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Music/Radio / Re: Sky B- Victory Song (official Video ) by zedman1(m): 9:47am On Jun 30
Before I press play, my heart start to beat. No be say I expect anything from the guy but I been just de pray make him no fall my hand too much, then boom....I pressed play, I hear Oy...oi...oi...oy...oy....I come say make I skip, e come be like one kind weak choir song. Anyways, I never liked any of his songs even back then, na street force that "mam bebe" song enter my ear.
NB, I never said I hated the guy but his songs. You can't force me to like them, I also can't force anyone to hate them. Before one small Nairaland person come start call me names


Politics / Re: Those Who Killed My Father Wanted Abacha As President – MKO Abiola’ Son, Abdul by zedman1(m): 8:08am On Jun 16
Let say ur father had opportunity to be president. Naija would still be, as it's now.

Black people can't manage the resources in their land for the betterment of their own people.
.........From Africa to South America, Carribean. Just name it.

(know this and have peace of mind)
Thank you, this is something I noticed a long time ago. I mentioned it here once and one guy came for me with abusive words. But if we are fair to ourselves, how many black nation have a working economy, except the ones with "white presence" (by this, I mean the colour of the skin) like Egypt and South Africa? Then see what the blacks are doing in SA. Personally, I think there's something inherently wrong with we the blacks. We always complain about our leaders, yet our leaders come from among us, not from Jupiter or Mars. Aren't we the problem?


Politics / Re: Atiku Reacts To Tinubu Slipping While Climbing Parade Vehicle by zedman1(m): 9:47pm On Jun 12
It can happen to anybody.

Please stop this Atiku
I'm interpreting this literally and if you really mean what you wrote without any form of sarcasm, what's wrong with Atiku's statement that you want him to stop? Aren't you on the same page with him?
Romance / Re: Moment Man Caught His Wife In A Hotel Room With Another Man (pics/video) by zedman1(m): 9:13pm On Jun 12
I remember a certain time a married woman wanted to visit me and she suggested a hotel. Now the thing is that she was as free as a bird and had no ulterior motives or intentions. In fact, she wanted somewhere confidential so that many eyes wouldn't see her discussing with a male figure since she felt that some people around there might know her husband.

But she forgot the main thing...a hotel? I reminded her that while she was trying to save her marriage, she was also on the verge of losing it because if she is caught in a hotel with a man, she'll run out of explanations even though she's innocent. Like I mean no excuses can defeat the big question of "what is you and a man doing in a hotel?"

E come bi like her brain no really go that side.

But she corrected her mistake immediately and sincerely apologized after I reminded her. And trust me, she has no ulterior motives. I didn't either. She's a very sincere and upright person so I was sure she's not what you think.

Update: All y'all saying she had ulterior motives or that I was naive are wrong. I strongly stand with what I said. This is someone I've done business gigs with over the years and never was the relationship sexual. And that's because boundaries were built. It was the over trust that made her forget what ought not be heard or done.

I recline to my seat as I keep reading all y'all negative thoughts you feel must happen to a man and a woman meeting forgetting that everyone cannot be you.
But bro, you shouldn't....you can't compare this case with yours. Didn't you hear the husband saying he has been monitoring their chats? I think if the chats were all just about business like in your case, things wouldn't have turned out this way.
Politics / Re: Senators, Reps Should Get Same Minimum Wage As Labour – Father Mbaka by zedman1(m): 9:29pm On Jun 09
We won't be talking about minimum wage not being enough if this fraud of a father did not support in removing Jonathan to install buhari as president. The economy took nose dave from pmb who he claimed was God sent.It is because they have not settled him.That was how the go..at said rochas was God sent for imo state and since then my state has not recovered from rochas bad governance.
Abeg make una stop this rubbish, since I was born, I've never experienced when Nigeria moved foward progressively, except for the short time Abdusalam took over after Abacha's death, the few years of Nigeria's return to civil rule under Obj, the miraculous reduction in price of petrol which turned things for good during Yar'adua's short stay, which rippled into the first few years of Oga Jona. Ever since then, Nigeria has been falling. I don't know if you guys intentionally choose to forget so fast. When you want to refer to a good time in Nigeria, no mention Jonathan abeg. The fact that things are worse shouldn't make those times good. If that's the kind of Nigeria we want, then there isn't any hope at all. We should be thinking of moving forward from this present mess, but stop taking us backwards to that past mess biko.
Politics / Re: Strike’ll Add To Hardship, N494,000 Minimum Wage Unrealistic, Says LP by zedman1(m): 8:28pm On Jun 03
so they should be negatiating without strike with un serious set of people in the power. Many will be doing as if they are not in the country, or because they are very well OK. For how many months will they meet with government, that they are negotiating bread and butter. To increase subsidy, u don't stress urself. U just announced during speech on ur swearing in as a president. U increased price of everything without stress and masses trying to cope. National assembly, and VP got billions of naira to renovate and buy cars, without stress. Ur and ur VP spent 8.6billions within just few months for traveling, no stress. Now, to increase minimum wages, u now turned their representatives to errands boys and girls with different meetings upon meetings and offering them just 60k. What for? They broke down how they came up with the 615k, then u also should break down how u reached the 60k and let everyone hear.
Ok, you wrote it twice. Subsidy was removed, not increased bro.
Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji Listening To 21 By Ayra Starr, Looks Like Teenager In New Photo by zedman1(m): 2:50pm On Jun 03
This could be an old picture of herself, don't believe everything u see on the media.
Listening to Ayra starr and you say it's old bro?
Phones / Re: BoICT: Itel Wins Most Outstanding Mobile Phone Brand Of 2024 by zedman1(m): 1:06am On Jun 02
No one are using itel grin grin grin
grin grin grin grin I got what you did there.

