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Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 4:56pm On Jan 20
From the Author Of Love Is Not For Suckers , come this another exciting Romantic Thriller Novel titled " Hit Them Dead ! "


This Novel is already a published work of ADE SPADES. So no parts of this work is to be reproduced or transmitted without the prior permission of the writer ( ADE SPADES )

My Panel Of Judges , Please Come And Read ooooo

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P.S - The settings of this novel is Miami City , USA.

BEWARE - This is a full loaded NOVEL and not just a story. It will be in the best interest of the readers to pay critical attention to the plots of the novel so as not to get confused or get twisted. grin


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 5:31pm On Jan 20
Hit Them Dead !

Set in the millionaire's playground of Miami City ,four very different people , a wealthy billionaire , a professional killer , a beautiful seductress and the billionaire's daughter all became entangled in a game of selfishness , greediness , lust , sadistic lovemaking and betrayal.


# TAYLOR ICE WALTER ; A greedy billionaire who was ready to do anything to get his hands on the will of the members of his syndicate.

# HUNTER " MAGNUM " LENNY ; He's the best pistol shot in Miami city. This man could kill ten while they were still screwing around with their guns. A born killer who was at the beck and call of Taylor.

# VALERIE BLANC ; A beautiful woman whose sensuality was as red as hot stove and whose sexual appetite could lead any man to come to a bad end.

This is one of the best romantic thriller written by Ade Spades.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by importantperson(f): 5:31pm On Jan 20
even though you didnt invite me i am here.

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 5:38pm On Jan 20
even though you didnt invite me i am here.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 5:41pm On Jan 20
Prologue !!!

On a hot summer night , the time was twenty minutes past twelve. A vast black cloud hung over the Collins Avenue estates, a sleek black chromium Porsche coming from the highway slid to a halt in front of a black iron gate. A distinguished looking man dressed in a black tailored suit and tie stepped out of the Porsche. Concealed inside his suit was a desert eagle .44 pistol fitted with silencer and a slim portable camera. His name was Hunter and his mission here was simple . He was here to fix Danny Ross.

His cold eyes betrayed nothing as he scanned the gate critically. He was not surprise when he noticed that there was no security cameras . This was their first mistake . The owner of the house had believed strongly in the efficiency of his bodyguards that he never had any security camera installed. Hunter closed the door of his car and noiselessly moved towards the gate . He pressed the button of the electric gate buzzer and waited .Out of the darkness came two fierce looking guards, Cradled in their hands was AK-47 rifles . They stared at the man in suit who was outside the gate and looked at each other 's faces. They weren't scared of the visitor But both guards were baffled by the stiff posture and the cold expression on his face . This was not the type of visitor they were familiar with. The other visitors always entered with their cars and do not have strange aura around them . Instinctively , they knew something was wrong. This was real danger and they could feel it.

" State your business " one of the guards said , as he moved closer to the gate eyeing the visitor . The other guard stood his ground , his eyes fixed on the visitor with his gun raised , ready to fire in case of any mishap.

Hunter said nothing as he was watching the two body guards closely , his sharp eyes missing nothing.

" I said state your business here " the guard yelled in a cold angry voice . He would have shot the visitor but he had been warned by his boss not to shoot unless they were really certain of any imminent danger . The bodyguard trained his gun on the visitor and took few steps forward bringing him closer to the gate.

" I am here to whack Danny Ross " Hunter replied without mincing words , his right hand already groping for the butt of his gun.

The bodyguards heard him alright . But were dumb founded by what they heard which gave Hunter an opening . This was a terrible mistake on their part because by the time their senses kicked in and they raised their gun to shoot , something happened which shocked the guards. Out of nowhere , a gun appeared in Hunter's hand and he shot them in the head rapidly. Their heavy body thudded to the ground simultaneously. Hunter eyed the guard whose body was nearer to the gate . He bent down and slid his hand in between the wrought iron of the gate . Effortlessly , he dragged the guard's body to himself and frisked swiftly through the pockets. He smirked as his gloved hand closed around a walkie-talkie . Hunter brought it out and rose up from the ground. He removed a handkerchief from his pocket and used it to cover its mouth piece . That way his voice will not give him away,he then spoke into the walkie-talkie .

" Visitor at the main entrance. Open the gates". Hunter said looking around him for any sign of trouble .

" We heard noises , Is everything alright over there ? " A metallic crystal clear voice sounded through the speakers of the walkie-talkie.

" Everything is fine " Hunter answered.

" Roger that " the voice replied.

Hunter stood back and watched the gate . Suddenly , he had a buzzing sound and the electric gate swung open. Hunter pocketed the handkerchief and threw the walkie-talkie away. He side stepped the body of the two bodyguards and entered through the gate. The villa was exquisitely beautiful. In its centre stood a sculpted horse Surrounded by different expensive and exotic cars . Also facing the mansion was a large well lit swimming pool which added glamour and beauty to the Villa . Hunter was not interested in all these.

He moved towards the sculpted horse and waited , motionless , for some minutes to calm his nerves . Satisfied he unscrewed the silencer and shoved it in the inner pocket of his suit . He aimed his gun and fired rapidly at two of the cars . With the silencer removed , the gunshots and shattering of the car glasses were loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood . Hunter felt an overwhelming stir of excitement and adrenaline rush in his veins as he fired rapidly at the cars. He took his finger off the trigger and waited. Hunter had just alerted the rest of the bodyguards that there was an intruder in the house . He knew there were many bodyguards still lurking around the grounds of the villa . He knew by now they must have heard the gunshots and also realized their mistake by allowing an intruder in. But he was prepared for any of the body guards that will come his way.

Just then he heard a sound and a bullet whizzed past him . He smirked, the bodyguards had arrived. They came tumbling out of the darkness firing sporadically. He closed his eyes and said in his mind let the fun begin , heaved heavily and gripped the butt of his gun. They were coming closer to the statue now and he could feel it as he closed his eyes. . His blood gushed through his veins as they fired towards his direction. But he still waited . This was the moment Hunter savored. He needed them to be closer. He wanted them to feel the pain of his bullet. Another bullet whizzed past him , closer this time and he opened his eyes. It was time .

