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Religion / Re: If The Dead Are Already In Heaven Or Hell, Why The Resurrection? by nedostic: 12:59pm On Nov 16, 2013

Good day!

Please may I know the sin the rich man committed given your own submission that Jesus's account was not a parable but rather the reality of hell?

More so, would it be possible you throw more light on this concept of hell-fire for the wicked that continually burns forever given that all human beings are presently suffering from the fall of one man-Adam?

Kindly be brief with your assertions albeit based on your own understanding of the bible.

I would equally welcome others' contributions mostly as it relates to this topic.
My most pressing question of late has always been on this issue of heaven/hell-fire theme as so popularized in the christendom.

Permit me to digress and ask further, at the creation, did JHWH promise Adam/Eve 'HEAVEN' as a place of their final abode?
Also,when they(Adam and Eve) ate from the 'mysterious' tree which simply was against the commandment of the Most High God, did the Almighty tell them they would 'rot' in hell-fire forever?

Some people have claimed to visit hell-fire and see how the devil and his gangs(demons) are torturing supposedly dead human beings,one thing is always common about such descriptions that the devil and his demons are very ugly, this I find so funny because from the scriptures, all the angels of God were beautifully 'crafted' and created including the fallen ones. Methinks, modern-day christianity has been infused with traditions of men, and so it makes it so difficult to decipher the truth of the gospel from falsehood. I am sure my observation is not flawless and so it's open to critique.

I need answers from all well meaning individuals because I am interested in knowing more about this hellfire/heaven 'puzzle'.

Thanks and the Almighty God bless you all in Jesus name(Amen). Pax Vobiscum!
Religion / Re: Christ At Creation by nedostic: 1:33am On Nov 13, 2013

This post of yours remains for now the best post I have ever read from you.

Even though sometimes I do not wholly buy your interpretation of the Bible your zeal for Gods word cum 'online' evangelism is quite up there!
Remain blessed sir!!
Religion / Re: I'm Struggling With My Faith, Please Help by nedostic: 10:18pm On Oct 18, 2013

I have been in your shoes and I know very well it takes one who is curious and very sincere with him or herself to ask some fundamental questions about his/her belief systems. One cannot doubt the fact that most of us are supposedly 'christians' because of our roots (parents/guardians are equally same). So this is perhaps the link between religion and tradition which in tandem sums up our present 'cast-in-stone' beliefs.

Methinks, traditions and fears have made most of us not to query our belief systems. To me it pays to ask questions albeit one is most likely to get answers when one develops the 'art' of curiosity.
After all, using Prophet Moses as our case study, he did ask God some fundamental questions about who God truly is(was) and the most High God did give him(Moses) profound answers to all his questions.

In summary, it is not unnatural for a curious mind to doubt his/her beliefs in the most High God but it is rather expedient for you to not ONLY study the Bible but also ask from JEHOVAH through a sincere 'heart-felt' prayer which should come through the mediator(our Lord Jesus Christ)for a revelation about his existence or not and other questions as well.

Also, kindly pay rapt attention to the post of NativeBoy and please do not be dissuaded in your pursuit of truth in God but rather submit yourself in humility to the most High God and address all your questions to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit of God would address all your 'questions/worries/supposedly doubts'.

I, myself,have a lot of unanswered questions but most importantly I have learnt to exercise more of faith in God and continous study/reading of not only the Bible but also other relevant materials as well as trying as much as I could to abide by the words of YHWH and equally living a 'pragmatic loveable life' with my fellow (wo)man.

BTW: As regards doctrinal differences, please do well to visit an existing thread on this in this forum. My own take on this is that over time, men have mixed their own traditions with christianity.Hence, the difference but please do well to visit the thread as I had earlier stated.

Pax Vobiscum!
Religion / Re: Are Churches Really Helping The Poor And Unemployed In Our Society Today? by nedostic: 3:55pm On Oct 10, 2013
In my own submission, I think some churches are trying their best to salvage the situation but we need to equally note that the church is just a minute segment of the society.

We ALL owe it to ourselves mostly those of us who professed the LORD Jesus CHRIST as our SAVIOUR to do all we can to help those who are in need. We should not see the poor as being poor for the reason that they are lazy or lack resilience but rather the poor are usually poor for the mere reason that they lack 'some' opportunities to turn around their vulnerable socio-economic state.

Methinks, one of the core challenges of the 'modern church' has to do with over emphasis on 'materialism' and less of pragmatic brotherly love.

