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Politics / Re: Sanwo-olu Buys 800 New BRT Buses, Starts Expansion Of BRT Lanes by 49cents(m): 8:05pm On Oct 18
Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State has announced the acquisition of 800 new BRT buses.

The governor made the announcement via a tweet, where he also announced the commencement of the expansion of the BRT lanes in the state.

According to the Governor, “Beyond road construction, we have started expanding the bus rapid transit system and gradually reducing the danfo buses on the roads. I am excited to announce that we have purchased over 800 buses to add to the existing BRT fleet expanding to more routes”

“We are supportive of private investment in transportation that is non-exploitative. This week, I launched @UberBoat, the first of many private-sector efforts at providing safe & efficient water transport working with our water transportation initiatives.”

See the tweet below.

See also: These Buses Are Not Lagos BRT Buses (See PHOTOS) HERE

The Lagos BRT

The Lagos BRT was established on 17 March 2008. It is the first BRT scheme in Sub-Saharan Africa. It started operations on a 22-kilometer radial highway BRT lanes that connect Mile 12 and Lagos Island. That is, it ran from Mile 12 through Ikorodu Road and Funsho Williams Avenue, Eko Bridge up to CMS.

Former Governor of Lagos State, Akinwumni Ambode, in May 2017, donated 50 new BRT buses to the private operator of the BRT service in Lagos.

Primero Transport Service Limited is the sole BRT operator in Lagos State.



Even a thick skulled person knows that government has no business in business but with 800 buses enough padding must be added to offset campaign cost and the party rats....

For a governor who asked for permission to borrow 200B from the state house this week....the smart thing to do is to give operating licenses to the private sector to pump in idle funds....we will be seeing as .much as 5000 buses witbout breaking a sweat....saving govenrment funds that can be used to fix to world standards gullies they call roads...

Africa....i weep
Travel / Re: Lagos-Ibadan Railway: What Ibadan Railway Axis Looks Like - Photo Documentary by 49cents(m): 5:54pm On Oct 17
By 2022, patriotic Nigerians will wish we had someone like PMB since 1999.

Truth is, if Buhari had half of what PDP squandered in their 16 years of looting and wastage, he would have done wonders.

Sane Nigerians are with PMB while wailing wailers are wailing day by day.

Hope yall know we will pay the loan for a long time.

Plus was it not the same buhari who cancelled metro line and gladly paid the penalty of $20M benjamins......when you are stuck for hours in lagos traffic you should know the history

Then again that this project is seriously going on is commendable but have we even asked at what cost?
Celebrities / Re: "I Will Come For You" - Dabota Lawson To Linda Ikeji Over Daughter's Paternity by 49cents(m): 6:14am On Oct 17

I wonder why she feels so pained?

Dabota must understand that Linda Ikeji is a blogger; traffic and gossip is what makes her tick. Bloggers tell your stories not because they hate or envy you.
They do it because bills must be paid.

Dabota should please accept this and move on.
Maybe she feels so pained that if Linda really reports all she sees and breaks the news, how come she hasn't told the world how much of a leech her sister and husband are to the Kanus?

But some stories are not to be told and Linda knows it.

Just like the one I just told, I know this too and that's why I won't tell the other story about a self-made billionaire feminist who goes around town with AirWick air-fresheners stuck in between her panties to douse the stench from down-below.

Bills must be paid by disrespecting people's privacy and keeping yours?

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Politics / Re: Femi Falana Accuses Moghalu Of Dumping YPP For APC Over Appointment by 49cents(m): 12:10pm On Oct 15
Politicians they are all same.....he needs to recover money spent

Learn to read before commenting...you wont die
Politics / Re: Kingsley Moghalu Resigns From YPP, Calls For Electronic Voting by 49cents(m): 4:25pm On Oct 14

Electronic voting cant help this Dunce if they dont learn lessons from BBnaija.. BBnaija created a platform for youths to project thier hopes and aspiration, registration was seemless, and votes count with independent audit firm analysing votes

What is the definition of a dunce again
Politics / Re: Wike Inspects Projects Under The Rain, His ADC Drenched by 49cents(m): 4:18pm On Oct 14
Wike is probably back to projects....

