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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dholyboy: 10:50am On Feb 06
Why not shoot on sight as instructed by his boss, why waiting for the dogs to attack the intruder first?

Foolish and greedy Big shop
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by IMMORTALGOLD100: 11:52am On Feb 06
Bishop and Yusuf deserves an award! Keep it coming bro.. you r on Point
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by FirstbornWds: 2:24pm On Feb 06
AdeSpades... The next time you release an update or start a new story without informing me (via mention), I'll HIT YOU HARD..

Anyways, nice story you've got here
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 3:26pm On Feb 06
AdeSpades... The next time you release an update or start a new story without informing me (via mention), I'll HIT YOU HARD..

Anyways, nice story you've got here

Boss no vex oooo. Ur moniker is noted
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 3:28pm On Feb 06
AdeSpades... The next time you release an update or start a new story without informing me (via mention), I'll HIT YOU HARD..

Anyways, nice story you've got here

Boss no vex oooo. U are noted
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 3:28pm On Feb 06
Episode 43.

Hunter spat on the body of the dead man , and climbed up the stairs. He had seen Mr John Russell run up the stairs with two men in suits when he was fighting the powerfully built man .The stairs led to a passage lit by a hard ceilings light just then , Hunter stiffened . The two hitmen were standing rigid , almost like fifty yards away from him . Their face was hard and cold. Their hands were folded behind them as if they were trying to conceal something . When they saw Hunter , they both moved away from the door way formation like and stood apart facing him.

Then with all the indifference of the world , they both brought out something from behind them. Something which was emitting a kind of cracking , sparking sound . The object was three to four meters long . Hunter recognized the deadly weapon . It was a Stun baton . Those things with five thousand or six thousand volts of electricity which shocks you to the very core when it comes in contact with your body. Almost as powerful as an electricity current.

" Hey buddy do you want to play " one of the hitmen whose name was Cain said . He pressed something on the weapon , and Hunter heard the sparking sounds increased from where he stood .

" Or do you want a gun Mr killer ? Slow and very quiet " another of the hitmen said with an Iranian accent . His name was Malik .

" I will kill you with those things in your hands " Hunter snarled.

The two hitmen understood what the intruder had said perfectly well . He was telling them that their weapons would be the cause of their death. Cain was livid. He rushed towards Hunter who stood stiff , but his eyes never leaving the hitmen who was running towards him with the stun baton. Then Hunter did something which shocked Cain . He Jumped up and swerve a powerful kick in the air and it caught Cain on the face . The stun baton jerked out from Cain hand while the velocity of the kick propelled him to the wall. Quickly , Hunter took the stun baton from the carpeted ground and as Cain recovered , Hunter , with all his strength thrusts it into the chest of Cain. The results was deadly. Cain , momentarily blinded , fell to the floor and freeze up unmoving , paralyzed.

Swiftly , Hunter brought out his gun and shot him in the head. He heard a rushing movement and saw Malik running towards him an evil scowl on his face. Hunter slid to the ground and raised his gun. Then he fired at Malik 's crotch and chest . Malik doubled back and drop to the floor . Hunter stood up from the floor and moved towards Malik . His unblinking eye told him the hitmen was dead . Hunter shoved his gun in his pocket and picked up the stun baton . Then he moved away from the dead hitmen and moved towards a door where the hitmen had stood earlier. He braced himself and kicked the door opened.

Hunter entered the room and saw a man sitting at the edge of the bed. A bottle was in his hand and a telephone receiver in his other hand . His face shrunk with fright when he saw Hunter walked towards him .

" I ....I .......call the cops " Mr Russell babbled .

" Did you tell them about your death ? " Hunter asked mildly. " I'll be long gone before they come anyways "

Mr Russell face twisted with raw fear. He was going to be wasted like a chicken and at this very moment , he remembered the terrible dream he had few days ago . His nightmare had come back to hunt him.

Hunter still staring at the man brought out the golden bullet from inside his suit and tossed it to Russell. The bullet landed at the feet of Mr Russell and automatically , he picked it up and scrutinized it . His widen in utter disbelief .

" For Christ sakes ! This is crap ! . I'm a member of this syndicate. What was my offence ? " Mr Russell yelled out in anger. " Is this a joke ? Are you saying Taylor sent you ? Then he stiffened as a realization hit him.

" Oh my God ! My will . My documents . My whole life. Everything is with Taylor. Taylor has is it. You've got to understand mister ! This is about the will papers " Mr Russell seems to be babbling to himself now. Looking at him one would think he was crazy or something.

