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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by RESHARPENED: 9:23am On Jul 25
There is a revolution taking place in the Nigerian Literary Scene and it's starting from Nairaland.
The Author of this story is one of the revolutionary.

Keep it up!
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:24am On Jul 25
Chapter 23
Mide held tight to his sword, moving round in circles, expecting Lin Feng to take the first attack, both moving in circular motion. After what seemed like minutes of moving in circles, Double D decided to take the first strike.
He moved a step forward and slashed at Lin Feng, still maintain his distance, Lin Feng quickly moved sideways, and immediately, Double D, side towards the side, slashing Lin Feng on the arm.
The crowd went up in joyful uproar and cheered in joy.
Lin Feng maintained distance and was surprised at how easily Double D got him.
"You are also familiar with Darkwar" Lin Feng said and for a moment felt impressed.
Double D still held tight to his sword and and continued in circular moving, Lin Feng roared and threw a punch at Double D, who jumped back, avoiding the hit, and used the butt of his sword the hit Lin Feng hand.
The crowd went in another cheer again and began chanting Double D.
Lin Feng, stood in surprise, in all his years of fighting, his opponent were always foolish to show the skill they had, but this lad was wise enough to thread with caution.
He squated and made a fist, making his veins pop out and almost with the speed of light, he rushed at Double D, and gave him a punch in the stomach, the force threw Double D against the net of the fight cell, and his sword fell to the ground before him. Double D fell lifelessly to the ground and once again everyone thought history has repeated itself, one punch which means direct death.
Every where grew cold, as the referee made to open the cell and relate the winner, just then Double D raised his arms, and pulled himself up From the ground and grabbed his sword, he stood up and made his body give out a loud crack.

The excitement in everyone's heart knew no bound, especially Edward the reporter.
Lin Feng stood in total surprise, no one had ever survived his punch, Double D raised up his sword and dashed at Lin Feng.
As Double D got closer to Lin Feng, he quickly summouned his Metal Raven soul, which flew him backward,and still in mid air he summouned his fire dragon and made it spit out fire at Lin Feng, and he quickly channeled his Darkwar to his leg, while Lin Feng was distracted by the dragon fire, he ran up to him and gave him a powerful slash on his tendon, making Lin Feng fall to the ground.
Lin Feng tried standing up, but fell to the ground again, due to his broken tendon, Double D on the other part fell to the ground, already exhausted by the use of his metal souls, he managed to crawl towards Lin Feng and placed his sword on his neck.
"Give up" He said and moved the sword closer to Lin Feng's throat.
"I yield" Lin Feng said and made himself tumble to the ground.
Chapter 24

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by sampz: 10:30am On Jul 25
love this story
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 11:07am On Jul 25
Good Job Op even though I was expecting DoubleD to take some more beating..
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 11:31am On Jul 25
Chapter 24
Mide entered into his room, clinching tight to his stomach where Lin Feng had Gabe him the punch, he rolled on his bed and began to vomit blood out from his mouth, his eyes were gradually growing weak, as his strength failed his, he tried channeling the Darkwar into his body, but it was useless, as he didn't have the strength to do it. He let out a loud groan and coughed out blood, while rolling on his stomach.
A knock came at his door, after some minutes it came again, he tried speaking up, but he seemed to had lossed his voice.

