mind you i was not convinced or approached to start alcohol never, i just ventured into it myself and now am regretting becos am getting addicted to it by the day.

It's a pity that you are in this condition.
Many people are also in this condition; trying so hard to break free from their addictions. Some people would even suggest to them to see a therapist or psychologist to get help.
These professionals could only offer them a little assistance and they aren't able to help them break free from their addictions to this terrible habits.

It's a problem of the heart. The spirit of pigs make. people to indulge in such dirty and harmful habit. Like I said earlier, it's the problem of heart. The heart of a sinner is in bondage to the devil.
Mark 7:21 :- "for from within, out of men's hearts, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come from inside and make man unclean"
All sinful habits come from the heart.
All you need is a new heart and it is only.
Ezekiel 36: 26:-" I will give you a new heart and put in you a new spirit; I will remove from you heart of stone." It is only Jesus that can give you a new heart if only you can give your life to him. He will deliver you from this evil addiction. You may DM me so that we can pray together over the matter.

We will pray over the matter and the Lord Jesus will give us victory. Remember, it is only in Christ Jesus our victory is sure.
Health / Re: I Got Ruthlessly Harassed By Police This Night For Holding Vega 100 by yinkbell: 5:31pm On Feb 01
regardless of the condition I have very high libido and high testosterone levels so a week without sex or masturbation then that's all I think about, I been dey dispise myself for it but it just built up guilt, anxiety and self doubt so now I own it with my full chest, I'm stopping porn gradually as I don't watch it everyday and only just by mistakes maybe once in a month or twice then I move forward. Not been easy as I moved from watching hardcore nasty porn to how I am now that sometimes just an erotic comic could finish me off. Very soon I won't be using it as I also have a weekly routine for watermelon and tiger nut but thanks either way

Hello Young man.
You can't break free of any addiction with your self-will. You'll only be frustrated doing that. You are already hooked to porn and you need someone to help you.
You need Jesus to help you break free from all forms of evil addiction. If you can give your life to him(Jesus) and ask him to be your Lord and Saviour, He will deliver you from power of sin.
Jesus' York is easy and His burden is light. Give Him a chance today and you would be glad you did.[/quote]
Romance / Re: Can The Past Life Of A Lady Truly Be Overlooked ? by yinkbell: 5:07pm On Jan 26
My dear, in the grand theater of relationships, honesty is the leading lady, and it seems she's been backstage for quite a while.

"Your friend's cousin" is faced with quite the Shakespearean dilemma, a tragic tale of past indiscretions surfacing on the eve of matrimonial bliss. Now, my friend, while people can evolve and change, transparency is key. If a partner hides a history as colorful as a disco ball, it raises questions about the foundation of trust.

Sure, everyone has a past, but keeping it a secret until the eleventh hour is a tad dramatic, don't you think? My advice? Open the curtains, let the truth take a bow, and then decide if the leading lady deserves a standing ovation or a polite exit. After all, a marriage built on trust and mutual understanding is far more likely to weather life's storms than one shrouded in secrecy and uncertainty. 🎭💔

You've got a witty pen.
Your style of writing is so smooth.

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Career / Re: Which Skill Can I Learn With My Phone And Data by yinkbell: 1:47pm On Jan 15
You can learn Affiliate Marketing.
I will coach you on that until you start making sales.
You can learn How to sell books on Amazon making up to 1k USD even if you're not a writer. I can recommend a good course for you on that too.
You can learn Facebook advertising.
You can learn Copywriting.
You can learn Car tracker installation.
I can provide you the sources to learn all these I mentioned here

Bro, how can I get your number so we could discuss further about these sir?
Career / Re: Which Skill Can I Learn With My Phone And Data by yinkbell: 1:26pm On Jan 15
Learn copywriting. It's easy to learn, you just need to have the right mindset, focus, and zeal.

God bless Venzal for me. I don't know him, but he is the real deal!

Hello Chucks. I know I am comenting on old thread. Would you mind to share your contact with as I need more explanation on copy writing from you please?
Sports / Re: "I Have A Year Or Less To Live": Sven-Goran Eriksson Diagnosed Of Cancer by yinkbell: 10:24pm On Jan 11
Diseases and any form of ailments are from the Devil.

Jesus received many stripes with deep lacerations all over His body so that we could be healed.

