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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Deleman234: 7:48pm On Feb 08
This Taylor guy mehn how can someone be greedy,manipulative and convincing the same time he just using everyone so he will be the last man standing at the end
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Zotty: 8:15pm On Feb 08
Ade OVER!!!!! Baba you are too good Am reading this piece as if am watching movie. Keep it up boss
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 9:14am On Feb 09
Episode 51.

" And if I don't ? Valerie asked .

Taylor moistened his lips.

" Then you will die just like the rest of the men.

Valerie eyes was ablaze with anger now .

" You pathetic rat. If I have known this was how this Syndicate of yours would be like,I would not have come near it , let alone joining it "

Taylor grinned , enjoying the raw anger in her eyes .

" That's why you have to play my game. Your greed for power led you here. I could sense it in you ,when you came here. That's why I allowed you .People that wants power are easy to trick. You are always blinded by things you crave for , rather than focusing on how to get it. You want power , but you don't want the risk of getting it . That's like having your cake and eating it. Sorry to disappoint you , but the Taylor Ice Men syndicate is the wrong place to be for people like you "

Valerie smiled wickedly.

" You know something Mr Taylor ? You are not so smart after all. It seems you know so much and it's making you lose your mind . How could you ever imagine you could lay your hands on all those will. Its sounds so stupid don't you think ? Have you not thought about the problems you might face ?

" No ! I have not , please enlighten me ! " Taylor replied smugly.

" That I will gladly do " Valerie replied. She paused and went on " what about the problem of reproducing a will , what about the signature of the original owner of the will , I bet you've not thought of that. What about the witnesses ? What about the attorneys ? The attorneys might want to contest the will if they notice some misappropriation in it. I for one know that my attorney would contest my will if something is wrong with it. So tell me Mr Taylor how do you plan to go about this problems ?

Taylor regarded her for a moment , then he took a cigar , lit it and drew in a thick smoke.

" I will answer your questions miss. But first let me ask you this question ; Have you ever heard of a man called Ritti Bones ?

" No ! " Valerie answered curtly.

" Of course ! You were still hanging to your father's apron when Ritti was still active in the game . Alright ! Let me tell you about him " Taylor paused then went on " Ritti Bones was formerly my henchman, but he was more of the biro secretary and not the gun secretary , if you know what I mean. Tall , good looking and smart , that was Ritti Bones for you. But he had a problem. This guy could not stand the sight of a gun. Guns spook him more than anything but on the other hand , he had a gift. Ritti Bones was an expert forger who could reproduce any document and forge any signature. If you want any signature forged , call on Ritti and this guy would nail it within seconds. Words got around that Ritti Bones could forge any signature and before you know it , Ritti became one of the most wanted man in Miami. He was wanted by the Miami police and was also wanted by the men of the underworld. They all chased after him as if he were a woman "

" why are you telling me all this and where is this man you speak of ? Valerie asked bewildered.

" He's in jail now. I sent him there " Taylor answered.

" why ? Valerie said puzzled.

" He did something bad and he had to pay for it "

" what did he do ? " Valerie asked suddenly interested.

" He forged my signature and withdraw nearly all my money from the bank and for that I ratted on him "

" You've got to be kidding me right ? for all I know , this might be one of your tricks to bluff me " Valerie said.

" This isn't a bluff miss Valerie. This is real. This is history. Let me show you something " Taylor replied and he got to his feet and moved towards his file cabinet. He shuffled through the files and finally smiled when he saw the paper he was looking for. He moved back to his sit , lowered himself in it and thrusts the paper to Valerie who snatched it from his hand.

" Miss Valerie , what you have with you is a cheque slip . I want you to study the signature on it carefully " Taylor said .

Valerie studied the paper critically and nodded. Then , Taylor tore a sheet , scribbled his signature on it and handed it to Valerie.

" That's my signature on the paper I just gave you now. I want you to look at the signatures on the cheque slip and that of the paper , what do you see ?

Valerie not really comprehending what Taylor was driving at , studied the two papers in her hand and after a while she looked at Taylor.

" You are the one who signed this cheque , because the signature on this paper is exactly the same signature on this cheque slip. "

Taylor grinned slyly at her.

" You are right about my signature , but you are wrong about me signing the cheque slip."

" Then who did ? " Valerie asked bewildered.

" Ritti Bones ! " Taylor said simply.

Valerie was dumbfounded. She had never come across something like this before. There was no way she could have made a distinction between the real and the forged signature. The signature was so real , so genuine and yet it had been forged. She looked at Taylor now , a smirk on his ugly fat face and she wanted to kill him at that moment.

Taylor studied her face , gave her a stiff smile and went on.

" The rotten fool nearly bled me dry. He ran away but I sent my best bounty hunters after him. They brought him to me and I ratted him to the police. He was nailed with twenty years imprisonment. Till today , I still could not understand how he was able to forge my signature. The cashiers , the bank manager had all been astonished. None of them had seen anything like this .Ritti was my secretary , so it was easy for him to lay his hand on my cheque book . After the incident , I brought the cheque slip home as a souvenir , during my few leisure time , I stare at it , wondering how that son of a gun did it "

" Alright ! The signature problem is solved , what about the witnesses ? The attorney's ? I for one trust my attorney , he would contest the will if anything happens to my will ? " Valerie said angrily.

" I was coming to that miss Valerie. You see , the issue of witnesses is very easy. We are in Miami for Christ sakes ! There are so many people who are ready to kill their mother for a small cash. All I got to do is to look for people who would be wiling to testify that they were present at the signing of all this will. When I'm ready , I would look for somebody to replace Ritti in the cell. Then look for people who would be willing to testify as witness and I pay them handsomely. Miss Valerie , let me tell you something , when you have money and guts you can own the world with no sweats. Money and guts, they work together and surprisingly , I have got the two. Ritti who is an expert forger would help in reproducing the documents and also in forging the necessarily signatures. Then the witnesses would all be bought with money , so tell me what is there to do that has not been done "

Valerie heaved heavily. Inwardly , she knew Taylor had figured everything out. The man had been planning this for a long time. She now knew why he had been sure of himself.