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Nairaland / General / Re: If You Know These, You Are Now An Elder by zedman1(m): 6:28pm On May 30
Cooking oil for the rich.
I liked this oil too much,I didn't even realize when it disappeared from the market. I remember buying it last when I was still in Abuja around 2013 or so. The last time I went to ask for it in the some few years ago, traders were wondering what planet I was from. Honestly, I didn't know it's now old school.
Career / Re: My Twin Took My Place At Work So I Could Go On Vacation - Now I’m In Trouble by zedman1(m): 4:39pm On May 22
Out of all the problems na this one you people have time to post abi? What's happening in Nigeria no concern you people again
I remember when Obasanjo say him no de read or listen to Nigerian news, the thing been surprise us all, but as I come check am well over time, I follow suit. Guy, if you reason Nigeria problem, you go old faster plus depression fit turn your friend. What I do these days when una de quarrel here about country matter na to scroll pass. Guy, Nigeria problem dey before them born us all. Leave am like that, if e good, e good, if e bad, tor. Just leave matters.

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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Singer, Sky B's Grace To Grass Story (Video) by zedman1(m): 10:05am On May 21

His songs were released few weeks to valentine's day. It was on everyone's lips that period.

Links hotel was everyone's favourite back then. The money I spent on Vino Tinto in that hotel should be enough to sponsor 6 Nigerian girls in the university now.
Lol, Vino Tinto was my favourite when I started shacking. Kai, those days. Just like one guy above wrote, I never liked that song, hearing those words "mam bebe" was what provoked me more, but I was forced to get used to the song due to massive air play.
Celebrities / Re: Ayra Starr With Her Gay Fans In Brazil (Photos) by zedman1(m): 12:30pm On May 20
Those who cannot pay her bills, are complaining the loudest....... 😂😭
Na wah o. The way children of this generation carry money cover everything de really baffle me. They're talking one thing, you're talking bills. Tufiakwa.

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Politics / Re: Alia Meets Ex-UK Minister, Says Benue Has Investment Opportunities In Agricultur by zedman1(m): 7:50am On May 19
First time after so many years, I can boldly say we have a working governor. Alia is trying.

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Phones / Re: What Happened After I Bought Nokia 6300 At Wuse Market by zedman1(m): 2:34am On May 19
Go to school Una no go gre. Kai is os dead .

It's a dead os so even if you got the original why I earth would your waste your money ?
Guy, scroll up, read what the guy wrote. Check his write-up na. I won't lie to you, you can't convince anyone that you went to school more than the guy you quoted. Like someone wrote up there, his writing is flawless. Just say you're more tech inclined than he is, no bring school matter here, he pass you!

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Celebrities / Re: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Beating Cassie Ventura In 2016 Video by zedman1(m): 9:19pm On May 18

The media is in to position to be judged. If all what we do gets captured on camera and shown to the world most of us will be less than happy. Let the law decide on things.
Good, so in essence, what you're saying is that since...for example, like they say "all politicians are thieves" then we catch a few, are we to let them go cos all of them are thieves? Is that really a walk in the right direction to you? You see why our numerous problems may never end? Abegi, Diddy messed up, forget that your "being black story" bros.

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Celebrities / Re: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Beating Cassie Ventura In 2016 Video by zedman1(m): 9:18pm On May 18

The media is in to position to be judged. If all what we do gets captured on camera and shown to the world most of us will be less than happy. Let the law decide on things.
Good, so in essence, what you're saying is that since...for example, like they say "all politicians are thieves" then we catch a few, are we to let them go cos all of them are thieves? Is that really a walk in the right direction to you? You see why our numerous problems may never end? Abegi, Diddy messed up, forget that your "being black story" bros.