At that moment , when Hunter should have figured out something was wrong , he stupidly thought Russell was crazy.He punched Russell hard on the face and used the stun baton to hit him on the head. Russell felled to the bed , stiff and all freezed up .Then Hunter forced his mouth opened and shoved the stun baton down Mr Russell throat. Hunter watched in utter amazement as the stun baton produced an effect which was far more beyond his own imagination.

More updates coming !!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 3:37pm On Feb 06
Episode 44.

It was ten am in the morning . Taylor having had his breakfast of Churrasco grilled meat marinated in Chimichurri sauce and a coffee , was in his armchair going through some documents on his table when his telephone rang . Who could that be ? He wondered as he snatched the receiver and put it to his ear.

" Yeah ? " Taylor whispered.

" this is Hunter "

" Where the heck have you been man ? Is it done ? " Taylor yelled into the receiver.

" Mission accomplished. Send the remaining balance to my Swiss account " Hunter said

" Good. You are a genius . I know I could count on you " Taylor smiling broadly.

" There is a hitch " Hunter said deadly tone .

" What hitch ? " Taylor asked in a low tone. He had a feeling something was not right .

" The people I killed keep talking about some kind of will documents . I don't understand this . Mr Taylor what his going on ? Hunter said .

" Will ? I don't have such things with me. You should know I can't have such things with me. Am I a bank or safe? . I don't even seem to understand you anymore Hunter . What's your problem man ? You are a hit man sent on a mission . Your job is to see the job through and not to meddle into affairs that does not concerns you. That's what real hit men do . " Taylor said savagely.

Hunter laughed mirthlessly.

" The day you hired me was the day you gave me the chance to meddle in your affairs and I am highly honored. I'm the best hit man in the world . You can't deny that and that is where your problem lies. You can't get rid of me. It would be a total waste of time. I know in that crazy little head of yours , you may already be thinking of ways to get rid of me. Some sneaky bad ways for you to get rid of me easily . News flash , try that and I will fix you. Make any move against me and I will make you go down like the sunset . I don't believe in coincidence. There's something about this people am killing that you are not telling me . I hate when people don't come clean with me. People like that always end up dead. If I find out you are hiding something from me. I will nail you to the ground then waste you. It seems you need a lesson on how not to cheat people. Don't worry , Hunter will be your teacher . I will bring the pictures of John Russell when I drop by to say hello . " .

And the line went dead.

Taylor stared at the receiver in shock . A cold chill ran down his spine as he slowly replaced the receiver and leaned back in his chair.

More updates coming !!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Deleman234: 4:12pm On Feb 06
Now Taylor will know what it feels like to be hunted thanks for the update Adespades
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Zotty: 5:28pm On Feb 06
Thanks buddy, keep it going man am enjoying it
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by FantasticJ: 7:03pm On Feb 06
Feed me more
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Damibiz(m): 9:38pm On Feb 06
Mr Taylor..better put Hunter in za picture bcus he is going to be ur beginning and ur end..
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 8:05am On Feb 07
Episode 45.
What am I going to do now ? Taylor asked himself as he gulped down a ball of saliva. He was nervous ,there was no denying the fact . Every words Hunter had said to him began to play in his head. The heat was coming stronger now,he could feel it . Taylor knew that Hunter had hit him with words which are dead on the nail . One way or the other , Hunter had almost figured everything out. What terrified Taylor most is that just like himself , he knew Hunter was greedy. Greedy people sometimes tend to do the unthinkable just to get what they want.

Taylor knew if Hunter finds out about the wills in his care , he would naturally want a slice of the big cake . That is, instead of wanting money , he might request for one or two of the wills for himself and Taylor knew he was not ready to part with the wills. They all belonged to him. Nobody can take them from him. Not even the owners. Because the day all the key members had submitted their wills to him as the leader was the day they all kissed it goodbye. Now a stupid professional hit man comes from nowhere and wants to decides how he runs his show.

Taylor shook his head. He would never allow that. The only weapon he wanted to use against Hunter is Valerie Blanc. But now was not the time. Hunter still needs to kill Sam Duffy and Chester Wes. Taylor's thought shifted back to Valerie Blanc . Will she be successful ? He wondered. Could she handle a ruthless killer like Hunter ? What if Hunter wastes her just like the rests ? This thought riled Taylor. If Hunter wastes her , then surely his own death is certain. Taylor remembered Valerie Blanc's exact words ; my beauty will save me. Will it save her ? Taylor wondered. Will she be able to seduce Hunter with her undeniable beauty ? He asked himself .Taylor knew she was his only hope . Without her , he was as good as dead . The only thing was Valerie was not aware of all this plan yet. Taylor smiled smugly. He imagined the surprise look that would appear on her face when he tell her what she would do for him. He knew she would argue with him , or even threaten him. But he was ready for her . He would manipulate her , use her and waste her . It's as simple as that .

