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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 8:01pm On Jul 29
Devilpen, dah killa..
than0ks for the update....

Abeg try update more la, am hungry...
If you dont notify me, i'll borrow Mide's air slasher and you know what it can do...
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 3:00am On Jul 30
this story is beeeeeed mehn
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 1:39pm On Jul 30
Chapter 31
Queenite stood at the end of the line and shouted the orders to her students, aiming for the bull her, she sighted Mide aiming for the mark and walked towards.
"Your aim is weak" She shouted and whipped Mide on the arm.
Mide withdrew the bow string and turned to her, with a painful look on his face.
"Give him a thousand arrows" She ordered and dismissed all others.
She looked at Mide with a mixed feeling of pity and hatred. But She had to teach him a bitter lesson for letting go of her only chance at her enemy.
"Aim the bull eye for all one thousand dart board" She said and walked distance away.

Back at the Competition Committee Board, the seventeen organisers, sat down in a panel form and looked at the case file before them.
"Double D versus the Public" One of them read out and stared at the gathering of twenty people.
"Let the defending lawyer for Double D step forward"

Tasha quickly ran back to the camp ground and ran up to Mide who was sweating profusely, aiming at the dart boards.
"Mide" She shouted and stopped in seeing Queenite.
A girl walked up to her and placed her hand on her shoulder.
"Master, gave him the punishment of hiring all 1000 targets, and he has hit 800 so far, and he didn't wear out, I wonder what skill he uses, I am beginning to love him" YHE girl said with a lustful look on her eyes.
Tasha looked at the girl and a wave of jealousy hit her, Shunamite was truly a beauty, and she hated the fact for the first time that someone was beautiful than she was.
"Your business" She said and walked towards Mide ignoring Queenite's stare at her.
"Double D presence is required at the Competition Committee Board" She whispered to him.
"Am under punishment, I still have 180 More to go " Mide replied, while straining he could feel his arms already wearing out, if not for the help of his darkwar skill, he would probably have collapsed long ago.

Tasha grabbed off the bow from his hand and pulled him by the hand and walked towards Queenite.
"Mom, am sorry I have to drag him off, but I desperately need his help, hunting, and he has what I need, please" Tasha said and smiled at Queenite.
Mide did nothing but stared from each one of them to another, did Tasha just called Queenite Mom, well stranger things happens.
Queenite smirked Her face and nodded in approval.

Distance away, when they were sure out of eye shot he transformed into Double D and smiled at Tasha.
"You called Queenite, Mom" Double D said looking ahead.
"Yes, she's my mom, everyone knows, well except you and now you know also"She said, answering Double D with enough calmness.
"The other day, the online swiftness game, your username" She said, giving Double D enough clue what she meant.
Double D, stopped and looked closely at her.
"She's the last order leader of the green shadow group, and she promised to be my girlfriend if I win her in the swiftness game, although it's childish, I don't have anything for her" Double replied and summouned his Raven Metal Mount.
"I have my eyes on someone else" Double D said and climbed on the Raven Mount and pulled Tasha up, at his back.
"And who is the lucky lady let's know her" Tasha said and held Double D tight by the waist.
"Hold me tight" Double D said and in one swift leap, the Raven soared in the sky.

The gathering onbthis committed Board went silent, when no one stood up to defend Double D, the leader of the committee board, raised his hand up, and grabbed a deal by his right.
"In the absence of any defendant for Double D, we hereby rule out Double D from the com.... " He was about finalising his statement, just then a man ran in, with a briefcase on his hand, sweating hard.
"My the board pardon me for lateness, I am Double D's lawyer " the Man said and quickly took is seat.
"Where is Double D? " The board asked with a stern voice.
"He is here" Tasha answered from the entrance, and held Double D by the arm, and walked with him to his seat and sat behind him.
"Let the hearing commence "

Chapter 31
The Committee looked at each other for a while before the leader spoke.
"Because of fair judgement, we shall let the hearing commence, the public against Double D"
The Public lawyer stood to his feet, and adjusted his suit by the collar, he stared at his opposition part and grinned.
"My Lord, on normal ground, the rule of the competition, has no part written where you should inflict pain in your opponent, it was either you kill it they raised the white flag, and in a case and this, in which Double D was clearly seen to have derived pleasure from inflicting pain in his opponent, who is still struggling for survival in the hospital " The man said and cleared his throat again.
"I hereby seek that the law should take place according to the governing law, Double D should be banned from every or any competition, within or outside the Sanctuary, I rest"
The Committee with a stern look on their faces, observed the case before signalling to the other side to defend.
"Who is he? " Double D asked Tasha, as his defending lawyer rised up, to give his own view.
"I don't know, let hope we will this case" Tasha replied.
"My Lord, I am glad my opponent stated the fact that the part included were just only kill it raise the white flag, with this one point, I believe my client has not step above any law, and since no punishment for a law as this, and even no law involving it, I believe it is useless dragging this case, thank you "
Double D leaned forward as the man sat down and whispered into his ear.
"Who are you? "
The Man tilted his head sideways and smiled
"Your saviour, Queenite asked me to defend you in court, I believe you know her" The man replied and sat well facing the panel.
"The public versus Double D, with point from both sides, Double D has hereby been acquired and discharged to return to his normal duty" The committee declared.