The main theme of christianity is love with charity. LOVE for God and love for human kind! Love in its purest form can be seen as a demonstrative act rather than mere rhethorics. Love is ALL about 'giving' and mostly paying attention to the needy.

Lastly, the church has to do more in this regard BUT the onus is on the government to equally come up with palliative measures on curbing poverty by creating jobs for the Nigerian populace most notably vulnerable groups such as rural dwellers, women and youths.

Pax Vobiscum!


Religion / Re: My Life Is Being Threatened For My Faith! by nedostic: 11:23am On Oct 10, 2013

May the Almighty God in his infinite mercies and grace strengthens you. Just keep up with your faith in JHWH!

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Religion / Re: ARE THERE REALLY MANSIONS IN HEAVEN(john14:2)candour,theoctopus,joagbaje,Goshen by nedostic: 3:03pm On Oct 07, 2013
I subscribe fully to this topic. I think its an opportunity for us to learn and unlearn the right interpretation within the context of what our Lord Jesus Christ meant by his statetement while he was on earth.

My own initial take is that if there be mansions in heaven, it had already been built right from the foundation of heaven and earth.

That the Almighty God and/or angels (is)are building mansions for (new) converts/christians lacks biblical credibility, sometimes, as well this is due to what I would term as "selective contextual scriptural interpretations" by individuals. It is very evident from the book of Genesis that JHWH has since ceased from his work of creation.

Let us not equally forget the fact that the earth is still man's final abode. Our first father-ADAM was never promised heaven. Of course, there would be a new heaven and earth.

By and large, I kind of buy Goshen's interpretation of the scripture based on this topic.

I am looking forward to others contributions with an open mind.

God bless you all!
Religion / Re: Has Anyone On Nairaland Received Spontaneous Healing Before? by nedostic: 5:34pm On Sep 25, 2013
Like igbeke said, despite the fact that healing has been so bastardized by supposedly 'Men of God'; God is habitually heaing people and I have been a recepient of God's healing and mercy.

Anyway, spontaneity as a word regarding healing is what I might not fully grasp with because healing is in itself deeper than what the natural minds can easily settle with given that healing is a natural outcome of a supernatural event.

Hence, I do not doubt God's healing given that Jesus Christ is same yesterday, today, and forever(Hebrews 13:cool.

Above all, faith, forgiveness (forgiving others), and God's mercy seem to me as the key ingredients of God's healing.
Sports / Re: Okagbare Wins Silver In Long Jump At World Athletics Championship, Moscow 2013 by nedostic: 6:52pm On Aug 12, 2013
Okagbare just dissapointed in her favorite-100m!

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Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 11:24am On May 14, 2013
Vilfredo Pareto Doctorate in Economics,Italy

PhD Scholarships in International Studies,Italy

PhD Research(Paid) in Process Analytics,Belgium

PhD Studentships in Social Science,UK

PhD Positions in ICT,Spain

PhD in Bacteriological Upgrading of Biogas to Natural Gas Quality,Denmark

Ph.D. position in molecular cell biology of leukaemia,Germany
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 1:51pm On May 06, 2013
PhD Scholarship Opportunities within the Fields of Agriculture, Italy

Graduate Opportunities in Reliability & Risk Assessment Laboratory, South Korea

PhD Opportunities in Bangor Business School, UK

Research Opportunities in Social Sciences/Humanities, Germany

PhD position in Microbiology@Uppsala University, Sweden

PhD and Post-Doc Opportunities in Open Robotics and Machine Learning, Germany

@ All, perhaps you are seeking scholarship opportunities within the fields of social sciences, the link below might be of help:
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 6:30pm On Apr 15, 2013
PhD Studentships in various fields,Sweden

PhD Scholarship, Medical Sciences,Australia

PhD scholarship in sociology with special emphasis on social network analysis,Denmark

PhD Architecture/Landscape Management

Others interested in PhD Positions can always refer to this site below:
Travel / Re: Offer Of Advice For Interest In Studying In Czech by nedostic: 3:28pm On Apr 14, 2013
@Last Poster
Please kindly contact the embassy on translation of docs. I am pretty sure they would guide you through.

For the statement, I do advise at least 1.5m in your own personal account and possibly more on your sponsor's account. Pls this is just an advice. I really do not have any indepth knowledge based on he minimum amount required.Forgive my ignorance!

I am equally sure you could get a much more reliable info on search engines. Please visit these links below:

As regards the insurance policy,I am not so sure students need insurance policy for visa application.

Finally,I do advise you browse the embassy website for more concrete info.