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Celebrities / Re: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Beating Cassie Ventura In 2016 Video by zedman1(m): 5:42am On May 18
The white liberal will ruin every successful black male in america. That's their plan. The did it to Micheal Jackson, Bill Cosby, rkelly and now Diddy. But if it their gay loving liberal white men they will cover them up.
Abeg, how are they ruining Diddy? Some, I repeat, some of these people ruin themselves and play the victim card by claiming it's because they're black. Are you in support of the things Diddy has done so far or what?


Health / Re: Nneka Onwuzuligbo: Dr. Anu & Her Clinic Convicted Over Client's Death by zedman1(m): 5:23am On May 18

I really find it amusing when people bring non relevant issues to a different topic on Nairaland.

Let the issue at hand and judgement given be appraised and discussed so current practitioners, cosmetic surgery patronizers, etc can learn. Please don't water down the topic at hand.

Go to Quora and see how people only stick to issues being posted. Na so e suppose be.
Honestly, I ran from one popular Nigerian site back then because of this issue(the site is now almost dead). See how people comport themselves on foreign media like Quora you mentioned, always sticking to the topic. Nairaland was such a beauty the first time I stumbled upon it, but now it's a shadow of itself, going in the same direction as that dead site.
You may read a topic like; MAN FINDS COCKROACHES IN HIS HOT AFANG SOUP, next, you see comments like,
" I blame Agbadorians, or it is bitter Obi blah blah blah. They don't want to talk about the hot soup or cockroaches anymore.

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Politics / Re: We Have Keyed Into Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda – Otti by zedman1(m): 7:45pm On May 15
This thing called politics and emotional supporters.

If Otti returns to APC today, those hailing him now might begin to curse him while those on the other sides now might begin to praise him.

And that is the problem I have with majority of Nigerians. The day we stop voting along party lines will be the day we'll start getting it a bit right. A bit, because other problems still dey ground.
TV/Movies / Re: When The Epic Cartoon, Voltron Made Its Debut (Throwback) by zedman1(m): 3:41pm On May 15
Form arms and feet...and now the head, form blazing sword....FORM VOLTRON. Lol, I no remember how dem de take talk the forming sequence again. Sweet cartoon that year. Then there was that scientific cartoon called thunder Sub. That one no be for pikin like that but we still enjoy am too.
Politics / Re: Benue Governor Alia's 58th Birthday Today: Highlight Of His Achievements by zedman1(m): 3:27pm On May 15
🧐🧐🧐🧐 nawah oo ass licking people everywhere. With this your long writes up, I just read only salary nothing else from that long book..
Those few pictures there no be film trick. If to say you be from Benue, you for understand. Alia is trying abeg.

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Family / Re: Physically Challenged Woman Marks 3-years Marriage Anniversary With Husband by zedman1(m): 9:05pm On May 14
GUY Man dey chat another woman while holding the wife grin grin grin
Seeing the guy pressing his phone, I no go lie but talk the truth and shame the devil, some negative thoughts about him run through my mind too.

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Career / Re: Why You Should Never Pay Your Workers In Advance (pics) by zedman1(m): 8:38pm On May 14
Na POP dey cover rainfall? undecided
Oboy, de thing tire me. And you'll see a lot of people liking such posts. E de pain to see ignorant people (no be insult) blaming and proffering solutions to things they know little or nothing about.
Career / Re: Why You Should Never Pay Your Workers In Advance (pics) by zedman1(m): 8:27pm On May 14
Lolzz. Once money don enter their hand like this, they will not be motivated to do the job well again. This is how some people end up with leaking POP when it rains, e.t.c. grin
When you talk about leakage, POP or any other ceiling material at all should not be mentioned because they are 'innocent'. You should rather be talking about the roof covering.
Politics / Re: No more verification exercise: Abia NLC dares Otti over 7 months unpaid salaries by zedman1(m): 8:52pm On May 13

Na so Ortom been start him job. Every end of the month, verification. Na so salaries go disappear for that month. After some time, when he realised they were about to decode his job, he shifted to Fulani. That he did for the whole eight years! Kai, that guy was the worst thing to ever happen to Benue state throughout history. See how Alia de try now abeg.
About this Alex guy, I know nothing about him and really don't know how or why he's doing his own. It just reminded me of the trick that dirty evil bastar*d Ortom started with.