Tell Eriksen, "Christ has paid all his medical bills in heaven".
Let him come and meet God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at IGEM CHRIST COVENANT CHURCH in Ibadan.
He will testify to the Goodness of Almighty God.

Cancer on Eriksen's feet.
Let him try Almighty God!

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Literature / Re: Release That Witch by yinkbell: 2:11pm On Jan 05
Good write up sir!
I am just following at a slow pace.
Keep the good work up

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Travel / Re: 11 Reasons Why You Should Not Japa From Nigeria by yinkbell: 12:05pm On Dec 25, 2023
If you have the opportunity and God is not leading you to stay in Nigeria, you can japa o.

But God showed me that Nigeria will regain her balance later. I am very certain of this, and those that held it's pillars in the trying times will give direction and earn authority in the stable season.

God never lied to me. It will take a lot of strenght and clarity to stay now, so go, if you don't understand the mysteries of the spirit.

You are saying the truth sir.
God is gracious to Nigeria.
Nigeria sha be great again. It may just take us few years; 7yrs or less for things to start taking shape.

Let's continue to remember our nation in prayers!
Literature / Re: Old Roger Is Dead - DAILY. UPDATES by yinkbell: 5:33pm On Dec 24, 2023
I can't wait to read old roger; the man with heavy knock!
Family / Re: At 36, I Still Stay With My Parents And I Feel Not bad about it. by yinkbell: 3:59pm On Dec 24, 2023

You quoted me 3 times yet lack basic comprehension and understanding of my comments

What has riches got to do with dragging
and having disputes over inheritances? It's a mentality, a crass mentality

Poor people don't kill family members for properties? I hate repeating myself but are there not countless cases of men killing themselves over fathers properties from the rich to the poor? Countless threads on here by men over disputes on properties? Why drag and create enemies or kill each other over land and house when you can make something for yourselves? And they are mostly by men, very disgusting behaviour, even Op couldn't reply a comment that asked if he's an only child which means he isn't, so there will be a property and inheritance issue between him and his siblings in the nearest future

So many slow people on nairaland, very annoying, since you lack understanding, resist the urge to quote me, I can't be repeating myself countless times.

I understood you perfectly well. You don't need to be angry at folks airing their opinions on this forum.

You only based your assumption on many cases you have witnessed.
You sensed complacency in the guy altitude; thinking enjoying the parents luxury would impede him from pursuing his own dreams and ambitions. But that may not be the reason. The Op may still be trying to get his footings.
When he is financially stable, he may find his way out, possibly, that may help him to save more and build his own house.
It may not be what you are thinking.
Know for sure that women also fight and kill over properties.


Education / Re: Ogbonnaya Okoro Is Translating Physics Textbook To Igbo Language by yinkbell: 9:06pm On Dec 22, 2023
I will like to see the translation of Quantom physics.
Supply ur answers Igbo in the forum;

English. Igbo
Atom. ?
Proton. ?
Electron. ?
Vernier calliper. ?
Simple pendulum. ?
Simple Harmonic Motion. ?
$100 for correct answers grin
Religion / Re: Same-Sex Marriage: Catholic Teaching Doesn’t Change – Bishops by yinkbell: 4:02pm On Dec 21, 2023
The Pope style of leadership is Pastoral. A shepherd who love his sheep. The emphasis is on case by case basis by priest. This situation will help the priest journey with the wayward LGBTQ people and bring them back to track.

So, applying human wisdom is what will help the LGBTQ+ back to track?
People who accepted Christ as their Lord and saviour, were they converted through human wisdom or through faith in the gospel they heard?

... Men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.(KJV).
Sir, go and read that scripture over and over until the truth sink in you.
How can a blessing be pronounced on what the scripture called ERROR?

Arm robbers who are about to go into operation can also approach a priest to bless them in their evil dealings?
we should leave sentiment aside because of
denomination we belong to and embrace the truth which is the word of God, that's when we can walk in the light.
Business / Re: Removing Import Restrictions Will Lift 1.3M Nigerians Out Of Poverty– World Bank by yinkbell: 4:55pm On Dec 14, 2023

I totally understand your points and you are very right in the points you have made. So right in fact that it is hard for me to make a counterpoint. We really have failed to develop our own economy by locally producing enough or maybe anything at all in some cases.

Thanks my brother. You have made some good points too. World bank shouldn't decide for us how to run our economy. Though we have a long way to go in Nigeria yet this Nation shall be great. It will be named among the wonders of the world.

