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busky101: israel has nothing against gaza, but you should understand that if they should pay less attention to gaza, hamas will grow into a large terrorist group even worse than this new isis Palestinians should revolve against hamas instead.

Please go and sit down, Israel founded Hamas, how about your hometown is surrounded on all sides, you can not leave, can not work except your captives give you permission, tell me how you will feel. The armed wing of Hamas is a terrorist organisation, the Israeli Army is a bigger one.

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Politics / Re: Mrs Aisha Buhari's Reaction To Husband's Attack In Kaduna Yesterday by hercules07: 11:14pm On Jul 24
My sister, she gbaguaned, but it is a bearable gbaguan, unlike the president's wife. Mrs Jonathan's gbagauns are in a class of their own

Scaring is actually correct in that context as well, means to be afraid, she might have made a semantic mistake, maybe she meant scarring.
Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by hercules07: 10:45pm On Jan 10
What is the job of the Human Rights and Civic Organisations, they need to help vet the credentials of our leaders, if indeed Amosun submitted fake credentials, he should be impeached and prosecuted. We do not need a certificate forger as a leader in the SW.
Politics / Re: All Norwegians Become Crown Millionaires In Oil Saving Landmark - Reuters by hercules07: 1:18pm On Jan 10

I was about to make the same point before I read your post.

I remember Amaechi's Governors' Forum was at the vanguard of opposition against the SWF. Now, what does that tell us?

@ Topic,

The truth is that Scandinavia is heaven on earth. Not because of the so-called oil or other natural endowments, but because of the quality of human beings they have - who they are as a people. This surreal reality is the same from Norway to Sweden, to Denmark, Luxemburg, and the rest. We can blame our political leadership in Nigeria (and by extension, Africa) from now until eternity, but the problem is not one of leadership. After all, a people always get the government they deserve.

Narrow-minded parochialism, tribalism, ethnocentrism, nepotism, favouritism, and all the other negative 'isms' are what defines us as a people. That is why things might never work, at least not in our generation.

The incumbent president and his team can only try to lay the foundations for a national reawakening that might usher in a new way of doing things, but the success of such a plan ultimately depends on ordinary Nigerians. I honestly do not feel too optimistic, considering that the average Nigerian I encounter daily does not seem ready to discard business as usual, and would readily exploit any situation for personal/familial/clannish advantage. . . .the same way their leaders at every level have ravaged the country since Independence.

It's a tragedy.

Let me take you up on the Sovereign wealth fund thing, as far as we know in Nigeria, the state Governors do more for their states than the Federal Government, they need the funds to do this as their services are closer to the people, now if the FG is interested in a sovereign wealth fund, why does it not use part of its 56% of the national wealth to set up a sovereign wealth fund, this way, the Governors will not have any reason to object to it. The country is a federation, the FG can not act on behalf of the states without their consent.
The incumbent government should lead by example and stop expecting Nigerians to change when they themselves are still stuck in the 18th century.
Politics / Re: New Policy On Importation Of Tokunbo Cars: Big News Page by hercules07: 2:10am On Jan 10
The first thing the government should have done was to have a sliding scale taxation on imported cars based on the age of the cars, for instance, 10 year old cars or younger could be on 15% with emission standards set, older than 10 years could be on 35% with emission standards, the extra vehicle inspection for emissions and other safety can be done before registering the car, if your car does not meet the standards, you will be forced to either bin it or do the necessary adjustments, what this does is it helps good mechanics make some more money on getting imported cars up to standard, means they get to employ people who at least will do the inspection.
The other area the government should have focused on is the area of parts, we all know that we are buying fake spare parts, if the government can encourage companies to setup parts manufacturing plants in Nigeria, they can ban the importation of used parts and put say 15% tariff on new parts. Used cars that are older can be brought up to fairly good state by using genuine parts.
This policy is just crazy and is defined to help cronies of government.


Politics / Re: Jonathan Insists Ban On Tokunbo Cars Not To Cause Hardship To Nigerians by hercules07: 10:21am On Jan 04
taharqa: Maybe cos NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD that has a functional AutoIndustry have done what you are suggesting??

Canada does that.
Politics / Re: LASG Gives N1b To Support 400 Graduate Farmers by hercules07: 10:27pm On Dec 29, 2013
geeez: Haters repeat after me:

Eko o no baje

Then flatheada chorus:

O baje ti

O like wahala o.
Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Ibadan Is Still A Dirty Place? by hercules07: 8:36pm On Dec 29, 2013
Magic Bishop: Ibadan is a slum

You are an idiota, I can show you pictures of the east that is dirtier than any place in the SW.