Hunter saw two of the bodyguards coming straight at him. He aimed his gun and shot the nearest one on his left first and then the one on his right . An outbursts of bullets trailed him as he edged away from the statue which he had used as his cover . Hunter dived to a corner of the ground , and shot another bodyguard as he appeared. The guard yelled out in pain and his gun flew out of his hands out of reflex. Hunter stood up from where he was and that was when he saw them. His sharp eyes calculated their number. They were eight in all and looked menacing in their dark suits but he was not worried. He dropped to the ground and raised his gun. When they saw him from a distance as he lay crouched on the ground , they fired sporadically in his direction. Hunter was scorched by the blaze of the gun fire but he was not hit . Hunter knew that the guards though professionals were not like him . He always felt like a god when it came to killing . This was his moment of fulfillment and nobody could take that from him . For this reason , he waited for them to come closer , and when satisfied he opened fire . He shot the first three guards on the head , and another two close to the swimming pool and watched as their bodies thudded inside the pool splashing the water . The other three guards came rushing and fired at him . Hunter was prepared for them . He coiled on the ground like a snake and rolled away from the burst of automatic gunfire . Then he brought his gun up and pulled the trigger rapidly .

The first man was hit under his chin. while the other two were hit on the chests. They yelled and screamed out in pain as the bullet pierced their bodies. Hunter grinned as he levered himself up from the ground. He had killed all eight , while he had lay crouched on the ground,he reloaded his gun and Steadily made his way towards the mansion , his eyes looking left and right like that of an eagle. Instead of going through the front door of the mansion , Hunter silently glides through the villa grounds and few minutes later , he was at the back door of the villa.

He tried opening the door and he discovered that it was not locked . He turned the handle and slipped inside the house. The house was in ebon darkness and was terribly quiet . Hunter was not fooled. He knew some of the body guards were still inside the house and he was ready for any one who gets in his way . The house was suddenly flooded by a hard , bright light . That was when Hunter saw the rest of the bodyguards . They were half a dozen men spread out across the room with varieties of guns pointed at the front door. Hunter snarled . They never expected him to come through the back door. This was another mistake they made.

Hunter raised his gun and fired at the unprotected back of three of the guards, they howled in pain ,while the rest of the men spun around and opened fire on him,in response Hunter dropped to the floor and fired . A bullet hit one of the men directly in the skull, the other was hit in the chest . Hunter rolled on the ground to a corner ,aimed and fired at the last attacker . The bullet hit him in the eyes which emitted a scream from the man as he was smashed forcefully against the wall. Hunter stood up and smirked wickedly as he eyed the bodies of the bodyguards which littered the Persian rugs like dead rats .

Hunter dusted his suit and gripped the butt of his gun. Then moved towards a stair landing which led to the upper rooms and began to climb. He got to the landing and smirked . It led to a passage with different rooms on both side. Instinctively he knew the last room facing him belonged to the boss and began to make his way slowly towards the door. He had no illusions or hallucinations about the man he was looking for. But he knew he would fix him. Unknown to him , one of the bodyguards whom had not join the rest of the bodyguards was lurking behind a closed door patiently waiting.

As Hunter neared the last door , one of the rooms door flung open and the guard came out bearing an Uzi in his hand . He saw Hunter whom had turned around to face him wearing a bored look . The bodyguard smiled wickedly but as he was about to pull the trigger , Hunter raised his gun and fired once. The bullet hit the surprised bodyguard on the head splashing blood on a nearby wall. Swiftly , Hunter turned and kicked the door to the last room open.

He saw a man sitting behind a mahogany desk, from the look he was of medium height and had a cropped haircut. There was a sleepy expression on his face as Hunter walked slowly towards him. Between his thin lips was a cigar and he puffed away with all the indifference in the world. Without a doubt , Hunter knew this was Danny Ross. He raised his gun as he made his way towards the man . Though the man had an indifferent expression on his face , Hunter knew he was frightened . Men trembled at the sight of him and this man sitting behind the desk was no exception.

" Hunter " ? The man asked his voice barely audible as he stared at Hunter whom aimed a gun at him .

Hunter nodded.

" I thought as much. I've heard a lot about you . Never knew you will come to my house . No one could have wiped so much people out like that except you . Humor me , how many of my men are still alive ?
Hunter shook his head faintly.

" None ! I hit them dead ! " he said. " All of 'em "

Danny Ross face twisted with anger.

" You crazy man ! " he yelled. " Do you know how much I paid for those bodyguards " He stared incredulously at Hunter who still had his gun pointed at him. As a shark loan , Danny Ross knew he had made a lot of enemies. That's why he had hired as much bodyguards as possible. He never believed a man could singlehandedly wipe out all his bodyguards.

" Who sent you ? " he asked. He was getting really frightened by the aloof silence of the man standing before him. .

Hunter groped inside his suit and brought out a golden bullet. He thrusts it to Danny Ross whom caught it in mid-air .

With trembling hands , Danny Ross studied the bullet. Engraved on it was the word " T.I.M" . His eyes widen in total shock. He was familiar with the initials. It was the initials of the crime syndicate which he himself was a key member.

"Are you crazy ? Taylor sent you ? How is that possible ? . " Danny Ross babbled loudly as the words bundled out of his mouth and his hand shook violently as he stared at the golden bullet in his hands.

" That's not my business. I'm here to fix you ". Hunter replied. His cold eyes unflinching as he stared hard into the face of Danny Ross.

" Taylor can't do this to me " Danny Ross yelled , a bewildered expression in his frightened face. " I'm a member of his syndicate for Christ sakes ! "

Hunter shrugged indifferently. He was the angel of death. The emissary of death. If Danny Ross had to die , he thought , then so be it.

Danny Ross could feel his heart beating wildly against his chest. The professional killer words chilled him to the marrows . He had been betrayed . If he could not come up with an excuse , this man standing before him would waste him , no doubt about it. It was at this moment that he remembered something.

" Oh my God ! My will ......." Danny Ross stammered. " it's with Taylor ......... , My will documents ..............please don't do this me , ............ I will pay you triple of what he had paid you "

" I want you to look me straight in the eye " Hunter said as he tightened his grip on the butt of the gun.

Danny Ross knew his game was up . As he stared at Hunter face , he saw something in the hit man's eyes like a mockery or jest and before his mind could dwell on it , there was a violent explosion and something sharp pierced him under the chin. His eyes widen in total shock and his right hand jerked reflexively to his throat . He held his throat tightly to control the flow of blood which was spreading rapidly across his white shirt . He wanted to talk , to tell Hunter that he never offended Taylor and that if Hunter wanted money he would give him more than he could ever imagine , but only gurgling sounds came out of his mouth.

