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Religion / Re: If Jews Reject Jesus, Why Should An African Accept Jesus? by hercules07: 8:25pm On Sep 08


Not trying to hypnotise anyone...

People who believe that magical sky fairies are real do nor have a firm grasp on reality.

You are beautiful, shikena.
Politics / Re: Seun Kuti Calls Buhari An Evil Man!!! by hercules07: 12:34pm On Sep 05
Obiagelli has said it, Buhari jailed Fela and cracked down on human rights due to the excesses of the Civilian administration in the past. I believe most of those posting here do not have an idea of history and can not understand what necessitated the crack down.


Politics / Re: Boko Haram Sponsorship Allegation, My Story By Modu Sheriff by hercules07: 2:48am On Sep 04
Amodu Sheriff, Goje of Gombe, Isa Yuguda all used Boko Haram to win elections, they all sponsored the activities of the group until Yar'Adua moved against them, they were all sponsors and are the architect of BH. BH in its current incarnation is a vehicle that serves the interests of so many, it serves the interest of Generals who need to amass wealth, they are getting rich on embezzling defence money, they will never pray for BH to go away; it serves the interests of politicians who are pro and anti jonathan, the only people suffering from this is the people directly affected.


Religion / Re: Opinion$ On Oyakhilome's Divorce by hercules07: 12:38am On Sep 04
They are adults and humans, if they want to divorce let them go ahead, as far as I am concerned, they are all scammers.
Science/Technology / Re: Massive Ocean Discovered Towards The Earths Core by hercules07: 12:36am On Sep 04
People using scientific discovery to promote ancient and false religions, Nigerians are number one mumu, follow follow people.
Culture / Re: Alaafin Of OYO With Yoruba Descendants In Brazil (pictures) by hercules07: 5:54pm On Aug 25
Thread had been derailed from 0 page by the poster that first posted with large times new roman fonts. Others only helped in derailing it further.

The Alaafin is superior to the Ooni on all fronts, it was the politics of the AG that elevated the Ooni, who was the Ooni to talk, hell, even the Modakekes sacked Ife several times, even when the Ibadans disagreed with Alaafin, they did not have the temerity to attack Oyo.

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Politics / Re: Jonathan Administration And Miraculous Petroleum Subsidy Bills by hercules07: 4:54pm On Aug 22

Nigerians as a people like to wallow in unnecessary witch hurting, sometimes, it is a complete waste of time. I know the price of gasoline ex works in Rotterdam or the Gulf coast of the United states, the Price is about $2.60/gallon, which is about 3.78liters. Add insurance and freight alone, without the necessary distribution cost in Nigeria , plus the currency factors,you are getting your petrol in Lagos at about 40% discount at N97 per liter. Then you add cost of local distribution and warehousing, it comes to about another N7 per liter. All the black hoes in the process can be stopped, by simply getting government out of the business. Let Importers bring in their product and sell for whatever price the market is willing to support. Within 3 years, Nigeria will become a true exporter of refined products. Not this kabuki dance we have been doing since 1985

You sir are an slowpoke, the cost of fuel in Saudi Arabia is #4 per liter, those prices in the US and the other western countries are because of heavy tax, we do not import from the pumps, we buy from refineries who sell far far below what you have posted up there, your PDP government and Jonathan are thieves in the Subsidy issue, the cost of fuel should not be up to #50.


Travel / Re: THE Akanu Ibiam "International Airport" ENUGU Today, After The Rain by hercules07: 8:26pm On Aug 21
I don't know why you're hovering around my posts today.
If Jonathan can be given credit for his "success", he should in like manner be blamed for every failure of his. My friend, what you're trying to make us believe is that nobody should be blamed for this and those of Yola and Ikeja. Do you know billions were spent here in the name of remodeling?

According to some people flooding happens everywhere, what volume of rain did we have the caused this, ,come and see better airports with snow and heavy rains with no flooding, the Oduah woman just spent money on cosmetics and not on real infrastructure.

