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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 4:40pm On Aug 08
Taaahh!! This must be a dream. I stand strongly with #TeamResurrectMide
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 4:43pm On Aug 08
This one that it's only Tasha that is crying what of dawn. ABI she's on #operationresurrection ni
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 5:06pm On Aug 08
Chapter 51
Lin Feng entered into the room where Mide lifeless body laid, alongside Queenite.
"We can raise him, he has the Darkwar running through him" Lin Feng said and placed his hands on Mide.
"His heart is gone,how is that even possible" Queenite asked
Lin Feng scratched his head and looked around aimlessly, and out of option.
"What's wrong with us? " Lin Feng asked and sat beside Mide.
Queenite turned around feeling upset by the question.
"Us or you, you ran away from responsibility after getting pregnant, when you saw I was rising, you thought you could buy me back? " Queenite said and smirked.
"That was just a childhood mistake, everyone makes such, at least, let Tasha know for once am her father, I'm willing to do anything"
"She is happy this way, don't involve yourself in her life or my life, just piss off" Queenite said and walked out of the room.
Lin Feng bowed his head between his leg and sighed.

Tasha sat on the fence that camped their clan ground and watched as Sen and others walked in and approached her.
"Babe, what up" IV asked and sat on the fence, followed by others.
For a while everyone let mute, then Tasha spoke.
"How was the training at the camp? " Tasha asked and looked at them, while shaking her legs slowly.
"It was good, except Casper, that was a slow learner, all went fine" Hardys replied and looked another direction.
"What do we do next with Mide's body, I still don't know how to break the news to his sister, she asked of him at the Myraid Ground today, and I said he went on an escort" Sen said weakly.
Everyone kept mute again, and was out of option of clue.

Wicked entered into the room where Mide body was and jumped on the bed, it went towards Mide's head and used it's claw to open Mide's mouth and placed it's own mouth before Mides own and vomited a red Fury ball into Mide's mouth and pressed it paws on Mide's neck, so that he could swallow the ball.
Mide's eyes glowed red and died down again, next the hole on his chest, glowed red and slowly began to heal.

IV jumped down the fence, alongside others and walked towards Mide's room, Sen laughed a joke Hardys made and opened the door to the room, to let them in.
Hardys stopped and blocked others from entering, what he saw was almost impossible happen, it was out of his understanding, Mide was seated upright on the bed, with Wicked by his side.
"Dude, what's wrong? " IV asked and pushed him out of the way.
"Damn" IV shouted and dashed out of the room, followed by Sen. Hardys, opened the door slightly and saw Mide still seated with his eyes closed and his eyes glowing red, and took to his heels, Tasha without seeing what really happened, also ran after them.

Chapter 52


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 5:30pm On Aug 08
Guy your comment got me laughing really hard
what can i say lol
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 5:49pm On Aug 08
What can I say than to thank devilpen for bringing back Mide
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:01pm On Aug 08
Chapter 52
Lin Feng opened the door slightly and peeped, he saw Mide wearing his shirt and widely opened the door, and entered first followed by others.
"Hope I didn't scare you all" Mide said faintly and adjusted his cloth and sat down on the bed and carried Wicked on his laps.
"You have a lion heart" Lin Feng said and walked closer, when he was certain Mide was actually in his right mind.
"Yes" Mide said and pointed to his chest " Two, I had one in me, while Wicked gave me the second, moments ago" Mide said and felt weak.
"Your body chemistry is still trying to adjust, I doubted the lion heart until now" Lin Feng said surprised and looked at queenite.
Tasha sighed releive and baked IV on the chest for scarring hell out of her and sat near Mide, squeezing his hands tight.
"How you doing?" Tasha asked and carried Wicked.
Mide groaned and tried standing up
"I still need more lion heart before I can fully function " Mide said and rubbed his chest.
Queenite walked forward and bent down before him, and lightly rubbed her hands on his leg.
"I wonder how you got two lion hearts, it's very scarce, it's almost one in a thousand, but we will try our best" Queenite said and smiled at Mide.
"Sure, when will you tell her? " Mide asked and looked at Lin Feng.
Queenite knew what he meant and stood up, and turned around to leave.
"I'll bring your sister to the sanctuary today, she can check on you" Queenite said and walked out.
Lin Feng pulled his lips in and nodded his head at Mide and also left the room.
"You know I founded the Darkwar" Lin Feng said and walked on.
Mide smiled and coughed and gently laid on the bed.
"Welcome back brother" IV and his brothers said in unison and walked out of the room.
Tasha patiently waited for them to walk out before laying down beside Mide and had her head on his chest
"That could mean my death" Mide said and groaned.
"Well, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" Tasha said and kept mute and Mide chuckled softly.
"I thought I had lost you there" She said.
"Thanks to Wicked" Mide replied and trailed his finger on Tasha's hair.