There was another violent explosion , a louder one this time and his body jerked up as something hard hit him on the chest silencing him finally . His jaw dropped and his head rolled back against the leather armchair he was sitting on. Hunter stared at the body for a long moment and groped into his suit pockets for his camera . He brought it out , zeroed the camera on the dead man and the shutter of the camera clicked and clicked. Satisfied , he smiled wickedly . His mission was completed .

• • •

Twenty minutes later , Hunter was already behind the wheels of his Porsche. He brought out his cell phone and dialed a number. Few seconds later he heard a thick voice.

" Is it done ? The cold harsh voice demanded.

" Yeah ! I whacked the fool ! " Hunter said. " Danny Ross is a dead man "

There was a long pause over the end of the voice. Then he heard a voice.

" Did you tell him I sent you to fix him ? " the voice demanded.

" Yep ! " Hunter replied. " I gave him the golden bullet you gave to me "

" How did he react ? " the voice asked.

" He screamed like a damn bird " Hunter answered and he heard a hard barking laughter at the other end of the phone.

" That's good ! " The voice said. " I like that. Anyways , be at the office tomorrow. Come at night . Another task is waiting for you . " he ended the call.

Hunter smiled wickedly as he ended the call. Then he fired the engine of his Porsche and drove fast towards his home in downtown Miami.

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by importantperson(f): 5:42pm On Jan 20

I no wahala, bring it on.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by quadri956(m): 7:17pm On Jan 20
Following... Nice update
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 7:00am On Jan 21
Episode 1

Taylor Ice Walter - was one of the most powerful men in Miami city - a terrifying creature of sixty six years . He was an ugly man with a boxer face , beady black eyes , short and beefy. Those who had the rare privilege of seeing him were always terrified of him . He had an x- ray eyes which seemed to bore into you and examine everything about you. His eyes shines with intelligence , greediness and heartlessness. His life history was sketchy . No one in really knew how he managed to be among the most influential men in Miami even in the country . His private life was strictly kept away from the public eyes. Even though Taylor was not a public figure and yet his name terrified even the most influential men in Miami . Most men who were interested in him , hastily concluded that he was a peaceful wealthy business man who cherished his privacy extremely well . How wrong they were. Never in their widest imagination would they have believed that Taylor was a man full of dark evil secrets . He was a drug baron , counterfeiter and also the leader of one of the strongest crime syndicate in Miami called " The Taylor Ice Men. "

Though Taylor was never seen at any events or occasions , he was highly interested in fashion and was well-dressed at all times. His suits was tailored by ; Reiss in Britain , Canali from Italy and Brioni From Rome . His ties were from Drake's in London and Giorgio Armani in Italy and his favorite shoes ranges from top designers like ; Louis Vuitton , Haider Ackerman , Hermes and Prada. Taylor owned two black Cadillac , Rolls Royce and Bentley . He also owned dozens of apartments scattered around the world , fleets of private planes , an airline and also a discreet counterfeit factory .

Through his intelligence and shrewdness , he had built his empire and the most powerful crime syndicate in Miami. His bodyguards were professionals and had been trained efficiently in their areas of expertise. But Taylor had his weaknesses . He was greedy , selfish, highly covetous and full of suspicions . He trusted no one except his only daughter. Taylor was a manipulative man. A con man . His brain was always busy with rigorous calculation , figuring out what was going on in the mind of men most especially his close associates and the people who worked for him, then he would manipulate this people to do his will. When Taylor wants you to do something , he employs words which will makes you see reasons even when there are none .

Over the past few years , the Miami Police Department was faced with a persistent problem of murder and homicide. Most especially , the issue of contract killers and hit men carried out by the mafias. The hit men were dynamites. They would break into the house of a rich man , kill him and his entire families then disappear without no trace . The police began thorough investigation on this new invasion by this marauders and during the course of their investigation , they found out in few of the crime scene , a golden bullet with the initials " T.I.M " was always found. At first the police never paid much attention to this , until one particular month , during the course of reviewing the criminal cases they had not solved , they found out that at least six golden bullet with exactly the same initials on it had been recovered from different crime scenes. That was when they knew they were not dealing with amateurs but professional killers who all had the same creed and principles and somebody seemed to be controlling them. .

After much rigorous investigation, the police found out the initials belonged to that of a crime boss who calls himself Taylor and seemed to be making waves among the Miami mafias. The full meaning of the initials was discovered to be the name of the syndicate that Taylor had formed . The police upon these discovery had offered rewards for any one who can provide vital information that could lead to the capture of Taylor . All attempts to arrest him failed because no one could say who Taylor really was. Though , there had been varied descriptions about how Taylor really looked but it never paned out. The police had followed the crumbles of information thrown their ways by dubious men and women whom were only interested in the reward only to realize later that they had been fooled .

Unknown to them , in one of the dark alleys of Downtown Miami lies the hide out of Taylor Ice Walter .

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by purity23(f): 9:43am On Jan 21
Wow wow wow wow(Now am sounding like siren) grin

Op your story is amazing, i got glue right from the first episode.

Keenly following, nice one
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 2:59pm On Jan 21
Episode 2.

The Rock Da Ice club is one of the most frequented and exclusive club in Downtown Miami and it was owned by Taylor. The club is comprised of a decorated spacious room with modern stone veneer walls and also secret inner rooms . It operates only on Friday and Saturday evenings . Whenever the club is open, it is always filled with movie stars , dancers , diners , opera singers , models , renowned artists and famous painters who all lived in and around Miami . The rest of the days was set aside for Taylor's close meetings with the key members of the club. None of the people who visited the club had any idea on why the club do not operate on the rest of the other days , neither do they have any knowledge about the secret rooms nor the dangerous activities going on behind the walls of the club .

The strange thing about this secret inner rooms was that , it only leads to one particular room . Though the club boasts of more than two hundred members only five key members of the syndicate know about the existence of this particular room and this key members were the backbone of the Taylor Ice Men Syndicate . The syndicate key members all had three things in common : Power , Money and Greed . All the members had joined the club for different reasons. Some had joined in other to find solace in the protection that Taylor claimed its syndicate offered , some had joined to get back at the people who had incurred their wrath others had joined for personal reasons known to them.

