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Politics / Re: My Ex-classmate ‘languishing’ As General Manager In Nigerian Mediocre Bank: VP by agog: 10:39am On Sep 25
You dont know what you are saying. A DGM - Deputy General Manager in any bank in Nigeria earns nothing less than N60 million naira in a year as base salary with two official cars - one an SUV and the other a sedan saloon car. He also has several bonuses and allowances attached to the position. Just two level to the position of a bank's MD.


I just love Shetima's blunt disposition

Best Graduating student of Economics in Prestigious University of Ibadan Citadel of learning......

After 30 years of Graduation

Ended up becoming Deputy Branch Manager at a new generation bank like Polaris bank

30 years after graduation that he should be planing retirement he is a Deputy Manager

His total salary may not be up to 200,000 to 500,000 a month

He made this submission at University of Ibadan to remind student the intricacies of life

IF you know say e no go better for your papa this morning qoute me to say trash

You idiots stay your lane and don't qoute me if Ogun no go perish your families, keep your useless mob mentality and keyboard war to your unproductive self


Politics / Re: Austin Izagbo Honoured For Returning ₦‎75 Million Overpaid By NIMASA by agog: 10:47am On Mar 13
The question is, why would NIMASA overpaid a contractor to such amount when the process involves several stages approval?
How many of such contractors has been overpaid??
Politics / Re: 2023: Yakasai, Sani Fault Kperoogi’s Call For Igbo Presidency by agog: 11:23am On Apr 13, 2022

Elder statesman, Tanko Yakasai, and former Secretary General, Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, Anthony Sani, have chided Professor of Journalism, Farooq Kperoogi, over his call for the election of a president of Igbo extraction to ensure peaceful co-existence among Nigerians of diverse ethnic nationalities.

Kperoogi had recently advocated the election of a President of Igbo extraction in 2023 as a possible solution to the disunity in the country.

The elder statesmen in a joint statement argued that the Presidency of any country is a product of deep-seated and extensive negotiation, rather than a mere wish by a people or group.

The statement read in part: “There can be no caveat with the significance of the submissions by Farooq Kperoogi, which he considers as needed to bring about the desired unity, harmony and peaceful coexistence that is sine qua non for meaningful socio-economic development of Nigeria. This is because a diverse country as Nigeria, tends to be fissiparous and constantly pulled in different directions by centrifugal forces.

“It is against this backdrop, that Nigeria has instituted many policies like quota system of admissions, and federal character in distribution of access to national employment, projects and major contracts, for the expressed purpose of promoting sense of belonging in the polity. This comes with inclusiveness of the diverse people in the belief that it is very possible to make the most of our God given diversity, thereby ensuring that every segment of the nation is given a true sense of belonging.”

According to them, “similar countries have also attempted to introduce policies with the objective of nation binding. For example, Ethiopia, which has never been colonized, practices ethnic based federalism, yet it has prevalent challenges of nation building.
.“Somalia, a country with only a few ethnic groups and predominantly singular faith, faces the challenges of nation building. Lebanon, on the other hand, has policies for balance of its religious diversity. Where the Christians produce the President, the Sunni would produce the Prime Minister, and the Shi’ite would produce the Speaker. Yet, they have governance challenges. All these go to show that, the tasks of nation building, go beyond mere balancing of public offices as an end in itself.

“All these are also a testimony to the fact that, though politics goes beyond ideals, it also includes who gets what, how and when, because it is driven by group interest, group goal, group coherence, group cohesion and even group conspiracy.

“Good governance is an art of balancing competing demands amongst not only constituents but also among socio-economic sectors; and what unites a nation, as they constitute national ideals and shared values.”

They disagreed with the notion that Igbo people have been marginalized over the years, saying “both the military and democratic governments have given Igbo people fair representations in the federal government and its agencies, such as Vice President, Senate Presidents, Speakers, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Coordinating Ministers, Service Chiefs, Governors of Central Bank of Nigeria , CBN and chairman of the ruling party.”

[b]The statement continued: “This solid integration of the Igbo people into the Nigeria affairs had enabled them to settle unperturbed in various parts of the country, giving them the unlimited latitude to pursue their business activities, which currently run into substantial net-worth.

“Similarly, there are projects situated by the federal government of Nigeria (in pursuance of policy of Reconstruction) in Igbo land (particularly the construction of the second Niger Bridge) to amplify and demonstrate government’s concern for the South-Eastern region.
Conversely, when the Igbos threaten to leave Nigeria, if an Igbo President does not emerge in 2023; one wonders the wisdom and the basis of this agitation without facts and figures to justify the intuition.

