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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 9:40am On Feb 15
Episode 70.

It has been almost a week now , and Wes had not seen the emissary of death who he had prepared for . He could not afford the luxury of telling himself that the killer will not come calling. He had told Winston about what will happen to him in few days to come and watched , the face of his butler turned to that of a frightened rat . As he lay on his king size bed , his mind traveled back to the day he broke the news to Winston.

" Someone is coming to kill you ? A bewildered Winston had asked.

" Yeah ! A man is coming to take my life , and when he kills me , you must announce my death to the world but in a discreet manner " Wes said.

A cold fear settled on Winston body and he stared at Wes as if he was crazy.

" I…..….i……. don't seem to understand you sir " he stammered.

" What part do you seem not to understand ? Wes asked choking down his anger.

" I don't ……don't …..…….know " Winston babbled.

" Winston this is not difficult to comprehend. A small child will understand what I'm talking about ?

" I understand sir " Winston swallowed hard and continued , " but we have options to prevent this , we can tell the police. They will help us. They definitely will help us "

" No police Winston ! No police ! You tell the police you will be on the hit list . So no police ! " Wes said blandly.

" Sir i don't understand ? What hit list ? The police will solve all this . " the butler said in a frightened little voice.

" Look here Winston. You've got to pull yourself together. What I'm telling you is for real. And there 's nothing you and I can do to about it . I've done bad things Winston , real bad things , and I must pay for it. I mixed my business with a certain man that had no respect for friends and life ,now I must pay with my life for being so stupid to put my trust in that man. When he kills me , just let the press men know the little they need and keep the police away as much as possible. If the police are allowed in , they will muddle everything up. Don't you understand Winston ? I've got to do this my way . I got this ok ?

" But you will die " Winston said hopelessly.

" Yeah i know ! but if given another chance , I will be reborn a freeman. A freeman free from all mistakes of life and don't worry somebody will avenge my death . My death will not be in vain. So let's do this my way ok ?

" Who will avenge your death ? Is it a police man ? Winston asked giving Wes a lost look.

" Don't worry about that . In fact don't worry about anything. All I know is that somebody will avenge my death. You just watch and see. My death will not be in vain. I will not be wasted like a rat . Mark my words . After my death , big problems will happen. It's just a matter of time. A matter of time.

Winston nodded numbly. Though he did not understand what Mr Wes was saying , he had the feeling Mr Wes was up to something , but he could not understand what actually the man was up to.

" I think I understand now , Mr Wes "

" Good . For my sake , you've got to understand. It's imperative for you to understand . Don't meddle in things that would get you killed . It's important you stay alive for my sake. You can go " Wes said finally .

He watched pitifully as the old butler slowly moved out of the room.

Now as he reclined on his bed , Wes knew that sooner or later the killer will come calling . The only question which he could not answer is whether he was really prepared for him or not .


Somewhere in the far distance , a clock struck twelve. The Star Island road was deserted and there was a grumbling of thunder in the sky and droplets of rain began to fall in the city . Raindrops platter on Hunter's windshield as it crawled to a stop in front of Wes' penthouse. Through the windshields of his car , he studied the penthouse. The penthouse looked so looming in the far distance. It overlooked the blue sparkling sea , the coasts of Miami islands , secluded and surrounded by wild-growing tall palm trees.
Hunter grimaced as he watched the house. He had researched about Chester Wes and to his suprise , the information he could come up with was too sketchy for his taste. Infact to his dismay , he could not find out the security measures of the man's house . The only thing he could up with was the amount of the man's wealth. Hunter was stunned. It was as if the man never existed. Hunter knew that Chester had tried to keep his private life away from the public eyes as much as possible and that was why he could not come up with anything substantial about the man . The man was like a snail hiding in its shell . Though , people in Miami city knew Chester Wes , only few knew the extent of the man's wealth . Hunter smiled wickedly. He was definitely among this few people.

He checked his gun properly before stepping out of his car. Amidst the rain which was beating hard on his tailored suit , Hunter hurried through the high stone gateway and took the narrow walkway which led to the penthouse . The sound of the rain , the gloomy look of the penthouse which lay ahead of him and the silence of dark night gave Hunter an odd feeling about the assignment he was about to carry out this night . Hunter with the aid of the walkway lights , eventually found his way to the penthouse . The penthouse which had looked like a tiny lighted box from down below where Hunter had parked his car now looked colossal and menacing as Hunter approached it . Hunter got to the entrance and tried the lock of the glass door . It was not locked . He opened the door effortlessly. Too easy ! Hunter thought as he waited few minutes , to be sure of not encountering any imminent danger .