The membership criteria was based strictly on a man's wealth. The only problem was that the syndicate had a strange policy which few of the syndicate members had grudgingly agreed to. There must be a will for all their wealth , assets and properties. The will would be kept with the leader of the syndicate who would also act as a signatory. The reason for this is that ; the wealth of any of its members would not be mishandled by outside people if any of its key member dies untimely . As a member , you will have a say on what will happen to your wealth after you are dead though the will would be in the hands of the leader . Most members who did not agree to this policy were not made key members of the syndicate. In the past most of the member who were bent on being key members had had a meeting with Taylor.

" Sir , the policy of we keeping our will with you is outrageously dangerous. " The spokesman for the members had said looking at the expressionless face of Taylor then shifting his gaze to the other members who nodded for him to continue. The spokesman adjusted his tailored tie and went on " Our will should be with our attorneys and not you Mr Taylor but we are willing to do anything to be key members , anything except leaving our will with you ,sir "

Taylor who had been half listening smiled.

" This syndicate is not meant for cowards. " he said. "It is meant for men. Men with balls and guts. This is what makes Taylor Ice Men syndicate distinct from any syndicate in Miami city . For this reason , I am changing no rules or policy. If you can't drop your will , then there is no room for you being a key member. There is no need of making cowards key members of this syndicate. "

That had been the end of the meeting that day. The members who had seen the glaring danger agreed to remain ordinary members. Only the most greedy ones agreed to this policy. Another thing was that as a key member , if you so much desired it , the wealth you left behind would be used to run the syndicate and provide avenues and platform for others who are interested to join . Though this sounded like a good idea , none of the key members ever saw the deadly risk of keeping a legal document worst of all , a will in the hands of a greedy and selfish man like Taylor . They never knew Taylor had initially formed the syndicate for his own personal gain. To enrich himself in an unscrupulous way without any of the members suspecting any foul play.

Also in the club house,there is no way you can enter the secret rooms without the help of the bartender . As a key member , when you enter the club and you wish to see Taylor , you will walk up to the barman and show him your entry card as a full fledged member of the club . The bar man whose was name Garcia , a thin Spaniard man with an eagle eyes who was obsessed with gossiping and unnecessary chit chat will nod as a sign of approval after checking your entry card , after which he will discreetly lift one of the wine bottles behind him.

This simple gesture will open a hidden archway set in the walls of the club. You will then move away from the bar man and sit in one of the designated corners of the room. After a few minutes of sitting down , a hidden archway which was set in the brick stone walls where you are sited will slide open. You will discreetly enter through the archway and it will automatically close behind you . You will find yourself in a spacious and well lit passage with only an oak door facing you. You will walk through this passage till you reach this oak door . You will knock on this oak door once and Taylor will tell you to enter .
Taylor's office was an ornate furnished room with a crystal style chandelier hovering over Taylor's vast desk , oriental rugs , a large rectangular oak table where Taylor held his meetings with the key members of the club , a mahogany file cabinet , a bar which housed his drinks . Inside this same office was Taylor's bedroom .This bedroom was concealed by a black velvety curtain. Nobody had access to this room except Taylor and his daughter only .

Taylor was always sited behind his desk , smoking an Egyptian cigar , his hands frantically flipping through the documents on the table which contains the profit and loss of his business activities and also files on his earthly assets and properties. Taylor seldom leaves his office. If you don't see him in his seat , you will see him in his bedroom sleeping. Taylor hated the idea of leaving his seat for a second. Most people would wonder how this is possible , but for Taylor this is imperative. He knew he was the most wanted crime boss in Miami. For this reason , He knew his anonymity must be top notched and if it means not leaving his seat for thousands of years to come then he was ready.

After reading his documents , he would lean back in his chair and laps into a heavy thought. Taylor knew the police were after him , but he was not bothered. How can you catch a man that you can't see ? He would ask himself when thinking about the police efforts to bring him to book. Taylor believed he was like the shadow that does not exist and his alter ego in the society is the golden bullet which is usually found on crime scenes that he had orchestrated.

But Taylor had his bout of worries. He was always bothered with how long he would live . Above all ,Taylor Ice Walter cherished his life . He was always worried about who will take care of his empire when he was gone. Taylor knew one day he will die , but the thought of another person controlling his hard earned money and properties almost scared him to death. He usualy have terrible mood swings Whenever he thinks and he would yell and shout at any body who interrupts his thoughts.

The only person who seems to bring him out of this bad natured mood was his only beautiful daughter named Victoria . A girl in her early twenties , with the face of a leopard , high cheek bones , slant lashes which housed crisp blue eyes , curvy body shape and full lips which could drive any sane man crazy . Victoria's mother was a pretty young girl who Taylor had raped during his younger age. She had died giving birth to Victoria . At first , when he been entrusted with her care , he had been disgusted , thinking people would see him as a sissy . But as she grew older with her beauty blooming day by day , he found himself attracted to her but in a strange way. The attraction led to attachment which terrified Taylor himself. Before he knew it , He started working on Victoria 's mind , schooling her on the anatomy of man and how to satisfy men. By the time , Victoria was matured to know right from wrong , Taylor was madly in love with her. Being an evil man , he allowed the love to wax stronger and stronger until , he was completely engulf in it. Taylor would rather sleep with his daughter than sleep with dozens of beautiful women.

Victoria was always dressed in white cotton blouse and white flowing skirts . Though her dress was not revealing , Taylor wanted to conceal her beauty as much as possible . He never joked with his daughter . Crudely put , his daughter was off limits . None of Taylor's men ever relates with her. Though she was allowed to come out and go in as she pleases , Taylor made sure that she had her own personal bodyguard to protect her. He would have loved to give her more bodyguards but he did not want to make it to look too suspicious .
Nobody would have ever believed that a man like Taylor would share a shocking carnal secret with his only daughter. Whenever he was sad or bored , she will cajole him , embrace him and kiss him on his face and lips ,then make love to him . She was always telling him funny anecdotes which would bring him out of his gloomy mood and his laughter would ring out when she tickle him. She was his genie , catering to all his heart desires and making him happy . With only her to pleasure him , Taylor found a great distaste for the women of the outside world and with Victoria he was satisfied. But Victoria had a problem.
Her mind was like that of a twelve year old girl. Physically she was matured in the way of the world , but she was dim-witted about certain things. Victoria was like a child having an inkling knowledge that she was existing , and yet naive to some things going on around her. Victoria knew Taylor was her father , but she never saw anything wrong in her father making love to her . Her mind was like a blank slate , and the only experiences she came across were the only things imprinted on it. Victoria never saw anything wrong in opening her mouth and saying things that comes to her mind. Her mouth was like a loose faucet which gushed out water uncontrollably. She expresses her mind any way she can without caring about the consequences.