After freeing his mind from his busy thoughts , Taylor got on his feet and cross to his file cabinet. He brought out a file and moved back to his table. Taylor lowered himself in his armchair and opened the file with unsteady hands. He stared at the wills inside the file and a satisfied smile spread across his face. Mr John Russell's properties belongs to him now. What a loss ! The rest of the members must be notified immediately , he thought .


Sam Duffy was playing golf on the well-mowed lawns of his Key Biscayne estate. He placed the golf ball on the tee and using the club , he swung the ball with a wild ferocity . Sam Duffy used his hand to shield his face from the ray of the early morning sun and squinted his eyes to watch the ball flight. He shook his head and turned to his English caddie .

" Come on Earl , give me another ball. " He said impatiently.

" You've played all the balls sir " the caddie hurriedly said. He knew how haughty and impatient Sam Duffy could be when there was no ball to swing .

" Go get some in the golf cart and be fast with it " Sam Duffy said scratching his jaw as he watched the caddie scurry away. Few seconds later , the caddie returned but with a cell phone.

" You have a call Mr Duffy " the caddie bundled the words out of his mouth as he stretched the cell phone to Sam Duffy .

" What is your problem today Earl ? I said a ball not a phone " Sam Duffy said eyeing the caddie irritably.

He snatched the phone from the caddie's trembling hands and said . " Sam Duffy speaking "

A soft voice began to speak slowly and he felt his body stiffen with fright as he held the cell phone to his ear. Few seconds later , he removed the phone from his ear and turned to his caddie who shrank back when he saw the pale expression on his master's face.

" Bring the golf cart around Earl . A terrible news had just killed my appetite for golf this morning. Tell the butler to get my black suit ready . Am going for a meeting this night " Sam Duffy said with a croak voice.

More updates coming !!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dholyboy: 9:54am On Feb 07
Hunter will want to know more about the will from the next person he will kill.

The members of the syndicate will now be suspicious of Taylor especially Valeria Blanc.

Sooner or later, Taylor will be fixed by either Hunter or Valeria Blanc
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 4:19pm On Feb 07
Episode 46.

Wes was inside his library , reading his favorite book when his telephone started to ring.

" That could wait " He thought as he reluctantly dragged his eyes away from the book to the telephone. But his shrewd mind pricked him to pick the call. slowly , he took up the receiver and listened. His eyes widen in shock when he heard a low voice began to speak . Unable to hear more , Wes replaced the receiver . With his hand resting on the desk , he clasped his wrinkled hand on his head. He was like this for some minutes before he finally thumbed the bell-push set in the glittering brass disc on his desk .

Wes slowly rose to his feet and moved around his desk. He crossed the room to the window and stood there. His back was stiff as he drank in the view of the expanse of green lands and ocean which spread out in his eyes , surrounding his villa . He marveled at the lovely sight of it. How beautiful. I wish I had more time to live and enjoy this view " he thought.

Just then , the library door opened and a man in dark suit and white gloved hand entered the room. At the opening of the door , Wes turned to look at his butler.

" I'm going out this night Winston. Please get my black suit ready " Wes said.

" Right away sir " the butler nodded and moved out of the room.

Wes turned his attention back to the view he was admiring earlier . But his mind was not there again. Only one thing troubled his mind. His will papers.


" More Antonio ! give me more ! " Valerie moaned , staring wildly into the face of her handsome Italian lover as he thrusts into her . She had met him on the Miami Beach and had fallen head over heels for him. Antonio was a Goliath of a man , over six feet tall with laughing brown eyes and a lazy teasing smile. He was one of those playboys who struts around , wearing nothing but tight fitted boxers and dark sunglasses , using their good looks to capture the hearts of many women on the beach. Attracted to him instantly when she saw him on the beach , Valerie had lured him to her expensive home . And now as he pounded his body into her , she held on tightly to his broad back and closed her eyes.

Much later , they lay in each other's arms and Antonio did the talking while all Valerie did was stare at his face holding his body close. While he was talking , something seems to come over her and slowly , she slid her hands down to the lower part of him to hold his phallus , tugging at it lightly.

" , do you like what you touch ? Antonio said as he recognized the longings in her eyes .

" Yeah ! Pretty much " Valerie said as she slid her body down and closed her mouth around his stiff male organ.She looked at his face enjoying the way his eyes dilated , just then she gave him a lazy wanton smile and sank her teeth strongly on his phallus .

Antonio who had been enjoying the whole act , sat up upright suddenly and shoved her off his body .