" And the attorney's ? Valerie asked feebly. She knew it was a weak point.

Taylor grinned broadly .

" those that would be bought with money would be bought and those that resist me or proved too difficult for me to handle would be fixed with bullets. It's as simple as that. "

" You an evil man , Mr Taylor " Valerie said unable to restrain herself.

" please say , devilish. That's the right word and l would appreciate that "

Valerie stared him , her eyes glittering.

More updates coming !!!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by cyber5(m): 9:22am On Feb 09
Bombard us
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 9:41am On Feb 09
Episode 52.

" In that case , I want my share of the rest of the members will . " she snarled.

Taylor retorted in anger .

" That's not possible . Everything is mine , including yours Missy " .

Valerie eyes was alighted with raw anger now.

" You have my will with you . I want it back and I want part of the rest of the members too that's it or no deal . This is strictly business and we are partners now ."

" Look at you , spilling rubbish from your mouth . You think I would be ready to do business with a woman , if i am pushed I can make Hunter waste you like the rest of the members " Taylor said savagely.

Valerie gave him a sneering smile .

" The way I see it , you can't do that . It would be like dipping your hand in a gasoline and taking it to the fire . You will burn pretty bad. You needed me that was the only reason you did not add me on the hit list. It shows that you need me for something and you don't have a choice . "

Taylor was livid now.

" Of course I have a choice . Taylor always have a choice. "

" Not this time ! because if you do , then you don't need me . "

"How do you mean ? Taylor hissed out .

Valerie took out another cigarette and lit it. She pulled on the cigarette , taking her time leisurely , while Taylor watched her.

" From what I have heard , Hunter is the best hitman in Miami city. The perfect killer. The man who you used to kill Mr John Russell and Danny Ross . But all of a sudden , you are planning his death . Which is quite strange , giving the circumstances . Why would you want to kill somebody that has helped you achieved a lot ? somebody that has killed lots of people for you. it means one thing. That person has become a threat to you . That is the only reason you would want a hitman like Hunter dead . But here is where your problem lies. Hunter cannot be killed easily and that's a fact. You know this yourself. A man that singlehandedly wiped out all my father's, Danny Ross' and John Russell's bodyguards and hitmen. Somewhere at the back of your crazy mind , you found out that to eliminate Hunter will be a difficult task , simply because your best hitman cannot even handle Hunter . This is where I come into the picture. How you eventually figured out that a woman is the only one suitable for this job is known to you . The reason why you suddenly want to kill Hunter is certainly best known to only you. If I were asked I would say the only reason why you would want to kill a man who had helped you carry out those cutthroat killings ,is that all of a sudden , he had become a dangerous threat to you. And I believe it's all about the money involved. That could be the only reason why you would want him eliminated.

Taylor stared at her not believing his ears. She had almost figured everything out . Almost !

" You have quite an interesting mind Miss Valerie , but how can you be so sure of what you are saying ? "

Valerie smiled.

" Because Mr Taylor, that's the only reason why you would want a woman's help . You've got to the stage where you need a woman's help. A man like you who prides himself would not want the help of anyone unless it is really important "

" What do you really want Miss Valerie if you are to help me ? " Taylor asked in a low voice .

* My share . Since you want me to kill Hunter. Then kill I must. But first how about we talk about how the wils will be shared " Valerie said slyly.

" Go on " Taylor said in a low voice.

" I want my will and that of Mr Danny Ross and John Russell . You can keep that of Mr Wes and Sam Duffy " Valerie said huskily .

" Jesus ! That's impossible ! It's like leaving me with absolutely nothing " Taylor replied hotly.

" Make it possible for both our sakes " Valerie said .

Taylor stared at her . He had made a mistake of over looking how greedy Valerie could be and now he was shocked that not only was she greedy , she was also very smart .

" I will give you the will you requested , just get on with the job " Taylor said .

" I want it now ! " Valerie shrilled.

" Now ? Are you crazy ? " Taylor fired back .

" Am not . Just give me what I want , we can talk about business later " Valerie said , enjoying the evil look which had settled on his face .

Taylor seems to make a decision within himself as he stared hard into her face. Few mintues later , he slowly got to his feet and moved towards his file cabinet . He shuffled through the files inside the cabinet and later brought out two files .

He moved back to his sits and dropped the files on the table which landed with a loud splat.

" Is that it ? Valerie asked her greedy eyes roving over the files hungrily.

" Yes " Taylor mumbled. It was evident that he was not happy .

Valerie picked up the files , one after the other . She glanced through the documents in it and her beautiful greedy eyes widen when she saw the staggering amounts of money and properties documented inside each file. Then she noticed something unusual.

" Where is my will ? " She asked her mouth twisting into a snarl.

Taylor gave a cold look .

" You must really be stupid , If you think am going to give you your will . You have two will with you , finish the job then you will collect yours ".

Valerie seems to boil within herself for few seconds , her brain working as she stared at Taylor. Eventually she suppressed the rage inside of her .

" How do you want me to kill Hunter ?

" That's your problem woman . The first task is overcoming Hunter , because he would be visiting you after the rest of the members are dead .

Valerie shot him a murderous look.

" What do you mean visiting me ? "

Taylor gave a triumphant look

. " Look at you , so dumb after all . You don't know the gravity of what you are into. Miss Valerie , Hunter is coming for you . And he is going to kill you when he comes for you. How you are able to save yourself is left to you. If you save yourself , then you are lucky . If he kills you , then you stay dead like the rest " .

" You crazy old fool ! " Valerie shrilled . " I thought you were going to at least help me " .

" Help you ? With two hot wills in your hands . I will help you when you finally managed to subdue him . Make him lose his flair. Make him fall in love with you then I will help you . " Taylor said smugly .

