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Education / Re: 2022 Medical Students Intake By Geopolitical Zone by 30naira: 10:43pm On Mar 26
These are human resources that should be used to built the society, but unfortunately, most will tap into the national treasure just give them the ground to fly away from Nigeria.

If education at any level is subsidised, a sensible government will sign a bond of agreement with the beneficiaries to at-least serve and built the society to some degree before seeking greener pasture.

Unfortunately, education is not subsidised
Crime / Re: SS1 Student Stabbed To Death By Her Neighbour In Abuja by 30naira: 9:31am On Mar 19
Oh No!! Not again undecided

He raped and murdered the young girl in cold blood, what a wild monster he his undecided

It’s so unfortunate and painful that the rapist and murderer would be treated like a celebrity undecided, he won’t be sentenced to death undecided

Reason why hate and run away from these animals.

You do realise that immaculate is a girl right?

These foolish men irritates me so much undecided
Crime / Re: 22 Soldiers Killed In Ambush In Delta State Community Graphics Warning. by 30naira: 12:36pm On Mar 17
I will create a thread to review the cause of this crises, it isn't the way they narrate it. I lost a friend named Victor Joseph. On Friday 15th March, whose died from injury substain from Military gun shots.
I am looking forward to that thread. I would really like to know what the actual issue is

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Crime / Re: 22 Soldiers Killed In Ambush In Delta State Community Graphics Warning. by 30naira: 12:34pm On Mar 17

I have no military affiliation but your sentiments are noted nonetheless. For the record, I agree that civilian massacres are war crimes and gross human rights violations BUT when any army loses men during attacks launched against them in a specific geographical area, the Geneva Convention goes in the dustbin and the gloves come off.

While civilian casualty is sometimes inevitable, There is never a scenario where it is acceptable for a military to launch attacks on civilians. Attacking civilians is a Nigerian army thing. It isn't something "Any" army does. A targeted and measured response is what sensible armies organise. Killing civilians achieves nothing, as the perpetrators are still largely unaffected
Crime / Re: UNIJOS Student Stabbed By Female Neighbour For 'Making Noise' by 30naira: 7:55pm On Jan 13

She may escape with manslaughter if she has a good lawyer. The actus reus is clear but the mens rea was not meant to kill him. Except, of course, na nut case.

That will be hard to argue. How do you stab someone in the chest and argue that there was no mens rea?.
Was the stabbing a mistake? Was she already holding a knife or did she walk to the kitchen to get a knife? If there was no intent to kill, then what did she do after the act .? She simply went back to her room

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Family / Re: My To Be In-laws Are Frustrating Me by 30naira: 2:32pm On Jul 25, 2023
Good morning nairaland family, please I have a serious issue which I need your advice.
I met my fiancee 1st March 2022 and everything clicked, within few weeks, we are like people who have been together for years because we share many things in common, we are birthday mates, we like the same food, we are practically like twins. I work as a Key account manager in charge of my region in one of the leading multinational company here in Nigeria, why she works as an RN(registered nurse) in one of the top private hospital in the state I base too. I will be 33yrs by September while she will be 25years the same date and month. We are supposed to get married by May this year because am ready and she is ready too, but the parents have been frustrating me, one that am not from there state, we passed through that phase and fixed our traditional wedding next month, the mum and her people now came up with another issue that she must travel abroad before getting married, even when I have tried convincing them that I can't prevent there daughter from traveling even after marriage because I have been nursing same ambition too.

When I met my fiancee, she has been doing bad in her ihealth exams not until I came into her life. I have purchased the form three times in a space of 6 months plus her form for CBT and I do practically everything for my woman. Since we met, she doesn't touch her salary, she doesn't stress herself much about house duties, both washing, cooking and other things because as a bachelor, those are the things I enjoyed doing. I love her so much and she love me too, but am totally confused on what to do as the parents have said point blank that she can only get married when she travels to UK.

She had a serious fight with the parents last night and the mum even called me and told me that if I can't abide by there rules, I should forget about there daughter. Am the only son and my parents are not aware of the situation.

I don't know there problem because as a young man, I leave in a comfortable bungalow, drives good car outside my official car and equally employed one of her siblings on a temporary project am running for my office, which they both earn 60k monthly.