Nice one

But wait oo,, where are the Nigeria engineers that 90% of road projects are awarded to foreigners?

Excellent question

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Politics / Re: Kingsley Moghalu Resigns From YPP, Calls For Electronic Voting by 49cents(m): 4:01pm On Oct 14
Moghalu finally learnt the hard way that voting in Nigeria helps nobody but a few selected crooks called politicians

So we should just agonise? Complain and lamemt?

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Politics / Re: Kingsley Moghalu Resigns From YPP, Calls For Electronic Voting by 49cents(m): 3:57pm On Oct 14
Regular Idiot.

Are you human or a robot

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Literature / Re: Chinua Achebe Showing Off His Book 'Things Fall Apart' In 1960 (Throwback Photo) by 49cents(m): 9:15am On Oct 14

@bolded. Whatever you've been smoking, madam pls, come off it! There's so much you don't know. Are you sure you're a Nigerian at all?

They didn't invest jack! They're all victims of their own misguidance. Their region is so messed up that it's become almost inhabitable for modern civilization. A haven and fortress for savagery. Their negative attitudes, divisibility, and arrogant nature have been the apex reason of their downfall.

Even in the most fairly contested election ever held in the history of this nation where MKO won the north and SW in a landslide, he lost in the SE. Simply because of their sentiments and hatred for Yorubas and anything Yoruba. They supported OBJ cuz they've got no choice as it was btw two Yorubas. They supported OBJ to spite the SW as, the SW supported Falae. They'll do anything to spite Yoruba pple. They opposed PMB simply cuz of Osinbajo, his Yoruba V.P.

The same Yorubas that give them accomodation and roofs upon their heads. No other tribes can successfully thrive in their own region. They're very un-accomodating to other tribes even their own Igbo pple if you're not from their states or localities.

I love progressive minded Igbos... Late Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu will always be my hero. I love him to death but, his pple messed up the 1966 coup due to unnecessary sentiments. That's story for another day. Guess who 'strategically' killed him? That coward, Ojukwu!

Of course, not all of them are bad. Majority of the educated ones are great. I've got several Igbo friends and, trust me they sometimes regret their heritage.

MKO actually won in Anambra and got ober 45 percent votes in other SE states despite an Ogbonna Onu "their Son" being the running mate of Tofa....stop misleading people
Now this is not counting the igbo votes across the federation. My parents voted MKO and many of my relatives then

Now to why MKO won in the north...the facts are already out!

It was a deliberate move by the power brokers to counter IBBs boy Tofa from succeeding IBB.

The opposing northern anti-IBB forces wanted "MKO to win" so that the northern consesus of not giving power to the south will override that southern victory and that way they will have done away with both IBB and a southern presidency in one fell swoop. And they got it. Put in a front yoruba ING president to calm the polity only to kick him out through Abacha.

Politically Notherners got no love for any southerner so stop fooling yourself.

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Romance / Re: Have You Been Embarrassed Because Your Dick Got Hard In Public? by 49cents(m): 4:51am On Oct 08
Exhibitionism..OP animalisticly calling on females to check him...something like a mating session in NatGeoWild
Politics / Re: PDP Rejects Moves To Return Toll Gates by 49cents(m): 9:21pm On Oct 02
YOU have sense. You are not a wailer. You are a good Nigerian with sense. Making good use of the tolls is what we shoud be talking about. Not blind wailing.

After 8 years how has the lekki epe tolled road gone?

Is that corrodor a success story?

Have you asked where the daily proceeds go to?

Why do you think the same Fashola who tolled lekki - epe would do any different with the federal with more vested interest than those of Lagos?

Tolling is good in theory but the reality in practice says something else

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Nairaland / General / Re: JUNGLE JUSTICE: How I Would've Been Burnt For A Crime I Knew Nothing About by 49cents(m): 3:55pm On Sep 27
"Here Is My True Life Story:

It was on 19th September when i was heading to Umuochichi at Aba. I entered bus heading to Osisioma. When i was in the bus, there was this lady carrying her baby at her back, I was playing with the baby at her back (which is very normal)...."