Valerie stared at him as understanding crept up her face. She now fully understood the risk involved in the mission she was to undertake.

" you coward ! No wonder you needed a woman. Of course I'm the bait. You want me to seduce him , to make him lose his killing instincts , then you go in for the kill at the appropriate time " .

Taylor smiled. The woman was really intelligent

. " That's just the way it is . You are the lucky one among the members. You have something which can save your life . I remembered your exact word in this room ; my beauty will save me ".

Valerie smiled wickedly .

" I will find a way to fix him . "

" That's your problem Miss Valerie. If you don't , " Taylor shrugged " he will fix you and you can't run from this Miss Valerie . If you try to run away with the two wills , I will send five of my best hitmen and Hunter put together after you . They will track you , rape you and waste you. I think we are done here. Expect Hunter anytime from now " Taylor said turning his attention to the documents which littered his table.

" Do you think Hunter would fall in love with me ? Valerie asked doubtfully.

Taylor looked up from the table and smiled wickedly at her.

" You never can tell Miss Blanc ! You never can tell ! Please get out of my office ! We are done here ! "

Valerie stood up slowly from her sit , safely tucked in her hands was two will papers and her purse. She gave Taylor a last evil look and walked out of the office .

Taylor looked around the empty room. His mind when to Valerie. The success of the job depended on her now . Taylor smiled wickedly. He will send three of his best hitmen to kill her after he had used her to subdue Hunter and the wills will automatically belonged to him. The day Hunter dies is the day she will die too. She needed something to hold on to , something that would convince her , that was why he had giving her the will. And he will take it back from her when she's dead .

More updates coming !!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Zotty: 11:27am On Feb 09
Alright Mr Taylor the smart devilish man, let see where u will land urself greedy old ugly fat man
U disgust me a lot fucking ur own blood
Hunter need to fix you so bad
More ink writer u re indeed wonderful Master Adespades
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Zotty: 7:32pm On Feb 09
Ade wetin dy happen naaa update abeg
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Doubra12(m): 8:15pm On Feb 09
Abeg more updates
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 10:10pm On Feb 09
Episode 53.

Just then the telephone on his desk rang . Taylor picked up the receiver to his ear .

" Boss " Clint said .

" You've have something for me ? " Taylor said .

" Yeah ! The target came to the nightclub this night but he is on his way home now ". Clint replied.

" What is he doing there this night ? " Taylor asked pretending not to remember the wager between him and his henchmen.

" To see if your daughter is there " Clint answered proudly .

" How sure are you ? " Taylor asked , doubting the words of Clint .

" The bartender working there is Marcus cousin. He told us all these things . Seems our detective guy is interested in knowing why your daughter was not there this night. He talked to the bartender and left very early "

" Good looking out Clint " Taylor said quietly as he replaced the receiver.

Just then , the office door opened and Victoria walked in. A demure look was on her face as she walked towards Taylor's desk .

Taylor eyed her scornfully

" Where have you been ? " Taylor asked in a cold voice.

Victoria gave him an odd look. " Nowhere Papa , just moving around the city that's all "

Taylor shrewdly eyed her up and down , his face hard and his eyes suspicious.

" Did you meet up with the man today ? Taylor asked watching her face closely .

The question hung in the air as Victoria stared down at her well manicured hands instead of answering the question. After few seconds of silence , she looked up to see her father's eyes glinting with hatred at her .

" No ! " Victoria finally said in a low voice. How could she tell her father she had been dreaming about the man she met in the club for the past few days now .

" You can go " Taylor said after a moment thought . Victoria came across the table to plant a kiss on her Taylor's lips and he watched her wistfully as she moved away from him and entered the bedroom. Of course Taylor knew she was lying and was also hiding something from him.

Taylor flicked down a switch on the intercom and said " Garcia , i want to see you and Oskar in my office "

After few minutes , a tap sounded on the door which swung opened .

Garcia and Oskar came in through the door and shut it close then approached the desk .

" You sent for us sir " Garcia said , while Oskar looked on.

" That I did . " Taylor said as he turned his eyes on Oskar now . " Where did you take my daughter ?

" Nowhere sir. Just the normal casual outing and exploring of the city . " Oskar answered with a stifle bow.

" No bar or nightclubs ? Taylor asked .

Oskar shook his head vehemently.

Taylor studied his face, staring at the bleak eyes of Oskar , he seems to make a decision within himself and said . " That will be all Oskar you can go "

Taylor watched him go and turned to Garcia .

" Garcia ! for Christ sake , tell me what is wrong with my daughter ? "

Garcia chewed his bottom lip.

" Your daughter is in love senor " he said

" In love ? What do you mean ? Taylor said looking startled.

" She's in love I could see it in her eyes Somehow , she has found a lover . Someone that sets her soul on fire ".

" Garcia , how do you know all this , did you talk to my daughter , did she tell you anything " ? Taylor babbled .

" Let me explain " Garcia said .

Taylor felt a wave of jealousy wash over him as he sat , listening to the words of Garcia who seems to spin more tales about his little findings and discoveries of Victoria unseen lover . Unknown to Taylor , Garcia did not have real proof of this lover , because he had avoided Victoria ever since the day Oskar told him she kissed a man . And everything he was saying was just to spite Taylor the more because Garcia knew Taylor was in love with his daughter .

When he could suppress the rage of jealousy no more , Taylor coughed loudly and said ,

" Thank you Garcia , you can go now !

When Garcia had withdrew , Taylor sat , staring at the white ceilings of his office , his mind divided into labyrinth of thoughts. After a while , he seems to come to a decision and with a nod of satisfaction , he dialed a number on the telephone and put the receiver to his ear. He then waited patiently for the voice at the other end.

I'm really sorry for the late updates. I had issues with my phone !


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ann2012(f): 10:16pm On Feb 09
Taylor is so cunning

Thanks for the update
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Eternitymedia88: 10:19pm On Feb 09
You are doing very good....more ink to your pen.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by FantasticJ: 7:26am On Feb 10
Thank you OP.