The final match was to hold immediately the second day, Double D against One Slash Man, much anticipation on it, meanwhile back in the open world, Edward the reporter had once again placed his high on Double D
"Hello, Edward" A caller came in on air "I strongly believe, Double D stands no chance, One Slash Man, had been in the sanctuary for 5 years, he had build himself strong to have attain that point of one slash, Double D on the other hand is weak, he hasn't complete a full 5 months in the sanctuary" The caller said and hanged up.
"The longitivity does not matter but the experience, Double D is my main hero even when he losses" Edward said, and picked the next caller.

Double D entered into the Arrow of God, clan camp and looked around, and sighted Queenite walking up to him.
"Thank you for your support" Double D said and bowed his head.
Queenite smiled, within her, she was doing everything possible to get Double D on her side, since Mide who she thought to be a better option would not be available as from the next day, his session at the Myriad Ground would commence and it would be a matter of years before he was fully back and even then, he would be of high value.
"It still goes down to the same offer, work for me" Queenite said and stared at Double D.
"Thank you for your good gesture, but at then, I am a lone wolf".

Chapter 32
Mide walked out of his room to the open ground, and saw Queenite with a group of strange people, the way they were dressed, showed they were of royal family, Queenite turned around and saw Mide and signalled him to come closer.
"Are you sure, he can successfully escort my cousin to Fire Sanctuary safely" A girl about his age asked, looking disgustingly at him.
"He won't be going alone, Tasha and three others will tag along including your trusted friend" Queenite replied.
Just then a brown female humanbot walked into the compound having two swords on her back and a whip tied to her waist. Mide scoffed and hissed silently at the girl.
"That's Mirable, I trust her well enough, just that she will need help" The girl replied and knelt down before the little girl that she held.
"Aunty Mirable and others will get you home safely "
One thing suddenly strucked Mide's thinking, this little girl wasn't even up to seven years and was in the sanctuary, he knew something was up, but his finding date was not yet due
Mide walked towards Queenite and whispered.
"How long is the journey " He asked hoping it won't conflict with Double D's fight.
"A whole day and another day to return" Queenite replied "Prepare you all leave in ten minutes time" Queenite said again and walked off.

While preparing for the journey, Mide eyes caught Tasha, struggling to keep her arm good tight in place and walked up to her.
"Here" He said and helped her settle it, he stared at her for a while and noticed how beautiful she was.
Tasha snapped her fingers at his face and frowned at him.
"You're beautiful " he said and quickly covered his mouth, and hoped she didn't hear it clearly.
"Took you long enough" Tasha replied and punched him lightly on the stomach and walked out of the room

" I hear the Arrow Of God clan has high reputation, but you make me think otherwise " the girl that would be escorting along with them said and swayed her swords with ease.
Mide looked at her, smiled and took his leave without answering her.

Mide stood behind the troop, riding his horse slowly behind the while the new girl, had the child with her and led the way, Tasha followed next to her, while the other three clan members were behind them.
"That boy, I see you have feeling for him" the new girl said, and looked at Tasha.
Tasha looked back at her and smiled, with what seemed like a yes.
The girl scoffed and looked at Mide, as they crossed over the green pasture ground into a Sandy part, a desert. They all used a piece of their cloth to cover their face, leaving space for the eyes.
"A sand storm is coming, there is nearby cave, over there, we can wait till it passes" The girl suggested and led the way.
They all alighted their horses and took rest in the cave, till the sand storm would be over, while struggling to find space, Mide mistakenly stepped on her leg, and in retaliation, she slapped Mide hard on the face, making total silence fall on everyone.
"Pervert, are you blind" the girl shouted and gave him another slap on the other cheek.
Tasha went into rage and was about hitting, when one of the clan member, held her hand, and winked at he r.
Mide was really caught unaware, alright he knew he stepped on her, but the slaps was what he could not explain why. He ignored the abuses and walked to the end of the cave, and settled himself down, thinking of the whole scenario.
Tasha was already raged in her soul, but decided to cool down, since she was a client, and only after safety would their money be paid.

Chapter 33

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 3:01pm On Jul 30
Thanks for the update!!