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Business / Re: Nigeria Sinks Deeper Into External Debt by hercules07: 5:41pm On Aug 20

Inside that 70% is the 25% for our SINators and legisLOOTERS as reported by ex-CBN chief Sanusi. That is understandable if they receive N29 million monthly for doing almost nothing.
It is up to all of us, Nigerians to talk about this until there is SUBSTANTIAL reduction of what can only be classified as their LOOT shocked

We are getting somewhere, can you also add the percentage taken by the presidency, I am sure by the time we add what the presidency is "looting", we will get to 40% out of the 70%.
Business / Re: Nigeria Sinks Deeper Into External Debt by hercules07: 2:54pm On Aug 20

These vultures messed the Argies up and I think the country has defaulted again - that's like the second time in like 10 years or so. And Argentina used to be the pride of South America(the quintessential South American capitalism). That's how extreme capitalism and creating a bubble everywhere works - give the people false hope, then return to wipe out the middle class and put the economy on a choke-hold. The same with Bill Clinton, and the housing bubble America is yet to recover from, for more than two decades now.

The oil subsidy nonsense is a big fraud and epitomises everything wrong with that country. These folks are all rogues and cowboys, led by an economic hit-woman from Bretton Woods. By the time they're done, they will end up selling the whole country to the highest bidders - to create a bubble.

Argentina negotiated with over 90% of its bond holders to pay them, the money to pay them is sitting in a bank, these vulture capitalists that bought the bonds at very very cheap rates from the original owners want to make over 300% on those bonds. Nigeria keeps borrowing and people are saying it is 12.5% of GDP, they should ask Argentina the percent of their GDP that was initially borrowed that has ballooned to $200bn. GEJ has been there for over 4 years, PDP almost 16 years not a single refinery, Saudi in the last 4 years built the second largest refinery in the world, in the desert.

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Business / Re: Nigeria Sinks Deeper Into External Debt by hercules07: 2:37pm On Aug 20
SirShymex: The funniest thing is that with all these unnecessary debts, Nigeria is arguably the most capitalist country on the planet - with almost close to zero welfare for its citizens. Yet some clowns are still proposing more cuts. Don't the poor deserve something at all in that country, despite all the resources at its disposal?

Cut the big and utterly useless and corrupt government - and find ways to reduce corruption. And where's all the money going since the country is still as messed up as ever?

My brother God will bless you, all these vulture capitalists who want to unload the problems on the poor, fuel subsidy was about $2bn under Obasanjo and Yar Adua, all of a sudden it is $7bn under Jonathan, what is the landing cost of oil, build refinery they can not, rather they pay themselves huge sums and steal the rest, the debt might be 12.5% of GDP, but, if oil prices fall and our debt falls into the hands of vultures like the guy holding Argentina to ransom, we will hear wen.

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Health / Re: Doctors Hit Lagos Streets To Protest Mass Sack (PHOTOS) by hercules07: 1:03pm On Aug 19

Well, poor conditions= poor service.

If you want a football team where everyone is the are asking for trouble.

(And my concern isn't about who heads the my mind we should leave that to a well trained administrator who can be is about who is in charge of day to day care for patients in the wards,and in outpatients).

I have gone through the 24 demands and if I were Jonathan, I would be too angry, you guys were basically telling him what to do, using words such as must,, who the hell do they think they are?


Health / Re: Doctors Hit Lagos Streets To Protest Mass Sack (PHOTOS) by hercules07: 1:00pm On Aug 19
These are the reasons for the strike. Feel free to judge their merit

1. The post of Deputy Chairman Medical Advisory Committee (DCMAC) has been circularised and operational. Rather than abolish it, the NMA hereby demands that four (4) DCMACs for teaching hospitals and three (3) for the Federal Medical Centres be appointed forthwith to assist the CMACs whose statutory responsibilities are too heavy for any single individual to handle. Directors in other government agencies are supported by several Deputy Directors, why not the CMAC who is also a Director? Such a DCMAC must have same qualifications as the CMAC.