" For Christ sake ! Are you crazy ? What's that for ? Antonio said staring at his phallus which was a shade of bright red. He could feel tingling feelings of pains around it.

" Just playing that's all. " Valerie retorted back angrily . She hated it when men can't keep up with her games .

" You nearly chopped it off with your teeth . You are crazy lady and you need a shrink to fix some loose nuts in your head. ! " Antionio said angrily , as he leveled up from the bed to wear his clothes which littered the cold tiled floor .

Valerie , fighting for control stared at him , hating his guts . Just then , the golden colored telephone on the dresser started into life . It's sudden violent ringing disrupting the tension of the room. Ignoring Antonio curious stare , she moved across the room and snatch up the receiver .

" Hello ! " Valerie said .

She stiffened with a cold fear as she listen to the soft voice at the other end . When the caller hung up , she slowly replaced the receiver and turned to look at the fully dressed Antonio who had been standing , waiting for her .

" Get lost before I call the police on you " Valerie gritted the words out her mouth and there was a terrifying murderous look in her wild eyes.

More updates coming !!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dholyboy: 4:38pm On Feb 07
Taylor have many questions to answer in tonight's meeting... grin
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 6:30pm On Feb 07
Episode 47.

As at that time when Valerie was speaking on the phone , Blake was in his living room eating Arepas , a type of Latin American dish that had found a home in Miami city . The dish was stuffed with pulled pork , melted cheese and avocado. He washed it down with cold beer and belched. He rose from his couch and went to his medium size refrigerator to take another cold bottle of beer , he opened the lid with his teeth and took a long swig . Blake swayed slightly as he moved towards the couch in his living room . From time to time , he could hear lyrics of songs which blasted from different nightclubs away from his home and the noises of the cars , pedestrians and motorcycles which jarred his nerves .

He moved to his couch and flopped on it . As he drank his beer , his mind was busy with the thought of the beautiful woman who had kissed him the previous day. What had made him completely enchanted with her was the strange dream he had . In the dream , she had clung to him , pleading with him , crying , telling him how much she wanted him in her life . And a hand had appeared , strong strange hands which had pulled her away from him. That was when he woke up . Blake did not believe in the supernatural. To him , the dream was just the wisp of leftovers figment of what happened in the night club.

Blake took another swig and grimaced. He wanted her . That he was very sure of . But the strange part of it was that , it was more than wanting . It was more of craving. And that scares him more than anything , because he was not the type of person to fall in love with a woman . Especially not with his line of work. He could remember the exact words of the barman. He knew the woman would be there this night . I won't go , he told himself. He must avoid her . Because women like that are like hurricane . You are a goner once you got caught up in it . Blake knew he was not ready to be a goner not even for a beautiful woman who seems to fill his thoughts and yet , he had a strange feeling he was already in love with the woman that had kissed in the bar.

Then suddenly , he stiffened. What was that sound ? He asked himself as he looked around his small living room. He listened and the strident ringing of the telephone hit his ears. He shot out from his chair and half raced across the room to the telephone. He took the receiver and put it to his ear .

" Blake on the line " , he said .

" Hi Blake " Jack Clay said .

" Hi Jack , what's going on man ? "

" I'm good. Where have you been all day man , I checked you at the police headquarters , but you weren't there "

" Yeah ! I've been indoor all day. " Blake replied. " The boss gave me a time off. I'm working on a big case remember ? "

" Anyways , I've you heard the latest ? " Jack asked .

" Latest ? What latest ? Blake asked his interests already piqued.

" John Russell ! the billionaire steel magnate is dead " Jack said .

" What ! Blake exclaimed as he felt his legs go weak . " Are you kidding me man ?

" Nope . He was found dead yesterday night in his house. A stun baton was found shoved down his throat . His throat got burnt. badly. One of the scariest death have ever seen man. The police and the press are all over the crime scene , but by tomorrow morning , the news of his death would be all over the TV . I guess John Russell would not be able to sing the Beatles or Rolling Stones hits any more " Jack said , letting his attempt at humor slip in .

" And the bodyguards ? " Blake asked though he seems to know the answer already .

" You really need to see this man . All the bodyguards were all wasted . You need to see his house man , it was bad sight to behold . " Jack said .

Blake still clutching the telephone , found out that his hand was trembling. Maybe it's the beer , he thought. But he knew better

" How's your investigation coming on Blake ? Jack asked casually .

" I don't know man . A bit slow I guess . " Blake said hating himself for not having anything worthwhile to say .

" You make any arrest yet ? Any lead you've got ? You can tell me anything man . I would love to help " Jack lied easily.

" No man . Nothing yet ! " Blake said , reluctant to talk
There was something about Jack's voice that sounded too anxious or should he say too suspicious , as if he was trying to pump him for vital information.

