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Career / Re: High Paying Skills You Need To Learn In Nigeria. by yinkbell: 7:40pm On Feb 28

Can you show me the way into learning python language and the rest??

Friend, download sololearn app and start your journey to any programming Language you desire.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Being Righteous Made Me Lose A Dream Job by yinkbell: 7:16pm On Feb 28
Wisdom is profitable to direct!

The question was a test of your Diplomatic Skill but your Self -Righteousness mentality made you failed woefully. Everybody knows it takes somebody to get something.

Was it not in the bible that Moses introduced his wife to Pharaoh as his half sister? Was it not in the Bible that Jesus told Peter not to tell people who he was?

You lack native intelligence. Your type always have problems with people, and the Bank cannot afford to lose her customers.

I wish you well!
Bro. You don't blame him for his action. One thing you have failed to realized is that; there's someone right inside him who will always stand for the Truth. The nature of God born inside him find it very difficult to say YES when he meant NO. It does not matter any test, be it an acid test or whatever cooperate test you mention up there. Even if saying the truth will cost the member of family his/her life, the life of Christ inside will still rise up to do the right thing. He may later regret and beat up himself over the decision he made, that's the work of God inside. As for the case of Abraham, if Abraham said Sarah was her sister, has he told a lie? Read your Bible very well Sarah was daughter from Terah family. He married from his family lineage.
As regards to Peter not telling people about Jesus, how many times did Jesus command people not to tell people who he was, yet they went ahead to proclaim his deity and saving power.
This same Jesus says; Let your Yes be Yes and No be No, anything more than this is EVIL.

the guy may even be employer of Labour in making! Many doors of opportunities will open for him in Jesus name.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Tony Elumelu Foundation 2021 Entrepreneurship Programme Application Opens by yinkbell: 2:02pm On Feb 21

Alright did you elucidate on the viability of your said biz or project?
Anyways for furtherance kindly reach me via facebook ....

Proactivity Leads To Productivity!!!


Thanks I will do that
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Tony Elumelu Foundation 2021 Entrepreneurship Programme Application Opens by yinkbell: 12:06pm On Feb 21

Your mention? Where

Proactivity Leads To Productivity!!!

I mention you about my business project that needs crowd funding and you reply as thus:
Kindly elaborate on how viable the project is!
We do have Ts & Cs.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Tony Elumelu Foundation 2021 Entrepreneurship Programme Application Opens by yinkbell: 12:32pm On Feb 20

Kindly elaborate on how viable the project is!
We do have Ts & Cs.

Hello Sineor writer, you have not responded my mention.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Tony Elumelu Foundation 2021 Entrepreneurship Programme Application Opens by yinkbell: 5:52pm On Feb 16

Kindly elaborate on how viable the project is!
We do have Ts & Cs.
Thanks Senior writer.
Although I don't understand the term Ts and Cs.
It is a Small Scale business. I plan to go into snacks and confectionery business. I intend to start on small scale with popcorn and cupcakes. I have got the popcorn machine and sealer and am planning to get the cupcakes pans and oven.
* I plan to supply Schools, parks and shopping malls
* I just need small capital to get the raw material such as; corn, sugar, flavors, butter, honey and nylon to start off the popcorn biz.
* By the grace of God, if one snack gets to the market, the cupcakes material will also surface.
* Please sir, how can I get a crowdfunding to lift off this business? Your post was a huge relief sir. Thanks for your understanding.
Pls , do well to mention me.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Tony Elumelu Foundation 2021 Entrepreneurship Programme Application Opens by yinkbell: 10:09am On Feb 13
Nice and consistent of the Organizers.
Contact me if you have a good business project and get crowdfunded by our over 5k YIM(Young Innovative Minds) members.
Proactivity Leads To Productivity!!!