Tasha returned back to her room, and slumped on her bed, since Mide was not answering, but yet she needed someone to talk with and it was Mide so he could feel how Double D her hero knocked out the all powerful Lin Feng. She looked at her watch and discovered it was just 6 in the evening, no normal person would see at that hour and checking around, Mide was no where to be found round the camp.
She stood up and decided to go back and knock and if h wasn't answering, she would break down his door and check what he had in his room
She knocked again, and bent the knob of the door and found it was closed, she gently knelt down to pick the lock and got access to the door.
Entering the room, she was surprised at the figure that laid on the ground and ran up to it.
Who she saw wasn't Mide but Double D lying lifeless on the ground. She knelt bar the body and looked closely at it, the Metal Gear was similar to Double D, while the face she saw was Mide's.
She quickly locked the door and carried his lifeless body back to the bed, after she removed the bed spread that was filled with blood.
She noticed he was breathing but was faint, she hurriedly got a bowl of water, and steamed it, pulled off Mide's metal gears and saw a huge black fist mark on his stomach, and gently began to massage it with the towel she dipped into the hot water.
After about an hour, she felt Mide's body temperature gradually returning back to normal.
"After all this while Double D was right in front of us all" She muttered to herself and applied a balm on his body and made him drink from a concotion she made.

Chapter 25

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 12:00pm On Jul 25
So that punch really affected DoubleD..
Thanks for the update Boss
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 12:05pm On Jul 25
so finally someone now knows his real identity, what about that girl dat he played a game with.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 1:32pm On Jul 25
it dey do me like say make film no finish oh sorry story
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 3:32pm On Jul 25
Chapter 25
Mide opened his eyes slightly and saw himself positioned on the bed, a band aid around his waist, a cup in the table, a loud bang came at the door, signifying the morning drill, but he felt too weak to stand up.
"Where is Mide? " Queenite asked seeing that his space was empty.
"He won't be awake till around 9 " Tasha replied and aimed her bow and continued " I dropped a sleeping metal into his drink yesterday night" Tasha replied and was relieved Queenite fell for the trick.

Mide relaxed himself and began to channel the Darkwar into his body, as he gradually began to gain strength. After what seemed like hours, he opened his eyes and saw Tasha sitting on the table.
"You're awake " She said and stood up
Mide gulped and looked out through the window.
"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me, and thank your stars I came in on time"
Mide squeezed his mouth and made a funny look befire speaking.
"What secret"
Tasha smiled and smiled at how silly he was
"I know you are Double D, Ahh, it's no longer fun talking about Double D, in your presence, since Mide is him and you are him" Tasha said and handed him the cup of the table
Mide knew his cover was blown, nothing he could say would convince her, and thankfully she was on time. He looked at the band aid and unwrapped it, revealing a black fist mark on his stomach.
"It has reduced greatly, how did you do it" Tasha asked and waked closer and sat beside him, by the edge of the bed.
Queenite suddenly came into the room, making Tasha jumped to her feet, and Mide yucky hid the band aid.
"I heard what Tasha did to you, it's good you are awake, now to business, your fitness examine for the Myriad Band, is today, it was soon that we expected, you have to dress up and prepare, Tasha would go with you"
After her words, Queenite walked out of the room, and Mide looked at Tasha and smiled.
"Thank you"

Mide and Tasha came out of the Sanctuary back to the real world, using the Public Transfer Machine, he led her into the cable bus that led to his house and decided to go online and check who he could play with in the Swiftness game. The screen popped up and showed the username Wonuolaismygirlfriend.
Tasha saw it and moved closer to him.
"Who owns that username so you are the one who had beat the leaderboard" She said and fixed her eyes on the username.
"The game is too simple" He said and surfed through his message and the Marge number of competition he got.
Tasha wondered at the kind if username he was using and what made him used it, well she considered it just a username and sighed inwardly and gently placed her head on Mide's shoulder.

Mide alighted the cable bus first and helped Tasha down, the street was not like where she grew up, which was as silent as grave yard, Mide's city was a rough and bubbling one, with different kind-of people on the street.
Mide held her close, pulling her away from a skate border that rode recklessly passed her.
"You look surprised" Mide said and dropped a coin into he bowl of he deadlocked man that played the guitar before them and walked on.
"Your city is lively, th3 paintings on the walls, the ruggedness, it's too lively" Tasha commented and smiled.
Mide took a right corner, and passed in between a house which led them to another street.
"Mide" a boy suddenly shouted from afar and ran up to him
Mide bent down towards him and smiled at him.
"Some masked men, came to your house and set it ablaze" the boy said and pointed towards Mide's house.