" Who do you think is behind all this ? " Jack asked.

" Do you want the truth ? " Blake said cautiously.

" Yeah ! " Jack said .

"! I think it's Taylor Ice Walter "

There was a long pause and then Jack said.

" How are you so sure ?

" I'm pretty sure he is behind all this . Nobody can tell me otherwise. That man is a maniac " Blake said savagely .

" But you can't be so sure ? Jack said in a defensive tone.

" Come on man , give me a break . This guy is ruthless . The little I've known about him is enough for me to know the kind of person he is. Taylor is behind all this . The guy seems to be pulling a lot of weight around Miami and I'm going to find him and nail him . " Blake said , the beer he had drunk was taking it's toll on him now.

" You know you sound so cocky Blake . I wish you could hear yourself talk. I've you been drinking lately ? Cause your words sounds so lame to my ears . " Jack said in a angry tone.

Blake noted this tone .

" Jack what as come over you ? Why are you so angry ? I thought you are on the good side ? You seem to be supporting Taylor or something "

" You know you should be careful about what you say to people atimes mate. People in the highest quarters of Miami. You could get wasted for all this you are saying . Taylor is not a man to trifle with it . stay off his case and move on to another one" Jack said in a dead tone and the line went dead .

Blake took the receiver from his ear and stared at it , not believing his ears . It was as if Jack's voice belonged to another person. No way Jack could have talked to him in that manner. Unless..... , Unless what ? Blake asked himself. Unless Jack knew something that he do not know .Blake remembered Jack exact words the other day. ; . If I were you I would close the case and look for something worthwhile to do. And now the one he had said to him this night ; Taylor is not a man to trifle with it . Stay of his case and move to another one" .That was two warning alert which had been flung right at his face by Jack . It was as if Jack was intentionally warning him to stay off the case . But why ? Blake asked himself as he made his way to his couch. He sat in it and laid back his head. There was something so suspicious about Jack . What do I really know about him ? Blake wondered , except that we had a couple of drinks in a bar and exchanged phone numbers , nothing more . I don't even know his house , he thought.

The more Blake thought about it , the more he was convinced that his friend seems to know more than he claim to know.

" I will talk to Jack one of these days. If I find out that he is connected with all this in any way, I will fix him up " Blake thought as he got to his feet and was about to cross to his room when the image of Victoria flashed in his mind . He tried to clear the image of her beautiful face away but it was futile.

" For Christ sakes ! This is so crazy ! " Blake yelled as he walked back to the living room. He picked his car key from the center table and stormed out of the room . Few minutes later , he was on the highway which led to the Dessy nightclub.

More updates coming !!!!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ann2012(f): 7:02pm On Feb 07
Interesting as always
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by cyber5(m): 7:51pm On Feb 07
You've got me hooked
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by FantasticJ: 10:00pm On Feb 07
Interesting as always

Baby kiss
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by IMMORTALGOLD100: 10:14pm On Feb 07
Thriller!! AdeSpades you r a genuis
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ann2012(f): 9:12am On Feb 08

Baby kiss

Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 9:21am On Feb 08
Episode 48.

From the safety of a black sedan car , Clint watched Blake drive away and smiled wickedly. He turned to Marcus.

" I told boss but he won't believe me. That detective is in love with Victoria . He just don't know it yet. "

" You are so confident of yourself Clint , so you think he's actually going there ?

" I can bet every money in my Swiss account that the detective is going to Dessy nightclub " Clint said.

" C'mon Clint,are you a psychic or what ? Marcus asked , a doubtful look on his face .

" I'm just Clint ! . Wait here , while I go fix that bugging device. " Clint said .

Marcus nodded and Clint stepped out the car carrying a small tool box with him . He watched Clint through the windshields as he moved towards Blake's apartment .

Twenty minutes later , Clint came out of the apartment and entered the car.

" So fast ? " Marcus said , looking at Clint curiously.

" Yeah ! Ain't got all day . " Clint said as he engaged gear and deftly tooled the car towards the highway that led to Dessy nightclub .


While Blake was on his way to the Dessy nightclub , The remaining key members of the Taylor Ice Men we're seated inside Taylor's office . This time , the atmosphere in the air was charged with anxiety , anger and fear . There was a grim expression on the faces of the member as they all stared at their leader each of their minds busy with it's own thoughts.

" Gentlemen please let's lighten up a bit , we are all here for a purpose remember ? Taylor said watching the faces of the remaining three members .

" Lighten up ? You dare say lighten up " Sam Duffy said stonily. " After Mr Danny Ross and my good friend John Russell were wasted by a psychotic hit man and you say lighten up ? Mr Taylor you must be a clown of the twenty- first century ".