At one time , when she and Taylor were making love , she had said to him ;

" Papa stop moaning into my ears . You sounds like a pig "

Taylor had mumbled his apologies that day , though he was angry .

Another time , When Victoria had came back from a birthday party , Taylor had asked her if she met anybody who interests her .

" Sometime, Papa you talk so stupid . Of course it's a freaking birthday party , what do you expect ? . There were guys who looked much much better than you are . " She had said it so mildly as if she was just explaining how the birthday party went .

" You don't call your Papa stupid . It's a bad word . " Taylor yelled as he grabbed her arms and shook her vigorously. Though it was not the word stupid that really angered him , it was the men she had compared him with that made him angry .

Victoria had shrugged her arms away from his grip and wept.

" My arms ! Oh my arms ! You hurt me papa ! You really hurt me ! .

Mortified , Taylor had took her in his arms , carried her to bed and make sweet wild love to her. He knew she was like a small child and for that reason , she must be treated like one.Though what she had said hurt his pride , he just could not stand the thoughts of hurting her feelings.
He knew his daughter was not a bright girl . But he loved her the way she was , because her feeble mind allowed him to get away with the sexual tryst that was going on between them . For this reason whenever she misbehaves , he allowed it to slid. Taylor's only fear was that she won't meet a man who she would fall in love with . His daughter could get away with anything , but not when she falls in love with another man . He always experience a sense of guilt and distaste for what was going on between them and yet he could not stand the thought of another man sleeping with his daughter .

Victoria remembered the day she had told him about a man who had tried to woo her in the club .

" I will kill any man who so much comes near you " he had told her that day . He had said it which so much vulgarity that Victoria believed him. She knew her father was capable of many evil things.

Victoria was a party goer who loves to party hard . Every night , she would be seen at different bars and clubs with only Oskar to keep her company . Oskar was the name of her personal bodyguard. A man who was smitten by the raw beauty of Victoria and for this reason , he does everything Victoria asked of him , even though he knew it would cost him his job or even get him killed . Victoria had no real friends . The only chat mate she had was Garcia , the bartender . Garcia , a man who love to run his mouth and had captivated her with his gossiping tongue. Victoria was not dumb when it comes to her feelings . She was aware that she was beautiful and do not have the intelligence most girls of her age should have , but she knew what she wanted when it comes to men .
She wanted a man who won't be wrinkled and old like her father. The type of men you read about in fairy tales stories , bed time stories , dashing heroes saving ladies in distress and even , those from the Hollywood movies . Most of the times when she was alone , she would lapsed into her private world of dreams, thoughts and fantasies which were often filled with movie characters that she had fallen in love with. Taylor would have been astonished if he had known that Victoria , who he had believed was In love with only him , was also deeply in love with thousands of faceless characters stored in her imagination .

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Nobody: 5:31pm On Jan 21
Nice piece. Keep it up bro.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by quadri956(m): 6:20pm On Jan 21
Interesting... Ride on bro
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by ashatoda: 8:42pm On Jan 21
na here I carry my seat put this is going to be a bumpy sweet ride. welcome back adespades
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 8:55pm On Jan 21
Episode 3.

Today , the tension in Taylor's office was palpable . The key members of the " Taylor Ice Men " syndicate took their accustomed places at the large rectangular oak table . But only one sit was empty . It was the sit of Mr Danny Ross . The remaining four key members ; John Russell , Sam Duffy , Chester Wes and Valerie Blanc eyed the empty sit conspicuously and silently stared at one another , the fear on their faces was crystal clear . None of them wanted to disturb the grave silence most especially when Taylor had not given them the go ahead. They were all dressed in expensive black tailored suits with black ties and black shoes to match. Only Valerie wore a black evening dress with heels.

Taylor eyed his associates , his face grim and expressionless . It was obvious he was angry .

" Can someone please explain to me what happened to Mr Danny Ross ? he asked. He sat at the head of the table with his eyes squinted angrily at the faces of his associates.

" We don't know sir . We only heard from the media that he was assassinated yesterday night. None of his bodyguards survived the attack. " Mr John Russell said . He was a little man with dark greedy eyes and a small body frame. He was a shrewd business man who majored in steel mining.

" What do you mean assassinated ? I spoke with Danny two days ago and he spoke like a man who was trouble free , so what could have warranted this gruesome killing ? Taylor said spreading his hands to show disgusts.

" Maybe he offended somebody. Perhaps , he bite more than he could chew " Mr Sam Duffy said . He was a huge man , six feet four inches with a large boxer face and enormous shoulders. His voice was always boisterous and loud. Sam Duffy was an influential man who had struck it rich in gold mining.
Taylor shot Duffy an angry look.

" We all know that though Danny Ross never had a seed of goodness in him. He was a merciless shark loan. But yet , he was a man who cannot stomach grudges against another man . He was very quite and not so loud unlike one of us here . "

Mr Duffy automatically looked at Taylor's face . He knew Taylor was indirectly referring to him as the loud one in the room but he could not say anything to either counter the words of Taylor or shoot out his own words of anger . Instead he clenched his fists and swallowed his anger .

" Who could have done this ? Taylor asked , his eyes boring into the eyes of his associates , trying to ferret out what was going through their minds .

" We all know it was the work of a professional hit man . Hit-men are the ones capable of doing this . No doubt about it " Chester Wes chipped in.

All the men including the woman in the room turned sharply to look at Chester Wes . He was the most reserved among them and was highly intelligent. Chester Wes was the oldest among the key members . He was an old man with a wrinkled leather face and icy gray eyes . He was a business man who owned Plethora chains of stores in Miami and other parts of the country. Wes had built his empire manipulating the ideas of business men who had come to him for help or seek his advice and using it to build his own empire . Wes operates like a con man. When you come to Wes for help or advice , he would ask you series of questions which can even make you reveal your deepest secrets to him . Then Wes would give you his own small piece of advice. By the time , he was through with you , Wes would be twice smarter than you are. Taylor's manipulative prowess was nothing compared to that of Chester Wes .