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 5:54pm On Jul 30
yeeh op yaf kill me with suspense. i will wait here till you update
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by rickdaking: 7:59pm On Jul 30
me too dey wait o cry
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:55am On Jul 31
Chapter 33
Mide watched the girl with keen interest thinking of every possible way to pay her back while thinking Tasha sighted what looked like a giant octopus, within the sand storm, passing to and from frequently.
"Everyone, take a closer look at the sandstorm, it passes every thirty seconds, there is something in it"
Everyone paid attention, studying the sand storm, it passed again and everyone saw the giant octopus moving in it
"That's a sand demon, Al this while it wasn't a real sandstorm" the girl said and made a Gatling gun come out from her hand, and aimed at the octopus in within the storm, from the cave, where they stayed.
"What are you doing? " Tasha asked
The girl looked back and smiled wickedly at Tasha.
"I heard only a sacred metal sand demon king can cause a sandstorm" She said and took her aim.
Mide smiled at the quality the sand demon possessed.
The sand storm came again and quickly the girl, fired at it, with heavy man power. The sand storm immediately died down, and every where was still.
"Seems I go it" She said and slowly made her way out of the cave.
"Wait" Mide said and looked at the girl.
She returned a silly look back at him and scoffed.
"Girly boy, you can wait if you are scared" She said and walked out of the cave, alongside Tasha and others.
They saw the sand demon laying on the ground, wriggling in pain, it's tentacles, moving weakly on the sand.
"It's my kill" the girl said and ran up to the sand demon and and returned her gattling fun and brought our her swords.
The sand demon, opened its eye and looked at the girl is she knelt beside it, and with one furious leap and grabbed the girl's leg with one of it tentacles and swinged her away, throwing her roughly on the sand. Everyone quickly took to arms and followed, chasing hard after the sand demon, as it seems to escape.
Mide smiled happily, seeing the girl tumble hard on the ground. She quickly picked herself up and summouned her Metal Cheetah Beast, and ran past Mide and others chasing after the sand demon.
Mide also summouned his Metal Raven and climbed on it, flew towards Tasha and pulled her up.
"The little girl, bring her" Tasha shouted and grabbed the girl from her clan mate and held tight to Mide's waist, as they flew after the sand demon.
The girl saw the Raven shadow and looked up, and grinned seeing Mide on it she brought out her gattling fun and fired at the Sand demon, as it moves with swiftness with the help of it tentacles.
Mide brought out his bow of fire and aimed at the sand demon and fired in on one of its tentacles. The impact of the arrow, easily cut off, a tentacles from the sand demon, making it give a loud horrible screech, the sand demon added more velocity and quickly dived itself into the cave that laid ahead of it.

Everyone halted before the entrance of the cave, Mide and Tasha alighted the Raven Mount and walked up to the girl. The girl saw the Fury bow of fire with Mide and scoffed.
"Such weapon for someone as fragile as you" She said and continued "It's camped in the cave, we have to go after it" She said and without waiting to hear from anyone she ran into the cave.

Chapter 34

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 11:45am On Jul 31
This girl is crazy And as for mide hope he kills it to add some metal�
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 3:13pm On Jul 31
Devilpen abeg kuku kee dah girl....rubbish!
See as she take slap mide, na me come dey feel the pain self...

0ga at the top, more update dan allah...
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 5:27pm On Jul 31
Chapter 34
Tasha sighed and looked at Mide with a blank look on her face, holding tight to the little child, even as much as Mide didn't buy the idea of going into the cave, he isn't have any option, and also, he has never seen or heard of a scared metal king running away from a fight.
He ran into the cave, and followed behind Tasha, running deeper into the cave. They both caught up with the girl and she turned around and smiled at Tasha and pointed to the sand demon, which was caught up in a dead end of the cave.
The sand demon wriggling it's tentacles coward in defense and smiled wierdly at them.
Mide knew something was up, this beast had a mischievous smile on its face, the sand demon, banged it's tentacles hard on the floor and stopped. Mide looked at the body of the cave and saw movement on it, he lo9ked closer and noticed they were smaller sand demon, perfectly blending with the color of the cave.
"It's a trap, it led us straight into a trap" Mide whispered and took a step backward.
The girl looked closer also at the body of the cave and gulped hard, noticing there was over a thousand sand demon hanging on the body of the cave.
A demon suddenly dropped from the top of the cave, and quickly wrapped it's tentacles on Tasha's face, she let out a horrible scream and tried pulling the sand demon off. Mide quickly brought out his dagger and slashedthe sand demon off. The girl saw this fear fell on her, more sand demon began dropping to the ground from top of the cave, and from the sides also. The girl sighted another opening in the cave and ran into it. Mide carried the little girl and dragged Tasha by the arm and ran after the girl into the other section of the cave followed by the other clan members.