Taylor shot Sam Duffy a cold evil look .

" Run you mouth all you want , I'm still the leader here and you must obey me . "

" The leader my foot . A leader who did nothing while two strong members of his Syndicate were wasted like stuck pigs " Sam Duffy said his face red with anger .

Wes who had been watching Sam Duffy , turned to Taylor

" If the creed of this Syndicate was truly to protect the interests of it members , then the dead key members would not have been wasted like animals . This Syndicate promised us protection from the outside world , instead we are being killed by the same Syndicate that promised protection and security . "

Taylor stiffened with shock while the two members stared at Wes in utter disbelief . Valerie who had been half listening to Wes , now focused her full attention on him now. She had a feeling he was telling the truth , but she did not know how he came to that conclusion.Taylor was who had been calm before was now trembling with a sickening fear .

More updates coming !!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 9:33am On Feb 08
Episode 49.

" Mr Wes , I would strictly advise you not to spew rubbish . How can you say this syndicate knows about the death of it's members . That's hearsay. "

" No it's not ." Wes countered back. " It's the truth and somehow every member in this room knows it . I put it to you that you Mr Taylor know about the death of Mr Danny Ross and John Russell . "

Taylor shot out of his sit , and thrusts out his finger .

" Don't you ever accuse me of doing such things. Their deaths was coincidental . There is no way I could have a hand in their deaths. I created this Syndicate to be one of the most powerful men in the world , and to achieve that I need members . How can I create something and still be behind it's downfall,it's makes me a fool don't you think ? And besides,it doesn't make sense.

Wes stared at Taylor strangely . Though he was not really sure about his accusations against the leader , he had a feeling the man was hiding something from them , as if he was deliberately playing games with them .

" If all that you said is true , why in God's name are you not doing anything about the killings ? Wes asked .

Valerie and Sam Duffy stared at Taylor's face which seems to crumble for the moment. Wes's accusations had stunned him .

" I told everyone of you to call me in case of any problem you might be facing , none of these dead men called me . I created this Syndicate and never will be behind it's downfall. " Taylor yelled,his face a shade of red now. .

" Alright we believe you. " Wes said and Taylor's body sagged with relief. As he sat down , Wes noticed the look of relief in Taylor's face and another idea came to his mind .

" How did John Russell say his properties and assets should be shared ? Wes asked casually .

Taylor eyed Wes angrily.

" According to his will , everything he owned should be used to fund the growth of the syndicate right after his death . "

A stone silence fell upon the remaining three key members as they all stared hard at Taylor . Somehow , they had the feeling the leader was playing a fast one on them this time.

" Sorry Mr Taylor I don't believe the rubbish you spewed out just now " Sam Duffy yelled , from were he sat .

Valerie on the other hand , waited for Wes to speak. She knew he was the smartest among them and as she watched him slowly stand from his sit , a faint smile tugged at the corners of her lips .

" I myself do not believe this . John Russell had a son. Not just a son , a full grown son . Though John Russell and I never really talked about him , but I know he loved this boy so much . Now are you telling us this young fella gets nothing ? Wes asked incredulously.

"Yeah ! as stipulated inside the will ! " Taylor snarled .

" You've got to be kidding me .That could never be true ! " Wes yelled in anger , his voice kind of hoarse .

" Then go write another will and include the name of this young boy in it if you so much care about him , but remember you submit the will to me as the rule of this Syndicate demands of any key members . " Taylor fired back angrily. Obviously he was irritated by the smartness of the rest of the members .

" Can we have a look at John Russell and Danny Ross will respectively ? Wes asked.

" That's not possible . It's part of the rule ! Only the leader and the real owner of a will documents has the access to a particular will. In this case , the owner of the will is dead . " Taylor replied calmly . One way or the other , he knew he had boxed them in.

" Great ! Just great !" Wes said not believing any words Taylor had said. He turned to Sam Duffy and said . " Do you remember our discussion the last time we talked on the phone ?

" Yeah ! " Sam Duffy said gravely.

" It all comes down to this man , whether all what Mr Taylor said is true or not , you never can tell " Wes said hopelessly , as he sat in his sit.

Taylor eyed Wes angrily but did not say a word .

Sam Duffy rose to his feet.

" Can I have my will documents back ?

His words shocked not only Taylor but Wes and Valerie. In the Taylor Ice Men syndicate asking for your will documents is just like you saying you are not a member anymore.

" Your what ? " Taylor asked , pretending not to have heard what Sam Duffy said.

" My will , Mr Taylor. I need them back " Sam Duffy yelled.