2. The NMA is opposed to the appointment of Directors in the Hospitals. This position distorts the chain of command in the hospital, induces anarchy and exposes the patient to conflicting treatment and management directives with attendant negative consequences.

3. The NMA demands that grade level 12 (CONMESS 2) in the health sector MUST be SKIPPED for medical doctors. Consequently no medical/dental practitioners should be on that grade level anymore.

4. The title “CONSULTANT” in a hospital setting describes the relationship between the Specialist Medical Doctor and his patient. It will be a source of confusion if the title is applied to any other health worker who statutorily does not own patient. NMA, therefore, declares with unmitigated emphasis that if “non-doctor consultants” are appointed, it will lead to chaos and anarchy in the health sector. This should not happen.

5. Relativity in health sector is sacrosanct. The NMA hereby demands for immediate implementation of the January 3rd, 2014 circular. The NMA also demands the immediate payment of the arrears of the corrected relativity for 22 years during which her members were short changed.

Much as we are not against salary increase for any category of workers, either in health or elsewhere, the NMA demands for immediate adjustment of the doctors’ salary to maintain the relativity as agreed and documented once CONHESS is adjusted.

6. That Government should expedite the passage of the National Health Bill (NHB), and extend Universal Health Coverage to cover 100% of Nigerians and not 30% as currently prescribed by National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

7. Surgeon General of the Federation MUST be appointed with immediate effect.

8. The entry point of the House Officer should be corrected to CONMESS 1 step 4 as originally contained in MSS/MSSS while the Registrar/Medical Officer is moved to CONMESS 3 step 3.

9. Clinical duty allowance for Honorary Consultants should be increased by 90% of CONMESS

10. Adjust the specialist allowance as contained in the 2009 collective bargaining agreement. Additionally, ALL doctors on CONMESS 3 and above MUST be paid specialist allowance or its equivalent that is not less than 50% higher than what is paid to other health workers.

11. Hazard allowance MUST be at least N100, 000 per month for Medical Doctors.

12. Immediate release of the circular on rural posting, teaching and other allowances which MUST include house officers.

13. Immediate withdrawal of the CBN circular authorizing the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) to approve licenses for the importation of In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs).

14. Immediate Release of Circular on retirement age for Medical Doctors as agreed with the Federal Government (FG)

15. The Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Health should formalise and implement the report of the interagency committee on residency training as well as release the uniform template on appointment of Resident Doctors in line with earlier agreements. Moreover, a concrete Funding framework for residency training must be established. The Overseas clinical attachment must be fully restored and properly funded in the interest of the nation.

16. That in the interest of harmony in Federal Medical Centre, Owerri the government should pay the salaries of our members in the centre as agreed on 21st October, 2013.

17. Immediate concrete steps must be put in place for the reintegration of our members back into the IPPIS platform.

18. All attempts to coerce house officers not to join NARD must stop.

19. The orchestrated intimidation, harassment and physical assault of our members in departments of Pathology (Laboratory Medicine) by Laboratory Scientists which is being tolerated by the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) must stop.

20. The Endless circle of incomplete salary payment to our members in many hospitals in the name of shortfalls in personnel cost must stop.

21. Universal applicability of all establishment circulars on the remuneration and conditions of service for doctors at all levels of Government must be guaranteed.

22. Government should as a matter of urgency set up a health trust fund that will enhance the upgrading of all hospitals in Nigeria.

23. The position of Chief Medical Director/Medical Director must continue to be occupied by a Medical Doctor as contained in the Act establishing the tertiary Hospitals. This position remains sacrosanct and untouchable.