You are not like the others with 1 update in a decade as if we beg them to start the story in the first place.

Hope you got your petrol already? grin
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by FantasticJ: 7:27am On Feb 10
Taylor is so cunning

Thanks for the update

My baby kiss

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 8:29am On Feb 10
Episode 54.

It was twelve minutes past twelve . Hunter was sitting on the couch , smoking after a light dinner which consisted of Fried snapper and pikliz. As he smoked , his mind was busy with thoughts. Somehow , Hunter knew he was being taken for a ride. He had the uneasy feeling that Taylor was hiding something from him. Something which had to do with the deaths of the men he had killed. What were the offences of these men ? Hunter wondered. Though he was a killer whose job was to kill and not to feel pity about his victims , there was something about the killings which gnawed him.

Hunter marveled at how he had killed two money loaded men in a row , yet he was being given meager money for his service . He had a feeling that he was being ripped off by Taylor. Then he remembered the words of the men he had killed.Most especially Danny Ross and John Russell. What was Danny Ross talking about when he said his will was with Taylor ? Hunter wondered. The same goes for John Russell . What were the two men talking about when they claimed their wills were with Taylor ? , He asked himself. For some reason , the two men sounded so frantic about their wills at the last moment of their lives. It was as if the men realized the mistake they had made when he was about to kill them . Hunter remembered how both men had claimed that their will documents was in the possession of Taylor which was unlikely. Why keep your will with a crime boss instead of your attorney ? Hunter wondered. This was a red flag which flashed across Hunter's mind. He would not have cared much about the men but for the fact that both men had mentioned the same thing and also behaved in the same unusual way right after when he had wanted to kill them .

Hunter got to his feet and walked over to the window looking at the serene atmosphere of the night. His mind was in turmoil as he thought about the whole situation. Though he was pretty sure that Taylor feared him , he had a feeling the man was planning something dangerous for him. Something like a trap. Hunter never knew were this thoughts had come from , but he could never neglect it . Men like Taylor do not like to be losing end. They always like to emerge victorious no matter the risks involved. And men like him always finds a way not to have loose ends so as not to fall victim of blackmail. Men like him leaves no loose ends . Hunter knew he was a loose end . A dispensable liability. For this reason , he knew he must be alert and cautious. One wrong move and Taylor would fix him.

As he stood there staring at the window side , the telephone in the room started into life , It's sudden shrill ringing disrupting the silence of the bungalow. Hunter's muscles stiffened as he turned slowly to look at the telephone. Taylor was the only one who had his number.What could be wrong again ? Hunter wondered. At first , he wanted to ignore the call , but it's incessant ringing tightened a knot in his stomach . Slowly , he moved across the room and took up the receiver.

" Hello " he said .

" The assignment you are about to go for earns you ten million dollars " Taylor said speaking distinctly.

" What ? " Hunter could not suppress the shock of hearing the amount Taylor mentioned.

" You heard me right . " Taylor said quietly.

" Who is going down again this time ? " Hunter asked sensing the agitation in Taylor's voice.

" Sam Duffy . Ever heard of him ?

" Nope " Hunter lied easily.

" That's fine . It seems Mr Sam Duffy wants to stay dead . I want you to help him stay dead "

" I need information on him " Hunter said .

" No information this time . You don't need it " Taylor said .

" Why ? " Hunter asked , his face twisted with anger .

." Cause Sam Duffy is going down tomorrow morning"

Hunter was livid now .

" You want me to kill a man and you are telling me now ?

" Sorry , my bad. Don't let's beat about the bush Hunter. Just kill the man . He is going to the Miami Police Department headquarters tomorrow . Just get there before him and waste him. I will send you half this night .The remaining half , tomorrow when it is done ".

There was a long pause , as Hunter breathed heavily , his brain calculating the pros and cons of assignment.

" How sure are you about the location ? Hunter asked.

" Let's say I know how the mind of the likes of Sam Duffy works. He would love something big . Something more elaborate so as to be seen and heard. He wouldn't want to go a place where it's only ten police men that would notice him , he would love a place filled with many police men . I'm betting on the headquarters "

Hunter wanted to ask about the man's offence but he kicked against it. Instead he said ;

" Half this night .........and half tomorrow after it's done ? "

" Yeah. You get the full payment tomorrow "

" Well let's see how my bullets shapes him up " Hunter snickered.

" Remember , get there before him and not after "

The line went dead.

Hunter slowly replaced the receiver. His mind was not on the assignment but the reason behind it. Hunter knew Sam Duffy . Not that he had met the man , but for the fact that Sam Duffy was a popular man in Miami city . If he kills Sam Duffy , this would be his fourth killing of rich man in Miami city . Just then , something snapped in Hunter 's head. What if he demands for more money ? What if threatens Taylor ? . If Taylor was willing to pay him ten million quid , why not pay more ? Hunter could sense the anxiety in Taylor's voice though the man had remained calm throughout the conversation. For Hunter , the anxiety he had noted in Taylor's voice gave him the assurance that Taylor was disturbed about something. Hunter smiled . He knew Taylor would be angry when he asked him to pay more than the agreed amount. Taylor would scream blackmail and rant and rant about the outrageous money that he would demand for , Hunter was very sure of that.

Hunter dialed Taylor's number and listened to the ringing of the telephone .

" Hello ? " Taylor said.

" It's Hunter " .

" Yeah ? What's this all about ? Taylor asked harshly .

" It's about the money " Hunter said grinning quietly to himself. Oh ! Blackmail is such a sweet game to play , he thought.

" What about it ? There was a sudden caution in Taylor's voice.

" I want twenty million dollars " Hunter said slowly. He braced himself to hear Taylor scream into his ears.

There was a long silence and Hunter thought maybe Taylor had hung up . Then he heard his voice .

" I will send ten million dollars to you this night and the remaining half tomorrow ". Taylor said finally , then he ended the call.