" What do you want it for ? Taylor asked warily. He knew he was walking on a ground full of shattered glasses and must tread carefully.

" I want it back , cause I want out ! " Sam Duffy yelled . " I don't want to be part of this fake syndicate made up of people who have a clown as a leader "

" Mr Sam Duffy you know well you can't have your will papers back " Taylor said his eyes glinting with anger now.

" What ? Wes and Sam Duffy said at the same time , only Valerie kept mute. But the expression on her face showed that she was also shocked by what she heard.

" Do you think I'm stupid ? Taylor asked in a harsh tone , as he move across the table to face the members. " None of you can take it from me. I'm the signatory of all the will. Though the will is rightfully yours , but it was also mine the day you all joined the Syndicate and made me the signatory. And if you must know , none of you can leave this Syndicate without paying the price. "

" Oh my God ! " Sam Duffy said as he slowly sagged into his chair . There was a dazed expression on his face as the realization hit him. " We've have been tricked .There was really no Syndicate . Everything was all about the will " he said miserably .

More updates coming !!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ann2012(f): 9:43am On Feb 08
Taylor played a smart one on all the members
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Sliss(m): 10:17am On Feb 08
Mr Taylor is in deep mess,

Well done Adespade more grace
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Damibiz(m): 11:03am On Feb 08
It is now going to be 4(Hunter nd the remaining 3 key members) against Taylor...hahahaha let the battle begin,nice work man
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dbeautyy(m): 11:11am On Feb 08
This reminds me of Jss literature I read 24years ago titled: Too late to Cry

I hope they will all escape this snare they have all fallen into.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by FantasticJ: 11:54am On Feb 08
OP, you are the banger! Keep firing man.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by IMMORTALGOLD100: 11:59am On Feb 08
The story just began! AdeSpades fire on bro...
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by codesty: 2:02pm On Feb 08
Kikikiki... Hahahaha.

Run. In ''Brawn strowman'' voice.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 5:58pm On Feb 08
Episode 50.

Wes stood up from his sit staring hard at Taylor. Only Valerie remained on her sit looking at the unfolding of events..

Taylor watched the conflicting expression on the faces of the men. He knew one day the men will find out the whole truth and now that they all knew the truth , let's see how they would take it.

Sam Duffy sprang to his feet and turned to Taylor , his eyes seething with raw anger.

" I guess I'm done here. Tomorrow I'm going to the police to report you. The world will know the kind of monster Taylor Ice Walter is. Your identity will be revealed to the world through the press , and I will be the anchor . Take it for me Mr Taylor , you are going down ! "

Wes looked sharply at Sam Duffy . He wanted to tell the man to shut his mouth. He wanted to warn Duffy to be careful about his words but like a shrewd man he kept quiet. This was a situation of life and death. Any mistake on his part might lead to his own death. Let me see what will happen at the end of these , Wes thought cunningly.

Taylor smiled mirthlessly.

" Mr Sam Duffy I would plead with you to reconsider your decision. That threat of yours is too dangerous , don't you think ? "

" I am not reconsidering anything. Just be prepared . You are going down ! By tomorrow , you will be in a six inches cell singing Kumbayah ! " Sam Duffy yelled. He gave Taylor one last look and walked out of the room.

Taylor watched him go and smiled wickedly. He was already thinking of how he would take Sam Duffy down.
He turned to Wes .

" How about you Mr Wes ?

Wes gave him a cold look.

" You know , according to C.S Lewis he said ; The greatest evil will not be carried out by men with guns , but by men in suits sitting behind desks. Men like you Mr Taylor. I will let myself out"

Wes shook his head as he slowly make his way to the office door and walked out of the room.

Valerie sat motionless on her sit staring at Taylor. Her mind was busy with thoughts .

Taylor ignored Valerie and moved back to his sit. He lowered himself in it and took out his favorite cigar from a platinum case . He lit it and pulled on the cigar , blowing the thick smoke out . If he knew Valerie calculating eyes were on him , he did not show it .

Valerie regarded him for a moment and stood up from her sit . She moved towards the office door and that was when she heard him called her name.

" Miss Valerie , please come , you and I have a lot to discuss " Taylor said slowly.

Valerie turned to stare at Taylor for a moment as if weighing her decisions. After a few moments , she moved back to sit on a chair opposite Taylor .

" I guess you know what this is all about ? " Taylor said looking into her face intently.

" I don't have the faintest idea of what you are talking about " Valerie replied calmly.

" Oh , come off it Miss Valerie , " Taylor said . " We both have been playing games all this while . You and I . You can't deny it "

Valerie arch an eyebrow.

" What games ? "

Taylor stared at her. He wished he could understand what was going on in her mind.