Mide and his friends resumed school the following week, which was the swiftness competition week, lectures were put on hold, so everyone could get prepared.
Mide mounted the podium of their training hall and gave a brief speech, so as to increase the morale especially that of Sam.
Luckily for everyone,the timetable for the competition was shifted forward, which gave Mide the opportunity to witness, like luck was solely meant for him.
After the speech, Mide choose his troop and Sam to represent in the competition, while Tasha was in the Civil Fighters Clan, which was the first Clan, the silent arrow would be coming up against.
Getting to the competition ground, the hall contained more than five hundred spectators, having two swiftness machine right in the center.
"First group, Silent Arrows Versus the Civil fighters" the commentator said, which got a very loud cheer in return, with fans raising boards and banners up to support their clan.
Sam, The lanky kid walked up to the stage, whilebhis opponent, cheered the crowd and made stunts to intimidate his opponent.

Mide looked at his opponents bench and walked up to the coach. He greeted him and had a hand shake.
"Well prepare to go back, the silent arrow group is a total mess" The coach said and smiled at Mide.
"May the best losser win" Mide said and returned back to his seat
Chapter 53


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 8:21pm On Aug 08
What did I just read lil feng, Tasha's father this is a surprise.
Sha hope DoubleD remembered how he beat his father-in-law to be hands down. Two metal bull should be added to the marriage list.

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 10:01pm On Aug 08
Chapter 53
Mide sat down and took one last look at his opponent bench and smiled.
The match begin, with much anticipation from both sides. Sam already feeling nervous and lost confidence when he saw his opponent was leading him with twenty points. He looked towards Mide who punched his right fist into the left palm and smiled.

Sam heaved and channeled the Darkwar into his arm, and began pressing the balls with great speed, the commentator was forced to keep mute, as he didn't know what kind of comeback Sam was performing.

The electric bell rang to signify the end of the First round, and each player retired back to their bench to get a brief rest
Mide stood up and clapped his hands, looking at the score board, with the Silent arrow having just 30 point and the Civil Fighters with 40 points. Mide slammed hands together with Sam and sat him down, while others gathered around him

"That's the spirit boy" Mide said and passed him a bottle of water.
"Do us a favour, Sam, beat him flawless in other rounds, you can do it, you have the greatest weapon, intimidate him, scare him, make him shiver, let silent arrow restore back the fame" Sen said, encouraging Sam.
The bell rang again and both opponent walked back to their machine and mounted it after the stability check done by the engineering crew of the competition.
Immediately the ball popped up, Sam, tapped on it quickly, with a seventy percent accuracy, the second popped up again, and he almost immediately made for it, then the fourth, while his opponent was still going for the second.
"What's happening? " The Civil fighters coach asked confused as at how rapidly things turned out.
"After Double D, The Silent Arrow Coach is the second best" Someone from the Civil fighter group replied.
The coach looked at Mide and grinned his teeth at him, and raised the Middle finger at him.
Mide ignore him and focused on the score board which was up above, before them.
"90 30" Sen shouted and hugged IV.
"Even if we loss the last stage we are still going to win " Hardys said proudly.
The second round finally ended with Silent Arrow having 95 pointszwhcih means Sam, missed just 5 balls, while the Civil Fighter had 60 points.
The players retired back to their bench for another brief rest, just then the commentators voice came from the speaker.
"The Civil fighters are in for a change, their Coach would be taking on the final stage"
Mide smiled and stood up, he had just one thing to do, which was to humiliate the coach and make Silent Arrow a dreadful clan to cross path with.
Mide raised his hands up and rolled them around, and then the commentators voice came again.
"This is the battle of lords, the coach for Silent Arrow will also be going in for the final stage"

Tasha, sipped from her juice cup, and made herself comfortable in the chair, in the school eatery, alongside others, she tapped the girl beside her.
"Our clan will be humiliated" She said and raised her cup up, and smiled.

Mide waked up to the machine and placed his hands on the green plates and looked at his opponent.
The bell rang, and quickly Mide moved his hands swiftly, that the scoreboard, changed like it was counting the seconds in time.
Mide alighted the podium, while his opponent was still tapping on the ball on the screen and having two minutes more, Mide was done. The crowd gave a wild cheer and went wild, seeing Mide already broke the leaderboard record, which Double D already had.
"Silent Arrows, in the final round has a hundred percent accuracy, finishing in less than 40 seconds, while the Civil fighters in the final round has 80 percent accuracy, finishing in less than two minutes, total round point for S. A is 500 while C. F 200"