Please I need advise on how to go about this as I have two options in my mind. Should I move on and forget all the money I have spent so far or should I stand by my fiancee who loves me so much and finish the fight?

Carry your fiancee to registry and do court wedding. Carry your pastor and her pastor and few witnesses. When that is done, apologise to her family. Everybody go calm down. Then arrange your abroad wake. When you reach abroad, nobody go vez again
Health / Re: I'm 34 Years Old And I Bedwet. I Need Help Please by 30naira: 11:40am On Jul 01, 2023
At first i thought it was stress, but yesterday, i was home throughout and it happened again. This is like the 4th time this year. I'm really concerned and i do not mind any advice as to what could cure the problem. I called a friend of mine this morning to request to see a urologist, he said i might have to wait 2-3 months to see one.

I do not want to wait another 2 months, my marriage is just 2years and my wife is starting to worry too.

A 34 years old married man still betwets. I need help please.

Happens to more people than you might think. Nobody really talks about it. This is coming from a urologist. It's not necessarily a medical problem. This is the advice I usually give.
1) do not drink fluids before bed. I.e after 8pm
2) Empty your bladder last thing before bed. Force yourself to pee.
3) set a daily alarm for 2am. When it rings, get up and pee.
Overtime. You ll have better control of your bladder.
It's really not something to be overly concerned with. I have seen it alot


Health / Re: Bill To Prevent Medical Doctors From Getting Licence Till After 5 Years by 30naira: 2:31pm On Apr 07, 2023

Slave and labour? Medical and law students get the best training facility in any federal university in Nigeria. No one is saying they should not travel but before you do let the country benefit from her investment in you for at least 5yrs. I think that's fair enough.

In those universities, they pay the highest fees as well. Is there special subsidy for medical students I'm not aware of?
Career / Re: Should An Employee Attend To Work Calls/mails On Weekends by 30naira: 11:05am On Apr 03, 2023
Those of you who refuse to pick work calls on Saturday I have a question and I’ll appreciate honest answers - would you be so picky about work if it was your own business?


The answer is no. I wouldn't be so picky if it were my own business. But since it's not my business, the standard work week in Nigeria is 40hours. Mon-fri. Unless my contract stipulates otherwise.

Weekends are for my family and my God. An employer should not demand that I give up family time to grow his business. If he needs Weekend cover, he should do it himself or pay for it. It is because of the unemployment in Nigeria that employers think they are God

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Health / Re: Asa: Ogun State Community Where People Are Suffering — Man Cries Out by 30naira: 10:54am On Mar 09, 2023

Those children are not with Kwashiokwor. About 2 or 3 look malnourished but it may not be as a result of lack of food if you look at their skin and the other well fed better looking kids.

No doubt they can live better, get dewormed etc , but this is a typical village setting with poor child spacing. Ogun state govt can move in to assist them.

If the picture of that old woman was taken bare chested without her permission and told that her picture will be displayed publicly in this manner, the Ogun state govt should get her justice and prosecute you.

See kwashokwor below, taken during the Nigerian civil war in the liberated Eastern Nigerian villages in present day South East Nigeria. You can see the difference is much.
Just to straighten this out. Those children in your picture are facing starvation. The OP's own are not starved, but they all exhibit signs of protein energy malnutrition. Kwashiorkor is a type of PEM. That swollen abdomen is a classic sign. Though they are not starved, they are not eating a balanced diet. They are probably only eating carbohydrates which is what most poor people can easily afford


Health / Re: 85% Doctors Planning To Leave Nigeria, Says NARD by 30naira: 7:50am On Jan 22, 2023
Ungrateful lots
Unpatriotic folks
They just game the Nigerian government.
They got cheap medical education and will rather use it for another country.....why didnt they go to study the medidcine in europe or america....they wont because they cant afford it.
The didnt complain about ill equiped medical schools and teaching hospitals while training only to jump on the next plane to countries where they couldnt afford to study Medicine.....
Before anyone says rubbish....... doctors that want to practice in USA should go there for their studies if they can afford it not take advantage of the subsidized medical education in Nigeria and thereafter run away......Government subsidized it so many people can be trained to be useful to the country.

I have migrated to UK, come and beat me. Lol


Family / Re: My Ex Fiancee Is Pregnant For Me by 30naira: 5:24pm On Jan 13, 2023
Hello Guys, please I need a sincere and matured advise on what to do. This will be long, please bare with me.