Satisfied , he brought out his gun and entered the house. He looked around the room and scoffed . The living room gave a panoramic impression of the island. There were huge wooden beams which supported the celings and the flooring was that of well polished hardwood. The room was well lit with beautiful sparking chandeliers hanging down from the ceilings while the furnitures added glamour to the room with it's rustic tables and soft easy chairs. Hunter eyed the living room not with envy , but with an uncaring attitude as if he had come in contact with houses whose interior looked more better than this. As he walked into the living room , he could see the large fire place was on and instinctively he knew someone was inside the house. His eyes keen and sharp , Hunter looked around the room and that was when he heard a steel voice behind him.

More updates coming !!!!!!

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Zotty: 10:13am On Feb 15
Feed me more!!!!!
Feed me more!!!!
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Deleman234: 11:31am On Feb 15
R.i.p Wes or is it Hunter we will find out soon
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 4:26pm On Feb 15
Episode 71.

" Finally you're here . I've been expecting you ! " .

Hunter swung around and saw a well built gray haired man staring hard at him with a pair of icy eyes. The man was wearing an open neck white shirt and black slacks and there was a gold chain on his neck.

" Wes ? Hunter asked pointing the gun at him.

Wes nodded and crossed the room to the bar ignoring the curious look Hunter shot him . He fixed himself a drink and looked at Hunter.

" Do you care for a drink ? I have whiskey , brandy and vodka ?

Hunter was puzzled. There was something about the man's calmness that gives him an uneasy feeling. The man was handling himself too much ,which was not what he had expected.

" I think I will pass " Hunter growled.

Wes shrugged and fixed the drink then he crossed the room to an easy chair. He lowered himself in it and crossed his legs sipping the drink in his hand. He regarded Hunter through the brim of the glass , and watched conflicts of emotions pass through the killer's eyes.

" I don't understand something . You said you've been expecting me , what do you mean ? Hunter asked watching the Wes face closely.

" Yeah ! I meant every word I said. I've waited so long for you to come and now that you've come , the wait is over I think. " Wes said as he sipped his drink .

Hunter looked at him with a cold unfeeling eyes. The man must be crazy or insane , he thought.

" Look at you so sure of yourself . I could waste you now .

" No you won't " Wes said . " You will sit down like a real gentlemen and discuss with me after that , you can kill me "

Hunter snickered but said nothing . There was something about Mr Wes that seems strange to him. Out of all the men he had killed , the man was quite different. Unlike the men who had reacted immdiately by showing their fears , Mr Wes on the other hand seems to have accepted his fate. What surprises Hunter about him , was the fact that he seems to know he was coming which was not to be so. This killings were meant to be a surprise and not a predetermined one. If the victim , could have known he was coming , then something was certainly wrong . There could only be one reason for this . Someone had talked . Someone had spilled his guts that could be the only explanation. But who ? Hunter wondered. Is it Taylor ? who else could have known of this assignment ? The only person Hunter could think of was Taylor. Yeah ! Taylor that rat ! I will fix him after all this.

Mr Wes said something and Hunter switched his mind from his thoughts to him .

" What did you say ? Hunter asked as he lowered his gun and stared hard at Mr Wes .

" I know you will be wondering how I knew you were coming here ? Wes asked.

" Of course " Hunter said.

" Instincts " Wes said simply .

" Yeah that i know , we all have instincts , but how does it apply here ? Hunter jeered.

" Instincts applies everywhere. It all depends on how you can use it. With the help of my instincts , I knew you were coming here just as I know who sent you "

Hunter could not hide the suprised look on his face now .

" You know who sent me ? Hunter asked in a low voice.

Wes nodded and sipped his drink .

" Who ? Hunter asked unable to resist it .

" Taylor Ice Walter sent you here . He sent you here to kill me then to kill one more person ,after that your contract with him is done "

To say Hunter was not shocked would be understatement. He was dumbfounded . Wes words slammed against him .

" I think I need I drink " Hunter said , his face contorted with anger.

Wes smiled knowingly . He rose to his feet and crossed the room to the bar . He fixed Hunter a drink and refilled his own glass . Wes moved away from the bar and crossed the room to Hunter. He gave him the drink and lowered himself into his chair again.

" Please , have your sit and let's talk " Wes said gently.

There was a long pause as Hunter stared at Wes as if weighing his decision. After a while , he shrugged his shoulders and moved towards an easy chair. He lowered himself in it and sipped his drink. All these while , Wes was watching him , his eyes hard and calculating.

" What is it you want to talk about ? Hunter said , sipping his drink.

" The main reason you were sent here. "

" I'm here to kill you " Hunter snarled .