The sand demon rushed furiously behind them, chasing them deeper into the cave. The girl suddenly halted, but it was too late for her, not knowing, the end was a cliff, that was more than 300 feet down.
She let out a loud scream as she fell of the cliff.

Chapter 35
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by enm(m): 5:40pm On Jul 31
It will be too cruel if the update stop here, please @devilpen come and continue.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 6:38pm On Jul 31
Chapter 35
Mide quickly dived down the cliff after the girl, he summouned his Darkwar skill into his leg and made it give him a little push forward, making him catch up with the girl, he grabbed her by the waist and summuned his Raven metal beast.

The sand demons, stopped also, and snarled at their prey, and advanced slowly with a mischeivious look, and a drooling mouth. Tasha held tight to the little girl and summouned out her swords on both hands.
Mide held the girl tight to him, while his Raven beast flew up the cliff, she slowly opened her eyes and got the shock of her life.
Mide dimmed his eyes to reduce the rush of the wind entering into his eye and replied her.
"Your life is in my hands" Mide replied.
Getting to the entrance he alighted his mount and helped the girl down, he brought out his bow of fire and his air slasher, and walked to the front line. He handed the air slasher to Tasha and adjusted her hand on the grip.
The Sand Demon scared King came in last at the end of the line, it raised its tentacle up and gave a loud screech.
All sand demons, propellerld themselves forward, launching attack at their prey. Mide pulled the string of his bow and released three arrows from it, which further splited into three again, finding their way through the sand demons cutting them into two. He stood in from of the line, and gradually advanced age he fired his arrows, clearing passage.
The sand demons, all in one rush, began moving quickly towards Mide, making the reload of his bow slow.
"Summoun your metal horse" Mide shouted and smacked his bow against a sand demon that launched at him.
Tasha quickly brought out her metal horse and Mide jumped on it. He collected his air slasher from her and summouned back his bow of fire.
From left to right, he made sure no sand demon escaped him, slashing them in multiples, Mide face in no was filled with green blood of sand demons, going into killing spree, he added his Darkwar to the flexibility of his arm, that all what others saw was sand demons falling to the ground, no one saw how his hand or the air slasher moved.
"One metal point gained, one metal point gained, one metal part gained, one metal point gained " Mide was glad , hearing the voice more than two hundred times and counting.
Soon he was left alone face to face with the sand demon king.
Mide sighed and pointed the air slasher at the sand demon. It screeched out horrible and in one swift, it turned around and attempted to escape. Mide quickly jumped off the horse and did a double flip in the air, slashing the demon king right at its head, allowing it into halves.
"Grand Metal Sand Demon storm gained, sand whip gained, 7 metal parts gained, level 13 upgrade, 8 metal point gained" Mide heard the voice within him and smiled trying hard to hide his excitement.
Tasha looked at the girl and stucked out her tongue at her and ran up to Mide, she hugged him tightly not minding the slimy blood on his body. She knelt down before the dead sand demon, brought out her knife and cut a piece of it, she threw it into her mouth, and widened her eyes in excitement.
"3 metal parts gained and 3 metal point " She screamed with excitement "Luckily it's only for the first piece " She said again and ate more of it.
"That was my hunt" The girl said and grabbed the little girl by the arm and walked out of the cave.
"Not even a thank you, for saving your perished soul" a girl from among the arrow of God clan said and knelt beside the sand demon.
"Last I checked, you were all paid to do a job" She said and walked on.
Mide received Tasha's hand and helped her to her feet.
"Let's be done with this escort, and return"

Chapter 36
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 6:48pm On Jul 31
one slash go enter one chance with mide when he get back. all those chai i pity one slash man

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 6:59pm On Jul 31
One slash man izin hot soup!!
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:25pm On Aug 01
Chapter 36
Mide knelt down and brought out all his metal parts and assembled them together.
"Metal Sand Horse mount gained and metal sacred cat received" Mide felt disappointed seeing the sand in form of a horse and scoffed, the mount was useless in plain ground, the agility it will possess in a Sandy area was quite different from what it would have in a plain or watery ground, the sacred cat on the other hand, was another disappointment in its own, he has never had of anybody successfully training a scared cat, hence no one knew the powers it had, except, it eats alot, and you have to feed it on rare scared metal meat, for it to grow, which could also mean adding about 5inches in seven month.
The girl looked at his and scoffed with a smirk, a part of her feeling glad, the metal meats were close to useless. Tasha on the other hand also assembled her metal parts.
"Metal sand mini storm gained" Tasha smiled and stretched her hand, making a sand storm to form before them all.