24. The NMA henceforth shall not accept the continued violation of any of the terms of the 2009 Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is exemplified by the payment of Medical Physicists and Optometrists with OD (who are on CONHESS) call duty allowance using the CONMESS Circular. Similarly, the phrase “Ministries, Departments and Agencies” (MDA) in the said agreement should replace “Federal Ministry of Health and other Federal Health Institutions” as contained in the 2009 CONMESS Circular.

Jonathan should throw these demands in the bin, imagine the tone of the demands, 90% of the demands were self serving, 100K as allowance, haba.


Health / Re: Doctors Hit Lagos Streets To Protest Mass Sack (PHOTOS) by hercules07: 9:39am On Aug 19

Well there is a reason why Ebola spread so badly in Africa....and why it will never spread in the US......good isolation facilities, good labs...etc.....which all cost money.(And running water...24/7).

Can't fight with Ebola....when you don't have the adequate tools to begin with. Or you want to lose more medical staff to the disease.?

You guys can fight for all the money you like, at the end of the day, you will negotiate, I feel doctors are well paid enough in the public sector, but if they can get better by negotiating, I do not have a problem with that. The issue I have with them is trying to dominate everything, that is just not on, the regulators and administrators should determine the structure not the doctor, he is not trained to do that, all this nonsense of captains in a ship is just BS, once the structure of an organisation is in place, everybody does his or her own assigned job, why should it be unions determining who gets what, tail wagging the dog.


Health / Re: Doctors Hit Lagos Streets To Protest Mass Sack (PHOTOS) by hercules07: 11:31pm On Aug 18
PointB: Before we get swayed by the doctors tantrum, let's not lose sight of their 24 key demand.

Summary of the doctors demands:

1. Create more offices (and more money) for us
2. Don't send anyone to monitor the money
3. Skip level 12, we can't wait to collect more money
4. Refer to Nos 2
5. Pay us 22 years areas of some money, and then increase our wage
6. Expand the health bill so we can make more money
7. Appoint one of us surgeon general so that he can protect us and fight for our money
8. Adjust our level so that we can make more money
9. Increase our call duty allowance by 90%
10. Adjust upward our specialist allowance
11. Increase our hazard allowance from 5k/mnth to 100k/mnth
12. Release circular showing our allowances, all of us must be included
13. When we need to import In-Vitro Diagnostics, IVDs equipment, we don't want knowledgeable institution to check/license it.
14. Tell us our retirement age (obviously they don't want to retire, more money to be made in active duty)
15. We want more funding for our residency training
16. For peace to reign pay our colleagues in Owerri what you agreed
17. We must continue to enjoy the goodies in IPPIS platform
18. Attempt to prevent our collective bargaining (for more money) will be resisted
19. Lab scientist should stop intimidating us (we are the big boys, we make more money)
20. Stop short paying us for any reason (we want all our money in full)
21. Do for us what they do for doctors abroad
22. Set aside more money to furnish our offices (hospitals)
23. Medical director must be a medical doctor (It can not be a pharmacist, dentist, and never a lab scientist). We must chop alone
24. Stop violating our 2009 agreement. Pay us our money!!

There you have it. The two dozen demands of our doctor in plain language. The demands causing our brethren to die at home, and in hospital while doctors stay away. These are the demands making our people to resort to bathing and drinking salt water to death, as they run scare of Ebola Virus Disease, while our doctors prefer to stay at home and wait for their money.

Our doctors have sworn to protect their moneys, while our collective health is the ransom! If gold can rust, pray, what will happen to Iron?

You have broken it up nicely and I think this is the first time I will agree with you on stuff like this. I do not mind the doctors being well paid (though their services are shabby), I am against them denying other health sector participants the opportunity to rise to the zenith.


Health / Re: NMA Dares Jonathan - Asks Resident Doctors To Reject Sack Letters by hercules07: 10:37pm On Aug 15
I believe the Government should accede to the requests of the Doctors that border on remuneration and condition of service (equipment etc), other conditions that are administrative or affect other health workers should be at the discretion of the Government, Doctors are not the be all and end all of the Health sector, they are a component relevant as others are.