“Igbo people like any other Nigerians, are entitled to contest for the office of the President of the nation under the current multiparty democracy. To that end, they are expected to devise their winning game plans and use that to convince the Nigerian electorates to vote for one of their own.”[/b]

Religion / Re: Please I need help. My life is crashing by agog: 11:28am On Feb 26, 2022
@OP, what you need is prayer. There is no battle the power of God cannot conquer. Jesus is our advocate and He is ever ready to hear us and deliver us from any issues of life we might find ourselves. Declare you are healed of the mysterious coughing and you will be healed, also use the name of Jesus to break the power of poverty and brokenness in your.
Nairaland / General / Re: Happy New Year Nairalanders by agog: 12:00am On Jan 01, 2022
Happy New Year Nairalanders!!!

No obstacles will be strong enough to stop us this new year.

Cheers into the New Year good people!!!

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Career / Re: The Life Of A Millennial Looking To Retire At 40 by agog: 9:47am On Sep 22, 2021
what a blessed man you are. Keep soaring!!

The 34-year-old engineer in this #NairaLife made a career switch into oil and gas in 2014. Since that time, his basic salary has grown to ₦1.7m/month. Now, he wants to retire in six years with $1m in liquid assets. How does he hope to get there?

What’s your oldest memory of money?

My parents worked in the civil service and most of the people I grew up with were in a similar economic class, so I didn’t think there were rich people or poor people. I went to a government-owned school for my first three years of secondary school before switching to a private school for my senior secondary education in 2001. There, I learnt of my social standing. The first thing I noticed was that my school fees jumped from ₦200 to ₦14k per term.

My allowance was ₦50, which was little compared to what others had. What this meant for me was that I had to save for days to afford things some of my classmates could buy in an afternoon.

There was also some anxiety that came with this discovery. I avoided school parties as much as I could because I didn’t think I had the right clothes or shoes to wear. My three years at the school made it clear I had to make money in the future to bridge the gap.

Did you do anything for money during this time?

No, not really. I may have done one or two things for my family that fetched me money, but that wasn’t my objective and they were also far and in-between.

I left secondary school in 2003 and enrolled for my A-Levels programme, and the tuition was ₦100k. This experience was also a reality check. While there were people who were taking the classes and writing the exam to apply to schools abroad, there was me who knew I was going to a university in Nigeria. I didn’t even finish the programme.

Oh, why not?

I applied for and got into a diploma programme at a university in the southwest before the year ended, so I decided to go for it. It cost ₦210k, and my parents took a loan from their cooperative society to pay for it. A year later, I was offered provisional admission to study electrical engineering at the same university.

How did uni go?

I lived mostly on the allowance I got from my parents. It was ₦5k and came once a month. I also had family friends in the city I was studying in and got some money from them at intervals too. However, I wasn’t saving or keeping money aside because it was barely enough. But I survived university and won’t say I had a tough time with money. I graduated in 2009.

I was mobilised for NYSC in June 2010 and posted to a state in the south-south. I worked in a secondary school owned by the state government. I lived on less than ₦13k/month for the entire year — the federal government paid ₦9,775 and the state government paid ₦3k. Luckily, food was also ridiculously cheap in the village I was posted to. I could make a pot of soup with about ₦320. I wasn’t exactly saving because I wasn’t earning enough, but by the end of my service year, I had about ₦50k in my savings account.


The 2011 election was the game-changer. I worked as an ad-hoc staff for INEC during the voter registration exercise and got about ₦30k from it. I also got about the same amount of money from working during the general election.

This wasn’t the last sum of money I made off NYSC.

I’m listening.

After my service year, the federal government increased the allowance from ₦9775 to ₦19,800. My batch was eligible to receive payment arrears. I think they paid about six months arrears, which was good money to me, especially considering that I was at home and without a job.

Man, how long were you unemployed?

About three months. I got my first job in September 2011, as an engineer in an authorised repair centre for Nokia phones. My salary was ₦45k, which I thought was decent. I spent only four months there though.

Why did you leave?

One of my mum’s friends had a son who worked with a contractor that handled marketing for Nokia phones in Nigeria, and I was encouraged to apply for a job there. I did, and I got the job. Nokia was a flagship phone at the time, so there were lots of roles. I was hired as an in-store experience marketer. I was posted to a phone store to serve as a Nokia representative and market the phones to potential buyers. The job paid ₦90k.

That was twice what you earned as a phone engineer.

Yes, it was. At the end of my first month there, they transferred me to a North-central state, which was a bit of an inconvenience. There were no accommodation arrangements, and I had to figure that out myself. Guess what happened on the first night I got to my new station?


I got a text from a bank I had applied to months earlier, inviting me to come for medicals. Man, I jumped on the first bus the following morning and left the town. I sent in my resignation on the same day.

I had to go to the bank’s training school first. This started in February 2012 and lasted for four months. They paid trainees ₦50k. However, my time at the training school was some of the best of my life. Unfortunately, my time as a confirmed staff of the bank wasn’t half as pleasant.

Why not?