Mide took to his heel, getting to his house, only to see his house totally razed down, burnt BEYOUND recognition, he fell to his knees and let out a loud cry.
Tasha, tried controlling the tears in her eyes and walked closer to the burnt house and picked up something from the ground, and walked back to Mide.
"It's the Golden Clan" Tasha said and threw the yellow shiny ball at Mide. Mide looked up at her and his eyes were all swollen up, he grabbed the ball and clinched tight to it.
"They have your sister, I'll contact Queenite, we'll get back to them"
Mide dropsy and wiped off his tears and sniffed hard.
"They better not do anything to Dawn, or their entire clan would be history "

Chapter 26

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 4:27pm On Jul 25
I think the Golden clan has discovered DoubleD's identity which leads to their action
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 4:29pm On Jul 25
Poor Dawn���
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Mielekcezylil(m): 8:38pm On Jul 25
Bt did he win against Lil feng
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 8:42pm On Jul 25
i think it has to do with disgrace he gave to their clan by beating the headboy's brother thereby forcing them to pay him. Perhaps they want to have their revenge.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 3:03pm On Jul 26
Chapter 26
Throughout the journey till they got to the exam screening venue, Mide kept quiet all through, looking point blank and mostly out of clue on what to do next, Tasha knew better to keep quiet, and let him reason in peace.

They were ushered into the hall where the screening would take place, Mide found two empty seats at the second to the last row, and ushered Tasha in and sat on the second one.
Names were called according to the list with the host, Damian Star, the name came from the speaker, a short ruddy boy, stood from his seat and walked forward.
The host moved aside and ushered him into the ring, which was laid with a blue material.
"You have ten seconds to defeat your opponent"
Another boy came in from the dark part of the hall, wearing a dark kung-fu outfit and entered into the ring.
Mide watched with keen interest, happy at the kind of fitness test, he would be getting, one after the other, everyone went forward against different opponent to take down in ten seconds.

Tasha's name came from the speaker and she sighed and quickly walked towards the ring. Her opponent, looked weak compared to her which made her a bit confident, to her outpost surprise, she was floored in the fifth second, she quickly got to her feet and launcher a kick at her opponent, making him tumble out of the ring.
The bell rang and she went out of the ring, and took her seat beside Mide. After seven more names, Mide's name came next.
He walked towards the ring and climbed in, facing his opponent, who was much built than him, immediately the bell rang, Mide launched the first attack, with a loud shout, he smacked his fist against his opponent jaw, sending him against the pillar of the ring, breaking it into two. Mide shouted again with rage, he jumped on his opponent, sitting on him and began giving him series of punch in the face, the face he saw was no longer that of his opponent, but that of Rush.
Tasha stood to her feet and placed her hand, on her mouth, he is going to kill him, she said and felt relieved as three hefty men, ran into the ring.
One of the hefty men, grabbed Mide's right arm from behind, which didn't stop Mide as he flinged him with one swift swing, making him crash against another, the last of them also tried grabbing Mide, but suddenly saw himself flying off.
Another set of hefty men ran into the ring, with electric taser in their hand, from distance they launched it at Mide, making him collapse to the floor.
The boy he fought with was quickly rushed out of the ring, and quickly the medic began attending to him, as blood filled all his face, his swollen flesh already covering his eyes.

