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Properties / Executive 5-bedroom Twin-duplex For Urgent Sale In Ikorodu by abbyode(m): 6:42am On Aug 09, 2022
5 Ensuite Bedrooms, Visitor Toilet, Fitted Kitchen with accessories, self-contain Gate-house, Ample parking space, alone in compound, serene environment etc.
The house is located off Ebute Igbogbo road, Ebute Ikorodu, Lagos. Asking Price: N60M (For both duplexes) .
For further info or inspection send an email to abiodunode@gmail.com or whatsapp only to 08058100475.
Autos / Re: SOLD! Clean 2008 Acura MDX Foreign Used by abbyode(m): 11:30am On May 15, 2022
What's the price?
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 7:22am On Jun 24, 2021
Goodnews for Canada!

I pray this culminates to the speedy processing of Visas on this (SOWP) category.


The major question you need to answer is your purpose of travel. Why are you travelling to Canada at this point? If you are visiting your sister, you need to expressly proof that your visit is non-discretionary...meaning, it is really important and you just must travel to see her, by which case you would need to give her address as where to stay.
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 12:38am On Jun 23, 2021
before travel authorization can be issued you need to also submit a quarantine plan. Other gurus please share what you think.
Nothing complicated. By simply saying you have a basement to stay in isolation is enough justification.
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 12:27am On Jun 23, 2021
This is what I wrote:
My wife is currently undergoing her PhD program in Canada on a scholarship and she is with our 10 months old son. Studying and taking care of our boy has been very exhausting coupled with the effect of the pandemic and being in a new environment all alone with our boy. She has been able to get our son enrolled in a private daycare, but the fee is $50CAD/day which her scholarship funding will not be able to cover. She is not eligible for a government subsidized daycare of $8.5CAD/day because I do not have a valid work permit. This is really telling on us financially and mentally and it is affecting her studies as well. In addition, my boy needs his father's love and presence and we are fond of each other before they travelled. So at the moment we need all the support we can give each other to make her stay in Canada comfortable till she is through with her studies and we return back home.

My passport number is... and I intend travelling by the end of August as I need to round up some projects I am working on currently. She will be receiving her first done of the Covid-19 vaccination today 2nd of June, 2021 so I will be doing my quarantine at her apartment after the compulsory 3 days quarantine at a hotel approved by the Canadian Government.

Presently I am in Nigeria.

I will really appreciate if my application is granted and hastened
Unfortunately your write-up did not explicitly cover the expected reason for your travel. You also did not give any call to action. 1. You need to expressly state that you are going to Canada to re-unite with your family......blablabla. 2. The expected call to action is that you want IRCC to expedite processing of your OWP so as to be able to achieve point 1 as stated. However, there's nothing to worry about. Your OWP application is still intact and has nothing to do with this.

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Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 9:29pm On Jun 22, 2021
She is a student and attending in class lectures already cos she's in Canada with our son.
What did you claim as to the purpose of your travel when you applied for travel authorization?
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 5:30am On Jun 22, 2021
Hi All,

International student here with 2 kids (they are American so dont need visas)

Used them as home ties alongside hubs but still ended up going with them. Applied for written authorization for them but it didnt come in as at when we were travelling. Took the chance and today we are here. Landed Dec 29 2021.
Applied for Hubs (he submitted in Nig) March 15
Biometrics completed March 19th
Upfront medicals submitted with application
Medicals updated to pass after several emails and webforms May 19
Background check ongoing
Eligibility yet to commence
Applied for written authorization April 21
No update till date

Contemplating sending them an emotional email from here. Has anyoe done that and has a template to share?

I am honestly tired, it has not been easy being with 2 kids and schooling at the same time. Getting a job is more ambitious than reality. The rest, I guess we all in d same shoes so u feel my pain.

It will end in praise
Your kids sure don't need visas but you need to apply for visitor records for them so they don't go out of status. Legally speaking, they can't stay more than 6 months with their US passports except you got visitor record for them at the point of entry. Please take note.
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 1:57am On Jun 05, 2021

I know right and I understand you but , PR takes one year , so we just did that so atleast I can be there before the PR is approved, the distance is not easy, that was why we did it...
Makes sense... However, has he applied for PR sponsorship for you?
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 1:33pm On May 25, 2021
Hello, congratulations on your OWP. May I kindly send you an email or a whatsapp call as I am about to engage in the process of SWOP. I would really appreciate your help. Looking forward to your response.
Shoot plsss.
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 7:03pm On May 22, 2021

Nice one!