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Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Fani-Kayode Blasts CBN Governor, Lamido Sanusi Over Comment On Yorubas by hercules07: 12:42am On Dec 29, 2013
I am sure this response came at that time, guys are just recycling it for nefarious reasons. Sanusi had some points but he generalised too much in some areas.
Politics / Re: Tony Elumelu - The Next CBN Governor by hercules07: 12:37am On Dec 29, 2013
Being reserve bank governor is not about all that plenty talk that Rewane is always talking on tv. For the reserve bank governor,we need men with proven records of building institutions and team players not men who have been running one man consultancy most of their adult lives and spouting textbook economic on tv.
The case of Elumelu has been discussed earlier in this thread. We need to keep these banking cowboys far from our public space. Let them stick to enjoying their loot in the private space and keep deceiving gullible folks with all these videos posted here.

Atedo Peterside and Ben Akabueze are my choices, all these cowboy bankers that nearly killed the sector during Soludo's time should not move near the post.

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Politics / Re: Will Or Can The Yorubas Ever Reclaim The Ilorin Throne? by hercules07: 8:43pm On Dec 28, 2013
KIRIJI: These flatheads are irredeemably da.ft. So becuase the ilorin monarch assumes are fulani nomenclature automatically means the entire kwara state is under fulani control? The Governor, Deputy governor, Senatotrs, Legislators, Local government chairmen, and Ward councillors are all Yorubas. So where is the fulani subjugation coming from?

The Emir is more yoruba than fulani, infact it has been that way for a long time but our friends from the east do not know this. Ilorin is a yoruba town and the state is led by a yoruba man.


Politics / Re: Aliko Dangote Set To Spend $9 Billion On Refinery Project In Lagos by hercules07: 8:39pm On Dec 28, 2013
I think there is a need to hope that the development spreads all over the country, SE, SS, NW and NC and even NE when they are through with killing themselves. Lagos state is too crowded, we need to depopulate the state by spreading development. I am happy with Dangote's investments in the SW.
Politics / Re: 2015 Elections: Nigerians Are Not Stupiid by hercules07: 8:36pm On Dec 28, 2013
Segeggs: can you provide a source to the above cajole tactics?

Sauce or am not eating this bullsheet.

Fasehun OPC is behind GEJ (contract things), Afenifere is also behind him because Tinubu has made them redundant, they will do anything to see Tinubu's downfall even to the detriment of Yoruba land.

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Politics / Re: Tony Elumelu - The Next CBN Governor by hercules07: 8:34pm On Dec 28, 2013

Akingbola remains an idol to enterpreneurship in Nigeria!
In any societies, he would be praised for his innovation and foresight. In Nigeria, where the bad people ALWAYS win, I'm not surprised that the man is not respected.

Erastus ko, Erasmus ni, someone who could not run a bank successfully, please how much is intercontinental shares right now? Confirmed round tripper and money launderer.
Politics / Re: Tony Elumelu - The Next CBN Governor by hercules07: 8:30pm On Dec 28, 2013
I will prefer Ben Akabueze as the CBN governor, he was a banker and has served meritoriously in the LASG.
Politics / Re: Tony Elumelu - The Next CBN Governor by hercules07: 5:09pm On Dec 28, 2013

Ok, guess we are saying the same thing; the awards were bought, likewise his MSc in Economics. Then he used mago-mago and man-no-man + politics to rise to the position of First Bank MD and later CBN Governor. He merited none of them at all, right?

Am learning more and more!

BTW, am not Sanusi's fan or one of his praise singers. I just didnt know till today that he is intellectually limited, but thanks to you and others, am learning.

Why are you wasting your time arguing with these guys, they are die hard Sanusi haters, someone who shouted when money was missing in the coffers is their enemy, it has been so for them in the last four years, nothing the guy did has been good, meanwhile their messiah Soludo messed up the banking industry and with the Stock Exchange woman "stole" people's investment.
Politics / Re: The Real Reason PDP Members Are Defecting? by hercules07: 2:30pm On Dec 28, 2013

Uzi, you are one of the few Edo state indigenes who still thinks OshiOmoOle is a performer. Please place a call to 10 people resident in the state for a survey. That bubble busted a while ago only remains outside Edo state. As for Osun state where the next election will be much more competitive than most are expecting, the jury is still out on Ogbeni.

They have outperformed the government they replaced in all of the states (Ekiti I do not know much about).
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 1:38am On Dec 28, 2013

We don't have to do that.

They are heritage. You can't buy those roofs with money.