I hope this helps! Wishing you luck in your future and immediate pursuits!!
Politics / Re: NFVCB Bans Film On Nigerian Poverty And Corruption by nedostic: 11:07pm On Apr 13, 2013
Quite a fascinating and emotion-laden real-life documentary mixed with the Nigerian intrigues and resilience as well in action! Even if NFVCB places a ban on it, its difficult to really stop people from watching it for the fact that it is available online. Censorship my foot!This just shows how hypocritical some government agencies could be!

BTW: That corruption has gone viral in Nigeria is no longer news but the onus is on every Nigerian to make a change within his or her immediate milieu.
Agreed leadership in Nigeria is failing not just within the public sector but also in families.
I think most of us are complaining of corruption because we lack opportunities to be directly involved in governance. Lets be fair to ourselves and have a rethink of some of the things we do as well within our immediate environment.How transparent are our dealings with others?

Take for instance, a market woman who sells 'egusi'(melon seed) in the market place with 'measurement' cups stuffed with paper inside it in a bid to make more profits. So who then is defrauding or seemingly cheating who here? Government officials or poor-to-poor fraud?

This is also in parallel with a passenger who voluntarily entered a commercial bus and claimed to have made payment to the bus conductor even when he is fully aware that he is lying and a bus conductor who cheats his driver by telling the driver that only 10 passengers entered into the bus whereas they were more than 10 passengers as well as the bus driver who habitually shortchanges his boss(bus owner) and would always lie about engine knock even when there are proofs that the bus driver was seen transiting passengers from one location to another.
What am I trying to illustrate here? That we as Nigerians live and eat in a "cyclical corruption" or what economists would call vicious cycle of corruption.

We need to own up to the fact that one way or the other most of us are either religiously or irreligiously enmeshed in this evil called "corruption". Methinks, what is at play within Nigeria is corrupt mentality amongst most Nigerians.
I beg to be corrected wit this assertion that "in Nigeria, corruption is much more pervasive amongst the poor and this ugly trend is what is at play in the political landscape"

This country called Nigeria can only be fixed when we all we decide to pay less attention to materialism. Our value system and ethics need to change.Unfortunately, our religious bodies and community leaders have failed us in this regard.
I am sorry to disappoint religious folks here that God cannot fix Nigeria we have got to fix Nigeria ourselves by living right and emphasis should be on hardwork and less on this get quick-rich syndrome!

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Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 3:20am On Apr 13, 2013
PhD Studentships Economics, Italy

PhD Positions in Information Systems, Cultural and Social Studies


Joint PhD Medical Computing, Singapore/Germany/Austria

MA in Applied and Professional Ethics,Leeds,UK(At least 50% Tuition Waiver)

Open Positions (Masters,PhD and PostDoc) in Photonics) at NOOR Lab,UAE

Ph.D. Scholarships for Research in Climate,Australia
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 11:14pm On Apr 06, 2013

I never meant to insult you. I was only expressing my anger because some times I get frustrated over here.

On few occasions, I have both been banned as well as my posts being hidden for reasons I do not know.

I almost gave up posting in this forum but I had a rethink sometime this week considering the spill-over effect.

By and large, please do something about the spambot because its really frustrating!

So don't take it personal, I know you are doing a yeoman's job as the moderator of this forum. Kudos to you!

@ Others,

Please my candid advice is for everyone of you who might need help to do a 'Google' search on subject areas I might not have access to. Its a pity I cannot help but I would try as much as I could to come up with any relevant info. So please bear with me.

More so, I would want others to help out as well by posting relevant info. Lets try to collaborate more by sharing timely information on the subject matter. I am a firm believer in knowledge sharing and open innovation!

Success stories emanating from this thread wont be out of place.

Finally, I am so sorry that I cannot help on an individual basis and please I don't expect anyone to write me via email.

Pax Vobiscum!
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 11:01am On Apr 06, 2013
PhD scholarship in sociology with special emphasis on social network analysis,University of Copenhagen

Scholarships for Finance and Management Tracks in PhD/Master in Business and Quantitative Methods (MB&QM), U Carlos III, Madrid

Two Full PhD Scholarships in Economics, University of Nottingham UK/Ningbo China(Joint Campus Programme)

Monthly Stipend for Selected Master's Programmes, University of Tallinn

International PhD Programme in Molecular Life Sciences,Vienna Biocenter

PhD Student in material science,Paul Scherrer Institute , Switzerland

PhD Scholarships(2) at the Civil Engineering Department, Dalhousie University,Canada
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 11:35am On Apr 04, 2013
PhD Opportunities(Sciences and Engineering) in Politechnico Milano