Let's always remember her in our prayers.
Nigeria shall be great and prosperous!

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Business / Re: Removing Import Restrictions Will Lift 1.3M Nigerians Out Of Poverty– World Bank by yinkbell: 9:34pm On Dec 13, 2023
World Bank don start. Liars. All these American businesses don go bribe dem to make dem come manipulate our politicians to open our border to flood their products into Nigeria. If dem agree pere na d opposite of wetin World Bank talk go happen. Local production go dey affected. Jobs will be lost as a matter of fact instead of being created.

My big brother! What Local production are you talking about?
What are we producing sir?
The Northerners are trying in the area of agriculture. Those that are making effort to ensure stable food supplies are being killed everyday by bandits and gun men.

World bank mentioned rice as Nigerian staple food. They even know the problems of Nigerians more than ourselves. They were able to evaluate the situation from afar.

How is south-south faring in terms of agricutural produce? Regions that has been degraded by oil spillage. What agricutural produce will germinate well in degraded environment?

What about south-west and south-east contributing in agricutural sector sir?
Everyone is all clamoring for white collar jobs.
A particular region in Ogun State; Ofada which is known for homegrown Ofada rice has become a shadow of itself.
Many farm settlements have become residential areas. Many able-bodied youths that love agriculture have all become Okada riders since government has not developed agricutural sector and makes it more appealing for youths to venture into.
We may see world bank advise as evil and manipulative , but in the real sense, it is just a placebo effect on this our present economy. While it does not totally solve poverty problem, it will definitely provide a transient solution to our economy challenges and food inflation problem.
Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by yinkbell: 9:31pm On Nov 17, 2023
26. I had been in the real estate business for over a year and I just registered my first sale some weeks back. Made 2 m but I had to share. Came out with 1.1m
And that's just the beginning of the flood
Hi sir., Can I private chat you?
Can you pls walk me through real estate investment?
Foreign Affairs / Re: 11 Israeli Soldiers Killed In Gaza (Video) by yinkbell: 6:00pm On Nov 02, 2023
Watch how Nigerians will come here to insult themselves over people that have no respect for them.

When are we going to take to the street to protest the killings of our country men across Nigeria?

When are we going to be so passionate about the insecurity across our country?

Your first action might have brought problem on you, the second action is what is more important!
I mean what you do after your first action is what really matters.

Your second action may worsen the situation or ease it off.

That's the problem premarital sex has brought on you. It's not your fault; the only fault you have is not having Jesus as your Lord and savior. He could have helped you against making certain decisions that could mar your destiny.

It's not too late, you can give your life to Christ and make him your Lord and Savior.
Remember my advise, what you do next is what really count.
Do not abort the pregnancy. Abortion is act of murder.

Tell ur parent about the incident. They will guide you on the next step to be taken.
Give ur life to Jesus and he will deliver you from power of sin.
Politics / Re: Why Nigeria’s Refineries Will Never Work – Obasanjo by yinkbell: 5:36pm On Sep 05, 2023

I’m just concerned about that will it help matters?

Nepa was sold. Was there any significant change since then?

There are three power sectors In Nigeria.
Namely; Generation, transmission and distribution.
FG is still in charge of power generation and transmission.

It is only distribution sector that has been privitized.

If government could generate enough Megawatts, distribution sector we have more power to sell.

Though distribution sectors are also corrupt in one way or the other.

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Romance / Re: My Wife Has Set A Timetable For Sex For Me. What Do I Do? by yinkbell: 4:01am On Aug 25, 2023

She was not a virgin before I MARRIED HER. Infact I know her ex. Though she doesn't cheat on me. She loves to be alone, make money, cruise, vibes with her friends, family. But not with me. Dont cuddle her, don't tickle, don't laugh with her. She gets angry with every little thing. Doesnt apologise. I once cheated on her but apologised. But now, she's starving me of sex, coupled with the height of disrespect from her. Last time I CALLED her elder brother about our frequent quarells. He just said he would talk to her. But he never did. Her mother shouted at me, if i wanted to divorce her, i should go ahead. So much quarells. I am tired. She even left the family prayer whatsapp group i created. OMO, I don't know what to do. I am just tired.

You shouldn't be tired and be wearied.
One thing I want you to know is that, your family is under the siege of the enemy (Devil).