As i reached my destination, I told the conductor that i have reached my destination. As i came down from the bus, All of a sudden i was hearing thief ooo, thief oooh, thief oooh, I was afraid, i thought the thief was behind me, i started running for my dear life, as i turned back, I saw crowd of people chasing me, Then i have to stop running (I Was Very Confused). I don’t even understand what was happening, Before you know it plank have started landing on my body with slaps.

I was asking my offence, they said am a thief. I started shouting am innocent, I saw the Lady whom i was playing with her baby on the bus saying that i stole her money. The beating was so severe that i lost my voice.

All of a suden i saw group of people coming with Fuel, i managed with my last strength and shouted “AM INNOCENT, I DIDN’T STEAL ANY MONEY”. After shouting that i became uncousious.

I wakeup and saw myself at the hospital; A good samaritan came to my Aid, Probably the “Driver”. He narrated to me that the lady found the money hidden in her purse. I was very bittered. I saw the lady and some of the passengers pleading with me inside the hospital. I was really mad at them. Although i forgiven But I won’t forget.

The wound is getting freshier on my memory every September. Am a living Testimony. I would have been dead today. Grace saved me.”



Women find it easy to accuse people of theft...i habe witnessed this before...sje later fpund her money after accusing the innocent gatemen

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Celebrities / Re: "Ned Nwoko Proves That Men With 6 Packs Are..." - Reno Omokri by 49cents(m): 9:53am On May 28

Reno Omokri in his nugget on self development has used the marriage between Ned Nwoko and the Nollywood Actress, Regina Daniels as case study.

See what he wrote...

"Ned Nwoko proves that men with six pack are not as attractive as men who earn six figures. Thus, be so involved in self development, that you don’t have time to chase women. Chase success. Catch it and EVERY thing, EXCEPT SALVATION, will chase you"

Source: https://www.musictori.com/2019/05/ned-nwoko-proves-that-men-with-6-packs.html

cc: lalasticlala, mynd44

They will chase your 6 figures not you.

This Reno should stop ldolising money.

Everyone should work and make out something of their lives and the right woman would always turn up.

Regina is sadly a trophy wife. Is that what he is encouraging young men to aspire for?
Celebrities / Re: Uriel Oputa Stuns In 'N600k' Dress (Photos) by 49cents(m): 9:07am On May 27

Politics / Re: Ganduje Presents Staff Of Office To Emir Of Gaya At Night (Photos) by 49cents(m): 1:40pm On May 13
Governor Ganduje presented a staff of office to the Emir of Gaya at night, amidst an order of interim injunction, the court directed all parties in the suit to maintain status quo, pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice.With the recent appointment of Aminu Ado-Bayero, Bichi; Tafida Ila, Rano; Ibrahim Abdulkadir, Gaya and Ibrahim Abubakar ll, Karaye  as First Class Emirs, it means the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi now controls only 10 local government councils of the 44 in the state.

Abba Anwar, the Kano Governor's Chief Press Secretary who spoke to Daily Nigerian, confirmed that Ganduje presented a staff of office to the Emir of Gaya on Sunday night, as he further revealed that he had already presented staff of office to the new emir of Bichi.

“The governor had already presented the staff-of-office to emir of Bichi, Aminu Ado Bayero amidst jubilation. The event was colourful and remarkable.We are now on our way to Karaye for presentation of the staff of office to the emir,” he said. “If time permits, the Governor would proceed to either Gaya or Rano today to complete the presentation tomorrow (Monday).”


This in-fighting will continue when Nigeria splits...black man and his limited aspirations...others are investing solar cars these one are jostling for a poverty ridden region
Autos / Re: Innoson, A Car Manufacturer Or Just A Company Assembling Cars? by 49cents(m): 1:34pm On May 13

Can you type this again without crying?