The round was done and dusted with the silent arrow, setting a record no clan has ever set.
Mide returned to his seat, and felt blood coming from his nose, he looked at Sen who was in shock and quickly they went out of the arena.
Mide felt weak to walk, and was aided by Hardys and IV, who hurried him to their room and laid him on the bed, Tasha also arrived minutes later and felt unease, as Mide went into shock, with his body shaking vigorously and uncontrollable.
"He is in shock " Tasha said with tears in her eyes.
"I'm an Computer science student, stop looking at me like I'm in the medical line" Sen shouted and adjusted his glass, pacing from one room to another.
Mide snowy stopped and in seconds, his body was filled with sweat
"He is calming down" Tasha said which made everyone relaxed.
"Bros, we have to find a lasting solution, which is more lion heart" Sen said calmly and sat on the top bunk.
"Sure but where do we start from, how do we know where to go, Mide had being positive in our lives, if the the only way we can repay him, let's do it " Hardys said and looked around.
"Support " Tasha and IV said in unison.

Chapter 54

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 10:31pm On Aug 08
Thanks for the update
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 5:46am On Aug 09
thanks for the update devilpen
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 10:20am On Aug 09
Chapter 54
Mide woke up the next morning, hearing faint noises, then later it all became clear, his room mates, and also Tasha were chatting happily as the play the swiftness game online, breaking top records which placed all of them including Mide on the top ten list, followed by four other members from Silent Arrow.
"Morning " Mide said and sat upright, with a broad smile on his face.
"Good news" Tasha said and jumped down the top bunk and served Mide the tea which she prepared for him.
"Thanks love" Mide said after he gulped down the content in the cup.
"So we got an invitation from the Swiftness Machine Company to act as ambassadors for their product, all five of us" Sen said and bent down, facing his butt at Mide and began to twerk.
"Gross" Mide said squeezing his face and spanked Sen.
"They will be launching their new upgrade next tomorrow, we have to sign the deals today, and having first hand product" IV added and concluded his game.
"They also changed the name to War Frame Mechanism, tagged Seize your Glory" Hardys added, still focusing on his game.
"Since our schedule today is free, let's do business" Mide said and summouned out Wicked and then retrieved the remaining swift Fox metal hunt and threw it at the cat
"I have to go on hunt" Mide said, since the last metal was what he gave to Wicked, although the cat hasn't gotten to its full potential,it proved useful, saved his life, and made his stress less, even though the reason it did all was because of the sacred meat which it ate. An ordinary Sacred pet, would be useless without it feeding on enough scared metal meats.
"You gonna kill yourself " Tasha said and pulled off her top, revealing her brassier which covered only her breast.
"Alright, everyone turn around" IV said and looked the opposite direction.
"Wicked has to eat, even if I, although I can still sustain for five more years" Mide added and admired Tasha's perfect body structure.
She went fully unclad and grabbed Mide's towel where he kept it and walked towards the bathroom.
"Alright, I know, come over" She said waited for Mide to UnCloth also.

Mide was the last to dress up, after going through the numerous cloth he had, and was difficult to pick one. Tasha bent down and picked up a white shirt which had two red stripes on each arm, and also passed him a black trouser, since that was what others wore, except her who had a black gown on.

Using the public transfer machine, they arrived at the cable bus stop and boarded an empty cable bus
"You know, we should get a ride of ours" IV said feeling very uncomfortable in the cable bus.
Minutes later they arrived at the Swift Building and proceeded in, with Wicked following behind them. Getting to the door, the guard which guarded the entrance door, blocked their path.
"Sorry no pet or animal allowed in" The guard said and pushed Sen on the chest bavkward.
"We are here by invitation, personally by the management" Tasha said, looking confused.
"You have to tender your appointment letter"
Hardys looked around, confused
"We were not given, just a noble invitation " Hardys replied.
A car drove him and parked in the parking space, beside the huge building as from it alighted a man, alongside with two other dressed in suit and having dark glasses on.
"Wow, wow, wow, these are our guest" Thr man shouted and ran forward with a skeleton his face
"Wow, you made it, and we were beginning to think otherwise, You must be Wonuola boyfriend, where username" The man said pointing to Sen.
"Him" Sen said and pointed to Mide, and got a savaged look from Tasha.
"Ahh, pets not allowed" The man said, looking at Wicked, which made herself comfortable at Mide's feet.
"She's part of the team" Tasha replied.
The Man rolled his eyes and ushered them in.