You can only trust God for Total deliverance. Do not even think of divorce, adultery, masturbation, or using any sexual enhancement substance in her diet as some people suggested; all these would only exercerbate the situation.

Thank God you are a Christian and you are looking for a means to uphold your family.
Now, you can invite the one who instituted marriage in your home that is God and hand over the affairs of your home to him.
This can be done through intense prayers and studying God's word.

If you are faithful in prayer to God concerning your home, God will act quickly on it because he says in the book of Malachi, "... I the Lord hate divorce..".

If you are not a born again christian, give your life to Christ and watch him take affair of your family.

May God Almighty uphold your home in Jesus name.(amen).
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Got A Job 30k After Nysc. Your Advice Please by yinkbell: 6:05pm On Aug 22, 2023

I gave you an example, welding, plumbing, HVAC.

What's the full meaning of HVAC?
How can one learn it?
Romance / Re: My Mum Is Strongly Rejecting The Girl I Want To Marry by yinkbell: 6:44pm On Aug 21, 2023

Ohafia women are known to make a terrible wife, they like to dominate and cage their husband & they also cheat in marriage.

But your girl might be different, who knows.

Are there no born again christians in Ohafia?
Thanks for your last statement.
Everyone that leaves Adam and enter into Christ Jesus is a new creation.

When it comes to choosing wife or husband, one thing that is important is being born again christians.
God is a loving Father , He will lead anyone who seeks his face or enquire from Him about his or her life partner.
Race, tribe, colour, education, race, geographical locations do not really matter when it comes to choosing partner.

What is more important is godliness.
The true godliness that comes from Christ Jesus.
If a man finds a wife, he findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from the Lord!
Family / Re: "Marriage Will Forever Be One Of Life's Achievements" - Jullie Cassie by yinkbell: 11:38am On Aug 15, 2023

Jesus said what he said. No condition is attached. People like to justify themselves to the detriment of their soul. You cannot deceive God even if you deceive or commend yourself.
"There is a way that seems right to a hand but it is the way of destruction" Proverbs

1 Corinthians 7:11 "But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband: and let not the husband put away his wife. 11 (but if she does, she should remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband), and the husband should not divorce his wife.

1 Corinthians 7:10-11 & 39

Bible warned us about false doctrines and false teachers of the last days. You are carrying a strange fire. Put it off.

From the above Scripture; If she departs... She should remain umarried right?
What if it is the husband that divorces her without a cause, will she also remain unmarry?
The husband has dirvoced to remarry.
Adultery annuls the covenant between them, so the innocent woman can remarry if she is willing!

I stand to be corrected.
Family / Re: "Marriage Will Forever Be One Of Life's Achievements" - Jullie Cassie by yinkbell: 10:21am On Aug 15, 2023
Mark 10:11-12 "And he saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her. And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committeth adultery."

Did your Pastor tell you that if you marry a divorced woman, you are married to Hellfire?
if they didn't, please change your church

Read that Bible verses over and over again until it sink into your spirit.

* If a man divorces his wife at her youthful age without any genuine reasons and went ahead to marry another wife, so the young woman should not remarry abi? If She remarry, she will go to hell fire right?

* A man whose wife abbadon him without any good reason and she left her young kids for her husband to cater for and went to marry another man.
You mean the man you not remarry and leave the kids without a motherly care?

* A Randy man who does not provide for her home and always physically abusing the woman, giving her multiple STDs .
Do you want the woman to remain in such marriage?

* The woman who had five husbands in the book of John chapter 4, Jesus said, you have had five husbands and the one you are staying with right now is not your husband.
What do you think happened to the five husbands in the past? Did they die or did they divorce the woman?
Jesus recognized the five as her husbands. He did not only one is your husband out of them all.

I will advise you to get a book of Pastor Kenneth Hagin: marriage, divorce and remarry. And study the book.
Religion / Re: Ilorin Cleric Attacks Osun Priestess, Worshippers by yinkbell: 9:28pm On Jul 22, 2023
[quote author=vannessa7 post=124580346]God is almost becoming a four letter word in some people's heart, what is there to defend in idolatory. When the Almighty God (Allah) (SWA) say who is on the Lord's side, Muslims always step forward. All those supporting the idolatory in Ilorin should go and do same in Kano.