" Hit man ? What hit man are you talking about ? " Duffy asked in a loud voice , a shocked expression on his face .

" Maybe Mr Wes seems to forget that a professional hit man is very expensive and very rare to find this days. " Russell said a twinkling mockery in his eyes .

" Hit men are very expensive yet every single man in this room can hire twenty if the need arises . " Wes growled.

His words silenced all the men in the room .They all knew he was right . Taylor shot Wes a murdering look. The old man seems to know so much . He knew Wes was smart , but if care was not taken , the man will blow the lead and the men in the room might become suspicious.

" Stop saying all this rubbish . There is no such things as hit man or hit men. Though it existed in the past , it is now extinct . " Taylor said wishing there was a way he could maneuver the topic without any of his associates suspecting any foul play . He was the one who started the conversation , now it seems he was the only one getting the heat of it .

" This is not rubbish . This is real fact and we all know it " Wes said again, anger in his eyes .

" You seem to know so much , do you have any hit man in mind that could have done this? " . Taylor asked , the veins in his neck standing out as he gritted the words out of his mouth .

" No I don't " Wes said shaking his head regrettably .

" I do " . Valerie said speaking for the first time in the room. The men in the room gave her a quizzical look , wondering what had made her to speak out all of a sudden. Valerie smiled when she noticed the shocked expression on the men's faces most especially Taylor . It was as if a train had run over his leg .

More updates coming.


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by leocollins(m): 11:21pm On Jan 21
following,make i kush while waiting...
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 7:36am On Jan 22
Episode 4.

" You do ? " Taylor said eagerly , trying so hard to conceal the apprehension which threatens to burst out of him.

" Who do you have in mind ? Mr Duffy said leaning forward .

" I don't really know who he was . But am sure of one thing . He killed my father and I watched him do it " Valerie replied calmly as she stared at the face of the men in the room. There was a hushed silence in the room as each man tried to digests the little piece of information they had just heard .

Valerie Blanc was an exceptionally beautiful woman with a stunning athletic body . Her dark hair was cut low and her face was sculpted with strong firm features. She had beautiful violet blue eyes which set many men aflame. But Valerie was a cold beauty who rejected the advances of men . She had used her beauty and sensuality coupled with her wealth to make different powerful men uneasy . What intrigued so many men about her was the cold sensuality in her eyes . Eyes that tells you she does not give a hoot about who you are . This had challenged many men to try to woo her with whatever they had . Men had promised her so many things which were even beyond her reach but she never cared about all this.The secret was that , Valerie loved to court danger but most men do not know this . Many of the men who came to her were weaklings. Valerie liked men who were wild and dangerous . Men who loved to try new things ; dangerous new things to be precised . She was a dare devil who loved to toy with danger . To walk on the edge of a cliff and see whether she would fall or not .That was what excited her the most. This perverse instinct in Valerie affected her love life which was a total wreck. She was a woman with an insatiable and debased sexual appetite .

" Miss Valerie we would appreciate it , if you will shed more light on what really happened . " Mr Russell said an expectant expression on his face .

Valerie gave him a weak smile. She dipped her hand into her small purse and fingered out a cigarette. Mr Russell who was sited beside her hastily brought out a golden case lighter from his pockets and lit it for her . She gave him another smile , a little bright this time and turned to the men. All this while , Taylor had been watching the little charade in a boiling rage . If not for the fact that he did not want to arouse their suspicion , he would have yelled at their insolent attitudes.

Valerie drew on the cigarette and exhaled deeply.

" I don't what to talk about it right now. "

" Miss Valerie , can you remember the face of this hit man if you see him ? " Mr Wes said this time .

Valerie closed her eyes as if she was trying to digest the question and few moments later, she opened her eyes.

More updates coming !!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by leocollins(m): 10:28am On Jan 22
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by ogyunging(m): 10:39am On Jan 22
Nice job. Keep it coming.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by bimberry1307(f): 11:28am On Jan 22
Present already. Nice job
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 3:44pm On Jan 22
Episode 5.

" No ! I can't remember ! I did not see him well enough " She said simply and the men in the room shook their head to show disappointment.

" Miss Valerie I really appreciate the piece of information you have shared with us this night . But i strongly believed that hit men do not exist again.Please lets forget about hit men and deliberate on another thing " Taylor said , his face betraying no emotions. The woman must not know he was troubled by the confession she had made .

Valerie stared at Taylor for a long time , then she nodded faintly and smiled .

Taylor's eyes had seen a little glimmer of suspicions in her eyes when she had looked at him but it had been quickly replaced by that faint smile . Taylor was not fooled by the smile . The woman knew something . Something sinister and dangerous and he will find out later .

" What about Mr Danny's wealth now , what will happen to his will ? Mr Russell asked interrupting Taylor's thoughts.

" Yes ? What about it ? " Taylor said , fully aware that all attention of the men in the room were directed at him .

" I meant what will happen to all his money now that he is dead " Mr Russell said , louder this time .

" Good question Mr Russell. The same question on my mind by the way . " Mr Duffy said , looking intently at Taylor's face .

" Mr Danny Ross will is safely kept with me " Taylor said wishing the men would stop asking him questions .

" We already know that . What we want to know is what will happen to his wealth now that he is gone . At least as key members of this syndicate we have the right to know " . Mr Wes said .

Taylor could see the raw greediness in the men faces which stared boldly at him . He dragged his eyes from the men to look at Valerie . She too was staring at him , an unreadable expression on her face . Taylor was not fooled . She too was greedy as the rest of the men . Taylor knew the question was just to psycho analysis him . To know his intentions. He had recognized the trap quickly and for this reason , he knew he must tread softly.

Taylor grunted.

" Mr Danny Ross wishes was that all his wealth should be used to finance and fund the growth of the syndicate right after his death and that is exactly what we are going to do " he lied easily .

" You mean all those money is going to the purse of the syndicate?" Mr Russell asked staring incredulously at Taylor face .

" That was his wish." Taylor said angrily . He was beginning to get tired of the questions thrown at him.

" what about his families ? Or close relatives ? Mr Wes asked wisely , looking at faces of the other members for approval. They all nodded solemnly at the question he asked except Taylor who was fuming now with anger .

" As a leader of this syndicate , are you doubting my words . Are you calling me a liar ? Taylor said icily leaning forward .