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Religion / Re: How Ebola Kills God As Well As Humans by hercules07: 5:10pm On Aug 06
Nigeria is doomed with people who think like this, where are all those Pastors nau, we need them to perform wonders and miracles, Ebola is available as a test case.


Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Most Nigerian Cities by hercules07: 12:54am On Aug 06

Well Dedirawo, I could not agree with you more. You are absolutely correct. The problem is what are as Nigerians going to do about it? We of the newer generation, what can we do to fix the destruction that our forefathers have brought upon us? Remember there is no impossible situation in this world. Instead of beating ourselves and our nation up my brother, we can look for ways to improve our current low standards. There is such work to be done. If we do not act now, when will we act? Inshallah, I hope it is sometime in this lifetime.

The Asian Tigers are indeed doing extremely well and are still on the rise. However, they are by no means better than us from an educational point of view. What we need to do is focus on what needs to be done to catch up with them in a decade. It can be done in a decade. It's a shame that our education system according to my elders has decreased from the 70s to today. As you mentioned Ahmadu Bello in Zaria was a renowned Technological Institute for higher learning. University of Ibadan, UniLag, UniBen, UNN Nsukka were all great universities as well. We have to find a way to bring them back up to a top 1% standard.

Brother, I have dreams for this nation, but we as Nigerian people need to come together and realise that our biggest problem right now are our leaders. Once we can join hands together and come together I see light for Nigeria.

Stop voting based on ethnicity or religion and please please vote out Jonathan.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 12:56pm On Aug 02


First, you need to check your dictionary properly, to educate yourself on what the phrase "expression" means, especially in the context of its constitutional protection.
FYI: It refers basically to your right and ability to SAY WHAT IS ON YOUR MIND. It is a "verbal priviledge" given to us by the constitution ..
.....and the same constitution ALSO went ahead to PUT LIMITS on that FREEDOM, with punishment for SLANDER and DEFAMATION.
All these are used in the "CONTEXT OF SPEECH"". So, it is NEVER ABSOLUTE!

Now, how on earth can a person who has passed through the four walls of any school, l mean any school at all, equate "open practice of Homosexuality" with Freedom of speech?
Sex, albeit perverse sex is "an act", not "a speech" and therefore is NOT COVERED by that fundamental human right jargon you spewed up there.

Again, most of you perverts like to compare "Oranges with Apples", not because you are not very intelligent but because you think you can befuddle everyone by mixing-things-up! shocked shocked

Having BehindBased S*ex with same specie has been since God knows when, it even pre-dates Biblical times.
Then, it was a cardinal sin worthy of being stoned to death but hey, this is the 21st century where "everything goes", right?
But the problem is not with gays taking a dig at each others Shyte-Hole, THE PROBLEM IS WITH gays TRYING TO IMPRESS AND FORCE THEIR PERVERSE CHOICE ON OTHERS!
For example, why take it to primary schools and be teaching young and impressionable kids that Homosexuality is right and they can choose to be so? Why not leave them to grow-up into an adult and then let them DECIDE of their own FREEWILL, if they fancy such?
This is just one example of where they court trouble!

Again, this article made it clear WHY THE LAW WAS STRUCK DOWN ....but you chose to "celebrate and jump-up" without even taking a closer look at it before serving notice to Nigeria! grin grin grin

The Supreme court struck the law down for one simple reason: IT WAS PASSED WITHOUT FORMING A QUORUM IN THE HOUSE.
In case you missed it as well, "Quorum" means at least "two-thirds" of all parliamentarians MUST BE PRESENT during voting (ofcourse we know that it was overwhelmingly passed by those present, but the "at least three objections mentioned were even about "the lack of quorum", not about the law itself)

Thus, the Supreme court of Uganda is right is striking it down, NOT FOR ITS MORAL DEFICIT, BUT FOR LACK OF QUORUM!