" Yeah ! That I know . But what you don't know is the main reason where you are here " Wes said .

" Am not interested in all that . All I want is to put a bullet in your skull and end this little charade."

Wes smiled.

" You can't put a bullet in my skull for now maybe later perhaps . "

" Why do you think so old man ? Hunter asked angrily . He was getting tired with the cockiness of the man sitting before him.

" Because you need informations. Immediately you step inside this place , you knew something was wrong . It was not what you expected. When you saw me accentuated this fact. You expected me to be shaken up like a scared mice. But rather , I disappointed you . You are a smart man. From the way you killed the previous men , I expected you to be smarter than this. You knew something was wrong when you got to the middle of all the killings . You needed answers but you did not have the opportunity. As i am speaking to you right now , I can bet with you that in that killer mind of yours , you already knew this is the right place where you will get all the answers to your questions. "

Hunter stared at the man. It was as if the man was looking right through him. The man was dead on the nail about everything he had said.

" What would you like to tell me about all these ? Hunter asked.

" What would you like to know ? Wes asked gently.

" Everything about why I am been sent to kill rich old men. Everything that scum, Mr Taylor, has been hiding from me "

Wes nodded and so on , he explained everything about the creed of the syndicate , the golden rule , the main reason why Taylor was killling it's members and why he was only using Hunter for the killings . By the time Wes was through , Hunter knew so much about the Syndicate and the benefits Taylor will lay claim to when it's key members are dead.

" You see Mr Killer , Mr Taylor had been ripping you off all this while " Wes said.

Hunter downed the remnants of his drink angrily. He sat on his chair fuming with uncontrollable rage.

All these while , Wes was watching him , looking at the wicked glint in his eyes as he tried to suppress his anger.

" I will fix him ! I will fix him pretty bad " Hunter snarled.

" As a smart killer , you could have figured out that Taylor had been manipulating you all this while . Sending you on a mission which could have fetch you more money , and paying you peanuts in return. Imagine if he lay his hands on all the will documents. God himself will not be able to imagine how rich Mr Taylor would become.

Hunter seethed with anger as he thought of the risks he had taken to kill all the rich men. Taylor had been using him all this while to fatten his already swollen coffers. Hunter thought of all the will documents with Taylor and felt his body rise with pure rage. Hunter knew if he could lay his hands on any of the will documents his life will never remain the same.

" After killling me , there is only one assignment left for you " Wes said thoughtfully .

" How do you know that ? Hunter asked his eyes hard and suspicious.

" Because Mr Taylor is a greedy man . He would do anything to lay his hands on all the will documents. You've kill three of the key members remaining two . Miss Valerie Blanc and I "

" Go on , " Hunter said hating Wes for his I know it all streak.

" You will kill me that is for certain but you won't kill her"

" Her ? You mean Valerie Blanc ? Hunter asked.

Wes nodded.

" I will fix her , just watch me. I will nail her dead "

Wes scoffed.

" Then you've not seen her "

" I have seen her and I will fix her " Hunter snapped.

" No you won't " Wes repiled gently.

" Why do you say such ? Why do you believe I won't kill her ? Hunter gritted out in anger.

" Cause her beauty would save her " Wes replied simply .

More updates coming !!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dbeautyy(m): 5:08pm On Feb 15
Hm, at this point in time, I need a glass of drink also. Cold water though, Op do you mind if I get you a glass as well? Great job you're doing
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Nostradamus: 5:50pm On Feb 15
I guess Wes has already poisoned that drink he gave hunter.

A smart person like him would have done that and fight Taylor to a standstill later.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by OgaBossG(m): 6:03pm On Feb 15
Ade, well-done oga. u good. More pls.....
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Damibiz(m): 6:40pm On Feb 15
Lemme fix myself a glass of Vodka nd ice to drink away my curiousity...mr Wes is a good Actor nd i mst commend him for his confidence even in the presence of his nemesiz..nice work man
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by FantasticJ: 7:30pm On Feb 15
Thank you OP Mr Hunter.

I dey gbadun you. I have not seen my sweetheart here for a while ooo.

Ann baby, where hart though?

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by ashatoda: 7:36pm On Feb 15
dis Tori sweet die. every update just seems as if I am watching it good work Adespades
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 7:58pm On Feb 15
Episode 72.

" That's crap . " Hunter retorted.

" Then you have not seen the woman in question. You will understand when you meet her. I would have run away but I know Taylor. He would comb the earth to lay his hands on my neck. I'm an old man . I can't be running , always looking behind me , knowing that any day any time , Taylor will hit me dead. But Miss Valerie has all the advantages to be saved.