Chapter 27

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 5:30pm On Jul 26
Jesus Christ!! see as mide take spoil the boy face. Right now the boy will be looking like

� �️

Op thanks for the update
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 5:34pm On Jul 26
Just hoping there is no strict punishment for his actions
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:59pm On Jul 26
Chapter 27
Queenite watched Mide, while looking through the glass, that made a wall between her and the interrogation room, he was in, She watched with pity, as he wriggled himself in one corner of the room.
She turned to Tasha and heaved a sigh before looking back at the lady beside her.
"He his slowly loosing his mind, the only way to bring him back, is if we find his sister " Tasha said and placed her hand on the glass frame, looking at Mide.
"If not that you recommended him personally for the selection process, I would've nullified his entry" The lady some softly.
Queenite nodded her head and walked towards the door.
"Their semester starts in two weeks time, make sure he is back to his mind" The lady said and walked out of the room and stopped at the exit.
"And you will be covering the boy he beat so badly, you will pay for every single hospital bill" The lady said and finally walked out.

Getting back to Iron Sanctuary, Queenite and Tasha went straight to the Golden Clan Territory and slapped the guard that tried preventing her from entering into the camp on the face.

Rush immediately stopped the training session he was having with his brother and paid attention to Queenite who walked angrily towards him and gave him a resounding slap. The Golden clan out of anger pulled out their artillery out from the arms, and pointed at Queenite.
"You attacked that poor boy home and razed down his house" Queenite said with anger in her eyes.
"I don't know anything about this" Rush said looking confused, the allegation before him looked strange.
Tasha dipped her hand into her pocket and threw the Yellow ball at him.
"How do you explain that? " Tasha asked and frowned.
For a moment Rush was still, this was their Clan Symbol, and on normal standard, it had no reason to go out from the clan, unless someone of a high rank used it to show his supremacy.
"This belongs to us, but I still won't understand " Rush said with an innocent gesture.
Queenite got more irritated, and hated the fact that he denied it.
"Someone or probably, you gave the order to your men, to destroy Mide's home, is that how low you've gone, to plan a revenge scheme against an innocent boy, who defended himself against your lifeless brother? " Queenite asked, shouting at the top of her voice.
"We've come for his sister, where is she, hand her over and we'll begone" Queenite said this time with a low tone.
"She's dead" Lyta's voice suddenly came from behind his brother "I planned the attack and so what, he humiliated a clan, I defended my name, and for the record, the girl attacked first, with a pistol in her hand, and I had to defend myself".
Everybody, suddenly went dead silent, each looking from person to another, trying harder be sure their ears were playing prank on them.
"Come again" Tasha asked hoping he was only joking.
"I killed her in an attempt to defend myself" Lyta said again, this time very slowly.

Chapter 28

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by dotimi47: 11:26pm On Jul 26
Lyta just signed his death warrant.......
Next pls!!!!
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 3:40am On Jul 27
haaa lyta otiku o
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 5:55am On Jul 27
Lyta won't know what heat him till then let him keep up with is stupidity
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 11:28am On Jul 27
Chapter 28
Queenite sat directly in front of Rush, seperated by the round, furnished table, while Tasha stood at her back.
Rush leaned his back fully in the chair, not having any idea what to do, especially now when Tasha had told them, Mide was a friend to Double D.
"What do we do, we know what Mide can do, and worst what his friend Double D I'd capable of" Tasha said, making sure they got her message right.
Rush heaved and folded his arm together.
"I know an offender has to pay for his crime, bit this person in question is my only brother " Rush said calmly.
"Damn" Tasha shouted "And he killed the only family Mide has left, his mother died of cancer, his father was killed by robbers, you are literally dragging this boy to hell, while he is alive"
Rush stood up and stared at Tasha
"Above all, we follow standards, we don't leave a brother to suffer, come for him if you can" Rush said and walked out of the room.
"were you serious when you said, he is a friend to Double D? " Queenite asked
"Nope, I only wanted to make him scared" Tasha replied and followed behind Queenite.

Getting back to their camp, Queenite and Tasha went straight to Mide's room and knocked on the door, after minutes of knocking without any reply, Tasha held Queenite's hand heaved.
"Double D has a matched with Son of Thunder, he might has gone to watch the match, maybe to cool himself off" Tasha replied and ran away to the arena.