What this simply translates to is that the House of Parliament will RE-CONVENE, ENSURE THERE IS QUORUM AND PASS THE LAW AGAIN!
tongue tongue

Now, one cannot underestimate the pressure being mounted on individual parliamentarian, by America in particular, which in itself is an abuse of Democracy because they should be able to vote according to their conscience, NOT OUT OF FEAR OF WHAT AMERICA CAN DO TO THEM OR HOW IT CAN RUIN THEIR ECONOMY! Already, we have seen those "underhand tactics" at play! Were is the constitutionality in that?

As for Nigeria going the same route, that is your own wishful thinking! grin grin wink
We ensured there was Quorum and so, the Supreme court will have no excuse to "bend to pressure". kiss kiss


Those who sued the government to court in Uganda sued based on that technicality, they did that because it was a slam dunk, they knew they would get relieve based on that. The Congress can form a quorum to pass the bill again, the guys will just sue based on African Charter on Human Rights or any of those Charters that Uganda has signed.
Your rights are not privileges, they are your rights, they are affirmed by the constitution of the country but they are fundamental to you.


Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 7:16pm On Aug 01
all4naija: I am straight! The problem with most Nigerians is that they are too forward. I am not a hater and the right of gay must be granted to them!

I agree with this, Sagamite is usually very reasonable and level headed, I think he is just grumpy today.
Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 7:06pm On Aug 01

You are a cretinous fcktard!

What does your moronic arsse know about intellect and intellectuality?

Of course your homosexual, bastardised arsse would think a p ussy is fcked up.

I do not think he is gay, I actually thought he was against LGBT. I think people's rights should not be limited due to religious beliefs.


Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 7:04pm On Aug 01

I'm more into cultural liberalism, hence I despise cultural imposition. And I agree with a lot of things conservatism thrive on, apart from the neo-cons and extreme capitalism.

I actually like Canadians, apart from Harper's tendencies to stray from time to time. And that's the same feelings I have for Australians, minus Abbott's Harper-esque tendencies. The people think more like Brits.

I definitely won't want to be out there during winter - cray. Autumn is my best season.

Harper can be a cad (apologies to Sagamite), his stance on Israel and Hamas is bizarre. I actually ran away to the mideast for 4 months on a project last winter, got to look for more projects this winter.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 6:02pm On Aug 01

Lol, that's the madness about summer...and after the heat wave comes the rain.

At the bold - I like that. It's pretty much the same thing everywhere there are more conservative folks. Only liberals indulge in it openly.

I am a liberal, though an african liberal which makes me a little bit conservative in these parts, I think Canadians are quite sensible and moderate, our people down south do things to the extreme, both conservatives and liberals.

Men, I am dreading the winter, -45 degrees is no joke.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 5:57pm On Aug 01

Lmao at more babes to go around - interesting. However, more babes will also be lost to the carpet munchers, so it's more or less an Indian giver in that regard.

I somewhat agree that they shouldn't be treated like savages. But there has to control. Body fluid can easily be passed around in a continent like a Africa, where there's always negligence and best practices aren't adhered to. Hence everything that steps on the continent always turn out for the worst. That's my fear, to be honest.

Also, personally, these folks(LGBT Groups) get on my nerves all the time - they're attention seekers, and it's always about them. I don't even have problems with gay people, as long as they keep the act away from me.

What's Canada saying? I hope you lot also get a few months of summer in that arctic weather? The coldest countries are always the hottest during summer, anyway - so the heat wave should be crazy.

LOL at carpet munchers. My brother it is very hot and humid kai, you will think you are in naija. In Canada, I have barely seen the LGBT folks sha, it seems western Canada is more conservative.
Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 5:37pm On Aug 01

I get your point. And perhaps, the terms for persecution in the legislation might be too harsh. Maybe, that needs to be repealed, to just ban in public places, and in the media. Basically, it's just scary to imagine what's going to happen on that continent, if homosexuality were to be more prominent.

Also, when people's choices infringe on the survival of the majority, something just has to be done about it.

