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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 6:17pm On Jun 28, 2017
Shalomdee, Deji124, wizsolzy, xaviercasmir, Benteazaa, EvaJael, donkelz, Ibunkun1..... You guys should come on in..... It's been updated...


Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 6:33pm On Jun 28, 2017
More invites,,

Tbrakakin,, spixytinxy, ouzo1, Dr Rasheed, Drnoel, queenitee, sarvy, RolaDiva, shakyroh320, pweetychyka, eboigbedavid, Tbrak, BabaAlaji, Aliyeous, Udochee, tijehi, motherfucker, classbooks, Divepen1, ROYH, Novelbeast, Akinwale14, Olaide59, granite, inams, chizzymans, keemellah

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Re: Mask Hunter by Ibunkun1(m): 12:07am On Jun 29, 2017
life doesn't always turn out the way we think.... Hope u r enjoying it
Yes Sir.
Re: Mask Hunter by EvaJael(f): 7:34am On Jun 29, 2017
Shalomdee, Deji124, wizsolzy, xaviercasmir, Benteazaa, EvaJael, donkelz, Ibunkun1..... You guys should come on in..... It's been updated...
Thanks love. Remember not to make me cry
Re: Mask Hunter by xaviercasmir(m): 7:39am On Jun 29, 2017
Shalomdee, Deji124, wizsolzy, xaviercasmir, Benteazaa, EvaJael, donkelz, Ibunkun1..... You guys should come on in..... It's been updated...
i see u
Re: Mask Hunter by Benteazaa(m): 7:41am On Jun 29, 2017
Shalomdee, Deji124, wizsolzy, xaviercasmir, Benteazaa, EvaJael, donkelz, Ibunkun1..... You guys should come on in..... It's been updated...

i still de here bros
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 8:52am On Jun 29, 2017
Waoh moderator has picked my work already.... Thanks boss at the top... Iv been motivated like... Update soon
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 8:53am On Jun 29, 2017

i still de here bros
oh good....Let's keep riding
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 8:54am On Jun 29, 2017

Yes Sir.
Smiles........ Thanks for ur time here

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 8:55am On Jun 29, 2017

Thanks love. Remember not to make me cry
Ofcourse not,, except tears of joy.. Lolz
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 8:56am On Jun 29, 2017

i see u
see me for where,, Im safe so?
Re: Mask Hunter by samesquare(m): 10:30am On Jun 29, 2017
He tried to ask for directions, perhaps he might be lucky to find his path but his appearance alone scared potential helpers out of their wits, he was dirty, tired and hungry but had nowhere to rest his hothead nor food to quench his hunger. He was miserable.

It was past 7 o'clock in the evening, the boy had gone astray. He had given up the search for his right pathvfor that day. Night was approaching very fast, he needed an enclosed area to lay his head, he would continue on his journey the next day.

The boy looked up into the sky, the sky was cloudy. He knew it was about to rain. He had no idea where to shelter himself when the condensed water vapor was eventually released onto the earth. He noticed a flight of swallows fleeing swiftly, they were retiring to their nests.

Traders, merchants, retailers and hawkers had all closed their shops after which they vacated the area. The rain had started giving a faith drizzle, every where was Desolated, if he hadn't seen how active the area was earlier, he would have easily concluded that he was in an isle of no inhabitants for there wasn't a single sun of Adam at the area, Ofcourse except himself..

The boy needed a place to conceal himself, a kiosk, container, empty shop or even an abandoned vehicle. He searched and searched to no avail.. At last, he saw a large cylindrical drum which was big enough to host his little body for the night..

Suddenly, the rain started poring heavily, he was immediately drenched. He quickly opened the drum and emptied it of Itz dirts.. He hopped in and then covered the drum..
He sat quietly brooding on his past, his present predicaments and the bleak future. He decided to take Solace in the hope of reuniting with his babe brother but he was really scared..what if he had starved to death or killed by roaming wilds. There were tears rolling down his cheeks, the boy ignored them afterall he was completely soaked.