Chapter 55


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 3:45pm On Aug 09
Thanks for the update. But this update ehn, hmmm.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 6:44pm On Aug 09
Chapter 55
After signing the deal and all was set, pictures taken and all, they ushered Mide and his team into the War Frame. The war frame was rightly about another version of The Sanctuaries. Just that the method of entry was slightly different, entering the sanctuary, you could go with you entire body as a whole, but the war frame would grant you a virtual body, while the real body, moved around and the virtual body would correspond with the real body.
The machine supported only one user, at a time.
Mide felt glad and stepped on treadmill of the War Frame, he pressed a blue button, according to the manual, and dip0ed his hands into a mechanical frame, next he grabbed the helmet before him and placed it on his head, and looked at his friends who also did the same.
"Let's do this" Mide said and punched the blue button.
He felt his soul being sucked away from his body and instantly found himself in another world, one different, much beautiful and welll structured. He looked at himself, and took a step
"Welcome to War Frame, join or build a team, go for conquest, experience real adventure, over throw your enemies, buy power up, get real value for money, above all, find the secret trident and rule this world" Mide heard the voice in his head.
A loud noise came from afar, Mide looked up and saw what seemed like a club and began walking towards it.
"Hey, dude" A car drove by and stopped next to him. "It's party up ahead" the driver said and opened the front seat door for Mide, who quick hopped in.
"Thank you"
The driver suddenly stepped on the break, throwing Mide out from the windscreen.
"Mide, God, you look different in here"
Mide grunted and stood up.
"Sen, you look kinda ugly, how do we come out"
"Press the red button in the center of your right palm" A clear voice said to them.
Mide gasped for breath and quickly removed the helmet on him, and turned around feeling surprised.
"Wow, damn, I love this already" Mide shouted and jumped out of the war frame, and met with his friends, who were also passing positive comments.
"Well gentlemen and lady, that's just the beginning of war frame, look" The organizer said and pointed to a wide screen behind them.
Their activities in the war frame community, Mide felt so real, seeing himself.
"Those are you avatars, the program, automatically selects what your inner man choose" the man said with a broad smile on his face.
"Is that IV? " Hardys shouted, seeing a very huge avatar, with beards all over it's face. "You look like those from stone age" Hardys shouted, and looked also at Tasha's avatar, and grumbled.
"Your avatar looks worse, a pot belly" IV shouted also in return.
"The stomach is just flat, that's all" Hardys replied with a smirk.
"The good news is, the war frame has no age limit, you can also change your looks, like in the real, everything you do here you can do in war frame, smoke, club, and all, and another good news is, you all go home with a war frame each"
IV bent down a little, with his mouth wide opened, he squinted and Tasha and have a loud scream.
"Dude that's what an talking about"

chapter 56


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 8:43pm On Aug 09
Am smelling trouble on this war frame matter.

well good work@devilpen, ride on bro.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:43pm On Aug 09
chapter 56
Early the next morning, everyone one woke up, to the days job, they Silent Arrow had was to go up against the Mac Kings in a MAc competition, Mide who was the party option the Silent Arrow had was unstable in health, he wouldn't last thirty minutes inside of any Mac, which made the decision much harder for them to take.
Hardys decided he would go first, probably luck would shine on them, which wouldn't involve a substitution, which would be Mide.
They got to the Mac Arena and Hardys went alone into the changing room, to put on the stealth leather for the game.
Getting to the changing, he located the locker meant for him and walked towards it and opened it. Two boys also came in, and took each locker which were opposite Hardys.
Getting him unaware, the boy in the right, smacked a baseball bat on Hardys back. Hardys groaned and fell to his knees, holding tight to his head from the back, one of the boys attempted to hit his leg against Hardys stomach.
Hardys grabbed his leg, with his right hand and pulled the boy off the ground, before he could, give the boy his next attack, the other boy smacked the baseball bat again on Hardys head, which made him instantly unconscious.
After minutes of waiting, without seeing Hardys, IV decided to check on him and know what was making him take long.
IV saw Hardys laying on the ground unconscious and ran out, and alerted the security, which quickly followed him to the locker room.
The representative for Mac Kings got on stage and climbed into his Mac, and ignited the engine.
Mide knew something was wrong and quickly ran into the locker room, where he met, Hardys been attended to, he sighed and changed into the stealth clothing and ran out again.
Tasha blocked him off, he was putting his life on the line. Mide gently moved her aside and approached his own Mac.
Chapter 57

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 8:50pm On Aug 09
Sombori should hold mide he's putting his life on the line cause of one yeye match

Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:13pm On Aug 09
Chapter 57
Mac008 which Mide used, received a heavy blow on the jaw, which made it stagger backward, before his opponent Mac, MacX could attempt another strike, Mac008 rolled over, dodging the attack, seven minutes gone Mac008 had not given any successful attack, which made the match more tensed. MacX approached his heavy attack at Mac008, he brought out his huge electric sword and strikes Mac008 on the back, which made it lay down flat on the ground.
"He is going to kill himself" Tasha said, and gripped Sen's leg tightly. Just then the commentator voice came from the mega speaker.
"Halt, this match has been nullified and canceled, with no further investigation, and with reasonable evidence, the Mac Kings has been disqualified from this match and their group disbanded and considered a threat".
"What's wrong? " Tasha asked confused and seeing IV and Hardys coming from the locker room, alongside a security man.
Hardys winced in pain as IV helped him to the seat.
"They attacked him in the locker room, luckily there was CCTV footage".
The opening lid of Mac008 came open, and Mide weakly came out from it, as he ascended the Mac, he missed a step and rolled off to the ground.
Getting closer to him, he was already unconscious and heating up rapidly, he began gasping for air, which alerted the medics on duty, and quickly they laid Mide on a stretcher and hurried him out.