I'm 27, am a businessman, I have this girl I really love so much and intend to marry her this year December, but one thing about her is her bad character. She challenge me, talk back at me, shout at me, get angry with me for days, refuse to cook when she is angry, disrespect my family, most especially my mum, always trying to paint herself good and paint me bad in presence of people, these are just little of the things she has done to me.

When she lost her job, and had nowhere to go, I had to bring her to my house, and provide everything for her, food, I change her hair twice a month, subscribe unlimited for her, I just provided everything a woman need to be happy for her. Last year November, she told me she haven't seen her mum for 5years and wanted to travel to see her, I spent close to 200k to take her to and fro, including other things she needed. She insisted on collecting the bride price list for me when coming back, I spoke to her mum and they gave her to give me. I was planning to finalize all on the weeding this year.

Last year DECEMBER, I took her to my family to introduce her, but this was the biggest mistake of my life. She was completely disrespectful to my mum, talks to me anyhow in presence of anyone, even to the extent of refusing to cook for me anytime she is angry, I go to kitchen and prepare food myself.

I love this girl so much but I still thought of continuing, with all this attitudes, I advise her everyday, I also took her to my pastor who advise her too most of the times, but she never changes.

Fast forward to 2days ago, we had issues because she told me to join her in washing and I refused because I was working on a client project, she got angry, washed the clothes and when it was evening she brought the clothes inside, folded her own in the wardrobe and just threw mine into the wardrobe without folding or arranging them. I was angry about this, but I kept mute. The next day, she sent me "sorry" on WhatsApp, I told her to come to me physically and apologize but she told me she can never do that, and why was she even apologizing, that she did nothing wrong, we exchanged words and she left my house.

Today, she called me and told me she is pregnant, and that I should send her money to remove it. I was like "just like that"? We didn't discuss about it, how will you just tell me you want to terminate my pregnancy, I told her to go to hospital and confirm it and also get the test report, she did this and sent to me, it was true she is pregnant, but she insisted on removing it, I persuaded her and she still refused, claiming she can't be a single mother. I told her I will take responsibility, but she insisted on removing it, I told her to go home and think about it, and she told me she can't leave there without removing it. After so much persuading I decided to give her the money, and told her if she removed it, that it's on her, that I didn't consent to this.

I asked her why we can't keep it, and she said because my family is bad, we support evil, if the sky is blue, we say it's red, that my mother is a bad woman, and she doesn't want to come there. She said so many bad things about my family, I was shocked! I asked her, how are they bad, she said "how can my mother be telling her to wash my clothes" I was just confused, After all I have done for you, is it bad if you wash your husband to be clothes, I left her!

Later she told me the doctor referred her to another hospital, I still tried to persuade her and she said her decision is final. She asked me to give her money to go to the hospital she was referred to, I refused! I insisted that we keep the baby, she told me "I'm a nobody, that she will call now and she will get money to go" I angrily blocked her. Later, she called my other line and told me, she went to the other hospital and the doctor told her, the cost to remove the pregnancy is 125k, she told me and I insisted on keeping the baby.

Please guys help.me, I don't want to terminate my first child, the girl is too disrespectful and rude, I don't want to continue with such woman, but she is carrying my baby, what do I do? And if she later agree to keep it, how do I go about it?

You all are just saying "don't marry her" what about the baby? Should I agree to abort it and give her the money?


I usually don't respond to posts like this, because I realise that no matter the advise you get, a weak man will never be able to take a firm stand on anything. I'm only making an exception here because I feel sorry for you.

1) No hospital will agree to do an abortion, its illegal. Those that engage in the practice do it in secret, so the idea that she was referred from one hospital to another is a lie.
2) Illegal abortion does not cost 125k the tablets used is 2500. If it involves D and C then it's 30k max. You are being extorted.
3) If you want to keep the baby, then why give her money to terminate it? You can't say NO and stand on it? If she wants to terminate it then let her do at her own expense.
4) It is better to raise a child out of wedlock than to raise a child in a home where the parents can't get along. You will do yourself and that child more harm if you marry that woman.