Igbos and victim mentality. You're even mentioning that Emegwali fraud, seems you don't even know some things.
Just get over it, the feeling is mutual. Don't pretend as if you love your western neighbors. We know you people so well.

Every small thing, you start crying tribalism. You want a nation of apes that do not question anything, you can get that in your Biafra.

You would question a car made in India but you would question one made across the Niger!!

Fact is a prophet is without respect only among it's own. If Jesus wasn't spared who is innoson

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Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Tinubu Dines With Buhari At Aso Rock by 49cents(m): 6:23am On May 11
This OP is wicked do you know how many foolish PDP Igbo fans you have sent to their early graves with this pix ? It is a God that will judge you.

Its purely a game of appearances and pretence the real battle is still going.....each of them watching for whom to draw the first blood.(but mature minds first subtle blows have been exavhamged u can't see it)

You should pause your celebration until Buhari has announced Tinubu as his successor
Politics / Re: Coalition Of Nigeria Entertainers To Protest Against Babatunde Fowler by 49cents(m): 8:15am On May 10
Another tinubu boy axed
Romance / Re: Marry Quick So You Can Give Birth, Man Advices Ladies by 49cents(m): 7:46am On Apr 29
Give birth and go where.....
Politics / Re: Akin Alabi Says Man Who Rejected House For Borehole Didn’t Make A Wise Decision by 49cents(m): 8:15am On Apr 26
Sell house in Jigawa? Na you go buy am grin

Once even a fool makes money he thinks himself as wise
Business / Re: Access Bank Unveils New Logo by 49cents(m): 10:15am On Apr 01
Another Igbo business collapses.

Tribalism, nepotism, greed are the reasons why Igbo-owned businesses don't survive the second generation.

Look at Diamond Bank, the founder gave the bank to an incompetent, unproductive, randy fellow to run just because he's his son. That one specialised in sleeping with married women in the bank.

Go and check the debtors list of Diamond Bank. You'll see that the present and previous management gave loans based on "my brother, my brother". Now, the bank is dead.

Don't worry, you'll soon hear them selling their assets to pay Access bank in the coming days. Access would collect every kobo from these titled debtors.

Run businesses like okrika shops at Idumota, why would they last? Put competent people in charge, mba. It is Okafor and Sons. Not minding if the son is a corporate cancer like Uzoma Dozie.

Inter continental bank too was owned by akingbola an igbo man from the east....or Skye bank or oceanic bank too were all igbos....

Bunmi Oke, the disgraced MD of Cadbury who forged books like the sarakis of SGBN were igbos too right..

Businesses run down my poor management leave tribalism out of it. Tribalsim is a mental disease but it's curable


Politics / Re: Some States Have Almost 24 Hours Supply- Fashola (video) by 49cents(m): 11:08am On Mar 28
So Ironic...In Nigeria

Bricklayers = N3,500 daily
Carpenter = N3,500 daily
Labourers. = N2,000 daily
Civil Servants = N600 daily.
Our Senators = N433,000 daily ��‍♂��‍♂��‍♂

Who did this to us?

I bet u still voted PDP or APC last month
Politics / Re: Wike Reacts As Akpo Bomba Yeeh Joins PDP by 49cents(m): 7:00am On Mar 26
Poverty mentality, why is he bowing even after using 2 hands to shake the governor?

Eternal servitude induced by poverty. See their big shirts

What I told you that handshake was induced by 100M nko
Politics / Re: Yakubu Dogara Reacts To Ademola Adeleke's Victory At The Tribunal by 49cents(m): 6:48am On Mar 23
What a slight shade. Meanwhile, you can get Latest and Top Rated hundreds of Movies and Series in HD quality into your External drives and PCs at affordable prices. Lagosians, please help a bro today by patronizing, that's the best gift for Movies Junkies.

How can I see your movie list
Politics / Re: North Will Field Better Candidate For 2023 Presidency – Shettima by 49cents(m): 12:46pm On Mar 22
amd the North will continue to rule until Nigeria disintegrates, let us all be mad.