" Still I will kill her " Hunter said adamantly.

" We shall see !. " Wes said. "But don't be surprised if I'm right. Anyways , after all these killings what next ? Wes asked.

Hunter weigh the question before answering.

" I dunno . Look for something exciting again I guess. ".

" How about I send you on an assignment " Wes said.

" What assignment ? Hunter asked suddenly cautious.

" Yeah an assignment . I want you to kill somebody for me "

There was a hushed silence in the room now , as Hunter regarded Wes . What is he up to ? , he had the feeling that Wes had a plan of some sort in mind . Let me hear what he has to say first , he thought.

" Who do you want me to kill for you ?

" Taylor . Taylor Ice Walter . " Wes said slowly.

Hunter was livid now.

" You foolish old man . You want me to kill Taylor , you forget he sent me here to kill you . "

" That I know . And I know you will definitely do your job of killling me , but I will pay you for this "

" You are sick in the head . You forget I work for Taylor. My loyalty is to him . " Hunter said in a harsh voice .

" You are a contract killer ! " Wes said his voice raising in anger now . " Your loyalty is to nobody ! I repeat no body ! You speak of loyalty , where is Mr Taylor's loyalty in all these ? He cheated all the key members of the syndicate disregarding loyalty. He cheated you , by paying you peanuts after all your stress and you speak of loyalty "

Hunter was bewildered as he stared at Wes' angry face. The man was right . What was he thinking ? Speaking of loyalty when Mr Taylor had almost bled him dry. He watched as Wes moved towards one of the sofa and picked a suitcase which Hunter had not seen when he had first came in. Then he watched curiously as the man walked back to him .

" Have it ! Have it and check it out ! Wes said as he thrusts the suitcase at Hunter.

Hunter eyed the suitcase quizzically , before snatching it from Wes' hand. He flipped it open and his greedy eyes widen as he saw minted new notes arranged neatly inside . He took out three random wad of notes and flipped through it. The money was real. Everything here was real. There was no joke about it . With this money , he could retire for years without having to worry about money anymore.

Wes who had lit a cigar , drew in smoke into his lungs and then blew a long stream out. He regarded Hunter who was still staring at the note with greedy wet eyes.

" That's all my life's savings in cash . I have no money left in the bank again. I had to withdraw everything because I knew someday , I would have no use for it . Today is that day. That is one hundred and twenty million dollars in cash . Take it ! Take it all ! But promise me you will kill Taylor . That's all I need from you. Don't let my death be in vain. If Taylor sent you to kill me because of my will and not because of any other thing , then it's not a bad idea if I send you to kill him for me. This is a golden opportunity for you . An opportunity that must not be wasted . Think about it , with this money , you can do anything you want . You can set up your life. You can …………."

" Shut up ! That's enough ! I know what to do alright ! " Hunter shouted lividly. He snapped the suitcase shut and took his gun out . Then he pointed it at Wes.

" Do you have anything to say sucker ? He asked , a wicked glint in his eyes.

Wes looked terribly frightened now and his white contorted face betrayed the fear he had managed to bottle inside of him all this while.

" kill Taylor . That's all I want " he said finally , as he drew on the cigar and puffed away the smoke with an hopeless indifference .

Hunter snarled wickedly and pulled the trigger twice . The gun boomed and the loud sound rocked the room. He watched as the old man chest exploded with a red stain of blood and his eyes roll up as he slowly crashed to the floor. His body jerked a little and finally became still and the cigar fell out from his mouth onto the soft rug. Hunter stared at the body and smiled wickedly. Nobody needed to tell him that Chester Wes the billionaire was dead.

Outside the penthouse , it was still raining heavily.

More updates coming !!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Alberttahir: 8:44pm On Feb 15
Nice update
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Omoakin5(m): 8:50pm On Feb 15
barman bring 2 bottle of guider with a plate of eja odo because I they gbadun this story ,op continue
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Damibiz(m): 9:13pm On Feb 15
...Another hit....if Hunter fails to Fix Taylor them the time spent reading this gigantic work of Art most have being spent invain...just fix the Pig.......say hello to the devil for me mr Wes
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dbeautyy(m): 9:29pm On Feb 15
Now, it is very expedient that Taylor has to be fixed. Hunter, get that job done now. Else, I'm gonna fix you. cheesy
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Deleman234: 9:31pm On Feb 15
Though Wes is dead l have a feeling that is plan with Winston will soon unfold that means Hunter is not safe again
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dholyboy: 9:41pm On Feb 15
OP request for anything you care for.. Bills on me....
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by mzlorpeh: 11:11pm On Feb 15
So Wes is gone... Hunter let the game begin, I'm loving this. Wes, say hi to the devil for me.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by IMMORTALGOLD100: 11:25pm On Feb 15
Respect Mr wes, he didn't die a cowards death..his death won't be in even. For the first Hunters greed got the best of him and he is no longer safe.. AdeSpades you r the bomb brother
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ann2012(f): 6:43am On Feb 16
Thank you OP Mr Hunter.