Tuition Free Masters in Social Sciences,University of Tubigen, Germany

Master's Scholarship Opportunities Available in Finance, Economics and Risk Management

PhD Opportunities (Sciences and Social Sciences),IMT Lucca,Italy

PhD Opportunities in Social Sciences,University of Bamberg,Germany

PhD Opportunities in Sciences and Engineering,DTU,Denmark
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 12:46pm On Feb 14, 2013
Master's in Quantitative Finance@Bologna with Financial Aid (Deadline 080513)

Paid PhD Position in Decision Sciences (Deadline 150413)

Doctoral Fellowships in Economics and Business,Humboldt,Berlin (Deadline 310313)

Doctoral Student Position in Physics at University of Luxembourg in Luxembourg (Deadline 010313)

Nigerian Young Entrepreneur PG Scholarships( 50% tuition fee reduction) at Edinburgh Napier University in UK (Deadline 310513)


Doctoral Fellowship in Sociology or Political Science at Max Planck-Sciences Po Center in Germany (Deadline 150313)

PhD Studentship in "Computer simulation of fragment binding in protein systems”,University of Southampton, UK
Contact Details:http:jwe1@soton.ac.uk;PGApply.FNES@soton.ac.uk

Ph.D. student position in Analytical Chemistry@ETH,Switzerland (Deadline 310313)
http://www.zenobi.ethz.ch/ or http://www.chebana.eu
Science/Technology / Re: New Tattoo Calls For Help When You Are Sick by nedostic: 11:07pm On Feb 11, 2013
What an interesting post with dissenting opinions!

Initially, I felt I should just ignore the post but my inner impulsion just can't resist the post.

I have got 2 questions for my christian brethren and others who are equally religiously minded.

One, is 666 meant to be a physical mark or what? Kindly buttress your points biblically.

Secondly, is innovation akin to evil? What is simply at work here is the application of RFID to health.

More so, I do not think everyone would readily accept this technology but this does not necessarily connote that this ongoing research is evil-driven.

If there is anything that is evil, it is when (wo)men fail to undertake in good enterprises that could add values to the society.

Without mincing words, scientists are the greatest assets that we have around, their unrivaled abilities and stoic determination to unravel mysteries make them God-gifts to human life.

Have we ever wondered the kind of 'force' that is at play whenever we make calls from one destination to another with the use of a cellphone? The Internet is another disruptive technology that is so hard to really fathom. Lets give it to scientists! We owe much in this life to ground breaking discoveries by scientists!! I am pretty sure our lives would have been much more miserable without scientific research.

Most times, I have come to the understanding that we Africans have become so irresponsible to our daily chores due to our own style of religion that has all the trappings of hypocrisy mixed with miraculous fantasies.

Think about this, without modern day technologies and innovations the world would have been seemingly 'darker in knowledge' than the present knowledge-based society you and I live in.

Please let us endeavour to do a thorough research on issues before running into conclusions that are quite sentimentally driven.

Finally, if we are indeed Christians, we ought to become creative in our world by thinking of how we can help improve on the society we live in and equally become innovative-driven. To sum it up, Christianity in action is not only based on confession but also fundamentally tied to good works.

'Our minds are the limitations and yardsticks for further progression in life'. It ought to be exercised productively for us to emancipate others from their own limitations!


Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 4:16pm On Feb 07, 2013
MSc Scholarships Economics and Finance@IHS, Vienna, Deadline 010313

Radboud Master's Scholarship Programme,Netherlands (Deadline 010313)

PhD position in biophysics/ultrafast spectroscopy f/m, VU, Amsterdam (Deadline 150313)

Open PhD position - Treatment of GBS in Elderly Patients, University of Bern (Deadline 280213)

Paid PhD Positions in Marketing, Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM), Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Deadline 150313

PhD student positions in Railway , Chalmers,Sweden (Deadline 280213)
Contact: johan.ahlstrom@chalmers.se

PhD / Fully Funded Postgraduate Studentships in Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Kent, UK (Deadline April/June,2013)

Doctoral College Studentships at University of Brighton, UK (Deadline June,2013)

MSc/PhD fellowship program,HBIGS, Germany (Application between 01 February and 15 March,2013)
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 1:05pm On Feb 01, 2013
Doctoral Scholarship in Public Economics@Max-Planck Institute,Munich, Germany (Deadline 120413)

PhD in Economics@University of Bologna, Italy(Deadline 250313)