Hello Senior writer. Thanks fo this wonderful opportunity. I have got a business project that needs funding to take off. Production device has been procured but the raw material to take off is what I need the fund for. Thanks. Pls., Mention me if you get my message.
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 17 Suspected Yahoo Boys In Lagos by yinkbell: 12:54pm On Jan 28
[quote author=Born2conquer post=98516666]I am against Yahoo and cybercrime,

But nigerians, before we start calling the arrested people names, we need to start asking the real questions. What are the evidences EFCC saw before they profile them as yahoo?

Is it the car? Is it their expensive Cars? Or their expensive lifestyle?

If the above is the basis for profiling someone as a yahoo boy then we DESERVE the poverty in Nigeria.

This is 2021 and BTC alone gave people MONEY! Asin STINKING money! FOREX nko?check out guys trading FOREX? they are very rich and wealthy.

Should we talk about influencing job and social media marketing? Ordinary Stocks yesterday gave guys over 500% on those who trade GME.

If you’ve invested ordinary 3M on GME last week, you would have cashed out over 100M today.

Please, with the above examples, do you now agree with me that not all Expensive’s lifestyle are linked to YAHOO?

What is GME bro? Is it like forex or other investment platform?
Family / Re: Three Experiences That Make Me Think I'm Married To The Wrong Person by yinkbell: 7:12pm On Jan 22
You married your wife without the direction of God you married in flesh , My brother seek the face of Jesus Christ ask for his direction am 100%sure the rightful person you will marry is still single .. look deeper and be spiritually Alert , sorry to say that your marriage will always start and end with quarrels and bitter heart she May never agree with you on any issues , Honestly you married the WRONG LADY

You are hasty in your conclusion. Remember, Christian are not to judge anything before time. Even if he missed it in marriage, there is no situation that is beyond redemtion. our lives ain't beyond redemption, how do you think someone else's marriage is beyond redemption? If you read the article very well, you should be able to deduce that this is as a result of finacial pressure which with time when they sit down and talk the issue over with advice from good people all around, they will get over it. The marriage is too young for you to give such conclusion. I pray that God make a way for the guy and uphold his family.
Education / Re: How Is Your Class Topper Fairing In Life So Far? by yinkbell: 1:04pm On Jan 17

"For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

"But we will not boast of things without our measure, but according to the measure of the rule which God hath distributed to us..." 2 Corinthians 10:12-13 KJV

This scripture should keep the wise thinking. The life of individual is different. We face different challenges in life be it; career, marriage, ministry and so on. Man will always be a man. He can't know 99% of what is happening in His life. If only Man will trust in God and allow Him to provide a lasting solution to all life issues, things will definitely be ok. The life of Abraham and challenges he faced are quite different from life of Isaac and Jacob and challenges they faced also. So many things about life are obscure to man. It is the only the Almighty God who can put man over all life challenges. I don't know what people use to define success? Some are successfully in thier career but marriages are in shambles. Some are coping with their marriages yet struggling in the area of finance. I know it is only God who can fix all life issues. Christ Jesus rules all over all circumstances of life. Bless you bro, your post should open people's eyes here! thanks


Programming / Re: Best Programming Language To Learn This 2021: The Beginner's Guide by yinkbell: 6:07pm On Jan 15

Please, how can I learn python....

I started learning programming with freecodecamp and it started me with htlm5 basics...

I am afraid that I'll not be able to do any project with it as I need a language that I can major just like python....

I have keen interest for python and JS...

I need your guide on this...

probably, I'd like to chat you up.

I started my pathon journey a month ago. Someone suggested sololearn app, infact that app is awesome, withing weeks, I have learnt a great deal of in-built functions.
You can also download mosh hamedani's 6 hours python video on YouTube. If you can blend solo app with that man's YouTube tutorial video, you are good to go bro.

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Programming / Re: Best Programming Language To Learn This 2021: The Beginner's Guide by yinkbell: 5:59pm On Jan 15

There's no passion that doesn't bring money, you have to find a way and channel it for your passion to create wealth and suceess.

its hard work at first but passion will remove obstacles, stimulate your creativity and make you go above and beyond.