The boy felt uncomfortable, he felt pains emanating from every parts of his body, he felt giddy and hungry. He remembered he had pocketed a stale loaf of bread he had fortunately found when scavenging his host.. He brought the loaf out and bit it hungryly, the odious taste almost made him to regurgitate, however the Starving worms in him welcomed the meal joyously.

Soon he heard voices few distance away, although he couldn't clearly hear their conversation, he wonder what they were doing in such a heavy rain..

The men were getting closer to the hide-out, the boy knew they were inches away from him. One of the said "Are you sure you've seen him around here today?", another man to whom the d questions was directed replied "yes, I'm hundred percent sure"

The boy heard the voices clearly, he recognized them.the voices maid him tremble in fear, he was sweating profusely amid the glacial weather, he covered his mouth with his palms. His heart was beating so fast that it was threatening to escape its confinement. But for the rumbling notice of the thunder, the men would have easily heard his Heartbeat.

The boy knew if he was eventually found, he had met his catastrophe.......
Nice fiction story Bro but I hope sexton wasn't his father....

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Re: Mask Hunter by Deji124(m): 11:01am On Jun 29, 2017
Shalomdee, Deji124, wizsolzy, xaviercasmir, Benteazaa, EvaJael, donkelz, Ibunkun1..... You guys should come on in..... It's been updated...
i dey gidigba for here oh my boss.

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 11:28am On Jun 29, 2017

Nice fiction story Bro but I hope sexton wasn't his father....
Hmmmmm..... Chill Bro u will soon knw who his father was
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 11:29am On Jun 29, 2017
i dey gidigba for here oh my boss.
make I quickly update
Re: Mask Hunter by Shalomdee(f): 1:24pm On Jun 29, 2017
Nice update, keep up the good work.

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 1:38pm On Jun 29, 2017


It had been a month since the birth of Tony, omolara had been observing her husband's moody attitudes. Sometimes, he would sit alone in their bedroom brooding over what seemed equivocal to her, other times he would return dead drink .

As a responsible and caring wife, who had known her husband as a cheerful man and who had strong phobia for any intoxicating drink, she had asked him on several occasions the cause of his disparagement.. However, he had gently told her on such occasions that there wasn't any problem, that he was perfectly fine, but Omolara had never bought that Flimsy reply, she couldn't..

It was 3.05am on a faithful day, omolara had woken up to ease herself of the stored urine in her bladder when he found her husband crying vehemently, she was taken aback for she had never seen the love of her life in such astounding condition.
"baby, what is happening, why are you in this state?" she insisted in a voice which portrayed that she wasn't going to be laid off this time. Jide went closer to her and touched her face gently rubbing her skin smoothly. He looked passionately into her eyes and burst into another round of tears, raising his voices this time. He was unable to maintain the inaudible cry he had before her wife was up...

Just like a plaque, omolara caught the fire, still unsure of what had caused a man to cry bitterly, she started crying freely..it appears that petrol had been added to the furnace, she cried on bringing his head closer to her chest while rubbing his ebony hair with his palms,, again she asked "Tell me what is wrong"

"you are - - - God why, - - - babe you are dying,the doctor said you will be leaving us, me, Jason and even Tony. Babe you have just three years Ultimatum with great cost "he dropped the bomb..

Slowly, omolara withdrew from him resting her back on the wooden board of the bed, she said " how do you mean I'm dying, leaving you? "

" the doctor said you you suffering from lymphomatosis of the tissue and you must be on medications which costs a million monthly, only that can extend your life babe "

Omolara was entangled, she wanted to cry a river but her eyes were dry, they had betrayed her. She was silent, many things was rushing through her mind. She thought of her children, what would become of them, who would take care of them when she's gone? Her new born Tony was just a month old and now it seemed certained that he wouldn't recognize her before she was gone... The thoughts alone opened the gate of tears, like a river, they were flowing down freely ruining the powdered substance she had worn on her face the previous night. Her visions were blur by tears and she couldn't imagine what would happen in the future..

Although, there was absolute tranquility in the bedroom, many things were screaming in their heads, Jide was weighing his options, he wondered what he would gain if he agreed to spend a million a month on her medications, though it's her money, it would be vanity since she would eventually die.
Omolara knew the bright future was becoming bleak, her children would become motherless and another woman would reap what she had sown...she cried all night..