Edward had been having a lot of recognition for his predictions, and a lot of job offer, which had made his job batch to increase to a 5 star full rating. This time also he had predicted a win for Double D, early as usual, he was already seated in the first front row of the arena seat.

Son of Thunder, as he was popularly called, also had a record of possessing only thunder beast souls, a thunder whip, a thunder sword, a thunder shield, a thunder everything, although his records were not as solid has Lin Feng, he still possessed a threat.
The match was to be a Dual fight, immediately after the first fight, the winners would proceed to a new opponent.

A loud uproar came from the crowd as they saw Double D in the distance, walking towards the cell.
Entering into the cell, he withdrew his air slasher and swayed it at Son of God, who was having two long thunder whips in his hand, in the cell directly opposite them were another contenders, the one strike man versus Armor Tank.
Everyone knew, the one strike man already had a sure Victory, since his history held no loss, and almost seventy percent of his fight, he always won his opponent with one slash of the sword, splitting them into halves.

Double D looked at One Strike Man and back to his opponent, seeing the One Strike Man smiled at Double D and gave him a thumbs down.

Immediately the bell rang, One strike man, took the first attack, with a well structured pose, he ran and slid under Armor Tank and splited him into half.
Lost in thought, Son of Thunder quickly grabbed the opportunity and gave Double D a powerful lash, sending him hard against the cell wall, he flipped the whip again and it held tight to Double D's leg, and dragged him forward, and flipped him over, and hard the other whip to slash Double D on the back.

Tasha from where she sat, involuntarily stood up and had her fingers in her mouth, with tears dropping down from her eyes, as Son of Thunder, whipped the hell out of him.
"Get up"
Someone angrily tapped her from behind
"Please seat down, if you are no longer interested you can walk off" The boy said angrily.
Another lash came at Double D, resulting in a spark of tiny flames, Double D groaned as tears dropped from his eyes, he turned his head to look at Son of Thunder and saw Rush's face on his opponent. He groaned and as another whip came at him, he held it tightly, and stood up
Son of Thunder did all he could to retriev his whip from Double D's grip,mustering all his strength. Double D, held tight to the whip with both hands and with one pull, he used the whip in pulling, Son of God towards him and still in the air, Double D dived up above Son of thunder and did a flip, and smacked Son of God on the stomach, with his leg.
The force sent Son of thunder to the ground with a loud thud, Double D landed beside Son of Thunder and pulled him up, and groaned at him, all he saw was Rush face, he pushed him towards the cell wall, and banged his face hard, he grabbed his head and slammed it to the ground, he held son of thunder on the leg and rolled Him around before flinging him against the wall.
Son of Thunder groaned loudly, and spitted blood from his mouth. Double D walked up to him and brought out his air slasher and slashed him on the leg, he returned it and dipped his hand into the wound, and squeezed it, making Son of Thunder shout in agony.

The audience went quiet at the strange behaviour Double D was possessing, like he was possessed.
The referee hurried into the cell and blew his whistle, dragging Double D off.
"Due to the immoral act from Double D, the committee has Disqualified him from this competition, temporary,the fight will be postponed, and the committee has agreed to hear petitions from who ever decides to defend Double D in court next week, and if non, we shall proceed to declare the winner " The voice came from the speaker in the arena.

Double D shouted in agony, with his veins shooting out from his neck. Tasha hurried down from where she sat and ran up to Double D, she knelt beside him and placed her hands on his face and leaned her head against his.
"Be strong for us" She said and helped him to his feet.