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TV/Movies / Re: I Have A Smart Tv, Never Knew I Was Wasting Money On Dstv by zedman1(m): 8:43pm On May 13

Wetin spoil am?
Na the screen, I no fit find am around here, dem say I gats order from Lagos and it was a 50/50 chance it will fit. I been no know the worth, so I sold the TV to the repairer at a very cheap rate. E don pass sha.
TV/Movies / Re: I Have A Smart Tv, Never Knew I Was Wasting Money On Dstv by zedman1(m): 8:30pm On May 13
For more than 2 years I have been consistently subscribing to DSTV, from last year march till last month, I was on price lock on 9k for compact. No doubt I was actually enjoying dstv especially premier league football.

So my subscription expired last week and I checked the new price for compact, it was 15k+. Geskiya I said I can't be subscribing again. The money is too much. Thanks almost 180k per year.

So yesterday, I was at home, was now playing around with my TV apps, what I saw really amazed me.

There are plenty apps that shows children movies, another ones shows action films, though old, but they are interesting. There is an afroland TV that shows Nigerian movies. This afroland shows live France 24 news. There is Plex TV that shows live channels and still have movies too.

Then I discovered that Al Jazeera, channels TV and some other news channels shows live on YouTube. Worst of it all is that, on YouTube there are some personal channels that have full videos on movies both foreign and locals, with very recent cartoons.

Then I said let me test the cast option. Lo and behold, when man city match started, I used a stream app to watch football on my phone then I now casted it to TV. O boy, everything clear.

I watched Man city, Tottenham and Chelsea matches.

When I was leaving the house after Chelsea match, I checked my data, despite connecting it to my TV since morning, I didn't blow up to 4g.

So if I used that my 9k I was using to subscribe to DSTV compact and buy Airtel 22g for 5k, I will be on unlimited streaming till month end.

Watch at you own space.

In addition, some of these documentaries that is been shown on nat geographic gold and wild, discovery channel, investigation ID, there episodes are there on YouTube. All you need is to search for it.

My brothers and sisters....

Bye bye to DSTV and other paid TV.

In addition, there is a radio app on the smart TV that brings to you plenty radio channels both home and abroad. What I haven't confirmed is if it's live or pre recorded.
I had a smart TV, never knew what it was capable of doing until it got spoilt. I just wasted it's years.
Phones / Re: Nokia 3310 Makes A Return After 25 Years With A New Look by zedman1(m): 1:16pm On May 11
Isn’t this the 2nd time the company is reintroducing this Nokia 3310?
Exactly, I think they did same thing some years ago. I clearly remember reading it here on Nairaland.

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Religion / Re: Prophet Odumeje As A Gospel Artist In 2001 (Video) by zedman1(m): 9:06am On May 11
In Nigeria fuulish Nigerians believe a pastor must speak grammar to be a good pastor.

Motivational speakers turn pastors are the trending ones. Check all of them.

The Christ they follow does not even know how to speak English or was it a scholar. The spirit of God does not look at your educational background.

This is not about odumeje
Ha, your last line is such a relieve. I thought after discrediting those so called "men of god" in suite, you were trying to approve of Odumeje as a genuine one. Better.
Romance / Re: “Don’t Judge Me”- Slay Queen Says As She Causes Stir Online With Her Round Ny@sh by zedman1(m): 1:05pm On May 09
“Don’t judge me”- Slay queen says as she causes stir online with her round ny@sh in trending photos

A popular slay queen caused a stir online with her round nyash in trending photos. The slay queen was seen in a few photos wearing a tight-fitting dress that showed off her curves and her round nyash.

The photos quickly went viral and caught the attention of many social media users. Some praised her for her confidence while others questioned why she felt the need to post such photos.

The slay queen responded to the criticism and said that she was proud of her body and wanted to show it off.

She said that she should be allowed to express herself without being judged. The photos also sparked a conversation about body positivity and the importance of being comfortable in one’s own skin.

The slay queen’s post was ultimately a reminder to everyone to be proud of who they are, no matter what shape or size they may be.
Lol, see how this Op is describing the thing - the round nyash... her round nyash. Ah ahn.
Celebrities / Re: Elizabeth Evoeme Is Dead! Ovularia Of The New Masquerade Dies At 81 by zedman1(m): 8:50am On May 08
Eyaa, she don follow Gringory, Jegede and I heard Clarus too or was it Natty died some time ago?


Celebrities / Re: Kanayo O Kanayo Welcomes Son, Clinton, To Film Production Team (video) by zedman1(m): 1:44am On May 08
They look alike
Ha! It's either my eyes de pain me or the other way round. Bros, na lie o, dem no look alike o. Okay o.

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