It had been a year since they heard the bad news, things weren't they way they used to be. Although omolara tried a much to make things right but the passion had been killed, the burning affections had diminished and the love Jide had for her was beginning to wane, he believed that she's nothing but a walking dead who, in the nearest future, would kiss the dust..

Omolara had spent roughly thirteen million on medications already and now the account was red, if they kept it on, they would have nothing to eat and she wouldn't want that.. Since she was going to die anyway, omolara proposed that she stopped the medications, at least the money left would suffice and cater for the children's education and welfare.
"honey, I think we should stop spending on my health. I know you have been my backbone, the
children needs you and the money to secure a better life." omolara had said.

"no babe, it is not going to happen, every second you spend on earth means the world to me. I will buy you every available time, I can't live without you.. We need you, Jason and Tony need you. I love you " he countered as they kissed.

One would think Jide was sincere and Conscientious,, he knew within himself what evil he was orchestrating,, he was about to do the unthinkable, he wasn't going to lose on both ends, never would he.. He needed to hasten up what he was planning, if it worked which he was absolutely sure is incontrovertible, he would be a billionaire in a matter of time..

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 1:40pm On Jun 29, 2017
My question now is,, in your own opinions, what plan is Jide orchestrating??
Re: Mask Hunter by drnoel: 1:45pm On Jun 29, 2017
More invites,,

Tbrakakin,, spixytinxy, ouzo1, Dr Rasheed, Drnoel, queenitee, sarvy, RolaDiva, shakyroh320, pweetychyka, eboigbedavid, Tbrak, BabaAlaji, Aliyeous, Udochee, tijehi, motherfucker, classbooks, Divepen1, ROYH, Novelbeast, Akinwale14, Olaide59, granite, inams, chizzymans, keemellah

Appeared, thanx for d mention
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 1:48pm On Jun 29, 2017

Appeared, thanx for d mention
you welcome baba
Re: Mask Hunter by Deji124(m): 5:32pm On Jun 29, 2017
My question now is,, in your own opinions, what plan is Jide orchestrating??
I tink he would want to duped his wife her hardearned money and properties,
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 8:03pm On Jun 29, 2017
I tink he would want to duped his wife her hardearned money and properties,
Hmmmmm..... What if he kills her himself....
Re: Mask Hunter by wizsolzy(m): 8:04pm On Jun 29, 2017
Dedicated to my followers,, Shalomdee,, Deji124,, wizsolzy,, xaviercasmir,, Benteazaa and the other ghost readers.....


Two days later, omolara called him, it was on a Saturday. "Good evening handsome" she initiated the conversation. "Good evening God sent" he replied as the conversation continued. Why he referred to her as 'God sent' was understandable to only him.

Omolara, who almost didn't sleep all night, had fallen in love with him, she proposed that they meet that day, she wanted to see him everyday, her Alacrity had given her away.

"I'm really sorry dear, we cant meet today. I just finished my laundry and I need to cook something "he had replied making her feel dejected but she was determined and wasn't ready to back off so easily..

" oh! If you don't mind, I can do the cooking "she proposed again hoping to be accepted this time.. There was a long silence on the other end before he replied" alright,, I shall send you the address ".
She was very glad, her entire mind and soul were filled with happiness, if he a horse was ridden on the highway of her mind at that moment, the horse would have galloped with ease. It was a perfect feeling.
Not that omolara was a cheap damsel, it was far from that, in fact she had turned down numerous suitors before running into him but this guy was quite different, his physical appearance was Impeccable and he looked genuine

She had gone to his abode that day in her best appearance, she was claded on her most expensive skimpy gown which barely reached her knees. Although she felt quite uncomfortable as the dress was a tight one, she was more than pleased when he later commented on how sexy she was..

Omolara wasn't a bitch neither was she a call girl who was envisaaging sexual intercourse with him. She was just so into him that she was ready to give him her everything, her body, money, investment, soul and even her life.. Call it craziness, insanity, stupidity, she didn't care.. She had practically turned him to her god... Perhaps she had been hypnotized..