I dey gbadun you. I have not seen my sweetheart here for a while ooo.

Ann baby, where hart though?

I'm here baby
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 10:45am On Feb 16
Episode 73.

Chester Wes' death stunned the entire Miami city. Winston , Wes' butler with the help of Wes' family managed to keep the sordid details from the press and the police men. Though , there was a live broadcast about the billionaire's death , there was not enough information for the police and press to work on. The police men were not allowed in to see the crime scene and the press were not giving the chance of taking photographs. Chester Wes' house was tightly barricaded and none of his family members gave any interview to the press. Only the families and friends of Chester Wes attended his funeral service.

In Downtown Miami , Taylor was placing a call to Hunter.

" Hello " Taylor said into the receiver.

" Yeah ? Can't a man rest " Hunter answered indiginatly .

" Rest ? After messing up an assignment ? Taylor growled.

" Messing up ? Are you crazy old man ? Hunter snarled.

" What went wrong ? Nobody knows anything about the death of the man you were sent to kill. All we hear is that the man is dead. End of story. In fact the newspaper is quite about his death ? What went wrong that day ? Are sure you killed him ?

" Am sure ! Put two slugs in his body and watched him die. He could not have survived the shot "

" Then why is Miami quiet about it . The other men you killed were not like this . I don't understand , everything about Wes seems to be swept under the rug "

" That's your problem not mine . I killed the old creep myself. Nobody could have survived that shot not even a wrinkled old sack like Chester Wes "

" I think I would have to take your word for it. Miss Valerie is the next target. Please do the needful and end this charade once and for all. "

" I will fix her . Mark my words. "

" I hope you do " Taylor said half-hearted. Part of him knew Hunter's failure will make things a lot easier.

" She's dead already ! " Hunter said and ended the call.


Blake heard about Chester Wes' death but due to the mystery surrounding the death , he never suspected that it was also related to that of the other dead billionaires. Even when the Captain told him of any possible relations , Blake disagreed totally by telling his boss that since nobody could really tell how Chester Wes died then it would be wrong to say his death was by any means related to that of other recent killings. What Blake could not tell his boss was that he could not handle the assignment he was told to carry out. Taylor was a total enigma to him . How can you investigate someone that nobody knows nothing ahout... A phantom? . Jack Clay , the only person that could have told him some useful information was killed in cold blood without the police knowing who had carried out the gruesome killing.

What made the whole thing worse was Victoria's presence in his life. The girl was always in his head. He thought of her when he sleeps , when he wakes , eat and when he took his bath. She was everywhere. assailing his thoughts with her seductive smile and sensual body. They have been together for almost two weeks now and She was always coming to his apartment , mostly in the night , professing the love she had for him and how she could never let go of him. Blake was confused. He knew if he was to concentrate on the investigation , he had to avoid women most especially beautiful woman like Victoria. But like the saying " talk is cheap " , whenever he thought of leaving her or telling her to leave his apartment , there was always this ache deep down inside of him , that feeling you get when you are about to lose something valuable. For this reason , Blake pulled himself together and focused on how he was going to combine his police work with the presence of a beautiful woman in his life. The funniest thing was that Blake was so much into her , that he forgot all about the mental note he had made to check out whether everything she had told him was true .

On one cold night , in his bedroom , with the window blinds drawn up and the room light off , Victoria , lying by his side on the bed , stroked his hard lean chest while he stared at her. Blake wondered how he had ended up with her . What had started as a platonic love affair had now turned to something stronger . Something which both of them could not control.

" Blake what's wrong ? " She asked , her voice barely audible in the darkness of the room. She moved closer to him , and slid her arms around his waist.

" Nothing catty. Can't a man get his sleep around here " Blake said rather too curtly. He wanted to hurt her feelings deliberately. Maybe she would let him be if he does that.

" You are thinking again. I can always tell " she said.

" How do you know that I am thinking ? You can't even see my face in the dark " Blake said almost in anger . He pushed her body away and got up from the bed. He crossed the room to his small desk , picked up a pack of Marlboro , shook one out and lit it. He drew in the smoke and inhaled deeply .

" Blake were are you ? I can't see you " Victoria said her voice was laden with fear , Blake could tell and this irritated him.

"I'm here Catty ! " Blake growled.