The result of passion + creativity = flows of income

Hello? Have been checking on your quotes, I discovered wisdom besides in you. Your advise to every seemingly problems is a top notch. Do you write printable quotes? If you do not, I advise you to start writing and designing one for yourself. You start listing it on Etsy or painstrel.

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Programming / Re: Best Programming Language To Learn This 2021: The Beginner's Guide by yinkbell: 5:47pm On Jan 15
Hello bro. It so sad to hear this from you. You've learnt a great of programming languages; you don't need to give up because of your system. You can keep learning using your smart phone. Download sololearn app, and download python app that allows you to run a program on your Android phone and keep practicing untill you get a new laptop. Programming is very interesting, infact, my eye is not focus on how to make money from it but to learn to solve problems because it iss brain tasking! Be motivated bro!

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Science/Technology / Re: Scientists Discover Pencil-Sized Species Of Snake, Hiding In Plain Sight (Pics) by yinkbell: 11:57pm On Dec 30, 2020
pls who can summarise, i dont understand
and pls any that knows smone wit a laptop that they are nt using, pls am here, mk i use am learn programming
pls me email below

You start learning programming using your smart phone. Down load sololearn app.
Start your free programming from there, you do monthly subscription to take a lot of practice. Start with your phone first until God provides the Laptop for you.
Politics / Re: Gardika Adamawa Residents In Bush On Christmas Eve After Fleeing From Boko Haram by yinkbell: 6:39pm On Dec 27, 2020
This is high time the south showed sympathy to the Northerners; especially Christians in the North. Southern Governors should come together to make a concerted effort by creating a secure communities for any northerners who want to take their parmenent resident in the south. They should give them land for farming and allow them to do any legitimate business they intend to do. People who have lost everything should be assisted financially so that they can be revived.
Many of them are tired of staying in the IDPs. They are all welcome to be integrated into our societies. May God heal our Nation in Jesus name. cry
Business / Re: How Were You Able To Start & Grow Your Business To Profitability? by yinkbell: 11:15pm On Dec 26, 2020

You can start with your phone, download SoloLearn and practice Javascript.
You are free to choose whatever language you want but why I mentioned Javascriopt is because that is my speciality.
You can even build projects with your phone, when you get a laptop then it becomes easy

Charpell may God bless you for this awesome info, you just expose me to sololearn. That app is awesome. What makes interesting is that you can code using smart phone even for free. Subscription to practice is even in naira which is affordable. Charpell you have disched out Wonderful info. I have started learning with this app. God will not withhold any good thing from you. Please do well to mention me, if you still have any other useful info that can be of help in this journey. Bless ur heart bro!


Education / Re: Deborah Okezie: ‘My Life In Danger’ – Mother Of Deeper Life Schoolboy by yinkbell: 11:41am On Dec 25, 2020
My younger bro mistakenly clicked on a link with miss kedike nude and since then, I've been receiving barrages of notification that wanna finish my data o!
How do I stop the notification coming in, pls.

Go to your browser settings.
Click of the 3dots icon. Click on settings. You'll see all the notifications that are on. Just click on it to off it. I'll stop receiving those crazy notifications. I hope this info helps you? If not, try and post the problem on computer thrend on nairaland. Thanks
Business / Re: How Were You Able To Start & Grow Your Business To Profitability? by yinkbell: 12:19pm On Dec 24, 2020
I started door to door delivery in 2019 by myself, was able to save up and I have a bike now that runs logistics for me.