Chapter 58

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Amos15: 10:33pm On Aug 09
Devilpen, give us some more.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 6:09am On Aug 10
Thanks for the update
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:25am On Aug 10
Chapter 58
Tasha leaned on the glass wall of the life support ward where Mide was admitted and used her palm to wipe her tears off, today was making the second week Mide was on Life Support, and unconscious.
"Still unconscious, if he had not come to free me from Lord Gitana, he would still be alive" Dawn said and trailed her hand on thebglass demarcation, looking at Mide, where he laid, with an oxygen aide to his mouth and different colors of medical wires running through the whole of his body.
"He thinks he has all the solution at hand" Tasha said and pulled Dawn closer.
"Will he come back? "
"He always finds a way" Tasha replied.

IV slumped on the ground, feeling exhausted, while Sen squated beside him and Hardys seated on the ground, all having their white singlets already stained all over.
"You think Mide just got strong overnight" Lin Feng shouted and threw a stick at Hardys.
"Sir, can't we just go after the the metal with the lion heartl and lay it down " Sen asked already exhausted.
Wicked entered in on them with a metal rabbit in its mouth.
"Even that cat is stronger than your legendary TriBot " Lin Feng said and urged them up.
They all grumbled already exhausted, Lin Feng looked at them felt was ev of guilt in him.

The next day was the swiftness competition, with the Green Shadow clan against The Silent Arrow. The hall was filled to the brim, since it was the final round, and more because, it was the first time in history The Silent Arrow would ever get to the final.
"Who will be representing us? " Sen asked looking confused.
IV got up and walked to machine, with Wonuola being his opponent.
"Where is Mide, he is the reason I am here, it's our fight" Wonuola said.
"You should have written him a special invitation letter" IV replied and placed his hands on the green plate "After this match, the swiftness machine will be no more, prepare to lose" IV said again and ignited his machine.
Chapter 59

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 9:22am On Aug 10
Thanks for the update op but wait is IV really serious
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 10:29am On Aug 10
Chapter 59
IV swiftly moved his hands, popping the balls, but he was not fast enough, as Wonuola, was three points ahead, he grinned, struggling to keep, he tried channeling the Darkwar into his body, but it was like he always met a dead end, he concentrated more on in going as fast as he could, the time finally elapsed for the first round.
Wonuola came out of her machine and walked towards IV.
"See you again the in the second round" Wonuola said and walked off.
The Swiftness Company representatives, proceeded to where IV and his friends were, talking on how to win the next two rounds.
"Where is Mide? " The man who showed them around, while they went to the company the previous day asked with concern.
"Struggling for his life, his heart is gone, and we are finding every possible means to get him a lion heart,he has two already" Sen replied.

"Hmm, there is a lion heart in War Frame, but"
Sen and others looked at him with keen interest
"It's a bonus round, team against team, and last statistic showed twenty teams already" the man said.
"We can still make it, get Tasha to met us at home, Mary should continue the Match" IV said and hurried out alongside his friend and the man.
The next round for the swiftness game, started few minutes after they were gone. Mary mounted the podium, with brightness on her face, what she had always wanted.
"They brought a child to an adult game" Wonuola said with disdain.
Mary smiled and ignited her machine.

Tasha opened the door, and saw the other were already in the War Frame, as their body moved around in a static position, while on the threadmill, she quickly climes on Her's and placed the helmet on her head.

"Sorry am late " Tasha's virtual body said as she spawned among them.
Sen pressed a button on his right arm, which brought out a map, before them.
"Alright, somewhere called the Execution ground, that's where the fight for the lion heart is taking place" Sen said.
A fighter plane, flew above them, and suddenly got blast in the air.
"This place is crap" IV said and turned around.
"This is not the Sanctuary, here we can only buy gadgets and we don't even have pin" Tasha said.
"We can get from the war front"

Wonuola screamed in anger, and banged on the machine, and tried focusing again. Mary on the other hand smiled, as she purposely made sure she led Wonuola by just one point and when Wonuola was about taking over, she would increase her pace, which frustrated Wonuola more.