Getting to Fire Sanctuary, Mide handed the little girl over to her guardian, and was glad it was a very successful mission and quickly they all turned around to take their leave, when Mide sighted a familiar face, it was Wonuola. She walked out of the Fire sanctuary gate, alongside with a group of seven.
Mide turned his horse around and walked unto her.
"Girlfriend " he shouted and alighted his horse.
Everyone heard it and turned around, and was surprise the fierce face Wonuola had a boyfriend.
Wonuola on the other hand, felt embarrassed and gave Mide a wicked stare and made a fist.
"Bloody cheat, you cheated and you have no right to call me your girlfriend, do you know who I am? "
Mide folded his arm and watch as Wonuola emphasized her point.
"We made a deal" Mide replied, and the arrow of God clan walked forward.
"Mide" Tasha called out and felt a wave of jealousy in her, when she discovered she was the girl Mide made has his username.
"Let's play again, this time using the swift frame, you and i" Wonuola said and smirked at him, having a hundred assurance Mide was going to loss since it was lot harder than the online version.
"If I win, then you will be my girlfriend a second time this time you'll announce it yourself" Mide replied and smiled at her.
"And if I win, I'll deprive you of all your metal gears" She replied.
Tasha attempted to walk forward, as she was already boiling with rage in her, but was cut off by the girl that followed them on escort.
"I'll love to see him loss" the girl said and heaved with pride.

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Afz9095(m): 9:44pm On Aug 01
continue please, I'm enjoying this story
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 10:03pm On Aug 01
Op please come and continue@soonest possible time..

thanks for the update
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:00am On Aug 02
Chapter 37
Midr smiled and was even happier the swift frame was as same as the one in Iron Sanctuary, Wonuola be his side, grinning from ear to ear, he placed his hands on the green illuminating plates on the machine and patiently wait at the machine bootup, and went to the leader board, and smiled on seeing the highschool.
"Level 20"
Wonuola looked at him and cracked her neck, her thorough practice through the year had seen her to level 20. Tasha saw the level and knee Mide was going to flaw her, since his own highsocre using Double D was level 48.
A ball popped up on the screen of the swift frame, before Wonuola could tap hers, Mide had already tapped four in a row.
"How did he do it" Someone from Fire Sanctuary, said softly surprised at how one KF tap on four balls in a row.
The girl with the Arrow of God clan didn't believe her eyes, what Mide did was too fast for her to comprehend, how did he do it, the best she had seen was taping two balls, with an interval of 3 seconds.
Mide tapped the balls again, this time very fast even before the balls could pop up, it was so fast, even the sound and graphics of the machine began to glitch and the audio couoent keep up with the popping of the ball.
Wonuola saw this and felt her image beig tarnished and dragged to the ground. She immediately changed into her humanbot form and instantly kept up the pace with Mide.
Mide smiled and channeled his Darkwar into his arm and began moving so fast nobody his finger or the ball popup.
"The only person that can do that is Double D, and here is another person better, "
"I heard Double D only reached level 38 or so "
Mide smiled as he heard the words knowing Double D has become so famous in strange lands.
The machine, sparked from the screen and immediately went dead, while Wonuola was keeping pace up.
"Grand Master level reached, you won a Lion heart Metal soul" The machine said and went dead again.
Everyone was shocked BEYOUND what they could contain, Wonuola knew he was good at it. She off her machine and walked up to him.
"When do we go on a formal date? " She asked shyly, trying to his her face.
Mide smiled and replied.
"I got admitted into the Myriad Ground, we can start from there " Mide replied.
Tasha were she stood was already filled with envy and hatred for Wonuola and walked up to them.
"We have to go " She said and pulled Mide by the arm.
Just then a group of clan walked up to Mide and bowed their head slightly.
"The Tiger Clan has heard of your deed, how much would you receive to join our clan"
Tasha angry pushed the man that spoke on the chest.
"We are from Iron Sanctuary and we return now"
The girl that followed them, suddenly felt guilt in her heart and wished she didn't have Mide odd attitudes.

Chapter 39


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 11:24am On Aug 02
Thanks for the update
Looking@mide with one kin eyes��
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Afz9095(m): 12:52pm On Aug 02
this update is short, please let the next one longer
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 3:19pm On Aug 02
Chapter 38
Getting back to Iron Sanctuary, Mide and Tasha prepared for the Myriad Ground to prepare for the new session, their journey back wasn't a pleasant one for Mide, since Tasha decided to keep mute whenever he tried talking to her, reason he didn't know.
A knock came at his door, and after some seconds of ordering the person in, Tasha came in.
"You are one lucky idiot, One Slash man, asked the fight to be postponed, to today, when Double D didn't show up" She said and turned around to take her leave.
"Hey, Tasha, whats up with the attitude? " Mide asked and walked up to her.
Tasha clicked her tongue and looked another direction.
"Nothing, that's how I am"
Mide sighed and held her by the shoulder, rubbing them softly.
"Hey, you have to tell me"
Tasha pulled Mide's hands off her shoulder and walked some steps backward.
"You found yourself a date" She replied and sniffed, still looking away.
Mide raised his hands up and dropped them again, looking confused.
"For one she isn't my date, and another, that was just a game"
"I heard her asking when you would be free, and you.... Just forget" Tasha said with a shaky voice and tried walking off.
Mide quickly made for her hand and pulled her back against himself, and held her by the waist.
"I don't know how to say this, but seems I have no choice, I have never felt so close to anyone apart from you, I, I, I " Mide said and began to fell tension grow in his mind.
"Do I have to wait here like forever before you finally say, the I love you part " Tasha asked with a stern face.
"Yeah, I almost forgot, I love you"
Tasha sighed and hit her hand softly on his chest, and planted a kiss on his lips.
"Alright, Double D, has a match to complete" She said after breaking the kiss.