Let me start with the good: I got a raise when I was absorbed into the bank’s workforce and my salary jumped to ₦208k. Subsequently, I was posted to the marketing department and had to find new customers for the bank. My department had an annual target of ₦4bn, and this was a drag on my life. In between finding new customers and retaining existing customers, my quality of life took a dip. At the height of it, my job satisfaction was low but the money was decent. Everything only made sense when my salary came in at the end of the month.

Thankfully, two months after I started work as a full-staff, a consulting company I had applied to months earlier reached out, inviting me to the final round of interviews. I got an offer letter from them in August 2012.

How much?

₦128k. Another pay cut, but I was only too happy to accept it. I was like, “If I’m not going to chase customers, pay me whatever you want.”

Haha. Fair enough.

After my induction, I was posted to management consulting. After my first year, my salary was increased to ₦150k. This was also around the time I delved into my first side hustle.

Tell me about that.

I started saving ₦50k from my salary every month because I wanted to buy a car. I saved ₦400k in eight months. One of my friends had an uncle who did Cotonou runs and shipped cars into Nigeria. We went to Cotonou together, but my ₦400k couldn’t buy me any of the cars I wanted. The best deal I got that was within my budget was a 1993 Toyota Camry, and they were going to sell it for ₦600k.

I eventually bought a 2001 Mazda, and it cost ₦700k. Two of my friends loaned me ₦150k each to buy the car. But the trip opened my eyes to the possibilities of shipping cars in and selling them in the country. The opportunity to act on this came a few months later when a friend wanted to buy a car and I told him I’d handle it. I went to Cotonou myself and brought the car in. On that trip alone, I made ₦75k in profit. For context, I was earning ₦150k per month.

You made half your monthly salary in a day.

Exactly. Omo, I started telling everybody I knew that I was selling cars. When this side business caught on, I was doing an average of two trips per month and making between ₦50k and ₦75k on each trip.

Interesting. How was it going with your day job?

I was now in my second year at the consulting company. One day, a former colleague who had left for an oil company called me and informed me that his company was recruiting. I didn’t put a lot of thought into it, but I applied and went through the entire process. I got an offer to start work in May 2014.


My basic salary was ₦650k, minus allowances. It would take me about six years to hit that number at the consulting company I was with. It was an easy decision.

I was hired as an instrumentation engineer. Basically, we automate the process used in bringing out oil and gas from the sub-surface.

The first payment I received from the company was an accommodation allowance. ₦22k per day for 90 days. And guess what? They paid everything at once. ₦1.98m landed in my account, and I hadn’t even done any work. It was the biggest lump sum payment I had ever received up until that point.

Subsequently, I was put on a trainee programme, moving around different on-shore facilities to work and learn about the job. Mostly, I was working for two weeks and taking the following two weeks off. My basic salary was ₦650k, but there was also some form of allowance payment every month. On average. I was earning up to ₦1m every month as a trainee.


I also saw an opportunity for my side business there. I told everyone I could that I sold cars, and the orders came in. They had a higher purchasing power than the guys at my former workplace, so they went for higher-end cars — mostly vehicles around the region of ₦4m – ₦5m. My profit on these deals were about ₦1m.


I graduated from my trainee programme in 2017 and was transferred to my first facility. I got a raise and started earning ₦1.2m. The constant allowance I remember from that time was my accommodation allowance. The facility I was working out of didn’t have great accommodation options, so the company paid me ₦250k every two weeks to make up for that.

And how has your salary evolved since that time?

My salary has increased by at least 5% every year. At the moment, I earn ₦1.7m/month. But there are also a couple of allowances and bonus payments that come in during the course of the year. Everything I earn, including bonuses, stacks up to ₦25m – ₦30m per annum.

On the side, I invest heavily in cryptocurrency.

How did you get into crypto?

I grew out of the car business, so I started looking for something else I could do. I became interested in crypto in the early parts of 2020. I finally took the plunge in July when I bought one bitcoin for ₦4.5m. By the time I sold it, it was ₦4.9m. I made a profit of ₦400k on one trade.

Information is important when dealing with cryptocurrency, so I subscribed to every crypto subreddit I could find. And started doubling on my investments as much as I could. The more I got into crypto, the more I saw the possibilities. It’s been a game-changer, and it’s part of my retirement plan.

What’s your retirement plan?

I want to retire at 40 with $1m in liquid assets. I’ve decided that crypto could get me there, so it’s pretty much my side hustle now. At the height of the bull run earlier this year, I had about $210k in my portfolio. But the dip happened and I held on. The last time I checked, I had $90k, and I’m building it back up.

Man, how do you decide what coins to bet on?

Research. I do a lot of technical and fundamental analysis. With the fundamental analysis, I look at the coin, what problem it solves, and who the backers are. I’m not good at technical analysis, so I follow a lot of people who are. I look at their research and decide whether to invest in a coin or not.