" Miss Valerie , don't play games with me . All this while ,you knew something was wrong . I could feel it just by watching the emotions your face . I could read the suspicious look in your eyes. You knew something was wrong right from the first meeting we had in this room concerning Danny Ross' death and now that of John Russell. But you just did not want to share your thoughts with any of the members. "

Valerie eyed him coldly but did not say a word. Instead she took out a cigarette from her purse . She lit it with a lighter and inhaled the smoke. Taylor watched her irritably.

Taylor eyed her angrily. What is wrong with her ? He wondered. I wish i could fix her immediately but I need her . If she wants it the hard way , I give it to her the hard way .

" I ordered the hit on Mr Danny Ross and John Russell " Taylor said.

" Did you ? " Valerie replied calmly.

Taylor gave her a cold look . It was as if he had told her he bought a new car. How could she sit there like that puffing away , when he had told her he killed two men in a syndicate where she herself was a member , he wondered. He wished he had the ability of knowing what she was thinking.

" Look let's cut this rubbish chit chat. I need you to listen attentively to what I'm about to tell you " Taylor said .

Valerie flicked the Cigar ashes on the table and turned to Taylor .

" I'm all ears " .

Taylor regarded her for a moment. Then he began to speak.

" This Syndicate is based on lies and more lies . There is nothing special about it . For me , The whole hype about my Syndicate Being the toughest Syndicate in Miami is just a stupid hype by jobless people. I don't believe in this idiotic Syndicate , because for me , there was no Syndicate. What I have is what i called a pathway to riches. It's just a means for me to lay my hands on some dollars . And not just any dollars , big dollars accompanied with properties and assets . That was why this Syndicate was formed and now it's time for it to be eradicated for good .Now this is the Crux of the matter , I formed this Syndicate to enrich myself . To make myself richer than ever. Like I said earlier , I ordered the hit on Danny Ross and John Russell and I'm still going to order more hit if necessary . Sorry I meant it is necessary. For your information , Sam Duffy has to die . So also Chester Wes . You too , Miss Valerie would have been on the hit list , but you got saved. "

" How and why ? Valerie asked livid with rage.

Taylor grinned. He now had her full attention.

" Because I have a little problem ".

" What problem ? " Valerie asked in a deadly tone .

" Hunter ! " Taylor said simply .

Valerie stared at him as if he was crazy or mentally unbalance .

" Hunter ? What do you mean by Hunter ? "

Taylor rose to his feet and moved across the room to face Valerie .

" The cold heartless hit man that murdered your father. "

Valerie sucked in a long breath , and for the first time , as he watched the conflicting painful expression flashed on her face , Taylor knew he had found her weakness after all .

Valerie's face tightened.

" How did you know about my father's death "

" Let's say i did my own findings about James Blanc whose daughter is one of my key members . As a crime boss in this Miami city , I know more than it meet the eyes.

Valerie gave him a cold look.

" Where is my father's killer ? Where is Hunter ?

Taylor grinned wickedly.

" Somewhere unknown I suppose. But within my grasps , if you know what I mean " .

Valerie turned from her mild , uncaring nature to that of a wicked , aggressive lunatic.

" I want to kill him " .

Taylor smiled again. He seems to be enjoying the demented look in Valerie's face . He could see the perverted , sadistic glint in her eyes. He was right all along. Just like he had found the perfect killer to kill the key members , so also had he found the perfect woman to kill the perfect killer .

" Yes you will kill him. But we do it my way " Taylor said.

" I want to kill him now " Valerie said boiling with rage .

" Not like this .You are already too hot. One wrong move , Hunter will waste you like a rat. To kill Hunter , you've got to be cold and hot " Taylor said wisely.

" I'm both ! " Valerie shrilled .

" No ! You are all fire with no ice . If I give you a gun now , you might shoot yourself instead of Hunter. That will not be good for me " Taylor said .

" Why did you chose me in the first place ? Valerie asked .

" Let's say you have all it takes. Apart from your wild beauty , men have been known to tremble at your sight and men have been known to die in your hands " Taylor said smugly.

" I see you have done your research well " Valerie said mirthlessly.

" Of course , i dug up the little I could find and I must say a I'm impressed. That is why I need you to kill him ."

" What exactly do you want me to do ? Valerie asked in a harsh tone .

" Make him fall in love with you " Taylor said his eyes glinting with wickedness .

" How do you want me to do that ? Valerie asked .

" The how is left to you . Just find a way to do it " Taylor replied calmly .

Valerie stared at him shocked. She hated him for ordering her around like a slave. Telling her to do something while he sits behind his desk and hogs all the glory at the end of the day.

More updates coming !!!


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