As Double D entered into the fight arena, flock of newscaster immediately gathered around him, while Tasha, pushed them back, to make way for him, Double D saw awkward also trying to push his way forward and pointed at him, to ask the questions.
"I put him in the limelight " Edward said and pushed his way through.
"Yesterday was to be your fight, why were you absent" Edward asked and pulled out his pen and jotting pad.
"First I appreciate One Slash Man, for giving me a fair chance, the reason I wasn't available, was all about serving a greater calling" Double D replied and shakes hands with Edwards.
Entering into the fight cage, One slash man winked at him, and made his sword appear from his hand, with fire on the edge.
"Double D has a skill only I possess, at least I thought I was the only one that learnt it" Lin Feng said to a man that stood beside him
"What skill could that be, so I can learn it also? " the man asked with keen interest.
"Only for the legend" Lin Feng replied and focused on the match.

Double D brought out his Air Slasher and grabbed it with both hands, and went down in a awaiting position.
Immediately the bell rang, the next thing everyone saw was One Slash Man, already into two halves, while Double D, was still standing in the position where he was, but his sword was dripping with blood.

"He didn't even make it seem like a final match " The commentator shouted with excitement.
"The end of one slash man" Double D said and walked out of the fight cage. The excitement on everyone's face was overwhelming. What everyone wished for next was to see the man behind the mask.
Double D walked up to the podium and faced the man that would present him, his prize.
"You are bad for business, trust me you won't last long" The man said, whispering in Double D's ear.
"Being your battalion" Double D replied and smiled to the man.
The Man proceeded with three blue balls in his hand and gave it to Double D. Double D placed the balls in his metal gear box and was excited the reward was true.
A golden dragon humanbot, and a level 50 lite bow, which was ten times better than his bow of fire.

He changed into his new humanbot, and looked more glorious, better than what anyone could imagine. His golden humanbot, had a feet and fist of fire, and the glittering of the humanbot perfectly blended.
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Am sorry, if the updates are short, or if I don't update on time. new semester has started and you know it is, by the time I finish classes, the head is already on over heat and we already on dead end..............

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yes thats hoe we do it mehn
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Afz9095(m): 9:57pm On Aug 02
Am sorry, if the updates are short, or if I don't update on time. new semester has started and you know it is, by the time I finish classes, the head is already on over heat and we already on dead end..............

Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by tunjilee003(m): 3:49pm On Aug 03
stay blessed op
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 7:40pm On Aug 03
Chapter 39
Early the next day, Mide and Tasha set out for the Myriad Ground, using the public transfer machine, since the myriad ground had a general transport from any sanctuary. Mide summouned out his cat (Wicked) out and carried it into the Myriad Ground.
The Myriad ground was like another community in its own, the road channels, the design, the lecture blocks, and the campus, and the different organization ground. Tasha led the way to the huge billboard that was some distance away from the transfer machine.
"White ladies hostel, room 890" She called out her and looked around, for Mide's name "Room 001, Rulers Hostel" She sighed and made way for others who also wanted to check their names.
"Our hostels are far from each other, but luckily we have same supervisor" Tasha said and mistakenly collide with a boy.
"A sorry" She said placing her pans together.
"Yeah, I was going to Rulers Hostel" the boy replied and adjusted his glasses, and straighten
Mide followed the boy, since they were going same hostel and even same room number. The boy (Sen) opened the door that led into their own room, and dropped Mide's bag, beside the door. They were two other boys heavily built than Mide, they suspended their multi-player swiftness game and jumped down from the top bunks of both beds.
"Welcome brother, we've waited long for your arrival" the one with the dreadlocks on his hear said and punched Mide slightly on the chest, with a broad smile.
"I'll greet you later when I have made Hardes know who is boss" The other boy said and gave Mide a thumbs up.
"Hardes " Mide said and smiled at them.
"That's his swiftness username" Sen replied and sat on the down bunk.
"Have you found a clan to join? " Sen asked again, facing Mide, who had no idea what he meant.
Sen looked at him and noticed he was lost and explained to him.
"You have to join a clan, we all joined the Shadow Movement, assassins in the making" Sen replied and grinned.
"What's the weakest clan in the myriad" Mide asked.
Everyone took a quick look at him and wondered why he asked nobody wanted to be a loser.
"Silent Arrow, but they haven't won a trophy in the past 23years" IV replied and grinned at Hardes.
"Let's conclude this game and take you to the registration point" IV said again and concentrated on his game.
IV and Hardes, began passing comments each time anyone one of them popped a ball faster than the other.
"Bunker" IV shouted and sighed loudly "I won again, 56,44" he said feeling proud of himself.
They all prepared and walked Mide down to the registration point, getting to the Silent Arrow, Mide didn't meet anyone on the queue like other clans which had more than a hundred candidate in the line.
The boy handling the registration, yawned heavily and looked at Mide and his friends with a heavy eyes and grabbed his pen.
"Name" he asked and grinned.
"Training begins tomorrow, come with your playcard " the boy said and passed a slip to Mide.
"Casper. Dude be glad our friend joined your long forgotten clan" IV said and pinched the boy in the ear
"Ouch, our integrity will soon be restored".
Mide heard his name being called from distance and turned around alongside his friends only for them to see Wonuola running up to them.
"Isn't that the best swiftness player" Sen asked and adjusted his glasses.
"Yes, the one who hasn't seen a boyfriend, the proud peacock" Hardes replied and leaned on IV.
Wonuola walked up to them and hugged Mide, which caught everyone's attention, no one expected such, every guy was dying to have her, even the strongest of them all.
"I was expecting you would give me a call, our date"
Mide's friend all stood shocked, and literally out of breath, who was this new lanky rude, that the all powerful Wonuola is dying for.
"Yes, where do we start from? " Mide replied shyly.
"The eatery" Sen replied and grabbed Wonuola by the arm, pulling her forward.
Cashier still held his pen tight and slow closed his mouth, nobody expected what just happened.
Chapter 40


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Thanks for the update . But what is mide trying to do
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:52pm On Aug 03
Chapter 40
they all listened with rapt attention as Mide narrated, how Wonuola became his girlfriend, each or them finding it hard to believe.
"I want to see for myself" IV said and grabbed his phone from The bed and went online.
"I place 100thousand naira in IV" Hardes said and also went online.
Mide went online also, as his username popped up, IV gulped hard and instantly knew he was dead. That username had strucked fear into everyone's heart, all he thought was Mide was lying, but now it seemed almost true.
"My dear IV is scared " Sen shouted and rolled on the bed.
"I withdraw my bet, what am seeing on the leadership board, is making me scared, and even there is a price for whosoever beats that score" Hardes replied.
"I give up" IV said and climbed up to his bed.
"Let's get to bed, it's 3am already, and training begins tomorrow" IV said again and rolled himself into his blanket

Mide got to the Silent Arrow, training ground, only to discover he was the only one present, after waiting for like an hour, he got fed up and decided to train with the heavy machines in the facility.
Taking one look at the huge, robot machine, Mide easily guessed, it had been abandoned for long, probably no one could easily operate it, and he quickly reasoned that's why the Silent Arrow group was dead, even while alive.
The room had twelve robot in human form, popularly called Heavy Rim. Mide had no idea how to operate, but he thought it could be easy with proper observation. He pulled down the ladder that lead to the operating chamber of Rim Mac SuperMac 007,and climbed into it.
The pulled the lever of the engine and revived it, and inserted his legs into a treadmill and placed his hands on both handles. At fist it all looked strange, as he tried to keep the robot stable, in minutes, he finally got control of it, and easily did a backdrop with the huge robot.
"Easy" he said and pressed a button in the operating chamber, which made two huge swords come out from the hands of the robot
He slashed the swords together and did some skill moves, swaying the sword.
A man entered into the machine chamber and was surprise to see one of the machine coming alive and doing stunts. He thought it was maybe an old student, all his years in the ground, he hasn't seen anyone, any new student with the robots, which made him more curious and determined to find out since he was the only one that used it