I do not think it infringes on survival of the majority, see it this way, more babes to go around wink. I think we have higher priorities than persecuting gays, banning in public places and the media rather than criminalising is an option.
Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 5:10pm On Aug 01

Are you retárded? I answered your question. Immediately. In the first word. Do you know how to read?

Shymmex is a cool guy, he just does not like the LGBT community.
Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 5:04pm On Aug 01

I like that you think of BIGGER, 'more important' things, but it takes but a needle to deflate a balloon.

A life style lived contrary to Natural Laws should have inherent adverse effects in the long run... wouldn't you agree? Consider the health system...

Christ, the Prophets... did not pass through- persecution, suffering and even death, just to teach us the right way- for the fun of it!

Wow, it all's all happening so fastly

Please stuff your religion where the sun does not shine.


Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 5:03pm On Aug 01

That's my point. They pushed for it in Nigeria and other African countries because western countries were legalising it, and it backfired. These folks don't know where to stop.

And that was the same way they tried it in Russia, and Putin had to put the hammer down on them. You've got a country with fertility issues, yet you want to promote a lifestyle that will complicate things. Just as Africa already has enough problems, yet they still pushed for something the continent isn't ready for.

They need to choose their fights better but that law passed in Nigeria is horrific and barbaric, it should be repealed, Russia's case I think is about promoting it in public, it is a restriction on rights but the community needs to work with the officials and see how they can move forward, limiting rights because we do not like people's choices is not a good thing.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 4:54pm On Aug 01
So why won't you support two consenting adults (mom/son or dad/daughter or two siblings or one having sex with his brothers wife vis a vis) to enjoy intimate relations between themselves since they are not hurting anyone. See morality cannot never be swept under the carpet it is immoral and unnatural to have sex with someone of the same sex. Just as it is to have sex with any of the above mentioned relatives.

They are hurting people, (Father/son/Daughter), also, products of such relations are open to diseases because there is no diversity.


Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 4:53pm On Aug 01

In as much as you might be right about the enactment of the law, I think the LGBT community most likely pushed for the marriage laws, and they had put the hammer down on them. You should know these people are attention seekers, and it backfired. If they had kept whatever they do 'lowkey', I honestly don't think there would have been any legislation.

Also, the reason why I'm not against it is because it might help contain them for now - and it's fit for purpose. Just as Russia had to do the same thing because of the country's fertility issues.

Regardless, I still maintain they don't deserve to be killed, or maimed. However, There should be control mechanism - Africa isn't ready for that lifestyle.

The LGBT community should not push for marriage yet in Nigeria as we are not ripe enough, Nigerians have a funny mentality. Russia did not criminalize the act, it just said do not show it publicly, I do not think Russia is also mature enough to handle it the way the Westerns can.


Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 4:38pm On Aug 01

Bruv, and if the lifestyle is going to cause more problems(especially the ones you don't have the capacity/capability to contain), don't you think there should be a control mechanism?

On Homosexuality, the same restraints that are in place for heterosexuals should be in place, I do not think homosexuals should even fight to get married in Nigeria anyway, there is no benefit to marriage in the country even for heterosexuals, wives are treated like dirt, might is right in Naija, I just think the congress should not have enacted that law, it was short sighted.


Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Uganda Supreme Court Strike Down Anti-gay Law. by hercules07: 4:32pm On Aug 01

we care about the rights of the Chibok girls to live freely
and the right of everyone to lead a life that promotes decency well being, posterity and is devoid of revolting conduct

H.o.m.o.s .i.c.k whose lifestyle predisposes them to HIV and other risks constitute a potential drain on tax payer pulse
and their lifestyle is so repulsive and abnormal

So many things constitute a drain on tax payer's purse, your government is a drain, schools are same, as long as they are citizens, they should have access to these things, the lifestyle is repulsive and abnormal to you, but to others, some of your lifestyle is repulsive to them, live and let live.


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