I know cryptocurrency is volatile, so I’m not putting all my hopes on it.

What are your other investments?

I started investing in Eurobonds in 2018. I started with about $20k, and the ROI is 12% per annum. When Covid hit last year, I wanted to put more money in it, so I took a loan of ₦14m from work and topped the account up at ₦440/$1. The total value of my Eurobond investment now is about $60k.

There’s also my company stock. Employees get a 15% employee discount, and I’ve been putting some of the money I get into that too. My stock in the company is currently valued at $30k.

I have some landed properties in two states in the country, but I don’t put a lot of thought into this. I believe landed properties are not the best investment choice in Nigeria — inflation eats at every profit you can ever hope to make. But I have a 3-bedroom project I’ve been working on since 2014 and is valued at ₦40m and another piece of land that’s worth ₦8m.

All of this should bring my total investments across my portfolios to at least $180k.

That’s impressive. Let’s talk about your monthly running costs. What do they look like?

I’m not married, but I have a live-in partner and we have two kids together, hence the housekeeping expenses. I took a loan from work last year to invest in Eurobond, and it’s spread over four years. I’m not mad about it — I’m repaying the loan in naira and earning my ROI in dollars.

I also don’t save or invest in naira anymore. When I get paid at the end of the month, I take out my monthly running costs, convert the rest into dollars and put it into my range of investment.

I really want to know how your perspective about money has changed over the years.

It has largely remained the same — money is a tool to get things. I acknowledge that and also understand that I need to stay hungry to make more.

Also, I don’t feel validation from owning things or splashing money on things I don’t need. I currently drive a 2004 European model car I bought for ₦1.5m. My annual rent is ₦500k. The plan is to keep expenses as low as possible and stack my bag up the best way I can. I’ve learned that money is like working out to grow muscles — you don’t get what you want in a day, so intentionality is key.

Looking at where you are in your career, how much do you feel like you should be earning?

For starters, I don’t feel underpaid. The next role I’m going into in my place of work should see my salary grow to ₦1.8m – ₦2m/month. I feel like I’m right where I should be.

Great. Is there anything you want but can’t afford then?

A Tesla maybe. I don’t think I can’t afford it, but it wouldn’t make sense to buy it when I’m living in Nigeria.

What about something you bought recently that required some planning?

I used my last phone — a OnePlus — for five years. The newest model came out earlier this year and I just decided to go for it. It cost me $1054. It didn’t require a lot of planning; I just had to think about it for a bit before I liquidated some of my investments in crypto.

I’m curious, when was the last time you felt really broke?

I can’t remember. I feel like I’m broke when the money in my account goes below ₦100k, and this hasn’t happened in a hot minute. Also, I know some money is available if I need to access it. I try as much as possible not to do it, but I could liquidate some of my assets if I badly need money. There’s some sense of security that comes with that.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your financial happiness?

8. There’s no great need in front of me that I can’t afford. I’m also excited about my potential earnings and the strategy I’m putting in place to hit them. Life couldn’t be better, really. If I hit my $1m target by 40, this might increase to a 10.

Source: https:///39nGEim
Health / Re: How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bug? by agog: 9:14pm On Sep 12, 2021
@OP, mix kerosene with Sniper and spray in their hiding places - your bed corners, your furniture etc. All of them will die, including their eggs. you may not sleep inside the room that night because of the strong odour of sniper but trust me, that will be the last time you will see them.

Please, bed bug is actually one of my greatest fear growing up. I can't just imagine having it in my room back then due to people experiences... The shame, if it follows me outside. Lo, and behold, I can't really say how it got it into my room. My fear has turn to reality now... I rented a room, clean it bought everything new, and after a year I allowed a friend to stay with me, whether it was from him or I got it somewhere else I don't know, but i am dying inside seeing it, I have tried all that I know... Killing it alone makes me wanna vomit... Please, what should I do, to eradicate this enemy.

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Sports / Re: Stephen Ugboo Goes Blind, Begs In Enugu Street To Feed [VIDEO] by agog: 9:17pm On Aug 31, 2021
This is just too emotional. How can Nigeria abandon someone who has done the whole nation proud? This is sad and is a reflection of the thoughts of our leaders. Several other national hero like this man are in various degree of suffering as a result of government abandonment.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FRSC Recruitment Issue by agog: 1:25pm On Jul 28, 2021
best response there.
Register a new email address (adding the error "a"wink to the new address.

This new email will now be yours strictly for checking updates on this application and you may decide to continue using same in future.
Business / Re: In Defense Of Aliko Dangote By Oluwole Dada by agog: 9:32am On May 16, 2021
As written by Oluwole Dada, a Sales and Marketing Professional, Teacher, Counsellor, Administrator and Preacher.