A ray of light sprang into the room as he turned on the switch. Blake saw her immediately the light came on. Her eyes was alighted with fear and he pitied her.

" Why are doing this to me ? Blake why are you doing this ?

" Am not doing anything catty ! " Blake said turning his face away from her. "

Victoria stood up from the bed and moved towards him. Then she stood in front of him and place her arms on his shoulders.

More updates coming !!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by VicThory(m): 2:14pm On Feb 16
pls am really missing valerie's part i just hope hunter fixes taylor nxt pls
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ann2012(f): 3:32pm On Feb 16
Can't wait for Taylor's downfall
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 3:35pm On Feb 16
...Another hit....if Hunter fails to Fix Taylor them the time spent reading this gigantic work of Art most have being spent invain...just fix the Pig.......say hello to the devil for me mr Wes

Bro just be calm alright !
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 8:03pm On Feb 16
Episode 74.

" what is bothering you ? What ails you Blake ?

Blake shook his head and forced a smile.

" why do you think something is bothering me ?

" I can see it in your eyes Blake. I can see it every time I look into your eyes "

Blake moved away from her and went to sit on the bed. Victoria followed suit and sat beside him.

" Blake tell me what is wrong ? I will help you in anyway I can "

Blake was staring at her with jeering eyes.

" look at you ! What do you know ?

" I know a lot ! I work in a restaurant remember and I hear lots of things. I can help you "

" Catty ! This is not about restaurant work this is about police work ! So please don't sweat it "

" come on , Blake , please tell me ? " Victoria urged on.

Blake drew in a slow long breath and grimaced. Truth be told he wanted to tell Victoria about the investigation he was working on but one part of him would not just yield . How could he tell her about the notorious Taylor ? , he thought. How could he tell her that a faceless man had been giving him troubles and worries ? A man nobody in Miami seems to know his whereabouts and yet masterminding the brutal killings in Miami city. There was no way she could help him with the case he was working. She did not even know anything about police work and yet she want him to tell her about the investigation he was working on. Blake scoffed inwardly. There was no reason for him to tell Victoria anything. This was his private storm and he must face it alone.

" Catty ! I can't ! I just can't ! I must face this alone " Blake said.

Victoria nodded and gave him a halfhearted smile feeling crushed. At least , she had expected him to tell her bits of what was troubling him.

" Alright ! I will wait till you are ready to tell me! Blake I want to tell you something ? "

" Am listening ! Blake said.

" My sister is with Oskar. Our apartment is so boring now that she's gone. So I was thinking if it would be alright if I moved in with you " Victoria said easily. She did not feel bad lying to him. Her myopic mind felt it was the right thing to do when she truly loved him.

Blake shook his head.

" I don't think I'm ready for that catty ! Later perhaps but not now ! "

" Think of all the benefits Blake , I could do so many things for you Blake while I'm here . If you refuse to tell me about your investigation , that I understand but you can't refuse this logical request "

Blake drew in a long slow breath and mulled over what she had told him. He decided she was right. With her sister gone , her apartment would not be lively anymore.He thought about Victoria's sister and grimaced. Though he had never seen her before and Victoria never really talked much about her , he wondered what a girl like that would be doing with a big ogre like Oskar. In the pasts , he had wondered why Victoria never really talked about her sister and he had often told Victoria he would like to meet her sister. But Victoria would go aloof and cold and when she finally talk , she would say her sister was an introvert who hated cops because a cop had killed their father when they were young. That had settled it. One thing Blake knew how to do well was to mind his own affairs. He never broached the topic again. He thought about Victoria moving in with him and he smiled to himself. She would prepare his meals , help out with so many household chores and most importantly he would be able to keep an eye on her. With the way Jack Clay had died , he had the odd feeling that somebody might be watching him or keeping tabs on him. Somebody that might have linked the reporter with him . If that was really true , then keeping Victoria close to him was not a bad idea after all.

" I would very much love that catty ! " Blake finally said and he watched her beautiful eyes lit up.

• • • •

Taylor was going through some documents and smoking his favorite cigar when the telephone rang. He lifted the receiver and put it against his ear.

" Boss ! Clint said.

" what is cooking Clint ?

" something is wrong boss ! "

" what is it this time ? " Taylor said shifting uncomfortably on his sit.

"Your daughter wants to come in and help the detective "

Taylor shot out from his chair as if he had been goosed with hot iron.

" Are you serious ? Who will listen to a dumb woman like her !

" That's the way it is boss. She's bent on giving him some info but the cop is not ready to listen to her. He's not telling her anything. The funniest thing is that the cop does not know you are her father and your daughter does not know that it is you the cop is investigating. It's all messed up boss.