Surprisingly the igbos who are christians and are privy to all that happened at Mt. Camel between Elijah and prophets of Baal are the one championing support for idolatory in Yoruba land and it's just one of their divisive tactics, they are so ungodly that it will be easier to find a needle in a haystack than to find an igbo man in heaven, they can't resist hatred and destruction of others no matter how Godly they claim.
Idolatory is the sole reason why the Yoruba race is not at par with the developed world because we are so blessed. Idolatory will enslave the coming generations and destroy them unless they keep worshipping the idols unlike God who is patient and loving even to unbelievers in Him, idols enslave even if the people that worshipped them died 400 years ago, the new generation who are educated and know nothing about idol will now be in bondage, and only Islam can break the stronghold of idol permanently, idols don't have a heaven to take it's worshippers to, they will all end up in hell with their master the devil. Islam cannot tolerate idolatory. [/quopte]

Thanks for airing your opinion.
Islam, Judaism, Christianity, traditionalists and some other religions believe in supreme being who made the whole Heaven and Earth. There is no dispute about that.

All mankind are curious to know about their existence and what will become of them after death, this poise the reasons for searching for God.

A servant of God by the name Apostle Paul went to Athens to envagenlize, he saw the Athenians Alter with an inscription on it, "to an unknown god".

These people worshipped many gods and even believe that there is an unknown god who is all powerful.

When Apostle Paul saw this inscription; he laid emphasis on it as a lauching pad to commence his preaching about the true God. The moment he got to the point about resurrection of the dead, they all bluffed and they said, " we will hear you about this subject some other times". Though some believed in the gospel and were saved.

What point am I trying to make? There is no compulsion in religion says the Quran.
People who are blind to the truth about God's way only need to be guided by the truth (God's word) so that their paths will be redirected.

It's not by coercion, intimidation and threatening.
Your subject about Elijah killing the Prophets of Baal is a true biblical story.
He was wrongly zealous for God.

God didn't send him to do such.
Sometimes, he called down fire to burn people up.

This is reason why Jesus says, those that came before me are thieves and robbers.
Jesus didn't rob anyone of his/her life before he won people's heart to the side of the Father.

He(Jesus) came to make everything new.
Yeah! Jesus is alive, though He died to take away the sins of the whole world.
Peace be unto you.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Can You Manage 150k Salary In Lagos?? by yinkbell: 6:40pm On Jul 18, 2023
,no single lie bro, infact i married when i was receiving far lower,see, the problems with jib seekers is that they only look at the salary in quote but forgot that therr are salaries besides salary in service without stealing,a minimum wage earner still pays his children school fees and feed well, what's d magic,take the job first,do it well,then,look deeper and watch ur back,u may soon forget ur salary,no worker,no matter how dull, ever go home at month end with exactly his quoted salary,many makes far more than their salary without stealing,this is mid month,but i av already got close to my salary in same job without any form of illegality,just learn d job well, open ur eye,be good to colleagues,be humble and never be greedy,ogar,there is salary inside salary,i have to be truthful to u,stop looking any how much do they pay

There is so much wisdom in ur msg
Can I send you a DM bro?
Politics / Re: Newly Elected Rep Sent Out Of Chamber For Improper Dressing by yinkbell: 8:54pm On Jul 12, 2023
Maybe the hardship allowance has not gotten to him. grin
Computers / Re: Post Your Computer (PC) Troubles Here. by yinkbell: 10:51am On Jun 24, 2023

Bros are you into tech?
Or just sch stuff?

Just learning bro. Video editing.
Computers / Re: Post Your Computer (PC) Troubles Here. by yinkbell: 5:57pm On Jun 23, 2023
sun drying it alone can't solve the issue. Don't try to connect the charger or power the laptop on to avoid short-circuit. You've to take it to the engineer, and they have to check and inspect for possible water corrosion or damage and clean your motherboard with chemicals and general servicing,

Thanks bro. But immediately the incident happened, the charger was plugged with d laptop. I quickly removed it then clean the surface and inserted the battery back and it didn't power on.

I spoke with engineer I bought it from, he said I shouldn't have put the battery back and the charger might have complicated the issue.

He told me to sundry it and insert the battery before powering it on but I am afraid to do that right now cos the intensity of sun wasn't High today.

Thanks for your candid advise.
I will hold on till I get an engineer b4 I can try it out.

I am just trusting God for finance.
It really breaks my heart cos I was learning seriously this week on it.

Thanks so much sir for the advise.

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