Well written
Crime / Re: U.S. Government Asks Court To Make Obinwanne Okeke A ‘Scapegoat’ by agog: 6:31pm On Feb 16, 2021
The US govt argument that he be given the maximum penalty to serve as deterrent to others would be where the judge will stand. All the pleas for lenient sentencing will not hold water.

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Politics / Re: NERC: No Approval Has Been Given For 50% Electricity Tariff Increase by agog: 2:51pm On Jan 05, 2021
They are indirectly telling us to be prepared cos very soon the tariff will be increased, no smoke without fire. Does these people even have blood flowing in their veins? Do they feel the pulse of the common man?
They have doctored the prepaid metre units in such a way that you end up spending more on it than the previous billing/post paid method. Average family will end up recharging 15k or more per month for light that's even less than 10 hours a day. What a callous and devilish government!!

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Politics / Re: Okonjo-Iweala Vs Yoo Myung-Hee: WTO Leadership Down To The Final 2 Candidates by agog: 3:50am On Oct 08, 2020
There is no different between a Bar and Bra, Once the are opened men go crazy.
Imagine a girl called Barbra

Phones / Re: Our Househelp Got Swindled By Computer Village Boys Yesterday by agog: 7:40pm On Oct 07, 2020
well said!!
The lion's den.

He should have known better. Look before you leap,is an advice that is as old as man.

On a serious note,something needs to be done about the scam going on in computer village.
Politics / Re: Senate Spits Fire, Flays Nta-startimes’ ‘unfruitful’ Partnership Of 12 Years by agog: 1:34pm On Aug 25, 2020
To spit fire on NTA is a waste of time. NTA is just a govt propaganda TV. It's so unappealing to
watch except you intend to force yourself to sleep, you may then decide to use the station as lullaby. Rather than improve the station in digital broadcasting, they've been using it as a platform to loot more money, and have advanced their looting using startimes as a cover. Nigerians, including our parents have moved on from NTA..only those who are looting from it have not. Multichoice know how useless NTA is, that's why it's among the free channels you'll get once your subscription expires, cos you wont ever be able to cope with it.

So apt and straight to point.


Politics / Re: Walter Carrington Dies At 90 by agog: 4:10pm On Aug 14, 2020


“Ralph Waldo Emerson said…It is not the length of life but the depth of life.
“Walter was fortunate, his life had both length and depth
Politics / Re: Tolulope Arotile: Too Early For Hangar In The Sky by agog: 6:16pm On Jul 19, 2020

By Femi Adesina

When a pilot dies, the colleagues say he or she has gone to the hangar in the sky. Hangar is a place where aircraft are housed, but it was way, way too early for Nigeria’s first female helicopter fighter pilot, Tolulope Arotile, to go there. Not a time for parking yet. Not at 23, not when her life and career were just starting.

Tolulope died on Tuesday, curiously not in terra incognita, which the sky is. But rather on terra firma, solid ground. She was involved in an auto crash at the Nigerian Air Force Base, Kaduna, suffered head injuries, from which she never recovered.

What a grief, what a tragedy. I saw Tolulope in February, when the Nigerian Air Force was presenting its newly acquired hardware to President Muhammadu Buhari at the Eagle Square, Abuja. So young, so tender, almost too innocent to be a fighter pilot. Deftly, she explained the features of the new attack helicopter to President Buhari, and that was just about five months after she was winged as the first helicopter fighter pilot in the history of the Air Force.

Too early to house your chopper in the hangar, Tolulope. Why was Heaven so much in a hurry to have you? You were serving nation and humanity, flying several combat missions for Operation GAMA AIKI in the North Central area of the country, particularly Niger State, infested with bandits from the pit of hell. You did your bit in enforcing peace in that area, giving those fiends a black eye. Now, no more. No more thrills, no more rush of adrenaline, as you soar into the azure sky in your nimble machine, a wonder of technology in warfare.

Tolulope lived and died for the sky. Primary education at Air Force school. Secondary, too. Then, enlistment into the Air Force, commissioned an officer, and further training abroad to hone her skills. She was decorated in October last year, with Women Affairs Minister, Dame Pauline Tallen assisting the Chief of Air Staff. It made a lot of Nigerians proud, particularly her parents, Engineer Akin and Mrs Arotile, from Iffe, in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State.

After the decoration exercise, a delighted Mrs Arotile (which parent won’t be over the moon, despite the risky nature of the career) took to her Facebook wall, and posted: “On behalf of my entire family, Engr. Akin and Mrs Arotile, I will like to sincerely appreciate everyone for honoring the invitation to celebrate with Pilot Officer T. Arotile. I am indeed grateful and pray that God will reward you all exceedingly and abundantly above all you would think or ask of Him. Once again, thank you and God bless.”