Taylor heaved heavily.

" For now it's not messed up but it will soon be if that cop turns a listening ear to that brat who calls herself my daughter. Look Clint , I think it's time to finish this cop for good. Let's snuff him off real quick. "

" when do you want It done boss ? Should we do a quick hit and run for them in his home ? "

" I don't want that ! Hit and run would be too rough ! I want something smooth and clean ! Don't they come out ? Surely they must go out on dates . " Taylor said

" Not at all boss. They just stay holed up in the house and smooch. I think the guy is not ready to step out with her or something "

"Maybe for now ! But I trust my daughter. She's has this way of getting things done especially when she really wants it . One of these days , she's gonna sweet talk that cop and they will step out together and have a good time and by then you guys will have the chance to finish him off. "

" Are you sure boss ? Cause this cop is a toughie. He's not like the dead reporter ! "

" Don't worry Clint , they would step of the house one of these days. Then you finish him off . Just make sure you are ready. Immediately they step out of the house , you tail them and finish him off anywhere they stop "

" OK ! When do you want it done boss ? "

" In two-three days time and Oskar must be the one to shoot the cop ! "

" what ! boss that is not possible. I should be the one to take the shot why should that lousy Oskar to take the shot ? ! That's like saying I'm not competent enough boss. That's like saying I'm a sissy !

Taylor grinned wickedly.

" Clint ! Oskar takes the shot. Oskar would come in handy don't you worry. "

There was a long pause then Taylor heard Clint's voice.

" Alright ! it's your call . Whatever you say ! "

" Yeah ! it's my call stupid ! " Taylor fired into the receiver. " Just don't mess this up ! I want Oskar to fix this guy and not you and I want my daughter to be there. I want the cop's brain particles to splatter on her dress. I want her to watch him die ! You got that Clint ? ! Make her watch ! They've got to be together ! I want her to know what it's feels like to cheat on her father ! I want her to suffer when you fix that cop ! Do you understand Clint ? "

" Yeah ! Boss . "

" Good ! " Taylor said and he ended the call. He thought over what he had told Clint and smiled. Taylor knew that in the past Oskar had been a highly skilled marksman in a squadron that was used efficiently well by the mercenaries in Colombia and he had also gone for the NRA training in America. All these makes Oskar efficiently trained in handling fire arms. Clint on the other hand had learned his shootings from the streets making him a hit and run shooter. Taylor hated hit and run style. He loved professional shooting like that of Oskar and that was why he was rest assured that as long as Oskar fired the shot , the cop who had snatched his daughter from him was a dead man already.

More updates coming !!!!!

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by VicThory(m): 9:57pm On Feb 16
ur updates are kinda siow.. M still nervous about valarie and hunter
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dackrapper(m): 10:03pm On Feb 16
OP if i no praise you wetin i gain? you're doing a wonderful job here and keep it on
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Deleman234: 10:28pm On Feb 16
ur updates are kinda siow..
M still nervous about valarie and hunter
Bro please take it easy on him he updates 3times a day if you follow his story from the beginning l think that is enough thanks
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Zotty: 11:43pm On Feb 16
Hit them dame Bleep dead Ade OVER!!!!!! YOU DY DO WELL
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by IMMORTALGOLD100: 12:21am On Feb 17
ur updates are kinda siow..
M still nervous about valarie and hunter
He is really feeding us well.. at least 2 updates a day,..
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by jullyrosy(f): 5:13am On Feb 17
ur updates are kinda siow.. M still nervous about valarie and hunter

he's trying, ure just impatient..
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 8:29am On Feb 17
Episode 75.

On a cold night , the time was ten o'clock . Three miles away from Miami beach , Hunter was on a motorboat which would take him to Fisher Island drive where Valerie Blanc was living. Hunter would have drove there but no road leads to the island. The island was only accessible by a heavily secured ferry which is forbidden to outsiders. The only means to get his car across was to steer it onto a ferry which would take few minutes to get to Fisher island and must also be cleared by the securities at the ferry terminal. This was time wasting for Hunter. He loathed wasting time. For this reason , he dumped the idea of using a car and rented a motorboat. Hunter shifted the lever and the motorboat increased speed , splashing waters as it surged forward. As he navigated the motorboat , Hunter wondered about Valerie Blanc. Not that he was afraid he was not going to kill her , but he wondered to himself how she would behave when she sees he had come for her. He imagined how shocked she would be and smirked. Such a pretty thing ! He would love to watch her die when he blows her head clean off . Hunter was sure he was going to kill her. If he decides not to kill her it meant failure and he could not allow a woman who had made the stupid mistake of joining a syndicate to destroy his reputation.