International Doctoral Program in Economics@Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa (Pisa, Italy);Deadline 070513

Paid PhD Positions in Strategy & Entrepreneurship@ERIMS, Netherlands;Deadline 150313

PhD Position - Transport of Fluids in Trees using Advanced Experimental Methods@ETH,Zurich,Switzerland(Deadline 300413)

MBA Fellowships for Developing Countries at ESMT in Germany(Deadline 300913)

Czech University of Life Sciences Dean's Scholarship for MSc Land and Water Management, Nature Conservation and Environmental Modelling (Deadline 310313)

Technology Governance programme scholarships/Tuition Free Master's in Selected Courses with likelihood of monthly stipends at TTU, Estonia (Deadline 010513)

European Master(Erasmus Mundus) in Software Engineering (EMSE);Deadline 250213

Doctoral student positions on Multiscale Bio-Systems@Max Planck Institute,Germany (Deadline 250213)
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 8:11pm On Jan 24, 2013
Doctoral Scholarship in Molecular biology, bioinformatics, plant-stress physiology and climate change at University of Technology Sydney in Australia (Deadline 240213)

PhD Program in Molecular Medicine at Hannover Medical School in Germany, 2013; Deadline 010413

Scholarship Program for International Students in Taiwan(BSc, Masters,and PhD);Deadline-150313

UNU-IAS PhD Fellowship Programme for Researchers of Developing Countries in Japan, 2013; Deadline 280213

The Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) for International Students(Masters and PhD), 2013/14 (Deadline 310313)

International PhD Program in Epidemiology and Public Health at University of Tampere in Finland, 2013/14 (Deadline 150313)

PhD Programme in Physics @ Max Planck Institute, Germany (Deadlines 310113/310713)

Doctoral candidate (PhD student) in Law@University of Luxembourg(Deadline 1501313)

PhD position in Law @Uppsala University, Sweden(Deadline 010313)

PhD position – Filtration and loading of nanomaterials for air quality and workplace safety (80%);Deadline 010313
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 5:18pm On Jan 16, 2013
Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarships to Foreign Students Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies)- Deadline 140213

IMPRS International PhD Program at University of Tuebingen in Germany, 2013 (Application Deadline 07032013)

Masters in Health Economics and Management (HEM)@ University of Bologna (Tuition Fees Waver/Study Grants)- Deadline March,2013

Fellowships/Scholarships for MA Development Studies (Economics of Development Major)@ International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague - Deadline 010713

City University Doctoral Studentships in various fields of study (Deadlines - March/April 2013)

Doctoral Candidate (PhD student) in translational metagenomics / human host- microbe interactions, University of Luxembourg, Deadline 310113
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 5:12pm On Jan 10, 2013
Doctoral studentship in molecular biophysics,Deadline 310113

CEU(Budapest,Hungary) MASTER’S AND DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIPS, 2013-14; Deadline 240113

PhD paid student positions: Networked Systems Security,deadline 310113

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Strategies,deadline 310113

PhD position in Psychology@ Uppsala University, deadline 280213

Tuition Fee Waivers for Selected Masters programme at University of Boras 2013/2014(Apply on or before 150113 and complete application on or before 010213)

PhD Paid Position in Statistics @ The Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences (ISBA,Belgium;Deadline 011213

The Beijing Scholarship for International Students(BSc,Masters, and PhD),2013
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 1:13pm On Jan 03, 2013
DIW Graduate Center’s Doctoral Program in Economics
Deadline:310313; http://www.diw.de/gc

Netherlands Fellowship Programmes( PhD, Master’s Degree programmes and Short Course applications),Deadline:050213

International Foundation for Science (IFS) Research Opportunities,Deadline 270113

PhD Effects of shore nourishment on dune vegetation dynamics,Wageningen University;Deadline 210113

PhD Development of a cyanobacterial photosynthetic platform for à la carte biocatalysis;Deadline 310113

Tuition Free/Stipends for Joint Masters in Economics (JME)-Charles University in Prague & The Economics Institute of The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic;Deadline 010213; https://www.cerge-ei.cz/joint-masters-program/welcome
Religion / Re: I Will Fight Against This LIE by nedostic: 8:35pm On Dec 31, 2012

I have chosen not to meddle in religious matters but I'm 'kinda' forced to react to this post based on common sense, which I believed its equally 'biblically' driven though without any explicit biblical quotation.