Please did you apply for the SOWP before the visitors visa or visitors visa before the SOWP? How long did the visitors visa take? Do you mind if I PM?
I had visitor visa before I qualified for OWP through my wife's study permit.

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Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 9:23am On May 21, 2021
Just a feedback. I landed in Toronto last nite and collected my SOWP at the POE. No issue was raised about my medical passed more than a year ago. I applied in Jan 2020, passed medical April 2020. Got PPR in December 2020 but was already in Canada as a visitor. Came back to Nigeria in April 2021,submitted my passport and got the work visa counterfoil.


Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 11:04am On Apr 12, 2021
Hi Guys, which DHL office are you guys using to send passport to VAC Abuja? Thanks.
Please guys, which dhl office should one submit passport to? Thanks in advance.
Travel / Re: UK Or Canada Which Should I Choose; Study Abroad by abbyode(m): 7:01pm On Apr 05, 2021
No time to waste time... Just go to Canada. UK doesn't have a clear path to citizenship. Get Canadian citizenship and the whole world including UK is at your fingertips.


Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 12:51pm On Mar 30, 2021
Hi Guys, which DHL office are you guys using to send passport to VAC Abuja? Thanks.

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Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 11:14pm On Mar 22, 2021
Thank you so so much.
I really appreciate it.
Just one more thing.

Does this mean she will have to get to Canada first before I and my daughter apply?

No, not necessarily.
You can apply as soon as hers is approved.


Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 9:02am On Jan 27, 2021

I got PPR 14th January 2021

My passport is currently in Abuja, awaiting LOI .

Hello, please what procedure did you follow to submit your passport? The information is not on their website.
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by abbyode(m): 12:00am On Oct 29, 2020
Good day everyone. Please I need your advice on this.
I have a Master's degree, I've seen 2 universities to send my application to for a PhD program with research funding about $24,000. Now, I'm married with a baby, my wife is scared of her chances of joining me. I told her she can apply for visiting visa after I've arrived Canada. I know I'm definitely going to indicate her and my baby when processing my visa... She's a staff of an indigenous bank in Nigeria. I'm just 30 years.

Is it possible my wife and baby can join me in Canada within 6 to 9 months of my arrival? I don't want to leave my family longer than that period. please gurus in the house kindly attend to my question and educate me. We don't have any travel history.

Quite possible.
Get her to apply for OWP( open work permit) as soon as you get your study permit approved.
You can even take a risk while all of you apply at the same time together.
Travel / Re: by abbyode(m): 2:22am On Sep 10, 2020
To reach who? Where?
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 10:50pm On Aug 27, 2020
Passport request from IRCC. Online profile was not updated rather a call was received directly from the Canadian High Commission Lagos to submit passport for Stamping via Courier!
Just encouraging everyone to keep the hope alive!
When did you apply?
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by abbyode(m): 11:32am On Aug 09, 2020
For Engineering professionals in Canada, you may wish to join the Nigerian Engineers in Canada group. It is a place where Nigerian Engineering professionals rub minds about their existing career or plans to restart their profession in Canada.