None of the men talked. They all understood that tone. They knew that when paraphrased , the questions actually meant who among them had the audacity to challenge his words .

More updates coming !!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by ashatoda: 3:53pm On Jan 22
sincerely if I am in that group Taylor's answer about Danny Ross' wealth will be a real headliner to pull out of that syndicate though I will resign to the fact that I will die but the first thing I will do is write a new will with an absolutely new lawyer but that is playing ludo with one's life


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by FantasticJ: 5:34pm On Jan 22
Thanks for the mention OP.
More brain to your head.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Nobody: 5:43pm On Jan 22
Taylor is a cold hearted pervert. I wonder why the other members of the syndicate can't challenge him even with all their wealth and status in the society. Hoping he meets his waterloo soon.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 9:08pm On Jan 22
Episode 6.

The men in the room feared Taylor greatly. They had heard lots of gory stories about what he was capable of if one crosses his path and none among them was ready to cross that path.

" We are sorry Mr Taylor We are all just concerned about the dead man that"s all " Mr Duffy said in a contrite tone.

" keep your concerns to yourself. As a key member of this syndicate Mr Danny Ross death will not go unpunished. I will find out who ordered the hit on Mr Danny Ross. I will find the person and I will kill him . it's the least we could do for Mr Danny Ross " Taylor said , his face contorted with a menacing look. Looking at him now , one would think he was mentally deranged.

" what about our own protection ? . I believed that this organization promised it's member protection so where is it ? Danny Ross should not have died like a rat if this organization meant it's words " Mr Russell said ignoring the angry look on Taylor face .

" Mr Russell is right ! " Mr Duffy said . " What if somebody is really after us ? maybe another crime syndicate is targeting us ?

Taylor was livid now . The men in the room were so suspicious. If they kept on talking , they might eventually push him to the wall and he might not be able to control himself .

" Mr Danny Ross death was a coincidence. So please gentlemen ,quit your suspicions. " Taylor said trying to keep calm amidst the heated argument .

" What is this organization going to do about the protection of our lives . Mr Taylor what is your plan ? " Valerie asked staring at Taylor . She noticed his face was kind of pale and brittle which was unlike him. What was going on with him ? She wondered. The look in his eyes told her he was under some kind of pressure or stress , or was it something else ? She asked herself .

" This organization will do all it can to avenge the death of Mr Danny Ross. Gentlemen , Mr Taylor got your back " Taylor said trying so hard to smile . It was a vain effort .

" You better do Mr Taylor Because I want to enjoy my dirty life while I still can " Mr Russell said his eyes twinkling .

His words erupted a loud laughter from all the men in the room , all except Valerie who was still staring at Taylor . She seems so suddenly interested about the dark look which had settled on Taylor's face as he in turn stared at Mr Russell angrily

" You men should stop this rubbish talk . The Taylor Ice Men ideology is to protect it's members and see that they are happy even after death . That ideology still stands. Mr Danny Ross death was a big mistake which should not have happen. For this reason , I personally will see to it that his killer his brought to book ." he paused and went on. " This syndicate would provide as much protection as possible but on the other hand , I want all of you to get more bodyguards for yourself and if you don't know how to go about it , I will work it out for you. As for the killer of Mr Danny Ross , I will make sure he pays dearly for this . "

" Don't worry about any security or bodyguards . My dogs will tear any hit man into pieces " Mr Russell boastfully said as all the men in the room turned to look at him.

" Your dogs ? " Mr Duffy asked suddenly interested in what Russell had said .

" Yeah man ! four powerful dogs who protects me night and day . They are like lions and hyenas combined. I'm not scared of any hit men. I don't even know why I joined this syndicate in the first place. Well , let's say my need for money got the best of me " Mr Russell said shrugging his shoulders. This erupted another bout of laughter from the members .

Taylor ignored them . Of course , he knew there would be complications like this. This was why he was going to use Hunter for all the jobs he had in mind.

More updates coming !!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by leocollins(m): 10:50pm On Jan 22
let see if ur dogs are really as strong as u claim...
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 7:37am On Jan 23
Episode 7.

" How tight is your security ? " Taylor asked casually , facing Mr John Russell .

" Well I have twelve bodyguards who are very tough and deadly . But they don't patrol. It's only my dogs that does the patrol work . The bodyguards all stay inside the house and also my two best American hitmen stand outside my bedroom door everyday . " Mr Russell said proudly .

" Good . I think you are well covered " Taylor said noting everything Mr Russell had said in his head. He turned his attention to Mr Duffy .

" Duffy how about you ? Taylor asked his eyes betraying nothing of his evil thoughts.

" Well I only have fifteen personal bodyguards and they are very lethal and brutally efficient . " Mr Duffy said beaming with a smile .

" That's ok but Duffy you still need to get more bodyguards just in case . " Talyor said as he turned to Mr Wes .

" Mr Wes how is your security ? " Taylor asked.

Mr Wes stared at Taylor for a long moment as if he was deliberating whether to speak or not. After sometime , he seems to make up is mind.

" My securities are well grounded , thank you ! . " .

Taylor's chuckled to himself . Inwardly , he knew that Wes words had been carefully chosen as if the man was trying to hide something or Wes choose to say little because he was suspecting him. The old fool ! Taylor thought. He would be fixed in due time.

Finally , Taylor turned to Valerie .

" What about you Miss Valerie ? " .

Valerie arch an eyebrow.

" I don't care about any hit man or bodyguards . I live alone. Any hit man or bodyguard should come if they want to. I don't fear anyone because I know in every situations my beauty will save me ".

All the men in the room shot her a surprised look. They had expected her to be frightened or visibly shaking . But no , she had said the words with such bravery that even the men were jealous of her nonchalant attitude towards the impending danger .

" Miss Valerie immediately you notice anything , dont forget to call the syndicate's hot line." Taylor said looking at Valerie who gave him a hard smile. Taylor paused and went on ." The Taylor Ice Men syndicate is ready to protect any of it's members . Don't talk as if we started this syndicate for nothing . The ideology of this syndicate comprised of ; full protection of the interest of it's members and also full protection from external aggressors . That ideology still stands . Don't you ever forget that gentlemen " Taylor said calmly .

The men in the room stared at his face , each of them busy with his own personal thoughts . Valerie was not fooled . Taylor had said some words which had completely caught her off guard , but her expressionless face revealed nothing of what she was thinking .