My advice , don't discuss the issue of abortion further. Make your stand known and whatever she decides to do is on her
Romance / Re: The Fallacy Of "Evening Newspaper" by 30naira: 1:19am On Dec 15, 2022
Evening Newspaper.
You married early morning newspaper.
Why are there bags under her eyes?
Why are her hands so veiny? Her skin so ashen?
When was the last time you treated your morning newspaper wife like your girlfriend?
Last time you bought her a dress?
Last time you really complimented her looks, her body without requesting sex?
Why is she 25 and looks like my aunty?
You bash women for bringing nothing to the table
Bash older women for being unmarried.
What of the early morning newspaper God blessed you with?
You have turned her into a midnight newspaper.

Lol it seems you have a thing against poor families. There are also a lot of happily married women. My wife is 23 years old, she has everything money can buy. I know lots of happily married and financially settled young women. Of course there are the poor ones you are also describing and bashing.

You sound very pained, but the truth is, the older a woman gets, the less desirable she becomes. Her options begin to shrink as far as the dating market goes. It's the same for a man who is broke. That's why you described some men as 'incels' . Men are not offended by the description, the situation is fixable. Work hard, earn some money and you will definitely find a woman. But for a typical evening newspaper, she cannot turn back the hands of time. Everyday that passes increases her age and decreases her desirability. Those eggs � are getting scanty by the day. Menopause is fast approaching. The only thing you can realistically do is to lower your standard and settle, or die alone.


Business / Re: Our Problems With N100,000 Weekly Withdrawal Limit — NECA by 30naira: 12:51pm On Dec 08, 2022
They should look for another way of solving this economy issue
This plan of theirs isn't favoring in anyway

Some people accept only cash no cash no business
This will affect business men both those in higher chain down to those on low of the lowest in a negative way.

Besides this gives a higher chance for hackers and thieves to cart away people hard earned money

Eg me prefer cash to cash transactions I hardly do transfer nor accept it

Nigeria is to risky for all this online transactions.

You will adjust, everyone will adjust. We cannot make progress without sacrifice. The benefits of this policy outweighs the inconvenience of a few people.
Now you will have to accept transfers going forward. No monetary policy will work if a bulk of the money in circulation is outside the controll of CBN. Every sensible country has tight limitations on cash movement


Romance / Re: How I Dealt With An Entitled Lady by 30naira: 9:59am On Nov 16, 2022
That 'i can't spend on a woman that's isn't my wife' is very wrong. Lines of an irresponsible man in the making.
Imagine during courtship you don't take care of her. In marriage it will be worse cuz you've subconsciously condition your mind not to meet her needs deliberately.
Though there is limit for everything.
I would agree with you.

But would you also agree with me that she has to come to my house to cook and clean as well?
Family / Re: How Can I Reduce The Hatred I Have For My Cousin Brother? by 30naira: 10:31am On Nov 07, 2022
So, in 2019, my dad decided to take him in.

One night, I woke up from sleep and decided to go to the kitchen and get drinking water (my room is just outside the sitting room, and you'll have to pass the sitting room before reaching the kitchen).

I observed that my cousin wasn't on the bed when I woke up. I decided to take a peek into my sister's room and there he was standing, jerking off to my sister's face! She was barely 15!

The lights was on, and his grandmother (my dad's mom) who came visiting was also on the bed together with my sisters! Such audacity!

I couldn't even believe what I saw, and tiptoed back into my room and woke up my maternal uncle who was staying with us in order to be my witness.

After witnessing the act, the only response he gave me was [b]Why is she (my sister) feigning to sleep, while he was touching her and jerking off to her face[b].

I was shocked and couldn't even believe his utterance. Like bro! You was supposed to help me bounce on the stupid slowpoke harassing my sister, (your niece).

He just said that and left. With the little energy left with me, I opened the door, dragged my cousin brother out and warned him never to try such act again (I initially wanted to teach him a lesson he ought to never forget in his lifetime, but I was hugely disappointed with what my uncle did).

Even though I still reported him to my parents, there wasn't any punishment meted out to him.

After that incident, I completely lost the respect I had for my uncle. Agreed he had some issues with my mom (her elder sister) back then, but why extend the hatred to her children?.

After that incident, I still occasionally catch my cousin brother in the night in the sitting room, claiming to iron out his clothes. But I still maintain my anger since it's not as if I caught him going into my sister's room.

What broke the camels back, was an incident which happened last 3 weeks ago.

One of my younger sisters (she's 13) reported to my dad in the middle of the night that he caught my cousin brother in her room, jerking off at her face while trying to remove her underwear.