If interested, kindly indicate. Thanks

I'm interested in this.
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by abbyode(m): 4:11pm On Jul 03, 2020
hello house, pls i need your assistance, I applied for MPNP Workers in manitoba last June 15th 2019, through an agent here in Nigeria who said to have a connection with employer in Canada, i got an email from EOI Confirmed my entry, the process could not hand me any evidence other than they asking me for the necessary credentials, I got employment letter from the company i'm to work for, filled and sent back September 2019, i was assured by my agent that Biometrics will come up on dec 2019, when i waited and it passed, had to mail the employer, he said my agent in Nigeria is the one delaying, i made contact and he said they needed few more candidate to meet the quoter then already been sorted, they are applied for skilled workers in manitoba which i was told it excluded the test of english due to the program package, it's quite obvious they could ignore me because they have collected all the money asked, recently i made a contact with my agent in Nigeria and he said the delay happened due to the COVID 19 outburst and international airports are opening now as so do the Visa center. I haven't receive any biometric email yet from IRCC, pls kindly enlighten my route if i haven't fall in a wrong hands. thanks (I was to find out more and get more information so i can check the whole thing myself but confirmed the employer handlingthe process there could not give out the information) i'm just confused.
My guy, you have been duped. Just count your loss and exit peacefully. My two cents!
Career / Re: Should I Pursue Another Federal Job Or Leave For Canada? by abbyode(m): 6:38pm On May 23, 2020
That phrase about collective poverty is what struck me to reply. Guy, relocate to Canada fast. Stop wasting your destiny. People earn as high as over N1M monthly in Nigeria and they are relocating. It’s not all about money. Relocate fast!
Webmasters / NCDC \website Is Currently Down by abbyode(m): 12:35pm On May 11, 2020
NCDC website www.ncdc.gov.ng is currently down. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. until we learn to give jobs to professionals, we will remain the way we are as a country.
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by abbyode(m): 2:23am On Apr 18, 2020
Please after how many months or weeks after getting my study visa(for a two year study) can I apply for spousal open work permit for my wife?
You can apply immediately you have your Study Permit.
Travel / Re: Does Spending #16m On A 3 Years Phd In The UK Worth It by abbyode(m): 6:25am On Mar 26, 2020
You are better off pursuing the Phd in Canada than in the UK. In canada, you have a clear path of becoming a canadian citizen after your PhD than UK that doesn't have a clear-cut stable immigration policy.
Travel / Re: High Commisions Calling Banks To Ask About Visa Applicants' Account Details by abbyode(m): 12:26pm On Mar 12, 2020

What if you are working with an agent and he helps you get the bank statement , of course, you dont have such amount of money in your account, what will be the outcome ?
If they discover, you will be severely banned!

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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 4 by abbyode(m): 3:13pm On Feb 10, 2020
Hi guys, I am still unable to track my application. I seem not to be able to log in to my existing application. Where exactly can i find the link? Each time I try it keeps taking me to where to register newly. I need help please. Thanks.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 4 by abbyode(m): 4:46pm On Feb 07, 2020
Hi everyone, I submitted a priority category 5-year visa since 27th January 2020. How do i track it? It's supposed to be ready in 5 working days. Please advise.
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by abbyode(m): 8:04am On Jan 25, 2020

Thank you so much for this, God bless you.
In other words do you mean a work permit can not be issued on visiting visa?

It’s tough!
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by abbyode(m): 10:56pm On Jan 18, 2020

Please is your passport ready for collection
I also submitted 10th
I got an email on Friday saying it's ready for collection. I will be there on Monday.
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by abbyode(m): 8:34am On Jan 18, 2020
Hello my good people,

I’ve been reading along on this page for a while now and I appreciate how you all provide advice and encouragement here.

After waiting since mid September, my application for SWOP ended in a refusal today on the grounds of family ties in Canada and Nigeria, and current employment situation.^^ It was devastating to say the least.

^^In my opinion we weren’t well-informed about how to present a water-tight and compelling application. This nairaland resource field wasn’t mined because it didn’t occur to us to use it...oversight is now hindsight!

Here’s my basic info anyway:
-Newly married
-Spouse works in Canada with a 2yr PGWP
-I’m employed here with a Federal Govt parastatal. It’s standard and very stable.
-Finances are available
-No travel history.
-No personal business/landed assets right now

However, these are our other options:
1. Reshoot our shot on the SOWP line, or
2. Try visitor visa with my annual leave, or
3. Manage and stick to PR route ONLY (we are still in the early stages of gathering our documents)**

**The TRV route keeps popping up instead of waiting the whole nine yards for PR because we’ve had just a week as man and wife. #pains...

Now, in the light of the above-mentioned conditions, what do you guys advise we do?
-What are my chances of success for each option?
-Is it advisable to reapply for SOWP without requesting for GMSC notes first?
-Won’t it count as desperation to apply for visitor visa?
-Is it contradictory to apply for a work permit when I supposedly already have a satisfying job here? I mean, I applied because I have to be with my husband even though I love my current job...

Many questions on my mind but I just need whoever can to put things into proper perspective for me.

Please be kind while at it. I’m still sore and downcast, you know.

Thank you all.

The surest way for you is the PR route. Since your hubby is already working using PGWP. He only needs to work for one year then he will be qualified for PR using Canadian experience route. That’s almost automatic. Tourist visa might not work for you as you won’t be able to prove a tie in Nigeria. If you are reapplying for SOWP then you have to know when his PGWP will expire vis a viz when the application will be decided. I hope this helps?

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