A rocket launcher came at the jeep, which IV and others were, they all dived off, as the rocket blasted off the car.
They All hid behind a building, as sound of gun and bullets were flying from one part to the other,Sen grabbed someone who approached from the exit and snapped his neck, and immediately coins flowed into him, he retrieved the gadgets on the person and threw a gun at IV, and held the pistol to himself, he retrieved Two grenades and threw them at Hardys, while he threw a dagger at Tasha.
"There" Hardys pointed to the tall silo, distance away with ball dining at the top "That's the lion heart"
A helicopter suddenly blast off in the sky, as a rocket launcher came at it.
"At the count of three, we ran for it, bring anyone down" IV said and raised his hands up.

Mary screamed out with joy and stucked a tongue out at Wonuola, who was already vexed.
"That round, you were just lucky" Wonuola said and approached her seat and prepare for the final round.

Chapter 60


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 12:30pm On Aug 10
Chapter 60
Running amidst the blast and severe gunfire, IV and others were determined not to stop, A jeep, roughly drove before them, and IV aimed at the driver and pulled the trigger, the jeep swayed from left to right, and crashed against a burnt tanker. IV took cover among burnt cars and advanced towards the jeep, as he got there, he opened the door and pulled the driver out, just then a bullet missed his head and bore a hole on the door of the car. IV rolled over and slid on the bonnet of the car to the other side, he peeped slowly and saw three men, fully armed coming towards him, probably also to hijack the jeep.
He heard gunshot and looked up, and was glad, Sen brought all three down, Sen grabbed their guns and hand gloves and Wore it on himself. IV quickly ignited the car, while Sen jumped on the back of the jeep. On reversed the jeep, back to where Hardys and Tasha waited for him.
Tasha entered into the available front seat, while Hardys jumped at the back, and passed a gun to Tasha.
IV stepped on the accelerator and drove right in front of the battle field, swaying the steering from left to the right, dodging incoming bomb attack, as it raised sand into the air.
iV brought out his gun, from the window, while he used his right hand to handle the steering, he pulled the trigger, bringing down opponents before him. Tasha, used her thumb to remove the pin on the grenade and threw it afar off, sending a reasonable amount of people in different directions.
Hardys, cocked his gun and fired to the left, while Sen fired to the right. Getting to the bottom of the silo, IV stepped on the brake and collided with it, just then about seven people fell from it.
"Wait, how about we pull the silo to the ground" Tasha said and fired.
IV reversed the car to a reasonable distance and stepped on the accelerator and rammed the car against the silo, which bent it to the side, they all alighted the car and Tasha threw two grenade at the bottom of the silo, and they all moved back.
The blast sent off the silo, and made it bent more to the side, and it began to fall on it side
Hardys, quickly took to his heel, so by the time the silo would be completely down, he would immediately Retrive the lion heart. Halfway, someone suddenly dived in him from nowhere and smacked a fist in Hardys face. IV and ran forward and jumped over Hardys and his contender and looked up, as the silo was coming down, a bullet came at his arm, he groaned and saw the person on the far left and shot h on the middle of the head, the silo touched ground, finally, sending shock wave around and sand into the air.
IV tumbled due to the shock of the silo, he was already about six feet away from the lion heart, just then someone picked it up. R
Tasha out of nowhere jumped on the back of the person, and grabbed the lion heart from him. The Man brought put his gun and was about shooting, at that instance, the grenade Tasha hooked on his belt exploded, shattering the man into pieces
"Tasha, exit now " IV said threw his comlink and he also pressed the red but to n on his palm.
They all gasped as the came out of the War Frame. Tasha sat on the ground, and heard with relief seeing the Lion heart in her hand.
"We have to get this to Mide " Hardys said and hurried out of the room followed by others.

Mary smiled at Wonuola and tapped on two balls at a time, giving Wonuola a very large score gap. As soon as the time was over, the whole of Silent Arrow went sold into jubilation and ran into the arena, and with one swift lifted Mary off the ground on their shoulders.
Wonuola angrily walked out of the arena, followed by her clan members.
The Silent Arrow, came out champions in two games, overall of three, the Mac and Swiftness game.

Tasha opened the door that led to Mide's ward and Hardys opened his mouth, while IV dipped the lion heart into his mouth and made him swallow it.
Mide eyes began to glow red, and slowly it died, he sneezed hard and opened his eyes.
"Master" Someone said from the door entrance and everyone looked back only to see the entire Silent Arrow, in the ward.
"We brought the trophies home" Mary said holding two golden trophies in both arm.
Mide heaved weakly and tried smiling.
"Thank you "
Chapter 61

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 12:51pm On Aug 10
Thanks for the update.