Sir? You have kept this information short. What products did you deliver from door to door. How were you able to start your logistics business sir ?
Properties / Re: Abandoned Home Of Aleister Crowley: Satanist & Wickedest Man In The World by yinkbell: 4:58pm On Dec 20, 2020

Bro I have been reading all your comments am yet to understand anything please how do I know myself? Like how do I know why I'm here on earth.. please help a brother

For the very first time in your life, you are asking a question that is about to turn your life around. Many people ask this question even the so called Christians and Muslim.
All answers you desire is in the Bible. Get yourself one and read through. You may only get a glimpse of it until you give your life to Christ. Then He'll give you His Holy Spirit who is the greatest teacher who will teach you all things. If you are not a Christian, first give your life to Christ, join a Bible believing church to study with fellow Christian like you. By doing so, you will become mature in Christ and find answers to all life questions. I wish you all the best in your quest to all kinds of knowledge you seek for.


Religion / Re: How Do I Defeat This Monsters Called"masturbation And Porn Addiction."? by yinkbell: 8:01am On Dec 17, 2020

Amen and bless you too my brother. Actually I study my Bible every morning. As soon as I woke up, I pray, study some chapters, meditate and pray again. More Grace sir.

*Nelson Mandela's Quotes*

Marriage doesn’t cure lust, if it does adultery wouldn’t exist. Self-control is still a requirement. Lust doesn’t care if you are married or single.
You may be Solomon in wisdom or David in praise or Abraham in faith or Joshua in war but if you are not Joseph in discipline, you will end up like Samson in destruction...

*I found this powerful and decided to share it.*
Good morning bro! That's a wonderful quote. So inspiring!

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Religion / Re: How Do I Defeat This Monsters Called"masturbation And Porn Addiction."? by yinkbell: 7:49pm On Dec 14, 2020

Marriage doesn't stop those things, it may even amplify them.
This what may help you if you are really serious.
Take out time to fast and pray about it, after that put yourself on the word diet. By this I mean study the Bible everyday. Read like two, three or even five chapters of the Bible daily and take out time to meditate on the word of God. Also be active in fellowship and also be willing to obey what you are instructed from the word of God. In your fasting and prayer don't forget to ask God for grace to control yourself.
You have really given him a wonderful advise. May the Lord bless you sir. I will like to know you better. Infact, I want to know your Bible study plan. I need someone to study with so that I will be more grounded in Scripture. Thanks.
Family / Re: Have You Ever Regretted Being Married To Your Partner? by yinkbell: 9:24pm On Dec 09, 2020

I like your assessment but you didn't lay a foundation for you analysis. .
if an unvirtous guy marry a virtuous girl..it wont work...he will still go to club and fing pretty laddies. and drink alcohol and come home under influence and beat her..or he could even have a child outside due to infidelity. ..or even beat her when drunk...
Both must know jesus..and make God the focus of the marriage. ..
the bible support that if one is not a believer the other is free to leave before he or she killed the opposite. .

1 Corinthians 7:15
“But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.”
King James Version (KJV

So i Learn alot from this book... by faith oyedepo. .making your marriage work.

Sir, that Bible passage does not support the fact that one should marry an unbelieving spouse. The position of the two of them were unbelivers before one is converted. If the one who is converted to Christianity disires to stay with unbelieving husband or wife, he/ she should stay in the relationship. Remember Sir, the same book of Corinthians said we should not be unequally yoked together with unbelivers?
Family / Re: Have You Ever Regretted Being Married To Your Partner? by yinkbell: 8:43pm On Dec 09, 2020

A typical black person! undecided


Hmm! Bro weting a fit do about my skin? Bleaching it will even make it worse. How are you doing bro? I hope you are enjoying the gift of life sir?
Family / Re: Have You Ever Regretted Being Married To Your Partner? by yinkbell: 11:38pm On Dec 06, 2020
Marry your friend. that's what I didn't do and I do regret it over and over again.