All my dad did was to woke me up from sleep (saying that he wants me to be the witness), and he was preaching to the boy on how his mom, is his younger sister and that he should talk if marriage should be done for him since he can't hold his sexual desires (like man, you was supposed to call me and we smack the shit out of him together!!!).

I got angry and just left them there.

The next morning, I told my mom about the incident, and she told me that my baby sister (an 8 year old) do complain to her sometimes about sharp pains in her private part.

And this happens whenever, my cousin brother is sent to take her to the room whenever she's asleep on the sitting room couch. And also, how one of my sisters told her that he once caught him trying to lift up her skirt while she was fast asleep on the couch in the middle of the night.

Right now, I'm Justin mad at myself and angry at the same time! I feel like a loser, a pussy who can't even protect his sisters.

The bastard is still living with us, in my room, and every day, my hatred for him grows stronger.

Even when my mom told his mom, her only reply was that he's still a kid, and she should forgive him. Someone who's 17!!!! For goodness sake!.

She didn't even called him out to kneel down in front of my mom and rebuke him. Nothing was done!!!! She didn't even spoke to him about the incident.

And whenever my mom makes her displeasure known to my dad, he always says that she hates his family, bla bla bla.

How can I reduce my hatred for my cousin? Or is my hatred justified?

Right now, he has been restricted into coming into the sitting room, anything past 8pm.

But still, I'm still sure things might just go back to being the same!.

My fear right now is, I'll be going for my youth service in a few months time, which means this bastard will be with my sisters unsecured!!!!

That boy is probably already molesting your younger sister, and you are an accomplice. Your sisters will hate you as much as they will hate him because you did nothing.

What advice are you looking for really? You have a serial predator and a pervert living in your house, and you want to go for nysc and leave your sisters with him? Will it be an insult if I call you a coward?

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Health / Re: UK Licenses 91 Nigerian Doctors In 15 Days by 30naira: 9:39pm On Oct 28, 2022

With the kain subsidy on tertiary education in Nigeria, Federal Government practically sent these doctors to school, because no where in the world do you study medicine and surgery with such small school fees being paid by MBBS students in Nigeria Universities.

They should be giving back to the society that train then, not run from it.

Education is expensive in advanced countries oh

Government does not subsidise education in Nigeria please
Health / Re: UK Licenses 91 Nigerian Doctors In 15 Days by 30naira: 9:36pm On Oct 28, 2022
Nigeria is a breeding ground for skilled workers exploited abroad. They attended Nigerian schools, benefited from Nigerian University facilities and givernment reduced fees, only to be allowed by the same clueless givernment to take the skills abroad to work in a clime that didn't contribute a dime to those skills. No be mumu givernment be dat?

Indians , Chinese, Saudi and Co would do otherwise...aquire skills abroad to develop their countries back home. Why won't they be the best my people? We'd get it right someday. The crop of politicians we have today should be blamed for all these nonsense. All of them keep running to the west for medical treatment after collapsing Nigeria's health sector yet, their blind followers wouldn't reason along these lines of inequality and cheating. They're the ones patronising those empty hospitals.

Hide your ignorance please. There are more Indian doctors and nurses in UK than Nigerians. Government did not subsidise my training bike. I paid for the education.
Politics / Re: Hakeem Baba-Ahmed Blasts Doctors & Other Professionals Leaving Nigeria by 30naira: 9:59am On Oct 27, 2022

The cost of learning medical education in Nigeria is way lower than learning it in most other countries. By way lower, I mean at least 1/10th the cost.
Now imagine after learning it on a platter of gold here, you now go and give that service to a society that would insist you pay way bigger money before studying in their country.
Please google the cost of medical education in the UK and compare to whatever cost it is in public universities here.

Let me take my time to break this down for you, and hope you read with an open mind.

When comparing the cost of a commodity across different countries with different economic realities, people often fall into the trap of doing currency conversion, which I believe is what you did when you compared cost of Education in Nigeria to UK. Let me explain why that is wrong.

1) An item that costs £1 in UK may be cheap, it doesn't mean that the same item will be considered cheap in Nigeria if it costs #820 (because £1=#820). I live in Bristol, my 1 bedroom flat is considered cheap, it cost £700 a month. Will you consider over 500k/month for a 1 bedroom apartment as cheap in Nigeria? Or should i then say people have houses 'on a platter of gold' in Nigeria as you said? Will it reasonable to insist that rent is cheap in Nigeria because of what i pay in Bristol? I guess not. The reason is simply that the economic realities are different.