Hunter despite himself , felt his hands trembled slightly as he stared hard at the receiver. He was stunned beyond words as he replaced the receiver. Slowly , Hunter moved away from the telephone and walked over to the center table . His hand was far from beyond steady as he picked a pack of Marlboro and put a cigarette between his lips . He lit it and drew in smoke , letting it down his nostril slowly. He sat down on his couch and stared hard at the ceilings. The whole conversation he had with Taylor on the telephone was entirely different from how he had anticipated it to happen . If he could not anticipate things correctly which was unlike him , then it means one thing. He was beginning to lose his instincts as a killer and this his what scares him the most.

More updates coming !!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dholyboy: 10:07am On Feb 10
Will Taylor trade her daughter to bring down Blake?

Will Hunter be able to take down Sam Duffy on time?

Mad suspense grin
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Deleman234: 12:26pm On Feb 10
Everybody is now feeling the heat even the fearless hunter is confused grin grin grin
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 3:46pm On Feb 10
Episode 55.


The following morning , the news of John Russell's death was carried out all over Miami city by the newsmen and the press . What made the news spread so fast across the city was the murder of Danny Ross an influential man in Miami city who was assassinated just the same way John Russell was. No one really knew what happened and majority of the public thought the death was either gang related or feud between two waring parties. Unknown to the public and the press , one of the wealthiest men in Miami city was about to go the Miami police Department that morning to inform the police about the man who was behind the recent death of Danny Ross and Sam Duffy.


In his apartment in South Beach Miami , Blake stared at television set , his mind busy with thoughts as he watched the newsmen report the death of John Russell.

There were photographs of the exterior of La Gorce Circle penthouse and pictures of John Russell before and after his death.

The camera slideshows to different social analysts who were talking rapidly about the cause of the deaths and who they think was behind it.

" Look at them , speculating rubbish " Blake thought to himself irritably . " They think they know jack about these killings whereas they as dumb and stupid as everyone else. Except you Blake. Yeah ! except me cause I know the bastard that is behind these killings " .

His telephone rang and quickly , Blake levered up and crossed the room to the telephone . He heaved heavily as he fumbled the telephone off the hook .

, " Yeah ? " Blake said breathing slightly into the mouth piece .

" For Christ sake ! What are you still doing at home by this time ? Did you hear about the death of John Russell ?am watching it on the TV right now in my office " Captain Ben Moses said .

" Yeah ! Am watching it on TV too " Blake said his eyes still glued to the TV set .

" What's up with you sonny ? Any lead ? any suspect ?

" Am not even close to catching any suspect " Blake said in a low tone , angry at his own helplessness.

" Come on you are better than this . What have you been doing all this while ? Captain Ben Moses yelled.

" Looking around boss. This Taylor of a guy is a ghost . Nobody in Miami seems to know anything about him " Blake knew this was purely a white lie. How could he tell his boss that his days were now filled with the memories of Victoria and his mind was gradually slipping away from the case he was working on.

" Okay , okay , okay...................... " Captain Ben Moses was saying something but Blake did not hear him. He was staring hard at the TV Screen. On the screen was the image of a reporter , chatting excitedly to the camera about the recent killing.

" Come on Blake ! , what's is wrong with you ! ? Captain Ben Moses shrilled out.

Blake blinked back to reality. "er........er ........... Boss , I think we've got a suspect. "

" Who ? " Captain Ben Moses leaped to the bait.

" It's Jack Clay . He is a reporter " Blake said thinking how he would lay his hands on the reporter .


Wes was also watching the TV set as he sipped his favorite brandy. He grimaced as he thought of the death of John Russell and Danny Ross . He knew without no doubt that Taylor was behind their deaths. Taylor had gullibly tricked them to join his Syndicate and now he is wasting them because of the will. Wes shifted his mind from the TV set to focus on the strange meeting they had in Taylor's office the previous night. If Taylor was desperate for the will then who was he going to kill next. Wes thought about the threat Sam Duffy made to Taylor. He had a feeling something bad was going to happen to Sam Duffy but he knew warning Sam Duffy might jeopardize his own life. " Let's see what happens next , then I will know what to do "


The time was past ten . Sam Duffy stood in front of his bedroom mirror , his back was to the Chief head of his bodyguards as he adjusted the lapels of his tailored suit.

" Briggs , I'm going to the Miami Police headquarters this morning " Sam Duffy said checking out his suits lapels in the mirror.

Briggs who was clad in white shirt and black jacket arch an eyebrow .

" Anything the matter Mr Duffy ? "

Sam Duffy turn to stare at his bodyguard. How was he to tell his bodyguard he was going to the police to reveal the identity of the leader of the syndicate he had stupidly joined just for protection and wealth whereas he had met nothing but betrayal.

"Just a normal routine check up Briggs , nothing to worry about " Sam Duffy said smiling broadly to hide his nervousness.

Briggs was not deceived by the smile . He had worked so long with his boss to know the man was hiding something. But if his boss doesn't want to talk then who was he to question him.

" I will tell the chauffeur to get the Cadillac ready. How many boys do you want with you today Mr Duffy ? " Briggs asked.

" All the boys are coming along Briggs . I mean everyone of them " . Sam Duffy said anguish in his voice .

The words sent a cold chill down Briggs spine. Something was definitely wrong with the boss , he could sense it.Mr Duffy was always content with only Briggs following him around. So why does he want the rest of the guards along today ? Briggs asked himself. What could be wrong ? he wondered. Briggs desperately wanted to ask his boss what was wrong , to assure himself that his worries had been for nothing but he heard himself saying ,

" I will make the necessary arrangements Mr Duffy " Briggs said , giving his boss a last curious look before moving out of the room .

Sam Duffy watched him go and grimaced. He knew he was taking a huge risk by going to the cops , but when he thought about his Will in Taylor's hands , his face twisted with hatred and his mind hardened. " You are going down today Taylor ! You are going deep deep down ".