Mide turned the robot around and saw Mac008 SuperMac standing meters away from him. He paused and stood for a while and suddenly Mac00i began running towards him. The matching feet of Mac008, shocked the foundation of the room, in an instance Mac008 launched at kick at Mac007.
Mide quickly moved the machine aside and grabbed Mac008 by the leg and flinged it against the wall.
The impact, shocked the whole of the Myriad ground, which made everyone paused.
Mac008 stood up and brought out its swords, and scratched them together. Mac008 waved it swords and proceeded with caution, it took the first strike, which Mac007 dodged and used its elbow to smack Mac008 on the back, and kicked it on the stomach.
Mac008 fell on the wall and busted it into the other section filled with trainees. Before it could stand-in, Mac007 gave it another kick on the stomach, making break more into the wall and into another.
Everyone began to gather around, it has never happened, two Macs fighting, wh9 was the person in Mac007, everyone knew Mr Bob operated 008.
People began bringing out their mobile phones and started recording the fights.
Mac008 used it's sword to support itself up, before Mac007 could give it another it he quickly rolled and pulled 007 by the leg and had his sword on Mac007's neck. Mac007 also had it's own sword on 008's stomach.
Mr Bob, switched off his Mac and came out from the machine, and waited patiently for his opponent to come out. Mide came out sweating really hard, he smiled at had a curious look on his face, why was everyone gathered.
"I haven't seen your face" Mr Bob said and walked forward.
"I resumed yesterday" Mide replied and bent down a bit.
Casper found his way through the crowd and stood inbetween Mide and Mr Bob.
"Am sorry Mr. Bob, the new student is in my clan" Casper said and felt proud.
"You might reconsider and join the Fire Scorpion, the strongest in all clan, we could make use of someone like you" Mr Bob said and signed on a playcard and gave Mide, and walked off.
"Dude" IV shouted and found his way through the crowd and alongside his friends.
"We already renounced our clan, we are with you here " IV said and pushed Casper on the chest.
One after the other, people in the gathering began to renounce their clan, in that day, Silent Arrow, had 130 members.

Chapter 41

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Thanks for the updatess
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 3:00pm On Aug 04
Chapter 41
Mide laid on his bed, he closed his eyes trying to meditate the Darkwar, while his room mates were already out, just then him wrist link bleeped and from it popped out a message from it, he opened his eyes and viewed the message, it was from an anonymous contact. He clicked on the message and read it out to himself.
"Double D, we would like you to join us on our hunt this afternoon, we can reach fair negotiation, location, Iron Sanctuary, we'll be waiting your arrival at the main gate"
Mide quickly jumped to his feet, he actually needed more money, he needed to learn better skills, maybe one better than the Darkwar. He hurriedly got dressed and bolted out of the door, and began walking hastily to the public transfer machine, which led directly to iron sanctuary.
Passing through the walk way, Tasha suddenly bumped into him and looked coldly at him.
"Hey" Mide greeted and attempted to leave, but got blocked by Tasha.
"No call, no message, no chat, no hangout" Tasha queried and boiled with anger.
"I have been busy"
"Yeah, busy showing off, and you were not to busy to dump me for someone else" Tasha shouted, drawing everyone's attention.
"Can we settle this, when I get back, I promise to make it up, love you" Mide said and kissed her softly on the lips before running off.
Tasha stood speechless and watched as Mide ran into the crowd.

Getting to Iron Sanctuary, Double D walked to the gate and there he met the synonymous caller, which was Lyta.
"I love you new humanbot " Lyta said and shakes hands with Double D.
Double D only nodded his head and without any further delay, they set out.
Double D, summouned out his metal sand horse and followed in front beside Lyta.
"Let me brief you about the hunt it's called a Metal Swift Fox, very fast, that almost the usefulness, and if we could hunt their King, anyone who kills it, will give me the sacred metals and heart in exchange for cash" He said like the boss he thought he was.
"Why? " Double D asked and stared at him.
"I have a foe, I must hunt down, I need to be powerful, I heard he already leads the Silent Arrow Clan, and he is getting more powerful by the day" Lyta replied and geared his horse forward.
Double D smirked his face and also geared his horse forward, and so did the five others that followed.
Almost a day ride, the cloud slowly began to go dark, Lyta stopped his horse and turned around.
"Lets find shelter, we'll continue tomorrow" Lyta ordered.

While they gathered to eat, Double D summouned out Wicked, his cat and fed it all the sacred metal meat Lyta offered him and ate his own grasscutter metal meat.
"I jealous him, he feeds a cat, a sacred metal meat, what I would kill for" one of the members said to the one closest to him.
Lyta saw it and decided to ignore it, he stood up and took a walk far from where they camped, he had to relief himself.

Getting to where he thought was okay, he unzipped his trouser and something strange caught his attention. From where he was, he saw something move in the area, and next he saw was a pair of eyes shining brightly in the dark, looking closer, he noticed it was metal dark lion, popularly called the night raider.
His heart skipped for a while, and he summouned the courage and brought out his gattling gun, and stood at alert.
As the night raider, slowly advanced, Lyta knew his chance of survival was on a zero ground. The night raider, growled and geared itself forward, immediately Lyta took tl his heel, running at fast as his legs c9uld carry him.
Chapter 42

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