Most parents would be proud to produce a pilot. I can tell, because I have one. That day, in 2017, when my pilot son flew me in a Boeing 737 from Lagos to Abuja, with me sitting with him in the cockpit, is one one my happiest. Forget the knot of fear and anxiety in the bottom of my belly, as he manipulated the winged bird through the sky, pointing out landmarks to me, and touching down gingerly at our destination about 50 minutes later. It was the experience of a lifetime.

My son first indicated his desire to be a pilot at just four years old. I thought he would outgrow it. But the older he got, the more resolute he became. He went to flying school, got his private pilot’s license, then the commercial license, and then type rated on Boeing 737.

Tolulope must have known no other world, except flying. Like the parents of every pilot, the Arotiles must have had their times of anxiety, but also trusted firmly in God. What can we do without faith in God? Nothing. I say again; nothing.

God, what then happened? How did an auto crash at NAF Base claim such a tender soul, turning her family, the Air Force, the nation, into mourning. President Buhari recalled the young lady that took him round, explaining the features of the fighter helicopters at the Air Show held in Eagle Square. He mourned her deeply, condoling with her family, the Air Force, and the nation at large. God, we should not question you, but what really happened? As mere mortals, we don’t know. But we will surely understand it better by and by.

I recall a story told us in church long ago by my then pastor, Rev Felix Meduoye (now retired General Overseer of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria). He said his young daughter used to pray: God don’t let us die in our sleep. Don’t let us die when we are awake. Don’t let us die when we are on the road. Don’t let us die when we are flying in a plane. Don’t let us die when we are in our car. Don’t let us die...

My pastor laughed, and said we at least have to die somehow. True. But not like Tolulope did. Too sad.

“There is no armour against Fate;
Death lays its icy hands on kings;
Sceptre and Crown
Must tumble down
And in the dust be equal made
With the poor crooked scythe and spade.”

So wrote James Shirley in his poem, The Glories of Our Blood and State. And death has no shame. It takes the young and the old. The firm and the infirm. The poor and the rich. But I am glad that death itself shall die one day.

John Donne, in his poem titled Death Be Not Proud, declared:

“Death, Be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so...
One short sleep past, we wake eternally
And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die.”

Yes, death shall die. The Holy Bible reinforces it for me. Revelation 20, verses 13 and 14.

“And the sea gave up the dead that were in it; and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them; and they were judged every man according to their works.
“And death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death, even the lake of fire.”

Death has denied the nation a potential wife, mother, grandmother, accomplished fighter pilot. Her body will soon be interred, and like John Brown’s body, it will “lie a-mouldering in the grave.” But her soul will go marching on.

For now, we mourn with the Arotiles. We weep, we sorrow, but not like those without hope. Our hope is that one day, Tolulope will rise to life eternal. And Death, the enemy of man, shall die.

Death, thou shalt die. It’s not a curse. It’s just your inevitable end.

*Adesina is Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity

Good write up. May Tolu soul rest in peace

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Politics / Re: Sanusi: Nigeria Will Go Bankrupt With Current Governance Structure by agog: 8:56am On Jun 15, 2020


well spoken the emir. why do we need such huge numbers of govt appointees?
Sports / Re: Neymar's New Look As He Strikes A Pose With NIKE Shoe (Photo) by agog: 4:50pm On May 30, 2020
limits aint real at all. All we need do is to believe in ourselves and have the drive to push on. Sooner than expected brighter days are here.

He captioned it:

Crime / Re: Obinwanne "InvictusObi" Okeke To Plead Guilty To Wire And Computer Fraud by agog: 8:33am On May 25, 2020
Don't put yourself under Unnecessary Competition!

All that Glitters is not Gold!

You are betterof than many of the people you wish to be like.. they also wish to be like you. They only come on Social Media to get Happiness! Many of them are in unbearable pains and torments due to The way they made their money!

Envy no one

Any man/woman without JESUS can do anything to acquire Wealth.. don't Envy them!

No person is Created to be poor. Connect to GOD ALMIGHTY!Work Honestly and Wait for your time..

well said. anybody can be rich but there's no short cut to it otherwise it will end in agony

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Politics / Re: Oil Price: Nigeria And The New Reality By Oke Umurhohwo by agog: 7:36am On May 14, 2020


the party is over indeed
Politics / Re: About President Buhari's Absence At His Best Friend, Kyari's Funeral by agog: 10:24pm On Apr 18, 2020
Ideally, the president ought to be at the funeral to pay his last respect or at least make a live speech about the death of someone he calls his best friend and also use the occasion to sensitize the populace about the important social distancing and other policies put in place to contain this killer virus.