More updates coming !!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Damibiz(m): 7:11pm On Feb 10
This guys are good men,they dont deserve to die like this...any way let's see how it goes,nice work OP
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Doubra12(m): 7:19pm On Feb 10
Cool story,more updates man.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 10:01pm On Feb 10
Episode 56.

Valerie was in the living room of her well furnished penthouse. She was watching the news of John Russell assassination on television. She smiled to herself as she glanced at the Wills of the two dead members which lay on the center table. All she had to do was find a way to subdue Hunter then if she was very good she could find a way to manipulate Hunter to kill Taylor for her. But if Hunter prove too difficult to handle , then she would subdue him and kill him herself. That's how it was going to be. She stood from the divan she was sitting on and picked up the two files .

She crossed the room to her bedroom and lazily thrust the file to her bed. Alone in her dark curtained bedroom , Valerie moved towards the big mirror and admired herself. What she saw was a face which was extraordinarily beautiful , accentuated by long dark glossy hair , thick dark lashes , blue-violet eyes , well sculpted cheek bones with strong firm features. She slowly undressed and stepped out of the lacy dress she had worn. She stood naked and proud in front of the mirror as she assessed her God given features. Her eyes ran over her high breasts , then to her flat belly and finally to settle on the black soft hair between her thighs. She smiled to herself as she checked out her exquisite body. Valerie believed that most hit man were always ugly and brutish. But who ever Hunter is , she would handle him. " Yeah ! My beauty would save me "


The time was past ten. The expensive black Cadillac moved through the early morning traffic on the Biscayne Boulevard highway. Behind the Cadillac were three Mercedes-Benz which was filled with heavily armed guards. Inside the Cadillac , was Sam Duffy , Briggs and one other bodyguard with the driver at the wheels. The bodyguard was sitting in the front beside the driver while Briggs , the chief head of security and Sam Duffy sat at the back seat. Through the darkened windows of the car , Sam Duffy stared at the cars and houses which raced past them. His mind was busy with thoughts and he felt his stomach tightened each time he thought of what he was about to do that morning. He wondered what the reaction of the Miami Police headquarters policemen would be when he tells them the real identity of the mysterious crime boss , Taylor . He could almost imagine the press men shoving their voice recorders , video recorders and camera at his face to get the full details of everything he knew.

Sam Duffy knew when giving the chance to speak , he would gladly spill the beans. This was his payback to Taylor for cheating on him . Sam Duffy kept reassuring himself that everything would be alright in as much as he revealed all the secrets about Taylor and the crime syndicate to the police. Though he was also a member of the deadly Taylor Ice men syndicate , he strongly believed that if he confessed everything he knew to the police , he will be exonerated from all the charges and would walk away as a free man. He shifted his thoughts to Chester Wes and Valerie Blanc . He knew they would probably be arrested and charged to court. " Not my business , every man for himself." Sam Duffy thought.

He turned his attention to Briggs .

" How many minutes to reach there ?

" Ten minutes Mr Duffy " Briggs answered.

More updates coming !!!!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Damibiz(m): 10:11pm On Feb 10
Wow.10minutes to ur death my Sam,keep them coming and we hit them hard
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by IMMORTALGOLD100: 11:31pm On Feb 10
Hit Them Dead
Hit Them Dead
Hit Them Dead
Sam Duffy is going down...
AdeSpades keep it coming bro you r the bomb!
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Alberttahir: 7:53am On Feb 11
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 8:16am On Feb 11
Episode 57.

Just few blocks away from the Miami Police Department headquarters was a seedy apartment off W Flagler street. Hunter was inside this apartment cleaning the barrels of the Barrett M82 sniper rifle. He had hastily rented the apartment very early that morning , paying the owner double of the actual price and now after cleaning the gun thoroughly , he reassembled the sniper gun and moved towards the open window. He righted the sniper on the window post and pointed the muzzle of the gun to the direction of the Miami Police department edifice. He squinted his eyes through telescope of the sniper and patiently waited for any sign of the man he was to kill. As he held the sniper , Hunter thought about Sam Duffy.

From the way Taylor had talked him , Hunter believed that the only reason why Sam Duffy was going to the police that morning was to rat on Taylor. Maybe a business deal had gone wrong between the two or maybe Taylor had cheated Sam Duffy one way or the other , but all the same , Sam Duffy was definitely going to rat on Taylor , Hunter was sure of that. What if it was about the Will ? Hunter thought. But he pushed that thought out of his mind . Hunter never believed in coincidence. He believed things happens for a reason and because of this even though Danny Ross and John Russell had talked about their will been in the hands of Taylor , Hunter believed that Sam Duffy ratting on Taylor was based on another feud or disagreement between the two man and not concerning the will. He done a quick research on Sam Duffy the previous night , the only thing that infuriated Hunter was that there was not enough time to question Sam Duffy. He wanted to find out everything the man knows before killing him. That way he would know for sure what Taylor was desperately hiding from him.

Hunter eyes caught something in the far distance and he zeroed the telescope on it. Just to his left , he saw four black vehicles turned into SW 2nd Street. He smiled wickedly . He had to give it to Taylor this time . Hunter was very sure that the vehicles he had seen belonged to no one else than Sam Duffy . The only problem was which car man was. His knuckles was white as he gripped the rifle tightly. Patiently , his eyes keen and sharp , he watched as the four vehicles slight right onto NW 3rd avenue . They were very close to the Miami Police headquarters now. Hunter wished he knew which car the man was. If he knew , the man will be easier to kill. " Just a shot ! , " Hunter whispered , " Just a a shot ! and he will nail Sam Duffy . His heart was beating slightly against his ribs as he watched the moving cars . Hunter knew he must calm himself so as not to miss the shot. Missing the shot meant failure. At that moment , something happened which shocked Hunter , just as the cars were about to turn right to NW 5th Avenue , they all stopped abruptly.