Am happy for mide and the silent arrow. Keeping finger crossed and watching out for more action.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:56pm On Aug 10
Chapter 61
Mide opened the door to the new cabin house they acquired in the war frame, for the sole purpose of stashing their ammunition, the cabin house was located deep in the woods, far from city. He sat comfortable on one of the chars, as others found places to keep their properties.

A loud voice suddenly echoed from above and they all stood up quickly and walked out everyone looking at the sky.
"Welcome avatars, officially to the War Frame, it's fun, it's death, it's friendly, it's deadly, it's survival, the swiftness machine has been eliminated, this bringing and evolving into War Frame, there is a everyday challenge, there is weekly hunt, there is monthly contest and finally yearly heroes, but just one thing can Wow our soul, which is, find the Sacred Flame, it's here somewhere, there are leads, starting from the library, there are hints around, sieze your glory" the voice said and faded.
A scream came from a part in the woods, which got all their attention, IV moved forward, noticing heavy footstep approaching, Mide retrieved his pistol from his belt where he hid it and steadily aimed at the direction.
A girl suddenly ran out from the woods, towards their direction
"Run" She shouted, waving her hands at them, and ran past them.
They all looked lost especially Tasha who could make sense out of what was happening, just then a loud roar came, and follows next by a huge beast which ran widely on six hind legs.
Everyone quickly dived to safety, Mide quickly stood up and shot at the beast, which now turned to him, and growled, with its mouth drooling.
Mide studied it carefully and saw it had six eyes also, three in both sides. Mide moved back carefully as the beast also proceeded with care.
IV ran out of the cabin, with an AK47 rifle in his hand, he loaded the cartridge and fired at the beast, and began advancing, as the beast was forced to move back. Soon he was out of bullet and reached out for another cartridge, before he could loud it finish, the beast jumped on him, and pinned him to the ground, it growled angrily and made to bite IV on the face, iV quickly placed the gun inbetween the teeth and held tight to it.
Mide retrieved his dagger and jumped on the beast back and drove the dagger into its eye, the beast growled in pain, and tried throwing Mide off, Mide removed the dagger and drove it into the second eye, and then the third, and at that, the beast fell lifeless to the ground, and in returned, coins came out of it and entered into Mide.
"This leave is worse than the Sanctuary " Hardys said and helped IV up.
The girl came out from hiding with a smile on her face.
"Thank you all" The girl said and dipped her hand into the anuss of the beast, which placed an irritated look on everyone's face.
"What's that for " Tasha asked.
"This" the girl said grunting and continued "is the first piece of lead to the Sacred Flame, two more piece to join together and get the lead" The girl said and brought out a piece of note from the beast.
According to what I read in the library, two more parts, when you place them together, they join and gives you the next clue" The girl said and used a leaf to wipe her hands.

"That's cool, so you went after this beast with no ammunition, what do you expect from the next one" IV asked.
"Well, coins are kinda hard to get, I hope to come across, even just a pistol" The girl replied and began to walk off.
"Hey, you can actually stay with us" IV said.
"I'm sorry I work alone" The girl replied and disappeared into thine air.

Chapter 62


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by enm(m): 10:16pm On Aug 10
Thanks for the update Devilpen
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 12:45am On Aug 11
go on bro, we're with you. And mide should link up with dat girl asap in other to come out of the frame successful and alive
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 5:51am On Aug 11
Am sure she will still need their help when come across each other again.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:14am On Aug 11
Chapter 62
Mide exited the war frame, leaving his friends behind, Wicked had ran out of food supply, and it had to be refilled. Getting to iron sanctuary, he went to the sanctuary gate, to proceed into the plain and find a scared metal.
"Mide" Someone shouted from behind, which made him halted before he walked out of the gate.
"We've been looking for you, for days, almost after the day you sent Iron Clan off" The boy said.
"Sorry, I'm Dannegro's right hand, and he needs your attention" the boy said calmly
"I'm going for a hunt" I'll get back to him, when am done.
"Please Mide, please I beg you " The boy pleaded.

Mide was made comfortable, sitting on an executive comfort cushion, fully relaxed and helped himself and Wicked to the Metal meat that was served.
"Five metal point gained" Mide heard the voice and was surprised at what kind of meat it was.
Mide heard footstep approaching from the door that was by the right and adjusted himself.
A fair lanky man, around his late twenties or early thirty, walked in, dressed in a white plain shirt and a black pair of pant, walked in, he had the kind of look which Mide thought to be kind of odd, white white tinted hairs.
"Am glad you honored my call, I'm Dannegro " the man said.
Well this person was the complete opposite of the Dannegro people talked about, the way he was portrayed was like that of an ancient warlords, with heavy artillery.
"So, we waited patiently for you, before we could proceed on the hunt, I have heard great stories of your perfect aim, almost as close to Double D, so are you in?"
"You need to brief me about the hunt, and what my gain is"
"It's a Metal Caterpillar, it has the hardest metal ever, only the under can be pierced" Dannegro said.
"30 million, and if we kill it, we shall share the meat accordingly, if the mission fails, you'll pay me 10 million" Mide said and watched Dannegro's reaction.
"Deal" Dannegro said and led Mide outside.