Western presidents would have acted differently and make a public speech, thereby drawing stronger empathy from the populace.
Anyway this is Africa, nay Nigeria where things are done differently from the norm.
RIP Mr Abba.
Health / Re: Doctor Adefolu Adedeji Dies Of Coronavirus In UK by agog: 1:52pm On Apr 11, 2020
too harsh a comment. The whole world is battling this scourge with one spirit, with many people helping alleviating the pains of others who are not related to them and you could only shade one of ours who has fallen to the scourge. not a time for sarcasm!
They warned you decades ago to stay back in Nigeria and practice your medicine, you refused.

Anyways RIP.
Technology Market / Re: Please What Business Can I Start In The Tech Industry With 1M by agog: 4:14pm On Feb 21, 2020
So many options available for you. But you can use half of it to learn SAP erp which will afford you opportunity to secure better job with multi national company especially oil and gas.
Entering into a biz esp if you haven't done one before isn't easy considering the current Nigeria scenario and you could easily lose your capital.
Phones / Re: Best Phones Under N90,000 In Nigeria (February 2020) by agog: 9:12am On Feb 04, 2020
Politics / Re: Tinubu, Amaechi, Osinbajo, Okorocha Are Slaves To The North - Fani Kayode by agog: 11:05am On Apr 07, 2019
Honestly FFK is one man you cannot tie down or trace to one particular ideology or standpoint.

He keeps on talking randomly on each and every issue.
you said my mind too

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Blasts PDP, Atiku by agog: 8:12am On Jan 09, 2019
ALL Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was yesterday unsparing on the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate in the February 16 presidential election Atiku Abubakar.

The PDP, according to the former Lagos State governor, is seeking power to return the country to the dark days when the economy crumbled and Nigerians groaned under its reign between 1999 and 2015.

To him, it amounts to standing logic on its head to compare the PDP standard bearer to incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, who is seeking re-election on the platform of the APC.

Tinubu issued a statement titled: “We accept President Buhari’s assignment” on his appointment to lead President Buhari’s re-election campaign as the Co-Chairman of the APC Presidential Campaign Council. He said the two candidates – Buhari and PDP’s Atiku Abubakar – are miles apart when it comes to vision, mission and character.

His words: “The character of the two candidates cannot be more distinct. President Buhari is a straight and honest man. Leave a naira on the table with Buhari in the room. You will find the naira on the table when you return.

“When Buhari says ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ you know where he stands. He means what he says, no more, no less. With Atiku, things are more nuanced. When Atiku speaks, he may mean ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ ‘maybe,’ ‘I don’t know,’ ‘come back tomorrow,’ ‘all the above,’ or ‘none of the above.’

“His compass has four needles pointing in different directions at the same time. He knows of no direction to take. President Buhari’s word is his bond. When Atiku speaks, it is to give you the slip.

“We cannot afford a President whose ways and mind is a maze of contradicting urges and colliding desires. This shows he has no vision for the nation and no guiding principles, except the naked pursuit of power for the naked use of that power.”

Tinubu spoke of Atiku’s role in the Obasanjo administration. He said: “Atiku had his chance to shine as VP when he controlled the privatisation programme of the Obasanjo government. He abused this assignment. He helped squander billions of dollars on power generation that did nothing but generated darkness.

“That government had so much money at its disposal and that is exactly what it did. It disposed of the money, yet, failed to treat the poor or build for the future.

“Atiku laid waste to the national treasury for eight long years. That is enough for one lifetime. We should not reward him by giving him another eight years because the more he feeds, the stronger his hunger grows.

“His is a thirst that can’t be quenched and a hand that cannot be restrained from taking whatever is on the table.

“As the PDP candidate, he is now the leader of an avaricious horde that seeks to reattach its mandible once again to the public wealth and forever lay siege to our nation’s future. Nigerians would do well not to pay them any attention.”

The APC stalwart also made scathing remarks on the PDP.

Drawing a comparison between the ruling and the main opposition parties, Tinubu said: “This election concerns more than two competing personalities and political parties. It is a contest between two different visions for the country and the futures these visions portend.

“The APC seeks a better Nigeria by reforming our institutions of governance that these institutions may better implement policies engendering dynamic economic development.

“We seek not only growth but also a fair and just allocation to all segments of the society of the harvest of our national endeavours. Let no Nigerian be forever trapped in poverty and despair. Let all Nigerians be given the genuine opportunity to realise their full potential and contribute to this nation and their own lives as much as their talents and willpower permits of them.

“We build a Nigeria where government leads the nation but does not rule over the people.”

“On the other hand, the PDP pushes toward a future that takes the nation back to the malpractices of the past. Blind to the possibilities of a better day and afraid of the equality that true reform will bring, the PDP remains vested in the ways of corrupt governance and arrogant disregard for the public. For them, the unjust past is not just the object of their dreams; it is their sole destination.

“Thus, this election is about two different policy visions and two different models of leadership. This election is about substantive issues and about character.

“The APC will continue to build a political economy that will well serve Nigeria long after oil revenues are no longer sufficient to sustain the nation and its ever-growing population.