2) When you want to compare if something is cheap or expensive between two places, you must factor in the various economic realities. e.g average wages, inflation, minimum wage etc. The fact that it costs £9700 a year for a nursing degree in UK doesn't mean that #300000 a year in Nigeria is cheap. The minimum wage in UK is around £890 a month. In Nigeria it is #30000 a month. The same struggle and hardship it takes to raise £9700 in UK is the same struggle it takes to raise #300000 in Nigeria. It is neither cheap here nor there.

3) Another trap people fall into is comparing public universities in Nigeria funded by taxpayers to privately funded schools abroad. If you must compare, compare private uni to private uni. That £9700 quoted above is school fees for a privately funded university. In Nigeria, a private uni will charge #2m and above a year for the same program. So in actual economic terms, it may be more expensive in Nigeria, given the fact that £9700 is nearly the minimum wage for a year in UK, and #2m is almost 70x the minimum wage in Nigeria

4) If you think education is cheap in Nigeria, it is not because the government is subsidising it, it is simply because of our economic reality. I studied Nursing in Nigeria, in a state university. I paid 160k a year .it cost me 800k for 5 years. And I got 800k worth of Education. If you say it is cheap, it is also because the standard is also poor. I spent 8 years in a 5 years program. Not because i failed. The government did not subsidise it. If anything I paid with my sanity and peace of mind.

5) Lastly no healthcare professional is asking for the same wages as the ones paid abroad. I earn £2500 - £3000 a month here, I can not reasonably ask the Nigerian government to pay me #1000000 a month in Nigeria. By our economic reality in Nigeria, that would be outrageous. While I was in Nigeria, we were begging for a hazard allowance of #30,000 . How much does a senator collect as hardship allowance? I'd like you to channel your blame properly. Do not victimise people who genuinely left to find a better life

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Politics / Re: Hakeem Baba-Ahmed Blasts Doctors & Other Professionals Leaving Nigeria by 30naira: 8:52pm On Oct 26, 2022
Solutions to these are
1. Make Medical Education the same cost as it is in the UK, US and Western Europe.
2. Leave Medical Education subsidized but let every nurse doctor, health professional know that they are getting medical training on a platter of gold. Compel them to sign an agreement of at least 5 - 10year service in the country.

While this is going on, please try and create a system of better pay for doctors and nurses. They are the real heroes saving lives not Naira Marley, Davido or Tonto Dikeh.

Why do people think that medical education is subsidised in Nigeria? Do you know that in most universities, medical science students pay the highest fees. Except you mean to say that university education is subsidized in Nigeria

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Health / Re: Medical Brain Drain In Zimbabwe: Government Blocks UK-Bound Nurses (Video) by 30naira: 9:04am On Oct 20, 2022
Good move. Nigeria must do this next.
African countries can't be training medical and health practitioners for 1/50 the cost of the UK. Only for the same beneficiaries to leave the system and be of use to a society that did not train them.
Insult me all you can but when you or a loved one is having a medical issue and you are stuck with an auxiliary nurse and you have to be on a 3hour queue because there are few doctors on standby, then your eye will clear. Unfortunately, you will blame Buhari or the next president.

I'm not going to insult you, I'd rather engage you constructively.

My parents paid for me to become a nurse. They paid alot by Nigerian standards. I sacrificed a lot as well . I spent 7 years 5 year course, not because I failed, but because the government failed. The government did not 'train' me in the manner you are suggesting, I paid for my education. I don't owe the government anything.

Secondly, do you hold this same opinion against politicians who use our taxes to seek healthcare abroad? Or is it just the nurses you are bitter about?


Travel / Re: Who Noticed This About Nigerians Who Have Family Members Abroad? by 30naira: 1:15pm On Sep 18, 2022
how many northerners are japaing Just few. They even have boko haram and banditry to use for asylum yet they no dey travel abroad . Thats why i said it’s mostly south, some northerns are proud too of their relatives in arabic countries.