" And may i remind all of you ,that you should stay away from the cops as much as possible . Don't get yourself in any investigation concerning the death of Mr Danny Ross . This syndicate is anonymous and it must remain that way . I guess this meeting is over. Gentlemen you may now take your leave ". Taylor said calmly , his face had returned to it's normal self.

The men nodded and they all stood up from the armcahir . They moved towards the front door and file out one after the other .

More updates coming !!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by bimberry1307(f): 7:50am On Jan 23
This Taylor man is too greedy. Las Las, Na something go kill am.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by ashatoda: 8:06am On Jan 23
adespades if I may ask when ever Hunter goes for a hit you said he always drop a bullet with TIM written on it and this has been found at more than one hit sites why can't the other members put on to one together and see that they are dining with the devil moreso as bad men themselves they ought to have men in the police that will be feeding them info just thinking on my own o
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 12:22pm On Jan 23
adespades if I may ask when ever Hunter goes for a hit you said he always drop a bullet with TIM written on it and this has been found at more than one hit sites why can't the other members put on to one together and see that they are dining with the devil moreso as bad men themselves they ought to have men in the police that will be feeding them info just thinking on my own o
The story is still ongoing. The answers to all ur questions will be revealed in the coming episodes. Just pay attention to all the details. Thanks.

And secondly , don't forget that all this big man all have their security outfit. Since they don't have any problem with the law , there's no need of them getting police protection or having a snitch among the police. As a big rich man , you only seek police assistance or have a snitch among the police when the business you are doing is not legit e.g drugs , bootlegging , bringing contraband into the country All the big man in Taylor's sydicate are doing legit business except Taylor. It was their greed for more money and power that stupidly led them to join Taylor syndicate.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 6:28pm On Jan 23
Episode 8.

Taylor watched them go and grimaced. If not because of his ingenuity , the men would have suspected him of having a hand in the death of Mr Danny Ross and that would have been very bad for him. Taylor took a flat Egyptian cigar from a platinum case and lit it . He leaned in the chair and inhaled the smoke deeply letting the smokes to calm his nerves . He had nearly made a blunder this night . If the men had been too inquisitive , they might have find out he was the one who actually sent the hit man to get rid of Mr Danny Ross. Taylor smiled to himself as he exhaled the thick smoke. He had played his game well. The dead man's wealth belonged to him now. Taylor had calculated the properties and assets of Mr Danny Ross along with the money the dead man had left in the bank. The amount was staggering and it all belonged to him now.

As long as the will documents was in his hands , every single thing Mr Danny Ross owned belonged to him. This was the sole reason why he had formed the syndicate . To rip rich men of their wealth without them suspecting any foul play. As long as the key members will was in his hands , success was his. But there were problems to be solved if the will was to be truly his. He must get an expert who can reproduce any document and also an expert forger who can forge any signatures. The name ; Ritti Bones flashed across his mind and he smiled. Ritti Bones would help with the forging of documents and signature . Then there was the problem of witnesses and the attorneys. Taylor grimaced. Sooner or later he would find solutions to that but for now , Taylor relished the thoughts of owning all the properties in the will. All the key members will be eliminated one after the other and their wealth will eventually be his . Taylor's face twisted into a frown as he exhaled the smoke out . The only person who gave him worry was Miss Valerie Blanc . The woman was a smart snake . He had seen the doubt in her eyes and that was not a good sign . Not that he feared her , but any little suspicion was not needed right now, Not this early . Not until he had wiped out the remaining key members of the syndicate . Taylor knocked the ashes of the cigarette into a gold ashtray. He had felt her eyes boring into him througout the meeting . Every word that had been said by him had been sifted clean by her . Undoubtedly , he knew she was the only one who had not been fooled completely by what he had said. Or is there someone else ? He asked himself . He shook his head . Valerie Blanc was the only one . He was so sure of it . Some how , she knew his words did not add up . This annoyed Taylor and he grimaced . All of a sudden , Valerie was turning out to be a nuisance. He would keep an eye on her . If he noticed any thing out of the ordinary from her , he would have no choice but to eliminate her immediately .

Just then , the door flunged open and Taylor looked up to see his daughter walking towards him , a dazzling smile on her face . She wore her usual white loose cotton blouse which clunged to her torso and flowing pleated skirts. The white color combined with her features made her look more beautiful than ever .

More updates coming !!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 9:09pm On Jan 23
Episode 9,

Papa ! Papa ! " Victoria said as she moved around the table to give him a hug. Taylor , a broad smile on his face , stood up and hugged his daughter tightly. They stood like this for some time before Taylor finally pulled away from her .

" Where did you go today ? " Taylor asked staring at her face , marveling at the raw beauty of his daughter .

" Nowhere Papa ! . Nowhere ! " she said smiling into his face .

" Are you sure ? " Taylor asked squinting his eyes. Though he knew his daughter never lied , he still have to ask the necessary questions .

" Very sure Papa " Victoria said .

" Come on give Papa a kiss " Taylor said as he grabbed her body to him and kissed her softly on the lips. This heightened the excitement in him and he felt his phallus bulged out against his trousers. He moved his lips from her's and dipped is hand into her blouse . She held him tighter this time and unable to restrain himself , Taylor deftly unbutton her blouse and freed her breasts from it's restraining white bra . He dipped his head down and sucked her nipple. She moaned loudly and shivered as the wave of pleasure washed over her . She grabbed his head to her chest and moan into his ear .

" Take me ! Take me now Papa . " Victoria whispered softly , her words arousing Taylor the more. Taylor drew back his head and pushed her gently against the table . She eyed him seductively as she lay her back on the vast desk . Taylor felt his body shiver as he looked at the exquisite body of his daughter . He quickly unfastened his belt and brought out his swollen penis. With one hand , he lifted her skirt , and blood rush into his loins as he stared at the triangle of soft black hair between her legs concealed by the white pants she wore . He moved towards her and she twined her legs around his flabby waist . Taylor pushed the panties aside with one hand and as he braced himself to thrusts into her , the high pitched sound of the telephone which was on the desk pierced the sexual charge air of the room.

" Who could that be? " Taylor said as he fumbled for the telephone . He shoved his daughter legs away and put the telephone to his ear. " What is it ? He yelled into the receiver .

" Mr Hunter is here to see you . " Garcia said in a coltralto voice .

More updates coming.


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Krester24: 9:56pm On Jan 23
Nice one broda

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