Chapter 29


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 1:40pm On Jul 27
Hmmm, this act of DoubleD has got me speechless
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by tunjilee003(m): 7:52pm On Jul 27
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 11:18am On Jul 28
Chapter 29
Mide held tight to Tasha's hand, when they got to the clan ground, he tried freeing himself but, Tasha held tight to him and walked him directly to Queenite's chamber.
Queenite turned around and for a while stared at their hands that was locked into each other, She smiled and looked at Mide and signalled him to sit on the chair.
"I already talked to Rush, they did it" Queenite said, while looking out through the window.
"What about Dawn? " Mide asked calmly, but deep within him, he had already imagined Rush head rolling on the ground.
Queenite was caught unaware by the question and turned around, and saw Tasha staring at her and looked away.
"Hmm, there is a condition attached to that if we can get her back" Queenite said and looked at Tasha.
"We have to well him the truth" Tasha said out looking down at the ground.
Mide knew something was wrong, and stood up, he knew something terrible had happened, but he had not imagined his sister dying.
Queenite message device bleeped up, and she pressed a button on her wrist and made the message pop up.
"Your names both came out, meaning you both have to resume next tomorrow at the Myriad School" She said, and looked at Mide.
"What about Dawn? " Mide asked with tears in his eyes.
"Lyta killed her" Tasha responded and got an angry look from Queenite.
Mide gulped hard, and looked at Queenite hoping the information what Tasha said was wrong, he got heart broken when Queenite quickly looked away, as he stared at her. He weakly sat down on the ground, and rested on the bed stand, sobbing, he looked up again and clinched his lips, he stood up and wiped his eyes.
"Her body, where is it? " he asked with his eyes all swollen up.
Queenite stood speechless and looked back at Tasha.

Mide from distance, brought out his bow of fire and shot at the iron gate of the Golden clan, sending it off from its frame, as he entered into their territory, the first golden clan member that attacked him, he quickly grabbed his arm, and placed his head in between the bow and pulled the string, making his head roll to the ground.
He saw Lyta from afar and shot an arrow at him. Rush quickly dived befire his brother and shielded the arrow off, breaking his shield into pieces.
"Where is her body? " Mide asked.
Queenite and Tasha ran up to him and stood on both sides.
"Seems it got burnt with the house" Lyta replied shouting at the top of his voice.
Queenite stepped forward and spoke.
"Mide let's take this through the appropriate channel, we'll report to the Disciplinary Council "

The council was gathered immediately, the council had three judges, sitting at podium, while The Arrow of God clan was seated by the left and the Golden Clan by the right.
After much of question and answer the judge funny took their stand.
"Without any doubt, Lyta has been found guilty, by the power vested in the council, we have decided Mide should give the judgement he so wishes to his accuser" the man seated in the center said.
Mide looked at Tasha and then next to Queenite before facing Rush and his brother.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by tunjilee003(m): 11:51am On Jul 28
fireboy abi nah lyta would get more than what he bargained for
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 12:22pm On Jul 28
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 12:35pm On Jul 28
Mide looked and smiled.
"Let him remain in the sanctuary, he shall live freely" Mide said.
Queenite went into shock and pinched Mide on the leg, and looked at Tasha with a confused look.
Rush on the other hand, knew Mide had given his brother a sentence to a living hell, he knew what Mide did was brutal than anything else.

Queenite hit her hand againsthe wall of her room angrily, Mide was her only chance to finally get rid of the Golden Clan, and there, he had made a silly statement, he must be foolish.

Rush looked towards the sky and, sighed then looked back at Lyta, ran his eyes through him and spoke.
"We underestimate Mide, what he did at the council is an act of war, strike your enemy with agony, he will hunt you and make sure, life becomes unbearable for you, he will make you useless while still alive, you have to be stronger"
Lyta smiled and looked at his brother and his smiled changed into a frown.
"Even you too doubt me" he replied
Rush knew his brother was in no way match for Mide, it wasn't even possible he would win Mide one out of ten matches.
"Everyone knows you can beat him, and I fear for our clan, Mide will hunt is down one after another, and am afraid if we don't level up, we might be useless" Rush replied and walked off.