The northerners are not travelling out of the country, but they are relocating in droves to the south. Lagos and Benin are like South Africa to them


Romance / Re: Why Do Most Nigerian Guys Do This? by 30naira: 7:12pm On Sep 09, 2022
I mean they toast you for weeks endlessly and try to get your love and attention and when you finally give them the attention and give them the chance to win your heart and maybe after dates and probably sex, they lose interest and go cold. Why is this so? Is love dead in Nigeria?

I understand what you mean, given the fact that I and my buddies are guilty of this. But let me explain why.
9 times out of 10, when a guy asks you out, the foremost thing on his mind is sex. Don't get me wrong, he may genuinely be attracted to you, but sex is the first thing on his mind. He ll worship you, treat you like a queen, call you 10 times a day , while you will be 'forming'.

Now here is where the problem lies. Sex can't keep a man, there are too many cheap pussies everywhere. Once a man has tasted the kitty, there is something we call the ' post nut clarity'. Now the blind thirst for the kitty has been quenched, he is now thinking clearly. He now asks himself, 'why should I tie myself to this one, how is she different'?.

While that thought is going on in his head, he is waiting for you to show why he should stick around, why you should be his wife, forsaking all others .

On the other hand, you ,the girl have become used to being chased, you have become used to being wanted and treated like a princess, and you expect the princess treatment, not knowing that it's now your turn to prove your worth, to a man who has had his fill and is ready to move on. He doesn't give a damn anymore, unless you can somehow turn that initial attraction to love.

So how do you keep him then? That's the thing alot of girls are yet to figure out.

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Politics / Re: ‘How Can Bashir Ahmad Earn More Than Prof. Femi Osofisan?’: Fierce Reactions by 30naira: 2:45pm On Aug 17, 2022

Stop being DUMB and SENTIMENTAL.

The problem you are having is that the fellow is a Muslim and a Northerner.

There are medical doctors who earn more than that in Nigeria

You are the dumb fellow for avoiding the question and resorting to cheap insults. I never mentioned or referred to his tribe and religion.
I will ask again, explain what is sensitive about his job, compared to a medical doctor who is also a Muslim fr the North.


Politics / Re: ‘How Can Bashir Ahmad Earn More Than Prof. Femi Osofisan?’: Fierce Reactions by 30naira: 10:43am On Aug 17, 2022
His job description is a sensitive one.

A professor who is just a classroom teacher is still behind policy makers.

We have professors holding sensitive positions and they earn far more than professors who are in the classroom.

Please tell me what is sensitive about his job, and compare that to a medical doctor's job.
Keep in mind that the nation will function effectively without a social media assistant. We are doomed as a nation if we have no teachers to produce the next generation of professionals


Politics / Re: "You Can Not Record Me" Aregbesola Spotted "Arguing" With Nigerian In America by 30naira: 8:26am On Jul 17, 2022
Most Nigerians in America are very funny.
The Bushman was hard shouting this is America , but he was seen violating someome else's privacy

He is not violating his privacy. When you are public,there is no expectation of privacy. The US supreme Court has long established that. That's why the paparazzi can camp outside your house and take pics. Like he said "this is America "

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Crime / Re: Man Stabs Brother To Death While Having Sex With His Wife by 30naira: 8:02pm On Jul 15, 2022

this would be hard. why?
He saw them and had the option of walking away but he actually walked away and CAME BACK to the venue, not to punch or beat ot rant or rain verbal abuses but with the sole intention to commit murder with a murder weapon against a defenseless man.

He had motive and his intention was clear and his action was deliberate.

case closed.

finally, he should not have come with a knife for one person. He should have come with a bucket of Acid for two of them. That is what they actually deserve for such brazen act of betrayal.

The law is not that black and white. There's a good case for temporary insanity. It's definitely not first degree murder. We can certainly question the mens rea here
Family / Re: Men, Stop Setting Unnecessary Standards That You Will Never Meet. by 30naira: 1:46pm On Jul 08, 2022

Na small girl you go marry las las. You can never control an adult. Only women with daddy issues will succumb to your standard.

If it is a small girl that meets my standard, so be it. I will marry her.
You should find a man that meets your own standard, instead of judging mine.
We will never drop our expectations because you cannot meet up to it


Family / Re: Men, Stop Setting Unnecessary Standards That You Will Never Meet. by 30naira: 11:21am On Jul 08, 2022

It beats my imagination because these men will never meet half the standards they set for women. And I am not capping! They want virgins, but ain't virgins. They want a woman who can cook, clean, be a mistress in the bedroom and also a top-performing manager at work like Alakija, while they are under performers.