Setting out to the North, Mide summouned out his dragon Fury mount and followed in the sky behind Dannegro's troop, who all had a Komodo Dragon mount, while Mide's mount had wings and tail, the others were were just a long lizard like, with him wings, just four hinds, two at the front and another two behind.
They flew over a vast dark forest, which looked dead from above, Mide encounter hasn't led him to this part of Sanctuary. After hours of flying, they landed on the top of a mountain, among others, the location was very strange, this part were mostly of tall mountains, walking on foot, could be stressful, since the structure looked like a maze from above and on foot, one could be moving in circles.
They proceeded to climbing down the mountain, to an opening on it, Dannegro, entered first into the cave, followed by Mide, Dannegro transformed into his humanbot, which was the complete opposite of his structure, the humanbot, possessed a thick full beard, with eyes glowing red, huge arms and body structure, and a huge Double edged sword with him, which also had a barrel at the tip.
The moved carefully along the wall of the cave, and crawled their way, and leaned against a wall, while laying on the ground.
They all peeped, and saw a pond down from where they were.
"The beast, goes out to eat, termite metals and come back here to drink, then sleep, and continues its hunt the next day, the plan is, you will have to his inside the pond, when it comes to drink, you'll strike it from beneath" Dannegro said.
Just then they cave began to shake, as something rolled, coming towards their direction.
"It's coming quick"
Mide jumped down from the height where the hid and ran into the water and made himself sink in.
A round ball, rolled furiously to the pond and unfolded itself, turning into a very long caterpillar with shiny back.
The beast neared the water and was about drinking, but decided to take a short nap first, it's walked backward and laid on its side, with the shiny part facing the pond.
"Hoe long can the boy stay underwater, seems the beast is going to nap first, which means twenty minutes plus" Someone from the troop whispered silently to Dannegro
Chapter 63

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 10:52am On Aug 11
Thanks for the update
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 12:14pm On Aug 11
Chapter 63
Mide under the water was already running out of air, channeling the Darkwar, which was what now kept him going, and it was rapidly exhausting his strength.
"Dannegro, this is twenty minutes gone, the beast does not seems to wake anytime soon"
The beast, rolled on its side and crawled towards the pond, and filled it's mouth in it, just a little further was what Mide needed to strike, the beast now had almost it's full head across the water.
Mide summouned out his level ten sword, using the air slasher was not an option, although it would give more damage, but all the better, he was on a level 30 ground which means it could be more.
He waited for the perfect chance to strike, seeing the soft spot under the caterpillar, he strikes his sword right into the belly of the beast.
The beast growled in agony and raised its upper body up and slammed itself on the pond, the force throwing Mide out of the water.
The caterpillar, rolled itself up, but found it difficult since the sword was stuck in its belly, cooling halfway, it rolled itself tiwowards Mide direction.
One of Dannegro's men, brought out his gun to shot at the beast, so as to divert it's attention away from Mide, before he could aim, Dannegro pointed a gun to his head and signalled him to withhold his attack.
Mide leaped to safety, as the beast collided with the wall. The beast angrily rolled itself out of the cave, and Dannegro and his men, ran after it.
They returned after a while, empty handed and since the beast left no trail for them to follow, they decided to return home.
Getting back to the top of the mountain, they summouned out their mount, prepared to leave, just then, Mide heard a voice within him

"Metal shield demon gained, metal club gained, no metal point received, no metal geno gained, no Metal Gear received "
"The beast is dead" Mide announced, and Dannegro stepped forward.
"Give me the gears" Dannegro said with greed.
"Until you pay me, or I'll keep it to myself and sell it"
"What if I kill you and get it for myself? "
Mide smiled in return
"Fear a dude that went up against Lord Gitana and survived, without a heart" Mide said and pointed to his chest
Everyone kept mute, when someone came into iron sanctuary to tell them, a lad fought against Lord Gitana and survived no one believed
"Send be your account details"
After the successful transaction, Mide summouned out the shield and the club.
It also had a shiny back like that of the beast, the shied which was out of taste for Mide, since it looked to bulky and it would slow down ones movement and the club wasn't his choice of weapon, he handed them over to Dannegro, who was really pleased.

Getting back to the sanctuary, Mide immediately turned around and headed for the dark forest, exploring strange places means getting strange metal meats.

Chapter 64


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 1:08pm On Aug 11
Thanks for the update.

And Happy Sallah to everyone in the house.

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