My take on this subject is rather simple and see below:

If Satan and his legions including the dead who were supposedly sinners on earth are languishing in 'hell or hell-fire' as at date,how come the devil and his 'troops-demons' still go about to and fro on the earth albeit causing 'mayhem'? Albeit, Satan cannot live in two places at a time now!

More so, if Jesus Christ was indeed in hell, how come the bible did not record he was tormented? After all,hell as its peddled is meant to be a place of torture.

Please take your time and ponder on it.

Btw: Lazarus and the rich man story was a proverb!

The Bible is majorly written in allegory and this is a fact we must admit and try to do a bit of research on subject matter.

Personally, sometimes I get confused about some key contexts in the bible,its just a fact for me! I am not oblivious of the fact that the truth in life is quite a hard-sell nay religion.

Wishing everyone a much more blissful 2013! Stay blessed all!!


Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 1:07pm On Dec 31, 2012
Full MBA Scholarships at Bournemouth University, UK (Deadline 310513)

Doctoral Studentships in Political Science @ Lund University, Sweden(Deadline 150213)

PhD Position in Machine Learning and Computer Vision for Astronomical Data Analysis, University of Copenhagen(Deadline 280213)

Joint International Master(Erasmus Mundus)in Smart Systems Integration(SSI) - Deadline 100213

Erasmus Mundus MSc in Marine Environment and Resources(Deadline 250113)

Tuition Free with Stipends for Master of Science in Software Engineering(Joint Master's Degree – University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia);Deadline:160413

Wishing everyone of you a much more blissful 2013!
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 12:53pm On Dec 28, 2012
Romanian State to foreign citizens through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(2013- 2014 academic year)-Bsc,Msc and PhD

International Master’s Scholarship covering most fields of study@University of Oulu,2013/2014;Deadline 310113

PhD Positions in Operations, Economics and Strategy,Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL);Deadlines- January 15th, 2013(Early Application),April 15th, 2013(Late)

PhD Positions – Microeconomic Theory/Industrial Organization/Public Economics/Political Economy/Behavioral Economics/Experimental Economics/Neuroeconomics(Deadline 210113)

PhD Student in Applied Mathematics “Super-resolution microscopy: sharpening by calculation”,University of Amsterdam(Deadline-280213)

PhD candidate in Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing @ University of Luxembourg;Deadline 310113
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 5:03pm On Dec 27, 2012

Please let others feel free to contribute their own quota as well on the subject matter.

I would implore everyone to tailor their posts to the captioned and please do well to direct 'skewed' questions to other relevant posts or perhaps open a new post and I am sure people would address your questions/concerns .


Thanks to you all! I hope to cover new grounds tomorrow by God's grace!
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 3:13pm On Dec 26, 2012
MSc Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour Scholarships @ CIIM, Cyprus, Application Deadline 14012013

MSc Finance & Banking Scholarships@CIIM, Cyprus,Deadline 140113

MBA Scholarships@CIIM, Cyprus,Deadline 14012013

University of Twente Master Scholarship in at least 20 fields of study,2013,Deadline 30032013

PhD position in Molecular Genetics,Stockholm University, Deadline 10012013

2013 PhD Studentships in Psychology and Neuroscience at University of St Andrews in UK, Deadline 010213
Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 2:55pm On Dec 21, 2012
Scholarships for European Master’s Course in Software Engineering (EMSE), 2013-2015

MIDS-Managed Scholarships for Developing Countries in Switzerland, 2013

2013/14 Research Project Awards (in the fields of law, philosophical ethics and theological ethics and their various junctures)@University of Aberdeen in UK

Scholarships for degree seeking international PhD students at TTU,Estonia

University of York PhD Studentships in Economics

PhD Studentship in Economics(Knowledge Based Climate Mitigation Systems for a Low Carbon Economy),University of Sussex

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Educational Services / Re: MASTER'S AND Phd Scholarship Opportunities by nedostic: 4:12pm On Dec 19, 2012
2013 MSc/ PhD Fellowships in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Heidelberg University in Germany

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships MSc Program in Mathematical Modelling for Engineering (MathMods) 2013/2015

Doctoral Research Fellowship in Innovation Studies at University of Oslo in Norway, 2013

2013 Doctoral Scholarships in the framework of the Interfaculty Council for Development Co-operation (IRO,KU Leuven,Belgium

2013 PhD Research Positions in Network Protocols and Algorithms, Wireless Networking and Energy-efficient Networking at Institute IMDEA Networks,Spain

2013 Doctoral Fellowship in Systems Biomedicine

MBA Luxury Brand Management and Global Fashion Media scholarships,2013

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