Mide stood at the top of the hill that camped the clan ground, and pointed his air slasher towards the sun.
"You just made a living hell for the Golden Clan"
Tasha said behind him and walked up to him.
"They won't know what hit them, until they are dow" Mide replied and brought down his sword.
"Will you go after them as Mide or Double D? "

Iron Sanctuary will return................................. Up Next........ God Hand
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Mielekcezylil(m): 12:55pm On Jul 28
You are good at this
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 7:13pm On Jul 28
Great work op am enjoying every bit of this story
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 11:52pm On Jul 28
abeg ooo, come update sharp sharp.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 7:22am On Jul 29
Chapter 31
Queenite stood at the end of the line and shouted the orders to her students, aiming for the bull her, she sighted Mide aiming for the mark and walked towards.
"Your aim is weak" She shouted and whipped Mide on the arm.
Mide withdrew the bow string and turned to her, with a painful look on his face.
"Give him a thousand arrows" She ordered and dismissed all others.
She looked at Mide with a mixed feeling of pity and hatred. But She had to teach him a bitter lesson for letting go of her only chance at her enemy.
"Aim the bull eye for all one thousand dart board" She said and walked distance away.

Back at the Competition Committee Board, the seventeen organisers, sat down in a panel form and looked at the case file before them.
"Double D versus the Public" One of them read out and stared at the gathering of twenty people.
"Let the defending lawyer for Double D step forward"

Tasha quickly ran back to the camp ground and ran up to Mide who was sweating profusely, aiming at the dart boards.
"Mide" She shouted and stopped in seeing Queenite.
A girl walked up to her and placed her hand on her shoulder.
"Master, gave him the punishment of hiring all 1000 targets, and he has hit 800 so far, and he didn't wear out, I wonder what skill he uses, I am beginning to love him" YHE girl said with a lustful look on her eyes.
Tasha looked at the girl and a wave of jealousy hit her, Shunamite was truly a beauty, and she hated the fact for the first time that someone was beautiful than she was.
"Your business" She said and walked towards Mide ignoring Queenite's stare at her.
"Double D presence is required at the Competition Committee Board" She whispered to him.
"Am under punishment, I still have 180 More to go " Mide replied, while straining he could feel his arms already wearing out, if not for the help of his darkwar skill, he would probably have collapsed long ago.

Tasha grabbed off the bow from his hand and pulled him by the hand and walked towards Queenite.
"Mom, am sorry I have to drag him off, but I desperately need his help, hunting, and he has what I need, please" Tasha said and smiled at Queenite.
Mide did nothing but stared from each one of them to another, did Tasha just called Queenite Mom, well stranger things happens.
Queenite smirked Her face and nodded in approval.

Distance away, when they were sure out of eye shot he transformed into Double D and smiled at Tasha.
"You called Queenite, Mom" Double D said looking ahead.
"Yes, she's my mom, everyone knows, well except you and now you know also"She said, answering Double D with enough calmness.
"The other day, the online swiftness game, your username" She said, giving Double D enough clue what she meant.
Double D, stopped and looked closely at her.
"She's the last order leader of the green shadow group, and she promised to be my girlfriend if I win her in the swiftness game, although it's childish, I don't have anything for her" Double replied and summouned his Raven Metal Mount.
"I have my eyes on someone else" Double D said and climbed on the Raven Mount and pulled Tasha up, at his back.
"And who is the lucky lady let's know her" Tasha said and held Double D tight by the waist.
"Hold me tight" Double D said and in one swift leap, the Raven soared in the sky.

The gathering onbthis committed Board went silent, when no one stood up to defend Double D, the leader of the committee board, raised his hand up, and grabbed a deal by his right.
"In the absence of any defendant for Double D, we hereby rule out Double D from the com.... " He was about finalising his statement, just then a man ran in, with a briefcase on his hand, sweating hard.
"My the board pardon me for lateness, I am Double D's lawyer " the Man said and quickly took is seat.
"Where is Double D? " The board asked with a stern voice.
"He is here" Tasha answered from the entrance, and held Double D by the arm, and walked with him to his seat and sat behind him.
"Let the hearing commence "

Chapter 31

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