Hunter eyes widen in utter disbelief as he stared hard at the cars. He was puzzled. Why would four cars stop in the middle of the road when the place they were heading to was just few yards away ? He asked himself. Suddenly , the doors of the cars flung open and different men in black tailored suit with dark sunglasses on their face tumbled out of the car all at the same time. Hunter face gleamed with perspiration as his brain racked vigorously to figure out the scene that was unfolding right in his eyes. What baffles Hunter was the fact that the men were all dressed in black suits and the glasses on their face make him not to know which one was Sam Duffy. Just as all the men stepped out of the car , they clustered together like bats on the roof of a cave and began to move towards the police edifice. A realization slammed against Hunter . He could not identify Sam Duffy. Somehow the armed guards knew somebody might want to harm Sam Duffy and had clustered around him and to make things difficult , they all wore the same suits , had the same dark sunglasses on their faces with almost the same facial features. This was their defense strategy. And somehow , it makes the whole assignment seem impossible.

" For Christ sake ! Taylor you made me look like a fool today ! " Hunter exploded angrily as he watched the men rounded the bend which led to the Miami Police edifice now. He wondered how much he was going to pump from Taylor when sent on a deadly mission like this again . Hunter knew he must make an instant decision . It was now or never . Hunter squinted his eyes through the telescope and zoomed it on the men. The men all looked alike. Hunter could have wept. None of the men resembled Sam Duffy. It was as if the Sam Duffy was not among the clustered men . Hunter knew this was not true . One of the men was Sam Duffy and he was actually using his armed guards as cover . Hunter swallowed nervously and with a numb hands gripped the butt of the sniper . He squinted his eye through the telescope of the sniper rifle once more and one of his gloved finger automatically went to the trigger . Dismayed , Hunter watched helplessly as the clustered men reached the entrance of the Miami police edifice and just at that very moment , a crazy deadly idea dropped into his mind.


It was a hot mid-afternoon and Sam Duffy was perspiring heavily as he and his armed guards walked briskly towards the edifice of the Miami Police department which was in sight now . Sam Duffy smiled to himself. Nothing can happen to him now !

It was Briggs who suggested the idea to him while they were inside the Cadillac.

" It's just one of my security measures Mr Duffy. Nothing to worry about " Briggs had told him.

And Sam Duffy had been grateful to Briggs for such a wonderful idea. And now , as his men clustered around him , he knew everything was going to be alright. They all reached the entrance of the Miami Police headquarters and as he was about to enter the edifice , Sam Duffy heard a loud scream and swung around in shock to see one of his bodyguard fell to the ground. It was Briggs. He had been shot in the head.

Sam Duffy stood nonplussed to the ground for a milliseconds , not believing his eyes . Then his senses kicked in and his ruddy face suddenly turned white with terror and he began to yell at his guards like someone insane .

" I don't wanna die ! I don't wanna die ! I paid you white monkeys so that you won't let me die ! "

Sam Duffy screamed while his hands was flailing crazily at his guards. There was quick rush among all the guards now , as they all pulled out their guns simultaneously . Some guards tried to gather around Sam Duffy while the rest began to scan the area frantically to locate the assailant. Far in the distance , a loud explosion rang out , the sound crisper this time and something smashed into Sam Duffy's head. There was another one . And yet another. This was too much. Before Sam Duffy crashed to the tiled floor of the Miami Police Department entrance , he wondered how the shooter had figured him out among his men.

More updates coming !!!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Deleman234: 10:20am On Feb 11
Action back to back Adespades is like we should do a movie
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dholyboy: 12:04pm On Feb 11
Intriguing.. Instead of Sam Duffy to rush into the police station, he was there stand still shouting at the body guards..

Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Chibuking1402(m): 1:17pm On Feb 11
Intriguing.. Instead of Sam Duffy to rush into the police station, he was there stand still shouting at the body guards..

Hahahaha... that's a dumb move from Sam but you must give it to Hunter for his ingenuity.
Thumbs up adespade.. you're a genius!!
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Damibiz(m): 2:01pm On Feb 11
Eyaaaaaaaaaaa mr Sam is death as well,na woh for oga Taylor self
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 3:19pm On Feb 11
Episode 58.
Later that day ,there was a wild demonstration in front of the Miami Police headquarters edifice. Myriads of men and women could be seen carrying placards , protesting against the sudden death of some of the notable personalities in Miami city. What annoyed the angry mob was the fact that the death of Sam Duffy the billionaire had occurred in front of the Miami Police headquarters - right under their very noses. The police men had difficulties in shoving the angry crowds away from entering the edifice of the police in an attempt to vandalize properties. Not until when the Captain of Miami police department , Ben Moses finally addressed the crowds that peace was partially restored.


That night , oblivious to the havoc that he had caused , Hunter , after a healthy meal of Croquetas stuffed with ham , cheese , chorizo and chicken with a cranberry and vodka cocktail which he had eaten in a restaurant in Coral Gables , drove to the Rock Da Ice nightclub. He parked his car in front of the club and stepped out of it.Then he disappeared inside the club.

Garcia was cleaning the already glistening counter-top when Hunter wandered in. As Hunter walked towards the him Garcia regarded Hunter lifting his well shaped eye brow. The look on Hunter's face was menacing and deadly. Without no doubt , Garcia knew something was troubling the man. As Hunter approached the countertop and to hide his own inner fears , Garcia quickly flashed him a smile which are always reserved for important guest who visits the club

" Hello ! Mr Hunter " Garcia said , smiling broadly now and he gave Hunter a mocking bow.

" I would like to see Mr Taylor " Hunter snapped staring at Garcia with empty eyes. Obviously , he was irritated by the smile on the bartender's face .

" I will tell him you are around " Garcia said in a shaky voice as he started to pick the receiver of the telephone.

Hunter slammed a clenched fist on the counter-top.