Presidency has never helped a soul. Obasanjo's presidency did not help the SW, GEJ did not help the SS ans Buhari is not helping the North. As long as power remains centralized, Nigeria will not see proper progress. We will keep sabotaging each other ans voting cretins upon cretins, only to come online and make asinine jokes about who has been in power and who hasn't

The joke is on every Nigerian citizen that isn't in power. Everybody coming online to mock Igbos for not getting Presidency, to mock Yorubas for a potential 2023 loss. The joke is on all of us

The most sensible post on nairalamd this month

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Politics / Re: Can Osinbanjo Defeat Kwakwanson In The North? by 49cents(m): 2:46pm On Mar 20

You must be living in a fool's paradise thinking you can fool us. We will wait and see how your APC will defeat a Northern PDP Candidate in 2023.

You guys in SW used propaganda to pursue a Southern President and gave power to an incompetent man from the North. We will help you to retain power in the North instead of giving it to a Yoruba man

This is exactly what the north wants to achieve and southerners are playing into their hands.

Imstaed of clamouring for a restructured country you are retaining same parasitic situation

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Crime / Re: Man Caught Stealing Pants & Bra In Oyo, Stripped Unclad And Forced To Wear Them by 49cents(m): 11:43am On Mar 20
No tribe is exempt from crime
Politics / Re: Moghalu Kingsley Takes Campaign To Nsukka, by 49cents(m): 2:14pm On Feb 21
all this clouds we see here after election inec will tell us that ypp have only 1vote,means his family or party member didn't vote for him

You will be shocked
Romance / Re: Nowadays Relationships Are Just Waste Of Time by 49cents(m): 12:41pm On Feb 15
Nairalamd is clearly for kids

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Politics / On The "He Can Not Win" Mentality by 49cents(m): 6:34pm On Feb 08
Each Nigerian have to snap themselves out of the defeatist mental slavery of "he can't wim" psychologically cast on them by old,recycled politicians !

Every four years they present us with two options and we all start automatically deciding who is the lesser evil.

They make permutations along ethnic and religious lines, cast aspersions on each other with the hope that the majority will fall for it.

They get into power execute a couple of over invoiced projects, most of them on Chinese loans and from the world bank since they know that is What they need to win the next round of elections.

They rent crowds for the camera, for the gram and for the blogosphere to project their wide acceptance; they have billboards and posters making other contenders without their deep but dirty pockets look like clowns....

It is all a systemic arrangement to psychologically regulate the mentality of all the voters to the end that voters now call them the POLITICALLY ELITES!!!

Your fellow citizens have changed the rule:ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS!!!

Many have not only surrendered without any resistance but even go on to the extent of making a mockery of those who decide to vote different set of credible options.

The Nigerian have bexome nothing but a statistic not for planning better health care or for education or for economic growth....but a statistic for winning elections and perpetuating themselves in power!

For how long shall we be the subjects of our fellow citizens?

For how long shall we postpone voting out RECYCLED and OLD POLITICIANS who lack the competence to transform our collective fortunes?

Freedom will never come to us!

We will have use our God given will to take it else we will end up old and grey telling our children not to also "waste their votes" on the Moghalus and Durotoyes of tomorrow....we may fimd ourselves telling our grand children to choose between the grandchildren of tomorrow's Atikus,Buharis or the puppets of Tinubu!!!

Science/Technology / Re: Yahya Usman Ahmad Constructs Airplane Model With Local Materials. Photos by 49cents(m): 10:46am On Feb 07
Nigeria kills talent


Politics / How Atiku And Obasanjo Sold Off ALSCON For Peanuts To Cronies by 49cents(m): 7:14pm On Feb 04
Is your Atikulationing based on the same Messianic euphoria that greeted that of Buhari in 2015?

The thing is Nigerians never vote based on history! The ones that are literate do not take time to research....even when evidence is presented they will sentimentally refuse to use it to make a decision....this is why we keep on having low capacity, self serving leaders....

Nothing bad about privatisation but Atiku idea of privitisatioon is simply acquisition to self and cronies.....see NITEL for instance...

He is a crook and that was why Obasanjo vowed to never let him smell Aso Rock!


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