Now,, Its been six months since they met. Omolara had been Anticipating his professed love for her but none seemed to be forthcoming. She however have him a month Ultimatum and if he didn't prove to be the man she presumed he was, she would move on..but she knew within herself that it was just a Hogwash..

It was a Friday night, they had just returned from the cinema. Omolara sat on the sofa nor far from him, he had been staring at her and she felt rather uncomfortable.. Soon, Jide sat beside her, held her hands and said "I was sent down to earth for a mission, a mission to find someone that will complete me, I never thought that my task would be fulfilled till the very moment I met you.. I have finally found my perfection whom I have been seeking for all my life, at this moment, I still can't believe my eyes as the girl I thought only existed in fairytale now stands facing me, staring at the moon each night I saw your gentle smile, the smile that gave me the strength to make the impossible possible "
Omolara was amazed, she couldn't belive her ears tears had formed in her pretty eyes and were begging to rush down like rain, rain of joys..

" my affection for your grows each and every day "he continued" I'm totally addicted to you, when I look into your eyes, I see the real me, a person that live for a goal and purpose. I just hope that you and I can be in a relationship that is more than just friends someday.... For now I'm declaring my love for you and I will be right here waiting for you... I love you, omolara "he had just made a confession,,but was it a genuine one? He knows his primary motives was her wealth, the credulous young woman never knew he was a gold digger..

Now the tears were flowing freely, someone had to stop her from causing a flood, she didn't believe what she had just heard, although she had been Anticipating eagerly, he was just so sweat.

"what took you so long? I've been waiting for this day, I've kept my feelings for you contained for a long time as I'm in love with you, but true and honest love shouldn't be contained and kept quiet for this long. There's so much about you that most girls don't see, they only see half, they see your body but my love for you is more than skin deep, my feelings for you grow more and more each day, it grows deeper and more everlasting with every passing minutes. You mean so much to me. Your hug makes me all warm and tingly inside "she smiled and covered her face as she continued " I dream of you day in and out. I will walk one thousand miles just to hold you for one minute and have not one question about it... I'm in love with you and I will love you for the rest of my life Badmus Jide" she concluded sincerely..

Before he could say Jack Robinson, she was already all over him, kissing him passionately. Two years later, they had got married and had their first child,,, BADMUS JASON...

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 7:46am On Jun 30, 2017
Good morning guys..... Update will be dropped ASAP
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 11:20am On Jun 30, 2017
Dedicated to Deji124,, my allegiant follower who guessed jide's intentions right...



It was on a faithful day, the day omolara would never forget even in her grave. The mood was saucy as usual, Jason had gone to school and Tony was in his slumber.. She was in the sitting room sitting in a couch,she was claded in her pink night gown and wore a light makeup which covered the deficit of her swollen face. She placed her legs on the wooden table in a crossed manner while focusing on what seemed to have captivated her mind, it was a program on the television. It seemed she had forgotten her sorrow as she smiled happily to herself..
Jide's friend drove into the large compound, he parked into the garage and then coursed into the living room. "you are not dressed yet!" he said feeling disappointed as he continued "the flight to Paris leaves at 5 o'clock and here you are at 2.53pm being completely fascinated by TV, you are not even dressed. I'm sure you know the consequences of missing your flight?"

"what flight, who's flying?" omolara was thunderstrucked... Had her husband booked a flight for her treatment overseas? Perhaps the man before him was joking for he knew him as clown who was fund of throwing Jocular remarks.. What if he's serious, he didnt sound like he was making jests. Well, if her husband had booked a flight for her,, she would easily decline it because there wasn't much left for her medication in Nigeria let alone abroad, she had been paying through her nose already and wasn't ready to increase the cost....

Soon, Jide was out with his bag and baggage, she was about to sprang at him when she noticed something bizarre, something irregular about him.. Jide was completely draped in a blue Jean and t-shirt, he wore a blue canvas to complement his dressing, his dressing depicted one who was about to travel abroad. She was more disordered. Even if Jide had booked a flight for him, why hadn't he told her, at least she would have got prepared for the journey, perhaps he wanted to surprise her..