" Just lift the bottle or i put a bullet in your head"

Garcia was visibly shaken now . The evil scowl on Hunter's face told him the man was not joking. with trembling hands , Garcia lifted one of the bottles on the wine shelf behind him , and watched as Hunter walked away from the counter top. As he disappeared through the hidden archway , Garcia bit his lower lips and almost tasted blood. He knew Taylor would be livid with him for what he had done .

" I guess it's just one of my unlucky days " Garcia thought as he continued to stare nervously at the hidden archway.

Back at Taylor's office , Taylor could be seen in his arm chair forking a fried pork chunk from a food tray into his mouth. The meal also consisted of half eating grilled fish , shrimps and oyster. Beside this was a steaming mug of black coffee. Just as he was about to fork part of the grilled fish into his mouth , his office door flunged open , and he glanced up as Hunter came in. As he approached his desk , Taylor eyed him with a startled curiosity and flash him a stiff smile. It had no effect on Hunter. Indifferent to the look on Hunter's face , Taylor forked part of the grilled fish into his mouth and chewed , at the same time thinking about what he was going to tell Hunter about the recent assignment he had sent him.

Hunter ignoring the smile on Taylor's face , lowered himself into an easy chair and brought out a pack of Marlboro from his pocket. He fingered out a cigarette , lit it with a golden lighter and drew in the smoke.

Taylor regarded him for a moment.

" what is the matter buster ? you don't look happy , why ? ".

Hunter scoffed. How he wished he could smash the head of the Taylor to the food he was eating. What a sight it would be.

" Don't you ever send me on an impromptu assignment again. I mean ever again ! " Hunter snarled .

" Oh ! Oh ! Is this what all this is about ? " Taylor said as he sipped the hot coffee ,then forked the remaining fish into his mouth.

Hunter could feel the rage boiling inside inside him now. " You make me look like a fool. I could have ended up missing the target and failing the assignment.

" But you did not miss ! " Taylor said smugly .

" What if i did ? " Hunter fired back.

" You just can't . It's the simple truth. Failing is not one of your expertise Hunter don't sweat it ! " Taylor repiled.

" Let's cut the crap Mr Taylor. This is not about the money. This is about professionalism. And I won't let a madman ruin my career " Hunter said seething with anger now.

Taylor eyes had a wicked glint it as he stared hard at Hunter.

" Look here young man , I don't appreciate your choice of words. I sent you on a assignment and i pay you handsomely for it afterwards. How you go about it is left you. "

Hunter stared hard at Taylor . The man was babbling as if every assignment he had sent him involved no risk at all.

" You are so full of crap Mr Taylor ! "

Taylor smiled in return . He would have lashed out at Hunter's insolence , but he still needed him. For this reason , he tried another tactic.

" Look here Hunter , I really appreciate what you did alright .and am sorry for the inconveniences . " Taylor said smoothly.

If Hunter was astonished by what Taylor had said , he did not show it. What surprised him was that Taylor could apologize for something so inept.

" I don't understand you Mr Taylor , i thought an apology is not part of your diction " Hunter smirked.

" Lets say I'm a changed man now. I'm beginning to see the good sides of your profession. And I must say the killing of Mr Sam Duffy is one of your many ways in showing your expertise "

Hunter was dumbfounded . All this words coming from a man like Taylor certainly sent a warning chill down his spine.

" How do you mean ? Hunter asked warily.

" I watched the footage of the Sam Duffy death's and I must say am impressed "

This time Hunter could not suppress the shock expression that flashed across his face.

Taylor noticed this surprise look and said. " Don't worry Hunter nobody knew where the shot had been fired from.i watched the footage on TV before your arrival here. The security cameras around the place showed everything right to the point where Sam Duffy was shot.

" Only one thing seems to baffle me in all this though " Taylor said.

" What ? " Hunter asked unable to restrain himself.

" How were you able to identify Sam Duffy among his bodyguards. Cause the video footage , showed the faces of all the men. They all wore the same clothes and had dark sunglasses on. The situation was so tight Hunter . So tell me how did you do it ?

Hunter had wanted to tell Taylor to concentrate on other things , but since he too had marveled at how he was finally able to identify Sam Duffy , he decided that running his mouth a bit was not a bad idea after all.

Hunter took out another cigarette. He stick it between his lips and lit it.

" I must admit , I was badly shaken when I saw lots of them , all in the same clothes. I could not identify Sam Duffy among them not until the last moment. "

"Last moment ? What do you mean ? Taylor asked undoubtedly interested.

Hunter exhaled thick smoke.

" Let's say , I used my wits and it paved way for me . "

" How ? " Taylor almost shrilled out . He hated suspense.

Hunter gave him a faint smile.

" This was how I did it. At first , when I saw all the men , I could not identify Sam Duffy among them. It was as if he was never there. But we both know this was not true. The man was among them and was simply using his bodyguards as camouflage. It was the time when the men were about to enter the building that I figured out something. I realized that on the norms , all bodyguards are imperatively equipped with guns. All except one. That one is the boss . A boss might have a gun with him or not. It all depends on how much you believe in the people who you place your life with. It was a weird guess but eventually it turned out to be a brilliant idea. For this reason , i randomly selected one of the men and shot him in the head. I know this would take all the men by surprise because they all pulled out their guns except one man . He was the odd one . Amidst the pandemonium , I noticed he stood transfixed for a moment and started shouting , waving at the men. I could not hear what he was saying ,but I knew he seem so agitated and out of control among all the men. But something gave him out. He never pulled out a gun. Through the telescope lens , I saw him shouting at the men as if ordering them to do something. That was how I figured Sam Duffy out . Instinctively , I knew this man was Sam Duffy. That was how I got him , then I hit him dead ! "

More updates coming !!!!!!

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Doubra12(m): 4:53pm On Feb 11
OMG,More episodes
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by JOSHDIAMOND28: 5:54pm On Feb 11
Wes wil giv hunter the required info he wants but taylor wil be betray by his daughter.
hunter and valeria wil dye at each others hands
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ann2012(f): 6:22pm On Feb 11
Taylor is soo Cunning

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