They can't meet half of what they set.

I am a man, I will set the standard for who I want to marry.
You are a woman, you will set the standard for who you want to marry.
If you don't live up to my standard, I won't marry you. If I don't meet your standard, then don't marry me.

I want to marry a woman I can control! That's my standard. There are women who want to be controlled, I ll search for them and marry there.

You want a man that will be your equal, they are out there, find one and marry.

Why my own standard dey pain you?


Crime / Re: Ebony Mayfield: Allen Onyeama's Alleged Co-Conspirator Pleads Guilty To Fraud by 30naira: 11:35am On Jul 06, 2022
What exactly is the offense? This is just like using BTA forex meant for traveling to do business. Its still your money.

Worst case scenario, they seize the money in the company account.

It is money Laundry. The entire scheme is to move dirty money from Nigeria to US under false pretext
Politics / Re: Ekweremadu's Donor Was Given A Passport Of A 41-Year-Old - UK Doctor by 30naira: 11:15am On Jun 28, 2022
“ The doctor at the Royal Free in Camden became suspicious about whether the alleged victim was aware he was the donor of the kidney and whether he was 41 as his passport claimed.

The 15-year-old was given the passport of a 41-year-old in order to get into the UK, but did not know he was there to donate a kidney until he went a hospital appointment in London, a court heard yesterday”.

Very poor story.

Immigration officials both in Nigeria on exit and the UK on arrival would have stopped him, with a passport containing an age far older than his appearance. Immigration in Nigeria usually troubles first time traveling youths with fresh passports. If he went with Ekwerenmadu’s team, he would have escaped Nigeria, but stopped at the UK airport. How did he beat immigration on both sides.

The boy’s story makes it easy for us to understand. He claimed that he was offered a job. One would ask how someone he never met before offered him a job in England. Was there no offer made to him for a particular assignment? Surely that would be difficult to believe. He stayed in the man’s mansion in Abuja and enjoyed great food and drinks, according to him. What was he doing in a man’s house, who was not related to him and gave him such great life and offer.

I think the boy was offered the assignment by an Ekwerenmadu contact. He accepted it, looking at the amount of money available. If the court of Justice Ekwo allows it, then we can see the boy’s account details. Ekwerenmadu would not have been stupid enough to give him money in cash. That would be an evidence of some form of transaction between them.

The UK doctor helped the boy when he told him about the disadvantages of loosing one kidney. That made the boy change his mind. They called in the police and the boy saw his opportunity to remain in the UK.

Hopefully the courts, with evidences presented, would clarify this issue that the UK police, in a hurry to go to court, did not sort out.

I don't know what to believe anymore, the stories are confusing. However here is why Ekweremadu will eventually be convicted.

It is a crime to buy or sell human organs. If Ekweremadu had promised, or offered financial inducement in exchange for the boy's kidney, that's a crime in UK.

Transporting him across border for the purpose of 'buying ' his kidney is organ trafficking.

Now, if the boy maintains his claim that he is 15, that makes it worse for Ekweremadu.

Again, if the boy claim not to know about the organ sale, it's equally bad for Ekweremadu.

Trust me, the metro police are the very best in the UK. They would typically already have a solid case before taking Ekweremadu to court. It is very rare that high profile cases like this do not end up in conviction.


Health / Re: Nurse Locks Doctor Up At Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital (vid) by 30naira: 11:07am On Jun 23, 2022

Which memo? Is it Doctor that clean the ward?

I take it that you are a doctor?
I'm a nurse, practicing in UK. The rule is universal from WHO. The person who generates waste is responsible for disposing it.

If a doctor comes to my ward to pass a central, and generates waste, it is his duty to discard the waste. If we have blood or body fluid spill on the floor, we have a cleaner for that. But it is his job to discard all wastes, including used instruments, sharps, used swabs etc. It is also his job to return unused materials.

If I return to find waste not disposed, it is my job to fill in an incident report, and name him. He will definitely be summoned by infection control.
Locking up and verbally abusing the doctor is wrong, and probably criminal. Refusing to dispose waste you generated is equally an offense. I hope the hospital management can thrash this issue amicably


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