You don't need to regret. Call God into your relationship, He will fix it.
Career / Re: Any HSE Professionals In The House? by yinkbell: 8:30pm On Nov 25, 2020

And there's no soft copy anywhere??
Sorry bro. I have got no soft copy
Career / Re: Any HSE Professionals In The House? by yinkbell: 5:42pm On Nov 24, 2020

Kwara state

Oh! I base in Ibadan.
Career / Re: Any HSE Professionals In The House? by yinkbell: 7:52pm On Nov 23, 2020
Who has materials on HSE 123 ?
I'll be taking the course and exam soon.
Where do you base?
I have got only paper material. If there is a way of digitalising it, you can suggest your own idea and I will find a means of doing that. Wishing you success in your endeavors!
Crime / Re: Prophet Segun Philip, Mother & Her Son Remanded For Killing, Eating LASU Student by yinkbell: 8:16pm On Nov 21, 2020
Programming / Re: How Do I Start Please by yinkbell: 9:34pm On Nov 19, 2020
Reading your response to some of the comments, you are an enthusiast of programming as you see a future in it or you feel it's cool. Yes, you are right! The future is digital and yes, it is so so cool to be a programmer, writing jumbled text on the screen that only you and your colleagues understand. Confusing every other individual. Lol.

Okay, that aside. In my honest opinion, start with Python. Here are the reason why:

1. Python is general purpose. It can be used to build a lot of things, from websites, to desktop software etc.
2. It is novice friendly. The syntax is quite easy.
3. You don't have to know a lot of data structure and algorithms to start coding python. Unlike java and c++ that you have to know when U must create variables with it's datatype.
4. You don't have to worry about displacing a semicolon or closing braces.

Again, in my opinion, starting with python will expose you to thinking logically at the beginning of tour journey. When you decide to explore the website part, you can then decide wether you want to do HTML and CSS and all those other stuffs. Or you want to build desktop app, or write kernel for operating systems or write codes for some custom hardware.

Just start. If the enthusiasm is there, every other thing will fall into place.

You can contact me on twitter @chineduukpe to add you to a group where we shared resources. Mostly Abuja based though.

I wish you the very best in your journey.

Let's build a better world, one line of code after another. Cheers.

Hello Mr. Chinedu, you have given the best advise here. Yesterday, I downloaded phyton video on YouTube, to be candid, for the first of being exposed to programming, I have fallen in love with it. So easy compare to others I used to here about. I don't know how to use Twitter, can I connect you via other platform like fb or watsap sir? Thanks bro.

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Investment / Re: Help Me Out To Verify My Paxful ID. by yinkbell: 10:44pm On Oct 30, 2020
Sir I have similar issues, please have you been able to verify yours ?
Yeah. I have successfully verified my paxful account. What issue do you have? Sorry for quoting you very late
Business / Re: I Need Business Ideas I Have 10M To Invest by yinkbell: 6:41pm On Oct 30, 2020
[quote author=TheSparrow post=95455003]Rice milling business is a very viable and profitable business to invest in. Especially now that the government is very much interested in the rice farming and processing industry.

The ban on the importation of rice into Nigeria and the recent closure of the country’s borders by the Federal government has exposed the huge gap in rice production that exists in the country.

Prices of rice almost doubled as a result of high demand of the product plus the inability of the current producers to meet up with the growing demand.

As it stands, the current producers of good quality rice in the country cannot even meet up to 50% of the current demand. This is the reason why the market is flooded with poorly produced and low quality rice and those that produce good quality rice are doing shakara to buyers.

With less than 10 million naira, you can get started with small a rice milling plant that has the capacity to process 10 tons of rice per day.

Average profit per ton is N40,000. So if you can process 100 tons per month, you will be making a gross profit of 4 million naira monthly.


I can prepare a Bankable business plan for you on bottled water production or any other business at a discounted price of N10,000 only.

The business plan is ideal for existing or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to maximize their chances at securing a loan or investment.

The plan will have:

* 3 years production forcast

* 3 years sales forecast

* 3 years gross profit forecast

* 3 years OPEX forecast

* Net profit analysis

* Customer segmentation


Reach out via WhatsApp: 09022106607[/quote
Can we take this discussion further? I have copied your watsap contact we can talk better.

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