Hunter switch his mind from Valerie to focus on the securities at the gate terminal. Without passing through them , there was no way he would enter the island. He has not figured out to go through the securities and that seem to be the only problem in the assignment he had embarked on. Hunter looked up ahead and saw he was gradually approaching the bay. This night , the bay looked smooth and the sea sparkled like diamonds. It was a startling sight and Hunter basked in it's glory . Few minutes later , Hunter got to the bay and saw a number of motorboats moored neatly at the dock of the bay. He looked across the bay and shook his head when he saw heavily armed guards spread out across the ferry terminal. The securities at the terminal were the real problem . Hunter did not know how to get past them. If he had known the men would be much , he would have come prepared. " I will just have to bluff them away. " He thought. Hunter moored the motorboat and cuts out the light. He would have used the hard light of the moon to steer so as to conceal himself but he knew the securities would suspect a foul play if had not used his motorboat light. Hunter moored the motorboat , picked up his suitcase and stepped out of the motorboat onto the dock.

A tall and powerfully built officer who had been patrolling the ferry terminal saw Hunter disembarked and narrowed his eyes at him . The officer took in Hunter's tailored suits , his looks and and the suitcase and decided Hunter must be one of those few important visitors who comes to the Island for business purposes. He approached Hunter.

" A pleasant evening to you sir ! I'm officer José and the head security of Fisher island " the guard said beaming broadly.

" Evening sir " Hunter replied and his eyes shifted from Officer Jose to the other heavily armed guards who cradled AK-47 rifles in their hands and with faces expressionless.

" Can I see some I.D please ? " Officer José said.

" Sure ! why not ! " Hunter replied as he groped into breasts pockets and lugged out a plastic folder.

Officer José scrutinized the plastic folder. Satisfied , he gave it back to Hunter.

" So you are Mr Hunter Lenny right ?

" Yeah ! " Hunter replied.

" What's your business here Mr Lenny ? "

" I'm here for a business meeting. To discuss something with my business associates " Hunter replied stiffly . He had thought the I D card would have been enough for him to get through.

" And what are the names of these business associates ? " Officer José asked looking at Hunter's face closely. He had a feeling an odd feeling about Hunter but he wanted to be sure.

Hunter stared hard at the officer. This was harder than he had thought. The guards here were dynamites so he had heard. If he could not come up with a name they would never let him pass.

" Mr David Rosterfield " Hunter said. He believed all they needed was a name and they would let him pass.

" Does not ring a bell ! That name does not ring a bell " Officer José said. He now had the feeling that Hunter was one of those phonies who were always trying to sneak into the island.

" Are you an encyclopedia or what ? Hunter said using one of his dangerous tone.

" Of course not ! But when it comes to Fisher island residence , I am top notched ! " officer José answered. He looked over his shoulders to one of the guards who was standing close to them.

" Hey ! Wyatt ! Have you ever heard a David Rosterfield on this island ? "

" Negative boss ! " The guard answered.

Officer José turned to give Hunter a triumphant ' I told you so ' look.

" You know what ? " Officer José said. He paused and went on . " There are some people who had tried to sneak into this island. The Boys and I won't hesitate to arrests any…."

" Valerie Blanc ! " Hunter cuts in sharply.

" what do you say ? Officer José said flabbergasted.

" Valerie Blanc. She's one of the associates I'm here to meet " Hunter said. He was beyond caring now. If they want it the hard way then so be it.

" Why didn't you say so earlier ? " the officer asked in a surprise tone.

" I said associates and not associate ! I think your ears failed to catch that " Hunter said enjoying the look on the officer's face.

" Now we are talking . Miss Valerie Blanc is one of the residents in Fisher island. All I have to do is to place a call to her to confirm you " Officer José said studying Hunter's face. The hunch he he had had about Hunter still gnawed his mind.

" Place a call to her ? " Hunter asked blandly and swallowed hard. This was becoming more difficult than he had anticipated.

" Yep ! " Officer José said bringing out a cell phone from his khaki pocket. All these while , Hunter watched the Officer coldly. Inwardly , he knew this was the last straw. All Valerie Blanc had to do is to tell the officer she does not know anyone by the name Hunter Lenny and they would nail him. Hunter shifted his eyes to the other guards. Their attention was riveted on the new visitors who had just arrived and no one was looking their way. With a patient slowness , Hunter groped for his gun and felt his fingers comes alive as soon as his hand closed around the cold butt. If Officer José raised any alarm afterwards , Hunter was ready to deal with them. He turned his attention to Officer José who was speaking now.

More updates coming !!!!!

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