“We are diversifying the economy, giving basic food, health and educational assistance to the most-needy among us, improving agricultural productivity so that our farmers grow more to feed for increasing urban populations and also earn more to sustain their families, and about building needed infrastructure, including electricity and water, because we realise a national economy cannot grow beyond the capacity of the infrastructure that serves that economy.

“Meanwhile, the PDP clan wants to return to the days where they rule the nation like overlords. They want to own every industry and control everything that has anything to do with the creation of wealth.

“They seek to reverse the democratic maxim that government is the servant of the people. The PDP wants a situation where those in government are the masters and the people bow their heads to the interests of the mighty and the rich.

“We have seen this before. Those who really care about Nigeria care not to see such malign governance again.”

Tinubu assured the President that members of the Campaign Council would work hard to stop those who will halt the nation’s progress from coming back to power.

He said the council would not let the President down “because doing so would also let down the nation”.

Tinubu said: “The 2019 APC Presidential Campaign Council has been inaugurated by President Buhari. In his speech at the inaugural meeting, he did more than offer us guidance on the campaign. In his straightforward manner, he outlined the achievements of his administration, reminding the nation of the pillars of progressive governance and of our party.

“I think I can speak for all members of the Campaign Council that we accept the assignments given by the President with devotion and a firm commitment to perform to our utmost the individual and collective tasks given.

“It is a great honour and responsibility he has given us. We dare not let him down because doing so would also let down the nation.

“Consequently, the members of the APC presidential campaign council accept our respective assignments as both high honor and heavy responsibility.

“We will work diligently to re-elect President Buhari. We do this not for personal accolades. We do this not merely to re-elect a party member. We do this because it is the best thing for Nigeria. The campaign has begun!”

Eloquency at it's peak.
Politics / Re: Lord Frederick Lugard With Northern Nigeria Emirs In London, 1934 (Throwback Pic by agog: 8:39am On Dec 14, 2018

My fav lugard quote. 2018 black man still never change

Through the ages, the African appears to have evolved no organised religious creed, and though some tribes appear to believe in a deity, the religious sense seldom rises above pantheistic animalism and seems more often to take the form of a vague dread of the supernatural. He lacks the power of organisation, and is conspicuously deficient in the management and control alike of men or business. He loves the display of power, but fails to realize its responsibility - he will work hard with a less incentive than most races. He has the courage of the fighting animal, an instinct rather than a moral virtue. In brief, the virtues and defects of his race -type are those of attractive children, whose confidence when it is won is given ungrudgingly as to an older and wiser superior and without envy. Perhaps, the two traits which have impressed me as those most characteristic of the African native are his lack of apprehension and his lack of ability to visualize the future"

Religion / Re: Chris Oyakhilome Celebrates His 55th Birthday Today by agog: 8:22am On Dec 07, 2018
God bless you sir as you mark another milestone in the land of the living. I will never forget offer 7 in my life.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Cry Out After Boko Haram Attack Killing 100 by agog: 3:57pm On Nov 24, 2018
angry Nigeria is the most useless country in the world, considering the length of this war, by now the Useless nigerian army should have at least 2 attack helicopters in every major military base to respond to distress calls of soldiers within minutes.

Dasuki is in detention illegally, so who is stealing money meant for weapons and the military, as the Apc stated in the past that the money dasuki stole prevented The army from fighting with quality weapons.

this war would never end, it has taken an international dimension with so many international interest, thanks to the Northern leaders and the Apc who destroyed, ridiculed and tarnished the image of the country internationally just to get power.
The worse is yet to come as boko haram is now a bargaining tool for foreign powers. any government they dislike, they usher in the terrorist sect. like what is happening in the middle east.
A divided country like Nigeria can never win boko haram, until we stop politics of destroy the country under his tenure so that we can get power, as propagated by APC. angry

just watch the annoying video shared in the other thread and see how some useless ragtag miscreants, were killing so called trained and armed soldiers angry

hmm well said bro. At least two attack helicopters in major military bases in the theatre of command would have done the magic...
Conversely the day boko haram lay their hands on an attack aircraft and use it will spell the greatest doom for this country.

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Romance / Re: Pre-Wedding Photos Of Couple Who Met On Facebook by agog: 1:44pm On Nov 22, 2018
that soo lovely.
Nigerian couple, Anita and Asuquo are getting maried this week, starting with a traditional wedding in Akwa Ibom today.

Taking to Facebook , Anita narrated how she used to make fun of Asuquo over his political views, aspiration and disposition. In fact, she never liked him and one time went into his inbox to tell him that he is a complete joke after she spotted his campaign posters. Read below:

Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Dies In Malaysia After His Friend Got Arrested For Visiting Him by agog: 7:47am On Oct 24, 2018
I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.

RIP.. embarassed

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