"what is happening honey, why they bags, what's going on??" she said ruefully. Jide asked his friend to excuse them after which he moved closer to her "I'm sorry dear, I know you loved me whole heartedly, but unfortunately I never loved you, although I tried as much to love you back, but I couldn't." omolara felt dejected, she couldn't believe her ears, was this a dream? If it were she had better woken up.she had been betrayed, she had been lied to, she had been bequiled all this years,hot tears rolled freely..

"what about the boys, our children. Don't you love them too?" she murmured in a tattered voice, her legs were weak and she felt giddy..
"consider them gifts from me, at least you won't lose on two ends. I'm moving on with my life. I'm sorry Laura, I don't love you, I never did. You should move on with your life too" he said as he dashed out of the room. He was gone.
Omolara threw herself to the ground, she thought of what he said, "you should move one with your life too" but what life did she have? Her life would soon end, she covered her face with her palms but the tears still escaped though the available spaces.dying is one things, everyone will eventually die, but being deceived by the one you loved is another thing, the worst thing..Even after fathering two boys with her he still had the mind to split Hogwashes, Jide was indeed a serpent....

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 11:21am On Jun 30, 2017
Chapter 17 to be continued shortly...... Typing Aint easy biko

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Re: Mask Hunter by Benteazaa(m): 1:12pm On Jun 30, 2017
Chapter 17 to be continued shortly...... Typing Aint easy biko

OGA come and continue no de do us siddon de look
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 1:40pm On Jun 30, 2017

OGA come and continue no de do us siddon de look
Iv been quite busy ni jie...... Typing Aint easy... Secretaries are trying o
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 1:41pm On Jun 30, 2017
Give me 20minutes Biko......
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 4:26pm On Jun 30, 2017

Jide had been heartless all along, he had garnered enough riches and wealth from her, in fact he had sold all properties, cars, hotels, houses, lands. If possible he would have sold the children, perhaps omolara herself..
Jide had conspired with the doctor to place her on bogus medications, he had bribed the medical practitioner who willingly acceeded. Omolara had been on fake treatment and she never knew. Jide was truly a heartless beast.

Omolara was broken, she cursed the day she met him, her life was shattered, she wondered what would become of the children when she died, she had no family and friends, she was in a mess.
Who could believe Jide could be so fake,, his proposed love had been unreal all along. Life was now worthless to her, she had given him his love, trust and life easily, he didn't even earn them inherently. But was she at fault to have loved him?. The Thought were never ending..
Now she had no heart for him anymore, it had been broken, it wasn't there again, she's now bloodless, congealed and hollow..

Two months had gone since Jide forsake the family, he didn't tell them where he had gone let alone how he could be found. Life for the three had become hard. Jide had taken everything, the money, the properties and even their happiness. There wasn't any food to eat which make omolara resorted into hawking pure water in the streets of Lagos, the streets she had trodden along with her car were now been walked upon on her feet.. On many days, she had been insulted by low-life thugs, some even tapped her bums and other made attempts to squeeze her breast.this made her cry every night for she knew they wouldn't have dared it if Jide hadn't shown his demon side,but she had no choice because her children must survive....

Omolara had just returned from her regular business when she met two men and a policeman. the men, one of whom was a lawyer and the other a businessman.. She was asked to vacate the building with immediate effect for it had been sold out.... The documents were presented to her, it occurred to her that Jide had also sold the house, the only place they could rest their heads..
Omolara was dejected, she wondered if his wickedness had no limits, how could he do that to her let alone the children he had fathered.. She pleaded to no avail, she was later thrown out with her nine year old Jason and one year old Tony. They had no where to go, no idea of where to live, no money to acquire a room on rent at least. They were completely in bankruptcy and they were skint... They had become vagrants who wandered about the streets.... Jide had destroyed their lives.....

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 4:29pm On Jun 30, 2017
Chapter 18 loading but I need comments,, perhaps criticism on my short comings.... Thank you
Re: Mask Hunter by XCELsis(f): 5:19pm On Jun 30, 2017
Wow I love this

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