I bet you, it adds to skyline of IB

We need to modernise, if the buildings are strong we can just change the roofs and move on, else, we might need to build a new city in the future.
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 1:37am On Dec 28, 2013
customized13: good idea or maybe u can jst demolish all those houses, I bet ibadan will be unclothed, we demolish such houses in the east to avoid accident.
I believe some of those houses will be demolished as soon as the ancients that live there die off, some of them are ancestral homes and the politics is something else, beyond that, there is a need for Ibadan people that live in lagos to build more houses in ibadan, I think the problem is that of rent, it is so low that it is not attractive to build for commercial purposes.
Politics / Re: PARASITES: 35 States Can’t Pay Salaries Without Federal funds by hercules07: 1:26am On Dec 28, 2013

Now,this puts things in perspective,and reinforces the fact that ndigbo depends less on their government as shown by the relative lower salaries of our states,and also frown at taxation by their govt as shown by the relatively lesser IGR by our states.

No it does not, Lagos is part of SW so you need to add that of Lagos as well.
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 1:23am On Dec 28, 2013

Molete is part of the brown roof. Very ancient and beautiful area grin grin

Oremeji is a quarters that evolved in the 50s. Same with Agbowo and Iwo road.

I have mentioned the places of the 90s for your.

That is what they call evolution of. A city. Every part of a city must be able to tell the story within a time frame of the lifetime of the city.

What we need to do in Ibadan is change those roofs, plaster those buildings and paint them shikena and our brothers from the East will not have anything to say. It is pertinent to point out though that we have been unlucky with governments in Oyo state, that city was more beautiful in the 60s than it is now, I hope Ajimobi will bring better development.
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 1:08am On Dec 28, 2013
customized13: that isn't ib, ib doesn't have as much vegetation as I see in that pix.

You want to contest ibadan with me, where do you think IITA is?
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 12:57am On Dec 28, 2013
Ibadan Skyline

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Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 10:21pm On Dec 27, 2013

Is this fool crazy I live after Niger road in your best area Onitsha gra and the road connecting the place from abs junction is rubbish. While Ibadan can boast of 14 gras with standard road network. Do you care to show us your paradise in woliwo, opoko, odokpor, fegge, awada and akunnie.

I do not know the slums that he is talking about that is not in the SE.
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 10:19pm On Dec 27, 2013

And I repeat, if Ibadan were very small, will it have the same number of mansions as Onitsha?
The money is not there with the ppl.

It actually has more mansions than in Onitsha, have you been to the GRA areas in Ibadan? You will be shocked at what is there.
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 10:07pm On Dec 27, 2013

Where did u see red mud? and what's wrong with red mud?
gully erosion is a natural event, if u like go and yab japan with tornado tnz, japan is a progressive country.
but aside the natural disasters in yorubaland ( esp lazy genes, redundant brains), the man made ones like creation of slums is like adding insult to injury.
u see the difference?

You do know that your people are sizable in the SW, if they can run away to live in slums, what do you think is the condition of the SE?
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 10:06pm On Dec 27, 2013

Bro with this villagers all his fair in a war. We don't have mercy on them, can't you see the lies they have pollute Google servers with about Yoruba. If you too tey for here self you go begin see civil war kwashiorkor children.

Let us debunk their lies in a clean way, those ladies are victims of circumstances, I have posted some pictures of Ibadan skyline and defended the google search.
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 10:04pm On Dec 27, 2013

Oyo is also bigger than Lagos.
how does that make Oyo better or finer or more presentable than Lagos.
don't use size to defend ur poverty and low life.
America is big and developed too.
There is a need to do more in our SW states, infrastructure is good, we also need the people to have money in their pockets, inasmuch as one east is being tribalistic, we also need to look at the message and do something about the ills that plague our region.
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 9:59pm On Dec 27, 2013

Which of these is your sister?

Oloyin beans na food, at least we are not starving and desperate to the point where innocent young girls are used for commercial purposes

Guys lets be cool, those ladies in the picture do not deserve to be portrayed like that, lets keep this clean.
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 9:56pm On Dec 27, 2013

Who owns google? Is it not Americans?

As you can see in the picture, all of the google results are from nairaland, please engage your brain nau.
Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 9:51pm On Dec 27, 2013

Show us the skyline of ibadam and stop this long grammar...biko
The ones I can find apart from the ones you have posted.

Politics / Re: The Population Density Of Igbo Land by hercules07: 9:39pm On Dec 27, 2013

This is Onitsha skyline..

Now show us ibadam skyline... grin grin grin grin grin

I am from Ibadan so I should defend it, you keep showing us the old part of Ibadan, the owners will not bulldoze those buildings because they take pride in the structure, those buildings belong to the whole family and nobody can do anything about it. There are more modern areas in Ibadan like the CBD and the GRA areas. I have travelled the length and breadth of alaigbo and I can tell you the same thing exists, is it Okigwe, Uturu, Mbaise, Onitsha or Aba. Enugu city is okay but what of Emene, even Enugu sef is a very small city compared to Ibadan.

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